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Girl claims she was raped at knifepoint. Que witch hunt. Turns out the sex was consensual, but guy wouldn't loan her $20 and she missed her curfew so she made the entire story up. Annnd he still has to go to court. If it wasn't for text messages, he'd be doing life in san quentin.

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18 September 2014 07:15 PM UTC

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Title Girl claims she was raped at knifepoint. Que witch hunt. Turns out the sex was consensual, but guy wouldn't loan her $20 and she missed her curfew so she made the entire story up. Annnd he still has to go to court. If it wasn't for text messages, he'd be doing life in san quentin.
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353 upvotesScoundrel_5 years ago

Love how the man is identified by his full name — including middle initial! — while the woman is identified as . . . "the woman."

49 upvotesLittleCrazee5 years ago

No fucking kidding.

Burn her to the fucking ground.

And burn down a system where anyone who is merely accused of anything has their name released to the public so that their lives can be ruined regardless of guilt. What purpose exactly does that serve anyway? Honestly. I'm no lawyer, if anyone is and can explain that to me it would be appreciated.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It serves the purpose of selling newspapers and getting ratings. The media doesn't give a flying fuck about your life, they just want money.

10 upvotesvaker5 years ago

It's not even that. If you think back, the dumbest, most pompous liberal asshole SJWs majored in 'journalism'.

3 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

The media is the propaganda arm of the SJW movement; of course young shits are drawn to a job where they are paid to publish filth and lies

5 upvotesHumankeg5 years ago

It has to do with secret and public trials. Back when the law was written, people were afraid of secret trials: accused being hauled away and never seen again, no mention of the trial, evidence, or what even happened.

Public trials give all the information out and offers protection from disappearing.

The problem isn't the information going public, the problem is the way the public uses that information: guilty until proven innocent, and even then still guilty.

43 upvotesmagical_artist5 years ago

I also like the part where it is clearly states that a single lie of an 18 year old almost put away a man for life.

Jesus, that is power. A scary, fucked up power.

Also, the part where the texts etc already prove this is BS, they still want to "fully investigate" it. Wat'?

2 upvotesDarkone065 years ago

Fully investigate - means wasting tax payers money while we do nothing for two weeks.

200 upvotesLos_olvidados5 years ago

Totally disgusting, you guys in American should get your shit together and start a movement to stop this BS.

137 upvotesTheGoldenCaulk5 years ago

I think we might be the single dumbest country in the world, relatively speaking.

Either that, or the most complacent. People don't want to get up and do anything around here, unless it's a bill that they can repeal online from their couch. Pretty soon, voting for president will be handled on twitter. Mark my words

I was born in the US, and though I think it's a nice place to live, there's a huge amount of dummies here.

15 upvotesmarrio915 years ago

It's complacency really. When shit gets bad here, it's not really that bad. Like last month, ok, ONE place in Missouri had some police issues and a kid died, people got injured, cameras broken, etc etc right. Not cool, means a lot in terms of police militarization and rights n all that. Basically we're used to bitching and saying it's not ok, but most of us can wake up and go to work, or wake up and do whatever, without a large impact.

West Africa is dealing with ALL the shit they have to deal with, and an ebola outbreak... like who gives a fuck if their rights are a tad infringed upon, they could just die in a week.

When's the last time there was ever a country-wide, big, 'oh fuck fuck fuck fuck' issue in the US?

6 upvotesdhump5 years ago

The side effect of not having "oh fuck" scenarios happening here is that we end up with people who are self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" being a general annoyance protesting for any issue they can find - $15/hr burger-flipper jobs, animal rights, and anything "green".

If anything devastating or of significant impact to our society came about, these would be the first people hiding in their closet crying.

3 upvotesmarrio915 years ago

Exactly, and people doing armchair yelling (i forget the real terms, but talking on FB instead of doing something real) is that we get that sense of "I did something today" already, without having done anything. Makes it easy for the government to set up, say, an online petition site where ANYONE can voice ANY concern, and they'll read it.... and once people type out their ideas it doesn't DO jack.

6 upvotesSecondBullRun5 years ago

I learned this term tonight - it's "slacktivism"! It has a weird potency to fool people into thinking they're doing something of substance.

1 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

Actually it does do something. Voicing your opinion on those forms gets your name added to a list with the FBI or other appropriate agency. Maybe they'll be monitoring everything you do for a while after until they are certain you're not a threat.

2 upvotesdeville055 years ago

But thats what capitalism and rising costs in designed to do... To make you worry about feeding your family and making enough to get by so that you get up n go to work and ignore important issues of your society because they dont affect you that day. I think rich people in a society like this, who dont have to work everyday to get by comfortably, should gather and say "alright poor people and middle class people, you keep working for the economy, keep our country running and let us fight for your causes"

3 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

You mean like an oligarchy?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You mean like contemporary celebrities?

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Nothing about capitalism requires rising costs & nothing happening in America is capitalism.

It's government-bank Fascism oligarchy. Very much not capitalism.

In actual capitalism everyone seeks to reduce costs & therefore keep the most left over after a trade of anything - one resource for another, a skill, a trade, even IOUs to later be paid but paid in full reliably. If anything this will keep prices down.

Prices rising is a function of money-supply rising faster than goods are available (and services) and the one party at fault is the central bank issuing currency, and their minion banks loaning currency out without reserves to back it. Good to know but this /r isn't the place for it. Zerohedge is the place for that topic.

The worry people have is a byproduct, not the goal. The goal is to steal your work from you directly with no written tax. It's called inflation. Rise prices, take the benefit from having issued the currency yourself (counterfeiting) at no cost. Zero cost. Except it's LEGAL counterfeiting when a minion-bank does it or the Federal Reserve itself (and those of other nations, the ECB, England's, Canada's, Israel's, etc.).

That very much is not capitalism.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

46 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"Go away, batin'!" should replace "e pluribus unum" as the nation's motto.

28 upvotesdhump5 years ago

I object! I object that this guy interrupted me while I was watching 'Ow, My Balls!'

5 upvotesInvolution885 years ago

I object! That he's not gonna have any money to pay me after he pays back all the money he stole from the hospital!

19 upvotesioncloud95 years ago

I want my god damned literacola!

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesioncloud95 years ago

I dont know man just give me my fucking literacola!

6 upvotesJ-Unleashed5 years ago

Just get a large, Farva. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

6 upvotespterofractyl5 years ago

Fat tails. Lots of idiots but many of the worlds smartest.

12 upvotesArmandoWall5 years ago

"I think we might be the single dumbest country in the world, relatively speaking."

You should travel more.

2 upvotesFolsomdsf5 years ago

I was born in the US, and though I think it's a nice place to live, there's a huge amount of dummies everywhere.

Decided to fix that for you, people in general are dumb, and you are just accusing the ones in your region, show some respect to the rest of the human race. We're really not all that bright.

-3 upvotesSurf_Or_Die5 years ago

Americans are just less intelligent than average. At least in my experience. Europeans, Australians, Canadians all seem to be, on an average, more informed and intelligent than Americans. Southerners are by far the worst. Jesus Christ. I almost got an ulcer from working in Texas. The average IQ must have dropped like 20 points. Must be all that going to church that makes em' stupid.

2 upvotesUSmellFunny5 years ago

Well, at least you're not Sweden. Anyway, it's hard to start such a movement because of the backlash, imagine headlines identifying them as "mysogynistic group" or "anti-woman movement".

1 upvotesTheGoldenCaulk5 years ago

It'd be tough on any country if a large portion of one sex decided enough was enough, and started a large-scale movement

I think something like that happened before...... i just can't quite place it.......Oh yeah, feminism

Only this time it'll be MEN protesting, MEN making the arguments, based on logic and reason. And as we know, logic and reason are scary things

1 upvotesbazola015 years ago

I was born in the US, and though I think it's a nice place to live, there's a huge amount of dummies here.

Ever spent any time abroad? Why do you think US isn't a 3rd world shithole (yet)? Because people are dumb?

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I dunno man. I started living in the third world about a year and a half ago, and the really striking thing is how "lazy" the people are. I think the problem is that there's a sort of equilibrium here where everyone just accepts a low level of service and productivity, takes 2 hour naps, 2 hour lunches, and then complain about being poor to the shitty, corrupt, government (who are also spending about 2/3s of the working day doing nothing). I'm trying to run a business and it's incredibly frustrating when about 70% of the time postal workers will either open shipments and steal anything of value (baby clothes, electronics) or just not bother delivering so that you have to track everything down yourself. The people are also extremely tribal, and the result is a huge number of people who literally don't give a shit about anyone but their family. Very bad for business and growth. It's not a race thing, it's a social equilibrium thing, but it is hard to avoid the impression that the third world is poor and lacks innovation mostly because the people are untrustworthy to strangers, shitty to each other, and opportunistically self-interested in ways that seem almost psychopathic to people from the first world.

9 upvotesbazola015 years ago

and lazy country I've lived in.

Having lived in a few myself, it is by far not the laziest.

2 upvotesmarrio915 years ago

Who's lazier, not arguing simply wondering?

8 upvotesSenorPuff5 years ago

I spent some time in Italy. 6 hour work day 5 days a week with a 3 hour break for lunch.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I've lived in numerous countries in the former Soviet Union, currently living in one now. They are all lazier than America...and more complacent with a much worse quality of life...and more defeatest...and excuse-driven.

The truth is Americans are just much more vocal about our own shortcomings--the rest of the world is happy to jump on that bandwagon.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I've traveled to a lot of branches for my company, not calling Europeans 'lazy' (it's really just culture) but all our offices there were insanely laid back, same with Australia, so even working the same hours they accomplish a lot less. Lots of places have mandated minimum hours and pretty liberal vacation (Europeans get like 5 weeks by law?) Most people in the US are lucky to have more than 2 weeks.

Japan/Korea seem to be on par with most of our US offices.

Our NYC office is absolute insanity, they probably accomplish in a month what the other offices do in a year.

Keep in mind I've only been to major metro areas, not sure what outside the city is like in most of those places.

1 upvotesgeenomike5 years ago

Montenegro. The laziest people on earth. They'd likely agree too.

1 upvotesbazola015 years ago

I actually wouldn't try to classify anyone on any sort of scale like that, as it would be very simplistic. Something that one people can perceive as laziness could be a cultural thing.

If measure by overall productivity and economic output — the US is one of the most productive countries, if measure by personal activities — the US is one of the most active as well, and places like ex-USSR or Mexico would be closer to the bottom. And so on. Can't really build an index to measure laziness simply.

I hope that made sense, I'm barely making sense to myself atm having just gotten out of bed, waiting for the wife to make me breakfast...

1 upvotesDark_Shroud5 years ago

America is too comfortable to live in. Most people don't want to rock the boat.

-1 upvotesweirdnamedindian5 years ago

It's funny you know!

Growing up watching Disney and Hollywood, America was the place every kid around me dreamt of one day going to!

NY, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, LAS VEGAS!!!


Now, I wouldn't dare settle down in the US unless I had no choice!

8 upvotesMassSpecFella5 years ago

As an immigrant from Ulster to the US I can tell you that the US has good and bad sides just like anywhere. The good side is if you are smart and hard working you can be well rewarded. There are lots of opportunities in the US. Having said that these are slowly diminishing. All successful businesses and ideas are bought out. The country is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking in places. The nation parks are very well kept and affordable to visit. In the US you can be as weird as you like and find acceptance somewhere (not in small town America though).

The downside is your kids will be slaves. They will get a shitty education. They will be buried in debt if they go to college or broke if they don't. The laws are many and easy to break. The judicial system is horrible. Do not break the law in the US they will fuck you up. They may fuck you up anyway. Costs go up and up while pay stays the same of goes down. The middle class is squeezed. There's no community or values in the major metropolitan areas and there is just religion in the other areas. If you can find your niche in the states it can be amazing. But danger is always present. Oh and whatever you do, don't get sick.

38 upvotesCRUSHPUSSY_MARRYAMAN5 years ago

The problem is that rational people can't even speak out about this without being yelled down and labeled a misogynist. The common mindset, especially in blue states, is that men who fuck up are monsters who must be punished. Women who fuck up were just confused or made a mistake, could have happened to anybody. It's impossible to even get traction on MRA issues in a public forum because MRA groups were thought of as hate groups before they even got off the ground.

To be fair this is entirely the men of America's fault for ever letting feminism take such hold in our country. Like fools, we thought we could give women an inch and they WOULDN'T take a mile. Now my generation is paying for my father's generation's ineptitude.

9 upvotesLastRevision5 years ago

Tough on crime= men are punished

Compassionate and empathetic= pussy pass

17 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

Totally disgusting, you guys in American should get your shit together and start a movement to stop this BS.

There's already more of them than there are of us. Basically anyone who isn't Redpill is inculcated into toxic feminism in some way or another.

Joining a visible movement would only make us obvious targets. That's why most of us are here in /r/TheRedPill in the first place - it's the only place we have any degree of anonymity (and we're still not entirely safe).

6 upvotesDukeHollywood5 years ago

I've been following the UK and the Rotterham abuse and I think they are hands down have the most fucked up system. This guy got cleared fairly quickly but the woman should get the book thrown at her and be sent to jail to deter others from doing the same thing.

12 upvotesComradeGoby5 years ago

Europe is fucked as well. Have fun when all the Muslims and Africans ruin it while feminists bitch. Except Muslims aren't going to fall for the tricks whites fell for. Have fun arguing gender discrimination in a sharia court

3 upvotesEntrefut5 years ago

Unfortunately with how much money is in feminism and the number of ties women's "empowerment" has in our market, there's no way this shit is going to stop, until the male flight in the US takes place and all the hardworking men gtfo of the US. I'm 20 and I have changed my major from business to STEM so I could get a good job outside of the US. Things are going downhill fast.

22 upvotessatisfyinghump5 years ago

And by doing so, he has now become guilty for life, regardless of what happens at the trial.

Trying to get a job? Nope! Google turned up your history!

1 upvotesPolorutz5 years ago

Well, this kind of makes sense, they're clearing his name from the wrongdoing, this is important specially if he was identified as a potential culprit before.

Not naming the woman might also have to do with her potentially being held liable for perjury.

1 upvotesDoctorsHateHim5 years ago

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If they did not release his name, they would not have to clear it.

Even if the charges got dropped, this guy is now guilty for life, regardless of what happens next.

Why the fuck did they ever have to release his name if he was not convicted of any charge by a court of law?!

1 upvotesPolorutz5 years ago

Agreed, his name should not have been used at all.

1 upvotesPictureTraveller5 years ago

difference is she is culprit of it

2 upvotesPolorutz5 years ago

Of course, but that's not what's being discussed.

-1 upvotessdflkjeroi3425 years ago

Actually, if you're innocent and the article states this, wouldn't you want your full name on there?

2 upvotes1independentmale5 years ago

Preferably his name wouldn't have appeared at all to begin with.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Because she was a minor you retard. 18+ don't have a curfew.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

89 upvotesRed_August5 years ago

The prosecutor: "We have an obligation to find the truth,” Staebell said. “We’re going through the forensic evidence with a fine-toothed comb and doing everything we can to determine what occurred during this incident.”

What we didn't hear: "He's innocent, sir, what do we do now about the girl who perjured herself, almost sent a man for life in prison and wasted thousands of taxpayer money - shall we pursue?!"

"What? Nah. Put that judicial fine toothed comb away. She suffered enough as it is the poor thing." Staebell said.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Ugh. Corniest joke in that movie. Stinks.

16 upvotesYourKarmaMeansNothin5 years ago

Yeah, i think a good argument AGAINST this would be:

If there was a punishment for confessing it was a lie, how many more innocent men would go to prison over it?

Because you know women won't admit to fucking anything if they're gonna get in trouble over it, even if it means a man will have his life ruined.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesYourKarmaMeansNothin5 years ago

I wish it would be like that :S

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

That's the deal. One woman admitted she lied as a scared teenager (Her mother caught her with porn, put the idea in the girl's head bet she would only look at porn cause someone messed with her, so the girl said she was raped). Guy was in prison for a few years (on a rape charge) she got less time than he served, presumably so other women won't be afraid to come forward. It's a shame this is such a common issue they need to time down the sentences for women so they come forward. It's really an epidemic.

1 upvotesDoctorsHateHim5 years ago

They should not have to admit to lying, the whole verdict shouldn't depend on if the accuser or the accused is lying or not, it should be based on fucking evidence.

The accuser and the accused are both heavily invested in the outcome of the case and all of their statements should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

27 upvotesGottlobFrege5 years ago

The argument is that this would make real victims of rape too afraid to report it

157 upvotesEscortVoyeurAdmin5 years ago

That's a BS argument from people who want to protect false accusers. All criminal allegations must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and the crime is willful false crime accusation.

You wouldn't go to jail if you accused someone of a crime and they weren't convicted, or if you remembered the facts wrong, you'd go to jail if a DA proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you willfully and maliciously fabricated an accusation.

31 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

Indeed. The term is perjury.

More women need to be punished for committing it.

5 upvotesJustThrewUp5 years ago

In Germany this is actually a law, punishable by up to the maximum punishment the falsely accused could've gotten iirc.

1 upvotesGunseng5 years ago

I assume that you mean "Meineid" (= Perjury in English). While it is true that you can go to prison for up to 15 years for this, it is important to know that you have to make a false vow in front of a court to commit this crime. Simply filing a wrong police report is not enough.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

32 upvotesPosterOfHonesty5 years ago

Very BS argument. At the very least it's obstruction of justice, and cause of false incrimination through fabrication of a story. There should be some type of laws that give them at least some of what they almost caused an innocent person.

42 upvotesOperahat5 years ago

There should also be a Willful False Accusers Registry too. And maybe even a phone app with a searchable database to go along with it.

26 upvotesmagical_artist5 years ago

OMG I like that!

If I was single I'd pay to check to see if a potential date was a false-accuser. Could save men enormous amounts of money and time (legal fees/jail), in the bigger picture.

It could also create stigma for this behavior as a whole. Friends look you up, etc..

9 upvotesOperahat5 years ago

My thoughts exactly! There's a sex offender registry...why not this as well.

5 upvotesflyingwolf5 years ago

I remember about a year back something like this was started. The guy who started it ended up having to close it down because it was discriminatory apparently.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Honestly, this is more important than charges. A lot of these false accusers, like Mike Tyson's false accuser, start out accusing people as teenagers (like this 18 year old). It would be really helpful to know who you can't trust. Something like this is definitely needed.

12 upvotesAGiftToAfterthought5 years ago

You could possibly throw in defamation of character, too.

Note: I'm Australian. Not sure if that is a thing in the US.

8 upvoteshasapoint5 years ago

Yep. Libel and slander are written and oral defamation, respectively. Both are fair game for civil cases (not criminal).

2 upvotesenticingasthatmaybe5 years ago

US states have criminal defamation laws. I know Louisiana does, although it is a minor misdemeanor.

25 upvotesDoesNotMatterAnymore5 years ago

Why, if you CAN prove that you were raped?

In my lovely country, if you accuse me for rape, please do, but before you do that, prove it. If you can't, i can sue you back for libel.

22 upvotesTheSKSpecial5 years ago

Why, if you CAN prove that you were raped?

The argument is that being asked for proof is "traumatic" for a rape victim.

So you can falsely accuse someone of rape, put them in jail without having to provide actual proof of it, then you can hide behind the shield of "protecting" actual rape victims and be free from any consequence for your lie.

8 upvotesDoesNotMatterAnymore5 years ago

The argument is that being asked for proof is "traumatic" for a rape victim.

So this is like me and my brother were kidnapped by bad guys. They kill my brother in front of my eyes, but they will release me free later on. Now, i don't want to talk to the police, because the experience was too traumatic for me, since i lost my brother in a horrible way.


It's a crime for god's sake! But i see your point, still /s.

4 upvotesTheSKSpecial5 years ago

I'm just saying that's the argument that's being made. I know it's bullshit, but that's the argument.

1 upvotesvandaalen5 years ago

The argument is that being asked for proof is "traumatic" for a rape victim.

I think we should just completely get rid of this bullshit called "in dubio pro reo" in out justice system, because it is totally traumatic experience for a victim if there is any investigation at all. Let's just do it like in the good ol' times and hang'em all to the next tree. Maybe even do a life-coverage about it on Fox?


upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-4 upvotesDiabolo_Advocato5 years ago

you took the most confusing path of logic you possibly could

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They should be afraid to report it; reporting rape isn't a fucking game. Only when the fear of not reporting it is greater should they pick up that phone.

The most responsible gun owners are those who know just how dangerous guns really are. They don't treat guns like toys - when they aim a gun at someone, they know they're putting someone's life in danger. They should only be making that decision when there's no alternative to protect their life, family, and property.

Reporting a crime to the police should really be no different. If you knowingly and maliciously report rape, you shouldn't get 5 years for perjury, you should go to rape me in the ass prison for decades, because what you've done is really no different than shooting at a neighbor and claiming self-defense.

12 upvoteshasapoint5 years ago

Prison rape is a horrible thing and needs to be prevented whenever possible, and punished harshly when it does occur. Americans need to stop referring to rape it like it's a standard part of any prison sentence.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Americans need to stop referring to rape it like it's a standard part of any prison sentence.

I agree, I just meant that they shouldn't go to white collar prison for accusing someone of rape.

10 upvoteshasapoint5 years ago

I would argue that high security or supermax prison for liars (non-violent offenders) is generally a waste of taxpayer resources. The point of incarceration is supposed to be rehabilitation, not revenge.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The point of incarceration is supposed to be rehabilitation, not revenge.

I was under the impression justice factored into the decision. Otherwise, why would the death penalty even exist?

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

"The point of incarceration is supposed to be rehabilitation, not revenge."

Really? That's news to me.

I thought the point of incarceration was to keep trouble at bay, so society had less burden while they were away.

Rehabilitation is a personal choice & struggle and anyone who could argue prison did cause, or even encourage rehabilitation hasn't seen prison or how people are that come out.

Revenge is costly & shouldn't factor in at all.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I would argue that we should just line them up and roll out the firing squads, but whatever.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Prison rape can easily be stopped: build a structure where no one can intermix physically. You'd need less guards, it would cost less money... and that's why there isn't one.

Gotta keep the government dollars flowing both to gov-only prisons & to corporate prisons. What a racket: good thing no one's making tons of money just to skim back to gov interests, like judges & police, to make false arrests, to get false convictions to keep payrolls flowing at these corporations to satisfy a board of directors & keep the skim-bribe money flowing.

Right? Right.

Why, if such a thing were to exist, and praise jebus we're all glad it doesn't, sure would be quite the win to be able to put people away without planting evidence. Planting evidence is risky. You'd be way better off having a crime for which no evidence is required to convict.

Wow, I wonder what crime that could be.

8 upvotesTheSov5 years ago

the thing about cases like this is shes been proven to be lying. there is nothing wrong with a law that says if you are proven to be lying about rape, that makes it a sex crime.

3 upvotesilike2partyhowaboutu5 years ago

This would make us take people who claim they were raped more seriously as they know it's illegal to falsely report it.

2 upvotesSenorPuff5 years ago

That's a slippery slope. One of my family members is a public defender. According to them, in cases where the crime is serious, people are more likely to convict, all other things held equal, precisely for this reason. It's self fulfilling.

"Oh, well she wouldn't dare make it up, especially since if she did, she'd go to prison. It's obviously a true accusation."

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesTheSKSpecial5 years ago

Was there any actual proof this happened? That's kind of an important thing to have when you accuse someone of something.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesTheSKSpecial5 years ago

And, yo, if my (hypothetical) 11 year old daughter told me a bunch of dudes raped her, it'd be pretty difficult for me to doubt it even in the throes of anti-evidence.

The problem with that is that you could also end up like the guy who killed a teenage boy in his house because his daughter lied and said she didn't know him.

I'm not saying to assume your (hypothetical) daughter is lying, but you as a father need to also think about that possibility. ESPECIALLY where sex is concerned.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Which is why those laws need to go. Since they won't, in the end, that's why the entire nation / empire needs to go, and it will.

69 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Fucking bullshit. Why is his name revealed while hers is not?

107 upvotesioncloud95 years ago

because she is really really sorry and didnt mean any harm

2 upvotesredpillbanana5 years ago

Yes, leave her alone, she's suffered enough!

9 upvotesSenorPuff5 years ago

The reason defendants are named is because we have a constitutional right to a public, speedy trial. This was intended to prevent secret court proceedings against people. If the government didn't like your best friend, arrested him in secret, tried him in secret, and convicted him in secret (or alternatively, arrested him in secret and held him 'awaiting trial' in secret for several years) there would be no recourse.

The problem is public perception no longer includes the 'innocent until proven guilty' sentiment that our courts do. Case in point: Ray Rice. The law got it right: they were both physical, they need counseling, but nobody is guilty. But public perception says he obviously was more wrong and deserves to be punished, because 'my opinion isn't dictated by [any immovable standard like] the law[because MA FEELZ]!'

The problem here is that while he has the right to face his accuser, a) that only applies in court, and b) the state is the accuser is criminal matters, not the victim (that would be civil court, and there would be public record of her lawsuit in that case).

In my opinion, the problem here is that law enforcement isn't required to be open about their investigation, including those making accusations like these. I would propose that, in the instances of investigating crimes that have already been committed, and when the suspect is in custody(or otherwise non-flight-risk), law enforcement be required to make publicly available all information regarding the case.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

But Ray rice hit a woman! How dare you defend him, you misogynist! His big muscles means he is supposed to have more self control than her! /s

4 upvotesSenorPuff5 years ago

That's almost word for word what my mother said to me last weekend. Also "why do you hate women?" came up.

I never thought my own mother would be this naïve.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Don't get me wrong, he didn't need to punch her, and shouldn't ahve, but I find hard to see him as the bad guy in the situation simply because he ended what she started. Yes, he pushed her and spit on her too, but she instigated it. It's easy to work a guy up if you know how. Women are very practiced. I've seen women admit on reddit that they felt a sense if control in doing it. They're both horrible people.

I known its because most people are fucking dumb and go along the cultural line of violence against women bad/violence against men funny (watch any of the videos where they have women be violent in public, other women laugh and say "he was probably cheating" imagine how those same women would act if a man hit his girlfriend for cheating).

This is my problem with feminism. I don't think anyone should feel pressured to conform to gender norms they don't want to. It doesn't work for everyone, and if you can't conform than you shouldn't be made to feel shitty for it. However, feminism is oblivious to anything that isn't female centric. And the current crop of feminism is definitely focused on men being oppressors (ignoring that women are conditioned culturally by other women, not men. Women slut shame far more than men, for instance). Feminists want to knock down the gender norm walls for women, but they fully expect for men to keep towing the line. They get offended whne men being up issues that impact them, yet they claim feminism helps men, too. The truth? Current feminist activist have actually been Demonizing men. Male feminists apologize for their gender. How disgusting is that?

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

So, he should have more self control cause he has more muscles? His physical strength means he should have more self control than her? That's absurd to me.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

He was in a dangerous situation. He was being attacked, and he knocked her out because she literally ran into his fist. She can't take a punch or defend herself. Had a man of her stature acted the same way, the video would be considered hilarious.

Personally, I see Rice's actions as justice. Any abuser deserves to get theirs, and that abusive piece of shit Janay rice got justice served.

1 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

The problem is public perception no longer includes the 'innocent until proven guilty' sentiment that our courts do.

No longer? The public never held the sentiment of innocent until proven guilty. That philosophy only applies to the courts, not society. Society has been judging people before being found guilty for ages, heck, even judging them afterwards as well (OJ Simpson)... The public was never intended to hold that ideology, that was reserved only for the courts. If anything, innocent until proven guilty is held in much higher regard today than ever before. Only 50 years ago, blacks were still being lynched before ever seeing a court house.

97 upvotesHAMMURABl5 years ago

note how the innocent and falsely accused guy is named with full name, while the woman who intentionally makes false rape claims remains unnamed.

29 upvotesAzothlike5 years ago

Their tryst began inside his borrowed Porsche SUV

Lol. Hypergamy in full effect, even with false high school rape accusers. Be what women want -> get fucked for it.

18 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

'What? This Porsche is borrowed? Fuck you! Rape!'

4 upvotestxroller5 years ago

i would of thrown the bitch a $20, Might have saved him a lot of bullshit

8 upvotesVinylGuy4205 years ago

Yeah and with his luck get he'd be convicted of being a John and paying a prostitute.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It sounds like that's what she is.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Yet another benefit of my country's laws: you have to prove asking for a sex act. Trading money for time is legal & if sex happens it's not illegal.

25 upvotesnicholmikey5 years ago

These stories are terrifying to me, women have the power in a single spiteful sentence to ruin a mans life, and she does not have to fear any repercussion. This is not justice and not fair.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

And there's no way to defend against it with alpha-frame.

46 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It is despicable how a woman can essentially ruin a man's life just because he is automatically assumed guilty. Society ALWAYS takes women side of the story because after being raised my women our entire lives, they've trained us to think of them as the voice of reason. Even if the guy doesn't go to jail, he'll probably still be put into custody or arrested on the spot. Women who do this sort of shit should serve twice the average rape sentence. That way, by the time they get out, they'll be so undesirable that noone would belive any rape accusations of hers ever again.

5 upvotessidewalkchalked5 years ago

Serious question: Is it possible to sue in this situation? For lawyers fees, emotional distress and damage to reputation (future earnings)?

1 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

In civil court, sure. One can sue anyone for any reason in civil court.

44 upvotesAerobus5 years ago

I understand that we are not supposed to hate women, but sometimes, it is really, really hard not to.

Women like her should be imprisoned.

17 upvotesvandaalen5 years ago

AWALT, but: Cunt != Women

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotesDiabolo_Advocato5 years ago

by feminist, you mean as equal as both genders can get. But i don't keep up with netherlands' gender-politics or its current affairs with gender cases (like this one), so i could be wrong.

Nevertheless, look it up, its one of the most egalitarian countries in the world.

2 upvotessmile_e_face5 years ago

In many cases, "egalitarian" is a byword for "anti-male." The argument goes that men are in a naturally superior position in society, so women need to be raised up to make it more egalitarian, never mind the laws that blatantly favor women over men. I've never been to or studied the Netherlands, but in America, "equal" tends to translate as "pro-women."

1 upvotesDoctorsHateHim5 years ago

I live close by and I can tell you, you never hear those fucked up stories from the netherlands. But from the US we hear about them constantly. Take that as you will.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotessidewalkchalked5 years ago

I get your point but trials for ideas might see a bunch of US on trial one day. What really should happen is that the guy should sue her into the stone age. If that's not possible, it should be.

Once it is shown that she willfully lied and used the law to attack him, she should be liable for massive amounts of money. She damaged his future earning potential and almost surely scared him half to death.

3 upvotesMaxV3315 years ago

Plus she wasted taxpayer time and money.

1 upvotesDoctorsHateHim5 years ago

What's the punishment for filing a false police report? At least give her that.

14 upvotesCRUSHPUSSY_MARRYAMAN5 years ago

This shit is going to continue indefinitely until women start receiving the same mandatory minimum sentencing that the guy would have received had he actually raped her. Lock this bitch away and throw out the key for a few years, we'll see how keen she is to make up lies and ruin someone else's life then.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You shouldn't. She tried to ruin a man's life, and partially succeeded.

She deserves to rot on the attempt alone.

15 upvotesmidnightny5 years ago

I once had a girl threaten to tell the police i raped her because i wouldn't give her a ride home. I live in NYC where traffic would have taken about an hour longer than her taking the subway. She said this while we were driving so i did a u-turn and drove her to the police station and called her bluff. She told the cops she was "only joking" and they "let me go". Unreal. The cop knew what was up and he said even though she's fucked up for doing that, that i should pay for a private cab back to her house just so she backs off easily. So i had to shell out 75 bucks for a cab just to "keep her happy". Un-fucking real.
A common argument feminists use is "whats the worst that can happen to a guy on a date? vs what can happen to a girl". Well let's see, he can do prison time for no reason whatsoever? Just be careful who you deal with and i hate to say it but watch who you piss off. All it takes is a few words and you are toast. I got lucky. THESE STORIES HAPPEN MORE OFTEN THAN PEOPLE THINK THEY DO.

3 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

There are no extensive studies on the prevalence of false rapes, which is why it goes under the radar. It's fairly common, I'd wager.

Case in point, had a girl falsely accuse me of rape because I got tired of her bullshit. This was way back in my beta days. She got out of a bad breakup with her boyfriend and went a little off the deep end, I was there to emotionally support her. Wasn't even orbiting her, I genuinely wanted to befriend her to ensure she was well. Over time I discovered that she was just faking her symptoms for attention. I eventually got fed up and called her out on it, thinking that we'd just cut contact and be done with it.

Nope. She went to my various friend circles (I introduced her to them) and told them I raped her. Friends that I'd known for years instantly sided with her and cut me off entirely.

I was extremely lucky in that she didn't go to the cops, because when she was pressed she claimed "She wanted to put it behind her so she can move on". I could still be in jail because of that bitch. I never even touched her.

2 upvotesmidnightny5 years ago

"She wanted to put it behind her so she can move on" I have seen this reasoning used many times over the years whether it be false rape or having a fake miscarriage, or falsely accusing a stepfather of molestation (my h.s. gf did this to her stepdad for attention from her mom). This is used when the person is cornered with the lie and cannot keep up the facade.
Btw how fucking bold and strong of your ex to put that behind her and move on. I'm sorry that happened to you

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesIAmTheIlluminatiAMA5 years ago

No, that was smart as fuck. There was no way she could lie her way out of that. He covered his ass. The only other options were to drive her home and still be scared shitless or not drive her home and hope she didn't do it. But if you've ever seen a chick like that not get what she wants you would know she'd probably do it just to get back at the guy.

3 upvotes1independentmale5 years ago

I have a dash cam in my car recording audio and video. I'd have pulled over immediately and kicked that bitch out the fucking car. Drive home and make a few copies of the SD card for safe keeping just in case she follows through.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

given the situation I'd put it online immediately. Full global reach of awareness so no one takes that shit credibly.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesIAmTheIlluminatiAMA5 years ago

I don't trust cops either but in this situation I would trust them more a scorned, entitled, lying woman like OP was with.

1 upvotesDoctorsHateHim5 years ago

Wait... YOU should pay? How about she pays for her own damn transportation? Aren't women supposed to be equal? So.. what, she doesn't have any money because she is a woman? How fucking misogynistic is that, Mr Cop?

1 upvotesmidnightny5 years ago

my thoughts exactly. but the funny thing was i don't blame the cop. he was pissed off about it too. he was just saying that for my safety because he said "she could change her mind at any moment and press charges" even though she told them she was joking.
i guess i can make threats to people then when i get brought in for questioning just say "oh it was only a joke".

14 upvotesbigbuzd15 years ago

Charge her wih the same crime he would have punished for, had his innocence not been discovered.

13 upvotessquiremarcus5 years ago

guilty unless she accidentally admits it!

10 upvotesiTomJ5 years ago

Does she face any charges then? Like false allegations or anything like that? If not its basically aw man I'll getcha next time!

7 upvotesRoine_Stolt5 years ago

I can't even rant about this I'm so upset/disturbed. Her punishment should be that she should be made to get up on a podium and publicly admit what she did here to everyone who's ever met either of them. Shame her forever.

5 upvotesgoemon455 years ago

Why are stories like this always in California?

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesfreedombaldeagle5 years ago

You described women everywhere. It's the "men" in California that are the problem for not calling them on their bullshit.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Nah, country girls are a little bit better, because they usually understood the effort that goes into a lot of things.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

How can you even blame a girl for being "spoiled" <--- whatever the fuck that actually means, if the whole thing about being spoiled is that someone else spoils you. There are spoiled guys too and they are waaay worse than spoiled girls.

Oh, sorry that some girls have family that has taken an active stance in supporting them so they don't have to get involved with jerks and douchebags. It must be tough to know that despite your best efforts you can't hook up with any of the girls you like because they are "spoiled" into thinking they can do better than your lame ass.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Do you blame your father for the way you turned out?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This shit terrifies me. She's not even going to get a legitimate sentence out of this.

Total bullshit. It's only recently police are actually investigating too and not just going onoes woman in distress.

5 upvotesGreenTomatoSauce5 years ago

A very similar thing happened to my friend while he studied in the US. He went out with this girl, didn't even have sex and a week later police is interrogating him. Turns out her mother somehow found out she wasn't a virgin anymore and then to find an excuse for that (she was 14 and my friend 16 at the time) she told her mother it was my friend who raped her. Well, he went to jail and was facing an "adult sentence" since it was such an horrendous crime. In the end even the accuser's friend (who was there at the crime scene with my friend's friend) said they didn't have sex that night. He walked away with a 40k lawyer debt for that and even his lawyer told him it was pretty much impossibble to make the girl pay for it.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

which is so crazy because it means not just dating, but even associating with females is life-endangering in that legal environment. You practically have to be a monk, or dedicated to full-time work as soon as it's legal to pay your ticket out of crazyville so you can lead a normal life.

6 upvotesRainymood_XI5 years ago

Imagine genders being reversed. Male accuses female of rape. First off he would be laughed at from the start. Secondly he would probably be prosecuted for fake charges.

Disgusting America, get your fucking shit together.

Sincerely, Europe

2 upvotesUlquiorra_Schiffer5 years ago

You do know like half of your countries are feminism's bitch, right? I'd rather be in America myself than your shithole.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Whoa... Let's just agree on one thing, the whole of western civilization's been infected with feminism. This isn't a country specific problem. Pro female legislation is mirrored from country to country.

1 upvotesUlquiorra_Schiffer5 years ago

Oh yeah, I agree. I just wanted to be clear that Europe isn't free from the problems of feminism, which is what he seemed to imply.

1 upvotesRed_Shirt_Blue_Pants5 years ago

Id rather be in Europe because Amsterdam

1 upvotesrpmale5 years ago

While true, there are some great countries in Europe.

6 upvotestindermaster19865 years ago

I hope she gets sued sooooo badly.

5 upvotesTonguesten5 years ago

I felt a vein in my head throbbing as I read this

4 upvotesboffadeeez5 years ago

These fucking stories piss me off so much...I really want these stories to be spread so everyone knows the kind of bullshit women (sometimes) get away with but I get so fucking heated reading them myself...I need an outlet for this anger

4 upvotesDukeHollywood5 years ago

Is there a site or a thread that catalogs these outrageous cases? If there was a database of all of them I think it would really help some people understand how common this can be.

3 upvotesFortunateBum5 years ago

You mean, cue witch hunt?

Probably from the theater.

Good story though.



5 upvotesubiety5 years ago

Wow - I'm shocked my high school would be front page red pill example, given we've been losing enrollment for the last few years and the odds of a suspected rape is next to impossible. El Molino's demographics are 80% entitled white people, and 20% Latino or other. The West county region itself is dead center in one of the most liberal sections of the country, and the cost of living is too damn high for new families to procreate.

Guerneville happens to have a nasty drug problem and it's easy to extrapolate why an 18 year old would be hanging around a 24 year old. People from my hometown do not grow up, we're liars and extremely naive/sheltered group of kids who'll do anything to get out of punishment from our parents - as a whole we have shitty morals and a sense of entitlement through the roof (do to our affluent/drug induced upbringing). Police in the area are quick to convict and definitely play a large part in big brother mentality for girls, due to my area's extremely high divorce rate.

If anyone wants to know more about my high school or the region in general, shoot me a PM or comment and I'll be happy to explain how things work at home, or how hard TRP was for me to internalize given the mentality I was exposed to on a daily bases.

6 upvotesChristiantrucker5 years ago

This woman needs to be made an example of. Throw her and anyone else that does this in a men's prison and she'll learn what rape really is.

-1 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Wow. You are wishing rape on another human to 'teach the cunt a lesson."

Where the fuck was your mother when you were growing up?

3 upvotesChristiantrucker5 years ago

She tried to ruin another mans life. What comes around goes around.

3 upvotesHughtub5 years ago

Whoever falsely accuses someone of a crime should receive the punishment ordinarily given for that crime.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This woman deserves to be raped at knife point in public

26 upvotesAFPJ5 years ago

Not sure why this got downvoted, if anything it is lenient and the actual punishment should be death. People who blatantly lie to cause others 20+ years in jail should not be allowed to exist, let alone do so as a part of society.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This type of thing makes me want to punch a hole in a wall

-2 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Sounds like you have testosterone poisoning. Do you respond with physical violence often or do you just wish you could?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't actually want to punch a hole in my wall, while that would be pretty cool. I don't think i've ever punched anything when I was angry.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Sounds like you have feminist-poisoning.

Punching a wall is pretty much normal male rage for seeing that we are all at risk of a death-sentence or prison sentence on there mere sayso of a liar.

It means we're already in prison, just some of us aren't right behind the bars yet.

The only solution is to see those liars dead or to abandon-ship on the entire country.

1 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Try Asia, you could be an ESL teacher and get a shot at all of those alleged subservient asian ladies. Surely, the stereotype MUST be true and girls 20 yrs. younger than the guys they date are truly the meek, humble, domestic slaves y'all claim to want.

Oh, and why not take a couple male friends along as well? It will be great, a paradise of petite asian women that are sooo smiley and agreeable. Red pill guys should def give it a try, you don't want to miss out! You should book your plane tickets quickly. I reccomend Shanghai.

6 upvotesIsaiah4verse15 years ago

This is why women will never be anything close to par with men. It is physically, mentally, and even spiritually impossible for them to produce a modicum of honour and integrity. So, I hope guys will remember this and be proud. A human is separated from the animal kingdom by these virtues. Be honored you are free thinking, empathetic, and and capable of unconditional love and do not think like cattle as women do! Chin up boys!

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesvandaalen5 years ago

Relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrBPmoIAyts#t=97

2 upvoteshiman2355 years ago

Its the plain fact that these cunts are willing to do anything to get out of the trouble. Its just coincidence she was getting screwed past her curfew that led to the ultimate cunt excuse "I was raped". I'm sure if she was with her friends she would claim another outrageous bullshit excuse -If this isnt more proof that women will not give a shit about anyone, throw anyone under the bus to get out of an UNCOMFORTABLE situation, I dont know what more you need. Just watch a woman cause an accident and watch the tears and Penis blaming and the /pussypass EXPECTATION. They have no shame anymore- The Pussy is Entitled and expected to get whatever it wants

2 upvoteskerpow695 years ago

Who the fuck has a curfew at 18?

2 upvotesmidnightny5 years ago

a womanchild with paranoid parents. they fly from one nest to another when they find their breadwinner.

2 upvotesMerlunie5 years ago

I don't get how women don't see those and feel ashamed. I mean we have to give them credit, rape is a real thing. Unfortunately, way too many cases turn out like this. How can they be taken seriously?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago


If this was a women in this situation, youd get an uproar from feminists.

But the beta males on sites like this and MGTOW wouldnt give a shit, as far as their concerned, one less male to deal with.

Thats why Mens rights movement is bullshit

1 upvotesUlquiorra_Schiffer5 years ago

It's why everything is bullshit. It's better to avoid the system altogether, as it will eventually crumble, whether by direct or indirect intervention.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No, there needs to be an active coalition( ie banning trolls) of people who actuallyy give a fuck and are willing to stand outside and protest about mens rights

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

That doesn't fix anything.

Only money, power, influence makes those changes.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

a prominent tattoo, and the car he was driving

So he has a tattoo and drives a car, rock solid proof a rape had occured and he was guilty!

When will society accept that false rape claims are not rare isolated events but an epidemic?

1 upvotesmidnightny5 years ago

they're filling those prison beds and they are filling them with men. there's no incentive for the system to deter false claims.

2 upvotesIsaiah4verse15 years ago

Hope she gets raped by a chick. Lol Strong and independent wimmen strike again.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

At least the comments on the article condemn this woman as well...

1 upvotesWargame4life5 years ago

Someone who can throw someone under the bus like that just for something minor and petty, deserves the absolute worst to happen to them , i genuinely would have no sympathy if she was a victim of a terrible crime in the future.

If you are willing to shaft people Significantly just for tiny inconvenience, i don't care when you end up getting shafted for real

1 upvoteskillajoy7145 years ago

This man's life and reputation are fucked even though he is clearly innocent. It is scary how a woman can easily destroy your life by making up a completely bullshit story. Lock this crazy girl up so she can't destroy another man's life.

A kid at my high school a few years ago was hit with a false rape charge his freshman year. His reputation is fucked. No man deserves this!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Has a man ever done this? Like ever?

Why do women do this so often? Is it part of the cultural message that women aren't responsible for their actions or life choices?

-23 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

But seriously, what kind of douche has sex with a girl, won't loan her $20 and somehow made her miss her curfew-I guess by not driving her home?

10 upvotescircaanthony5 years ago

Like because she allowed him to fuck her, he now owes her money? Fuck that.

-7 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Of course he doesn't owe her money(unless they had an agrement before sex that it was going to cost him money) but isn't it just basic manners that if you like someone well enough to fuck them that you will let them borrow $20 here and there. It's like he fucked her/wasted her time and then didn't care if she met her curfew or not.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Maybe she didn't want to borrow, she just wanted it.

"fuck that" is the appropriate response here

5 upvotesTheSKSpecial5 years ago

It's like he fucked her/wasted her time and then didn't care if she met her curfew or not.

That's his problem...how, exactly? Is she now obligated to give him $20 if he asks? They had sex with each other after all.

3 upvotescircaanthony5 years ago

Its her job to meet curfew not his to make sure she does. If she didn't have time she shouldn't be fucking. And no, its not basic manners to loan someone you fuck 20$, that doesn't make a lick of sense

2 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Seriously? Most girls(that aren't prostitutes) aren't just going to sleep with a random guy that probably won't even get her off. I imagine the guy was sweetness and kindness acting like he cared about her(and that includes her curfew) and then after getting what he wanted(sex) he did a complete turn around and went from being this nice guy that shares interests with her, the type to make sure she meets her curfew so she doesn't catch shit from her parents to a douchebag that acts like they barely know her and suddenly don't give a shit if she even meets her curfew or not.

That's not "ALPHA" behavior it's a lying sack of shit's behavior. Unless you live in a third world country $20 is not a big deal, and just like opening the door for her and other small pleasantries that remind her that you still like her making sure she meets curfew is to be expected.

If you want emotionless sex then hire a professional, don't trick/lie/beg your way into sex and then act like an ass.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

1) those women really will 2) what lie? Did he even know about this curfew? 3) it's 100% alpha to have sex in your car & not give money to the bitch just because she asks for it. We don't have to open the door for bitches if they won't do it for us either, and we should not. That's not alpha, that's beta-sack-of-shit non-male behaviour. 4) men should not be expected to pay $200/hour for hooker sex when a normal girl would have normal sex, unpaid, with a man she wants to have sex with.

If your demands were met every women would be expected to become a hooker so there'd no way for her to toss a rape accusation. By default every encounter would be pay-for-sex & no credibility would go to a rape accusation because if she didn't want sex, she wouldn't be there, which means it's consenting.

2 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Your logic is flawed in at least three ways here...I'm certainly not saying every woman should become a hooker. I'm saying that it's shitty to lie about yourself and misrepresent your intentions to a person just to get what you want.

For example: if a girl knows a guy has a huge crush on her and decides to use that knowledge to have him do her chores/homework/whatever by hinting or implying that she might feel the same way then that is wrong. Similarly, if a guy implies feelings/relationship where he does not mean it just to have sex with a girl that is also wrong.

2 upvotesMomoUnchained5 years ago

What part of sticking your dick inside someone makes you obligated to do them favors, pay them, or care about them?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

5 upvotestindermaster19865 years ago

Maybe she's a bitch to begin with, and he knows it?

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

possibly but what's likely is a lot of us have no idea the level of bitch-evil hiding in a woman until it's too late. They are good at covering it up.

3 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

The kind who doesn't want to turn into a beta doormat, and who thinks people's curfews are their own damn responsibility?

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

SHE got sex she wanted too. How come she's not giving him $20 for gas money?

1 upvotesJustTryingToMaintain5 years ago

Well if it's rape then it's fair to say she didn't want it. The guy is 50% of that decision and the girl is the other 50%...they both need to have 100% agreement on what it was or wasn't and as of now they don't.

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