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2575 Man gets his ex-GF to pay child support, and Reddit freaks out Men's Rights chootey /r/TheRedPill 17/07/17 05:34 AM
178 Amy Schumer incident reveals sad truth: most people want to be miserable Blue Pill Example chootey /r/TheRedPill 08/04/16 08:00 PM
5 Why is Toronto considered such a hell-hole? chootey /r/askTRP 21/07/15 04:26 AM
5 Broke up with LTR and not sure if I handled things properly/did the right thing chootey /r/askTRP 14/07/19 11:21 PM
3 What do you do to avoid herpes? chootey /r/askTRP 22/11/16 07:04 AM
3 If you don't want herpes, then is the best thing to just only stick with LTRs? chootey /r/askTRP 29/06/17 07:08 PM
1 Broke up with LTR and chootey /r/askTRP 14/07/19 11:07 PM
1 'Don't shit where you eat' at a bar? chootey /r/askTRP 24/03/18 05:21 AM

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