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Upvotes Title Category Author Subreddit Date (UTC)
1488 The female dating strategy sub inadvertently proving redpill theory correct. Oh the irony. Red Pill Example RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 25/02/20 03:25 PM
685 Do not let your mind be corrupted and consumed by the blackpill. My warning to some of the younger guys on here. Rant/Venting RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 13/11/19 04:13 PM
117 2020’s- The age of the incels Red Pill Theory RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 06/01/20 12:26 PM
46 Females only sexually attracted to me when alcohol is involved RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 16/10/19 09:48 AM
38 [CMV] Women's hypergamy is dysgenic and anti-civilisation CMV RP_Throwaway_4U /r/PurplePillDebate 18/02/20 09:22 PM
30 You're only seeing what's in front of you, you're not seeing what's above you. Red Pill Theory RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 22/01/20 05:35 AM
15 Gen Z game RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 25/10/19 04:42 PM
14 How to start from absolute zero RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 09/08/19 08:06 PM
13 How the fuck do you study? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 15/08/19 03:43 PM
13 “You seem like the type of guy who’d ruin my life” RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 08/09/19 01:47 PM
5 Guys who aren’t that physically attractive, how do you do it? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 27/11/19 11:41 PM
4 Imposter syndrome, how to deal? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 20/08/19 04:41 PM
3 How do I get over my hatred for tall men? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 28/07/19 08:42 PM
3 How do I stop rubbing people the wrong way? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 09/09/19 08:17 PM
2 How does my friend do it? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 10/11/19 05:16 PM
2 Lifting and Boxing, is it feasible? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 25/07/19 11:34 PM
2 How would you have responded to this? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 14/10/19 06:29 PM
2 How do I become content/confident in my facial looks? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 30/10/19 07:27 PM
2 Something is fundamentally wrong with my mind, how do I fix it? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 26/11/19 10:23 PM
1 How to pick myself up? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 12/08/19 11:10 PM
1 Lifting schedule question RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 20/10/19 03:00 PM
1 What exactly is being “cool”? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 17/10/19 10:40 AM
1 Are you a One or a Zero? Red Pill Theory RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 27/01/20 12:42 AM
1 Drugs to lower social inhibitions? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 09/11/19 02:05 PM
1 Something I feel TRP community needs to accommodate for the younger generation RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 23/06/19 04:29 PM
1 How can I base my self worth/self esteem on something other than my looks? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 20/10/19 04:50 PM
1 In my opinion it seems like this sub is just tallfags giving out half baked advice RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 09/07/19 08:26 PM
1 Girls are assuming good things about me but I can’t maintain the image RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 27/12/19 03:45 PM
1 Is it possible that i’ve been accused of sexual assault? (Long) RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 21/07/19 07:36 PM
1 Probably at the lowest point in my life so far. Not sure what to do about it. RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 04/09/19 06:26 PM
1 r/femaledatingstrategy inadvertently proving redpill theory correct. Oh the irony. Red Pill Example RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 25/02/20 03:21 PM
1 How can I base my self worth/esteem on something other than my looks? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 21/10/19 09:32 PM
1 Some potential bullshit may be coming up. How to deal with it if it does? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 23/11/19 08:45 PM
1 I think I have imposter syndrome, anyone know how to deal? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 20/08/19 08:24 AM
1 In my opinion, there’s something that TRP needs to give more attention to RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 05/09/19 09:35 PM
1 [CMV] Any female born after 1993 can’t cook CMV RP_Throwaway_4U /r/PurplePillDebate 19/02/20 05:40 PM
1 Men's Modern Relationship Troubles May Be Retribution For Women's Past Mistreatment (But Beware The Pendulum!) Discussion RP_Throwaway_4U /r/PurplePillDebate 05/03/20 04:51 PM
1 Don’t let your mind be corrupted and consumed by the blackpill- My warning to the younger users on here. (Quite long) Red Pill Theory RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 01/11/19 08:39 PM
1 Tinder is useless for most of us. Anyone claiming to have success with it is either lying or extremely lucky. Red Pill Theory RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 28/02/20 04:25 PM
1 Ugly people should be provided surgery by the government. Debate RP_Throwaway_4U /r/PurplePillDebate 07/03/20 04:51 PM
1 (Question for everyone) When did purplepilldebate become blackpilldiscussion? Discussion RP_Throwaway_4U /r/PurplePillDebate 05/03/20 08:33 AM
0 Best shoe lifts? (UK) RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 22/07/19 03:56 PM
0 Why are mods allowing this? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 27/08/19 10:01 PM
0 Fuck it how do you be average? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 13/09/19 07:28 PM
0 Being ugly is eating me alive RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 17/10/19 02:42 PM
0 Can we please ban all (repeat offender) blackpillers from this community? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 30/11/19 10:55 AM
0 Is there an effective form of “beta strategy” (serious) RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 17/10/19 04:17 PM
0 Losing hope. Is it even possible to become a desired product if you’re not to begin with? (Bit of a rant sorry) RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 11/12/19 04:53 PM
0 Its time for TRP to be honest about male attractiveness RP_Throwaway_4U /r/TheRedPill 12/01/20 01:10 PM
0 Being redpilled has thrown me into an identity crisis RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 11/07/19 09:03 PM
0 Really bad anxiety or just being a pussy? Need a redpill cure. RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 26/11/19 04:28 PM
0 Why are LTRs so looked down upon when it is the best strategy for the majority of men? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 05/01/20 03:16 PM
0 Stuck on a shitty family vacation in mexico, bored AF need help RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 30/07/19 04:03 AM
0 How do you compete with tall handsome robust wide large skulled slayers? RP_Throwaway_4U /r/askTRP 31/10/19 11:51 AM

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