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922 Practical Guide to Getting Laid on the First Date Field Report bluefingerblue /r/TheRedPill 18/02/19 06:38 PM
566 Holding frame when you do something a plate doesn’t like; example and response Red Pill Example bluefingerblue /r/TheRedPill 16/06/18 05:19 PM
418 Don’t bend your schedule to fit hers Blue Pill Example bluefingerblue /r/TheRedPill 20/03/18 03:25 PM
70 Ghosted by plate - thoughts? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 24/01/20 04:33 PM
32 Insecurity about not being her first option - any advice? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 02/11/18 03:53 PM
16 What’s the best approach to cancelling dates (without burning bridges) when you have multiple scheduled on the same day? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 30/10/17 01:00 PM
15 How do you respond when she doesn’t give a direct yes? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 04/10/19 12:16 PM
11 I’m a guy; female friend asked for relationship advice and now I’m curious; how does she get boyfriend to show more affection? ADVICE bluefingerblue /r/RedPillWomen 29/06/18 01:59 PM
9 “You’re such a girl” shit test bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 10/05/18 10:05 PM
9 Plate got too drunk, need advice on my next move bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 08/10/18 01:45 PM
9 Constantly comparing ex-oneitis to new girls - how do I get these thoughts out of my head? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/01/19 02:43 PM
9 When girls respond to texts instantly, do you ever feel bad waiting a long time to respond? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 24/06/18 05:46 PM
8 Don’t have my own place - so how do I keep relationships with plates strictly sexual? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 30/09/18 07:06 PM
8 Thoughts on snapchat stories that allude to being on a date or that show a girl in the background? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 12/06/18 06:15 PM
7 Sexualizing the conversation vs activating anti-slut defense in online dating - need help bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 15/09/18 08:22 PM
7 I don’t like the idea of certain plates seeing other guys - how do I deal with these feelings? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 13/07/18 01:16 PM
6 What does a woman mean when she suggests that we ‘get a coffee’? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 31/10/17 03:43 PM
5 Flipping the script and telling a girl you just want to be friends...anyone ever try this? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 28/11/17 03:50 AM
5 What would happen if you told a girl you’re done chasing her? Better to let it go unspoken or be direct? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 23/03/18 09:03 PM
4 Timing question for the lads bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 13/12/19 03:18 PM
4 What are some good tips/resources for turning hookups into plates? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 28/12/17 01:28 PM
4 Girl flakes for the third time, should I even respond to her text? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 04/05/18 12:27 AM
4 If a girl still hasn’t committed to a date the night before — almost like she’s teasing by not committing — she’s not interested right? Or is this some game to see if I panic and lose frame? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/11/17 02:37 AM
4 Is it possible to get over oneitis while still seeing that girl? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 27/09/18 05:28 PM
4 One of my plates got mad at me because “I never pay for shit” bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 21/11/18 01:21 AM
4 Can I agree to going on a 2nd date on Valentine’s Day? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/02/18 11:56 PM
3 Good response to this shit test? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 04/04/18 06:40 PM
3 I think she’s fishing for validation and commitment with this version of “the talk” - how would you respond? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 18/06/18 11:41 AM
3 Thoughts on skipping first date at bar and inviting her to your place instead? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/10/19 06:20 PM
3 Somebody talk me out of sending this. Or not. bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/04/18 10:33 PM
3 Have desire to fix things with broken plate (oneitis) - not sure what to do bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 03/01/19 03:24 AM
3 Tips for overcoming resistance in the bedroom during escalation attempts? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 21/12/17 07:20 PM
3 What’s the womanese translator for - “I just feel like we’re at different places in our lives” bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 09/10/18 09:25 PM
3 Plates are treating me well, but I feel guilty about it - why? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 26/03/19 05:20 PM
3 Is flaking on a tinder date potentially a shit test? Or is it a sign of lack of interest? Or a sign of my failures in setting up the date? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 23/10/17 04:29 PM
3 Interesting situation; need help getting a read about n-count; should I believe her in this instance or AWALT (ignore what she says about sexual history)? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 19/04/18 01:42 PM
3 How did I handle this flake? How should I respond to her apology? Should I hard next? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 15/03/18 04:45 AM
3 I usually make plans with plates for the week on Monday; is Monday too early to set something for the weekend? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 05/06/18 12:37 AM
3 Girl agrees to meet up, asks for my number, refuses to give out hers...what’s the deal with that? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/01/18 04:13 PM
3 How do you let a plate know you like her when she thinks you don’t (and that’s the reason she’s starting to distance herself)? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 26/06/18 02:13 PM
3 Caught plate messaging on bumble in morning after we had sex - didn’t say anything - was that the right move? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/07/18 02:00 PM
3 What does is mean when a woman calls you a psycho? Psychopathy is one of the dark triad traits after all. bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 24/07/18 09:29 PM
2 Is 10 days too long of a soft next for withholding sex? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 09/08/18 12:03 AM
2 Girl flakes, flake explanation is weird, she proposes new time...not sure what I should do bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 21/02/18 01:04 AM
2 Did I break this plate or still salvageable? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 18/01/18 08:15 PM
2 Do I set expectations before proceeding with pseudo ‘shit where you eat’ situation? (at the gym, not work) bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 04/10/18 11:36 PM
2 Slumps -- are they usually just coincidental or because you started doing something different / getting sloppy? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 15/08/19 06:36 PM
2 Don’t know if I need to give comfort or remain aloof with plate - I’ll try to describe the situation - could use some advice bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 10/07/18 01:14 PM
2 Plate broke - I asked what went wrong and got a real answer - seems salvageable - thoughts on how I should respond? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 24/10/18 02:50 PM
2 Do you treat all plates the same or do you act differently with different plates? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 12/06/18 12:51 AM
2 When a girl gives you a signal by talking shit about her insecure boyfriend, what angle do you take in responding? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 19/06/18 05:19 PM
2 Plate blocked me on Instagram for seemingly no reason - can I get some feedback/advice? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 23/07/18 12:27 PM
2 Girl keeps getting emotional and stoping during sex; what’s going on here? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 27/04/18 01:21 PM
2 Went out with girl a couple times - no sex - question about length of soft next bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 05/12/18 05:07 PM
2 Theory question about shit tests - do you want your women to shit test you? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 06/12/18 03:54 PM
2 Does “daddy” sex talk not work with girls who didn’t have a father figure in their lives? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 29/03/19 03:13 PM
1 Question about anal bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 20/03/19 06:53 PM
1 Finally blocked my oneitis bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 25/12/18 02:31 AM
1 Question about soft nexting bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 07/08/18 12:25 PM
1 You’re such a player shit test bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/09/18 12:59 PM
1 Quick question about date confirmation bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 25/03/19 09:12 PM
1 Setting boundaries with plate - is this an acceptable boundary to set and is this this right approach? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 16/07/18 12:28 PM
1 Need help trying to figure out logistics bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/02/19 06:07 PM
1 How do relationships with long term plates normally end? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 12/08/18 02:23 PM
1 What’s the deal with plates taking a day to respond to plans bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 29/11/18 05:58 PM
1 I think I broke TRP rules and it worked. Can someone explain? Confused because it goes against theory. bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 21/05/18 04:34 PM
1 Is there a way to keep things cordial with a plate and LJBF her if you actually enjoy her company but it’s not working out? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 31/05/18 02:54 PM
1 Can you recover from failing a potential shit test? Scenario explained; advice wanted. bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 16/10/17 01:33 AM
1 What do you do if you suspect your main plate might be together with her ex but it’s a long distance relationship? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 05/04/18 05:35 PM
1 Confirming date that was made a week ago...night before or day of? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 10/04/18 12:40 AM
1 Joking about love, marriage, babies - good way to build comfort or beta? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 22/05/18 03:36 PM
1 Plate broke - I asked what went wrong and got a real answer - thoughts on how I should respond? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 24/10/18 02:45 PM
1 Is a girl waiting a while to text back a shit test or lack of interest? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 14/11/18 03:43 AM
1 Told plate to let me know when she’s free - good move or no you should always lead bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 12/12/18 07:49 PM
1 Made VERY tentative plans over a week ago for this Thursday - do I need to tell her I can’t do Thursday, or am I better off not saying anything? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 18/12/18 12:03 AM
1 Having issues with too little comfort - example described - is there a lesson to learn? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/03/19 09:26 PM
1 Pulled phone number Friday night; should I text her Saturday or Sunday? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 09/06/18 02:17 PM
1 Plate is on the verge of breaking - soft next or send this text? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 10/08/18 01:44 PM
1 Long term plate response to hanging out: “can we say yes for now but play it by ear” - how would you respond? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/08/18 01:37 AM
1 How did I handle this situation? Was this a test or am I overthinking it? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 27/02/18 07:59 PM
1 Do you call out a plate when she doesn’t respond to your invite to hang out? Soft next? Hard next? What? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/04/18 01:15 AM
1 Girl studying for med school boards too busy to hang for next two weeks; believable or womanese for I don’t really want to hang out with you? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 06/06/18 12:57 PM
1 Trying to set up date from online; girl wants to talk on phone for a few minutes before meeting; yay or nay? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 22/06/18 08:56 PM
1 How do you shut down “hey how was your day” texts from plates? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 25/06/18 11:05 PM
1 I made other plans when a plate took a while to respond - feel bad now - do I need to do any sort of damage control? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 17/07/18 12:28 PM
1 Inviting her and her friends out with your boys - but haven’t closed yet - yay or nay? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 08/09/18 07:31 PM
1 Need tips for getting back to her/my place after 1st date bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/09/19 01:14 AM
1 Too many red flags to elevate from plate to FWB? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/03/20 01:27 PM
1 Would you ever call a girl out for stringing you along? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 03/12/18 04:50 PM
1 Would it be acceptable to DEER in this situation? Can I explain this to her? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 07/01/19 03:56 PM
1 When do you stop going on dates but start hanging out at each other’s places instead? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 07/03/18 02:47 PM
1 Is it possible for a girl to simply not be in the mood for sex or would that ultimately reflect on me? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 09/03/18 01:31 AM
1 What to do when a girl you ghosted (but still want to see) finally reaches out? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 31/03/18 12:20 AM
1 How similar/different is the male soft next versus a plate's coldness and non-responsiveness bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 20/08/18 06:02 PM
1 Do you ever ask plates to explain what went wrong in order to learn from it? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/10/18 03:31 PM
1 Establishing a plate - is it important to see her a second time shortly after the first f-close bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 04/01/19 05:32 PM
1 How to respond when she gives this kind of answer: bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 04/02/19 08:45 PM
1 Practical Guide to Getting Laid on the First Date bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 18/02/19 06:36 PM
1 Broke three plates last week - what should I do next? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 13/08/18 01:18 PM
0 Do you like a plate’s Instagram posts? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 26/07/18 08:20 PM
0 Setting boundaries with plate - is this an acceptable boundary to set and am I taking the right approach? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 16/07/18 12:31 PM
0 How long do you wait after 1st date before setting up 2nd date? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 09/02/18 05:29 PM
0 Why don’t you do girlfriend stuff with plates? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 05/06/18 05:33 PM
0 Why would a girl take several days to open a Snapchat? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 31/01/19 01:40 PM
0 Girl who sleeps with no underwear - is this a red flag she’s a slut? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 26/08/18 08:05 PM
0 Should I toss her a crumb or maintain strict no contact? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 19/09/18 05:45 PM
0 Should I interpret this as a lack of interest? Or did I fuck up? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 03/04/18 01:17 PM
0 Plate withheld sex - here’s how I handled it - please critique and give me advice moving forward bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 02/08/18 12:35 PM
0 Do you wish FWBs happy thanksgiving and the like? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 22/11/18 02:40 PM
0 What are your thoughts on telling a woman she has desirable traits? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 10/11/17 12:58 PM
0 Plate is slipping. Do I soft next or try to fix it? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 09/02/18 02:26 PM
0 Can someone put this into the womanese translator for me? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 15/01/19 02:22 PM
0 What’s the general consensus on hanging out with a plate twice in one week? bluefingerblue /r/askTRP 11/03/19 02:23 PM

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