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1658 Australian trial finds POSITIVE bias towards women in employment, government stops trial... Men's Rights 4nt43us /r/TheRedPill 30/07/17 03:43 AM
768 Always assume attraction - A.A.A. Red Pill Theory 4nt43us /r/TheRedPill 13/10/19 02:19 PM
545 Stop telling lies to make others happy..... it's unattractive, weak, a terrible habit, and every time you do this you are acting in someone else's frame. Red Pill Theory 4nt43us /r/TheRedPill 05/11/19 10:33 AM
354 It's my pleasure to introduce to you, the current Health Minister of Belgium, Maggie De Block... Culture 4nt43us /r/TheRedPill 01/08/17 03:59 AM
89 I have this mental block about chatting up women in front of people I know.... how do I get over this? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 29/03/19 08:35 AM
13 What's the point of me working this hard if I'm not having any fun? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 07/04/18 10:52 AM
9 I'm trying to stop drinking alcohol but in my country and culture alcohol is such a big part of all social events. How do I break free and not look/feel like a social outcast at social events? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 09/06/19 11:32 AM
9 First time since redpill a girl is playing super hard to get. She is playing with my (m28) head and I don't know if I really like her or just want to fuck her...? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 26/08/19 09:18 PM
6 How to date girls >10 yrs younger than me? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 07/04/19 02:07 AM
6 Older guys, if you had a choice between personal success or girls what would you choose? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 04/03/18 03:21 AM
6 What motivates you? All my needs are met and yet I feel like I'm missing something? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 27/02/19 08:44 AM
5 Spending too much time on self improvement... is this a bad thing? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 28/01/19 12:02 PM
5 Being brought up I've been conditioned to suppress my sexual nature - how do I get over this?? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 17/06/18 12:01 AM
5 A guy who wears shoes when he goes to the mall... Field Report 4nt43us /r/TheRedPill 24/04/18 01:54 PM
4 Morally conflicted, catching feelings for plate, she told me she loved me, how fucked am I? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 22/10/19 05:59 AM
3 How am I meant to compete with guys who take steroids? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 30/05/18 04:39 AM
2 How do I get both girls numbers if they are friends with each other? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 06/12/18 09:20 PM
2 Now that I've changed I feel like I don't fit in with society... what happens now? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 26/08/18 02:26 AM
2 Do we have sexual desires for enjoyment or for propagation of the race? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 10/11/19 07:48 AM
2 Is lots of casual sex (high n-count) actually a bad thing for men? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 08/04/18 11:42 AM
2 Ex-plate keeps messaging me to meet up for coffee despite having a boyfriend now? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 26/05/18 04:29 AM
2 Traveling through Germany by myself how should I make the most of it? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 01/03/19 12:48 PM
0 How do you not hate women these days? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 02/12/18 08:17 AM
0 Going on The Yacht Week Croatia are there any tips from people who have been? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 16/06/19 01:14 AM
0 Driving an hour to this chicks birthday drinks? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 04/12/18 11:57 AM
0 Broke up with LTR purely because she is from 3rd world country and is on a Student Visa? Are these Red Flags? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 28/12/19 12:18 AM
0 Is there a sub I can connect with redpillers from my country so we can hang out in person/ have a mentor? 4nt43us /r/askTRP 28/05/19 01:51 PM

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