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Give them what they want... Biological male dominates women’s cycling event in historic first

by redpillschool on /r/TheRedPill
06 January 2017 05:07 PM UTC

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Title Give them what they want... Biological male dominates women’s cycling event in historic first
Author redpillschool
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Date 06 January 2017 05:07 PM UTC (3 years ago)
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634 upvotesLegendaryAdjacent3 years ago

"She" finished 25 minutes behind the winner of the men's race.

So basically if you suck at competing against men, claim you're a women and you are still able to win.

Edit: spelling

upvotesG_Petronius3 years ago

So basically if you suck at competing against men, claim you are women and you are still able to win.

Considering the performance ranges of men and women, where the bottom bracket of men usually rank with the top brack of women, that's a pretty accurate assessment.

158 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

I have a friend who went to Yale on a track scholarship. His stats have beaten the female Olympians over and over again.

238 upvotesCSMastermind3 years ago

High school boys break female world records in sprinting every year.

upvotesStanleyUnwin3 years ago

I did a quick study of all the World Records in Olympic events for women and compared them to World Records for males at different ages.

Basically when the male recorder holder is 14 years old, he will lose to the Female World Recorder holder. But when he is 15 he will beat them.

56 upvotesNeutral_User_Name3 years ago

At 15/16 y-o, I was training at a national track and field facility, in middle distances (1,500 (sometimes) 3,000 and 5,000 m). I was ok runnner, not the best, too fat (18%), and somewhat lazy.

On days we were doing intervals (high intensity, shorter distances) I could easily follow the top national females 400 and 800 m runners (at their 95% pace). So that's that.

37 upvotesCorndog_Enthusiast3 years ago

@16-18 years old, I was #3 on the high school tennis team. I used to beat the #1 for the women's team all the time. Of course at the time I'd never straight-up say that women don't stand up to men in sports, but all the guys knew in the back of our heads...

1 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

coulda made a killing being a transabled olympian rofl

67 upvotesgrewapair3 years ago

The Swedish national women's soccer team played a high school boys team and got beaten 3-0. They made the boys play one man short and they still stomped the women.

24 upvotesTheOnionKnigget3 years ago

You make it sound like it was some random high-school's team but it was the junior division of a pretty big soccer team in Sweden. So it wasn't some "anyone can join" type of deal, those kids are good or they're not on the team.

57 upvotesGeneralDogsbody3 years ago

It's still a junior team beating the National Women's Team.

1 upvotesMatapatapa3 years ago

How did you take that long screenshot?

36 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

US Olympic women ice hockey team practices by playing HS boys teams and they lose a lot of them

12 upvotesjmax1233 years ago

An under 15 local boys soccer team recently beat the australian womens national team 7-0. I kid you fucking not. This was during a time when there was discussion and complaints that the female national team wasnt paid the same nor had the same viewership platforms. Feminist centred outlets used the teams thrashing as a further justification for equal pay and exposure in some illogical, nonsensical way.

40 upvotesRIPelliott3 years ago

Dude don't even have to go that far. I played co-ed soccer with a girl who is now on the US u21 national team (womens). She was from my hometown and an absolute prodigy - had committed to her college team by sophomore year of high school. I, a decent player who dominated high school and got dominated in college, absolutely destroyed her. Like, one of the easiest opponents I have ever faced.

upvotes20CharactersAintEnou3 years ago

Bruh, the US women's soccer team practise against high school boys teams. They got beat by something like 7-0 once iirc.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A top high school soccer team destroyed women's national soccer team, don't remeber the score, but I think it was 1-6

2 upvotesTh3St1g3 years ago

I played left tackle in high school, juco, and a small D1 college. In high school the fastest female 100m runner from our school(finished 3rd in state that year) and I raced the 40 yard dash and I beat her easily. At the time we were the largest high school in the state of Arizona so it wasnt like I was racing some chump and I weighed 270 easy.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women's world records in track and field today are where men's were 50-100 years ago.

3 upvotesgrass_cutter3 years ago

Meh, is that supposed to be impressive?

1 upvotesOgreMagoo3 years ago

I thought the Ivies didn't give out athletic scholarships?

7 upvotesHonestyOverCivility3 years ago

Can confirm. My HS cross-country times put me at the bottom 1/3 of the men's bracket but would have made me the winner of the woman's by about 3 min

35 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

She beat rival Anna Sparks by just one second, with those two riders dominating the women’s race and coming home 22 minutes ahead of 3rd placed rider Suzanne Sonye.

Anna Sparks sounds like one fit, motivated and talented woman. I would hope that she's fucking livid.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I hope she speaks out about this travesty. If this continues, women's sports are dead - except maybe gymnastics

4 upvotesFreeRadical53 years ago

Which is completely fine with me.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The "woman" in the middle of this photo is Michelle Dumaresq, a Canadian mountain bike racing tranny who had just won a particular race.

The gal on our left is the 2nd-place finisher, Danika Schroeter. If you can't read the sign on her shirt, it says "100% Pure Woman Champ". Her boyfriend scribbled it together and placed it on her seconds before they took the photo.

For making the winner feel bad, Schroeter was suspended for 3 months. Dumaresq, who insisted he didn't want publicity, ending up starring in a biopic documentary called 100% Woman.

3 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

Fucking stomach-turning. Ugh.

102 upvotesWhorehouseVet3 years ago

Haha, I'd love to see the amount of trolling in these events.

"I identify as a woman even though I have a dick. To deny me is to be an oppressive transphobic shitlord."

The irony of having such far left idiology.

13 upvotesLuvBeer3 years ago

Know a guy who got fired at my last job. White south african, not a bad guy. Before he left, he threatened to sue the company for discrimination over comments they made about South Africans. The company bent over and settled for enough money that he didn't have to work for a year.

6 upvotesTheSelfGoverned3 years ago

It's become a parody of itself.

26 upvotessubtle_nirvana923 years ago

Futurama was way ahead of the game here with that episode.

16 upvotesMakesDumbComments_3 years ago

He's gonna need his Femzoil changed after a performance like that.

1 upvotespatrice_plz_come_bac3 years ago

Which episode is that? Or small summary

4 upvotesJimbeamblack3 years ago

The episode where Bender pretends to be a fembot to participate in the female robot olympics. After he wins, he gets a sex changed because they do a test afterwards to see if it was a male or female robot

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah but remember that's a man pretty much going at it by himself which you never do in a road race.

14 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

I don't follow cycling, but I know that they're tight against each other from start to finish. This "chick" must have been miles ahead of the other competitors.

11 upvotesjaguarattack3 years ago

Second place was 1 second behind.

upvotesadonis83 years ago

And third place was 22 minutes behind them.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I don't follow cycling, but I know that they're tight against each other from start to finish

I do assume that it's done to gauge the opponents and/or use the draft from having someone in front of you breaking the still air.

19 upvotesgiggle73 years ago

It says she beat Anna Sparks by only one second.

22 upvoteszxDanKwan3 years ago

Now, now, don't pick and choose from the article. It immediately goes on to note that the two of them were 22 minutes ahead of the 3rd place, who is mathematically at least some small amount ahead of the others.

More importantly, for male->female, you have to show your testosterone levels are below a cut-off point for at least a full year before your event. And you have to actively take steps to keep it below.

I don't need a gold medal bad enough to castrate myself...

16 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

Male spends 10-15 years post-puberty training and building muscle.

Suppresses T for one year. Still has most of that muscle.

IDs as a female then beats women in sports.

No shit sherlock.

-4 upvotesgiggle73 years ago

Yes, the testosterone limit is to make sure it's fair. The fact that they won by 1 second indicates the testosterone limit is doing its job reasonably, and as we get more data, they can improve these limits to make it even more fair. Seems reasonable

3 upvotesNtghgthdgdcrtdtrk3 years ago

It's reasonable if you chose to disregard bone density, hip bone structure and muscle mass.

Truth is, MtF trans will never be able to compet fairly. The political correctness will just succed at damaging women sports.

2 upvotesgiggle73 years ago

Hormone replacement therapy changes bone density and muscle mass, that's why they approved it and consider it fair. Doubt hip bone structure affects anything when it comes to cycling.

Damaging sports? Who gives a fuck. All cyclists know that 100% of pro riders are using drugs, it was never a fair competition, at least be transperant and admit that your only interest in this story is that it is an opportunity to spout anti-lgbt nonsense

1 upvotesNtghgthdgdcrtdtrk3 years ago

I have actually no problem with FtM trans participating in men sports because they don't start with a big advantage.

Let's be honest then, you're just here to climb on an high horse and find people disagreeing with you so you could get off by labeling whatever-phobic and virtue signaling.

3 upvotesdestraht3 years ago

It worked for me. I was the fastest 200 and 400 meter runner at my high school and so Track and Field was my thing but I really sucked at Cross Country in the Spring and so I ran with the women girls.

2 upvotesdrumstyx3 years ago

Wasn't there a movie about exactly this?

3 upvotesWhitePhillip3 years ago

Yeah, The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville.

4 upvotesB_Campbell3 years ago

You don't even have to be on hormones or have had surgery. Just wear a dress once a year, win the race, profit. What was the prize money, excuse me purse. If it's a million bucks I'd put on a dress for an hour.

upvotesG_Petronius3 years ago

Turns out reality is the biggest shitlord of them all.

69 upvotesswift_phoenix3 years ago

You cannot even make this shit up. Reality is a bitter pill guess that Males and Females are not the same...... Go figure

54 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

reality is hate-speech! Down with it!

5 upvotesPIGamer863 years ago

Reality is the biggest shitlord of them all.

Greatest motivational poster I've ever read.

2 upvotesTomFoo3 years ago

Have you met our lord and savior The Donald?

2 upvotesiSnORtcHuNkz693 years ago

The Donald will ban this kind of stupidity, out of touch people, put them in a reality check.

2 upvotesCptFizz3 years ago

No, let them discover the end result of their doing for themselves.

1 upvotesCptFizz3 years ago

That made me lol. Gonna turn this into a meme.

1 upvotesHumanSockPuppet3 years ago

Top kek for best phrasing.

upvotesLuce_Bree3 years ago

This can't be a real article. Shit, this can't be real LIFE.

I'm really into athletics (aka "track & field" in the US), and these new regulations will absolutely DESTROY women's athletics. There are already strict regulations against drug usage; are biologically female athletes going to have to jeopardize their careers, reputations, and long term health by getting jacked on Testosterone? And would it even make that much of a difference given the NATURAL strength differential between the two genders?

If I was a woman, why would I even bother competing? Unlike Feminists, female athletes KNOW they are completely outmatched by men. Why aren't more women protesting this shit?

This is insane. This is fucking. Insane.

And as someone else noted, let "biologically male" athletes start competing in women's combat sports. It was tough enough to watch Nuñez destroy Rousey, can you fucking imagine a MAN repeatedly punching a bitch in the face like that?? He could KILL her.

upvotessystemshock8693 years ago

Why aren't more women protesting this shit?

That's the beauty of cultural Marxism attached to moralistic ideals.. stand out against something that has been deemed holy and the entire hive mind will descend upon you. Even my leftist friends that claim to not care for SJW causes will shame me hard if I bring up these fantastic logical fallacies. You can lead a bitch to logic but you can't make him think.

60 upvotesmummersfarce_is_done3 years ago

You can lead a bitch to logic but you can't make him think.

Hahaha man. That should be among the classics of TRP.

15 upvotesOlanValesco3 years ago

The original quote is by Dorothy Parker. "You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think." She was given the word 'horticulture' during a game of Can-You-Give-Me-A-Sentence?, and the above sentence was the beautiful result.

17 upvotesTheSelfGoverned3 years ago

I knew a honest hardworking SJW who made one reasonable, loving, yet politically incorrect comment to her peers, and she was completely attacked and permanently ostracized by the entire local community. Hive mind isn't the right term. Nazi would be. Assimilate or else.

9 upvotesTheRedThrowAwayPill3 years ago

"Blasphemer" is the term you're looking for.

4 upvotesTheSelfGoverned3 years ago

They probably would have killed her if they had the legal right to do so.

1 upvotesTheRedStoic3 years ago

It's a rigid hyper dogma.

That person committed heresy and was excommunicated.

Funny how well that makes sense.

14 upvotesNPerez993 years ago

why aren't more women protesting this shit?

Those who do are labeled transphobic and harassed, fired, threatened and so on. The libfems and allies are bullying people into silence

6 upvotestuzki3 years ago

no, they don't know.

During the 1998 Australian Open, sisters Serena and Venus Williams boasted that they could beat any man ranked outside the world's top 200. The challenge was accepted by Karsten Braasch, a German player ranked No 203 (his highest ranking was No 38). Before the matches, Braasch played a round of golf in the morning, drank a couple of beers, smoked a few cigarettes, and then played the Williams sisters for a set each, one after the other. He defeated Serena, 6-1, and Venus, 6-2. Serena said afterwards "I didn't know it would be that hard. I hit shots that would have been winners on the women's tour and he got to them easily."

In 1999 when Serena Williams was 18 and ranked 4th in the world, she re-opened the debate on whether women can compete with men in professional sport. The US Open champion believed she could take on and beat the best players in the men's game - she even applied for a wild card entry to take part in a men's singles event, the Eurocard Open, but this did not eventuate, mainly because she could not compete as she was not a man.


6 upvotesAnotherTakenUsername3 years ago

This is the effect woman have had in the world. Loop-holes ftw!

9 upvotesgrass_cutter3 years ago

That did happen. Some biological man dressed as a woman - and get this - didn't tell anyone he was a trannie.

He ragdolled them.

Dude is obviously fucked in the head, but eh. Couldn't hack it so went this pussy route.

49 upvoteslqtys3 years ago

I'm a 260lbs 6'8" boxer, but I identify myself as a feather weight, so I compete in featherweight category with other feather weight boxers.

It's fair, isn't it?

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

No, because this is only about gender. So just identify as a female, put on a sportsbra, and go win yourself a fabulous belt!

If it ever does become about more than gender, I'm going to identify as an 80 year old and go win some geriatric championships and then change my mind to identify as an 8 year old and go win some little league. My trophy shelf shall overfloweth.

10 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

Transabled could compete in special olympics.

5 upvotesiteal3 years ago

This is a joke right? Right?

3 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

I wish. In Canada I wouldn't be surprised if we started giving disability benefits to people who willfully disable themselves...

2 upvotesiteal3 years ago

What if I just FEEL disabled, but don't want to do surgery. Can you still gib me monies?

1 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

Well - it works for men in womens' bathrooms and for whites lying to get affirmative action, so I don't see why not.

Welcome to Canada. :/

186 upvotesAtuserio3 years ago

This is the best argument against TG rights, and they're making it for us. Just wait until the 2020 Olympics, where pre-op transgenders will be allowed to participate for the first time. The whole world will turn on SJWs overnight.

53 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

Looking forward to the boxing matches.

10 upvotesOralOperator3 years ago

They wouldn't, would they?

9 upvotesbsutansalt3 years ago

Good question. I'm not sure where things currently stand given the brutal poundings the transgender MMA fighter has been dishing out.

2 upvotesgrubek3 years ago

A transgedered male to female tried to compete in the UFC female division and was rejected so there is that.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

AFAIK there are a lot of Muay Thai trans people competing against women, which has caused anger among especially the betting community and fans, because it destroys the female side of the sport.

1 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

The UFC is an event ran by a private company looking to make profit.

The Olympic Games is an event ran by a non-profit organization controlled by a comittee who plays politics.

The first will always be influenced by money, the latter will always be influenced by politics.

7 upvotesrigbed3 years ago

We already know how it'll go. See rousey.

And people have always wondered about the Williams sisters going head to head against male tennis players, and the jury may not be out for much longer if guys pull shit like OP's story

upvotesGarret12343 years ago

A guy already beat both of them after play a round of golf, having a few beers, then having smokes between rounds

15 upvotesbsutansalt3 years ago

IIRC he was also in his 40s whereas they were in their prime.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Soemone will die if they let that happen

155 upvotesLuvBeer3 years ago

Nah. Somehow it will be white males' fault.

26 upvotesTheCoyPinch3 years ago

Well I mean, the original Olympics were exclusively male, so any problems with the system obviously stem from that. /s

1 upvotesLuvBeer3 years ago

The Legacy of Sexism. You saw it here first.

31 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

Thirty years ago, people joked about how the East German Women's Olympic Team all had full beards. In the current year, it's no longer a joke.

11 upvotestyrryt3 years ago

2020 Olympics, where pre-op transgenders will be allowed to participate for the first time.

Whenever you think the sjw absurdity has bottomed out, they find a way to go even lower.

Let's hope they really do try this - it would make the whole thing a laughingstock, a ridiculous farce.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Well, it would only really make the female competitions a joke, male competition would still be pretty serious...

2 upvotesiteal3 years ago

Can you imagine the outrage if no single woman qualifies for the male competitions? I'm looking forward to 2048 Olympics with a required 10% trans people participation in the competitions.

25 upvotescoinclink3 years ago

Olympics are international, you think Russia would allow that shit?

upvotesselfsufficientnigga3 years ago

To be honest, Russians are the ones that have been doing it for a long time during the USSR era ('enhancing' women with hormones for purposes of Olympics).

27 upvotes2comment3 years ago

I guess the US subbing actual men into women's events will be the ultimate one-up.

We can call it the Oppression Olympics, and numbers won't count (because they're the tool of the patriarchy), just who can present themselves as the biggest victim in life. NBC has been doing that for years anyway, interspersed with clips of a few pesky actual sporting events from time to time. They'll do away with the victor's podium and affix the winner onto a symbolic crucifix to parade around on news clips while SJW tears rain down on him/her/it. But if they're looking to get a medal, they'll be disappointed, that denotes inequality and so only the participation medal is allowed.

7 upvotesCanadaismyhat3 years ago

I don't have an opinion on any of this but I can't stop laughing.

1 upvotesfakenate13 years ago

I don't see how a post-op would really make that much of a difference.

247 upvotesShiva-Lingam3 years ago

“To require surgical anatomical changes as a precondition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.”

So basically any man can participate in female events without sex reassignment surgery or without the requirement of proving he's taking estrogens... he just has to say "I feel like a woman" and he's in - and the article never points out how stupid this is: it completely negates the usefulness of categories.

upvotesMistaFANG3 years ago

Read the article, it also says they have to be below a certain testosterone level for a whole year. Might be possible without estrogen, but unlikely.

45 upvotesSchlongStrong3 years ago

Generally speaking, a biological male will have much more reactive testosterone receptors and therefore have much more muscle mass even at biologically female testosterone levels. Men don't just have more Testosterone, they use their available testosterone more efficiently, so to speak.

Also, generally speaking, biological males will be able to recruit many more muscle fibers at the same time even at equal levels of muscle mass when compared to a biological female. More explosiveness.

upvotesdammit_redskins3 years ago

Also they would still have the bone structure of a male, giving them even more of an edge.

22 upvotesSchlongStrong3 years ago

That is true for almost every sports because male hip structure and bone density is an advantage in power delivery for running and jumping.

However, cycling is a much more artificial activity and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't fit the mold. I'm not aware of any studies on the matter.

4 upvotesjupc3 years ago

Agreed. I find the singular focus on current testosterone level too simplistic. What's more:

More than 100 different genetic, sexual differences have been identified in skeletal muscle alone (http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0001385#s2).

For example, one isoform of GRB10, which suppresses growth in skeletal muscle, is expressed from the maternal allele alone. There are nearly 30 genes that show paternal or materal allele-specific expression (http://hmg.oxfordjournals.org/content/9/11/1587.full).

2 upvotesSchlongStrong3 years ago

Yes. That is very true. I was trying to speak in more lay terms than going specifically into studies on genes. But when it comes to athletic performance there is WAY more going on than just testosterone levels. You seem to know a lot about it.

195 upvotesUrsusG3 years ago

they have to be below a certain testosterone level for a whole year.

So they admit that testosterone levels effectively determine who is male and who is female, while at the same time saying it's a matter of your personal declaration and "feeling".

Looking for consistency in these crazy times is a failed endeavor.

1 upvotesSchlongStrong3 years ago

Exogenous (externally taken) Testosterone is universally considered a PED (performance enhancing drug). All sports that do testing, cough their are untested sports cough look for it along with its analogs and the esters used to keep it active inside the body longer.


9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, it doesn't say what the testosterone level is. That's the end of women's cycling. Ho hum

upvotesstonepimpletilists3 years ago

meh, if the WNBA died tomorrow, would anyone know, would anyone care?

Sure, join the draft, equal rights for everyone. All women are doing is edging themselves out of anything involving competition

16 upvotesCQC33 years ago

Because they don't actually want to compete against difficult opponents or people out of their league, to feel that desperation and need to become better or be mediocre.

Hell, even games are being developed to be competitively viable these days, the irony about competitive gaming is that males are still overwhelmingly dominant even in 100% equal playing field where physical biology matters little.

I recall there is some push by female gamers (why must there be a distinction even?) and people who want to exploit the angle to push the whole sexism/equality narrative on that scene too. For certain games there's even female leagues which are as you would expect, filled with god awful players that are about as good as some randoms online. They just coast on the novelty of being a "female pro gamer" with their sponsorships and minor social fame and are perfectly content being bad.

Thankfully most gamers are at least wise to the bullshit of this even if they're clueless about other stuff.

upvotesstonepimpletilists3 years ago

Of course not.

You'll see it everywhere though. Let em run their mouth long enough, and they will contradict themselves.

Having said that, latest things I've seen. that MMA fighter who is dominating, the venus twins losing to a hung over 85th ranked tennis player, and the champtionship female soccer team losing to an under 15 boys league

11 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

Karsten Braasch was actually ranked 203rd when he destroyed the Williams sisters. He was at the end of his career and was a pack a day smoker!

5 upvotesUgUgImDyingYouIdiot3 years ago

They're using their looks to be "pro".

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They can have a few mens Division 3 basketball players identify as women, then maybe it won't be so boring.

20 upvotesNikoMyshkin3 years ago

can't wait for female cyclists to complain, and be accused by their own of being transphobist. this fad of 'everyone being entitled to do everything just because they feel like it' was inevitably going to implode, and it will be fun to watch

9 upvotesPM_me_your_fistbump3 years ago

2020 olympics may be dominated by men competing in and winning scores of women's events. Buy popcorn now!

2 upvotesNikoMyshkin3 years ago

just wtf. just smh

this is why I ignore so much that goes on. just wtf

upvoteskeyboardWorrier3 years ago

That's pretty much what happened when Lynsey Sharp complained about Caster Semanya's unfair advantage. (Semanya is not actually trans, but has a condition that makes her intersex)

You're right, it's going to be glorious to watch all this PC bullshit collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.


1 upvotesNikoMyshkin3 years ago

it saddens me how people with the best access to education on earth end up like this.

7 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

The T was there during puberty and beyond. The muscles and bone thickness was determined at that time.

1 upvotesjupc3 years ago

Agree. Some genes may be expressed through T during puberty.

Also interactions with growth hormones.

25 upvotesiamneptuno3 years ago

Not long ago there was a free programming workshop for females only -- to combat "sexism in the field" of course. But the funniest thing was that the organizers went full retards and, in a fit of diversity, stated something like "this free shit is for women and individuals identifying as a woman". When they were asked what would happen if a bearded male went there, saying he was feeling as a woman that particular morning, they answered that they would've let "her" in. And I'm positive they indeed would have, thus defying the whole point of what they were organizing.

It's important to keep in mind that while they are many, they are weak.

0 upvotesfakenate13 years ago

How is it weak to stick to their principals?

2 upvotesiamneptuno3 years ago

Their very principles are incongruent and generally make no sense -- that's their weakness. My example demonstrates this.

Besides, what they believe is so self contradicting and has so little connection to reality that it's impossible to even "stick" to it.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Why don't fighters start to feel like they weigh 60kg instead of 100?

2 upvotesHumanSockPuppet3 years ago

I still remember when Fallon Fox had reassignment surgery and then proceeded to demolish women in MMA, and everyone twisted in knots trying to reconcile their disgust with their desire to look open-minded.

76 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's really funny when you know a bit about bicycle racing. In races the riders tend to group together very closely into what is called a peleton. It's much more efficient for riders to stay in the peleton because they essentially share the aerodynamic drag between them. Often you'll get a handful that break away into a smaller group, but they still share the wind. The actual race is usually won by a sprint in the final metres and is won by seconds. Riders sometimes breakaway on their own, but almost always tire and the peleton catches up.

For a single rider to beat the peleton by 22 minutes is absolutely ridiculous.

Edit: I actually misread the article. "She" only beat the 2nd place by one second, but those two were 22 minutes ahead of the first. So, to be honest, you have to give it to the 2nd place woman. Yes she had assistance from a man, but still beat the whole peleton by 22 minutes.

47 upvotesAdamJaz3 years ago

It was a mix gendered grand Fondo style event. They were just latched on to a men's peloton. (Source, I raced it.)

41 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Wow, so one woman managed to stay in the men's peloton and only got second place. If I were her I would be pissed.

20 upvotesgrass_cutter3 years ago

She and most people know she really got first.

A biological man who prefers to be called 'she' with a mop on his head did beat her, yes, as did many men with innate biological advantages.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


2 upvotesDuBBle3 years ago

If anyone can find a post-race interview with Anna Sparks I'd love to read it.

81 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

I can grow my hair out and go pro in mma. Finally. I wonder if I can be a lesbian...

upvotesstonepimpletilists3 years ago

It's already been done, 'never felt so dominated in all my life' has been the reaction to her first few victories.

Bill burr even had a joke about it. As if he was beating them with his discarded dick.

upvotesAlanAmpersand13 years ago

Wait, there's a trans MMA fighter beating the shit out of women?

20 upvotes2comment3 years ago

Yup. Been around since 2013? A while.

upvotesAlanAmpersand13 years ago

Jesus those women must be stupid to go into that one, although the female did alright for a bit.

11 upvotesgrass_cutter3 years ago

The big gorilla didn't tell anyone he was a trannie until after he rag-dolled a number of women.

I don't think he/ she/ it has fought since.

So yeah, not stupid, they just need to test whether a dude with a mop on his head is entering the women's contests better.

upvotesadonis83 years ago

Is that true? The chick filming yells out, "She's getting her ask kicked by a man."

1 upvotesFreeRadical53 years ago

Why are you so angry at the dude? This is what they deserve for pushing SJW bullshit. This is justice.

Don't be a white knight.

-4 upvotes185poundsofhatredWIP3 years ago

That's not really an answer.

2 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

lmfao just reading this comment and thinking the same thing is great

24 upvotesShiva-Lingam3 years ago

I wonder if I can be a lesbian...

As long as you identify as a woman, it's ok. Basically, the only thing you need to do differently is just say you're a "she" when people call you a "he".

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Why do you need to grow your hair out? Short hair and having a beard are just as womanly

8 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

It will draw attention away from my massive clit

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I'm actually totally OK with calling people like this http://www.returnofkings.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/CMD-rLdWgAAEIXq.jpg-large-300x533.jpeg by a third gender pronoun. As a straight guy, I know that if I had not had sex for a looong time, was drunk at 4am in the club, I'probably bang a 2/10 just to get it out of my system. But with these people my gender sense is the same as when I see a man, there is no possible way I'd be able to even get hard. My brain just does not know how to categorize that blob, is it even human?

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I dunno, Ronda Rousey claimed she could beat Floyd Mayweather.

-6 upvotesHorus_Krishna_53 years ago

serena Williams highly likely a man

19 upvotesCQC33 years ago

She probably has more test than a lot of guys I've seen.

0 upvoteswritemeoffgiveuponme3 years ago

I've been a lesbian trapped in a man's body my whole life, so anything is possible.

216 upvotesJustWanderful3 years ago

There are only 2 genders: male & female.

The rest are all just mental illnesses.

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I'm ok with people doing whatever weird shit they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, but I do not understand how our society has decided that mutilating your body to turn you into something not really male or female is great while treating the underlying mental illness is horrible.

I know pray the gay away camps are a ridiculous thing but it just seems like we're much too eager to say "oh, you feel like you really want to be a woman? Let's pump you full of estrogen and whack that dick off instead of trying to make you feel like a man."

13 upvotesSMGPthrowaway3 years ago

Actually, they invert it.

I'll see myself out.

3 upvotesofficialkingofhearts3 years ago

I actually laughed out loud.

1 upvotesSMGPthrowaway3 years ago

Yeah I find it oddly more appropriate than just cutting it off. You're literally AND figuratively inverting their dick.

24 upvotescoinclink3 years ago

The reassignment surgery is the treatment. Doctors have found it to be more effective than drugs in relieving much of the anxiety and depression that comes with these gender identity folks.

These people literally cannot function as the gender they are born as because of their mental illness. They will lie in bed all day or suffer from constant panics, obsessions, etc. While mutilating their genitals seems crazy, it does allow them to function. It is a harsh, yet effective treatment in those mental illnesses.

The annoying thing is the way that PC culture has latched onto this serious mental issue and makes it seem like it's not one... even though it truly is a mental illness. Which is OK. I wish society would normalize mental illness in general, because SO MANY people suffer from mental problems and they feel like they aren't normal... When actually they are quite normal, or rather, they have millions of people who could relate to them. They just have problems to deal with that the majority of people don't.

14 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

These people are damaging our society by normalizing deviancy. It begins with VERY young children and single moms (or moms with the typical weak, de-balled dad) saying to a 4 year old:

"You know sweety. We would love you no matter what gender you decide to be when you grow up."

My wife actually said that to our 8 y/o son.

I told him: "Kid, we most certainly would not love you if you want to chop off your wanker you faggot."

My kid turned to his would be enabler: "Mom, what the Hell man. That's not right."

If more MEN would stand up to these bullying feminists talking shit like that with little boys, egging them on, encouraging them to play with dolls, encouraging them to FEEL and e-mote like women then we would have a LOT less of this form of mental illness. It seems to be exploding just as feminism and girl power has peaked. Interesting.

upvotesheshKesh3 years ago

How do you explain female-to-male people?

upvotesredartist3 years ago

That's an easy one: Penis envy.

2 upvotescoinclink3 years ago

The scenario you described is appalling. But it doesn't describe mental illness. It might encourage your son to do something like cross-dress or play the part of a woman. Yes, it would probably lead to beta behavior too. If that happened though, he could outgrow of all those behaviors or just decide to stop behaving that way on his own. I remember dressing up as a girl at 4, that is totally normal behavior as a small child and is not harmful at all.

What it wouldn't do is give him a mental illness. It wouldn't make him want to have reassignment surgery. People who want these things can't just stop wanting them, it's not a choice or an "act." That is the difference between your scenario and what I am describing.

4 upvotesWewkz3 years ago

Suicide rates only improve slightly after they transition so we need to find a better treatment for it.

2 upvotesfakenate13 years ago

Isn't That something good? Less death and less suicide is better.

1 upvotescoinclink3 years ago

We've been searching for cures to mental illness for a century or more. You're welcome to join the search.

31 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

I saw a picture on social media a while back of a woman who decided she was a man. It showed her pics before and after undergoing hormone therapy i.e. being pumped full of testosterone. She ended up growing a thicker beard than a lot of men can. Of course all the comments were extremely supportive.

So it's totally alright for a woman to take many times her natural testosterone levels but it's a criminal offense for a man to take steroids to increase his muscle mass and strength.

45 upvotesWhorehouseVet3 years ago

I identify as a 250lbs mass monster but stuck in this 180lbs husk of a man. If it is about equality I should be able to get my test prescribed by my doc. 500mg a week please.

11 upvotesseeing-red-3 years ago

Yep. My gender is lumberjack.

11 upvotestyrryt3 years ago

It's not an offense to take steroids, it's an offense to buy them without a prescription. The medical industry has decided that certain cosmetic conversions are acceptable, and others aren't.

7 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

I'm not sure where you live but in the US, anabolic steroids are a Schedule III drug which means simple possession can be punishable with up to a year in prison.

8 upvotestyrryt3 years ago

Possession is prohibited - without a prescription. The substances have legal uses, and the medical industry/government have decided that mutilating yourself to look like another gender, or to reduce effects of aging, are approved but trying to be stronger/bigger is not.

The point is that I agree with you, the distinction is hypocritical and unfair.

3 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

Yeah we're in full agreement. It's definitely a fucked up state of affairs.

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

Here I thought it was all about patient "safety." Now we know the truth.

2 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

If a doctor can help a woman become a "man" then he should certainly be able to help a man become more manly. Sure you can find some docs that will put you on TRT but it should be completely legal for an endocrinologist to help a bodybuilder put on muscle mass.

I'm sure a lot of men would love to do cycles under the guidance of a trained medical professional. That way we could make sure that negative side effects are properly managed and we could find the tailor the optimal cycle and post cycle therapy.

Instead you have a situation where many men are buying stuff from underground labs or trying to buy smuggled pharmaceutical grade gear from other countries. I personally know some guys who made big mistakes because they relied on garbage

How much easier would it be if they could just get proper therapy from a good endocrinologist?

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

They won't help you. This is a slightly different issue but my son is in the bottom 2% of height and weight. If he was in the bottom 1.5% they would give him growth hormone and 2-4 inches in height, raising him to the bottom 25%. Since he is .5% below the threshold he is likely to be in the bottom 2% for his entire life.

So say the god doctors, high priests of our age.

14 upvotesCQC33 years ago

People were a lot more willing to accept gay than all else. Only for the fact that historically speaking, the attitudes toward "Gay" behavior was largely varying depending on locale and time and context.

The trans thing is just a society wide cultural phenomenon that IMO is indicative of a greater symptom of alienation and isolation from "life". The tech we have, the incredibly safe times we live in and many other factors such as reduced socializing have produced this nonsense.

I can understand a very small fraction of males or females might possess naturally some very opposite gender characteristics, however, that is not the same as wanting to cross over physically. It's okay for some girls to be total tomboys naturally, and likewise some men will be effeminate no matter what. Society has come a good way in not beating these people down for being different, but the people who champion this sort of attitude these days are NOT interested in "progress", they are interested in merely using an ideology to feel powerful and active in the world.

8 upvotesgrass_cutter3 years ago

The main difference in my opinion is inherent biology.

For many decades 'gay' was thought to be some kind of strange 'choice' made, by some, or some character failing.

It's obvious at this point it's pretty much genetic or in-utero, either way, when you're gay you're gay, end of story, nothing to be done about. And really, fucking the same gender doesn't really hurt anybody. It may seem 'icky' to some, but I think fucking fat women is 'icky', so what.

Transgender stakes the claim that it's just like being gay: some inherent, genetic, in-born, latent tendency to want to identify as the other gender and that cannot be solved.

It's a little harder in this case to determine what is a "real" genetic problem and what is "teenage angst" run amok, so to speak.

I don't care who wants to dress up as what, but when you have a Big Burly Dude with a Dick put a mop on his head and say he's Cinderella, enter a Women's MMA tournament WITHOUT disclosing he was born a man and lived as a man for 30 YEARS ... and proceeds --- due to ridiculous physical advantages --- to rag doll and savagely beat 'real' - yes 'real' female competitors ... that's fucked up.

And what if someone says like they "feel" they are a dolphin inside? Are we expected to believe that's an unfixable in-born condition like homosexuality, or merely a "I'm a goth misfit who wants attention" bullshit, which it usually is? The credibility is way gone.

Especially in 2017 when it's fashionable to be the "most oppressed victim."

1 upvotesjupc3 years ago

And really, fucking the same gender doesn't really hurt anybody.

Good analysis.

Don't mean to quibble, but there is greater disease transmission.

6 upvotesmaniclurker3 years ago

the incredibly safe times we live in

I was thinking about this the other day... there are people around the world, in my own country even, that do not feel safe walking down a street. Like, literally have a sense of apprehension about it.

I don't know what that's like. I simply don't.

5 upvotesShiva-Lingam3 years ago

there are people around the world, in my own country even, that do not feel safe walking down a street.

Like when they say that an area is very unsafe, especially at night. Then you find out nothing really happens there, even at night.

14 upvotesSouthernFit3 years ago

and heaven forbid I try to take testosterone to feel like more of a man. They will demonize you and throw your ass in jail if they catch you.

upvotesShOdinn3 years ago

I'm not trying to attack you, but why to you need extra slabs of muscle to feel more like a man?

1 upvotesSouthernFit3 years ago

Hormones in general have a lot to do with feeling manly. For example if your test is really low and your estrogen is really high, try feeling manly.

EDIT: If you're going to downvote me at least have the balls to try to debate why you disagree.

8 upvotesNikoMyshkin3 years ago

mutilating your body to turn you into something not really male or female is great while treating the underlying mental illness is horrible

brain structure correlates with genitalia for the vast majority of the population. for a tiny fraction, brain structure correlates with the opposing gender's brain structure.

i understand that if this applies to you then you might feel less fucked up if you get a doctor to give you fake bits that resemble the other gender.

however, if your cells have a Y chromosome then you are going to have an advantage over people whose cells do not.

and for sucks sake the majority of the population is heteronormative - shouldn't society support the masses first? the needs of the many? sexual minorities have equality under the law but still they want more than equality. they want primacy.

does it even have to be said how fucked it is to have a man compete in a woman's race? what the fuck is going on here?

1 upvoteserthian3 years ago

Let's not give a pass to illogical, emotional people becuase they 'arent hurting' anyone. If someone is obsessed with gender identity, they push their misguided beliefs directly and indirectly through their actions, not just by intentionally trying to push them.

1 upvotesfakenate13 years ago

but I do not understand how our society has decided that mutilating your body to turn you into something not really male or female is great while treating the underlying mental illness is horrible.

I've been told that it's because we can't treat the underlying mental illness properly. And that chopping off the dick of a person who thinks they are woman has better results than therapy and drugs.

2 upvotesUgUgImDyingYouIdiot3 years ago

I think the question everyone should be asking is " If you've never been a woman how do you know what it feels like to be one?"

19 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

And people take that as some kind of insult. No, they are actually suffering from mental illness. They need help, not validation.

-5 upvotesgiggle73 years ago

You've decided decades of science and research into this matter is wrong? Why?

8 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

Even being homosexual was a mental illness all the way up to 1972. I would have to look but transgenderism was about .05% of the population until very recently and it was almost always diagnosed as "gender dysphoria."

A HUGE part of this entire Transexual thing is based on a case of a botched circumcision in which a Dr. Mengele type of asshole told the parents they should just give their little boy a vagina because gender is all socially constructed so it doesn't matter! MEN AND WOMEN ARE COMPLETELY EQUAL AND THE SAME YOU SHITLORD.

The doctor got his tenure and his publications and his accolades- and little David was raised as a girl. The doctor reported that he now had irrefutable proof that gender was a social construct! Entire college departments were dedicated to this proposition. The feminist movement was given a boost.

Nobody cared that the "girl" threatened to commit suicide at age 13 if "she" was forced to see the doctor again. At age 14 "she" was told the truth and "she" became David.

The doctor continued to tour and the gender blender textbooks all happily reported the "success." They still do. David killed himself in 2004. That's your science and research.

For more, Feminism LOL does yeomen's work:


0 upvotesfakenate13 years ago

That's not what the article is talking about.

We have a woman who has a penis in this article who wins a race for women. There are no other genders mentioned.

21 upvotesSouthernFit3 years ago

Why is it that men can try to become a women by using hormones and he gets his own tv show but if a man tries to use hormones to be more mainly (grow muscle) he will be demonized to no end?

32 upvotesPaid_Internet_Troll3 years ago

You know the answer.

Feminized man are docile and harmless like cattle, while masuline men are aggressive and dangerous.

Therefore, the powers-that-be want to cull masculinity from thier human herds.

upvotesUnluckyPenguin3 years ago

Perfect example of equality backfiring on women.

The final result will be grim for women if we discard gender categories at the Olympics yet all of the winners are men.

I'm interested to see how this plays out until that point.

1 upvotesEvolvedA3 years ago

I am not so sure about the grim future for women. The "next logical" step will be that feminists state that women perform on the same level as men in sports even though some of the female athletes are actually biological males...

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Wasn't there a basketball movie about this? Some guy wasn't good enough for the NBA and so he pretended to be a woman and dominated the WNBA.

TBH this stuff kinda makes me want to have a daughter and bring her up to be an outstanding athlete. Even in places where the physical differences shouldn't matter women are still much worse. Watch men's vs women's basketball and you'll see a stark contrast in ball handling and shooting skills, which should not be due to men being stronger.

10 upvotesLuvBeer3 years ago

The downside of pickup and trp is that I no longer want to be a parent for risk of having a daughter. I've seen what women are, and to raise one differently would mean swimming against the tidal wave of society.

7 upvotesRyanMAGA3 years ago

Then it's time to get swimming. Honestly it isn't really that hard, just keep a stronger frame than rival influences and your daughters will seek to please you.

10 upvotesahackercalled4chan3 years ago

..that would be Juwana Mann.

No, I haven't seen it. I just worked for Blockbuster in the late 90s/early 2000s.

2 upvotesPIGamer863 years ago

Could you imagine if it came out today?

19 upvotesAppleseed123333 years ago

The justice boner is rock hard. No better way to win an argument with "gender is social construct" then to let it blow up in SJW's faces.

15 upvoteschambertlo3 years ago

Men even make better and more successful women.

14 upvotesbalalasaurus3 years ago

I wonder if anyone will publish statistics on how many MtF individuals participate in female events vs. the number of FtM participants in male events. Would be interesting to see if the number of the latter is similar or grossly different. My money's on it being much much lower.

14 upvotesAceBenedict233 years ago

I'm so curious how feminists feel about this issue.

You can't hide from it. Bone structure and density, hip placement, testosterone, efficiency, etc. We could talk all day why men are far superior athletes but people really don't want to hear the truth.

Men and women are different. Because of the pressure put on government officials for "equality" many states don't even allow psychiatrists to evaluate the mental health of those who identify as sexes other than their own. Look it up. Absolutely ludicrous.

They allow this foolishness to persist, and now the system will burn to the ground. I hate to say it, but.....we told you so.

1 upvotesEvolvedA3 years ago

How feminists feel about this?

Finally, data shows that women can compete with men on the same playing field.

32 upvotesdinosauralienspirits3 years ago

Such a brave lady ❤💕 #trans #realwomen #bravery #smashthepatriarchy

upvotesTyrannyVengeance3 years ago

God I can't wait to watch boxing.

6 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

Boxing? How about MMA?! Guys are going to straight out kill some bitches. I mean some already look like they are murdering other guys who are in elite shape. I can't imagine what they'll do to women.

4 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

Maybe when we will have women litteraly dying for their stupid ideology in front of the whole US of America, they will step back.

Or they will double down on the brainwashing, saying they can get glory out of this.

Feminism kills women.

11 upvotesThereGoesBo3 years ago

Ray Rice should prepare for his 2020 Olympic Boxing Gold

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Can I seriously become the greatest female MMA fighter to ever step into the octagon???

I think I'll grow my hair out and stop training immediately! Can't wait to slack off, lose some muscle mass so I'm slim and pretty and still beating the fuck out of everyone.

4 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

Well start team alpha female together

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Testoster-oh no you didn't!

We need more options.

"Pussy Pounders"

"Ovarian Barbarians"

"Clam Slammers"

"Tube-steak Mistake"

"Trans Slam - Thank you, Ma'm!"

"Look at the clit on that one!"

IDK, there is a lot to play with when it comes to names.

8 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

The quality of those renders me speechless

1 upvotesdrunksaver3 years ago

Ovarian Barbarians is particularly good.

3 upvotesdons903 years ago

Ovarian Barbarians....I'm so done

2 upvotesiAMADisposableAcc3 years ago

You can start with Urijah Faber, please.

9 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Oh I can't wait to see the fallout from this.

"Give him ..I mean her ...all the rights of being female! Treat 'her' as an equal female in all regards! Except ... err.. sport".

I wonder if I can get some positive discrimination in the job market out of this.

7 upvotes30fretibanezguy3 years ago

I love this. If this shit takes off more people will start tasting the shit in the air about society redefining gender. Men dominating women's sport is literally a meme of itself - women will start hating it as it deflates their egos and they'll blame men for it happening, even though its 100% on them.

6 upvotesXeloda853 years ago

What's the name of that weirdo in female UFC ?

3 upvotesiAMADisposableAcc3 years ago

You might be referring to Fallon Fox, who is human garbage.

2 upvotesYuriJackoffski3 years ago


7 upvotesJabberJaahs3 years ago

I'm going to enter my gazelle in a men's sprint event as a preop human.

13 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

Lol good. I hope this becomes a thing and women never win any sport again.

6 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

But the hamster says "That IS a woman"

8 upvotesSi_guey3 years ago

Why not have a Tranny-olympics?

6 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

With F t M and M t F groups.

They can all use the same bathroom.

4 upvoteshot_rats_3 years ago

I thought for sure this was going to be satire. I don't even really agree with the mental illness line -- we're all mentally ill in one way or another, unless you've literally been in perfect mental health your whole life, never anxious, depressed, never abused anything, never been abused, never displayed any avoidant or narcissistic behavior, etc. So to say that is basically meaningless. BUT there are FAR more physiological differences between men and women than just testosterone. Surely they can't use this one metric (important of a role as it does play) to differentiate. That just seems like a slap in the face to science itself.

2 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

Curious to know more differences. Educate me?

2 upvoteshot_rats_3 years ago

Well first off a reading of the absolute level of a hormone doesn't say anything about how the body is utilizing it. You have to consider the receptors as well, and also many other hormones and their respective receptors that concurrently affect things like muscle synthesis and bone structure. At the end of the day a woman (yes I'm even willing to call her that) like that will still be stronger than a woman with equivalent testosterone levels who did not grow into adulthood with the those of a male. Hormone therapy has come a long way, but it's not a perfect on/off switch.

1 upvotesTheJedi_Lied3 years ago

Gotta source I can check out? Makes sense to me, thanks.

2 upvoteshot_rats_3 years ago

Nope, that's above my pay grade, but there are plenty of online courses in endocrinology. I've gone through Robert Sapolsky's videos from Stanford. They are great though I don't think he specifically talks about this. But you can get enough of an understanding to realize how grossly oversimplified of a conclusion this is.

6 upvotestomega3 years ago

It's stupid, but it exists as long as anyone questioning that will be called nazi.

5 upvotesvladrares103 years ago

Take chess... Mental game , all have the same amount of resources... The best woman in the world is as good as the 67th of male ranking

2 upvotesEn-Zu3 years ago

Judit Polgar actually reached no. 8 in the world. But she's retired so you might be right.

13 upvotesLuvBeer3 years ago

I know TRP doctrine is to accept females and even love them for what they are, but white females between 30-50, as a bloc, are really repugnant. I see it every day just on my commute and in the workplace. They expect preferential treatment but don't respect social norms. I know this isn't an original observation, but but the scowling, the loud, obnoxious behavior, the not moving out of the fucking way, just seems to be getting worse. Strangely I don't observe this as much with black females (from 30-40 anyway) who are supposedly more aggressive, ignorant etc etc.

6 upvotesChurff3 years ago

Weird... it's the opposite for me.

1 upvotesillisit3 years ago

Have you met an average black woman before?

3 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

homeboy never rode the L train before

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Anyone for transgenders in MMA, let'a take a look at the results:


However the SJWs had no sympathy for the victim, just attacks on anyone who spoke out and edits on wikipedia to dispute obvious facts. The SJWs are more dangerous to western civilisation than terrorists or other states.

5 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

However, while still a biological man she was able to take part in the event..

talk about mental gymnastics

4 upvotesbsutansalt3 years ago

“We have to come together in solidarity and move this country in a direction that is accepting of all.”


Earlier this year the IOC said transgender athletes in all sports should be permitted by national federations to compete in the Olympics and international events without undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

There goes the women's competitions. Competitors with XX chromosomes may never see the podium again.

1 upvotesdrunksaver3 years ago

My roommate and I were talking about that last. Why would any woman want to compete in this type of atmosphere?

5 upvotesLipophobicity3 years ago

Look up Fallon Fox, he's an MMA fighter that transitioned late in life and decided to box. He keeps beating the living fuck out of anyone he faces in under a minute, with recent opponents being concussed and collapsing an eye socket. Someone could die and soon, and I honestly don't think SJW's would change their stance.

7 upvoteswarcroft3 years ago

You know what pisses me off the most? Biological male, born male, still has a dick but we must refer to him as a she.

And I must not question it or argue against it otherwise Im the one with the problem?

But this dude in a chicks race... How long do you think this sort of thing will be tolerated? We know that every real chick in that race is thinking "That's fucking bullshit!" Just like every single other person. I mean, seriously, who in their right mind thinks this is acceptable?

3 upvotesofficialkingofhearts3 years ago

That's the thing, the contenders know it's bullshit but they keep quiet in fear of getting shit from the libfems and SJW's.

9 upvotes1leggeddog3 years ago

She beat rival Anna Sparks by just one second

She didn't exactly dominate if she won by a second... Her hormones really did lower her physical abilities a lot since she was timed at +25min behind men.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think that's the point though, he can't compete with men, but he's a winner against women!

3 upvotes1leggeddog3 years ago

Doesn't mean she's gonna keep on being #1 for ever!

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Who knows? It doesn't matter, he's certainly doing better in that class I would say. At least based on the one showing I know of.

3 upvotesputin_vor3 years ago

So? There will probably be 10 men doing this next time. Hey, why not?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is going to be awesome to watch if things progress towards the natural conclusion from this. I for one am totally fine with women competing in male sports. They won't win many.

1 upvotesderp_derpington3 years ago

They are already allowed to

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

This creature still has a penis and grew up with the full male complement of testosterone. It is ridiculous that people of reasonable minds could differ on this issue. Completely unfair to those actual women who trained for years. HE should be shunned and ridiculed but this get's rewarded. SICK!

3 upvotesroyal_fucktard3 years ago

So what does "she" juice with? Testosterone? Ha!

3 upvotesRedEyesBlueShades3 years ago

This is fantastic news. When women start getting beaten up, figuratively and perhaps literally, by men in the name of equality, that's when the real shitstorm will hit.

Women, not men, are women's natural enemy.

1 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

Women are the enemy of everyone and everything, even of themselves.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Any company that sponsors the freak should be boycotted for crimes against nature

2 upvotesconquerlifegroup3 years ago

It's going to be interesting; seeing how this plays out in UFC.

2 upvoteschoomguy3 years ago

Whats it matter, we're equal, right?

2 upvoteskgs19773 years ago

Where do you draw the line with this stuff, seems unfair? I remember Fallon Fox a male turned female who wanted into the UFC to fight females and they said no which i agreed with.

3 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

Let it not be buried: http://archive.is/Sk5Bp

A biological male who identifies as female has won a major women’s race in the US in what is believed to be a first for cycling.

Orwell, cries tears of joy.

However, while still a biological man she [sic] was able to take part in the event under new rules ushered in by an International Olympic Council decision.

Liberals are fully retarded. They don't even understand how the English language works.

She [sic] beat rival Anna Sparks by just one second, with those two riders dominating the women’s race and coming home 22 minutes ahead of 3rd placed rider Suzanne Sonye.

Interestingly, he for she only beat the other women by 1 second.

3 upvotesscramtek3 years ago

Similar to transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox.
Born a dude but now competes in the women's featherweight division (145 lbs).
She (yes she) is a post-op transgender woman. I fully accept her as a woman.
But she was a manly 145 lbs dude just a few years ago. And now she's a very butch 145 lbs woman who fights professionally against women who've never had the benefit of male genealogy.
A woman who's lived over 3/4 of her life as a man. A woman who had the physical benefits of 31 years of development as a man before opting to change gender.

She may be a lovely person, and I support her decision to reassign as a woman (with all that entails).
But for her to fight natural-born women as an equal is just plain laughable. Shady promotions book her knowing it's a freak show and everyone involved deserves scorn and derision. Herself included.

1 upvotesrowingnut3 years ago

.3 percent of the population, yet they have athletes percolating up become top contenders in many sports. This is not right and will actually hurt the transgender movement. It is just B.S.

1 upvotesSwiss_Cheese97973 years ago

Kinda the plot of "The Ringer" lol

1 upvotestux683 years ago

I wonder what will happen when women-only gyms start to be attended by men this way as well. Women are going to have a bad time because of all this bullshit.

1 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

i think some dude actually sued Curves for discrimination

1 upvotesdrunksaver3 years ago

IIRC it was a regular gym that had women's only hours. He sued and won I believe.

1 upvoteswarcroft3 years ago

Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way? Maybe this cyclist dude and MMA Fox dude are doing it for the guys?

Femanist/leftist chicks are all like "Equality. Genders are equal. We can do what males can. 70c."

So these two dudes sign up and beat the shit out of chicks. Soon enough chicks will be like "Ummm, maybe that wasn't such a good idea." And guys will be like "Fucking told you so! But nooooo, you wouldnt fucking listen!"

Reminds me of: "But, this was a contest for children!" "Yeah, and Homer beat their brains out."

1 upvotesGoomich3 years ago

Why compete with men in one game if you can beat women in two?

1 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic3 years ago

Biology wins. Flawless victory.

1 upvotesgjs6283 years ago

This makes me so happy. These people have excelled at mental gymnastics for so long, they've backflipped themselves into a corner. "Men pretending to be women competing in sport? Disgusting!" Remember that South African runner, Caster Semenye, winning all those Olympic medals and the uproar it caused when she was assumed to have been born a man?

Now we have come full circle to that being okay. Because if that isn't okay, then every argument we've made for "gender is all in your head" falls apart. That's like The Rock wearing a woman's wig and dominating every Woman's wrestling match on the planet. The only time I can think this would be a bad thing is if a woman entered a men's Sandwich making competition.

1 upvotesgreatslyfer3 years ago

I'm paraphrasing but this phrase in particular

"We have to be open and accepting"

triggered me.

Are you letting someone's feelings and childlike response dictate how you enforce the rules?

Man these people really are making the 'political correctness' a real living thing that's fucking them up.

1 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

Haha . .. this is going to be rad . Thank You mod, its so funny . :') We are soon gonna see women ply for change of pronouns to their old versions .

1 upvotestedcase3 years ago

"though not having had sex reassignment surgery".

Why does a chick with a cock insist on doing a sport that requires lycra shorts?


1 upvoteswritemeoffgiveuponme3 years ago


They're gonna have to have 3 classes now. Male, female, Mental illness

1 upvotesphate04513 years ago

This needs to be a thing. It needs to inundate every women sporting event out there including the Olympics. Men will one day stand on every single first place podium on the planet.

1 upvotesofficialkingofhearts3 years ago

I guess... who would actually want to fuck and inverted dick though.

1 upvotesrecon_johnny3 years ago

WTF does it keep saying "She"?

0 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

She beat rival Anna Sparks by just one second, with those two riders dominating the women’s race and coming home 22 minutes ahead of 3rd placed rider Suzanne Sonye.

Do you guys even read articles or just go off of the post title?

I don't think winning by one second is dominating. You guys are circlejerking a bit here.

The flair is science but there's no science in the article.

upvoteslodro3 years ago

She beat one rider by 1 second, and everybody else by 22 minutes or more. 22 minutes is a huge lead.

1 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

You're right, but the implication of the title and all the comments in this thread are that a biological male competing in female sports would give a ridiculous advantage, which I agree with in general, but this is not evidence of, because a biological female raced almost identically.

2 upvotesillisit3 years ago

That woman that was beaten by one second may be a once in a lifetime level of great in terms of athleticism and ability. The fact there was such a large lead tends more towards it being the case.

0 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

Maybe, but imagine a man versus a woman in powerlifting.

upvoteslodro3 years ago

That may be, but isn't necessarily the case. This example is ambiguous because we don't know, but have good reason to suspect that the 2nd place finisher wasn't a natural female either. Cycling is far and away the number one PED sport and those two finished far ahead of the rest.

2 upvotesillisit3 years ago

You mean natural in terms of being a steroid user?

2 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

Right, in an article about a transgender woman winning a womens cycling race, they failed to mention the very close second place was also transgender. FFS stop grasping at straws.

upvoteslodro3 years ago

You missed my point completely. I'm guessing you aren't into sports.

1 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

Then reword it because what I got from it was "the article didn't say she was biologically female so we can assume she isn't because of her performance."

1 upvotesEn-Zu3 years ago

In all honesty I think extremes like this are needed to prove a point.

Women who were born women but, through some hormonal abnormality or another, have higher t levels etc but otherwise healthy have always had an edge in most women's events.

Having strict guidelines as what the limitations on what a "female" is for athletics is something thats been needed for awhile and based on something meaningful like t levels and not something that doesn't matter athletically like gender at birth or genitalia.

-2 upvotesaazav3 years ago

Can we not have nasty ass tranny shit on here?

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