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1122 I finally fucked my first 9 Field Report EnthuMotivInspir /r/TheRedPill 02/05/19 06:38 PM
6 Men of RP, where do you live and how does it influence your success? EnthuMotivInspir /r/askTRP 03/05/17 02:05 PM
5 Best way to end things clean? EnthuMotivInspir /r/askTRP 16/12/18 06:11 PM
5 Do you ever get to 'turn it off'? EnthuMotivInspir /r/askTRP 13/03/19 08:04 PM
2 What are your areas of concentration to get/stay in the top 20% of men? EnthuMotivInspir /r/askTRP 14/06/19 02:35 PM

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