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850 How to Smell Amazing: A Man's Guide to Buying and Wearing Cologne Building Power rocknrollchuck /r/TheRedPill 14/09/18 01:01 PM
133 How to Smell Amazing: A Man's Guide to Buying and Wearing Cologne rocknrollchuck /r/marriedredpill 13/09/18 07:09 PM
57 Crosspost from TRP: Chateau Heartiste is GONE rocknrollchuck /r/marriedredpill 11/05/19 01:49 AM
45 HOW TO GET YOUR NEW YEAR OFF TO A GREAT START rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 26/12/18 10:40 PM
28 ‘Twas the night before Jesus came rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 25/12/19 04:00 AM
26 Victor Pride has turned to Christ and repented of his sins rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 11/03/20 02:49 PM
25 Watch what she does, NOT what she says rocknrollchuck /r/marriedredpill 13/12/15 04:55 AM
25 Joshua Harris, author of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" is getting divorced and has fallen away from the faith rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 26/07/19 11:18 PM
21 Thanksgiving Proclamation - George Washington 1789 rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 28/11/19 05:46 AM
19 Sidebar Posts for New Reddit Users rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 30/09/19 03:13 AM
19 Attributes of Christ That We Are Called to Emulate as Christians rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 15/10/18 12:49 AM
17 Having An Attitude of Gratitude rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 28/06/18 04:02 PM
17 Dalrock is shutting down his blog rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 23/01/20 09:55 PM
17 My Transformation from Nice Guy to Red Pill Christian rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 08/03/18 05:37 PM
17 For Married Men: When Constantly Initiating is not Getting the Results You Want rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 01/12/18 10:00 PM
16 How to Smell Amazing rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 13/09/18 06:23 PM
16 Ideas for Effectively Sharing Your Faith With Others rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 15/04/19 01:46 PM
14 What is the Christian RP Advice to a Wife for Getting Her Husband to Change? rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 17/01/19 04:15 PM
13 Sex is great, but tired of the power struggle rocknrollchuck /r/marriedredpill 01/09/15 10:23 PM
12 Who Are You? rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 02/09/19 01:29 AM
10 We now have a Glossary of RPChristian terms and Acronyms on the Sidebar! rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 17/09/18 05:52 PM
9 Boldly sharing the Gospel - is it unloving? rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 30/10/18 02:21 PM
8 Should I Date An Unbeliever if I Can Lead That Person to Christ? rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 06/02/19 01:59 PM
7 Re-Posting the Post on What is SHAME. This topic deserves more discussion than what we've gotten so far. rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 06/12/18 12:36 AM
5 Narcissism and the Jezebel Spirit rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 02/04/18 10:28 PM
5 How did you end up discovering Red Pill truths? rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 10/07/17 11:29 PM
3 Who Are You? rocknrollchuck /r/askRPC 02/09/19 01:30 AM
2 Article: What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity rocknrollchuck /r/RPChristians 13/04/18 12:25 AM

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