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Actor Geoffrey Rush wins $2m in the MeToo defamation case,

by olinvomibo123 on /r/TheRedPill
06 July 2019 05:59 AM UTC
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Title Actor Geoffrey Rush wins $2m in the MeToo defamation case,
Author olinvomibo123
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Date 06 July 2019 05:59 AM UTC (7 months ago)
Subreddit TheRedPill
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Original Link https://old.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/c9q7j4/actor_geoffrey_rush_wins_2m_in_the_metoo/
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101 upvoteseco9797 months ago

Good for him. That's real Justice and not metoo mud

233 upvotesolinvomibo123 [OP]7 months ago

Australian media is uniting and preparing for an appeal against him.

Because they are considering this decision as a 'setback' to the metoo movement.

I hope he maintains the frame, and if johnny depp also wins, that'll be gold.

Takeaways from the incident:

Excel in whatever you do,

Be calm, maintain your frame,

Count your losses from the accusation, present as well as future,

Your time, money, energy and reputation is precious. No need to take shit even from the nation's top news outlet.

6 upvoteshazelstein7 months ago

if johnny depp also wins, that'll be gold.

that bitch is living the best time of her life. I hope she gets fucked in life after what she did to johnny depp and I am pretty sure it happened to other guys too.

49 upvotesKornstar047 months ago

Him and John Jarratt, another Australian actor falsely accused.

Accusers found to be lying should be name and shamed. There is little to no accountability for them.

16 upvotesestrogenmilk7 months ago

Heard this one earlier in the week It was so ridiculous I couldn't believe I was hearing it being broadcasted over the entire fucking radio.

Here's a snippet from an article, Like who even buys this story.

The woman earlier told the court she was woken about 3am by Jarratt ripping off her bed covers and underwear before he pinned her down, covered her mouth with his hand and raped her. (Meanwhile the wife slept peacefully in another room)

The former housemate, who can’t be named for legal reasons, went to police in late 2017. She told the jury she didn’t report the alleged rape to authorities earlier because she feared she wouldn’t be believed.

15 upvotesolinvomibo123 [OP]7 months ago

Another funny thing is that she claimed it happened in 1976, and she reported it like 40 year later.

142 upvotesrorrr7 months ago

> inappropriately touched his co-star's breasts and back, followed her into a bathroom and sent her an inappropriate text message

It's a fucking movie set, you're surrounded by people and cameras. How come there's no evidence for any of that? And the text message should be the easiest to prove.

33 upvoteshurtlingtooblivion7 months ago

It was a play, i gather. Not a movie set.

73 upvotesodaklanan_insan7 months ago

No evidence, no witnesses, no criminal background. Technically didn't happen, no matter where it was claimed to happen.

97 upvotesquarthomon7 months ago

Are you saying "innocent until proven guilty"?

What are you, a fucking white male?


33 upvoteshurtlingtooblivion7 months ago

Well, it may or may not have done. We'll never know. But the point is, hes innocent until proven guilty, and had his name and character dragged through the mud before then. He was right to sue and fair he won.

8 upvotesthe_truth_is_asshole7 months ago

it may or may not have done

... and why are we giving accusers with zero evidence any benefit of any doubt?

I'm not.

No evidence = it didn't happen. This arbitrary "maybe" is cognitive poison.

16 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

Because the cameras are there to film scenes not to film what happens in bathrooms...

40 upvotesLandoChronus7 months ago

Don't jizz in your pants yet, everyone. He won a suit against a newspaper that wrote an article about what he's accused of doing. He didn't win against his accuser or anything actually related to poundmetoo.

31 upvotesThatsSoRaven47 months ago

Yes, but the newspapers convict you in the court of public opinion wayyyy before a court of law has a chance to hear the case. He’s won against the court of public opinion (for now). This is a big win.

22 upvotesolinvomibo123 [OP]7 months ago

They published it, without any corroboration.

The accuser took months to give consent to testify against rush.

Telegraph's request to present another witness was denied on the ground of being 'substantially late' .

This is an excerpt of the relevant part from the wiki:

In his written statement defending his ruling, Justice Wigney said that none of Norvill's (original accuser) claims were proven substantially true and that Rush's evidence was overwhelming. He also criticised the Telegraph for "recklessly irresponsible pieces of [sensationalist] journalism of the very worst kind".

7 upvotesLandoChronus7 months ago

I get all that. My point was that the money was from the newspaper. The suit, was against the newspaper.

The girl (accuser) never faced any punishment or had to deal with any negative media, at least from what this particular article says.

A lot of people in this thread are nearly cheering that Rush won a PoundMeToo case, but I wanted to clarify that he did not. He won a suit against the newspaper who wrote an article about his alleged conduct, while the actual PoundMeToo chick wasn't involved in this particular court case as either party.

36 upvotesddswh1pk0s7 months ago

Good birthday present for him, 68 today!

25 upvotesMMA-Force7 months ago

Another example of how to get the best possible result under the circumstances. Maintain frame, say nothing, lawyer up.

21 upvotesandreas-mgtow7 months ago

He should also go after the "victim", Eryn Jean Norvill.

Women won't understand agency for false accussations without punishment.

No repercussions, no leasons learned.

4 upvotestchower7 months ago

Looks like Australia’s Justice System has done better at getting rid of their white knights in their justice system, the US should look to them as an example. However, Geoffrey does have a shit load of money to hire and attorney and go after these metoo and feminism wackos. Whereas the common guy is fucked if he gets an accusation like that could be the other explanation. That’s why the best Red Pill game/strategy should never be “beta bux” or “money game” because these woman will literally rape your wallet and if they can’t rape your wallet, they’ll say you raped sexually.

4 upvotessaladon7 months ago

What an asshole. I remember everything that man did to me. It's indelible in the hippocampus.

8 upvotesTheEgyptianConqueror7 months ago

Dont think anyone got the /s

1 upvotesSouloftheVoid7 months ago

Good for him. This needs to be SOP for any man that gets #metoo'd: Maintain frame, apologize for NOTHING, lawyer up, and sue them into oblivion.

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