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Feminist subreddit made new default

by ibuprofiend on /r/TheRedPill
07 May 2014 08:17 PM UTC
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According to the Reddit blog, they just changed the default subreddits, adding /r/TwoXChromosomes. Since it has barely any subscribers compared to popular subreddits (the old standard way of becoming a default was based on subscriber count), I can only assume it was handpicked by the admins to indoctrinate new Redditors with feminism and attract more women to the site.

Do you see trouble brewing? Is Reddit turning into Tumblr? And if so, should TRP have a lifeboat on another site that we can turn to when this sub is eventually taken down?

EDIT: Welcome, downvote brigade. Stay classy, Reddit.

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Title Feminist subreddit made new default
Author ibuprofiend
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Date 07 May 2014 08:17 PM UTC (5 years ago)
Subreddit TheRedPill
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upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

230 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

You get it. It isn't about indoctrination or feministic favouritism. It's money. Ad revenue. Traffic fueling.

Props for taking the rational approach. Something that is mostly lacking in this thread.

23 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

I completely agree with you on this.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Imaginary Gold revenue*

-11 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

It's obviously a marketing ploy to manipulate their demographics and bring in more ad revenue, anyone can see that. But that doesn't mean it's a neutral move.

I see this as a sort of faustian bargain with feminists: Visit our site, and we'll push your agenda. Now what if banning TRP would get them more ad-clicks? Think they'd do it, since apparently they put profit before principles?

Remember that Mozilla CEO who was recently fired for not supporting gay marriage? In tech companies especially, political beliefs and profits increasingly go hand in hand, and that's not a good thing.

27 upvotesIGoldSrsLinks5 years ago

Around how many bongs have you smoked today? Check their sub, that ain't radical feminism or even feminism. They use it to complain to each other about inane shit. It's like a mothers meeting for excessively emotional women. Relax dude.

-14 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

He is relaxed lady. Valid points, take your beta hood and self-felate.

0 upvotesIGoldSrsLinks5 years ago

What an intelligent comment. You're new here, aren't you?

3 upvoteslikechoklit4choklit5 years ago

Differingd opinions =/= beta. I see this shaming attack used all the fucking time on trp, and most of the time it seems like an unnecessary power play. Many times targetting men who equate the ability to consider real world nuance. Is there any place that you would be cool with where woman can communicate about their shared experience? Be realistic: humans crave community.

Losing ones shit over whatever the fuck women and gender warriors are doing is participating in a "boys club good, girls club icky" mentality.

You're gonna write this off as whiteknighting instead of a gentle check of your rationality and critical consumption, one man to another. I'm already cool with that.

0 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

Alright, you're clearly skipping steps in rational thought. Have some scotch, get some sleep, and take another crack at it tomorrow.

Incongruous events cannot be compared on equal merits. Branding is everything, just look at the Clippers. Reddit knows its brand. Expanding its user base is knowing its brand. Shutting down jailbait was a move to keep people clicking. Shutting down TRP will do what? That is the critique of your logical process, leaving out the extraordinary jump from allowing twoX to shutting down TRP that you are insinuating.

-3 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Bro, I'm not saying "TwoX is a default, therefore TRP will be deleted." We're having an open-ended discussion about the implications of Reddit trying to change its image in this way. This isn't a deductive logic proof. You're really oversimplifying things and generally looking like a jackass.

0 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

Dropping words like "indoctrinate", making sweeping statements akin to "reddit becoming tumblr" and implying that a highly specific--and wholly underrepresented form of feminism within the twoX sub--is the way Reddit as a whole wants to move is both reactionary and overly simplified. The fervency of your reaction to this grossly overstated and misguided. Thanks for the original post to bring some of us up to speed on the topic (funny, my wife told me about it after I read it in TRP), but that's about as useful as your contributions have been.

0 upvotesbobthegreyduck5 years ago

Props for taking the rational approach. Something that is mostly lacking in this thread sub.


upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

My wife made a similar point. She's a TwoX subscriber and enjoys the community for it being an open forum for women to talk about their experiences. Touchy/feely, sure, but it is there just as TRP is there for men to do whatever it is we really do. TRP will be TRP and will be judged just the same, regardless of how popular TwoX gets. After all, women get just as sick of beating a dead horse as men do (e.g., "TRP = misogyny filth den").

-3 upvotesGhadis5 years ago

I think you're wrong about that, except insofar as reddit is indeed a marketing company. They have also always been far left activists since the very beginning. Socialist indoctrination is a daily thing here.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

the Twox mods actually aren't ban-happy at all as long as you don't insult people or use inappropriate language. i've been poking fun at radfems in that sub for a long time and i still haven't been banned because i follow the sub's rules. i think their mods are quite fair and seem to take a hands-off approach.

i think it was idiotic to make twox a default sub, though. it's probably getting a huge influx of trolls, and i kinda feel bad for all the regular girls there who just want to discuss periods, pregnancy scares, and boyfriends with other girls. now they've gotta deal with all the bastards.

-7 upvotesDelixcroix5 years ago

You have to look at it this way. A Default should be a universally beloved sub. This is why Humor and things that are fact are default subs. Gender issues are not universally loved by anyone and forcing 150,000 men to subscribe to a womans issue sub for 50,000 women who never really had issues and were not actively seeking that sub ... You can see why it will get shut down pretty quickly as a horrible idea.

Much like when TRP Became Mainstream and became a hate magnet for every SRD, SRS, and whatever other Feminist Friendly subreddits we were targeted by every hate brigade towards men on the planet.

Much like how RedPillWomen is Anti Feminism for Females who hate the idea of breaking down gender roles (Because why would you they worked for thousands of years. Your not smarter then thousands of years of men and women random liberal college grads) Gender roles work. They protect women and inspire men and create prosperity.

But if RedpillWomen or Men became a default (TRPm Practically is Default because of how much hatemail we get from the rest of Reddit and all the shit posters we attract) We would see a decline in our communities. TwoX doesn't want this and they shouldn't be forced to deal with the admins "WE LOVE FEMINISM" Circlejerk.

17 upvotesduckducklandwhale5 years ago

Men will ignore it or get banned from the community pretty quick

This is actually great and a good point. Especially for normal guys out there who dont fall too deeply into the "tow the feminism line". You know what I mean, they guys that only learned a scant bit about Susan B Anthony and woman suffrage so therefore think of feminism still as great, beneficial, and about equality. As soon as a guy says something the strays/challenges their convicted notion of womanhood's infallibility or something that would be an innocuous comment in the real world like "as I guy I like women who dont wear makeup/wear skirts/with long hair" they will hate and chide. I can see an instaban, growing resentment, and the looking of other movements. That's pretty much how I ended up being less favorable toward these so-called "safe spaces/echo chambers" on this website.

-2 upvotesPlanB_pedofile5 years ago

If they wanted to do society a favor they should have made r/makeupaddiction and r/loseit default subs.

Just think, a front page full of women motivated to loosing weight and looking beautiful.

0 upvotesgloopyboop5 years ago

Great point. If admins wanted to attract and retain more "quality" women though, they should have picked another sub. Women that contribute to that sub are not likely to contribute great content to the more widely known subs, IMO.

-2 upvoteslagspike5 years ago

it's a good business move, but a shitty move nonetheless.

I wonder how many of the male reddit admins are getting pegged by their gf on the regular.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Well I got banned after commenting in just 1 thread, so you are right.

42 upvotesrocketskates845 years ago

Good for them. No shits given here. Why does it bother you so much?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

32 upvotesmojo_magnifico5 years ago

Get this Fox News-style fear mongering out of here.

Truly disappointed at how emotionally invested yall are in fucking reddit defaults. Who gives a shit? Also, I just visited /r/TwoXChromosomes for the first time and it does not strike me as feminist in any right.

Sidebar rules say

  • Respect: No hatred, bigotry, assholery, utter idiocy, misogyny, misandry
  • No tactless posts generalising gender. We are a welcoming community. Rights of all genders are supported here.
218 upvotesbradyo25 years ago

Is this a joke? I'm lost for words as to why this is a default sub?

I've just been on their front page, and a poll asking "should TwoX be a default subreddit" is up.

8% have said yes 67% have said no.

I can only assume it was handpicked by the admins to indoctrinate new Redditors with feminism and attract more women to the site.

I think you're correct, and it's an admin's agenda putting this as a default, however, it will make no difference to TRP. Even if it did somehow take the sub down, there are plenty of other websites which can be used as TRP's replacement home. We'll be fine.

20 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

No joke unfortunately. I don't think it will harm us immediately, but it shows everyone just how biased the admins are. There have always been rumors of admins helping SRS, but they tended to operate in the shadows... Now they're directly trying to enforce their twisted version of "equality."

17 upvotesmachimus5 years ago

You know, in a way, this will only make us stronger. More publicity for them conversely means more for us. They might just end up dragging us onto the front page with them, some day.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-1 upvotessalami_inferno5 years ago

Yeah this is gonna be hilarious. That sub is gonna self destruct now.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-1 upvotesMikesapien5 years ago

Aw yeah.

0 upvoteslaughingsnakecunt5 years ago

99% of people only come here for the entertainment value. You all are just as bad, if not worse than the feminazis.

-4 upvotesbradyo25 years ago

Is /r/Askmen a default sub? They spout shit, but it would at least be some form of equality. What about /r/askwomen?

23 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

At least /r/GetMotivated is now a default sub, it was the beginning of TRP for me.

22 upvotesImma_Knight5 years ago

/r/MensRights needs to be a default.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Who downvoted this?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-3 upvotesImma_Knight5 years ago

People who don't understand that it's actually a serious sub... and feminists.

-1 upvotesMarsupian5 years ago

Default subs go down the drain. We dont need popularity or confirmation. All we need is a place free of censorship where we can help those interested in learning and discuss relevant topics.

Dont try to change the world, see it as it is and find your own path.

-6 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Nope, neither of them. You can find the full list here: http://www.redditblog.com/2014/05/whats-that-lassie-old-defaults-fell.html

-1 upvotesdeville055 years ago

Think of this this way.. We exist. Right under their noses. Even though they hate us.

2 upvotesMikesapien5 years ago


-1 upvoteslotuz5 years ago

I dont get that?

0 upvotesenticingasthatmaybe5 years ago

Neither did Treebeard

0 upvotesProxystarkilla5 years ago

Yeah, it's terrible, you should all go somewhere else to escape the prejudice against men, somewhere not on reddit.

-1 upvotesskinisblackmetallic5 years ago

What is SRS?

-1 upvotesduckducklandwhale5 years ago

/r/ShitRedditSays think of the radfem tumblrinas on the TheBluePill but exacerbate the schtick worse and worse until you reach a point where you cant say shit and find offense in obvious jokes or other absurdities. Also, apply a massive amount of dissonance or abilities to think logically. Also, they like to pull fire alarms (aka stiffle discussion or debate) by brigading to downvote comments and doxxing or writing convincing "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUck Fuckkkittyy Fuck Fuckk fuckk Fuck Fuck" persuasive points. Theyre pretty much fullf-fledged tards.

1 upvotesskinisblackmetallic5 years ago

So... nothing I need bother myself about then.

9 upvotesrebuildingMyself5 years ago

Of course it's the admins! They let SRS run rampant with downvote brigades yet scream at any other sub doing the same. It's not much more to prop up a hamster sub despite the site's disagreement.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Subreddits die when they become default.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's funny how admins are doing it even though the TwoX community doesn't want it. Skimming through it, half of the posts seem to be made by teenagers about feminine topics such as "Having my first period, is this normal?" or "What products do you use to remove pubic hair?". Those topics belong in a woman's only forum, and teenage girls probably feel more comfortable talking about it in a majority female forum. Their community will probably get nuked by bad memes and gifs of cats, like most other default subreddits, just because some admin decided that the default subreddits needed more "female" representation. It makes no sense when the demographic of Reddit is mostly male.

-2 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

The trolls are going to destroy that sub. We can just sit back and watch it burn.

0 upvotessehns5 years ago

I have quite a few servers that sit idling that I would be more than happy to donate for TRP. (They are tax deductible as part of my business)

If there is enough interest from the TRP admins and the users I can set up a TRP-specific forum/blog site, put the mods here in charge of it and we can use it as a plan B should we ever get censored by admins.

-3 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

I would caution the statement of it being a decision with broad based support. I think it is more likely the consented actions of a few.

Thanks for pointing out the idiocy of the over-reaction, though. (Ironic?)

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Goes to show that the admins do whatever they want regardless of public opinion. They're an authority unto themselves.

This seems like a rather large stepping stone on the road to banning TRP on reddit.

Admins are happy to spotlight whichever subs they personally like. Seems reasonable that they'd be just as happy to ban the ones they don't like.

-2 upvotesMarsupian5 years ago

I dont think the majority of reddit users would be against this. The subreddit itself is tho. They know they are fucked.

-2 upvotesametalshard5 years ago

link to your poll, please

11 upvotesGuildedCasket5 years ago

It's a place for women to talk about women stuff that they may feel uncomfortable talking about anywhere else. It's a bit weird they got defaulted, as the people there definitely didn't want that as it increases the influx of detractors, but it's not like the subreddit is unworthy or trashy or any number of things people have said: it just caters to women's issues, like TRP caters to a certain kind of men's issues, except much less controversially and more universally (discussing medical problems specific to women as well as things related to sex). What is the harm if one female focused subreddit is defaulted, really? Why do you care at all? It's not like they defaulted SRS.

Besides, if you look at lots of the posts it's not even radically feminist: a recent post about a rape case that was posted was shot down because the case clearly wasn't rape, there was a woman asking how to make her wedding as cheap as possible, and there was someone ranting about how one night stands do not equal rape. This is nowhere near the "end" of RP or reddit.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

102 upvotesInfraredPillpusher5 years ago

From a post titled "Hey hormones. Chill the eff out" regarding wanting babies after period (ovulation), despite otherwise regularly not wanting children

This frenzy only lasts about four days, and then after that I am insanely grateful that I have the IUD because I do not know what I would do if I did not have that level of contraceptive protection. Poking holes in condoms, "forgetting" to take a pill. My body even goes so far as to think "Hey you, random good looking man who is not my husband! You are a great candidate to imagine you impregnating me!" I would never cheat on my husband, but this brain is being held captive by my uterus and it's only demand is to be filled with BABY.

54 upvoteslesbianDREAMS5 years ago

I would never cheat on my husband, but this brain is being held captive by my uterus and it's only demand is to be filled with BABY.

If only they could hear themselves.

16 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

"Never cheat" (lol)

"held captive" (so if it does happen its not my fault...)

"filled with baby" (yep...)

All praise the coil/implant, no amount of condom piercing or forgetting the pill can help her get pregnant once she has that.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"Filled with baby". Wow. That is the funniest thing I've read all day.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is where the don't hold accountability for themselves and try to save face by claiming rape...

47 upvotesUnimpressedAsshole5 years ago

Yeah that about sums women up

33 upvotessushisection5 years ago

Big surprise. Genitals control women as well as men

-1 upvotesgekkozorz5 years ago

This is true, but at least a man will take agency when his little brain trumps his big brain.

I don't think a man would be able to get away with "sorry I cheated babe, my penis forced me too, I had no control."

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Eh, some men won't take agency and do shit like actual rape. This is the woman's equivalent of violent rape.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I like how this post just makes women sound weak minded, from the point of a woman.

Do they even know wtf they are talking about?

12 upvotesblazingcopper5 years ago

That is fucking terrifying

6 upvotesVinylGuy4205 years ago

I am praying for this male contraceptive more than anything. I am also spreading the word among friends and when the topic arises.

6 upvotesHaptic_Affinity5 years ago

Vasalgel 2015!

-1 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

I don't believe in any deity but I'm praying it comes out to the market. I'll stock up on it.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I can't wait for that thing. I'm going to be first in line.

0 upvotesVinylGuy4205 years ago

I already applied for trials. Just waiting on that email (fingers crossed).

0 upvoteslucifa5 years ago

Theoretically, why isn't TRT a legitimate contraceptive? It wouldn't be immediate, but at some point you'd assume the testicles will become atrophied enough to have insufficient sperm.

5 upvotesjohnnight5 years ago

To be fair, we do not know what it is like to have your hypothalamus swim in a soup of estrogen and progesterone.

1 upvotesrebuildingMyself5 years ago

But I thought men and women were equal except where women were better!


-5 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

Do you remember what life was like when you were 4 years old? Probably something like that.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

To be sentient is to be possessed of the quite futile delusion that you are more than an animal.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

this is why i've loved lurking twox, and also why it should not become a default sub. the honesty and straight talk about the inner workings of girl's minds is refreshing. however, all that is going to change now everyone knows about it the sub. the real talk is going to have to go somewhere else.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is why I would never trust a woman as a leader. Their mental integrity is so severely compromised by their hormones that they become an entirely different person once a month.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Oops, I declared war against Russia but it's not my fault, it was all my hormones!

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Technically congress declares war, but that doesn't stop the President from moving troops and conducting combat operations. So yeah.

The current head of the Federal Reserve Bank (arguably the second highest office in terms of real power at her fingertips) is female. If the Democrats win in 2016, the two most powerful human beings in the United States will likely be Ms. Janet Yellen at the Fed, and Hillary Clinton.

156 upvotesGayLubeOil5 years ago

Reddit has to do what Reddit has to do to be profitable. Feminists love to blog about their hurt mad feels and how the government should protect them. If reddit can attract more subscribers with stupid shit like #banbossy they definetly should. The more Feminism is forcefully pushed on people the more some will rebel and come here.

47 upvotesBadgerBurger5 years ago

FemBlogs already complain that reddit is too male-heavy. This is their attempt to reach out/appease those types. Dangerous slope though -- it's never enough.

72 upvotestriglyceridesuicide5 years ago

because things like news, science, and being funny aren't women things. these are mens domain and always will be.

24 upvotesStarkAtheist5 years ago

I cannot stress how UN-funny women are.

The Golden Globes being hosted by two chicks instead of Ricky Gervais was a disaster.

40 upvotesthawizard5 years ago

And I cannot stress how UN-funny /r/funny is.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Your generalization is correct.

Tina Fey is fucking balls, though. Way funnier than most.

14 upvotesIllimitableMan5 years ago

Funny women are fucking hot. It's like 50 shades of grey for men without the rape, a fantastical ideal.

-6 upvotesSigmaMu5 years ago

Actors/Actresses are just parroting whatever their writing staff gives them. That's not really the same as, say, stand up comedy. Although I think Fey writes some of her own stuff. YMMV.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Tina Fey is a try hard that makes me cringe when I see her.

2 upvotessmileybird5 years ago

Melissa McCarthy's pretty funny

Edit: also Ellen Degeneres still cracks me up as Dory in Finding Nemo

-4 upvotesdeville055 years ago

Disagree about fey and pohler. They are funny and they were funny on gg. But I also think christopher hutchens is right. Its not their evolutionary trait to be a jester or to find a way to win someone over. So generally speaking, women are unfunny. Its not the same as saying there are no funny women. There are exceptions. When we think of funny women, its always the sme 3-4 celebs. And thats a rare breed. But when you tjink of dome funny dude, you think of your friend xyz

-4 upvotesNeural_Link5 years ago

I cannot stress how UN-funny women are.

Hitchens did a really good article examining this issue


Great read

-4 upvotesvi_warshawski5 years ago


7 upvotesHormander5 years ago

/r/math and /r/chess both did a survey. Guess what gender outnumbered the other in both subreddit. (hint: 95% male/ 5% female)

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No surprise as this site was originally for IT people to hang out.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

29 upvotesblushing_goddess5 years ago

It's literally the same thing. Reposting, linking, pinning, reblogging...they are literally just different ways of sharing links.

Also, the etsy/Pinterest websites are filled with really neat and creative things made by women.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotesjhthm5 years ago

I stick with reddit because of the quality created in the comments. Once you sift through the shit on most mainstream threads you can find a fair amount of enlightening perspectives. That is what I value reddit for.

8 upvoteswont_tell_i_refuse5 years ago

reddit, where users create content

I.... what?

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

FemBlogs already complain that reddit is too male-heavy.

Sites like reddit, where users create content, instead of "reblog" or "pin", will always be male-heavy, you know, because men create things.

8 upvotesveggie_girl5 years ago

Most users don't create content. Unless you consider adding text to memes on sites that automatically do all the editing for you to be OC.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Most women don't even admit to being women online so how would you know they're not creating stuff?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You're just talking about computer related stuff because more men tend to go into computer science. There are plenty of females that create stuff in other subjects. That's like saying "men don't create things" because you've read a fashion magazine and noticed the writers were female. It's moronic and you're only saying it to drive up your own ego.

-1 upvotesWe_Are_Legion5 years ago

4chan would be a better example. Its pretty much one of the greatest producer of recognizable internet culture there is, for better or worse. To the point where stuff originating and if not directly originating then at least deriving from 4chan, is literally everywhere.

The gender ratio there is stupidly skewed. And they like it that way.

0 upvotesKardlonoc5 years ago

Its funny they need to complain about something to be successful. Their spiels about videogames being sexist is a prime example.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's unfortunate that instead of complaining they don't come to reddit and see how many of its men act like women.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You pay attention to those? I can't find a single fuck to give about them over here.

-2 upvotesEKcore5 years ago

This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy. It was created to help protect users from doxing, stalking, and harassment.

If you would also like to protect yourself, add the Chrome extension TamperMonkey, or the Firefox extension GreaseMonkey and add this open source script.

Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, scroll down as far as possibe (hint:use RES), and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.

9 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

This is as much of a statement as having Atheism as a proclaimed main subreddit. It shows what kind of userbase they want (even if it was "chosen" for it's subscriber count), and they are going to get a ton of new readers for it.

People don't close reddit accounts, because you can just unsubscribe from whatever bothers you. But it will show the world "hey look, we're a feminist blogging site" and lead to a stream of angsty teens and middle age women coming to ruin whatever "quality" that subreddit could have proclaimed to have. This will ruin general reddit quality, but I imagine it is already shit. I don't have any much interaction with main subs, but when I have, I see the kind of shit that goes on there.

It's going to become a breeding ground for tbp as poor young males are shoved this propoganda.

12 upvotesveggie_girl5 years ago

This will ruin general reddit quality, but I imagine it is already shit

It already is. That has been the consensus opinion of reddit for over a year now. The only thing keeping it alive are small communities like this one that are seldom seen anywhere near the front-page masses of idiocy. But /r/bestof is ruining even that.

-1 upvotesisthistakentoo5 years ago

For well, well over a year. Most long-timers will agree it went to shit about 4 years ago when the Digg site redesign caused an exodus of users. We've been on a downhill run since then. Before that reddit was a fraction of the size of digg, let alone what it's now become, and was mostly populated by intellectual sorts.

But like rats from a sinking ship all of the riff-raff from Digg found their way over here. Within a month all the default subs were trashed and they started spreading elsewhere. After the huge spike in traffic caused by the Digg exodus, Reddit started grabbing more and more mainstream media headlines, which in turn further opened the floodgates and further impacted the quality of the community. At the same time, as reddit became pretty mainstream on college campuses it began to trickle down to younger siblings... so now not only is the site full of a rainbow of people who cannot think for themselves, it's also populated with children.

15 upvotessushisection5 years ago

Oh geez political debate on reddit will go further down the drain. I predict a huge movement for Hillary Clinton come 2016

18 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

IAMA 14 year old and I plan to vote for the woman when I can vote, amirite?

-3 hours ago by LMAO_bacon2 to /r/IAMA *edited

EDIT: Wow thanks for the gold!

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Possibly. Although Hillary will be the same as Obama except harder on women's issues which will cause some backlash as Obama isn't nearly as well liked as he was circa 2011/2012. I think the democrats would do much better with a fresh face in the young liberal techy group than they will with Hillary but Hillary will get assloads of support regardless.

9 upvotesgekkozorz5 years ago

The same way Obama got the black vote by default, Hilary would have the fem vote by default.

Getting a non-white or non-male candidate for the Democrats is like playing tennis with the net down.

4 upvotesvaporfarts5 years ago

Again, everyone will just be jerking off on each other about how much they hate White males, including White males.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This deserves gold. Sorry I cannot provide. :/

-3 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

I'm so looking forward to 1. registering democrat to vote against Hillary in the primary, and 2. if that fails, voting against her again in the general election

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I agree, they need to just go with a white male candidate.

1 upvotessushisection5 years ago

I agree. Someone like Ron Wyden would fit the bill. But I doubt the surveillance industrial complex would allow it

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I just don't see it. She's old, she's ugly. We elected a "young" black man because he was very charismatic and filled the niche our country thought it was looking for at the time. Hilary is old! Her voice sounds like my grandmother.

It'll be very interesting if the dem election machine fires up behind her. Personally, I don't think she'll get the nomination because she's not a viable candidate and will be defeated in he primaries. Iowans don't like her, for starters.

-1 upvotesbobbyreno5 years ago

Inferring there wasn't one last time around?

4 upvotessushisection5 years ago

This time, it's personal.

Edit: reddit is pushing more progressive politicians, Sanders and Warren. It will be interesting to see feminists trying to push clinton into the scene

-2 upvotesbitzin5 years ago

Its probably more of a move to get women into reddit to balance out the predominant male viewpoint in here.

1 upvotesvaporfarts5 years ago

Why is the male viewpoint bad? Female dominated websites exist(and that's fine, all the power to them), but you don't see them making moves to push males to join. Usually quite the opposite "loud and proud" mentality.

This is all about money. That's not a conspiracy. It's just the order of things.

0 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

That's exactly what's happening, but it isn't clear why that's a good thing. Sites can exist that are predominantly women (Tumblr, Pinterest, etc), but predominantly male sites need balancing? Feminist logic.

-2 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

That actually makes a lot more sense than conspiracy against the male race

Edit: Downvoting this theory is being as bad as the feminism cult claiming patriarchy oppression, get your shit together TRP

4 upvotesss_camaro5 years ago

Feminism has never been and never will be about being 'profitable' from middle-class understandings of the term. If you are a 0.1%er chopping champagne bottles with sabres.. profits are neither necessary or all that interesting. Inverting entire cultures, bankrolling internet shill armies and spreading feminism?

That's where the schadenboners are.

0 upvotesDenswend5 years ago


The harder you try to push your agenda, without any subtlety (and third wave feminist shit all over subtlety) and only with brute force while being openly hypocritical (saying that you're oppressed when in fact you're the oppressor), the harder the reaction will be to it.

It happened in Turkey when they tried to force Islam - an atheist, secular reaction.

It will happen here. The very fact that r/TheRedPill exists in this politically correct hellhole is an example of that.

-4 upvotesRedpillc0re5 years ago

From their frontpage it looks like they're way too focused on women, i mean, hygiene, hormones, pills, pregnancy tests abortions etc. Not the kind of things you want to read on an everyday basis i guess.

My guess is Reddit did as a PC gesture to avoid future litigation from feminists.

11 upvotessushisection5 years ago

Neckbeards caved in to the pussy

10 upvotesgekkozorz5 years ago

A tale as old as time. Weak men trying to attract pussy by being bigger pussies.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

And there they orbited for enternity...

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotesRedpillc0re5 years ago

everyone else seems to be, so better take cover

-1 upvotesgimmieareason5 years ago

Fuckin rights

-2 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

The more Feminism is forcefully pushed on people the more some will rebel and come here.

That's...a damn interesting point.

0 upvotestrpbot5 years ago

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-3 upvotesveyron10015 years ago

Just like religion

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Did you read that post though? It was about how movie reviewers called what OP considered rape merely a ONS, and why OP thinks it was actually rape. Then in the comments OP literally says "rape culture is a very real thing" and the rest of the comments are standard feminist fare.

47 upvotesAalewis__5 years ago

Imagine how much butthurt there would be if this sub was made a default.

48 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

There'd be a feminazi lynch mob rallying on Tumblr instantly. If any male-centric subreddit was made a default the SJWs would flip shit. But apparently it's okay to default TwoX to balance out all those "male" defaults, like /r/pics and /r/funny

Making TRP a default would actually be the quickest way to kill this sub though.

5 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

You know what, I welcome the challenge. We have some pretty great tools in place thanks to RPS, and the moderation team has done a pretty good job of it IMO. I was talking to an admin today about vote brigading and he said we've done a good job of putting a stop to it, which other subs (TBP, AMR, SRS) could learn a thing or two from our example IMO.

6 upvotesrebuildingMyself5 years ago

The admins encourage vote brigading if it's feminists doing it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

/r/pics and /r/funny

Well, we can now make the argument that only men are funny and post interesting pictures.

Until they realize that /r/funny isn't funny and /r/pics isn't really all that interesting.

1 upvotesaslutrifles5 years ago

/r/mensrights used to be. Feminists complained and got it removed.

17 upvotesneedz5 years ago

Is this true?

10 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Also curious. I googled it but I only found feminist bloggers ranting about and making fun of the men's rights movement.

0 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

It would likely have the same uproar as we see here and other male-centric places. Every action has a spectrum of reaction. Pointing this out does not add anything to the conversation.

-2 upvotesGoonCommaThe5 years ago

Well yeah, because this sub breeds hate and vitriol.

0 upvotesrebuildingMyself5 years ago

I guarantee it makes the mainstream tech news and reddit sucks feminist strap on to reverse the PR

0 upvotesTheHangman05 years ago

Are you fucking kidding me? This subreddit isn't even CLOSE to an equivalent to twoxchromosomes. I came here because I saw people talking about the retarded neck beards here, and honestly thought they were exaggerating but holy shit. I have NEVER seen so many beta faggots in one place.

33 upvotesserialstitcher5 years ago

This not a big deal or a sign of a feminist bias conspiracy. They doubled the number of defaults from 25 to 50. Do you really expect a few stinkers to not be in 50 subreddits? I definitely can't name 50 high quality TV channels out of all I have ever seen. They basically added a mediocre female gossip reddit to their package, again similar to cable practices. If "the view" is on TV, just change the damn channel.

4 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

50 is a lot of shit for a new reader to handle. But then again, the average redditor doesn't stray much from the main path. Maybe they're trying to encourage exploration

0 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

Sometimes it's just best to let the sheep stay with the herd.

-1 upvotesaslutrifles5 years ago

Why not /r/mensrights (which has far more subscribers), then?

17 upvotesSaigot5 years ago

But /r/mensrights doesn't have more subscribers. /r/mensrights has a tad under 90 000 subscribers currently while TwoXchromosomes had about 150 000 before going default http://redditmetrics.com/r/twoXchromosomes

2 upvotesserialstitcher5 years ago

Is that a serious question? You don't appeal to your userbase by pissing it off.

5 upvotesaslutrifles5 years ago

Well, it's a serious rhetorical question. I know why.

0 upvotes8898897715 years ago

Reddit's userbase is mostly male. Why would /r/mensrights piss anyone off?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

White knights and male feminists.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

55 upvotesI8ASaleen5 years ago

This is, actually, exactly how I found this place.

48 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Found it in the "What is the worst sub on reddit?" thread

5 upvotesI8ASaleen5 years ago

Yes, the 2XC thread.

3 upvoteskmillz095 years ago

Same. Ironic that it is now what I consider the best subreddit and also the first one I subscribed to.

0 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

Same here. That thread provided me some quality entertainment and led me here at the same time.

9 upvotessalami_inferno5 years ago

Same here, never would have found it if it wasn't for everybody calling this place literally hitler.

1 upvotesvaporfarts5 years ago

I really, really don't get that. I sometimes see ridiculous comments about how "we shud make women slave", or about beating women, but those are fringe members. They in no way represent the subreddit.

I'm also not entirely convinced comments like that don't come from blue pillers setting up content for them to circlejerk about.

-1 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

Feels > Holocaust

10 upvotesbitzin5 years ago

if TRP wasn't mentioned in every 'bitch about reddit' thread it would dramatically reduce its subscriber count.

7 upvotesjimbo77715 years ago

I found it in the /r/askmen thread that was like "I'm a29 year old 'reformed' slut, what can I do to gain your trust?"

11 upvotesmasterspeeks5 years ago

I found the sub from people bitching about all the "womyn-hating" in other subs. Came here, pretty much confirmed everything I already knew about women. Score within your level of game, maintain a strong mind and body, plenty of fish in the sea etc.

The outside hate comes from people who can't face frank discussion about the reality of man-woman relationships. Every subreddit that challenges the consensus receives similar hate. That's why TRP, atheism, childfree all get brought up as toxic subreddits. They are just places that happy people chat about how free they are from the expected norms of being a beta male that lets women take all his money, being an indoctrinated member of the flock, or realizing that popping out kids in your peak years just wears you and your wallet out.

14 upvoteslillojohn5 years ago

Well atheism is pretty toxic. Cant get a normal discussion.

2 upvotesmelos715 years ago

it wasn't always like that. About 6-7 years ago, it was the place that helped me realize how not christian I was. It was the place that allowed me to find other like-minded people, and read about their own frustrations, their de-conversions, and how to deal with evangelicals who are completely incapable of seeing reality the way you see it.

I will admit that in it's present state, it's pretty bad, but it will always hold a special place in my heart, it's why I created my first reddit account (now long since deleted, unfortunately.)

2 upvotesmasterspeeks5 years ago

That's probably because you put faith and religion on a pedestal. People who think differently than you = toxic.

It's the same circlejerk all over reddit. As someone who objectively reads posts in different subs, there isn't much variation in tone or quality of the people. Just different groups of puerile thinkers saying their shit don't stink.

For example, the enmity between this sub and SRS is pointless. If you truly think someone is toxic just ignore it and move on. Talking about them feeds their ego and creates this lame "they're our rivals!" vibe.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Not sure what you're talking about when it comes to atheism, since most critics of the sub from what I've seen over the past two years have been atheists themselves. Their problem isn't disagreeing with the message of the sub, it's disagreeing with the immature content of it. See /u/Aalewis and the may-may scandal for reference.

1 upvoteslillojohn5 years ago

No because you dont get a serious discussion/answer. When asking a question.

0 upvotesmasterspeeks5 years ago

That's largely because people refuse to present a sound argument. I imagine it gets old answering the millionth ontological argument or another Pascal's wager.

I'm atheist by upbringing so a lot of the angst and whining in /r/atheism isn't my bag, but it's a stretch to say that it is some unique oddity when there is whining and angst in every sub on this website.

0 upvotesufaild5 years ago

I doubt you can even produce a question that hasn't been answered by /r/atheism a dozen times.

Try /r/atheismrebooted if you dislike the original sub.

0 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

Not sure how it is today, but I used to spend a lot of time there a few years back. Normal discussions were common (as were the people who claimed you couldn't have such a conversation). They were commonly upvoted to the front page.

Saying that they didn't value discussion is like saying TRP is a misogynist sub that teaches men to rape and beat women. It's inaccurate.

7 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

In the past month or so, TRP has gone up a few thousand subscribers. That is an intense increase, considering the subreddit I moderate (with generally the same # subs) grows at a fraction of that pace.

People are opening their eyes, and realizing that social norm isn't the only way to think.

17 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Don't forget that you have to subscribe to troll and downvote brigade though, which may skew the numbers.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

Removed your post as not to give any noob trolls any ideas.

-3 upvotesWAFC5 years ago

Fair enough.

0 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

If we acount for the growth of tbp subreddit, it is a fraction of the growth of this sub.

0 upvotesVinylGuy4205 years ago

I never understood how doing that makes a difference at all. It's like they're wasting their time. A few downvotes isn't going to prevent us from seeing content in a non default sub.

4 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Actually it did earlier. There were 2 other TRP threads about the default change, but they got linked to elsewhere on Reddit and downvoted to oblivion. They're still here, but they have so much negative karma you can't see them unless you know the URL or change your Reddit settings.

I was confused when I posted this and someone said this was "old news" even though there didn't appear to be any mention of it on TRP.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

9 upvotesStarkAtheist5 years ago

I found this subreddit last month and have been telling every guy I know.

Their minds, like mine, are being FREED.

Thanks for all your stories and wisdom, brothers.

2 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

Welcome and enjoy.

0 upvotessalami_inferno5 years ago

I dont bring this sub up to people anymore. Only resulted in people calling me sexist. I don't give a shit but I'll still get flak for it months later.

2 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

Snowball effect. Our growth started pretty slow, but the more members we get the faster we seemed grow. People tell their friends, those friends tell their friends, and so on.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No, they will ban it.

Look, the writings on the wall. They will support liberal causes, and push liberal subreddits and they will start to crack down on hated subreddits for the slightest infractions. The rest of reddit thinks this place is a house of rape or something stupid. They will jump on the smallest infraction.

It is not longer about open discussion, its about PC feels.

Once they endorsed gay marriage, it was game over. I'm not even against gay marriage, but the moral certainty of the user base will override any kind of free speech sentiment.

I'm out, I'll just read blogs or something from now on.

10 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Once they endorsed gay marriage, it was game over

That really bothered me too, almost as much as my Chrome new tab page telling me to "Support Ban Bossy!".

Like I don't give a fuck about the gay marriage debate, but since when do tech companies need to force political campaigns on their users/customers? If the people who own Reddit want to privately donate to a cause, then cool, but the company itself should remain neutral. I don't want to be known as the "gay pride guy" because I use Reddit.

3 upvotest21spectre5 years ago

I had to google this "ban bossy" thing. Apparently their going to encourage women into leadership roles by banning the word bossy. I can see this being as successful as that Dove soap campaign.

1 upvotesredpillschool5 years ago

We had an alternate campaign going.. #banbitchy

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yeah, bossy doesn't mean youre being a leader. Bossy is a nice connotation for saying you're being a micromanaging cunt

2 upvotest21spectre5 years ago

Agree with you there

-2 upvotesd3gu5 years ago

Bossy is a nice connotation for saying you're being a micromanaging cunt

Ahaha! Well put.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Because they have "the moral high ground".

1 upvotesRedPill4LYF5 years ago

Bet you a coke it'll happen today.

3 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

What kind of coke?

4 upvotesO3EAN5 years ago

This coke

0 upvotesRedPill4LYF5 years ago

You ever drink vanilla?

-1 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

Ohhhhh the good ol' days of Vanilla and Pepsi Blue :')

0 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

Vanilla is fucking nice.

-1 upvotesmorphite655 years ago

Now I'm thirsty.

14 upvotesrednukleus5 years ago

Wow, what a big deal this is. What a problem this presents for us. Oh wait. You're all being a bunch of butthurt whiners over nothing -- a harmless ladies subreddit where girls on the internet can chill. My mistake.

5 upvotesTheGreenPill5 years ago

Heh, you'd think many subscribers here were still afraid of womyn the way these discussions are going.

The sad part is I have to go to the bottom to find the sensible comments like yours.

There's a lot of mauve pillers here still petrified by pussy.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The reddit admins are trying to make reddit appeal to new usergroups. Historically, women haven't been very interested in reddit. /r/TwoXChromosomes is one of the most popular subreddits for women.

This is really pretty obvious.

19 upvotesUnamusedPunk5 years ago

Reddit dropped its frame and failed the shit test.

10 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

In the event it was handpicked, I believe a more reasonable explanation would be that it was chosen by an individual or two, not a decision of an overwhelming number of moderators or administrators. Someone made a case for it, was convincing, and so it was done.

People will read it, form the own opinion, and move on. That sub is not a gold mine of anti-men or neo-feminist propaganda. For example, a quick look over there during the writing of the comment has posts such as: "Bought pregnancy tests at the dollar store... cashier was rude!", "How can we get this wonderful community taken off default?", "Hey hormones. Chill the eff out.", and "Rape =/= One Night Stand. A short rant.".

So, before you lose your shit over some anti-feminism hysteria, take a second to remember some of the core tenants of TRP: be cool, be rational, and be just.

7 upvotesTheRedTrader5 years ago

Is TwoX even feminist? It doesn't seem so to me, it seems like a female space with at least a significant minority (perhaps a majority?) who are actively opposing default status.

-5 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Read some of the posts there and you'll see the vast majority of them are feminists

-3 upvotesTheRedTrader5 years ago

After a second look at the subreddit it appears I was wrong. After spotting and scrolling through the "what is feminism?" post it clearly has at least strong feminist leanings.

-6 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

I loved that post.

Guy: "Everything I know tells me that feminism is about harming men, is that true?"

TwoX: "No, we're about equality. Don't you like equality?? Then you have to join us."

Guy: "Ok, I'm a feminist now."


12 upvoteskommissar_chaR5 years ago

I think you give the admins too much credit. I think it's a ploy to increase the female user base. Nothing more, nothing less.

2 upvotesRickAstleyPrevails5 years ago

Agreed. Reddit is predominately male. TwoX seems to be a place for females to feel more "at home" on the Internet. Why not have a "home" on the front page of the internet to grab the attention of more females.
Everyone saying there is some "feminist agenda" or something along those lines sound stupid. Reddit is a business and they're trying to attract more members from their minority demographic. Smart move on their part.

6 upvotesawfukbye5 years ago

And not a single f.k was given that day

5 upvotesslcjosh5 years ago

Who gives a shit.

2 upvotesbarneygumbled5 years ago

The highest comment on the thread at the moment is how to get out of default...Looks like their own community doesn't want it.

Methinks a small handful of influential members have pressed for this.

11 upvotesaslutrifles5 years ago

/r/mensrights (with far more subscribers) used to be a default sub and lost default status just because it wasn't feministic enough.

-1 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

I tried to search for info on that, but of course Google only returned rants from feminist bloggers talking about how terrible /r/MensRights is

3 upvotesnrokchi5 years ago

If you fear monger over feminism, you're going to have a bad time. That's all there is to it. TRP is not about denouncing feminism. The aim is to have our view rationally presented in a calm manner. Some will buy into it, others won't. Their reasons will be their own and we have should not care what their reasons are. /r/mensrights fear mongered and expressed wholly anti-feminists views. TRP =/= misogyny. TRP is its own tao and has takes its own path.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Is panicking about the Internet very Red Pill?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Do we really care though ? Many of the 2x members also see this as a bad thing, look at this as an interesting social experiment.

5 upvotesskimdit5 years ago

That's fine. After all, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

7 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

R.I.P. to the other thread one of our brothers posted about this earlier today. It was brigaded to oblivion and ceased to exist on our front page. I'm happy this thread has positive karma total, so that it can actually be seen. http://redditlog.com/snapshots/536929 (previous thread)

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotesWAFC5 years ago

Having a bunch of users come in, usually from another sub, and downvote the thread and all comments that they find disagreeable en masse.

4 upvotesHitlersCow5 years ago

Talk about having no life. I mean seriously, who has the time to try and suppress other people's ideas? In this case, opinions on how something might affect someone else entirely.

Shouldn't the merit of ideas be enough to accept or decline? Censorship is control. Control the language and control the debate. Control the debate and control your circumstance.

Tyranny of the masses is real.

0 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

I mean seriously, who has the time to try and suppress other people's ideas?

Die hard liberals/conservatives/athiests/christians/feminists, etc.

Take your pick. There are many extremists on the internet.

6 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

It means to be invaded by other subreddits with downvotes (or upvotes, I guess).

A few subreddits that hate our guts linked to the post and their users jumped in and started downvoting it, until it got buried.

This is something we're not allowed to do here because we feel that the admins would be willing to delete our sub the moment we do something wrong like brigade.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

Short of the admins holding the brigading subs to the same standards that we would, eg being deleted if we got busted for brigading, the answer is no. The admins know SRS, AMR, and TBP brigade, but I suspect they won't do anything about it because the admins themselves are among their supporters. Until I see something posted by SRS, AMR, or TBP mods saying to stop brigading because they risk deletion, I'll stand by what my statement. To my knowledge none of those subs have been threatedned with disciplinary action wrt brigading. If someone has evidence to the contrary, I'd love to see it.

0 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

I've seen a few TBP stickied posts about getting their users to stop manipulating votes. It seems like some of their users got shadow-banned because of it, so now they're working on stopping it. I don't know how it's going along, but I've generally noticed less downvotes in our threads in the past month or so.

0 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

Well, it's a rare event, so it shouldn't happen for another month or so. I assume some people are getting shadow-banned for it, so there's that. TBP has implemented measures to get their users to stop brigading our shit because of shadow-banning.

Otherwise, nothing we can do. Just a bunch of fucking faggots, jumping on the bandwagon and downvoting. Didn't you know? Hating on TRP is the newest trend on reddit! This is because they fear the information that's being spread. If you were a slave owner 200 years ago, wouldn't you hate it if your little slaves began congregating and sharing ideas of freedom? I think this is what we're dealing with here.

0 upvotesAssaultman675 years ago

Why the fuck do you care about karma?

I'd be willing to bet most guys here are not here for the fake internet points.

1 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

I doubt anyone gives a shit about fake internet points. It's more about the visibility of high quality content. Downvoting makes it harder for that content to be found by larger audiences.

2 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. I've stickied it so it has higher visibility so nature can take its course and undo some of the damage the brigading did.

3 upvotes7r1993rWarn1n95 years ago

I can only assume it was handpicked by the admins to indoctrinate new Redditors with feminism and attract more women to the site.

Nah, I doubt most of them care about that. It's probably more about trying to present a much maligned site as progressive and tolerant and all that. Basic PR stuff.

5 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

Do you see trouble brewing?

I always see the potential for trouble to brew.

Is Reddit turning into Tumblr?

No, you could easily spin that and say due to the reputation reddit is getting because of TRP, they've done that to clean off some of the mud that TRP has dirtied their reputation with. There's no need to look into these things and speculate, we can all manipulate a point to make something look like something as I have just done, most likely they want to retain a female demographic to exploit for ad revenue.

And if so, should TRP have a lifeboat on another site that we can turn to when this sub is eventually taken down?

TRP should have a lifeboat. Bookmark http://puerarchy.com and follow endorsed contributors on twitter if you want a contingency plan. If ECs wanna reply here with their TRP social media to put some minds at rest, do so.

0 upvotesAdroxiom5 years ago

Whew, thank you! Good to see a mod chime in with some useful information. Cheers.

4 upvotesAweshocked5 years ago

I'm subbed to this sub reddit because I find you guys entertaining

-2 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

Eventually, you won't be able to block off the content from your brain. Cognitive dissonance will be too strong, you'll end up swallowing the pill because the truth is undeniable.

Subscribe at your own caution. Just know that not a single RPer has ever gone back to the way he used to live (bluepill life).

2 upvotesTheHangman05 years ago

You guys are so fucking deluded it's blowing my mind. I'm going to save this so I can remind myself that I'm still sane when I'm feeling down. "Cognitive dissonance will be too strong" I guess you got friendzoned too many times and now you're bitter towards all women. Such is the life of a neck beard.

0 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

Why you so mad brah?

0 upvotesAweshocked5 years ago

The way you guys talk is like a cult lmfao

0 upvotesZackcid5 years ago

Is it really surprising though? when groups like TRP are hated and censored all across society, it's only natural that we try to bond here. If TRP were mainstream, it wouldn't sound like a cult to you.

2 upvotesrlaptop75 years ago

Hang on. The results of their own poll had a overwhelmingly "no" slant the entire time that it was up.


It sounds as though /2x doesn't even take their own advice.

2 upvotesMarbles730895 years ago

Question: why should any red piller be concerned at all? Why should we give a shit whats been made a default subreddit?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You should have a life boat on another site. In fact just go there now. I assure you the people on reddit without mommy issues will not be bothered by your migration.

2 upvoteselition5 years ago

Man, fuck Reddit. Back to /pol/ for me

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Me, I don't go on the front page to begin with. Either way, it doesn't bother me.

4 upvotesbinrobinro5 years ago

Good. We needed more humor in the default subreddits.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

even their trashy subreddit doesn't want to be default rofl. some poll on their shithole (could barely find it do to the miserable design) says 85% of them don't want to be default.

thankful to have trp mods that care about our community. would really suck to not only be a bluepill moron but then belong to a sellout community run but morons.

to answer your question, we don't need to lifeboat to another place just because reddit is run by and populated with bluepills, betas, and white knights. wanna know why? because this isn't a reddit thing. this is a world thing. the world is populated with these kinds of people and you'd be a fool to think you can just avoid it forever.

6 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

I really am thankful for our mods here and all the thoughtful posters. This is without a doubt the best community I've seen on Reddit. Plenty of activity without cronyism, vote manipulation, or karma-whoring.

I just wish there was some way to prevent vote brigades, but idk how you'd do that without making it one of those closed, invite-only subs.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I think you can make a community upvote-only as well but I actually think downvoting definitely helps our community function and keeps shitposts at the bottom so I would be against removing it.

1 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Yeah, and people can always circumvent that anyway. It's just a style option, so if you use RES you can uncheck "use subreddit style" and it will let you downvote again. There's no way to completely remove downvotes.

-1 upvotesEducatedCavemen5 years ago

This new flow of people to their sub might actually be a very bad thing for them. I mean, there isn't much to dilute since everything there is based on feelings but it will hold them back while they try to "update" the new-comers. I think most will just give up.

A "lifeboat" is never a bad thing(specially in the internet), no matter how sure you are of something you must always have a plan B. What this place allows us to do is to share, develop new and update old ideas with like minded people. If we are separated then our ideas with be replaced or even discredited by the new-comers because of their failures, making TRP look like a farce. It might be a "World Thing" but do you see the world accepting it? some might not be able to avoid it, but most will just cover their ears. what i am trying to say is that at the moment we don't really need a "lifeboat"( we already have a bunch, just look at the sidebar), but is it a bad idea? never.

0 upvotesStrongproudwoman5 years ago

I wouldn't worry about this. If they want more emasculated men and men fall for this stuff so be it. I'm going to keep on marching to my beat.

1 upvotesswaggertank5 years ago

This is blasphemy!

1 upvotesI_am_jacks_reddit5 years ago

I personally don't see the problem. If women need some place to go to talk to each other about women shit then that's fine with me. I think it's good it's a default because it's going to get a lot of the feminists that are new to the site to post shit in their instead of in AskReddit or another super popular sub.

-3 upvotesOffensive_Brute5 years ago

That subs not so bad. There are some pretty cool down to earth chicks there. They are usually drowned out by the fat loudmouth short haired uggos, but they are still there. They identify as feminists, but they are the kinda feminists that find fullfillment in staying home, raising kids, sucking dick, and baking.

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[permanently deleted]

8 upvotesOffensive_Brute5 years ago

yeah, but weirdly they still identify as feminists. its funny.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They want to be thought of as part of the cause but they know deep down it leads them to misery. Nevertheless, they'll pretend to along with the heard. It's more important for women to be seen caring than to actually care.

-1 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

Female herd mentality. Recall that women need social acceptance more than men do.

-1 upvotes8898897715 years ago

Well depends what kind of feminist you talk to:

1: Feminists against female stereotypes - promotes women doing manly stuff only.

2: Feminists for female equality - includes women doing manly stuff, but also includes women doing feminine stuff.

The cool down to earth chicks are probably type number two.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If all I had to do to be a MRA was stay at home, raise kids, eat pussy, and bake, I'd be the MRA chieftain.

5 upvotesPlumerian5 years ago

Real women, in other words.

-1 upvotesOffensive_Brute5 years ago

pretty much.

4 upvotesDarkCircle5 years ago

Yeah I am checking the sub and it is not so bad. Don't know why it should be default tho.

-1 upvotesOffensive_Brute5 years ago

appease teh wimminz

2 upvotesDarkCircle5 years ago

Someone else made the point that they are doing it trying to tap into their female demographic. Makes the most financial sense.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'm ok with it. Everyone knows what low-quality trash hits the default subs.

1 upvotesduckducklandwhale5 years ago

Well duh. Can you not spot the feminism friendly admins? (Just informed they actually removed MensRight as default back in the day because feminists complained loud/persistent enough). It's quite obvious especially when you consider something like SRS is still around despite breaking rules via blatant doxxing and general site disruption similar to /r/GameOfTrolls. The rest of the site is headed towards feminization and promoting beta traits. All we need to do is make sure masculinity and personal commitment to it stays strong and we'll ride it out. Though, to be honest I used to be especially progressive and pro-feminism but their insanity, childishness to opposing viewpoints, and chide police nature have actually made me fairly against it.

However they did pick some stupid ass subs to be default though other than that one.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You guys are so incredible paranoid and fixated on this evil feminist conspiracy it's mindboggling...

5 upvotesslcjosh5 years ago


-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

What's wrong with feminism? Just asking, not making any sort of statement.

Edit: Annnd downvotes. If you want to promote discussion, then try not to mute the person asking questions.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You must be a woman. Or a blue-pilled man.

Watch these videos.



Do not presume for a second that something is good simply because of its name. "Feminism" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? It makes you think that it's an innocent cause that only wants to "make the world a better place", doesn't it?

Lurk more on this subreddit, visit r/mgtow as well.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I asked what was wrong with feminism because I was wondering what the counterpoint to feminism was.

I like to hear all sides of an argument before I jump to any conclusions.

-2 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

As a man, I see it doing a lot of harm in the world and providing me no benefit.

Cons for feminism: Feminism strives to eliminate personal responsibility and blame everything on "society".... since I'm a straight, white male, I apparently control "society" and am to blame for anything that ever goes wrong. Feminism has generally fucked up the economy by doubling the workforce and makes it harder for me to get into law school and get a good job. Feminism has made it nigh impossible to find a girl worthy of a LTR. Feminism has guys thrown out of school or imprisoned if a girl falsely cries "rape!" Feminism has infected academia and made many of my classes unbearable. Feminism encourages mindless groupthink. Feminism supports other leftist political movements I hate.

Pros for feminism: Fucking nothing.

A better question would be, Why should a guy support feminism when feminism is completely against men's interests?

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Isn't the idea of feminism to be for equality, though? In addition, if it puts women into the workforce, doesn't that mean that now we'll have a more effective workforce, as now business owners have double the applicants?

In addition, I'm sure that you have women in your life who you care about and would benefit from feminism. What about them?

2 upvotesTheGreenPill5 years ago

Feminism was about equal opportunity, then it was hijacked into equal outcome; meaning regardless of input effort womyn expect the same results as men and cry when it isn't delivered.

Modern feminism is a culture of shaming females who don't fit a particular archetype and a near blind hatred of all things masculine. I bet you felt uncomfortable just reading the word masculine.

If a human is serious about equal opportunity (not equal outcome) then they would be a humanist (I label my self that).
Feminism is explicitly a form of discrimination as it's only focus is the feminine. If it were truly about bettering all people, by enabling females to have the same opportunity, it would be humanist.

I believe women should be given the same opportunity to live the fulfilling live they choose to.
But I think giving preferential treatment to one gender over another is harmful through the implication that one gender is weaker.
Feminism also denies choice to women who want to be traditionally feminine, feminists actively remove choice from other women by hyper shaming any that don't fit into the narrow ideal.

Women are different to men, and I don't have a problem with that.
But according to modern feminism I'm a monster because I think masculine pursuits are worthy goal for men.

This sub is interned to be a place of thoughtful discussion without the screeching that often happens when a womyn feels oppressed by two men talking to each other.

The overall discussion about twox becoming a default sub should have no impact here, but unfortunately there are still recent 'converts' that are so afraid of female ridicule they mistakenly attempt to remove any female discussion from their lives; hence the (pretty weak) discussion here.

I actually consider twox to be a reasonable sub, but I fear it will be overrun by white knights and screeching harpies that can't stand women not being womyn.

2 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

Isn't the idea of feminism to be for equality, though?

Feminism isn't about equality, despite that being the slogan. When was the last time a large feminist organization did something to balance the scales where men were severely disadvantaged? Divorce courts, suicide rates, homelessness, etc. The answer is never. They are a pro-woman's advocacy group.

In addition, if it puts women into the workforce, doesn't that mean that now we'll have a more effective workforce, as now business owners have double the applicants?

Consider the ramifications of this. Double the workforce means competition has doubled. The price of labour is way down because of this. You know how back in the 50's a man could support a family easily with a single income? That's flat-out impossible unless you're in the top percentage of earners now. Both parties have to work now. Is that truly better?

Further, women who want to be stay-at-home moms are shamed now. Apparently it's degrading and sets women back somehow. This is an instinctual desire in most women, yet feminism teaches them that the happiness means earning a high income at least comparable to men. This is causing a lot of unhappy women.

Further, feminism teaches women completely false ideas about sexual dynamics. Men are attracted to youth, beauty and chastity. There are other things, of course, but these are the biggest ones. There was a study this week that came out showing as much. Feminism teaches women to ignore these realities and sleep around, abandon their femininity and demand men be attracted to them for the same things women find attractive in men. It's an effort in futility, and worse, it's causing a lot of women to grow up to be single and unhappy.

There's more, but that's a good start.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If feminism came more with a label of "equal pay, equal rights, equal competition" and truly pursued that goal, do you think you'd be more of a fan? Or is if a flawed ideology to begin with?

2 upvotessynpse5 years ago

that needs to be ammended with "equal responsibility, equal contribution, equal standards". They seem to skip that part. Just want the Pro's without the Con's. Nope.. all or nothing.

1 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

If it was truly about making sure everyone had the same chance to succeed regardless of gender, then I would probably accept it. Notice that I would not say that if I thought I was truly privileged by this vast conspiracy they call the patriarchy... I think we men are being discriminated against more and more and I doubt we'll ever gain control, so I'd accept equality as a compromise.

Same deal with affirmative action. Take a law like "race will play no role in college admissions." A hundred years ago black people would have loved that, but nowadays they're benefiting from institutional discrimination, so they oppose it and white people support it.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Anyone who wants equality should call themselves egalitarian.

The very nature of modern day feminism is to make women superior and men inferior.

Lurk more on this subreddit. Read the top posts, and learn.

1 upvotesfoooow5 years ago

doesn't that mean that now we'll have a more effective workforce, as now business owners have double the applicants?

No, it doesn't work that way.For example: If you have more jelly beans than you had before, it doesn't mean your jelly beans taste any better. Having more of something doesn't make it more effective. That makes sense, right?

It seems to me that the 'worst case scenario' in Feminism is a guy who owns a business deciding not to hire a woman simply because he doesn't want to work with women. Clearly an example of sexism..but so what?

I don't understand why a woman would want to force the government to make companies hire people they don't want to hire.

I have never understood that. Why would you want to work for someone who doesn't want you to work for him?

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

First and second wave feminism worked well and had many positive benefits. Modern or third-wave feminism is a mess of greed, selfishness and whining that destroyed the credibility of the earlier movement.

If you need to, look up the differences in what they stand for. It's enlightening.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's seen as kind of a "faux pas" in society today (or the west coast where I live, specifically) to identify as non-feminist or as a men's rights activist. This is more or less a personal question- why do you think that feminism and movements associated with it have garnered such support, but men's rights groups are often considered "radical" or "unnecessary?"

-2 upvotesjacobman5 years ago

No male, which is the majority of reddits user base, wants to see posts about vaginal bleeding and the like. 2X is specifically for women's problems and has no business being a default subreddit.

-1 upvotesTheGreenPill5 years ago

If you can't handle even reading text about anything female related you've got a lot of work to do.

No self respecting male would bother to be worried that women dare discuss things that interested them.

Are you so afraid of a female's thoughts you have to shut them away?

This whole discussion is useless, primarily to the simple fact that any truly red pill guy wouldn't give a flying fuck about an internet thread gaining more exposure, male of female centric.

0 upvotesjacobman5 years ago

It's not about any of the things you mentioned. It's about the simple fact that it is a poor default subreddit as much of its content does not pertain to half the population and much more than half of reddit users. It would be like making r/canada a default sub. Sure, I don't mind if other people want to talk about Canada, but that's clearly a poor choice to autosubcribe reddit users to.

1 upvotesSchrodingersRapist5 years ago

Is Reddit turning into Tumblr?

Hasn't it been Tumblr for quite a while?

1 upvotespoopyhitlerballs5 years ago

It's Conquests second law: "Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing."

-1 upvotesUcanthandledatruth5 years ago

Reddit is a private company. They can do what they want.

0 upvotesRickAstleyPrevails5 years ago

I think you got downvoted because your comment didn't really have any substance to it.

1 upvotesUcanthandledatruth5 years ago

My statement is the core of the issue. Property rights. You can do whatever you want with your stuff. They don't receive public funds and are not a part of government.

1 upvotesMandeponium5 years ago

Who cares. Default subs suck anyway. They are just garbage collection.

r/funny, r/politics, etc.

0 upvotesSmellyJelly225 years ago

I lurk on twoxchromosomes and I can tell that sub will get absolutely crushed when its exposed to a broader cross section of society that will call them out on their horseshit.

0 upvoteslagspike5 years ago

I see this as a blessing in disguise, just think how much shit they will have to deal with...or how many facts they will have to refute, contrary to their usual norm of bullshit by the truckload. when it wasnt a default, they could circlejerk amongst themselves with little to no criticism. now? a lot of people are going to call them out on their lies.

i'll be watching with popcorn in hand.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I can't believe there is a submission on their front page of a girl who got black out drunk and cheated on her boyfriend and immediately there are stupid feminists screaming that it was rape.

They don't fucking know that. Just because you get black out drunk doesn't mean you can't consent to having sex. What the fuck...

-2 upvotesgrateday5 years ago

Ah, the old "Drunk women are not responsible for their actions but drunk men are responsible for his and her actions"

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-1 upvotes8898897715 years ago

Women browse various subreddits other than XX. Here are some stats about female subreddit browsing. They're a bit old. Keep in mind that reddit has a ~60:40 male female ratio, so they might seem like a minority in almost all subreddits but ones targeted towards them.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I went through a couple pages and I'm so tempted to comment. I must refrain.

1 upvotesrandomnightly5 years ago

TwoXChromosomes in not feminist. 99% of it is stereotypical girly stuff about sex, relationships, boyfriends, shopping, products, female body parts, make up, romantic comedies, romance books, U.S centric politics. I read it sometimes but have to scroll through 1000s of links to find something interesting that is not completely negative. I don't accuse them posting relevant activism links and news but there are other channels for this. I just would like to read something interesting that other girls like that is not completely girly. I am a feminist (mostly about basic human rights) and 2xc is exactly opposite of feminist in my mind. Except those news links.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Hmmm, so many subs that become defaults unexpectedly experience a large drop in quality. Is that possible with this particular sub?

-1 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Absolutely. If you visit it, the top post is a poll where >80% of subscribers don't want to be a default. They're pissed that the mods let the admins do it.

It was a fairly small sub with only 100k subscribers (twice our size).

5 upvotesMachiavellianRed5 years ago

a fairly small sub with only 100k subscribers

100,000 people on one message board is a pretty big message board.

1 upvotesjoe_bruised_ego5 years ago

Now that they’ve given those women what they want, I’m sure they’ll be grateful and content for a whole three nanoseconds before issuing new demands.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Meh. Imo it makes sense. It's one of the saner, not porn orientated female subreddits. If admins want to welcome women, promoting a women-orientated subreddit was the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, the users of said subreddit don't want to be defaulted. If they don't want the responsibility of being a welcoming community, they should give up their spot to /r/Gonewild. Perfect representation of the most popular female subreddit.

-1 upvotesbaroncuttlefish5 years ago

"...if so, should TRP have a lifeboat on another site that we can turn to when this sub is eventually taken down?"

"BOOKMARK OUR OFF-REDDIT SITE: www.Puerarchy.com "

Luckily it seems TRP mods and admins have this covered in the side bar.

Edit: formatting, because cant quote and have a link inside.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

try \

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I downvoted this because it doesn't fucking matter what feminists are doing. We already know they're just full of shit and crying rape at every possible corner. All that matters is that you keep your neck above water and you take advantage of female bullshit to get yourself laid. Let them hamster away and cry rape all day. Its not helping you improve your lifting and its not helping you become a better person.

It contributes nothing new to our knowledge.

0 upvotescooltrip5 years ago

I can't help but wonder: does this mean many women are leaving Reddit because many men are openly expressing and discussing, on subreddits such as r/trp, what they've learned about women through past years, and these experiences and the image of women they've led men to are not positive?

0 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Mainstream Reddit is pretty fucking beta, but Reddit does have a "misogynist" image in some circles. A couple feminists I know IRL think all of Reddit is like TRP and /r/MensRights for some reason, even though like I said most of Reddit is actually quite feminist.

0 upvotesdherik5 years ago

Reddit is a Fucking daycare compared to 4Chan twox should be so lucky.

-1 upvotesIGoldSrsLinks5 years ago

Hey OP, ever think they 'downvote brigade' was just an adequate response by us for a flawed, illogical post? It's about money, not pushing feminism. Have you been in their sub? I had a look and it's a joke; women complaining about a rude cashier and them crying about being made a default. Not exactly radical feminism right there.

1 upvotesBeast665 years ago

What if the mods did this because they wanted to show everyone how stupid feminism is? There are a lot of down vote brigades occurring on the page right now and people are posting stating that they no longer feel comfortable sharing their posts on the subreddit due to its newfound popularity. In essence they wrecked the subreddit by making it a default.

-4 upvotesOnly_A_Username5 years ago

If it's the feminism that advocates for issues that are actually important like equal pay (and not "equal pay" as in "I can't do this job as good as you but I should still make as much as you"), then while I don't condone it I also don't think that it's as bad as you're making it out to be. But if it's basically a safe haven for special snowflake tumblrinas that intend to "fight the patriarchy" and wholeheartedly believe that they ( most likely upper middle class white chicks) are a victims of "rape culture then" the admins can just fuck right off.

1 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

It actually looks more like a place for chicks to ask questions about birth control and seek validation when a store clerk is "rude" to them or someone trolls their half nude Instagram pics.

I'm more concerned with the message it sends. By defaulting a gendered subreddit for women but not men, the admins are coming out and officially endorsing enforced inequality.

2 upvotesOnly_A_Username5 years ago

I definitely see your point, but because I'm just "that guy" I'm going to play devil's advocate. With a few choice examples like inequality in divorce, custody battles, and being drafted for the military, men typically do have it better/easier than women in areas where it actually matters like career advancement. (Sorry guys, but girls getting drunk for free at clubs isn't inequality) It's important to highlight those types of inequalities so that something can be done about them. So while I definitely don't condone making it a default sub, I can definitely see the reasoning behind it.

Think about it this way, you can't take a dog that's been caged its whole life, put it on a racetrack with other dogs, and just expect it to perform as well as the others. You can't say "see, it had just as much of an opportunity to win the race as those other dogs," because that's just not right. You have to train it and nourish it so that it will eventually be able to compete.

I know that I definitely don't sound like a Red Pill-er, and I guess in a way I'm not. I attempt to incorporate aspects of RP philosophy into my life, but also believe that one should still treat ALL people with respect and not equate it to "let them walk all over you." A man can be dominant, assertive, and in charge of his relationship while also seeing his woman as his equal. This of course assumes that you believe in the "inherent worth" within people, which is a philosophical concept that not all people subscribe to.

0 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

men typically do have it better/easier than women in areas where it actually matters like career advancement

I don't believe that, especially with all the affirmative action / diversity programs nowadays. Because of the hand-holding and special treatment they're given from feminazis, whiteknights, and thirsty betas, any woman who actually tries to succeed is going to be more successful than her male counterpart at the some skill level. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard about a female candidate with abysmal programming skills getting hired over well qualified males just to fill a diversity quota.

You have to train it and nourish it so that it will eventually be able to compete.

We're also dogs in that race, so no, I don't want to train and nourish my competitors.

1 upvotesOnly_A_Username5 years ago

We're also dogs in that race, so no, I don't want to train and nourish my competitors.

Well, you're entitled to that opinion. I, however, don't want to be the best at something because I was fortunate enough to not be hindered by circumstance. I want to be the best, period. To be the CEO because I worked hard, not because my dad was the one before me.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Til divorce courts, custody of your child and dying on a war doesn't actually matter.

0 upvotespounds_not_dollars5 years ago

It's not I'm my defaults yet does that mean there is a delay before it goes up?

0 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Defaults are just the subscriptions new accounts start with, so you won't get it unless you make a new account or subscribe to it manually.

1 upvotespounds_not_dollars5 years ago

Thanks for clearing that up.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They should have defaulted /feminism if they had to pick one... At least over there they generally hold women accountable and responsible for their actions first and don't seek to place a twisted sense of hypo agency on women.

-7 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

I scrolled through /r/TwoXChromosomes briefly and the posts there are absurd. Shit like "the cashier was rude when I bought a pregnancy test".... like so fucking what? Why would anyone care about your shopping experience? I guess that's just a woman thing that they need social validation for everything.

And so many fucking smiley faces and exclamation points. It's like a whole subreddit cobbled together from texts sent by teenage girls.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yes it is bad. Though, if you missed it, I said /feminism. Twoxchromosomes as a default makes no sense. It's not even a good advert to women in general. Unless they're appealing to idiot YouTube commenter type demographics.

-1 upvotesbiffsocko5 years ago

An interesting thought about Tumblr. We should just invade that site.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Improve yourself. The munchkins don't need your help.

-1 upvotesJackyRho5 years ago

wat? wow, now i see why extreme feminists are all assholes... because this exists.

0 upvotesr00tdem0n5 years ago

Haha yeah! It has nothing to do with the feminists! They have absolutely 0 problems and never do anything wrong, by any standard!

It's everyone ELSE'S fault if feminists act like assholes. The blame should never be shifted onto a woman, fellow white knight.

2 upvotesJackyRho5 years ago

not a white knight, just a cause and effects man. when someone sees BS thay tend to give it back.

-2 upvotesjkonine5 years ago

Im not very concerned. It's going to be a hilarious shithole within a week.

-1 upvotesBitterposer5 years ago

Let me explain what's happening.

Women constantly complain that reddit is "hostile" to them and they need a "safe space" where they can not be bombarded with rape threats and stuff. Ok, understandable. The only problem is that "women's spaces" quickly take on an extreme feminist, left-wing character and become "hostile" to men's issues or any idea or perspective that doesn't always take the woman's side.

Furthermore, there are no feminist subreddits worth a shit. Because much of feminist theory is bullshit, and most feminists emotionally immature psychopaths, they can't defend their ideas in reasoned debate. Add to that the fact that extreme feminists spout crazy nonsense that offends even regular feminists, subs like r/feminism fail because the moderator has to ban everybody unless they match his (yeah, the main mod of r/feminism is a guy, weird, right?) particular brand of feminism.

So, twoxchromosomes is left. Problem is, the women in that sub don't want to be defaulted. They know that they are hysterical and irrational, and they don't want "reasoned debate" or "educated opinions" or even male perspectives. seriously, read the thread on there right now with the community whining about defaulting. They just want to whine and be patted on the back and consoled. In trying to be a "safe space" for women, TwoX has become extremely sexist.

But of course, the only reason a person would spend all day moderating a subreddit for no pay is to feel powerful, so naturally they will welcome being made one of the "defaults."

-1 upvotesbitzin5 years ago

I don't understand the process of deciding which subreddit gets made default. For a while r/atheism was default and you can bet that converted millions of christians and generally did awesome things for the world.

2 upvotesLeonard_Church5 years ago

/r/atheism generally did awesome things for the world.

Like what? Upvote whiny shitposts like "I'm 12, and I hate it when my parents make me pray before eating, this is soooo unfair."

There's a reason it was removed as a default, it was just a circlejerk of pointless image macros and shitposts.

4 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

I'm pretty sure /r/atheism was one of the original subreddits, so that's how it got to be a default. After that a sub could become a default if it reached a certain number of subscribers, somewhere in the millions (TwoX only had 100k). This time the admins just threw out the old rule and decided to pick them by hand.

0 upvotesdemoneyes9055 years ago

The majority of women don't use reddit so adding this I don't think makes much difference until women actually get interested or find out about the concept of reddit itself.

We should be happy that /r/TheRedPill wasn't added as a default subreddit (although it would be probably a cold day in hell before that happened). Half the major subreddits I go to have been defaulted like /r/Personalfinance and /r/Fitness which means having to now put up with idiotic posters who don't read the FAQ or follow the posting rules. Ugh...

0 upvotesbringer_of_fight5 years ago

when I saw that I wondered if the red pill was a default is well, lol

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I think Reddit is a bit too expansive for it to actually turn into Tumblr. Tumblr is popular with a particular age group and is usually seen as where the "outsider" kids go to hang out, which explains all of the social justice nonsense that emerges from there. Redditors are unabashed realists, so if they do try to use any feminist subreddits to indoctrinate Redditors, they're in for a bumpy ride.

0 upvotes0ringer5 years ago

fitness is also now a default

-10 upvotesHemlockMartinis5 years ago

Hahaha you guys are a joke.

-3 upvotesAKnightAlone5 years ago

Came here to upvote this.

3 upvotesr00tdem0n5 years ago

Your username fits this subreddit's ideas

-2 upvotesEchelon645 years ago

I can only assume it was handpicked by the admins to indoctrinate new Redditors with feminism and attract more women to the site.

Eh, maybe. But does it really matter? People with minds malleable enough to be convinced by anything in a female-centric subreddit most likely would have been convinced by other means, not just by a subreddit.

So who cares what the admins do? 50k subscribers to TheRedPill proves otherwise and default subreddit's always turn into utter shite.

I posted this comment to another subscriber there:

Bless your heart child, it's lovely you think we care enough about the female mind and condition to actually post there or to give it any attention.

-1 upvotesCrazyForYouToo5 years ago

Man, they're rallying the troops over there like they just got global tv coverage of one of their mod's wedding. Kinda cute, really.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-5 upvotesKATYNBESTDAYOFMYLIFE5 years ago

I don't see why you people are butthurt at this. Making 2xc a default sub will increase exposure to more non-feminists and encourage discussion. If anything this will make the subreddit less circlejerky and make opinions more diverse.

Not everything is "muh misandry" you know.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Lifeboat for sure

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

And here we go.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Who the fuck cares? Let's entertain the idea that Reddit is staunchy misandrist. The Red Pill isn't a social movement in the vein of Men's Rights. We're just here to spread knowledge and truth. Men's Rights, The Manosphere, and The Red Pill is bigger than Reddit.

Let's look at the more realistic scenario: Reddit is heavily male dominated. What's an untapped demographic? Women. How might you attract women? Make a woman's sub a default. Hell, that sub isn't even RadFem.

Sure, it might actually bring in more trolls and such for us. But there are plenty of other places: Roosh V forums, The Rational Male, and even less known Red Pill subs.

Get your panties out of a knot, and put on some boxers and go about your day. The best thing we can do to spread The Red Pill is to live it and bring men into our fold through example.

-2 upvotesAlmostRP5 years ago

What's this change? Society panders to feminism, we continue doing what we do. Nothing changes, if you were wondering.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Women happen to be half the world, and reddit is oriented for everyone.

thus they need a place to bitch about and talk about their adventures.

admins being incredibly biased towards feminism is a common occurrence on many many places like this online. luckily TRP is alive and well, MRA is alive and well. SRS is deep in the mud, our lives get better, their bullshit will be written in the history books after 2020 and new problems will arise.

-2 upvotesjoe_bruised_ego5 years ago

seems they aren't too thrilled about it themselves.

Usually when people have sound ideas and good concepts they welcome the chance at reaching a wider audience. They need a "safe space" from being called out on their bullshit.

-24 upvotesshadowbananas5 years ago

Old news. Learn to use search function.

4 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

They made the change earlier today bro, and I don't see any other posts on TRP about it. If something the admins did a couple hours ago is "old news" to you, you might spend too much time on Reddit.

Edit: Sorry, you're right, but the old posts were downvote brigaded and are now hidden from view.

-3 upvoteswttr5 years ago

Shadowbananas was a dick about it but there have been two other threads on it today.

-4 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Where? I used the search function and scanned the first 2 pages of TRP

-1 upvoteswttr5 years ago

I just looked as well and couldn't find them. They might have been removed due to lack of effort on the OPs part.

4 upvotesibuprofiend [OP]5 years ago

Actually I figured it out. There are people in the thread on the front page linking to TRP posts and they're getting vote brigaded. The old posts are still up, but they have a ton of negative karma so they're hidden.

Good old liberal tolerance.

-2 upvotesihadalyfe5 years ago

I hate women, don't you? It's not like they have every right to the things we have. Fuck people who have the power to create another human. Am I cool yet?

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