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854 14,000 words worth of TRP wisdom - a compilation of every TRP quote I've compiled in the past 14 months. Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 05/11/16 07:01 PM
728 When she's making it simple, don't make it difficult. Field Report OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 19/03/18 09:37 PM
540 "NOTICE ME!" Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 07/04/17 07:31 AM
385 "It's only sexual harassment if you're unattractive" Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 21/05/18 03:55 AM
342 USC Student Arman Premjee May Still Be Expelled Despite Being Cleared Of Raping "Unnamed 19 Year Old Woman" Men's Rights OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 06/08/17 04:25 PM
333 There is no need for more women in STEM Rant/Venting OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 28/02/16 11:41 PM
183 A different kind of Field Report - 30 Days to Reboot Myself. Field Report OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 20/07/16 10:00 PM
149 Weeding out the bullshit in your life Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 13/04/17 04:30 AM
131 The fact that r/TheRedPill may possibly be banned is absurd Rant/Venting OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 17/07/15 08:35 PM
126 Male attention is her drug of choice. Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 16/07/18 02:41 AM
117 One thing I've noticed about TRP Off Topic OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 24/06/16 06:44 PM
102 What lifting has taught me about personal responsibility Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 15/07/16 03:36 AM
91 If you're still debating swallowing the pill, I'm sure a trip to the mensrights sub will change your mind. Rant/Venting OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 19/05/16 08:39 PM
84 It's not about the money for a divorced woman. It's about who she's taking from. Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 11/06/16 06:54 PM
74 [Critique my reasoning] Women would rather be with a man who sends her on an emotional rollercoaster than be with someone boring and predictable (but reliable). But they'll never admit it. OneInAZillion /r/PurplePillDebate 07/01/19 06:01 AM
58 What are some of your favorite beta-to-alpha movies? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 05/07/17 05:20 PM
56 She Doesn't Need To 'Get To Know You' Right Away - She Just Needs To Find You Attractive Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 15/07/17 04:08 AM
52 My take on "fat acceptance" Off Topic OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 27/05/16 09:13 AM
40 Always use your own condom - A lesson from Thad Castle Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 25/03/16 08:52 PM
37 20 year old sister is SJW/Tumblerina type and tells me she's agendered. How do I get the message across that gender isn't a social construct? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 06/01/17 03:44 AM
23 Why are girls immediately nicer/more receptive/seem more interested once they realize you have a girlfriend? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 22/08/17 03:45 AM
22 Growing up with crazy: How my mother inadvertently taught me to hold frame and prepared me for all women Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 09/02/16 12:20 AM
20 "Toxic Masculinity" - a few truths and myths. Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 10/04/16 05:47 PM
20 Can someone explain this little slice of female behavior? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 07/12/16 08:23 PM
15 Masturbation and it's effects - does anybody else feel a loss of drive after fapping? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 12/06/17 02:59 AM
13 "You can't fuck my friend." OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 07/07/15 02:43 PM
13 Why do women crave both status for themselves and men with status? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 09/07/18 08:27 PM
12 "If you are not maxing out your looks you're a fucking idiot" - How do I do this? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 24/06/16 02:17 AM
10 Are scars bad for my SMV? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 07/09/16 04:40 AM
10 I suck at being likable. People instantly write me off and I can't figure out why. How can I improve my interpersonal skills so people won't instantly be turned off by me? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 25/12/16 04:17 AM
9 How do I begin lifting and improving myself physically? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 13/05/16 04:39 AM
8 Do women get oneitis too? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 29/07/16 01:05 PM
7 I have: 2 dumbbells, a bench press bar, weights, but no bench. What exercises should I be doing? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 16/05/16 02:46 AM
6 Can I gain 50 pounds in under a year? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 17/08/17 05:05 AM
6 How do I convey TRP mentality to my father? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 30/11/15 08:36 AM
6 Why do women (and girls) always need to tell at least 1 person everything? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 12/07/16 08:02 AM
6 Apartment to myself until early January - Taking this time to do monk mode.. Advice? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 17/12/15 10:36 PM
5 I have an idea for a post, but there are much better writers on here - Would anyone want to write out a post based on my topic? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 23/02/16 07:44 PM
5 What's an alternative to "we should hang out soon" OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 26/08/16 05:09 AM
5 I'm moving to the other side of the country alone for a year (at a minimum). Help me create my Monk Mode. OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 24/01/16 11:49 PM
5 What are some skills I can learn in under a month? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 28/11/17 05:12 AM
5 How do I deal with a girl you know you're going to run into who rejected you? Feeling like a moron right now. OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 19/06/18 05:04 AM
5 Is there generally a correlation between how cocky a woman is and how high-status the guy she's dating/sleeping with is? OneInAZillion /r/PurplePillDebate 27/09/18 11:10 PM
3 [Article] Blame The Nearest Man Red Pill Theory OneInAZillion /r/TheRedPill 13/05/19 09:14 PM
3 What is your favorite FR from TRP? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 10/08/16 11:33 AM
3 26th birthday approaching. How can I start this year off right and be better going forward? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 06/03/16 11:24 PM
3 Have any of you guys cured performance anxiety and/or dick sensitization? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 04/07/16 09:05 AM
3 College student: Job hunt tomorrow - how do I make the most of my time and quit the bad habits that have led me to this point? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 05/02/16 05:43 AM
3 The girl I was going to get an apartment with in Sept just bailed on me. Should I have expected this? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 31/07/15 02:50 AM
3 Someone on here mentioned the concept of a woman "offering submissive gestures" as a way of giving you an opening to take the lead with her. What are some examples of this? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 18/03/19 03:30 PM
3 I'm moving out on my own in 2 weeks. How can I best spend the next year of my life? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 14/09/16 06:16 AM
2 Got a gift from the Universe yesterday. I've decided to enter monk mode and I want to do it right. OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 14/08/15 11:07 PM
2 Moving in with 2 girls - What kinds of shit tests should I expect? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 14/07/15 03:12 AM
2 I've got my apartment to myself for 3 months. How do I use this time most productively? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 06/05/16 11:11 AM
2 How do I respond when girls open me and be better in conversation? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 21/09/15 11:13 PM
2 How do I get over fear of rejection and learn how to take things further? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 27/01/18 11:46 PM
1 Getting evicted. How do I start over? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 20/03/17 05:13 AM
1 How do I change the dynamic of a friendship? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 09/06/15 03:00 AM
1 What are some of the funnier or more extreme results you've gotten from just going no-contact with a girl? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 18/10/16 03:11 AM
1 What are some shit tests a girl gives when you meet her for the first time, and how can I shut them down immediately? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 23/08/18 04:00 AM
1 I want to crush it at the gym the right way, but I'm clueless. OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 31/12/16 06:39 AM
1 SL 5x5 - Squatted 85 5x5 today - Is it realistic to hope for 225x5 in 10 weeks? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 16/01/17 10:19 PM
1 I've got a week off of work and I want to use it to "detoxify" my body and mind. How do I do this? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 23/01/17 11:47 PM
1 Why does a woman have absolutely no sympathy for taking all they can from a man in divorce, even though she worked for none of it? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 22/05/16 06:19 PM
1 What do you say when a girl is blatantly flirting with you in a situation where you have little time? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 16/12/16 04:07 AM
1 Do women ever feel embarrassment for getting free shit? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 12/04/17 11:21 PM
1 Is it just me or are women terrible at figuring out solutions? Discussion OneInAZillion /r/PurplePillDebate 06/09/18 03:37 AM
0 How can women just be okay with men paying for their stuff and overall getting things handed to them? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 21/05/19 05:05 PM
0 Moving into the same building as a close female friend soon. How do I set boundaries early and effectively? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 30/09/16 01:37 AM
0 Those of you who can look like shit one day and then look attractive the next, how varied are the reactions you get from people - specifically women? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 20/09/17 05:52 AM
0 Huge noob checking in. I've got a date tonight and have no idea what to do. OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 27/10/15 12:04 PM
0 Is anybody else banned/shadow-banned from AskReddit (or other subs) for arguing points that should otherwise be up for debate? OneInAZillion /r/askTRP 30/10/16 01:56 AM

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