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863 I quit my job teaching yesterday. Without leadership or integrity, mediocrity rises to the top. Rant/Venting notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 06/04/18 12:00 AM
208 Gen X vs Millennial TRPers, the main difference.. Red Pill Theory notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 27/11/19 12:51 PM
118 The BETAization indoctrination is worst than we thought, and BETAs really have no idea how to parent or stick up for themselves. (RANT) Rant/Venting notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 02/01/20 04:20 PM
58 On healthy eating - or, don't eat like a slave Red Pill Theory notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 28/12/19 04:42 PM
33 How my ex-wife red pilled me, what I learned, and the shit I had to go through to get it through my thick skull. Building Power notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 26/12/19 02:49 AM
26 The RED PILL about “diet”: you’re kinda retarded if you are fat and unhealthy...... Building Power notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 10/02/20 01:46 AM
24 you guys want the stupid shortcut to life (and girls) get to know your body. Lift, stretch, jump up and down. Have fun with what you have. Red Pill Theory notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 10/04/17 09:06 AM
9 how comparing myself to others killed my confidence, self esteem and set me back, but.....I was able to get back on track...at 39 though. notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 30/04/18 05:47 AM
7 If you're not going to LIFT, the least you can do is CHECK YOURSELF. Rant/Venting notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 27/11/19 04:39 PM
2 My Tokyo Buddies - Men on a mission and TRP Leaders Red Pill Example notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 09/11/17 12:54 AM
1 Why I’m going MGTOW - BKK Countdown Begins notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 12/06/19 12:53 AM
1 A Red Pill on Consumerism- (VIDEO) How humans affinity for novelty propagated consumer culture, luxury goods, and the idea of "uniqueness" Culture notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 01/01/20 02:58 PM
1 HUMOR - Is Tinder Ghetto where you live??? Humor! notadaddy /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 26/12/19 04:17 PM
0 DISCUSSION TIME: What being top 20% of men means. Red Pill Theory notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 24/10/19 11:13 AM
0 Holy Shit, I finally figured out why people hate Jar-Jar Binks so much.... notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 16/02/18 07:03 AM
0 FIELD REPORT - on MGTOW/IDGAF and I’m that guy that quit his job and then got banned for a bit. Field Report notadaddy /r/TheRedPill 18/09/18 04:02 AM

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