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1361 Stoicism 101: A Primer on How to Be Red Pill Theory RPAlternate42 /r/TheRedPill 16/06/15 05:58 PM
97 You are a Faggot. Stop Being a Faggot. RPAlternate42 /r/askTRP 23/05/17 04:51 AM
86 Man-Building in the Gym: My Newest Plan of Action for all the Neophytes RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 28/09/16 07:25 PM
85 Case Study: "Sharon" Blue Pill Example RPAlternate42 /r/TheRedPill 19/09/16 03:22 AM
69 An open letter to the wives whose husbands "bother" them for sex RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 01/06/15 07:03 PM
67 The Relationship Dilemma or "The RP Autists Guide to Making Decisions Like an Autist." Red Pill Theory RPAlternate42 /r/TheRedPill 16/10/17 08:04 PM
53 [Editorial]: Why RPW Hates MRP, or, How All of You Failed a Large-Scale Shit Test. Inspired by the recent PPD thread and BPP's Subsequent Post RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 16/03/16 06:37 PM
50 Response to AskMRP: 17-year Oneitis Marriage; You Can't Fix your Marriage... You Can Only Fix You RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 05/02/16 11:36 PM
49 The Paradoxical Marriage: A Welcome Message for Newcomers RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 25/06/15 10:48 PM
48 Husband wants to know why men can "flirt" and women can't in a marriage (read: hypocrisy) RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 21/09/15 09:30 PM
47 Stoicism: A primer for how to be RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 19/05/15 11:51 PM
36 Demands are disrespectful of the marriage RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 25/09/15 10:45 PM
29 [FR] "Of course you do" my newest fogging technique RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 04/10/15 08:58 AM
27 Happy Wife, Happy Life: An Old Shitty Tale With Better Writing From an FR. RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 27/08/15 07:50 PM
26 [BP Example] Why a Mother Doesn't Want to Be Touched RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 19/06/15 12:08 AM
18 Hobbies and the Jack of All Trades RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 29/05/15 08:15 PM
18 60 DoD Week 3: Hygiene (Hair Addendum) RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 08/02/16 09:55 PM
18 [Meta] Unmarried TRP-jumpers come here for more "mature" advice. I propose a "Single" or "Unmarried" and/or "LTR" flair to reflect their status. RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 09/07/15 08:15 PM
17 You Should Stop By If You're Not Busy" to "I'm heading out..." The Prisoners Dilemma applies to everything RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 11/12/15 01:31 AM
17 [FR] mini: wife notices how I deal with her... But doesn't. RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 07/08/15 03:14 AM
16 ExRedPill Dating Guide is RedPill... Discuss RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 21/10/15 11:55 PM
15 [FR] Covert Contracts and Unrequested Expectations RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 30/06/15 04:22 AM
14 [From TRP]: Every Un-Happy Wife is a Rape Victim RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 05/08/15 04:53 PM
13 Which one of you is this about? RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 13/06/17 05:54 PM
12 Stoicism: A real word study (Example 1) RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 20/05/15 06:16 PM
11 [FR] Setting the example, setting her up for success, and not wavering and she will follow RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 22/05/15 09:39 PM
10 [Q] Abstinence from initiation? RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 19/05/15 04:26 AM
10 [FR] Comfort Test due to abundance RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 08/06/15 09:11 PM
10 Is my wife conditioning me; or me and herself? RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 19/06/15 08:53 PM
9 Workout questions? Lack motivation? Want help? Ask and I shall answer. RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 10/07/15 01:24 AM
8 Which one of you is this? RPAlternate42 /r/askMRP 13/06/17 05:54 PM
8 Mission Momentum RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 21/07/16 12:19 AM
8 The Way of the Monastic Warrior: Lessons from Major Dick Winters RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 06/06/15 06:36 PM
6 [Meta] Can we get a custom banner in here? I keep seeing the default gay-pride banner in here and I think I hit "random" by accident. RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 26/06/15 06:29 PM
5 PSA and Reminder: /r/RedPillWomen is not your friend. I'm not even sure they should use the term "RedPill." RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 08/01/16 08:21 PM
4 Anniversary coming up: Ideas needed RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 30/07/15 04:48 AM
4 I just found -r-oney. Man... that place is full of very confused men. Meta RPAlternate42 /r/askMRP 22/01/16 08:25 PM
4 On Disgust, Red Knighting, and the Evaluation of Self-Worth RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 15/10/15 01:00 AM
3 Owning my Shit: I withered this weekend from an Oak to a sapling. I feel like shit because of it. RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 08/09/15 09:04 PM
2 Menopausal lesbians: insight needed RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 02/08/15 07:49 PM
2 [FR] "If you want..." or, The EULAs of Relationships: Covert Contracts and Shit Tests in One Package RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 17/07/15 05:45 PM
1 Experiencing abundance can remind you of your complacency RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 19/07/15 11:46 PM
1 [FR] ongoing: hydrostatic testing just created a huge dread fit RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 24/01/16 12:13 AM
0 Wife is going off birth control RPAlternate42 /r/marriedredpill 26/07/15 05:34 AM
0 Needed: Santa Barbara shooting feminism explanation RPAlternate42 /r/askTRP 19/06/15 05:03 AM

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