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699 Tupac Shakur at age 17, on being nice to women then grows up and understands the true nature of women. Red Pill Example jay_jay_man /r/TheRedPill 11/03/17 04:37 PM
167 Escort I just had sex with hasn't had sex with her boyfriend of 3 years for the last 6 months Blue Pill Example jay_jay_man /r/TheRedPill 23/10/16 05:22 AM
144 ex-gf popped up out the blue and tried to scam me, should i fuck with her emotions? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 29/11/18 12:57 PM
45 What are the core traits that represent femininity? This is in light of the perspective that masculinity is represented by strength, courage, mastery, and honor. DISCUSSION jay_jay_man /r/RedPillWomen 26/03/19 06:54 PM
16 What would you do if your wife was raped? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 26/10/17 01:37 PM
14 She doesn’t want to have sex until after he meets her son jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 14/12/17 05:41 AM
7 MMA’s War Machine could serve life in prison without parole after he caught pornstar girlfriend with another man Blue Pill Example jay_jay_man /r/TheRedPill 07/03/17 08:53 PM
5 Choosing a toastmaster club in my area jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 15/01/16 05:43 PM
5 Facebook sluts claiming they are "sexually attracted to intelligence". Why? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 17/01/16 04:01 AM
4 Women who hate being dominated in the bedroom suffered sexual assault in the past? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 10/01/18 03:53 PM
4 Been living on my own for nearly one year, how do I celebrate my anniversary as a bachelor? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 05/11/15 11:37 AM
4 Female personal trainer keeps insisting I put the toilet seat down in unisex for her convenience jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 13/07/17 12:58 PM
3 Is "Game" by Roosh V just another PUA book? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 05/10/18 04:06 PM
3 Female guests who smoke leave ash and cigarette butts around my apartment. jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 04/03/18 07:43 PM
2 "Send me my pictures" jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 19/06/18 01:12 AM
2 Go hiking with my neighbors? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 30/12/19 04:04 AM
2 What are the core traits that represent femininity? This is in light of the perspective that masculinity is represented by strength, courage, mastery, and honor. jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 26/03/19 05:44 PM
2 Invited plate over, we always fuck, this time she turns up claiming her period started on the way over (stopped birth control) jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 09/09/18 12:59 PM
1 "Can you make up my shopping money today?" jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 24/08/19 03:38 PM
1 What does this mean? "men can be tender and nurturing, any man who disputes that hates his father" jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 20/09/18 09:00 PM
1 Neighbor wants to be my workout partner but acting a little secretive jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 02/01/18 04:46 PM
1 Men staying in relationship even when woman got impregnated by a man is a good man. How do I counter this argument? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 25/08/15 07:02 PM
0 "Are you a personal trainer?" question - How to escalate? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 15/01/18 07:34 PM
0 Would you let a girl you were dating know that you were with her cousin 4 years ago? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 22/11/17 08:55 PM
0 Plate spits me out with contempt after blowjob. How do I get her to stop? jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 13/01/18 11:09 PM
0 Thoughts on simulating double penetration with a strap on jay_jay_man /r/askTRP 27/05/19 06:02 PM

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