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Upvotes Title Category Author Subreddit Date (UTC)
816 "I like you because you make me feel good" Red Pill Theory BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 02/02/19 08:56 PM
713 You should NEVER ignore any signs of infidelity Blue Pill Example BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 28/02/19 03:11 AM
508 Lessons my father taught me Red Pill Theory BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 05/06/19 02:14 AM
358 "Does this joke really make me laugh?" Red Pill Theory BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 09/10/19 10:01 PM
148 "You know I won't have sex with you" - my first post-TRP lay Field Report BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 20/01/19 02:38 AM
124 "Three guys have told me the L-word this year - and I'm tired of it" Field Report BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 13/11/18 04:48 PM
94 How to politely reject girls hitting on me in my new workplace? BlueEstee /r/askTRP 02/05/19 04:22 PM
23 "I don't feel so good today, so we won't have sex, ok?" BlueEstee /r/askTRP 17/10/18 12:10 AM
9 Is the TRP standard for a woman worth LTRing unrealistic? BlueEstee /r/askTRP 14/11/18 01:08 AM
9 "I'm not the type to date multiple guys at once" BlueEstee /r/askTRP 16/01/19 10:51 PM
5 All my life I thought moving in with a girl before marriage is a good thing, so I'm confused why TRP says it's bad BlueEstee /r/askTRP 19/11/18 05:01 PM
3 My friend's fatal case of ONEITIS, despite getting pussy BlueEstee /r/askTRP 05/10/18 04:34 PM
1 6 lessons from my Blue Pilled father BlueEstee /r/TheRedPill 05/06/19 02:13 AM
1 Old plate hits me up, tells me she now has a boyfriend BlueEstee /r/askTRP 04/10/18 03:42 AM
1 "I've been hurt by a lot of assholes in the past, and I really care about you, so I want to do this right" BlueEstee /r/askTRP 03/01/19 10:32 PM
1 I am a good listener but nobody wants to listen to me BlueEstee /r/askTRP 28/10/18 05:35 AM
1 I was into pickup before I discovered TRP, now I don't feel like going on dates anymore BlueEstee /r/askTRP 06/12/18 09:31 PM
1 Isn't the divorce rate statistic irrelevant in TRP context? BlueEstee /r/askTRP 28/02/19 03:14 PM
0 Stuck with a FWB for two weeks BlueEstee /r/askTRP 02/02/19 04:03 PM
0 Plate's n-count increased significantly after a year of no contact, is it wise for me to pursue an LTR with her? BlueEstee /r/askTRP 10/11/18 05:28 PM
0 I alpha widowed two girls so far and I feel bad BlueEstee /r/askTRP 01/11/18 07:07 PM
0 Since women who take the pill are more attracted to provider traits, why does TRP emphasize on being alpha? BlueEstee /r/askTRP 20/05/19 10:44 PM

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