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847 Girl had "intense, toxic relationships" before with alphas and doesn't feel the same passion or attraction to her new beta. You just can't make this stuff up. Field Report S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/TheRedPill 01/08/19 11:52 AM
33 I think dating/marriage can be fixed in 3 easy steps. Criminalize adultery (in marriage), provide men with a "financial abortion" option for when women get pregnant, and enforce Prenups by banning judges from throwing them out. CMV S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/PurplePillDebate 28/03/19 12:12 AM
23 Made myself a basic guideline for becoming a man. What would you add to it? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/TheRedPill 21/05/19 02:02 AM
10 Is it better to keep as friends beta yes-men you can push around and will be subservient to you, even in front of women? Or is it better to keep as friends alphas who'll challenge you and roast you or maybe try to AMOG. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 16/07/19 12:15 PM
10 Need help making friends, have acquaintences. 23/M S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 24/09/19 10:09 PM
6 Need to relearn how to socialize and make social circles of friends. Not sure how to proceed. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 19/08/19 02:40 PM
5 Plate I'm cutting off says she'd rather have me "check" her than leave her. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 01/06/19 12:20 AM
3 Face scar from MMA ruined my face, I think. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 06/09/19 04:40 AM
2 Need help sustaining my funniness. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 13/09/19 06:15 AM
2 Is there a way for a disciplined, driven (but boring) guy to get good pussy without going to clubs, house parties, raves, and bars? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 04/07/19 05:52 AM
2 What age is it an SMV decrease to live with your parents? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/PurplePillDebate 16/08/19 05:13 AM
1 Would it be weird if I fucked my cousin? (srs) S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 24/05/19 10:14 AM
1 Looking for a part-time job that has an active social/hookup scene. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 01/06/19 07:59 AM
1 How many lays of HB7s and up do you need before you truly understand women? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 26/09/18 07:37 PM
1 How are men the gatekeepers of commitment, when women initiate most divorces and it's hard to keep high-SMV women loyal to the relationship due to hypergamy? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/PurplePillDebate 17/09/19 04:55 AM
1 Is the male equivalent of a slut an incel/virgin? And what do you think makes an Alpha? Discussion S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/PurplePillDebate 07/04/19 04:27 PM
0 How do I make a following on Instagram and consistently get 50-100 likes per pic? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 30/07/19 10:07 AM
0 How can I become a Machiavellian Dark Triad asshole? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 26/06/19 04:38 AM
0 People say I don't "look Indian", and regarding passing off as another ethnicity. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 06/07/19 09:37 PM
0 This girl viewed me as a gangster alpha, and I took it too far and fucked it up. Need advice on which specific point I fucked up on. S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 16/07/19 09:49 AM
0 Is it bad if I only have women in my life for plates/gfs? Or should I make female friends? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 01/04/20 03:01 AM
0 Is it considered self-defense if you kick a guy's ass after he groped your gf? Or does it still count as assault? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 20/07/19 06:48 AM
0 My beta "friend" told my gf I browse the Red Pill. Is the relationship over? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 29/03/20 10:16 PM
0 How do I get a group of friends who'll back me up in fights if I don't have chilhood lifelong friends because of moving around everywhere while growing up? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 12/10/19 01:03 AM
0 Have any Desi guys here found that they can't make it clear they're in love with or that they value their white girl plates? S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/askTRP 27/07/19 11:06 AM
0 Is the male equivalent of a slut a virgin? And what do you think makes an Alpha? Discussion S3LF-IMPROV3M3NT /r/PurplePillDebate 07/04/19 04:43 PM

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