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664 The unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go. Rant/Venting SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 30/08/18 05:32 PM
428 Inner game: Put in the work to become a man that feels entitled Building Power SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 11/02/19 05:25 PM
261 Fearlessly Push the Limits with Your Girl LTR SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 21/08/18 07:00 PM
229 Don't attempt LTR unless you know you're good enough. If you are, it's still playing with fire. LTR SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 06/09/17 03:50 AM
196 Use your imagination and pretend you have a vagina Red Pill Theory SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 15/05/19 04:46 PM
113 Imagine learning and practicing the 48 laws consistently since age ~5 and almost nothing else. You now have a vague idea of what a woman is. SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 21/11/17 07:06 PM
78 If you want to write about an uncontrollable feature about yourself, write about how to either minimize its setbacks or how to maximize its returns. Do not post it otherwise. SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 07/09/17 12:30 AM
56 "Faking it until you make it" is just an attempt to bypass the pain you must endure to become a man. Face the suffering. Only then can you truly grow. SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 22/06/16 02:30 AM
45 The Emphasis on Lifting Iron Fitness SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 28/10/16 05:34 AM
17 Happening: Confused blue pillers frantically trying to resist red pill ingestion by taking a break from... taking blue pills? Blue Pill Example SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 10/04/17 10:53 PM
16 If You Cannot Conquer a Woman, How in the Hell are You Going to be Able to Conquer Men? SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 19/07/16 02:12 PM
13 Society and the Ever Shifting Blue Wall Red Pill Theory SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 15/11/16 12:58 AM
13 MGTOW & TRP: A TRP interpretation MGTOW based on Anteros’ recent debate with Niko Choski MGTOW SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 02/08/16 03:08 AM
7 Don’t envy Chad: He’s getting bent over by women more than anyone. Be thankful you’re here. SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 13/06/18 05:37 PM
4 Do the guys that are further along on their journey desire a place for discussion that the main sub can't effectively host? SexdictatorLucifer /r/askTRP 20/07/16 02:51 PM
1 Getting LTR to threesome SexdictatorLucifer /r/askTRP 24/07/18 10:51 PM
0 Fearlessly Push the Limits with Your Girl LTR SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 21/08/18 06:52 PM
0 Don't burden your soul by searching for something that isn't there SexdictatorLucifer /r/TheRedPill 11/04/18 08:54 PM

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