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TIL just deleted a post about male victims of domestic abuse

by Aerobus | October 26, 2014 | TheRedPill


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For those of you who don't know, earlier today, a user submitted this scientific study conducted by the National Institute of Health, in which the user found out that "Male Victims of Domestic Violence who call law enforcement for help are statistically more likely to be arrested themselves than their female partner."

Not surprisingly, the mods deleted the post because it went against the feminist theocracy. In short, by presenting valid facts in the form of a scientific study conducted by a reputable organizations, we hurt their feelings. And to them, that's all that matters, so they decide to censor the truth.

Any idiot can tell you that none of these rules, the submission guidelines for posts on TIL, were broken. Yet the mods claim that rule #2 was broken since the title was "editorialized." You tell me how a submission title of:

TIL Male Victims of Domestic Violence who call law enforcement for help are statistically more likely to be arrested themselves than their female partner- NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH [PDF]

is editorialized when the PDF shows that male victims of domestic violence "who call law enforcement for help are statistically more likely to be arrested themselves than their female partner"

It isn't. The mods are lying through their teeth and they know it.

This is what we have to deal with men. We are disposable. No one gives a shit about us, and feminists will censor free speech.

TL;DR You're disposable, Life's unfair, and Feminists are hypocrites.

BONUS: TIL MODS also deleted a post titled "TIL: The majority of child abuse perpetrators are women, which also linked to a scientific study conducted by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services." Redditlog link Link to the study

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313 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

As a male who's been sexually assaulted, I've learned to just shut up about it and move on. I've spoken about the subject before and been told to stop being insensitive, stop appropriating the experience of survivors, stop mansplaining how sexual assault works. After I reveal that I'm speaking from experience, people will begin tripping over themselves and telling me that other examples are different and women are in constant fear of being assaulted, etc.

The bottom line, most of these social justice warriors and feminists don't give a damn about real victims or verifiable science that disputes their claims. If you're a male victim, then fuck off. No justice for you.

68 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

most of these social justice warriors and feminists don't give a damn about real victims

True. And true regardless of the gender or age of the actual victims.

They really DON'T give a shit about them.

What the "social justice warriors" care about -- and really ALL that they care about -- is how they themselves can USE the "victims" for their own political purposes (and all too often enhancing their own status & careers and/or eventually their own salaries & wallets).

30 upvotessumdumguy-throwaway5 years ago

not to mention their own egos. "I'm saving the world!"

5 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

I suppose there are some that (at least initially) are so deluded... but I think the vast majority of the "social worker" and the "social just warrior" types are well aware that they aren't actually doing anything that is even remotely related to "saving the world" (or really "saving" anything or anyone) -- that aspect is more for status and political strategic value than anything else.

7 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

or facebook likes so they feel better about themselves.

3 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

In my experience, fat cows behind keyboards only seeking self-validation.

78 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"The only way to win is not to play"

12 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

It's sad, but it's the truth that's displayed daily on this sub. There is no such thing as gender equality, men are expendable.

17 upvotesRedPill1155 years ago

George Orwell's Animal Farm:
Years pass, and the pigs start to resemble humans, as they walk upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven Commandments are abridged to a single phrase: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

33 upvotesthe_trp_dude5 years ago

Hijacking the top comment to say that this was posted by a regular in /r/RedPillWomen who eventually had to delete her account for fear of being doxxed. The post is titled "Reddit hates me" and it's still on the front page of the sub as of now.

45 upvotesrandomevenings5 years ago

I've learned to just shut up about it and move on.

It's for the best. You don't want to be a woman and use it as a crutch for the rest of your life.

14 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

I realized a few things:

1) It's very possible to survive sexual assault, accept it, and move on- contrary to much of the hysteria surround the issue.

2) Men literally cannot speak about it openly. You will be shamed, silenced, and publicly humiliated. I thought initially that women, self-proclaimed feminists (like the one who assaulted me) would be the first people to defend and support me. Fucking. Dead. Wrong. Turns out we have to deal with it in the way we are socially expected to deal with problems. Have a whiskey, shut the fuck up, and deal with it.

16 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

Seriously. Fuck that shit.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

9 upvotesalpha_n3rd5 years ago

He made the mistake of thinking that fucktards were his friends.

3 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

If I could go back, I would have not told anyone. Despite the popular BP narrative stating otherwise, people don't give a shit about the real problems men face. Discussing them invites ridicule.

23 upvotesShekelBanker5 years ago

You're not alone m8, been there too. I was at a small house party (no more than 14 people) a few years ago and there was this Spanish girl that took advantage of me when I was drunk. Mind you I I wasn't even close to be drunk enough to not know what was going on, hence why I remember the incident as clear as day. Was thinking of pressing charges then (this whole incident happened before getting RP'd) but I realised how ridiculous it would sound to the police that "I was raped by a woman". What is worse (or better, depends on your perspective) is that I knew that woman too well for at least 2 years. At that point, what triggered hatred of women in me was not the red pill nor how feminism just wrecks the society and the legal system, it was that incident. I learned to shut up and move on too, but it just sends me into a deep rage when if you're a raped guy no one gives a shit about you, but if you're a woman you don't even have to prove someone raped you to send someone to the freezer for a few years.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This should be a big pointer for men. Never get shitfaced at a party full of strangers. Always be sober enough you could physically repel any would-be rapers.

5 upvotesShekelBanker5 years ago

Thing is that back then who would expect a guy getting raped by a woman? I didn't even give a shit about rape back then in my BP days, plus we were all there in high school (in Europe mind you, not in Leftist States of America)

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

What? Where in Europe? Most of Europe is more left than USA surely. I'm English.

1 upvotesalpha_n3rd5 years ago

This isn't really a right/left thing. This is a "the US is bat shit crazy about sex" thing.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

i agree with that i was just disputing that the USA was more left than europe. which it clearly isn't! :D

1 upvotesShekelBanker5 years ago

You don't get a perspective about how better off most of Europe is until you see the shit that happens in US. I'm not asking you to trust me on this, but US is in general bad. What particularly struck me as bad in general was the ruthless tax agency (named IRS), and specifically: California is more expensive that a lot of places in Europe, Texas has some wacky people (could be me not used to their liberty), Florida is full of assholes (avoid driving there at all costs), New Jersey has horrible police constables, Michigan is generally poor (most of the Americans I know are from there), and in New York you got to avoid NYC because it's more expensive than London and a lot more crowded. American people in general, particularly those who never left US use a lot of stereotypes when talking to you, either about your country or the society you come from. Discussing politics of any kind is a big no-no for them, they resort to the American superiority complex when you make comparisons (eg. USA's much richer than countries in EU)... far too many things to mention in a single post.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't doubt all of that but I think by and large the USA is far less politically left than pretty much all of Europe. They don't even have national socialised health care for example.

0 upvotesmikehod5 years ago

For someone who has a lot of complaints about my country, you sure have spent a lot of time here in the 'Leftist State of America'. If it sucks so bad, just don't visit!

I for one would not be offended if you never came back.

1 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

I've learned my lesson. Other RP'ers, take heed.

1 upvotesa-orzie5 years ago

I should be allowed to get shit faced! Rapers need to be taught not to rape!

3 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

It took me a while to even realize what the fuck had happened. I was so brainwashed into thinking it was impossible that a man could be sexually assaulted. We are trained to think that all men are criminals, and that we are always the aggressor in sexual politics, presumed guilty. I thought it was my fault, that I had bought it on, invited it.

Only after a few weeks of feeling fucking disgusting and worthless and gross that I realized the event followed the exact pattern of a rape, down a fucking T.

The police would laugh in my fucking face. Even if they didn't, I'd be one blog post away from professional disaster and securing the guaranteed success of my attacker. I'd forever be labeled a false accuser, untrustworthy misogynist.

The only thing to do is to keep it to myself and gain knowledge and strength from that experience.

6 upvotesbeeeel5 years ago

if you're a male

Welcome to the progressive stack.

6 upvotescocaine_face5 years ago

As someone who has also been assaulted in that way (though it was more of an unwanted extended touch while asleep, which I woke up and stopped), I got into an argument recently about this, and got told I was, "insensitive" when arguing with a woman about sexual assault.

I was like, "Whaaaa?"

2 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

Some of the outspoken feminists that I've told have claimed it was false equivalency, men getting sexually assaulted is different than women getting sexually assaulted.

Surprisingly, they were right, though clearly for the wrong fucking reasons.

4 upvotesflubberskin5 years ago

Same...it started with female babysitters doing some very innaprorpitate acts, touchy feely female highschool teachers, physically abusive girlfriends, unwanted groping by chicks at clubs.... I was raped by a hambeast on my 21st birthday when I drank too much and tried to get home.

And any mention of those things only gets people laughing at me and "nice" or "yeah right...you cant rape the willing"

So just don't.

3 upvotesjohngalt12345 years ago

And the mindset they give real victims is to wallow in it rather than overcoming it and becoming stronger.

2 upvotesoldschoolmailman5 years ago

I've certainly learned it's indeed possible to overcome sexual assault, not just survive it. I've worked through the issues, though I wouldn't be allowed not to. Men can't play the victim card.

Well, you can, but it certainly won't get you anywhere.

3 upvotesjohngalt12345 years ago

Its both a blessing and a curse to not be allowed to play victim for men. It is a curse since it may not allow you to work through your issues and its a blessing since you are not allowed to remain a victim but required to overcome it. The thing is the problem has to be identified before it can be fixed.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They do the same thing with white people.

"Oh you've been racially discriminated against as a white male? Great. Your problems don't count."

1 upvotesintelligiblely5 years ago

yeah same here.. anytime I bring it up a woman will start telling me to shut up and "you are just trying to take help and support away from women"

.. the fuck?!

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

158 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

TIL to unsubscribe from /r/todayilearned

19 upvotesTRPsubmitter5 years ago

I've unsubscribed from TIL, AskReddit, ELI5 and all those subs a year ago. They're all shit.

12 upvotesComplainyGuy5 years ago

Science, opposed to sociological, questions and answers on those subs are still fun and useful.

2 upvotestopspeedj5 years ago

I only use reddit for TRP now, occasionally venturing out into /r/all and a few other subreddits.

5 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

I do like me some /r/ghettoglamourshots

2 upvotesgarlicextract5 years ago

ELI5 cracked me up from the start. How fucking American that subreddit is (I am American too). Now I'm sure the users are quite multinational, but "Please take this complex subject and dumb it down for me as if you were explaining it to a fucking 5 year old" is just so ridiculous.

24 upvotesPostNationalism5 years ago

if you hate heavily censored reddits you'll also hate /r/politics and /r/worldnews

/r/anarchism is also surprisingly mod heavy

56 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

/r/anarchism[3] is also surprisingly mod heavy

That's because it's a subreddit for communists dressing up their beliefs as anarchism, they are more authoritarian than almost any political group.

21 upvotesOjisan15 years ago

I find /r/Anarcho_Capitalism/ to be much more to my liking. No subreddit is perfect but there's some good discussion that goes on over there.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Its funny how the fringe right is far more open to discourse than the fringe left.

9 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

Yeah I think that's why I was so afraid of those views for so long - everyone I ever saw who spoke of being an "anarchist" was really just an extreme full-on marxist with a violent streak. AKA not anarchist, at all.

12 upvotesAhabh5 years ago

/r/anarchism is a haven for muffin top suicide girl wannabes and totalitarian sjw's. I got kicked out of /r/anarchism for posting this

16 upvotesibuprofiend5 years ago

/r/politics and /r/worldnews

I subscribed from those long ago anyway. It's like viewing the world from the perspective of an angsty suburban teenager.

3 upvotesJackieBronassis5 years ago

What are some good subreddits that substitute r/worldnews and r/politics?

20 upvotesibuprofiend5 years ago

Economist, NY Times, New Yorker, USA Today, etc.

Honestly I don't know of any good news subreddits.... I get my news from actual websites because Reddit = atrocious groupthink. Those sources are biased of course, but it's not as bad as on Reddit.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvoteskommissar_chaR5 years ago

http://channel9000.net/ has all the international news feeds you could ever watch. Reddit's a sinking ship for news, at least.

21 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

I don't know if you were around for this (your reddit account is rather young), but a few years ago there was a huge uprising and exodus of members from the anarchy subreddit which occurred as the result of strict rule enforcement on the part of the mods.

You can't make this shit up.

4 upvotesliverkiller5 years ago

HA, I recebtly realized I am NP'ed in both /r/anarchism and 2x and I've never posted a comment either negative or positive in either before.

If they wanted open and healthy debate they would allow all points of view but they shut people down before they even have a chance to submit.

2 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

/r/politics is laughable. Its just a giant echo chamber.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I haven't bothered with politics because I hate political debates. Mainly because of where I live, it's not really debating. Much like telling an SJW her (his? are there any male SJW's? I mean, do those white knights and women defenders count as SJW's?) facts are wrong. They just spin it so they can keep believing it, despite overwhelming evidence otherwise.

I've kind of figured /r/worldnews was mod heavy, though, since most of the stories tend to further the leftist's agenda.

4 upvotesavoiceoftreason5 years ago

I haven't bothered with politics because I hate political debates. Mainly because of where I live, it's not really debating. Much like telling an SJW her (...) facts are wrong.

Debating isn't about convincing your opponent; it's about convincing the audience.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You make a very valid point, sir.

12 upvotesNolanHarlow5 years ago

To do:

1.Unsubscribe from /r/todayilearned

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Shouldn't we all just repost this TIL and spam those fuckfaces? Can TIL mods ban me from all of reddit?

2 upvotesdronearmy5 years ago

Who cares? Create a new account if you get banned.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

i'd lose all my internet experience points :( then my life would be meaningless :( my accomplishments would be forgotten about and i would fade into the mist :(

2 upvotesMattpilf5 years ago

They have the ability to stop certain links from ever being linked. Most often used for repost, but its built in, so unless we have endless mirrors, it won't work.

-7 upvotesComplainyGuy5 years ago

Sorry but I have to report this comment. This is a subreddit for men, not children.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

+1. I accept your perspective, "fuckfaces" is highly unmanly. Carry on.
(I'd be interested to see what happens, don't think I've ever had any comment acted upon by a mod)

49 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

TIL The TIL mods are cocksuckers.

24 upvotesNolanHarlow5 years ago

And they live behind the following catch-22:

If you're a lone voice objecting to a post being deleted, they'll ignore you or give you bullshit snarky answers and then ignore you.

If you try to mount any sort of coordinated effort (you know, to show that there are more than a few people that give a shit about said post), then they'll accuse you of brigading and IMMEDIATELY threaten a ban.

You're screwed either way. Cowardly behavior all around from the mods. Not surprised though.

11 upvotestopspeedj5 years ago

Here's a conversation a guy from /r/undelete had with one of the mods: http://redditlog.com/snapshots/1198213

19 upvotesMarsupian5 years ago

He knows his stuff. Immediately switches topics and stays on it relentlessly. Never even acknowledges the original question but instead goes on the offense straight away. Absolute professional at derailing and "winning" arguments.

7 upvotestopspeedj5 years ago

Yeah, he'd make a skilful politician one day. Should we laugh or cry at that?

Anyway, I was more impressed with the attitude of /r/undelete. They all seem pretty objective and open-minded to TRP ideas. But I guess that comes with the theme of the subreddit itself.

2 upvotesmikehod5 years ago

This is what the police (in the US) do as well; they threaten to arrest you for 'obstruction' or some petty crime like blocking a sidewalk (a completely unrelated offense) when they really just want you to quit filming them abusing people and let them do what they want.

4 upvotesrpkarma5 years ago

Holy shit. That guy must be actually retarded. Or 13. Hell, why not both?

2 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

Based on most of what I see over there I would not be surprised if it was both.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotes6482625 years ago

Why do you want to preach to the masses?

57 upvotesHumankeg5 years ago

So that one day if I have to call the cops on some bitch because she is assaulting me, I don't get thrown in jail instead.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Imagine of judges would snap out of it, and stop awarding women custody 100% even if they have been shown to be abusive. Imagine false rape claim filers being persecuted. Imagine a world where /r/pussypass wasn't a subreddit.

-6 upvotes6482625 years ago

This is some victimized r/MensRights stuff.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's not victimizing when a women can get you thrown in jail merely by saying that you raped her, providing no evidence whatsoever except her word.

-1 upvotes6482625 years ago

Yes it is.

You're crying out about potential situations.

You already know how the world works, so you need to make sure you can survive in it. I would tell you you're beyond naive if you think standing on street corners yelling about how bad men have is going to help.

Dodge a potential ass rape before it happens and deal with situations when they arise.

Is it pleasant that society is in favor of women and that men are disposable? The answer is two-folded. By pushing you down you will have to become stronger to stay on top, meaning top guys are really high quality guys. Quality women are few and far between because they have it easy. If we had it easy, we would be weak. Life on easy mode for men is the feminized asshats over at askreddit or wherever. They have it easy, yet they are miserable and weak.

Embrace the resistance you face. Grow stronger and accept how reality is. Wishful thinking is for the weak.

5 upvotesdenart45 years ago

On top of all the other reasons given above and under me. I believe every men has the right to have the knowledge that TRP has.

I was lucky enough to find TRP without bias that anyone gave me.

3 upvotesdroppern5 years ago

More input, more content and a bigger community

1 upvotes6482625 years ago

He is not preaching about TRP, he would distribute content that is also distributed in TRP.

2 upvotesShitArchonXPR5 years ago

ITT: why I love /r/longtail and /r/undelete

0 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

I was not aware of this, will keep in mind for future reference. But, can't honestly say I'm too surprised.

116 upvotesOsoFeo5 years ago

Really, people like that are the gift that keeps on giving.

One of the major factors in convincing me that the MRM and RP are largely correct was the extent to which its critics and enemies will go to censor its advocates and proponents.

Truth survives in light. Lies whither away.

79 upvotesCatsGoingTheirOwnWay5 years ago

r/mensrights is banned from r/bestof. Let that sink in for a moment. They know that if they give MR, a community of 100k people access to a platform of 5m users the community would grow exponentially. And that's bad because god forbid a 19 year old guy with no one to talk to about these things learns that he shouldn't just laugh and go eyyy girl chill lol! whenever his hot gf smacks him for saying something that she deems stupid or embarrassing. Still haunts me 3 years later.

24 upvotesHomosubi5 years ago

Don't forget that mentioning this sub is automatically deleted in /r/AskReddit.

By not allowing other viewpoints, your viewpoint automatically wins.

It's a sound strategy. I'm actually impressed by the totalitarian liberals. They are efficient and brutal in getting their way. They have a goal and no one is going to stop them for any reason.

26 upvotesjoe_bruised_ego5 years ago

Seems ridiculous to me that these people call themselves “liberals”. Liberalism is supposed to be about freedom of speech and being open minded to new ideas.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Reminds me of that video of feminists yelling "Fascism!" to silence a MRA crowd....

8 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

Liberalism is de facto the party of censorship. Liberal attitudes typically dictate that there should be more regulation, more laws against things they oppose, more government, etc. Think about it, who's more likely to get upset over calling someone a "fag", an extreme leftist or someone on the extreme right?

It's simply par for the course.

3 upvotesjoe_bruised_ego5 years ago

I assume by “liberal” you mean the US Democrats? Nobody outside the US considers them to be liberal or even left wing. They are an authoritarian far right party.

4 upvotesThePedanticCynic5 years ago

It's double speak. It's the same way with feminism, where they claim that they only want the genders to be equal while fighting for even more rights for women rather than fewer.

They make the motto something that sounds reasonable, like equality or freedom; that way if anyone calls them on their shit that person is a misogynist or a fascist. Really, it's just used to suck in support so people at the top can can continue their anti-men campaigns.

3 upvotesson_of_narcissus5 years ago

Relevant first 20 seconds or so:


"Unfortunately, between then and now, the enemies of [classical] Liberalism succeeded in stealing its name."

2 upvotestheozoph5 years ago

That was when their ideas were new. Now that they are the status quo, they are as repressive as any regime before them.

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

1 upvotesDrDalenQuaice5 years ago

/r/canada deletes redpill links too

3 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

That's...utterly horrifying. Holy hell.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

did I read this correctly? subscribers of /r/mensrights are by default banned from /r/bestof?

26 upvotesCatsGoingTheirOwnWay5 years ago

posting stuff from mensrights is banned. and by default, not in response to any incident.

3 upvotestopspeedj5 years ago

Have they ever publicly explained why?

7 upvotestheozoph5 years ago

Because feelz > reelz. As usual with SJWs.

11 upvotestheozoph5 years ago

Not only that, but a /r/mensrights subscriber did an IAmA two years back, one that quickly gathered a lot of discussion and +450 upvotes, soon making the frontpage. 4 hours later, the mods deleted it for "not being relevant/already done". No amount of complaining got it back.

In the background, the mod forum was awash in horror as it was deemed "literally the worst thing [MRA's] could have done, presenting their viewpoint in a rational, reasonable fashion"... and pressure was quickly put on the IAmA mods to "do something" about it.

Reddit mods, especially in the more popular subs, have all been vetted and co-opted to be flaming liberals, and encouraged to silence all opposition to their ideology. Having been part of /r/MensRights for several years, I can attest that they've even managed to infiltrate its mod team and quickly shut down all non-liberal points of view as "too extreme" and "damaging to the sub's image". The old motto deriding feminists was canned, traditionalists and "Game" proponents were kicked out, and the remaining anti-feminists are already on the mods' shit-list. As soon as they will feel they've sufficiently steered the sub leftwise, they'll be next.

You see, to a "real" liberal, there is no such thing as "free speech", only hate speech and "problematic" speech, which will become hate speech in a few years, once society has sufficiently "advanced". There is no limit, no common sense, no one safe from being suspected of being "reactionary". The enveloppe can always be pushed further. What yesterday was "moderate" liberalism is today's hate speech. History only goes forward, toward ever-greater levels of indivualism, materialism, hedonism and "freedom", which must be defended by ever-greater levels of censure and "education".

If you're not frightened, you're not paying attention.

1 upvotesRC_52135 years ago

No. He means that posts from MR cannot be topics in bestof.

39 upvotesjohnbailey15 years ago

Check out the threads in /r/undelete about the removals. Look at the comments by the TIL mods. They're hell-bent on getting rid of any posts about men's rights in TIL though they swear they're not biased. I included a link to another post that they removed that was about women being the biggest perpetrators of child abuse.



19 upvotesIVIaskerade5 years ago

It seems to be -Richard- in particular who is responsible for most of the removals. Looks like we might have a rogue mod over there.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotestrpiece5 years ago

He's moderating the amount of MRA leaning posts

3 upvotesThePedanticCynic5 years ago

I used to constantly argue with that mod in PMs. He's a massive piece of shit.

38 upvotesmutebychoice5 years ago

There is such a bias here, the blatant sexism and inequality ruins lives and they don't even care. Im currently divorcing, separated since February. My soon to be ex wife shows up at my current place I'm living, starts shouting at the top of her lungs, after I asked her not to come because of her repeated angry calls and that she could have the check mailed since she wants to act like that.so she gets out of the vehicle ,starts pushing me physically, takes the check and puts it in her car rather than leaving, continues to push me so I said fine and attempted to grab the check from the car, THEN she cares about getting in the car, hits me in the face with the car door and then slots in the car,still not trying to leave, so I tried to grab the check again and she Bites my arm, which wasn't on her ,she had to lean forward to do so. Finally after that I called the cops ,turns out a neighbor already had. So female cop shows up and asks me what happened, even admits that her getting out of the vehicle to push me is assault, but because I tried to grab the check out of the car I was charged with DV unlawful detention. She was not charged. She's since used the do not contact order to take property thats mine, make.threats to my mother, and file for a divorce asking for everything, even while I still pay my portion of the bills. To make sure she's not inconvenienced and her kids don't suffer. I've used every dine to my name to pay the criminal defense lawyer, and now I need to pay a divorce lawyer on top of it. Meanwhile my parents are losing their house and I can't help them with back taxes The prosecutor at the ongoing case even admits she should've been charged but isn't willing to dismiss so far, the "discretion" on who to charge is a lie, the male will be arrested. I will lose my career with this charge, my parents house, the car I'm supposed to use to get to work and pay her 3/4 of my check to her somehow(not even married 3/years) sorry to text wall,its obviously maddening and its literally ruined my life up to this point, I could go on and on, it'd way more fucked up than even this summary,and yes this is the summary, if needed or wanted I can give more. The point is you never call the cops and never be alone with an aggressive woman, keep your hands in your pocket.

10 upvoteshealious5 years ago

fuck it dude, move south west, then live in the fucking woods without a job, can't get blood from a rock, why even work at that point

10 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

I feel truly disgusted reading this - I wish there was something I could do to help you out. In fact, I wish there was some sort of way that we could band together to help men out in such a situation. Truly appalled.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I can almost promise if we put together a foundation that donated 99% of its profits to these cases, we would be shut down somehow or have daily protests.

it's a fucked world.

3 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

The sad thing is - you're right. It would be labeled as "sexist" because it only helped men. I want to fucking vomit sometimes when I think of the state of society.

2 upvotesmutebychoice5 years ago

I wish I had the means and knowhow. Suppose we could try,at least get the conversation started ya know?

1 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

Same - if I had the means I absolutely would.

10 upvotesNjncguy5 years ago

That's a life changing ouch. The thing is I think you're saying it all dead on accurate. My sympathies to you.

There IS a gross level bias against men, in many area concerning family and divorce.Hell, I know one guy who got falsely accused of abuse by an angry wfe. He could then only have visitation with his children with court approved supervision. Well, the supervisor (the guy's top exec sister) was then falsely accused. End result: he has had no contact with his children now in some 5 years. She even changed their names. The guy has been so crippled with alimony and child support ( and never ending legal fees wanting more) that he is 45 and living at home with his mom. And he works his tail off. Last Sunday he was up for a moving job at 6 AM. ... Basically, he is a slave to his ex- wife who grotesquely gamed the system.

2 upvotesbookhockey245 years ago

You can't game a system when the system is yours.

3 upvotesShekelBanker5 years ago

Seriously now, I'd consider your situation a clear signal you need to leave the country and never come back. Even if you start completely off with nothing on your name in Europe or anywhere else, you can't be worse off than you are now. Admit that you can't do anything more, losing everything to that woman. Get as much money as you need for a plane ticket and 2 months living costs where you want to go, and just forget about the godforsaken country.

2 upvotesdraketton5 years ago

Fleeing the USA would be my endgame in a situation like that but I'd live under the yoke for a few months so I could do my homework. Some important questions would need answering. Where do I go, how do I stay for an extended period of time, what's the best travel option for a convicted and watched criminal, what precautions do I need to take when using the internet from my new home, what do I do if I'm caught slipping and get put up for deportation. Can't just stuff money in a bag and leisurely hop across the atlantic to wherever.

7 upvotesShekelBanker5 years ago

Indeed you must plan ahead, but I wouldn't worry about deportation because they don't issue international warrants to a guy who hasn't paid his wife a meager alimony; the paperwork needed for it is just not worth it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No matter how many stories like this I read (and there are countless), it never ceases to amaze me how someone you once shared an intimate relationship with can do a complete 180° and fuck your life up so bad you wish you'd rather be dead. Sorry to hear about this. I hope times will change for all men in the US.

1 upvotescirclhat5 years ago

Post like this scare me every day, I was almost arrested on false rape and kidnapping charge, but the officers were male and no they didn't help me out because I was a guy.

My text messages saved my ass, no charges were ever filed, she poured cleaning supplies all over my car, scratch the hood and the side.

I did refuse to press charges and after reading your story I'm glad I did. A girl saying she was raped would of meant lawyers, feminist , and my entire life over.

Reading your story makes me angry but do know stories like yours protect other men, I'm never getting married

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Every time I see a post like this I just always want to stay single.

29 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

It isn't exactly a bad idea. I mean, there are advantages to being single. You can change your residence at the drop of the hat, planning your career is much easier (don't have to worry about effects it will have on a family), you can travel wherever you want, do what you want. It's like having the ultimate degree of freedom. The price is that you don't have someone to share those experiences with.

Plus, if your into casual sex, as you travel the world (if you want to), you can always meet women and game them.

You should see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC6NrQ0kNNU

2 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

Every day I'm single (after getting out of a very emotionally exhausting relationship especially) I am more and more inclined to stay this way.

2 upvotesShekelBanker5 years ago

About the video, I'd wonder if anyone would say at the guy's funeral "He is in a better place now". I've seen and experienced a lot of shit from women, but I really wonder what's in the head of the BP guys who still try their hands at women, proving the definition of insanity right; if it doesn't function over and over, stop doing it and focus on something else in your life.

36 upvotesWoahScienceCool5 years ago

If you cant post this there, just keep posting it on other subreddits and forums.

Add this story of yours as a BONUS cliff at the bottom to spread word about what cocksuckers TIL mods are as well, just to really sink in the point of the War on Men.

Do not allow yourself to be silenced. If you do, then theyve won. For every forum or subreddit this topic gets deleted at, spread it to three more different ones, and so on and so forth.

5 upvotesNolanHarlow5 years ago


9 upvotesrpkarma5 years ago

Not worth it. That's "brigading" (that's how the admins will see it) and then TRP could be in danger. Better to just unsub, ignore, and send that Richard cunt some abuse :)

22 upvotesacedeucetrey5 years ago

The reason for this is simple in regard to the title of the deleted post, women are the default victims feminism has made sure of this. This post was deleted, as the OP pointed out, because this doesn't fit into that narrative.

11 upvotesjeffwingersballs5 years ago

It's not just that women are the default victims, it's that they must never be held responsible, ever.

2 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

They are incapable of doing things that would be traditionally defined as "wrong" or "bad"

19 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

Okay, see, I know what you're thinking. I know that you want to jump in and leave some kind of anti-feminist comment, but think for a second. Is this phenomenon really due to women wanting equality, or is it due to society perceiving women as lesser? I'll give you an answer, it's because society still views women as weak and frail. We're still taught that men are supposed to be big and strong, and the women are supposed to be dainty little flowers who couldn't hurt a fly if they tried. That's why this awful shit happens. If you think that feminists are the problem, you're only making this worse.

LOL! Right...

Let's disregard the fact that feminists are the reason men are the ones getting arrested like this in places like CA. Why? Because they initially made a law that said for any domestic abuse instance, the police MUST arrest the aggressor. The feminists just figured it would always be men... However, they had a brick of reality drop on them once police were now arresting women just as frequently as the men for being at fault.

So then the feminists went back and patched up the law making it so the police MUST arrest the person who has the potential to do the most damage, regardless of fault (Hint: Men are almost always the more physically capable to cause damage.)

1 upvotescirclhat5 years ago

I been looking for a source to this for ages, I believe you, but if you could get a source that would be awesome.

1 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

I honestly, am too lazy to go digging for it. I learned this back in my family law classes. All I remember is it started with the Violance Against Women Act passed by congress. The act gave state funds for every domestic abuse arrest... So to ensure state funds, many states piggy backed, and passed laws so that they MUST arrest someone during a DV case, even if just to remove them from the premise. This was, obviously, to ensure state funds from papa Fed.

So arrest rates skyrocketed. However, the problem was, that in the past, cops would get a DV case where the women went HAM, threw some pots, maybe went a little crazy, but used their judgement, training, and discussions with the men, to determine, "Okay, technically we think she actually assaulted the guy... But the situation seems under control, he doesn't want to press charges, and it seems like she's calmed down. Since women aren't great at causing extreme damage in DV cases, we'll just let this case slide with the okay of the man, and not create any more headaches." This was sort of the idea to prevent instability.

But now the police had no choice. Now they HAD to arrest someone. And since technically what she did was DV - even though it wasn't extreme as what men could deliver - it was DV none-the-less and she had to be arrested (If you can't tell, I think male DV is worse than female, simply because men have more physical capacity to injure and restrain). So arrest rates for DV in women jumped to about 30-40% which was a HUGE increase.

Ironically, because pussy pass and circumstances, women only were convicted ~5% of the time, while men were about 90% of the time. So instead of recognizing the social affect the pussy pass has in courts, feminists argued that this was proof that cops were being sexist and biased. That they somehow were trying to side with the men when they could, so they could instead arrest the women, because internalized sexism.

So that's when they passed the dominant potential aggressor (or some shit like that) law, where the person who was physically capable to do the most damage was to be arrested, even if the police thought the women was the primary aggressor. This law was able to appease the feminists, and the revenue generation for DV arrests.

8 upvotesSQQQ5 years ago

feminists can't tolerate facts.

11 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

It hurts their feelings. Such misogyny. Much patriarchy. Much oppression. Wow.

8 upvotesmorbid695 years ago

Sadly most subreddits are PC liberal circle jerks that have SJW mods on a power trip that silence any dissenting opinion. It's been seen time and time again. Doesn't matter if legitimate facts are presented, because apparently feelings > reality. This is one of the only good subreddits on this site, one of the few where political correctness doesn't run wild which I am very greatful for.

2 upvotesjquest235 years ago

It almost seems that no where you go on reddit, subs, main page, etc.. there are people on it, acting like people. I find this shocking.

14 upvotesfunnyfaceking5 years ago


8 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

Doesn't surprise me one bit. Him, and another mod I mentioned elsewhere in the thread (can't remember the name off of the top of my head), are feminazis and are actively censoring the topic.

2 upvotesfunnyfaceking5 years ago

It appears that /u/-Richard- no longer exists.

1 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

Oh man.


I messaged the founder of the TIL sub, linking him to pictures of /u/-Richard-. He said that he would look into the matter.

I guess he got rid of Richard.

1 upvotesfunnyfaceking5 years ago

i messaged individual moderators about it as well, didn't get a response

their mission statement on the sidebar says "You are loved." A moderator who says "suck my dick" to survivors of sexual assault kind of contradicts that message.

I think only an admin at /r/reddit.com can nuke an account.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

TIL the mod of TIL is an absolute cunt

9 upvotesbpcPunk5 years ago

The messed up thing is that this is only going to push these types of posts to the fringe subs and reinforces the entire system.

Few years down the line: "Oh you got diddled when you were 12? That's hillarious. Think it's funny that a chubby girl can't fit her jeans, you're an insensitive piece of shit."

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

10 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

It's in the sidebar. Puerarchy.com is TRP off-reddit site. There are other good RP blogs out there.

I can talk to the mods about creating a post for this purpose; I don't want to derail this thread.

3 upvotesredpillschool5 years ago

Puerarchy.com is our offsite meeting spot. We do have an archive.

1 upvotesthesaltysoup5 years ago

Some poster said something about starting a board on 8chan. I wish I remembered where he said it, but I can't. It's 8chan/trp

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It won't. Though /r/greatapes will mostt prob be shut down first

6 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

No it won't. Nobody gives a shit about /r/greatapes.

1 upvotesxoomerfy5 years ago

holy cow. I noped out of there. ♂

0 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

Think I threw up a bit in my mouth. Some people are a mistake.

5 upvotesNolanHarlow5 years ago


What a bunch of shit

15 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

People have already done that, and the mods have stonewalled. Two mods in particular, lanismycousin and -Richard- are actively censoring any mention of it. Be prepared to be banned my friend.

Go on the mensrights post and the undelete post about this topic. People have screenshotted both of those mods flat out lying to the public.

6 upvotesSeriouslyReddicted5 years ago

I'm going to message them as well. If they ban me, it doesn't really matter; I was planning on unsubscribing, anyway.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They like to perpetuate the myth that women are angels because they don't want to give up on their hope that a sexy angel with double-Ds will save them from themselves and love them for their comic book and toy figurines collection.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

And into the trash /r/todayilearned goes

2 upvotesRazzamafoo5 years ago

Not sure why you got down votes... lol

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Looks to me like it fell apart because people in the comments just started bitching about feminism.

Can't say I'm surprised. Women go through all extremes to paint a perfect picture. Most male mods on defaults are egotistical cunts anyway.

5 upvotestopspeedj5 years ago

Damn, some of those stories are just ridiculous.

But anyway, when mods and websites pull this kind of crap on posts that are actually completely inoffensive and reference rigorous science, people tend to take notice and stand up.

It's the Barbara Streisand Effect at work. If TIL hadn't deleted the post, this post here wouldn't have blown up with upvotes and comments.

3 upvotesjolly--roger5 years ago

Welcome to reddit. Or more specifically, welcome to TRP, and you're not welcome to the rest of reddit as such.

4 upvotesTransmigratory5 years ago

Ugh, and then feminists wonder why they don't garner respect.

2 upvotesnoteventrying5 years ago

facts dont real, only feels!

2 upvotesJesusFuckILoveAnal5 years ago

I always wonder how people have the foresight to save this stuff before it gets deleted.

6 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

After a while you develop a sixth sense of what will be censored.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Manginas: Ruining rational thinking since forever.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

/u/-richard- all your downvote are belong to us

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

There is a discussion about this topic on mensrights, undelete, and subredditdrama

2 upvotesSeriouslyReddicted5 years ago

Thank you! I saw it a few minutes ago when I went to subscribe to /r/undelete. Thanks for making sure I found my way there, if I hadn't.

2 upvotesIdle_Redditing5 years ago

What is the excuse from the r/todayilearned mods for this? I mean what they said themselves.

Also, why do cops almost always arrest the man in these cases? What are they 'thinking'? Even if the guy has marks all over his arms from defending himself.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is Reddit. This is the Internet. WTF do you expect?

2 upvotesdenart45 years ago

IIRC some commenter in that post said there were more of those posts that don't fit the feminist agenda and he predicted this one would go down aswell. He was right.

It is sad what reddit is turning into.

2 upvotesMisteralcala5 years ago

We need to upvote this fucker to the front page. Censorship in the name of Feminism? Fuck you.

2 upvotesLaidBackStrat5 years ago

I thought about reposting this OP (with credit) on a sub like /r/theoryofreddit that seems to be pretty impartial with things like these, but it would probably be deleted there too.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesLaidBackStrat5 years ago

I'll do my own post and re-post the links from /r/undelete about this thread and others that have had the same treatment.

1 upvotesnuesuh5 years ago

Reading that reddit post, i'm glad I don't live in USA. The justice system seems really fucked up.

1 upvotesnothere_5 years ago

fuck i saw that thread and meant to comment in it (before the match had started)meanwhile the same old reposts get frontpage coverage and useless comments and shitty memetastic puns are upvoted & promoted.fuck being a trivia base,its just a big gold circlejerk.

1 upvotessynpse5 years ago

just like the police saying "anything you say can an will be held against you" So is true "anything a man does makes them guilty, and they cannot be the victim versus a woman."

dateline is on NBC right now. about a woman who pushed a man out a window, and was convicted. she didn't take the plea. he fell 25 floors n died. window broke. wasn't "open".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Can it be reposted on to TIL by anyone else? If so, lets all repost it again

1 upvotesDrDalenQuaice5 years ago

Has somebody tried resubmitting it with the title copied and pasted so as to completely circumvent the "editorialized title" accusation?

1 upvotessouthernfriedcode5 years ago

I actually saw that link earlier today and was thinking of posting it here. I didn't actually expect a mainstream study to be removed like that....it's not some crackpot but a government agency.

1 upvotesnicethingyoucanthave5 years ago

Looks like the user who posted it has been shadowbanned too: /u/Sashaa911

What discussion sites other than reddit to people here use? I like the idea of a threaded discussion forum, but they're few and far between.

1 upvotesFiveRows5 years ago

Anyone else notice all the false analogies in that thread? Anyone else getting sick of redditors arguing almost purely by bad analogy and others unwittingly buying into their frame? Can anyone argue a point in a more direct manner anymore?

Maybe it's just because their points are so hypocritical and bullshitastic that it's the only thing they can do to derail the conversation away from real talk.

1 upvotesPeteMullersKeyboard5 years ago

We don't teach logic or logical thinking in schools anymore. Hence, all the fucking neanderthals that find their way onto the internet, read some insanity on a "social justice" blog, and now think they have a doctorate in philosophy.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

For me personally, it has been extremely obvious women are the more aggressive abusers. I find that they also often play "dumb" and the victim so that society will overlook their manipulations.

I prefer to interact with them only if needed.

1 upvoteslilBeeTheBasedGod5 years ago

There is some well known websites (or maybe it was just one) that wrote about reddit censorship regarding discussing news topics. I think it had something to do with /r/technology and maybe /r/news or something. Anyways, you should contact some of those places to see if they'd run a story about this. Hell, even do a youtube video and post it. Maybe it can go viral, who knows. Maybe those subs actions can give it the Streisand effect

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You know...this angers me. In all honesty, I'm surprised this Sub even exists on reddit. What's to stop them from deleting this sub?

1 upvotesSkaTSee5 years ago

can anyone explain the chart to me?

1 upvotesThisisMalta5 years ago

Let this sink in guys, but remember what swallowing TRP means--it should change how you react to this info. Accept whats reality, no bitching, no moaning, and continue to be the man you should be. Reality sucks, life ain't no fairy tale--and she sure as hell ain't a princess.

Also record anything that happens if a woman even starts talking shit to you, threatening in anyway. Record, record, record.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesThisisMalta5 years ago

Thanks for giving a good example of why we need a downvote button, badass.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Go open another door you whiteknight

0 upvotesThisisMalta5 years ago

lol You're either an obvious troll, or an idiot...but thinking that you need to get your fists out to "show a women who's boss" just shows you're woman doesn't already respect you as an alpha, a real man, someone she shouldn't push to that limit, etc. So you've already failed because she thinks she can challenge you physically--so you're a pussy. Or you're with a psycho cunt.

I'm not advocating taking a woman's shit, but if she escalates it to the point of threatening violence--you've already failed. And if she actually does get violent with you, man the fuck up and Peace out, bitch! I don't need to go to jail, but good luck with that bro.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Is anyone really surprised by this? Females, and feminine men can only handle their idea of truth. If they are confronted, they lash out. Can't fight nature.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It was a female who posted it

1 upvotesJ-Unleashed5 years ago

I don't really post much in this sub much because the mods advise that we who are new try to learn before posting, but it's interesting to refresh /r/todayilearned/ every couple of minutes and see the number of subscribers decrease. I saw this post when it was first posted the other day. I read the study, and showed it to my old sociology teacher (her and I still keep in touch). She had seen it before and agreed that it was interesting.

Is it really so hard to believe though for all those people? I don't get it. How can they believe women to be so much less susceptible to committing atrocities than men? Better question: am I really that oblivious as to just how outside of the norm it is to point this out? I guess my what my philosophy teacher said was true. If you lob something into someone's worldview that conflicts with what they believe, it's going to be viewed as absurd.

About the child abuse TIL, I'm amongst the statistics of having been abused by my mother as a child (my dad never laid a hand on me even though there were times where I clearly deserved it). We have an ok relationship now, mainly because I got tired of hating her.

I don't consider myself a "red-piller" as Redditors have come to call the subscribers of this sub, but I want to be a critical thinker. As someone said to me some time ago, the way to be a critical thinker is to take a look at opposing perspectives. These folks don't seem to want to do it.

Enough from me. I'll continue lurking. Very interesting post, OP.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'm not even that much of a follower of TRP (some of you guys are really... just vaginas, worse than any forever alone), but dude, the feminist agenda on reddit is OUT OF HAND.

Since they changed the subs and put twox on the front page the moderation of this website has changed significantly. Dissenting opinions are quickly deleted by moderators if you can even get your post past the automod.

1 upvotesb34nz5 years ago

This place gets more MRAish by the week. Before long we will have trigger warnings on posts.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

mods want growth, we submit.

Mod is God.

(happy cakeday)

0 upvoteskombatunit5 years ago

I am not disposable, Life's unfair, and Feminists are hypocrites.

Unmarried and pretty happy.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

There's many types of interests in this world, getting pussy being a one. Since most guys are beta, they'll enable and support incoherent behavior for the chance of getting some vagina. Anything that annoying the vagina is then regarded as a threat.

The amount of truth displayed on the topic doesn't really matter much, what's important is increasing your chance to get a place to get your dick wet. So censoring and defending the vagina is automatic.

A big mass of beta has its benefits (less competition) and its problems ( symptoms like this).

0 upvotesClover14925 years ago

That's weird, because 4 hours after your post, I googled it and..,


0 upvotesliverkiller5 years ago

I think we need a new sub /r/TRPaftermarriage.

1 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

Look for posts with the LTR flair.

-1 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

Want my suggestion? Upload the image of the thread to tinypic as well.

Reddit and Imgur are peas in a pod. Imgur pics can sometimes disappear...

-19 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

That's what you get for snitching

Like shit, if you getting 'hit' by a girl, just leave

How you manage to get the shit kicked out of you by someone that weighs 105 pounds

11 upvotestoo_long_didnt_read5 years ago

Never underestimate what a beta male will put up with not to be alone.

9 upvotesjohnnight5 years ago

Beta males are guys, who put up with shit and then one day finally snap.

They are the source of all those stupidly applauded videos where the skinny boy, who was trained by his parents to be "nice and polite", goes berserk on the school bully with a chair or something. Everybody claps. They are the source of Columbine. Everybody condemns.

The proper behavior is to proportionally hit back from day one. Males speak the natural language of aggression. This is how we stake out territory. You get hit, you hit back. Now the opponent is aware and will respect you. This is the only way how you get respect from a male, who speaks only this language. What is most important is that most often, both in human and animal world, all that happens is posturing, not deadly violence.

By not responding to aggression you build social disrespect for yourself. It does not matter that in the end you will go postal, and through this show that you were capable of violence. Then you are the freak. The freak that was beta all the time. Proper alpha behavior is standing up for your interest every time. This gets respect.

Unfortunately, civilization, school principals, polite upbringing and law only complicates this natural response.

With women, you do not have to hit them. You have to find other ways of disciplining them. But the fact is, that the guy who finally has to call the cops has himself to blame, because he did not respond in a proper way to the first case of bad female behavior that happened months and months ago. Even a stern verbal warning of "I will not tolerate this" would have been enough.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Like shit, if you getting 'hit' by a girl, just leave

Sure, just trot on down to the local men's domestic violence shelter. They'll have a bed and pro bono legal advice for you.

4 upvotesBlueChilli5 years ago

My buddy got stabbed in the gut by his girlfriend. Grazed his kidney. He called the cops and when they arrived he was thrown on the ground and arrested. He didn't touch her.

He had to get pulled up before a judge and the girlfriend had to testify that he hadn't hurt her before he was released. He was damn lucky that girl was honest. Crazy....but honest.

-3 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

Well maybe he learned an important lesson about calling the pigs

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

Just injecting some truth into this.

If a woman cried about being beaten- we would all yell 'Leave him, unless you enjoy it, accept responsibility for your choices, by staying you invite it'

But when it happens to a man, he is a victim the second or third time around, despite him having the ability TO LEAVE HER

The same attitude should be there for men.

Or are you looking for a double standard to fight their double standards?

If a soup has piss in it, you don't piss it more to make it better

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[permanently deleted]

-3 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

And your thinking is whining and making complaints- that's how shit works.

Life ain't fair, that's how reality works.

End of the day, this guy needs to do what's best for himself, be a man, or be a bitch held back by what other people think, which is not important.

And calling the cops ain't it.

In the case of married: You done fucked up by marrying a bitch. Asking for it.

Now he pays the price

-6 upvotesRPModulator5 years ago

This isn't strategy . . . Take this crap to /r/MensRights.

8 upvotesAerobus [OP]5 years ago

TRP covers a wide range of topics, including both sexual strategy and mens rights.

Notice how this had the mens' rights flair? If you don't want to participate in this thread, don't click on it. No one is forcing you to do anything.

-1 upvotesRPModulator5 years ago

That is undoubtedly true, and yes, I saw the flair. I guess I would I would claim the post is outside the spirit, but not the letter, of the rules of this sub, in the sense that this sub claims to want to deal with things how they are, rather then to attempt to change things. This post just seems a little too "complainy/changy", rather than just accepting and dealing with it.

1 upvotesDiabolo_Advocato5 years ago

OP is inherently about NOT accepting it, and the discussion and views are a way of dealing with it. Food for thought, if nothing else.

TRP isn't about smothering every opinion and emotion. When someone says "deal with it" they are talking about over-coming personal obstacles, problems, and social situations. This post is about an issue greater than any one person and is not something that should be swept under the rug just because it is uncomfortable to face or talk about.

-2 upvotesWalktillyoucrawl5 years ago

The mods of TRP delete posts about male abuse.

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