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Women hardest hit. "Men won’t be able to deduct alimony from taxes...You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering... the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white. It has gotten so bad that the parasite is now expressing concern for the host." Dalrock

by redpillschool on /r/TheRedPill
10 January 2018 02:47 PM UTC

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Title Women hardest hit. "Men won’t be able to deduct alimony from taxes...You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering... the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white. It has gotten so bad that the parasite is now expressing concern for the host." Dalrock
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12 upvotesGoateeki2 years ago

In the current climate, you’re better off taking a job cleaning nuclear reactors or defusing bombs than getting married. That’s not a joke. Productive males now occupy the role of helots.

96 upvotesJkrew2 years ago

Temp work at a nuke plant during an outage can net you 20k in 3 months. So yeah you're right.

71 upvotesSwelfie2 years ago

And I've worked in nuclear. It's not a dangerous field at all and really isn't difficult work (the constant focus in safety slows everything down to a point where it's damn near leisurely.)

Interesting statistic: there are about 20 nuclear reactors in the US and 1500 coal plants. The nuclear plants supply 20% of the electricity, the coal 80% (other plants are just a blip). The deaths attributable to a single coal plant during it's life on average are more than the deaths attributable to the combined deaths of the entire worldwide nuclear industry combined since it's inception.

60 upvotesTheBattleshipYamato2 years ago

The nuclear plants supply 20% of the electricity, the coal 80% (other plants are just a blip).

That's not right. The division is about

  • 15% renewables
  • 20% nuclear
  • 30% coal
  • 34% gas
12 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

Nuclear is up to 20% now?

That makes me happy. It's a pretty great source of energy. and the more we use it and the more money is wrapped up in it, the more it will be researched and the better it will get.

-10 upvotesIncel98762 years ago

It's a pretty great source of energy. and the more we use it and the more money is wrapped up in it, the more it will be researched and the better it will get.

Nuclear is the worst form of energy, creates waste that is effectively eternal and can't be contained long term.

4 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

For now.

And low level radioactive waste is perfectly fine to dispose of deep in the ground.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Nuclear is the worst form of energy, creates waste that is effectively eternal and can't be contained long term.

Nuclear fuel contains billions of times more energy per kilogram than conventional fuels.

The only significant amounts of truly dangerous wastes come from a small number of older PWRs, and are classified as high level wastes. These wastes are the ones that produce lethal doses of radiation. Most high level wastes have a half life of a couple years to about 10000 years max. The wastes with million year half lives are usually as harmless as elemental uranium, in terms of radiation dosage. Other reactors produce high level wastes, but every generation of reactor generally cuts down on this waste by an order of magnitude or ten, because these high level wastes can often be reprocessed into nuclear fuel. Unfortunately the US does not permit commercial reprocessing, so we neither have access to this additional fuel, nor are able to get rid of much of the high level waste we do produce.

We can contain all discovered forms of nuclear waste behind a few feet of concrete and some lead plating, even above ground. What makes you think the radiation will somehow escape the thick thick metal drums buried miles underground in granite bedrocks to harm denizens of the surface? These shafts are also sealed immediately after the waste is put in, so you better be prepared to dig miles deep shafts in granite without even really knowing where it is, if you want to get your hands on it for nefarious means.

Even then, newer reactor designs produce little or no of the high level waste, and anything that takes less than a few months to evaporate, or doesn't produce lethal doses of radiation, is completely irrelevant. The vast majority of high level waste produced in newer reactor designs can be recycled, and eventually becomes relatively benign forms of waste.

3 upvotespeymantp2 years ago

problem is we haven't made new nuclear plans in decades. The industry has advanced so far that the waste and risks are nothing compared to what they used to be. I know vox has a really good video on this.

31 upvoteskrick3t2 years ago

My journeyman electrician always say that nuke work is hide n seek for a grand a week.

Just because every single thing you install has to be inspected so you spend 90% of your time sitting around waiting

10 upvotesRamboFarts2 years ago

There’s 98 plants. Well we over 150 reactors.

3 upvotesShekelBanker2 years ago

Where do I sign up and what do I need to know?

-29 upvotes7857142862 years ago

You need to expand your horizons if you think 80k a year is a lot.

38 upvotesAmasawa2 years ago

It sure isn't jack shit either

43 upvotesRidicatlthrowaway2 years ago

80k still sounds better than marriage

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

TIL: 90% of Americans need to expand their horizons

Of those individuals with income who were older than 15 years of age, approximately 50% had incomes below $30,000 while the top 10% had incomes exceeding $95,000 a year in 2015.

31 upvotesahshitwhatthefuck2 years ago

He didnt say that, he said 20K in 3 months.

17 upvotesDoxatek2 years ago

I'd be very very happy with 80k a year. It also depends on where you live.

11 upvotesWotanAwakens2 years ago

80k a year is a shit load in the Midwest plus if you are decent with money.

5 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

Isn't it like two standard deviations above the median income?

By every reasonable definition, it is a lot. I make more than 80k (albeit not a lot more) but I would never be a douche about it and act like it's nothing like this. Christ.

7 upvotesIndubitably_Confused2 years ago

He's apparently not a pleb like the rest of us. /s

35 upvotesKekGratiaRex2 years ago

Nuclear power is actually one of the safest fields of energy to work.

Coal plants are far, far worse.

7 upvoteshalfback9102 years ago

Yes. Nuclear power plants and passenger airplanes are some of the very few operations that can claim to successfully adhere to the goal of Six Sigma. Namely, to achieve four defects or fewer per one million opportunities.

30 upvotesUCISee2 years ago

I got a divorce shortly after changing my job in the military to defusing bombs. 10/10 would approach an IED before a divorce.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"Productive males now occupy the role of helots."

Based observation!

5 upvotesCcyCV2 years ago

I love how it’s intended for divorces happening after December 31 2018, but “it’s really important to women”. Women already planning on divorcing their spouse almost a year in advance?? Gosh

Edited twice because I can’t html

40 upvotesDis_mah_mobile_one2 years ago

Women aren’t planning to divorce so much as they’re planning on always keeping their options open.

16 upvotesIvanReilly2 years ago

You would have been ok without that last message because you edited in the first few minutes the comment does not show as edited.

156 upvotessd4c2 years ago

One of the dirty tricks I've seen done by women: chilimoney.

Instead of getting alimony, plus child support- she goes for a huge child support bill but no alimony.

Because alimony usually pays them for about half of the number of years married. But child support, is paid until the child is 18 (22 in some states!)

The worst case scenario, is if you're married (or common law + married) for 10 years or more.

In that case, many judges allow the woman to collect alimony, for LIFE.

This is supposed to be, until wife gets re-married... Or in some places, live with a guy... but she never will. She can spend your money and still be in a relationship eith her BF, AND still be cheating on the side.

There is no male equivalent to this, because:

90% of alimony is paid by men, towards women
No woman has ever gone to jail, for not paying child support or alimony debts. Whereas "deadbeat dads" go to jail all the time.

In one case, the ex-husband couldn't pay BECAUSE HE WAS BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY TERRORIST IN IRAQ.

The courts didn't help him. The day he returned to the US, sherriffs arrested him.

Anyway, can you imagine: a guy cheats on his wife. She catches him, he gets angry at HER saying it's her fault, and then files for divorce.

He gets a restraining order by exaggerating her normal, angry verbal reaction to finding someone in their bed. She gets kicked out by the police, can't return for her things, and is not allowed to see her kids.

The divorce drags out for two years, so now the kids are unaccustomed to spending time with their mother. Based on that and the fake threats, she's awarded supervised visitation twice a week for an hour. And no custody "until further evaluation", as to how the kids and mom get along.

She has to pay for the wages of the social worker, while they supervise the visits with her own kids.

She no longer recieves any money from her ex-husband, but is forced to go over there once a month, to fellate him. So that his standards of living stays the same.

He gets a new girlfriend, who gives him anal on a regular basis. So he's got two chicks at beck and call- but still slips off to the massage parlor every few weeks, for a hand job.

His ex-wife gets older, injured or sick. She explains to the judge- I can't suck his dick once a month. Im in chronic pain. I could tit-fuck him twice a month or give anal twice a year.

No dice, says the judge. Pay up and suck that cock. To make matters worse, she has to fuck her ex-husbands lawyer, as well.

It's all just too much. With every hole raw, unable to fuck properly- she's looking at jail -with men. As a kid, her dad was a cop. She knows what happens behind bars.

So at her next court hearing, she pours gas on herself, setting her self on fire in protest. The news covers the story, but doesn't publish her suicide note about how unfairly she was treated.

83 upvotesjohnnight2 years ago

In one case, the ex-husband couldn't pay BECAUSE HE WAS BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY TERRORIST IN IRAQ. The courts didn't help him. The day he returned to the US, sherriffs arrested him.

He should have switched sides. /jokingbutnotreally

43 upvotesZanford2 years ago

Your joke is deeper than you know....after all, he was fighting against a deeply patriarchal force which rules a society that favors men in divorce

And which will treat Western women so, so, so much worse if it ever becomes a voting majority in the West...

13 upvotessd4c2 years ago

You’re still in denial.

They like evil. Bad boys, terrorists, child murderers. Bank robbers, pirates, vampires, all villains. If Sharia comes to the West, the women will be treated worse in court, as you say.

But the men who come rape them, will be strong, sexy, and above all: mean. The sex will be hotter, and their kids will be stronger, precisely because they respect only cruelty and power. Compassion, if sincere, is seen as a liability.

Women WANT this upcoming conflict. They love death and the killing of men, because it weeds out the weak ones. Never mind that some strong ones will be lost in the shuffle, by chance. Justice and fairness don’t get panties wet. Hot dick does, and hot dick is always attached to a killer.

1 upvotesWayneMyers872 years ago

lol who voted for the Iraq war again? women?

5 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

That's the entire Family Law system in a nutshell.

Modern sheriffs are basically just fists of the courts.

1 upvotesboogerboy232 years ago

Do you have sources for this info

9 upvotesCommanderBlurf2 years ago

Yeah, I'd love to have a link to the OIF serviceman story.

Always good to scare the FNGs that aren't 100% thinking with the small head.

1 upvotesboogerboy232 years ago

Not really sure what this has to do with anything

2 upvotessd4c2 years ago

It's the source requested by another commenter.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I hear about people going to jail for failure to pay child support all the time but I've never seen it. My sister got herself knocked up, probably to trap him, from a guy and he quickly bailed. He hasn't paid child support in 5 years. The gets out of it by just tossing $20 her way every now and then. They can't garnish his paychecks because he works the types of jobs that are off the books. I doubt he'll ever go to jail over it.

39 upvotesZanford2 years ago

She probably hasn't pressed the courts on the matter b/c she knows he has almost no money to give

Women cut a lot of slack to outlaw deadbeat types with natural game (which I suspect this dude is); it's the 9 to 5 cubicle drones who get chewed up

22 upvotesOverkillengine2 years ago

The lesson being: Be more trouble than it is worth to go after.

Too many guys blindly trust the system to do the right thing while stockpiling easily extricable resources.

1 upvotessd4c2 years ago

This is comment of the year so far. Very very true

9 upvotesduhhhh2 years ago

For example...1 in 8 people in jail in South Carolina are there for non-payment of child support...


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And they say the prisons are too crowded...

4 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

There are number of things she can do (although I don't know the specifics of her state law). Normally you have to file a financial statement stating assets, debts and income. It's effectively an affidavit and you can be cross-examined on it.

A guy can be "imputed" income if it is rather clear that he is hiding money or income, and a support order can be based on that income.

Then you file the order with your government enforcement agency. They can take his passport and drivers licence. I had one case where the guy purposefully went delinquent and that dragged on for a few years until he got picked up on a traffic violation and the cops found that there was a warrant for his arrest.

4 upvotesRadioForMen2 years ago

I'm sure the irs was annoyed dudes were giving women $40k a year tax free, and then the women weren't paying taxes on it because you dont really pay much on 40k income.

This will be entertaining if women start getting a lot less. Or it will drive guys to suicide if they have to give up even more of their after taxes income by percentage.

25 upvotesI_STOMP_YOU2 years ago

IRS was already getting their cut with short term alimony. Look up alimony recapture tax. Now they're just extending it to everything.

2 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

So it's tax free when women are getting alimony because they pay almost nothing in taxes (that would not be tax free btw), but you believe that the men that are paying the alimony are going to pay higher taxes on the same 40k?

3 upvotesRadioForMen2 years ago

The women are getting low enough amounts to be in lower tax brackets.

The current rules reduce a mans taxable income sending him into lower tax brackets, and are not made up by the even lower tax brackets of the person/woman receiving the money.

13 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

I get that. But taxed less doesn't mean tax free.

I read the article after I commented. The person that is receiving the alimony pays no taxes on it, while the payer is. That is unfair.

3 upvotesZanford2 years ago

Tax is progressive. The alimony payer tends to be the higher earner, therefore the tax on that $40k is more when it's counted as his income vs when it's counted as her income (which was the case when he could deduct it but she had to pay taxes on it)

1 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

Yes, I know that. Original comment said "Tax Free". Not that they pay less. Less taxes does not equal tax free. That was the point.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This matters because in negotiations the women will get less alimony because he already has to pay taxes on it. This came up in a divorce case recently.

2 upvoteshotpotato702 years ago

New divorces will drag out, and probably more divorces will go to the judge for decision.

Hopefully in the long term it will be better, but not for the next few years due to uncertainty.

48 upvotes7857142862 years ago

Guys get your sperm on ice and get the snip even if you're in your 20s. There's an indescribable calm that comes from knowing that you can never be trapped in this web without your own consent.

27 upvotesbrokenglassinbed2 years ago

What a world we live in that we have to get snipped in order to protect ourselves.

14 upvotesNorthEasternNomad2 years ago

I don't agree with everything TRP says...

But this? This is GOLD.

I saw a man whose wife chose to quit her job for school support her while he was in deployment. She got her degree, and immediately divorced him. Got alimony and child support.

I decided right then: never having kids. Gives others too much power over my life choices.

8 upvotesDarkunicorntribe2 years ago

Book yourself a flight to India and get the vasalgel treatment.

7 upvotesterminhateher12 years ago

Clinical trials starting in the states this year(2 weeks now)....so maybe book a flight to India-na

3 upvotesDarkunicorntribe2 years ago

But adoption might take years after that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There's an indescribable calm that comes from knowing that you can never be trapped in this web without your own consent.

Except we've already made sperm and eggs from animal skin cells, and are not far from doing it with humans. So both men and women better wear a full-body condom any time they're around someone who might want their kids.

37 upvotesHerdsengineers2 years ago

I don't claim to be an expert, but I thought they were also substantially increasing the value of the standard deduction. Meaning that everyone gets to deduct more in general, and you don't have to itemize mortgage interest, other deductible expenses, including alimony.

The idea is that the increase in the standard deduction replaces summing up things when it's all itemized. If you take advantage of the increased standard deduction, you might come out ahead compared to how it's done currently.

Honestly, it's worth it to find a really good tax pro to help you tease out the nuances of this. Mine was an IRS agent for 20 years. The guy knows every loophole, grey area, and variance there is and is a whiz with this stuff. Don't go to just and CPA or tax service like HR Block or Liberty, etc. They have standard software, isn't much different from Turbo Tax to be honest. Go to an independent tax/account/finance type guy that runs his own solo shop. Those are the guys that know this stuff better.

36 upvotescrimsonkodiak2 years ago

I don't claim to be an expert, but I thought they were also substantially increasing the value of the standard deduction. Meaning that everyone gets to deduct more in general, and you don't have to itemize mortgage interest, other deductible expenses, including alimony.

It doesn't even remotely come close to replacing the value of the lost deduction for alimony. The standard deduction increased by about $6000 for individuals. The amount alimony payable/deductible is often in the tens of thousands per year (in most states, a guy making $100K with a SAHM ex would be paying ~$30K per year), and not uncommonly even in the hundreds of thousands.

There's a reason why they noted the elimination of the alimony deduction as such a huge revenue increase.

10 upvotesI_STOMP_YOU2 years ago

Bingo. The more you make and larger the gap with the ex wife the more you will get hit.

11 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

most people get to deduct more, but not everyone. the fact that they are cutting tax rates and simplifying the tax code, yet some people are still going to see their net incomes go down, just goes to show how screwed up the tax code was to begin with.

but the fact that you can’t deduct alimony anymore is just one more reason to never get married

4 upvotesdoklaan2 years ago

Or one more reason to get married if you are a low income female or want to be a sahm.

3 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

Your standard deduction is increased, but for higher income males paying high alimony, it's not nearly close - this is a huge hit.

For example in CA, let's take a 125k income. Not even a high income. That's about 85k after state and federal taxes with your 11.5k in deductions. Paying alimony after that - say 40k alimony - leaves you with 45k. This was through some online calculator for CA, so it's numbers from my ass, but not completely fabricated.

Compared to the previous case of 40k in alimony being deductable. That's you being taxed though you were in the lower 85k bracket, with half as much in deductions (~6k) which leaves you with 60k.

You're really coming out behind unless your alimony amount is lower than the increase in standard deduction - and if you are a decently well off guy, your alimony is going to be a lot higher than the increase to std deduction

2 upvotesbob13bob2 years ago

Uncle Sam will get a much bigger cut now. I bet some people will now not legally divorce. Just have a separation agreement.

1 upvotesTheRiseAndFall2 years ago

How do you go about finding a guy like that? Did you google for independent tax services in your area?

1 upvotesHerdsengineers2 years ago

you can google for tax services, tax preparer, etc. or just pay attention to when you're driving around. i see little offices for tax guys and accountants that run their own shops in strip shopping centers all the time. go in and talk to them, ask them about taxes. they're competence will come thru in their responses.

15 upvotesDorsalMorsel2 years ago

TL;DR The deep state is pissed that the taxpayer is no longer subsidizing alimony payments.

16 upvotesShadowOfAnIdea2 years ago

It was done not for the women who benefit but rather for the Christians it panders to. They see it as a disincentive to divorce, which they believe is hurtful to society at large.

At the same time it allows more to be collected by the fed, so there is a larger amount for them to potentially waste or steal.

78 upvotesGoodLookingManAboutT2 years ago

If they want to reduce divorce, they need to focus on eliminating the scourge of "no fault" divorce laws.

Right now, your wife can cheat on you, abandon you, and take custody of your kids, and she will get richly rewarded by the courts who don't care to assign fault.

A truly biblical approach would be to stone that bitch.

9 upvotesFryguy482 years ago

Stoning is old testament, but yeah I agree, if they want an alternative we need a better one than this shit.

22 upvotesdarkskies1094trump2 years ago

Even in the New testament, Jesus' response was (paraphrase) " Go away, and stop being a bitch."

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Islam is growing in numbers because they never sold out on the male head of household. Christianity is participating in the western cultural experiment of female head of household, and as a result hashtag higher power is penalizing Christianity by taking away members at growing velocity, now whole percentage points per year. We'll need to import more ISIS fighters as western men stop reproducing all together.

2 upvotesAyrab4Trump2 years ago

You've figured out our Semitic long-con plans!

1 upvotesWayneMyers872 years ago

islam is growing in numbers because they're from poor countries where people have more kids

6 upvotestimowens8622 years ago

Absofucking lutely. They should be stoning these whores for cheating or divorcing. It says till death do us part, no divorces unless someone's dead

1 upvotesFryguy482 years ago

Well cheating is the only exception to this rule, however, it is on the ones head that cheated.

1 upvotesShadowOfAnIdea2 years ago

I'm not a divorce lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that is not a true statement.

Also, chill the fuck out dude, 0-100 like an F1 car

8 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

You do know that almost all organized religions believe in marriage, and not getting divorced, right? I have never heard of a society that thinks that divorce is an OK think just because. This isn't a just Christian thing.

6 upvotesUshankaDalek2 years ago

True. However, the vast majority of Americans are Christian or Catholic.

8 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

Catholic = Christian. Christianity is a faith, not a denomination.

10 upvotesdeeptimeswimmer2 years ago

Catholicism is a kind of christianity. It was the first type as well, so if anything it would be 'Christians and Protestants'

/jewish guy

//just wants to keep nomenclature straight.

2 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

Just like there are different types of Jewish. It really depends on how hard line and conservative the movement/teachings are.

2 upvotesdeeptimeswimmer2 years ago

Exactly! And Islam as well.

2 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

deleted What is this?

1 upvoteskrick3t2 years ago

Curious as to why? Who was first?

2 upvotesUshankaDalek2 years ago

Catholicism is the religion of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Rome was not founded until Christianity was already in existence for decades, and did not become the church we think of today for another several hundred years.

The Roman Catholic Church (and similarly, the Eastern Orthodox Church) vary significantly from all other mainstream Christ-following religions. Some key differences with Catholicism include worship of the saints, confessions to priests, following the Pope, and a whole host of sacraments. Many Christians, myself included, reject Catholicism (and Eastern Orthodoxy) as branches of Christianity and consider them separate religions, due to their fundamental, irreconcilable differences.

3 upvotespill_thrower2 years ago

I thought they were Protestant? Did the Catholics take over?

0 upvotesjohnnight2 years ago

You are wrong and lazy. It would have taken you 30 seconds to look it up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_and_divorce

2 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

Yes, I see that you have found Wikipedia. What it says, and how it is practiced is two different things. Most religions and societies look down upon divorcees and getting a divorce. Marriage and divorce are not just a "Christian thing", just as your wikipedia proved, as it has 3 Abrahamic religions, Buddhism, and couple lesser known religions that almost all have "marriage and divorce". Most of the examples given in your wonderfully in depth Wiki page are when things are "peaceful" and "mutual". We all know that it isn't always peaceful and mutual. Some require permission from both parties. We know that doesn't always happen.

The fact still remains that almost all major religions and societies have marriage and divorce, and most religions and societies don't want divorce.

0 upvotesShadowOfAnIdea2 years ago

Which is irrelevant because we're talking about American voters anyway, the overwhelming majority of whom are Christian

1 upvotesKobKZiggy2 years ago

The point I'm making is it isn't just a "Christian" thing. People that blame "Christians" are just as bad and religious-phobic as people that blame Muslims, Jews, Satanists, whomever. It doesn't lead to actual discussion. Just pointing fingers and blaming some group.

1 upvotesShadowOfAnIdea2 years ago

This point is irrelevant to our conversation about American voters, most of whom are Christians being pandered to by the policy in question.

1 upvoteslegitimateusername42 years ago

They are also relentlessly bluepill and cucked and fantasize that it's the man's fault for most marriages ending.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Jimmy Hendrix: "During prime farming season there is only one correct way to do it. Plow hard and plow long."

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

With all due respect to our fallen brothers, fuck em.

They are the canaries in the coal mine and the faster (and more horrid) they die the better the warning. Hopefully every young man will know an older dude living in poverty after divorce and he will be all the wiser.

2 upvotesOriiso2 years ago

This will be fixed in the coming g years when people just don't get married anymore. It's slowly happening now. Marriage rates and child birth are on a slow decline.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This won't hit women at all because in the end, the amount paid is usually a judgement. One that doesn't take into account the tax implications. This is just men getting fucked in the ass once again.

1 upvotesSkaTSee2 years ago

Does anybody have a source on their 98% of people receiving alimony are women according to the Census Bureau? I tried looking it up, but all I could find were stats leading up to 1989, but no further (in which it was nearly, if not, 100% going to women)

1 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

Canada has had child support guidelines for some time and it is generally rather difficult to soak a guy on it. They came in with guideline spousal support a few years ago but they are only recommendations and don't have the force of law as with child support. Judges tended to follow them (at least when I was practicing a few years back) but they would look for exceptions.

Making child support taxable in the payor's hands (generally the father) was a stealth creep in a) child support payments and b) your tax bill. Payor's are usually the higher income earner and thanks the our progressive tax rates, more tax gets paid by the guy before handing over to mom, who gets to keep it tax free.

If we had a flat tax system this would somewhat be moot because the tax man doesn't get a windfall regardless of who is paying the tax; it's just mom who wins out if the guideline rates stay the same but they change the tax policy.

The same thing will probably happen in the USA unless judges reduce alimony awards in light of the new tax provisions. However, I doubt it: what politician doesn't like a good tax grab?

0 upvotesIronMeltsinmyHands2 years ago

Where are the Mongolians and how do we get another invasion started?

-30 upvoteswhitemanrules2 years ago

Sick of this thread. Marriage is a great thing. You guys are just not RP enough to control your wife. Ill give you some tips if you like

13 upvotespill_thrower2 years ago

Go ahead.

19 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

Please humor us...

To the actual RP folk, skip the downvote so we can see the comedy pour in here.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Come back in a year when you find out that your "controlled" wife has been fucking the neighbor while you were at work.

8 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

You guys are just not RP enough to control your wife.

If at any point you (as a husband) have to "direct" or otherwise "control your wife" - you're doing it wrong.

1 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

deleted What is this?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Ok upvoted, where are my tips?

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