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"I like you because you make me feel good"

by BlueEstee on /r/TheRedPill
02 February 2019 08:56 PM UTC

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After having sex with a plate of mine, the oxytocin and dopamine rush made her tell me that she really likes me. "Really really really" likes me.

"Oh yeah?", I asked acting surprised, "Why is that?".

"I like you because...", she made a pause to think about the reasons. Finally she listed them:

  • I like you because you made me a good breakfast.
  • I like you because I sleep really well when you're next to me.
  • I like you because you make me feel safe.
  • I like you because you fuck me really well.

Fun fact: On multiple occasions I saw spicy text notifications on her phone from a guy named Raphael. AWALT, but that's not the point of this post.

Before TRP I would be head over heels, because a girl appreciated my efforts! See, there are so many reasons why I earned her appreciation! So obviously the more I please her, the more she's gonna like me!

However after learning about TRP, here's what I actually heard:

"I like you because you make me feel good".

She didn't mention my character traits, my passions, my actions directed to anything expect herself. She likes me, because I make her feel good. Soon, I will become familiar and thus giving her less intense emotions. My turn will end.

The more I will try to please her to gain her affection, the less she's gonna like me. That's how it works. Thank you TRP for helping me recognize that.

Stay safe, brothers.

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171 upvotesgraceful_aggression1 year ago

A good reminder that TRP allows a more conscious awareness of common AWALT behavior; over time, occurrences such as these becomes less of a surprise, and you gradually build amused mastery.

336 upvotesdirty_ja_galis1 year ago

Yep. She likes you because you validate her.

You validate her simply by being a great catch and she being the lucky girl to suck your dick.

Continue being a great catch.

54 upvotesdev_blockchain_ai1 year ago

Yeh dude her reasons for liking YOU were literally nothing about you

But honestly those are the best you’re gonna get from a woman in the modern world for now. Only guys can respect your skills and hobbies and character traits about YOU and how they make you self sufficient

Evolutionarily she’s in love with you precisely because she knows you can knock her up and give her babies and they’d eat well, sleep well, and feel comfortable and low drama around you. So in a way you got the highest compliment possible women are capable of. :/

They just can’t do better. IF you decide to lock this down just warning about Raphael. You better make sure that isn’t going on 100%. Or you’re just gonna get cucked.

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I don't think you understand, bud. The thing is, she isn't LTR worthy. Go read the studies of what happens to most women after around the 3 or 4 year mark in relationships. Attraction plummets. So really, optimally, you should at most be looking for an MTR that you switch up every now and then before it sizzles out...

32 upvotesdev_blockchain_ai1 year ago

Well I wouldn’t touch her if she’s had too many past ex’s

I married a virgin (first wife was not a virgin and it got me to trp and I figured shit out) and have kids now because I don’t want the entire globe to be Turkmenistan or Zimbabwe in 30 years but if an orgasm with a banging chick keeps the dopamine flowing more power to you. I get more dopamine knowing my genes will live on forever. Dunno why. Also fortunately my wife still asks regularly for sex even at the 8 year mark (of us fucking not how long we’ve been married) and even complains I don’t have sex ENOUGH with her. Also AWALT still applies big league.. this is why I spend a ton of time in the garage building shit, at the gym, or with kids or literally fucking other women :(. If I didn’t I know she’d already be sick of my ass.

End of blog

9 upvotesScorchyy1 year ago

So basically you cheat on your wife and admit it?

-3 upvotesdev_blockchain_ai1 year ago

I have a life that would put you into a jealous rage

10 upvotesFalconWrite1 year ago

Oh no. You were doing so well up until this

3 upvotesScorchyy1 year ago

Fuckin looser, those who say that are the most insecure and unhappy

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

9 upvotes22oregon221 year ago

My last relationship started to implode at around the 3 year mark. Less sex, blow jobs near non existent, GF lazy as hell, holding resentment about me pursuing a doctorate and not giving her enough time, etc. She broke up with me at around the 4.5 year mark because I was a bitch back then. Now she’s dating a more wealthy older guy because she is hot and can get away with whatever she wants.

Anyways, loved the write. Even though my example is anecdotal I see it all the time.

TRP changed my mode of thinking and quite frankly my life.


6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Like I said man, don't take it personally. That's how women are wired. Wouldn't have mattered if you were Brad Pitt. Hell, look what happened to him...

6 upvotes22oregon221 year ago

Absolutely. At 26, just starting my career, I’ll be that man in my mid to late thirties who is established financially with status and doing the same thing to guys like me at my age. Women can’t fight hypergamous inclinations— it’s biology.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesIncel98761 year ago

Go read the studies of what happens to most women after around the 3 or 4 year mark in relationships. Attraction plummets. So really, optimally

Women are meant to be getting pregnant on around a semi-annual basis. And if a man hasn't knocked her up after 3 or 4 years, then historically he was probably infertile and she should move on.

4 upvotesmtriad1 year ago

I agree, except to the nowadays part. Women always been like this and it will always be, it is part of their nature and logically, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, just live with it.

1 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago

Yeh dude her reasons for liking YOU were literally nothing about you

The inverse is also true. So many times guys get wrapped around the axle because they got rejected, but in many instances it had no thing to even do with the guy. Could be anything from bad logistics, her dog just died, parents announced a divorce, whatever. My point is never take rejection personally.

A/B test your methodology and if you're getting consistent results and something of an outlier happens, you can lay even odds it wasn't something you did or didn't do.

1 upvotesdeterlaettis1 year ago

Am i the only one here who would feel rage to my stomach for hearing "her" spout nonsense like that. Reading it and internalizing it in my head just feels wrong to me, l just feel like saying some truth to her, give her some guidance, I embrace Patrice O'Neals wisdom in saying "guide the bitch" because it is what it is. AWALT and it's our job to make them housewives instead of hoes by giving them the proper mental stoic guidance. Do not sugarcoat nothing.

69 upvotessyf3r1 year ago

From Rian Stone, add "right now" at the end of positive statements...

I like you because you make me feel good right now.

8 upvotessebastianconcept1 year ago

Exactly. Male mind wants to go timeless and her mind is deeply contextual and transient.

6 upvotesMrAnderzon1 year ago

That's the best response to this post

119 upvotesAndgelyo1 year ago

Underrated post here. This is a great reminder that women only like how you make them feel. Feels before reals. We must continue to shoot “feel good” bullets at them to succeed with women.

1 upvotesbouncypoo1 year ago

intermittently of course, as too much feel good leads to Mr. Nice guy aka Mr. Friendzone. As long as you make them feel something

1 upvotesChesterRickman1 year ago

I don't think he means the blue-pill idea of feel good bullets, rather the red pill ones, which involve red pill behaviours.

1 upvotesAndgelyo1 year ago

Yeah I meant the drug inducing euphoria like bullets from us, not the fake, insincere bullshit blue pill subhumans pull

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotessebastianconcept1 year ago

Link to that 2/3 golden rule?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotessebastianconcept1 year ago

Oh nice. Good to keep frame and for ongoing plates.

39 upvotesnicktesoriero1 year ago

Great post highlighting something many guys and myself used to not understand

59 upvotesImperator_Red1 year ago

I like you because I sleep really well when you're next to me. I like you because you make me feel safe. I like you because you fuck me really well.

Haha wow. Got these exact 3 from my LTR.

88 upvotesrygy31 year ago

Looks like you gotta step up your breakfast game

7 upvotesdev_blockchain_ai1 year ago

lol I’ve never once made breakfast for LTR, but she makes me crepes or eggs or oatmeal literally every morning. I made myself a giant bacon omelet several times and only offered her some when she sat next to me. guess I need to step up the breakfast game too :(

9 upvotesShtafoo1 year ago

Wow dude you actually transcended being a human being and are now a god in her eyes. Congratulations your life and omelette must be great.

-1 upvotesdev_blockchain_ai1 year ago

My life is so good you’d go into a jealous rage if you saw it

Don’t worry I don’t visit here to argue w jealous ppl like you

I’m here to see how close we are to a full collapse of civilization

14 upvotesredvelvet_oreo1 year ago

I’m in a LTR but still game other women for fun. Recently some young chick told me “I like you. Your like the cool guy from a TV show that says ‘come here dumb slut, go and do this’” (I didn’t call her dumb slut. I just a nick name I made up for her and started calling her it)

The stupid shit that attracts women. Gotta love it.

5 upvoteshidemyface12341 year ago

She said them to every guy before you too

3 upvotesFractalNerve1 year ago

Exactly the same 3 from my Ex.. Wow

3 upvotesGr0o0vy1 year ago

you guys sure you were not banging the same girl lol?

1 upvotesethical_pa1 year ago

Hmm... I will try asking my FB why she likes me.

19 upvotesImperator_Red1 year ago

I've heard the sleeping better thing from multiple girls. It's probably a primal instinct. In prehistoric times they were actually safer if they were sleeping next to a man.

2 upvotesShako121 year ago

Same. I wonder if there has been a study on this.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Better not bring it up, makes you look insecure.

3 upvotessebastianconcept1 year ago

I’m not sure about it. Depending on how you ask it can, but you could do it very securely and in a tone in which you subcomunicate that you know what works on you but you are either playfully testing her or curious about what in your arsenal worked on her. I ask this to every plate. For example I show the girl a bunch of my pictures and I ask which one likes more and why? They reveal a lot. And with Instagram, many times they take the initiative reacting with emojis of hearts eyes, kiss or fire

2 upvotesethical_pa1 year ago

Nah. I can say whatever I want to her. Insecurity isn't in what you say it's in the place it's coming from. I'm fine.

29 upvotesFlying_Wingback1 year ago

Yup, I’ve heard the exact same things from a recent LTR but I think I finally arrived at that point of too much familiarity and a slight loss of frame this weekend. All that talk seems to be a thing of the past now and shit tests were off the charts just last night. Time to look for some new challenges.

19 upvotesLubomir19941 year ago

Underrated post. Simple but of eternal wisdom.

17 upvotesJimiJons1 year ago

Always remember: Familiarity breeds contempt.

37 upvotesTheTrenTrannyTrain1 year ago

Women love opportunistically; they love you for WHAT you can do for her.

-2 upvotesScorchyy1 year ago

Men do too, if the girl wasn’t giving you sex you’d get rid of her

10 upvotestoobass1 year ago

Have you ever heard of an orbiter?

0 upvotesScorchyy1 year ago

Yeah, the moon is an orbiter of earth

5 upvotesSnowaey1 year ago

and so are beta men around girls they are interested in

15 upvotesNov516051 year ago

It doesn't get any more rational male than that. As real deal men, we have to be just as icy as we are seductive and passionate. This is prob the point where you wanna do a massive week long pull back / ghost just to stretch things out. seems like it would be good timing

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I really really really like this post

11 upvotesbeachbbqlover1 year ago

I unironically just texted my LTR something kind of similar because her parents are separating - telling her that her cooking and cleaning for me is actually just icing on the cake. That the big thing is intimacy, and I think we'll be alright.

Im not saying itll work for any of you, but for some reason she ate that up.

25 upvotesoooKenshiooo1 year ago

Yep. Right on the money.

Hence, when vetting for LTR material, ask her what she likes about you. If has not figured out the positive sides of your character well enough to turn that into a compliment, she is no more than a plate.

11 upvotesmetallicdrama1 year ago

In the end it's all about her. If you serve her needs you're still relevant. Women always resent you for having to be loyal when they're locked into marriage and family.

16 upvotesredvelvet_oreo1 year ago

Lol anytime a plate or LTR tells me this shit I just acknowledge it with yeah I know I’m awesome. Haha the irriational self confidence makes that pussy wet.

3 upvotesImperator_Red1 year ago

In earlier times irrational self confidence would get your head caved in by superior men, so a woman observing such self confidence could be reasonably certain that it was not irrational and he was a high quality male. Now there are no penalties for irrational self confidence. Their brains are tricked.

8 upvotesredbearsociety1 year ago

To be fair, you have complete control over how you make her feel. Girls get bored of guys because the guys stop engaging with them, they just think 'I have the woman part of my life ticked so I don't need to do anything now'. Trying to gain affection doesn't make her feel good so don't get stuck in that validation cycle. But you can 'own' a girl so to speak by keeping her excited.

8 upvotespiggiebiggie1 year ago

Why shouldn't she like you because you make her feel good though? This is a serious question. The reasons she listed, did you ask why those things made her feel good? You say that she didn't mention your character traits, but look at the list of things you provided.

breakfast, sleep well, feel safe, good fucks

The things she listed speak to what she thinks of you at a deeper level. It may be good to ask.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Appreciate it for as long as you can, then let it slide away. Some gals will be done in a week, some may last many months. Stay aware and observant....you're know when it's time to move on.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Before I found trp, a girl I was seeing wrote me a list of 150ish reasons she loved me.

At the time, I was pleased as I viewed this as proof that I was appreciated - however reading this list now, I realize that, without exception, every point boiled down to:

you make me feel good, because you are a high value man whose validation is important to me

Seriously. That was pretty much it. She's now one of my most obnoxious widows, and bounces wildly back and forth between 'you're such a great guy I wish we'd worked out' and 'you're a literal psychopath and I'm well rid of you'.

(And before any of you tell me I shouldn't be responding to her: I don't, unless she's in my town and offering a 'catch up over coffee' which is her code for 'the best goddamn blow job you've ever received'. Sue me, but even with the enormous amount of women I've bedded, her head skills remain completely untouchable, and I'm more than happy to benefit from that every so often when she's in town without her husband's oversight)

3 upvotesfryhldrew1 year ago

Man, I would give you gold if I had some

3 upvotesExpresssMess1 year ago

I love you because I need you < I need you because I love you

3 upvotesRazkolol1 year ago

Turn on some negative emotions, you’ve left that whole part untouched. Drop in some dread, ignore some messages/calls, small negs, etc. She’ll like you because you make her feel good/bad/anxious/etc., give her the whole range, especially since she’s already talking with some other guy.

3 upvotesTheCookShow1 year ago

You make, you fuck, you make... All things that you do, not something that you ARE.

A sad truth that I accepted only recently... Thank you for sharing.

2 upvotesfoxhound5251 year ago

I learned this lesson the hard way many years ago. Men love women for who and what they are, women love men for what they can do for them. We're simply tools to them, and worthy of no more consideration than that.

2 upvotesCrixusgannicus1 year ago

True Red Pill will have you realize there are only two reasons ANYONE likes ANYTHING or ANYONE ever.

  1. You like the way it/someone makes you feel.
  2. You like it/someone because it/someone prevents you from feeling some feeling you don't want to feel.

That's why you like your car, your food, your clothes, your significant other, your dog. Think it over and realize I'm right. Try in vain to think of one thing that you like that doesn't either fall under number 1 or 2.

2 upvotesLieisnotreal1 year ago

"Soon, I will become familiar and thus giving her less intense emotions. My turn will end. "That's not necessarily true you can maintain the intensity of her emotions by creating mystery or just generally making her idealize yourself.

1 upvotesjuanwonone11 year ago

Just exactly like a bitch....me me me.

1 upvotesHarringtonHouseGuy1 year ago

I'm browsing this Sub because I'm post-breakup and trying to motivate myself, and I guess it's doing that in a way but damn...It's also just really depressing, eh?

1 upvotesscorpionkg8 months ago

Ok, after you telling that, what are you going to do? Use TRP in your favor, maintain the frame, go cold e make her start to feeling mix feelings!

Game her, dont match all her needs!

-12 upvotessuperyute1 year ago

improper use of AWALT btw. The idea doesn't apply here

20 upvotesWinjetRed1 year ago

Absolutely proper use. Classic hypergamy right there. Trying to nail the alpha down while keeping another alpha or beta in waiting.

7 upvotesraoko1 year ago

All my plates have done this. So yes, AWALT does apply here.

-30 upvotesCfwydirk1 year ago

So, she is a “plate of yours” and she tells you good things you do to make her really really really like you. You don’t tell us what if anything she does to make you like her except fuck. So if she is one of 2-3 or more plates while you are dating others is she supposed to wait by the phone for when you might call. Are you jelous of her plate Raphael? Would she choose you over him? Do you want more from her? Is she thoughtful and do enough good things for you. Be real, if you want more from her go get her. Use you redpill knowlege to vet her as worthy or not.

33 upvotesImperator_Red1 year ago

Lol. There's always one weirdo at the bottom of every thread.

16 upvoteshalfback9101 year ago

I feel like he is getting exactly what he wants from her. And so is Raphael.

-3 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

When did cuckoldry became acceptable?

8 upvoteshalfback9101 year ago

Cuckoldry? They're both having sex with multiple people. I get that there's an anger with women, but surely if the guy is fucking multiple people the woman can't be expected to be faithful. That's not a particularly fair or helpful standard.

It doesn't sound like they have an agreement or anything like that so what's the issue?

-1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

That's exactly what cuckoldry is, when the woman you fuck fucks another man. Is he not man enough to handle multiple women so they need other man to fill the void? If you're a beta just fuck one girl and fuck her good. That's a clear sign of weakness on his side. My problem is with him not with the girl.

1 upvoteshalfback9101 year ago

I thought it was when someone you were committed and were into them fucking other people?

Either way. If he's getting what he wants what's the fucking issue? And what's more, if you get off to someone you have sex with fucking other people, what's the issue with that? He's getting what he wants, what else matters?

1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

It's when she cheats.

And about the second paragraph it's that we have different views. I don't like the idea that if you like it you do it. It's blue as fuck.

8 upvotesserio13371 year ago

How is this cuckoldry lol. Are all of your plates exclusive to you? I highly doubt it

0 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

I don't know about you and your fetishes but that's exactly what cuckoldry is and I wouldn't waste my time with a girl that fucks other men, and just think about it and how disgusting this actually is.

-28 upvotesh0ndaboy1 year ago

You had sex with a girl and she tells you sex feels good. Grass is green and now you have oneitis

-31 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

How pathetic it sounds, "my turn will end". Proof that a beta will always be a beta no matter how many plates he fucks and how much theory he knows. Hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster. Plus, you're putting your mouth where probably Raphael puts his dick. Grab yourself by the balls and wake up, sheeps.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This is what the "anger phase" pillers do. We've all been down that road, some choose to stay as it validates their insecurities and fears. I've been there..

At some point, these guys are going to have to break their hostility towards women and meet them halfway, or you become another Elliot Rodgers. This is why going through the WHOLE process is vital.

1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

My problem is not with the girl, my problem is with him. I don't like his weak mentality. I mean, it's healthy to expect her to leave, but not like this.

-2 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

I don't know, man, I just don't like how TRP has degenerated into this weak, thirsty boys thing. It's not about fucking, it's about becoming a man.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

I don't care about the girl, I care about him and he sounds like he's hamstring and overthinking on trp. That's what I got from his post. "She said she likes me because I do this, this and that, but using my trp knowledge it actually means because I make her feel good" what the fuck

10 upvotesbruiser181 year ago

So if you’re just fucking a girl, and you don’t want a relationship, what’s she going to do? Be loyal to you for nothing? AWALT.

0 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

Well then what is a realationship? They're fucking and going out, he likes her, she likes him, that's a fucking relationship. And it's not her problem how he sees their relationship, she shouldn't know if it's serious or not. But if they're fucking once a month when he wants, not going out and shit, it means the girl has no respect for herself, clearly mentally ill so you know next.

1 upvotesbruiser181 year ago

You’re right it’s not her problem. I mean, if he expects her to be loyal to him, but she doesn’t know that, that isn’t her problem. She clearly doesn’t see it as a serious relationship, obviously he doesn’t either.

How is she meant to know he doesn’t want her fucking other guys? If he didn’t, he’d need to lead by example and set boundaries. Otherwise she’s not gonna know and she’ll fuck other guys all she likes.

1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

Isn't she supposed to know from the start that cuckoldry isn't acceptable? Betas here twisted everything and now you should tell her that it's not ok for her to fuck other men? This looks like conditioning men to accept women fucking around, this isn't red pilled.

2 upvotesbruiser181 year ago

If she’s not your girl why shouldn’t she fuck around? If you are telling her you don’t want a relationship and she knows she’s just a plate, why should she stay faithful to your ass? If you’ve got 4 or 5 girls in your rotation what does it matter to you if they’re fucking around?

Unless I’m screening a girl for a relationship, I don’t care who she fucks when she’s not with me, because I’m fucking other girls anyway. There comes a point with girls when you are invested and you can’t hide it, so you ‘train’ her to do as you want her to. That’s the whole idea with rewarding good behavior etc. Read some stuff by u/Whisper regarding hypergamy and control game.

1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

Then just go to prostitutes and stop wasting time. If you're fine with the idea of fucking a girl that yesterday swallowed someone's cum, fine, you do you.

1 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

Welcome to the aftermath of the sexual revolution. It's not just Raphael's dick the has been there and his dick has been leaving deposits in other holes too. This is the new ground state for the sexual market place. Get used to it.

1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

Nah, man, that's only in your shithole country. That's why I even commented, because you've fucked up but you're to cucks to to fix it. You'll see degeneracy like this only in America.

1 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

Got anything else you want to pull out of your ass?

Oh, and Copernicus, why would I want to change things when they allow me to get more sex for less resources? It seems like you want to own women like cattle. You have too feed your herd.

1 upvotespreazeu1 year ago

why would I want to change things when they allow me to get more sex for less resources?

That's one of the reasons why America is full of fags, lesbians, feminists, trannies, pedos and shit, you're all over-sexualized and you tolerate everything sex related. Plus, you're thinking to much about sex, man, is not like it was that hard to get before.

It seems like you want to own women like cattle.

Yeah, I don't want to share my woman.

1 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

Answer the question.

Degeneracy has nothing to do with where people put their genitals. That's just a symptom, not a cause.

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