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757 On Abundance Mentality and Being Alone Red Pill Theory i_amtheice /r/TheRedPill 03/12/17 03:20 AM
434 How NOT to Day Game Field Report i_amtheice /r/TheRedPill 20/04/18 05:16 PM
47 Rian Stone on American Whiner Red Pill Theory i_amtheice /r/TheRedPill 02/08/18 01:26 PM
42 Rollo Tomassi on American Whiner i_amtheice /r/TheRedPill 28/09/18 01:09 AM
16 Interesting Juxtaposition of Threads on the Front Page Today Discussion i_amtheice /r/PurplePillDebate 17/12/18 06:21 PM
7 Thoughts on Cat Person? i_amtheice /r/askTRP 12/12/17 08:08 PM
5 Incels/MGTOW entering pop culture i_amtheice /r/PurplePillDebate 12/12/18 01:23 AM
4 CMV: Part of being an average man is accepting that you are disposable and generally unwanted CMV i_amtheice /r/PurplePillDebate 08/01/20 10:55 PM
2 I'd like to hear TRP examine what's going on in this here thread from /r/askreddit i_amtheice /r/askTRP 26/10/17 06:52 AM
0 Any idea as to how I can improve? i_amtheice /r/askTRP 20/04/18 10:32 AM

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