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901 Sleep is important, here are some great tips on getting sleep Science Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 04/10/19 11:27 AM
752 Post from the front page of Reddit where a poor confused married guy has no idea what is happening Blue Pill Example Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 12/11/19 05:42 PM
697 If you want to be confident you'll have to mount up and prepare to fail Red Pill Theory Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 13/10/19 12:51 PM
566 The One Red Pill I Can See You Still Haven't Swallowed Red Pill Theory Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 16/10/19 01:14 PM
527 In order to become and remain a machine, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation are a necessity. Science Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 09/11/19 03:19 PM
472 Five Basic Things you can do Today to Move Towards the top 10%/1% Red Pill Theory Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 08/09/19 02:17 PM
153 Changing habits can transform your life, here are some great tips on how to quit those things we call 'bad' Science Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 07/10/19 01:03 PM
152 I Learned to Never Take Life Serious From My Uncle Tony, I Still Don't Know Where He Learned It Red Pill Example Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 01/09/19 12:57 PM
98 On strategy: be "good with her, good without her" to increase your overall happiness and lifelong success Red Pill Theory Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 18/08/19 07:26 PM
17 How do you get rid of porn addiction and the fucked up things you like since watching it Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 28/09/19 03:03 AM
16 A short message on power: You’re only as good as the value you share Red Pill Theory Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 08/10/19 10:58 PM
15 Can any serious gym bros here help me with my cut diet? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 21/08/19 04:03 PM
6 How to stop eating at night? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 06/07/19 01:59 PM
6 Anyone here have any advice for public speaking? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 07/05/19 09:26 PM
3 What is a step-by-step guide to cold approach that is actually good? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 30/09/19 11:03 PM
2 Girlfriend stepping further and further out of line. Ideas? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 20/04/19 10:56 PM
2 I speak with satire everywhere I go. Are people starting to hate me? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 27/08/19 09:21 AM
2 What do you do when your LTR or someone who works for you does the complete opposite of what you asked them to? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 01/08/19 09:54 PM
2 In order to remain a machine, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation are a necessary component of life. A self-improvement masters guide to distressing. Red Pill Theory Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 09/11/19 03:08 PM
2 Capital_Recognition’s Guide to Reaching Your Goals Science Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 22/10/19 01:54 PM
1 This post on the from page of reddit today remembering how lucky I am to have found TRP, and just how fucked things are for people in relationships Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 12/11/19 05:37 PM
1 Why would a girl, who is "platonic" with you, offer to do so many things for you? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 24/01/19 05:55 AM
1 Be "good with her, good without her" to increase your overall happiness and lifelong success Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 16/08/19 12:58 AM
1 Visualization can help you transform your life, here are some great tips on how to practice visualization. Science Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 06/10/19 11:59 PM
1 In order to remain a machine, rest relaxation, and rejuvenation are necessary. Without it, you will not become and remain strong. Capital_Recognition /r/TheRedPill 09/11/19 03:16 PM
0 Advise on issues with subordinate employee Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 06/04/19 10:40 PM
0 What do you do when your LTR pisses you off? Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 04/08/19 09:07 PM
0 Turning 30, and I need some advice on what is next. Capital_Recognition /r/askTRP 02/07/19 03:15 AM

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