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Upvotes Title Category Author Subreddit Date (UTC)
1094 Raising a glass to a fallen brother CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 13/08/18 12:27 PM
874 TRP lessons from business: from ramen noodles to Forbes 30 under 30 Building Power CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 26/02/18 01:27 AM
682 Briffaults law in action - friend kills himself the week following a breakup, his ex gf is fighting his family for his estate money Finance CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 23/10/19 03:11 AM
476 My Ex confessed to cheating - it's been a gift Red Pill Example CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 04/06/19 11:07 AM
352 Being a white man in Asia taught me more about being a woman in the West than anything else Red Pill Theory CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 19/09/19 05:35 AM
165 The allegory of the Scorpion and the frog. CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 30/09/18 06:33 AM
95 Getting laid on business trips/hitting expats in your local city Field Report CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 31/07/18 02:46 AM
31 LTR of <1 year offered a 6 month overseas assignment CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 09/01/19 09:40 PM
7 What's the best response to men at clubs approaching you and your girl at clubs/establishments? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 09/03/20 02:19 AM
7 I've been invited to give a talk about life, business and building wealth to 30 high school students, what insights would you like to have heard at 16? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 11/08/19 10:06 PM
6 Welfare check - how are you gentleman holding out in this isolation? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 02/04/20 10:22 AM
5 Are men just as disloyal as women? (self.asktrp) CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 07/07/18 12:33 AM
3 What are some boundaries you expect to be observed and communicate to a LTR? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 03/12/19 04:19 AM
3 Breaking up with a woman whilst you're overseas, tips? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 03/08/18 05:27 AM
2 I was recently informed my father isn't my biological father CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 18/09/19 05:31 AM
2 Is plate spinning a disordered attachment to pleasure? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 25/03/19 12:24 PM
2 A woman asked me out, I failed to escalate and naturally was hit with LJBF. Lesson learnt, I moved on. She's been reopening communication, and asked me out for drinks / to give me a book. Question: is this typical to draw one into orbit, or an indicator of interest? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 09/09/19 02:03 AM
2 Plate has caught feels - best approach for damage control? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 03/07/19 05:44 AM
1 Are men just an disloyal as women? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 07/07/18 12:23 AM
1 What are some proven approaches to vetting CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 22/06/19 04:02 AM
1 I moved stateside and was surprised at the proliferation of cocaine and drug use amongst executives (PE, VC, finance, startup). What are best practices to keep within the network but keep clean? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 24/01/20 12:24 AM
1 My (M30) girlfriend (F25) confessed she cheated before our second date, +1 year ago. Hard next? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 04/03/19 04:24 AM
1 Crossed boundaries during vetting - hard nexted. Thoughts? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 19/07/19 04:36 AM
1 My Ex confessed to cheating - it's been a gift CasaDeFranco /r/TheRedPill 04/06/19 10:50 AM
1 I alpha widowed a daughter figure in my extended professional work - she's taken it badly and I've burnt bridges in my network- next step to save face? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 17/07/19 10:04 PM
1 You are the company you keep - what to do with very close high status friends who also lack integrity? i.e cheat habitually on fiance etc CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 26/08/19 02:38 AM
0 Good simple guide to lifting ? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 03/09/19 06:00 AM
0 For those who have gone from self employed to employed, can you share you insights? Base salary would increase +3x though CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 30/01/20 02:19 AM
0 My brother who knows TRP is dating a train wreck - what do you do when those you care for are making bad life choices? CasaDeFranco /r/askTRP 28/11/19 04:31 AM

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