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Upvotes Title Category Author Subreddit Date (UTC)
1335 When you're a homless man no one gives a FUCK about you Building Power studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 09/01/20 04:43 PM
768 If You Don't Like Her Past Then Leave studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 27/04/17 01:42 PM
255 Look Within Yourself Before You Blame Your LTR studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 04/04/17 02:37 PM
205 Maintaining Frame Doesn't Mean People Will Agree With You - It Means People Will Respect You studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 18/04/17 12:45 PM
144 What Is It Like To Date A Guy? Things Guys Get Right (And Wrong) studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 20/06/18 05:35 PM
121 Anyone else had an LTR who progressively looked worse the longer you dated? studentsensei /r/askTRP 09/09/19 09:26 PM
121 Never Stop Gaming: Especially If You're In An LTR studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 26/06/17 04:39 PM
80 What Does She Bring To The Table? studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 30/04/17 08:44 PM
45 LTR Says "I'm glad you're not the type to take me home after the first date" Turns Out She Slept With Someone Without A Date At All studentsensei /r/askTRP 25/07/17 10:57 PM
34 Tell Us Your Sacrifice And Pain studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 17/03/17 03:10 PM
29 I Wanna Thank You Guys studentsensei /r/askTRP 30/07/17 06:13 AM
25 SMV And The Importance Of Vetting studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 22/05/17 01:41 PM
10 Who here on TRP has NOT been cheated on in a relationship and how did you find TRP? studentsensei /r/askTRP 10/03/19 01:24 AM
4 HELP! Thinking About Ending My LTR??? studentsensei /r/askTRP 26/02/17 02:16 PM
1 Can't Get It Up For LTR Anymore What Do I Do studentsensei /r/askTRP 05/09/17 05:19 AM
1 Did I Do The Right Thing? I Told My GF To Get Some Hobbies studentsensei /r/askTRP 08/02/17 12:25 PM
0 White Men Have No Identity studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 17/08/17 01:55 PM
0 You Have More Competition Than You Think Red Pill Example studentsensei /r/TheRedPill 05/10/19 02:06 PM
0 Are men who still believe in Blue Pill Delusions such as "honor" and "integrity" in the SMP forever lost? studentsensei /r/askTRP 27/12/19 12:57 AM

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