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1208 Married man from r/DeadBedrooms gets fed up. Applies every single RP principle by the book, without even knowing about RP. Results are as predictable as you'd expect. Red Pill Example wakethfkupneo /r/TheRedPill 22/04/15 11:13 AM
169 How to deepen your voice ... and boost confidence, ground yourself and more (works in minutes) wakethfkupneo /r/becomeaman 24/04/14 12:21 PM
41 Difference between girls and boys Blue Pill Example wakethfkupneo /r/TheRedPill 30/10/13 08:14 PM
28 Are All Men Pedophiles? - article about evolutionary reasons why men prefer younger girls Red Pill Theory wakethfkupneo /r/TheRedPill 01/09/14 07:51 PM
24 Zinc: The Most Important Mineral for Men wakethfkupneo /r/becomeaman 30/08/14 01:11 PM
8 Guy vs guy, shit testing - the difference between losing and holding frame wakethfkupneo /r/TRPOffTopic 12/07/14 12:43 PM
7 Elliott Hulse's reading list Meta wakethfkupneo /r/redpillbooks 23/01/14 07:29 PM

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