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Upvotes Title Category Author Subreddit Date (UTC)
1332 Wake Up and Take Massive Action! Building Power 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 25/04/18 02:26 AM
470 Wake the Fuck Up and Start Taking Massive Action Building Power 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 22/04/18 03:57 AM
46 The Heroic Man Building Power 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 19/04/18 03:06 AM
34 I fucked up high school—does college offer a fresh start? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 14/04/18 02:49 AM
13 "The Red Pill" is an Oppressive, Narrow-Minded Ideology CMV 1dondraper /r/PurplePillDebate 25/02/18 06:31 AM
8 How the fuck do I stop being insecure about my face? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 05/01/18 05:37 AM
7 If you could go back to the first day of being a freshman in college, what would you change? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 20/04/18 03:42 AM
6 How do you answer shit tests like "have you had a girlfriend before" or "am I your first" without seeming insecure? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 15/03/18 06:56 AM
6 The Heroic Man - The Masculine Ideal of Friedrich Nietzsche Building Power 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 19/04/18 10:13 PM
4 The Heroic Man Building Power 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 19/04/18 12:59 AM
4 Books and Movies Every Man Should Read/Watch 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 05/05/18 02:04 AM
4 How do you know when a girl is manipulating you or leading you on? Or just wants attention? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 04/03/18 09:43 AM
3 How do I hook up with this girl? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 07/06/18 04:26 AM
3 Struggling through senior year of high school... 1dondraper /r/askTRP 20/04/18 08:05 PM
1 What's life like at 80? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 23/04/18 02:51 AM
1 Prom tonight—any last minute tips? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 02/06/18 08:39 PM
1 Books and Movies Every Man Should Read/Watch 1dondraper /r/TheRedPill 05/05/18 12:47 AM
1 My mood fluctuates wildly—some days are great and some days are absolute shit. How do I stop this? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 04/05/18 08:58 PM
0 Prom in a few days—any advice? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 31/05/18 02:12 AM
0 My aloof, carefree, and disinterested attitude makes one-on-one interactions uncomfortable 1dondraper /r/askTRP 17/05/18 11:18 PM
0 Girl tells me about a bunch of "really hot" guys she met. 1dondraper /r/askTRP 16/04/18 10:10 PM
0 Do I need to make a poster and shit for asking this girl to prom? 1dondraper /r/askTRP 08/05/18 08:46 PM
0 Girls accuse me of not answering their questions when I pass their shit tests 1dondraper /r/askTRP 17/05/18 04:16 PM
0 "The Red Pill" and "Feminism" are Opposite Ends of the Same Spectrum 1dondraper /r/PurplePillDebate 10/05/18 08:48 AM

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