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950 Read this if you feel depressed Building Power TheScientist_Wink /r/TheRedPill 01/12/19 01:40 AM
8 Advice Request: "netflix and chill" escalation with a difficult plate TheScientist_Wink /r/askTRP 29/11/19 08:29 AM
2 how to accept compliments from women? women who open TheScientist_Wink /r/askTRP 14/08/19 08:27 AM
1 Read this if you feel depressed TheScientist_Wink /r/TheRedPill 30/11/19 09:22 AM
1 Delayed ejaculation turned into premature? Getting over sexual performance anxiety TheScientist_Wink /r/askTRP 28/09/19 07:05 PM
0 How to break the cycle? Sick of this shit TheScientist_Wink /r/askTRP 09/05/19 06:54 PM

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