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Focus on you first. And second. And third. And...blah blah...Worry about women seventh.

by Archwinger on /r/TheRedPill
24 July 2014 09:17 PM UTC

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A lot of people (especially new people) show up on The Red Pill wondering “What specifically do I do to improve my life?” They’re not looking for academic theory about women and power-talk and discussions about how shitty women are and how alpha and beta various examples of men are. They’re looking for concrete help. Advice they can implement today to make their lives better.

First, join a gym, or start going if you already joined but don’t go regularly. Or go back if you used to work out and stopped. Make time for this. Every day. Or maybe 6 days a week. Or every other day if you have shit to do. But minimum 3 times per week and preferably more. Do strength training. Look up stronglifts 5x5 or something comparable, and fucking do it. Cardio in between if you’re going every day. This is your time. Don’t talk to girls. Don’t talk to guys. Don’t waste your gym hour. Just work out. It will suck at first but get easier. Here’s the key: It doesn’t matter if you get stronger or look different after a month. (You will, but it doesn’t matter.) The way you walk, talk, and carry yourself will become better, in a way you won’t notice but others will, if you know that you’ve done all you can to prepare your body to face the day, every day. And it’s just plain good for you to grow some fucking muscle.

Second, eat well and get enough sleep. Staying up until 4:AM drinking beer is fine when you’re 19 and in college studying for an exam, but you’re a real person now, and you wake up at 5:AM to work out. So eat real food (not bars and shakes), cut out soft drinks and energy drinks and other bullshit, limit alcohol to social drinking, learn to cook, and buy actual shit from an actual healthy grocery store. And sleep 8-9 hours per night. You have nothing to prove to anybody by staying up until midnight. You have a job, a workout regimen, and a life to live. Lack of sleep hinders all of that and makes you a less efficient and a less attractive human.

Third, get a job if you don’t have one. Get a good job if you already have a shitty job. Get ahead at your good job if you already have one of those. You can look on indeed.com or monster or any other job site, but be forewarned – every job posting you see on the internet will get a thousand resumes. Do a general search for companies in your industry and just send them letters and a copy of your resume. Follow up within the week. By phone, not e-mail. Talk to everyone you know and get hooked up at places you never would have thought to approach. Networking is the best way to get a job, and having a day job and steady income affects the way you walk and talk. Even if you don’t notice this, others will. Even if you’re in school now, get a part time job doing something cool. It’s a great conversation piece, and when you’re finally out of school, the fact that you did something besides go to school the last 4 years sets you apart from other college graduates first starting to send their resumes to employers.

Fourth, talk to strangers. All the fucking time. Are you in line somewhere? A coffee shop? The student union at your university? Are you on a street or in a building, or at the gym or anywhere else where other people exist and aren’t busy working? Just chat with strangers. You’re not trying to make a new best friend or get a date. You’re just chatting with people, both men and women, 30-60 seconds tops, maybe 10 people a day. Most of this will go nowhere and be super-awkward, but maybe you meet someone you can add to your network and contact later. More importantly, however, you get over the inherent fear we all have of rejection. You talk to strangers without caring what they’ll say or think, it’s awkward and stupid, it sucks and you look dumb and have nothing to talk about. But six months from now, you’ll realize that you’re actually good at talking to people, strangers are as afraid of you as you are of them, and you develop a knack for getting other people to seek your approval, rather than vice versa. This translates into more success meeting women, more confidence at job interviews and business/social functions, and the like.

Fifth, join some professional societies, hobbyist groups, start taking guitar or martial art lessons, or something that interests you, not related to your day job. You need shit to do besides work, cook dinner, and sleep. Otherwise, you’re a boring little shit. Be interested in something and look into it. Cooking? Making soap? Making explosives? Going to the shooting range? I don’t care. But if you’re a man, you’ve at least passively been interested in lots of things over the years. Pick a few items of the greatest interest to you and actually look into them. You won’t live forever.

Sixth, study up on game. It doesn’t matter how fit, healthy, successful, social, and interesting you are. Women and talking them into fucking you is something different from all of that. If you don’t know how to talk to girls in a sexual way, you’ll die a rich, super hawt, very interesting virgin who didn’t have game. You have to learn how to treat women like anybody else, be outcome independent, talk subtly sexually, touch in a non-awkward way, and escalate the situation to a sexual encounter. This is a learned skill, not something that “just happens” naturally the way women will tell you it does. For them, it just happens. For you, it’s a practiced skill, and making this happen is something that is completely independent from looks/fitness, success, hobbies, and social skills. Having all of that makes game a lot easier (which is why game comes as sixth on this list), but all of that without game won’t get you laid, and game without all of that will make your life a lot harder.

Finally, start going out every weekend, and/or maybe one weeknight a week, and approach women. Constantly, the same way you talked to strangers above. Note how this is seventh on my list, and not all that important. Women don’t matter if you haven’t done 1-6. And you can be happy and successful just doing 1-6 and forgetting all about women. That’s actually key. If you’re not happy, all on your own, just with who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re capable of, then you’ll never land a woman (not a worthwhile one anyway). If you’re physically fit or at least confident about your gym routine, healthy and well-rested, professionally successful, socially not awkward, have hobbies and interests, and are at least decently versed in game, you finally have a decent chance of not being blown off by the average woman. As noted above, treat women like talking to strangers. Just chat with them like anybody else, in a non-awkward way, and you’re already leagues beyond the normal loser, who doesn’t have the courage to walk up and talk (and when he does, he’s an awkward loser). Just talking to women and coming across like a non-awkward, non-loser puts you in the top 25% of men. Being subtly sexual and escalating via touch puts you in the top 20%, give or take. Not caring whether you’re turned down or not and moving on to the next woman like the one who just pissed on you doesn’t count puts you in the top 15. Being fit, successful, socially apt, and interesting, on top of good game, puts you in the top 10.

The top 10 percent gets laid every weekend. Maybe not by every single woman they approach, but by the end of the night, you’ll have a fuck buddy lined up. But this comes after a few weeks or months of hard work becoming worth a shit. The key is being happy without women. If you’re fit, successful, socially apt, and in possession of useful and interesting skills and hobbies, you should be able to have a decent life without women. Women would rather line up to be the gravy on your awesome life than be the main course, featured on the otherwise empty plate of a loser.

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138 upvotesDISMANTLE55 years ago

If TRP were a family, you'd be the wise protective father. Nice post, the succinct to-do list for every newbie.

While reading this, most new people will feel an itch at the back of their mind, trying to reason themselves out of doing it. That's your internal hamster in its natural habitat

25 upvotesxtr3m5 years ago

I reddit-friended Arch when he just started posting here. I'm proud as if I picked Apple stock 30 years ago.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesxtr3m5 years ago

Reddit highlights friends' posts and comments. There's also /r/friends.

3 upvotesColdEiric5 years ago

So, if I were to 'friend' Archwinger, would I only subscribe his comments and posts, as a follower of Archwinger's word?

Or is it some kind of Facebookish thing where he needs to 'accept' my 'friend request'?

4 upvotestheredpillager5 years ago

He doesn't have to accept. After adding, you click friends up in the top bar and you see posts from people you've added. Friend is probably not a good word choice on reddit's part, but whatever.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The job part, though. I have parents who are willing to support me through college for at least my first year. Is focusing on school and self-improvement without a job acceptable?

6 upvotestrpMilo5 years ago

Don't do a part time job during the school year if you don't have to. Do get an awesome summer internship. Apply to a hundred and you'll get one that's badass

3 upvotesDISMANTLE55 years ago

It's not necessary but I can definitely recommend it. You get experience for your CV, you learn more skills, and you get more dollar! I currently have a part-time job while I do my PHD. Gonna have more bank by the time I graduate.

1 upvotestheredpillager5 years ago

Seek an internship or work study job. These will be office-oriented and serve you well once you graduate. They also have rather low expectations and hourly requirements. You can typically study during your down-time on the job. I put myself through college, worked the whole time, networked, and am more successful than most my age as a result. Learn to take risks, put some money away to invest later, buy land.

1 upvotesLucasaur5 years ago

This is the post that has convinced me to start! Reading this list has some how made my mind say "Okay! Lets do this!" So im starting after work today, or monday. (Im going camping this weekend)

1 upvotesDISMANTLE55 years ago

Hopefully TRP is the spark that finally gets your engine permanently running. It was for me. Good luck and don't quit.

1 upvotesPlebDestroyer5 years ago

But I thought we were a family :'(

43 upvotesMrRIP5 years ago

I told my girl she was the fourth most important thing in my life. It was me, my mother, my career and then her

-Patrice O' Neal

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesJovianTrainWreck5 years ago

The Black Phillip Show with Patrice O'Neal

Listen and listen well. You're welcome.

1 upvotesmhf325 years ago

Always remind that jokingly to my girlfriend too. First: my phone, second my career, third my guitar, fourth my sister, fifth is debatable between her and my computer

29 upvotesM3TAMAN5 years ago

Start a blog, you're my favorite contributor by far.

automod offering

24 upvotesRebootedMale5 years ago

Couple of other things for the target of this post:

1) Keep your pad SPOTLESS. Be ready to entertain at all times, even if you never entertain. You will eventually entertain, and it will boost your social value.

2) Work on having your OWN transportation (exception for cities with amazing public transportation) and your OWN place (no roommates).

21 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

Keep your car and office clean, too. Not just to look good for others, but to grow a sense of pride in your life and where you spend it.

11 upvotesOverkillengine5 years ago

That, and laziness in any form is habit forming.

-11 upvoteswillyouswagme5 years ago

The habit of lazyness is unbreakable :(

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Not true. Any habit can be broken through discipline and willpower.

1 upvotesch4os13375 years ago

I agree, there are things that cause lack of discipline and willpower however which need to be fixed first.

The first that pops into my head are mental disorders, depression/axiety can be 'cured'. seeing a Doctor will help a lot if it turns out being a physiological issue. Another common one is low testosterone.

Can't afford it? Well now you got something to prioritize.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesDMAredditer5 years ago

Wouldn't that be the easiest of habits to break?

21 upvotesBlocguy5 years ago

I really like your part about putting in hard work. Newbies come in here thinking TRP is just a quick read and bam, you're alpha.

I read TRP for three months and took time off from coming here everyday and began applying little morsels of our philosophy in my life. (Most) of the real alphas in this sub don't have time to post because they are busy applying it to their lives. There comes a point when reading this sub that you realize you've read this before. At that point you already know what you need to do, and it's just a matter of deliberately putting yourself in situations that test whether or not you've actually learned something.

This is a great post for anyone not knowing where to start, you don't just end up in the aforementioned 10%, you gotta earn that shit.

TL;DR: Good post. You get what you take, not what you deserve.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesZran5 years ago

We will get there, don't believe it, know it, prove it.

39 upvotesBaeCaughtMeJackinOff5 years ago

If the mods are listening, this should be on the side bar. Clear, succinct and to the point.

Thanks OP, Im going to read this everyday to remind myself of my priorities.

1 upvotesel_Technico5 years ago

I agree, put it on the side bar.

I for one welcome the rule of our bot overlords !!

17 upvotesGigem_longhorns5 years ago

One thing that helped me was the three second rule.

"I should go to bed" becomes "I'm going to bed" and shit like that.

Working out regularly because of that, haven't been late to work in half a year. I don't actually have self control and was addicted to gaming. Making self control a game worked out pretty well. I try to get a high score for how many times I followed the rule. Not following resets the number.

I should get off reddit and shower.

9 upvotesTestosteroneFilled5 years ago

PUAs use the 3 second rule in approaching women. You see a woman you're attracted to and think about going up to her and talking. But before actually going to her, your brain will be hamstering some stuff like "she's out of my league, she'll think I'm a creep. She's probably in a hurry." Instead of letting these thoughts affect you, count to 3 and just go up to her and start speaking.

3 upvotesthredditsowaway5 years ago

It's a fantastic mentality. If you do it right, approaching will become exciting and will be your default action, not something you have to force. After a great weekend at the bars I found myself in a situation where approaching was just not a good idea and actually had to consciously hold myself back from doing it.

New habits do form. This stuff works.

1 upvotesGigem_longhorns5 years ago

Yes, I apply it to other things. You come up with excuses if you take more than three seconds to start something.

1 upvotesPlebDestroyer5 years ago

So you say, "I should..." then three seconds later you simply go do it?

1 upvotesGigem_longhorns5 years ago

Within in three seconds I start working toward the goal. If I'm already occupied by something important it doesn't count.

35 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is the true essence of The Red Pill, and it ought to be highlighted somewhere on the sidebar for newbies and curious people to look at.

TRP is not about gaming women, it's about re-discovering what it means to be Male and be confident about it, living one's life to its fullest.

Do that and women will follow, not as an afterthought, but as a consequence of being an awesome person.

9 upvotesCaptainFalconer5 years ago

Stronglifts 6 days a week?

I'd be scared of the catabolism of my gains :/

13 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

The Top 3 Muscle Building Mistakes Men Make

*2. Lifting weights 5 or 6 days per week

More lifting = more muscle gains, right? Wrong. The anabolic period takes place over a roughly 36 hour period after you lift (2). By slamming more and more lifting sessions into this window you aren’t doing yourself a favor. The anabolic processes in your body require proper rest and nutrition to work at maximum capacity, not lifting more weights. The take home lesson here is: go hard in the gym, and then focus on resting and eating to recover and build muscle so you can go just as hard on your next session, if not even harder.

3 upvotesalphabux5 years ago

I prefer chaosandpain's take on this which to stop being a pussy and fucking lift. You're probably not anywhere near overtraining anyway.


2 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

I agree for the most part. The problem is if you tell a pussy who doesn't lift at all that he has to completely change his lifestyle and start lifting every day, he is less likely to start in the first place. Tell him he only needs to go hard twice a week, and he'll be more willing to give it a shot.

1 upvotesPlebDestroyer5 years ago

Science shows that hitting each bodypart twice a week is optimal for gains. Do with that what you will

I know most of you aren't bodybuilders or avid trainers but you should look into iifym. Make sure tha tif you want ot gain/lose weight that you are in a caloric deficit/surplus.

5 upvotesFreshGold5 years ago

started SL recently, attempting 6 days a week

largely because at first the weights it tells you to use are fairly light (even for someone like me who doesn't have much strength) but I figured it would help me:

  • have a starting point
  • spend time focusing on form while the weight is lightish
  • avoid plateaus

The app is decent and holds your hand through shit.

3 upvotesanonlymouse5 years ago

Maintaining 6 days a week will cause plateaus, not help you avoid them. That said, all you need to do once you hit one is add rest days.

2 upvotesPallanas5 years ago

I'm sharing the same concerns, going to the gym everyday is nice, working on the same muscles 6 day in a row is plainly a bad idea. It's a fact that muscle grows (mostly volume, performance too) when they are resting after training. You should alternate between cardio training, leg days (lower body) and arm days (upper body) IMO.

1 upvotesBoyMeetsHarem5 years ago

He said to do cardio in between if you're going to the gym 6 days a week. Not to lift six days a week.

1 upvotesCaptainFalconer5 years ago

Cardio would still be catabolic.

Granted some people try to do HIIT in between lift days instead of standard cardio to lessen it's catabolic effect.

6 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

Despite the costs of cardio on your gains, I got no respect for a guy who, massive as he is, gets winded carrying groceries up the stairs to a third floor apartment. A healthy heart keeps you alive longer and makes everything else in the body work better.

2 upvotesCaptainFalconer5 years ago

Agreed there. Also helps with your endurance in bed.

But me, I'm still in the newbie-gains phase. And somewhat monk mode.

I wanted some fat loss up front, looked at HIIT, Leangains, and Ketogenic Dieting.

I chose the last one, because it matched my goals better. And because if you increase the calories, it goes from a cut to a bulk.

13 upvotes87GNX5 years ago

This is well-written and informative. Sidebar material for sure.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Awesome post for anyone who thinks that just finding a good girl is going to make you happy. This is absolutely the best way to happiness.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

40 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

People (not just women, everyone) unconsciously respect and defer to muscular guys. Not like freakish circus strongman or Olympic medallist insane and silly looking builds, but an athletic, muscled build. Not skinny fat, not lanky runner. You command a room much more easily when you're built. And women think it's haawt. Even the ones who insist they don't. You don't see them seeking out fatasses or lanky nerds.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesProductivityMonster5 years ago

I'm a soccer player who recently started lifting. You age better (lose less testosterone) when you're more muscular. It also helps you lose subcutaneous belly fat (the type you can see and squeeze) more than any other type of exercise. Focus on exercises that use many groups of muscles like squats and dead lifts.

On a side note, interval training (very common for soccer players) is best to remove dangerous visceral fat (you can't see it but very bad for your health) in the stomach which can cause diabetes and a host of nasty preventable diseases.

1 upvotesozrain5 years ago

But what does a short guy do? starting to workout but being short is a serious disadvantage

6 upvotesZunscriii5 years ago

I'm 5'5 and cry myself to sleep everynight. That's all you can do. No but seriously it's definitely a disadvantage. Just accept it because you really can't do anything about it. You just got to put more effort into it (it=things trp teaches). It's not fair, but life isn't fair and you got to work with what you have because what else is there to do?

5 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

Some women don't date short guys. Some don't date black guys.

Some guys are born with congenital heart defects and die by age 30. Some guys get into a random car accident and die at 16.

You play the hand you're dealt without whining about it.

1 upvotesgiffengoods5 years ago

Would you support shoe lifts?

4 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

What's it matter what I think? You trying to fuck me? I'm pretty cute.

Would appearing taller help some of the time, with some women? Maybe. Would faking height get you laughed at some of the time, by some women? Yeah. Probably about the same percentage of women who react strongly to you being short. Maybe even the exact same women.

3 upvotesTestosteroneFilled5 years ago

What? Being short is not a disadvantage in weightlifting, quite the contrary actually. You can make the gains the 6'3 guys will in such a quicker time and much easier. Are you seriously saying having a good body is a disadvantage if you're short?

Edit: I'm not saying it's not a disadvantage in general. Just in terms of working out and getting fit quicker, it's an advantage.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They're making a new Star Wars movie. Apply to be an Ewok, perhaps.

21 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

There are enormous immediate benefits, one of which is the sudden surge of testosterone in your system. Anyone who has done strength training will tell you how amazing it feels being high on test. You feel like you can walk through walls.

Secondly, size matters. There is such a thing as too big, but women absolutely find larger men attractive, and a lot of men naturally defer to you if you're bigger than them.

If for some crazy reason you had to skip every other thing on the list, don't skip this one.

11 upvotesHumankeg5 years ago

If for some crazy reason you had to skip every other thing on the list, don't skip this one.

This. Women are just as shallow as men when it comes to looks. The hotter you are, the less you have to try and the more shit you can get away with.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

so much broscience, weight training does not effect testosterone levels thats endorphins you are feeling and adrenaline.

Funny, I didn't know they published broscience in scholarly articles.

I've been lifting weights for 15 years and have a science degree. Don't presume to tell me what is and isn't broscience.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvoteswhatsazipper5 years ago

Don't yap about your degree. No one cares. Now, if you could link to evidence that refutes the papers Cyralea provided, that would actually be useful.

9 upvotesJihadDerp5 years ago

Yeah the focus isn't on exercise in general, it's on weight training specifically. That's because women defer to strength in a sexual partner, like men defer to big tits and a big ass or a nice face in a woman. Why do women like tall guys? Tall guys are stronger, more domineering than short guys. Women like strength, and tall guys look strong. Lucky for short guys, they can lift weights, get strong, and look the part.

Not to say other types of exercise to look fit aren't important. It's better to be in shape from running or whatever than not. But at the end of the day, women prefer the guy with muscles over the guy without, because (evolutionary psych says) he's a better protector/provider.

4 upvotes6482625 years ago

Because it gives more attractive results and the effects last longer. It also increases your natural testosterone which makes you more masculine. We want to be men.

5 upvotesanonlymouse5 years ago

Every professional athlete does weight training. It's good for you no matter what your goal is.

1 upvoteswilleat4food5 years ago

nothing wrong with running. i have a bit of an unorthodox routine, where i'll stick to a weight lifting regimen for a few months and then strictly do high intensity/interval cardio for a couple months. that way i can build muscle when i lift and then get rid of most excess fat i may have put on as a result of me having to eat more when i'm trying to gain muscle. i'm thinking about switching up to lifting and then follow it with 20 min of cardio, but that's just something i prefer. as someone who was at one point very fat, i feel like it is easier for me to gain and retain weight than most, so strictly dieting doesn't cut it for me. as long as you look and feel good, you'll be fine

3 upvotesfapordie_5 years ago

This is fucking gold. Sidebar material.

3 upvotesKarmaEnthusiast5 years ago

I think the overarching idea that needs to go along with this list (it's a good list btw) is that you need to APPLY. Application of ideas is what makes them real, is what makes them worthwhile. Thomas Edison didn't get famous by thinking about the lightbulb, he did by MAKING it. Execution of an idea involves risk and it is inherently a male characteristic. So read this list, think about what it means, then go out and act on it. Live your life 50% thinking, 50% acting and you'll be successful.

Sad to say so many 'men' nowadays are too afraid to take that risk.

1 upvotesdeadlycatch5 years ago

This... learned it late, but starting now...

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

In addition to lifting I also recommend doing some type of sport. This became the reason I lift - I wanted to perform as well as possible for myself and my team.

Be picky about your friends. You don't really want people who are going to drag you down to their level, avoid basement dwellers, drunks, stoners etc etc... This is not you anymore.

2 upvotesrottenx515 years ago

Staying up until 4:AM drinking beer is fine when you’re 19 and in college studying for an exam

YAY! I was worried for a sec that I should give up my nocturnal life.

2 upvotesKenshinX905 years ago

"Making soap? Making explosives?"

Is this a fight club reference? Sorry if i digress.

1 upvotest21spectre5 years ago

Regardless, I laughed my ass off. Just one of those casual hobbies.

2 upvotesjgj095 years ago

Best poster on TRP.

Have you thought about starting a blog?

2 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

Blogs take time and maintenance and cost money and shit. I can just spout crap from my keyboard on Reddit in my spare time.

I guess I could try to monetize a blog, turn something I do for fun into a job, maybe try to make a book out of it, but a lot of people seem to be doing that already. And not just manosphere people -- that's a route people take in lots of subject areas.

1 upvotesjgj095 years ago

I see. I just enjoy how logic-based it is. You don't try and be outrageous to make people read your writing...you just make good points and use everyday examples. Keep it up.

2 upvotesMihawk015 years ago

Want to add a bit on 4th point.

I have done a sales course, done by a guy who used to do pick up trainings, very powerful stuff. It lasted more than a month, and by the end of it, we were able to sell matches to people on the street.

We started jut by getting used to talking to people on the street. It is very powerful being able to talk, and make deep, quick connections with people from the street, real powerful stuff. Very much recommended, however, it must always e practiced, just like game, otherwise you loose the edge.

2 upvotesApollo19825 years ago

Can't go wrong with any of that... I'm working on #6 right now, some successes with #7 but keep having to go back to theory after I catch one.

1 upvotesrusty845 years ago

Here’s the key: It doesn’t matter if you get stronger or look different after a month. (You will, but it doesn’t matter.) The way you walk, talk, and carry yourself will become better, in a way you won’t notice but others will, if you know that you’ve done all you can to prepare your body to face the day, every day.

I agree, but can you please explain?

2 upvotesChaohinon5 years ago

some anecdotal experiences I've had:

Squatting 3x a week made walking uphill at a steep incline feel like a breeze. If you really keep at it, you may develop J-Lo butt, butt fear not, chicks will like it. Back exercises like deadlifts and rows will help with back posture overall.

1 upvotesscooby_pav5 years ago

thanks..this is really helpful

1 upvotescuttingedge1235 years ago

can you recommend me where can I learn about game?

1 upvotesFetish_Goth5 years ago

You should throw some dark triad advice in there. Some of this sounds like "how to build a better provider".

Women would rather line up to be the gravy on your awesome life than be the main course, featured on the otherwise empty plate of a loser.

Yeah except for the fact that losers are the type of guy they will cheat on you with.

I'm not saying be a loser, but don't be Mr. perfect provider either. Be physically strong. Be selfish. Have a vice or two. If you have a 9-5 boring job, have an artistic hobby, or one that gets your hands dirty. I'd rather be an escapist fantasy than a marriage fantasy.

1 upvotesdeadlycatch5 years ago

I would clean this up and put it in the side bar: Do these 6 things first.... then # 7.... then pay it forward.

1 upvotesmctoasterson5 years ago

I think this is one of the parts people struggle with about TRP.

The more self-sufficient, independent, and content you are already, the better you will do with picking up women. Women will automatically be interested in a man who is competent, successful, and comfortable in his own skin.

The fewer fucks you give, the more interested they will be.

1 upvotesMihawk015 years ago

Great advice, real good stuff.

I myself have discovered many of those things a while ago, although I have to admit, I sometimes find it hard following this lifestyle completely. As in sometimes I would skip talking to strangers, or going gym, or talking to ladies.

But when it is in place you feel like you are a fucking made man. TOP OF THE WORLD.

1 upvoteshamboni235 years ago

This is the kind of guidance I come to TRP for. I got injured pretty bad and haven't been able to work or go to the gym. My frame has been bombarded with all kinds of crazy thoughts. Stick to these principles and it's hard to be shaken.

1 upvotespriusowner6665 years ago

I appreciate your 4th point, it is something I never do, and I know I need to start. Thanks!

2 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

That's actually a seriously important activity to undertake that nobody ever does. Look around you. Strangers in lines, at cafes, on streets, all just standing around staring into space or at their goddamn cell phones.

Like everyone made all the friends they're ever going to need in high school, and they just shut down after that and keep in touch with the same six people using those goddamn cell phones all day.

It's gotten so bad that saying hello to a stranger in line at a coffee shop is suspicious! People wonder why the fuck you're talking to them. You're not one of the six friends they made in high school. Are you hitting on them? Selling something? Trying to convert them to your religion? Saying hello to a stranger is hard -- you're practically conditioned not to do it from birth, and people are shocked when you start talking to them. It's actually kind of fun. Other people are so fucking shocked, that if you're the least bit assertive, in about 15 seconds, you have them qualifying themselves to you. That's the point you want to reach -- where you stop feeling like you need to explain yourself, rationalize your existence, and lead in to talking to people, and you can just start expressing yourself to people you meet on the street. When they start explaining themselves to you instead.

1 upvotesBeattz5 years ago

Thanks, gonna start making some explosives today, like you recommended.

1 upvotesdonald3475 years ago

Just discovered redpill. I've been around self help for a long time and I've found this to all be true except for the fact that you missed something; at some point, things will suck. You can't ALWAYS have your shit together. It's the wheel of fortune. Sometimes you fall off. You're not every fully in control of life. Realizing that's part of growing up too.

1 upvotesinonerightmeow5 years ago

Commenting to save later, will read every day

1 upvotesSeekingTheWay5 years ago

commenting to save as well

1 upvotesteeelo5 years ago

Yup, saved this post for continued reading.

I'm confident in saying I have most of these down pretty good. But the 'good enough' attitude is something not to be proud of. I have lived a life that has me taking anti-depressants to stay afloat. And as it turns out my 'normal' 'balanced' state is one of extreme neutrality and general disinterest in anything I don't bring into my little world.

My biggest issues are and have always been my job and/or career satisfaction as well as having hobbies. I am totally homebody by default. 99% of the time I have zero interest in going out or joining clubs etc. it's learned behaviour. I'm not sure if there has always been something chemically wrong in my brain or it is just a side effect of my experiences. Either way like most that have come to TRP it's been an uphill battle.

At least I know what I'm doing wrong, rather than struggling through denial and naivety.

-2 upvotesKeninishna5 years ago

Guys this is not a total bullet, it sounds good but I do all these things and yet am too autistic to get laid. These things are key to happiness though. I think the biggest thing you can do to get laid is be a douchebag and take what you want.

13 upvotesArchwinger [OP]5 years ago

Focus on the talking to strangers bit. You guys on the spectrum have to work a bit harder for social interaction to become second nature.

0 upvotesantwonedw5 years ago

Saving this. Nice succinct checklist. Thanks for sharing homie.

-11 upvotesFallenHighSchoolJock5 years ago

There were two lotteries when you were born. 1) You had about a 50 percent chance of being born with a vagina and living an easy life free of worries. 2) You had a 5 - 10 percent chance of being a really good looking male. We lost both.

-8 upvotesventurecapitalcat5 years ago

This is for good advice if you want to be THE uber-alpha. But it doesn't necessarily fit with people who have different personality types.

There is a different red pill for everybody. If you have a facebook and start getting into your mid-20s, you start to see a fair number of situations where guys who aren't the most physically robust are with really great looking women. In your personal experience, you start seeing a lot of people getting laid despite their body type.

The true value of the red pill for me is that it has confirmed that a large portion of society have very dishonest ways of dealing with themselves, and that this denial can spill over into their personal relationships. It has enabled me to be a more effective communicator because I can see bullshit where I see it - and avoid it.

There are a lot of red pillers who seek no-bullshit long-term companionship who can be happy with a woman long term. There are also a lot of red pillers who seek exactly the opposite; there is no right or wrong, it's all about what you desire in life that determines your strategy. The OP's post, however, is for the latter type of red piller.

-5 upvotesyoualreadyknowww5 years ago

"The top 10 percent gets laid every weekend. Maybe not by every single woman they approach, but by the end of the night, you’ll have a fuck buddy lined up."


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