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1348 I'm in fucking tears right now. A woman used the justice system to ruin my life. Oftowerbroleaning /r/TheRedPill 04/11/15 08:20 PM
981 2 old sluts just sat next to me at the bar and started telling me I'm cute and flirting with me. They asked where my girlfriend was, when I said "I don't date" they started going off on me saying "I'm on the wrong road" and that "I just hit it and quit it" I said MGTOW Oftowerbroleaning /r/TheRedPill 19/03/16 03:39 AM
33 Do you guys tolerate your LTRs go out to bars without you? How do you handle it? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 05/05/16 08:10 PM
14 Falsely accused of domestic violence. Was told by my attorney that if I took plea deal I would have 30 days to change my mind and get trial. That was a lie. Now facing 8 years probation. Does anyone have any advice on fleeing the country? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 09/02/16 10:01 PM
11 Can anyone give me tips on how to negotiate pay upon receiving a job offer? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 07/11/17 05:41 PM
11 I was looking for some Red Pill shows to watch on Netflix and I believe I've stumbled across a gem. Oftowerbroleaning /r/TheRedPill 17/11/15 05:11 PM
10 Cold approach: I can get a conversation started easily, but after a few minutes I run out of shit to say. I feel like most, not all, women aren't all that interesting beyond sex. Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 24/12/15 04:38 PM
10 Set up a Netflix and Chill with a Tinder slut for Monday night. How often should I throw a shout out between now and then? To often I risk seeming needy, to little she may think I flaked. Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 11/02/16 12:38 AM
8 3 really hot girls were all over me at my job tonight getting very physical. They asked me to go out to the bars with them after work... The only problem is... Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 04/03/16 03:07 AM
8 Mother finds a way to make her sons first year in the NFL about herself. Holy fuck. The narcissism here is sickening. Red Pill Example Oftowerbroleaning /r/TheRedPill 03/11/16 09:56 PM
7 What are some good Red Pillish movies I can find on Netflix? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 17/11/15 12:44 AM
7 Would you ever consider doing porn? Why or why not? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 22/02/16 03:53 PM
6 How do I handle the "what are you looking for question" from a potential plate? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 31/12/16 12:31 AM
3 Been watching a TV series with my LTR. We got halfway into an episode last night and planned on her finishing it tonight. She goes out with her friends today and says she'll just finish it another day with me. How to handle this? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 17/04/16 10:19 PM
3 This chick I work with at my new job has been getting very physical grabbing my ass etc. Last night she wrote her number on my hand without me asking for it. Did I handle this right? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 08/03/16 12:15 AM
2 An assistant manager has been creating a hostile work environment. I work at a bar, so it's not a job I take super serious, I am on my way to put in my 2 weeks notice, they may just tell me to go home. Any advice? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 06/01/16 09:27 PM
2 What the fuck is with the dudes at /r/MGTOW hating TRP? I feel like MGTOW is the natural conclusion of the redpill, not an affront to it. Why do they hate "Chad" when, under normal circumstances they could just be Chad if they put forth some fucking effort? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 04/12/16 04:44 AM
2 One of my plates that I went out with last night just texted me "I think I might really like you" and I may have been drunk and accidentally led her on a little bit because I was was horny last night. How can I down play this without losing the plate? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 04/05/18 12:49 AM
2 One of my plates is having sex with other dudes. I don't really care cause I'm not dating her, but what bothers me is that she is lying about it. What's a better idea, I just fuck her and immediately walk out or cut contact with no explanation? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 01/12/15 07:40 AM
1 told girlfriend not to go to a coworkers Bachelorette party tomorrow. I'm out of town, and wouldn't be ok with this even if I was in town. she agreed. just got a text saying "I've decided I'm going tomorrow". What do I do? how do I respond? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 26/07/16 05:17 PM
1 Got my first bachelor party coming up next week. We're renting a lake house north of Houston, getting some hallucinogens, booze, and strippers. Any other recommendations or tips? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 14/10/16 01:35 AM
1 My girlfriend broke up with me via fb messenger the night before my birthday. I have to see her at school tomorrow. She has my present that she bought before the break up she wants to dump off on me. (nothing super cool, just some hot sauces) should I accept the gift or tell her to fuck off? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 11/04/17 04:28 AM
0 What do you guys put as your tinder bio? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 15/08/17 10:01 PM
0 what are 5 books that are must reads for redpillers? Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 08/08/16 08:00 PM
0 So, I conducted an experiment on Tinder. Oftowerbroleaning /r/TheRedPill 07/09/16 05:57 PM
0 Lol. Did this bitch just send me a text she meant to send to a different guy? (I'm in yellow) it sorta works in context but not really. Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 31/03/16 12:06 AM
0 I've read that the type of party Brock Turner was at was explicitly a sex party. Is this true? Is there any verification of this? If it is that changes everything. Oftowerbroleaning /r/askTRP 11/06/16 01:18 AM

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