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Woman wants her husband to get rid of a sex doll while refusing to sleep with him

by OneLastTime1997 on /r/TheRedPill
25 July 2019 03:32 PM UTC
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Yup. Creative writing subs for the win.

I’ve been married to my husband for 7 years now. I’m a 29F and he’s a 32M. For a few months to a year now, I’ve been saying no to sex a lot. I’ve just not been in the mood but his libido has been at the same sky high levels that they’ve been since we were college kids.

Could be a medical problem, could be married life.

Some days when I’m in bed tired he starts touching me, trying to get me primed for sex. Most times I’m not in the mood, but some times I cave in to his begging. I felt as his wife it was my duty. But I never enjoyed any of those sex sessions.

Sex being a chore? Haven't heard that one before.

So I made my feelings known to him. At first he seemed really down but he said he respected my decision. He stopped asking me for sex after that. Even when he asked, after I said no he would just roll over and go to bed.

What a good, respectful beta.

After a month or two, he suddenly came him with a sex doll. It was a really expensive one, with huge tits and a round ass with very human-like skin. When I confronted him about it he said he had sexual needs and since I couldn’t satisfy them he had to find a way to satisfy himself without cheating.

Even after constant rejection, he still hasn't cheated or left her ass. Unbelievable.

I told him to get a fleshlite but he told me he couldn’t get off on those and felt like shit after using them. He said cuddling was a huge part of his sexual experiment but I have trouble feeling like that’s the only reason.

Can't imagine why...

When he said that I felt like I couldn’t say anything.

Because she knows she's in the wrong, she just doesn't want to admit it.

It made me feel really insecure, and I suddenly feel really awful. I can’t tell him to get rid of it because it’ll make me look really selfish.


I also can’t complain about how expensive t was because we’re pretty well off.

She knows she's running out of options/excuses.

I noticed one night that I was in the mood but he told me he was tired.

Turnabout is fair play.

He had had a few rounds with the sex doll before I got home and was pooped out. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I knew I feel awful.

About a problem she caused in the first place.

Of course, the YTA comments are towards the bottom and have few upvotes, the post is locked as well (WIBTA if I asked my husband to get rid of his sex doll?). Here are some gems:

YTA You are sooo much the asshole.

You won't sleep with your husband for a year (the poor guy even had to beg for it the few times you caved), so instead of divorcing you or going out and fucking a real woman, he buys a sex doll, then he turns you down ONCE... and now you're literally jealous of an inanimate object... and trying to force him to get rid of it (and stop getting SOME kind of sexual release in his prime years).



You can't have your cake and eat it too. You can of course dictate when he gets to have sex with you but if he found a way to get off without your help so that he doesn't have to bother you why does that also bother you? That's not fair to him

And of course, my favourite:

I noticed one night that I was in the mood but he told me he was tired. He had had a few rounds with the sex doll before I got home and was pooped out. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I knew I feel awful.

Oh, boohoo

And it's reply:

Honestly! Imagine feeling that way for a year. not only that, but when they do have sex, she's acting like she's doing him a favour by sleeping with him... As someone before said, can't have your cake and eat it. If you don't want to sleep with him, let him get his rocks off another way. Imagine if the roles were reversed and the husband was mad/jealous his wife got a dildo/vibrator. He'd be seen as a possessive asshole. OP, YTA, and I recommend you go to relationship_advice and DeadBedrooms to try and fix this, or better yet, a therapist, counsellor.

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0 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Saw this yesterday in another sub. The comments in the main thread were actually pretty good and chock full of red pill knowledge...

Ahhh but that's only what she wanted until he couldn't be manipulated or oppressed by her withholding of that "prize". All the sudden she's now "in the mood" and that's the only reason why.

Bingo. That's what betrays what this is really about:


As soon as she lost control of him by using her sex as a tool/weapon, THEN things become a problem? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Of course there’s a better way for this to play out. She could put a little bit of effort into her relationship and meet her partner’s needs. People are thinking this is only about sex and intimacy (and those are both important) but this is about more than that. It’s about self-esteem and self-confidence. If you are repeatedly rejected by the person who professes to love you the most, and in the rare occasion they don’t reject they put in the minimal effort, it makes you feel like your the most disgusting, repulsive person on earth. You must be absolutely worthless, otherwise why would they care so little and reject you so much?

I disagree. Those might be part of the equation, but what's really at play here, what's really got the OP bothered, is that he took away her control.

It's been proven the sexual liberation women are going to has caused a series of massive negative affects. Women destroy their ability to pair bond when they've slept with more than 3 men. Each one after 3, the inability to pair bond increases exponentially.



Once a woman reaches 6-10 partners, she has a 50% chance of having a happy marriage. 6-10 partners is exceptionally low when you talk to the liberated female types.

It's the recent flip from "we want control of our own bodies" to "we will use our bodies to control you" which has resulted in the weaponization, commoditization, and devaluation of sex.

If she doesn't want sex but he does and asks for it, "it's basically rape because I'm not interested."

If she doesn't want sex but he does and doesn't ask for it, "he is being emotionally distant/manipulative" or "he's absolutely cheating on me because all men want all sex all the time. Better break into his phone to 'fix the problem' instead of actually fixing the real problem."

If she wants sex but he doesn't, he's expected to deliver on the spot "because turning a man on is like a light bulb." If he declines, he "isn't interested in me, is cheating on me/exploring other sex outlets like same sex or chaturbate".

If he relieves himself before bed, he'll get questioned, "WHY ARE YOU IN THE BATHROOM FOR 20 MINUTES EVERY NIGHT?" If he doesn't and pokes her in the back all night "JESUS I SAID NO, WHY CAN'T YOU RESPECT ME".

Similarly, he organizes an elaborate, romantic evening and those sparkles from the honeymoon period start firing and everything seems pointed in the right direction.. Then something unexpected happens like an asshole cuts you off on your way home and "ruins the mood". He lets it go but, "I'm not in the mood anymore". He starts light foreplay and "I TOLD YOU I'M NOT IN THE MOOD. OMG DID YOU PLAN THIS WHOLE EVENING JUST TO GET LAID? I'M ONLY WORTHY OF ROMANTIC NIGHTS WHEN YOU WANT TO GET WET?"

My female roommates are both "sexually liberated females" who will sleep with 1-3 random guys every week and tell me about it (btw, where did the myth that MEN are the sex-obsessed, gossiping, perverted gender?). I'm at various stages of dating three other women and I get, "OMG DID YOU TELL THEM? THAT'S SO DISRESPECTFUL, YOU BETTER HOPE THEY DON'T FIND OUT BECAUSE THAT'S SOOOOO FUCKED UP. THIS IS WHY WOMEN HATE MEN BECAUSE THEY'RE LYING, SEX-OBSESSED PIGS"

Me: How is that any different from what you're doing? Aside from me actually going on dates and having legit conversations with these women and trying to make an informed decision and really, sex is a secondary concern to do we banter well, get along, laugh, share interests, and have a willingness to get interested in other's interests? Vs. them communicating in illiterate DM memes then meeting at the club and forgetting their name.

Them: It IS different because men don't care if you're not loyal. "They're just happy to get some attention and get some. They know I'm a callow bitch who doesn't really care and that they're here to entertain me, not the other way Women deserve to be treated like goddesses!" [<- an actual quote.]

Idk, call me crazy but these experiences have all gotten me second-guessing whether sex lib was a good idea or not..

722 upvotes7thAnvil7 months ago

She's not jealous of the sex doll. She doesn't like that she's lost power over him (by severely rationing sex).

291 upvotesPillUpAss7 months ago

Boom - That’s it. She probably doesn’t even know that consciously.

176 upvotesOSaraiva7 months ago

Yup. Don't complicate women, they are simple beings.

130 upvotesgood_guy_submitter7 months ago

They just seem complicated because they are seldom straight forward and honest.

If they were more honest they'd have no power. All of their power comes through either manipulation or is exchanged for sex/reproductuon.

30 upvotesOSaraiva7 months ago

Oh they are dishonest with their words, but totally honest with their actions i think.

And i don't mean it as a bad thing, it's how women are and part of their nature. In the end, their goals are pretty simple and straight.

9 upvotesFBI_CRIME_STATS7 months ago

Literal children for the most part. And its best if you treat them as such

54 upvotesex_addict_bro7 months ago


"everything's about sex except sex, sex is about power"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

where does that quote come from

10 upvotesitiswr1tten7 months ago

Netflix House Of Cards, most recently. But originally attributed to Oscar Wilde, there is debate on whether that is apocryphal.

30 upvotesmonsieurhire27 months ago

I would say that there is much truth to that, only it's not certain how self-aware of that aspect she is. I mean, he would probably say yes to sex if she directly told him she wanted to re-initiate the sexual aspect of their relationship, assuming he is still attracted to her.

I think it might be maybe more accurate to say that she fears losing aspects of the relationship that she values, mainly the economic and social partnership ones because she now has something resembling a rival, even though it IS an inanimate object, it resembles a real woman, and therefore is triggering a primal competition fear in her, where she fears that he will "leave" her socially and economically for the doll just as he "left" her for it sexually, even though she basically create the conditions that pressured him to do it.

It was highly foreseeable that something like that would happen, and I would argue that since it rekindled a desire in her, it was actually beneficial to their relationship.

The longer a relationship goes on, the more likely that people lose attraction for each other. This is highly foreseeable, and yet... people, for many reasons, don't foresee, and don't plan accordingly. They panic and assume the worst. They don't try to re-enchant. They don't make reasonable compromises. They don't articulate what they are going through.

It's fine if she doesn't want sex, even for a protracted period. But since sex is usually a pillar of a romantic relationship, the burden is on her to understand what she is going through, and communicate to her partner so they can come up with a compromise.

It could be that it's a hormone thing. It could be that he let himself go, or that she feels gross and unattractive because she's aging, or because she's bored, or has had too much sex, and now doesn't appreciate it. There's not excuse for not cuddling with someone a few times a week though, IMO. I guess maybe she's worried it will lead to undesired sex, but it sounds like the guy is respecting her boundaries, so that's not really an argument from her end.

1 upvotesIm_smarter7 months ago

finally not an incell comment trying to belittle the woman.

0 upvotesLadyE1237 months ago

❤️, yes, I was so happy to see that comment as well. So reasonable instead of the biased hysterics that too often come from some men.

5 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

As I stated in the original thread about this yesterday, CONTROL is what this is really about. As soon as she lost control of him by using her sex as a tool/weapon, only then is when the dead bedroom became a problem for her.

313 upvotesF_Dingo7 months ago

After a month or two, he suddenly came him with a sex doll. It was a really expensive one, with huge tits and a round ass with very human-like skin. When I confronted him about it he said he had sexual needs and since I couldn’t satisfy them he had to find a way to satisfy himself without cheating.

LOL! He might be a beta, but this guy is balls to the wall extreme! The look on her face must of been priceless when he walked in with his well endowed sex doll.

80 upvotesHappyanduknowitclap7 months ago

My man turned the tables on her. Not quickly....but eventually he did lol

1 upvotesxKalista7 months ago

I dont think thats a beta move, thats savage as hellz he gives 0 phucks

35 upvotesProject_Zero_Betas7 months ago

Nah in reality it's pretty pathetic. Hilarious. But pathetic.

25 upvotesFresque7 months ago

IK, but is better than give her grounds for a divorce via showing with another chick. That will teach her a little lesson, and in the meantime, ha can put an accountant to work day and night dissapearing some of his assets in order to make the divorce way cheaper.

No idea if this is the guy's plan or not, but would pay off to play it like that.

14 upvotesimtheoneimmortal7 months ago

For what we know maybe this guys is genious

In front of her maybe he use doll and when he’s out fuck others girls so no divorce problems

6 upvotesyomo867 months ago

From an objective perspective yes, pathetic. From a woman's perspective the most savage thing a man can come up with. Being traded not for some hot piece of 20yo ass, which women usually are ok with when you are an AF, but to be traded in for an inanimate object thus rendering her power of him not only somewhat but completely mute is astounding.

1 upvotesProject_Zero_Betas7 months ago

"I've always wanted to date a mute."

6 upvotesnippleduster32247 months ago

I mean getting off on a fleshlight, sure why not. But fucking a human sized doll is a bit on the deep end, most people would be put off by that.

1 upvotesxKalista7 months ago

ans he just fucking walks in with it lmaooo just thinking about it makes me laugh

7 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Everyone in this comment chain is right for varying reasons. The whole bringing home a sex doll was extreme, they both have issues, and his doing so has the benefit of taking away her power and grounds for divorce without making her look like a giant hypocrite. In reality though at the end of the day the guy is beta as hell because the dude allowed the dead bedroom to occur in the first place. THAT is the root problem of all of this. Fix why that occurred and she'd be tearing his clothes off and wouldn't need to be cajoled into having sex and him resorting to silicone when that failed.

11 upvotesmax_peenor7 months ago

Oh, yeah, he made some serious mistakes but he fucking wrecked her with that part. Wrecked. Check out her post history. She shopped this all over reddit looking for validation. Even TwoX shot her down. The only place she got any play was GenderCritical and much of that was vaginal pain caused by the comments in her other posts.

296 upvotesfrey887 months ago

Sweet Jesus. Would rather kill myself than be this guy.

143 upvotesNorthEasternNomad7 months ago

That makes two of us.

Why would you not just leave her ass?

Telling you...with society at this point, young, self sufficient men would need to be idiots to marry.

93 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Cause he married her so he can't leave

121 upvotesNorthEasternNomad7 months ago

And divorce means they get half your shit. Because, you know, they gave you the privilege of their presence in your life...


29 upvotesDeadliftRx7 months ago


Closer to all of it unless he is lucky.

25 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234567 months ago

It's rarely above half unless there's kids, and it would have to be fairly exceptional.

The guys that get fucked are the ones with kids, because then the courts will have no problem with giving 70% of your income to the wife, since she needs the "child support".

Spousal support is pathetic in most cases.

22 upvotesReformed657 months ago

And "we’re pretty well off." means "he makes the money and I make pocket money."

11 upvotesFresque7 months ago

This. Chances are the guy is the one making some non trivial bucks. And he doesnt want to watch half of it dissapear.

On top of that, that leaves the ex wife wit a lot money and no responsabilities.

Fuck that.

11 upvotesNicolas06317 months ago

She could get half the doll ;)

41 upvotesBusterVadge7 months ago

Yup, never get married. I made that mistake once, and there's a lot of pressure to stay, especially when there are kids involved.

26 upvotesgood_guy_submitter7 months ago

Kids are literally the only reason to even consider marriage, and only if you are dirt poor.

If you have money you can get a good lawyer and accomplish the same legal benefits of marriage without being a slave to the will of the government.

Marriage is 3 parties. Man, woman, and government. Never forget.

10 upvotesPhantomRedditor57 months ago

You are very wise. I wish i would have known you before i made the plunge like a doofus.

2 upvotesJussie_Mullet7 months ago

The state will fuck that man harder than the doll

34 upvotesQueenSlapFight7 months ago

Meh doesn't sound like they have kids. If he hits eject now he'll likely salvage more of his future wealth than if he waits 10 more years, even if they still don't have kids. I say bail.

20 upvotescrimsonpowder7 months ago

Send her ass back to work then pull the plug and don’t pay her shit.

10 upvotesQueenSlapFight7 months ago

Yep. Instead of half assed measures that get her alarmed, he should've gotten her earning as much as possible then pulled the plug. Getting some girlfriend doll in his path to divorce is going to fuck him over.

28 upvotesDionysus-VIOLENCE7 months ago

Yes he can, this is grounds for divorce. The relationship is over at this point as it’s no longer intimate. Let’s not pretend this is what a healthy relationship looks like.

30 upvotesOptimalAdhesiveness7 months ago

They meant metaphorically he can’t. He literally can, but then he also literally owes her half his shit. She said they’re well off so I bet hed owe her part of his paycheck too in order to ‘keep up the lifestyle she’s accustomed to’ according to the courts.

Having grounds for it doesn’t mean it’s a clean break and everyone just walks away. Although you’re right in that some places have laws on the books that say if a spouse makes the bedroom hostile that yes it’s grounds for divorce.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex7 months ago

‘keep up the lifestyle she’s accustomed to’

Or she can make the money herself to keep the lifestyle she's accustomed to. Not hard to figure out

2 upvotesitiswr1tten7 months ago

Fault divorce is long gone. There are no "grounds for" divorce except in a few states, and it's very difficult to prove.

Marriage can be accomplished just fine while protecting your assets, but that only matters (1) when you have premarital assets to lose and (2) you can afford the advice. 1 and 2 are usually closely linked.

10 upvotesgprime7 months ago

Why would you not just leave her ass?

Because divorce is expensive as fuck, and he probably doesn't want to find himself another woman that he expects will be different but turns out to be more of the same.

16 upvotesTheorymeltfool17 months ago

No way it’s worth losing half your shit unless he’s really well off. He should’ve started having sex with other women but told her about it and given her the option: either we start to fuck more often, or I get to fuck other women.

33 upvotesSuperCrazy077 months ago

It’s absolutely worth losing half your shit. Especially at 32 with no kids.

I know many divorced men. They got screwed over financially, but they’re all happier.

6 upvoteshalfback9107 months ago

There are things you can do to start hording it so she only gets like... 10% of your shit?

9 upvotesPhantomRedditor57 months ago

married idiot here. Filing for divorce as soon as I get my criminal case waived. Will never be stupid and do this shit again.

6 upvotesProject_Zero_Betas7 months ago

Is your CC against your wife?

10 upvotesPhantomRedditor57 months ago

Yes. I restricted her from leaving the house because she was grabbing for the car keys and she was belligerently drunk. I didn’t want her to harm herself or others. Then she called the cops and I got arrested for restraint.

3 upvotesHBenedek387 months ago

Seriously? And did the cops listen to the full story?

3 upvotesProject_Zero_Betas7 months ago

That's rough, you were trying to do the right thing. I went through other bullshit with a crazy girl and cops (One of her beta orbiters was stalking her so she had me arrested and incarcerated to make an example out of me for him), you gotta hard next those sub-humans.

4 upvotesbiezpiens7 months ago

well considering that she said they are well of, she would probably get half of his shit if he dumped her ass

47 upvotesNighthawkdragon87 months ago

Sad reality, "this guy" is probably around 80 percent of married men in America.

1 upvotesBuzzLightGear3217 months ago

Yup, whenever I go to another sub that is about sex/dating/marriage etc, I have to remember that 90% of posters are just like this guy or worse. Fat, lazy, desperate, underfucked zero game losers with no abundance mentality.

1 upvotesNighthawkdragon87 months ago

What’s sad is it’s almost too late for them also. I’m 21, and found out about game at 18, so going out and gaming is fun and easy for me. But I couldn’t imagine learning it at like 40.

145 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

I don’t think women have any idea what it’s like for a man to be turned down regularly for sex. It’s absolutely soul crushing if you’re the guy, and have seen close friends and family break down over it.

Itd be similar to if you’re a woman about to go out and your husband looking at you with minor disgust in his face saying “that outfit? You look pretty chubby in it” every single day.

OP couple has been married for years but in their 20s early 30s now and still going sexless? I mean this dude has over 30 years of life left and he’s giving up on sex completely?

Divorce is ALWAYS on the table and should be if you’re not getting your needs met

70 upvotesprestidigibator7 months ago

This was a topic that came up a bunch on the Tom Lykis show. Women would bitch about men wanting sex. Tom would say I know it’s hard for you to understand to want something and have a need for it like eating or breathing but I find that this analogy is the best to help women understand. Imagine if I had an unlimited supply of chocolate cake. It costs me nothing to have it and I don’t really run out it. Now imagine when ever you ask me for cake I told you no. I’m too tired to go get it. Am I the asshole for not giving it to you? Lykis was a grade a asshole, he was great.

4 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Tom Lykis

Was? I just looked it up and he's still alive. I'm guessing he finally retired or something?

1 upvotesprestidigibator7 months ago

I think he quit when the radio station changed format in 2009.

1 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

He had his own streaming network that started back in 2012 with his show being the flagship content, which I appeared on once or twice. Looks like he called it quits in 2018 as not enough people were signing up for the premium version and advertising wasn't getting the job done.

36 upvotesDubbleFUPAwitCheez7 months ago

this dude has over 30 years of life left and he’s giving up on sex completely?

Oof. Man, I'm very anti-divorce but putting it that way I can see why people do it. It's tantamount to turning yourself into a worker drone till you're dead. What a waste.

11 upvotesronbfor7 months ago

I agree: Don’t assume divorce is not an option. Think about what you want regardless of what other people might think or what it might cost. Then do your research. Divorce laws vary state by state. With more than half your life left, how much would you spend to live it your way? Its worth a paid consultation with an attorney, financial planner, tax advisor...

20 upvotesRob3456787 months ago

Not to get religious on this .. but even the Bible says women should not turn down their husband for sex.

1 upvotesJude24257 months ago

Yep. Marriage is the context for sex and you should be having enough sex that everyone is satisfied. For all the crap people throw at the Puritans, they even put a woman under church discipline when she refused to have sex with her husband. They weren't anti-sex, they were anti extra-marital sex.

1 upvotessubaruguy147 months ago

So it's cheating. Just cheat, destroy her entirely on the way out.

70 upvotesDubbleFUPAwitCheez7 months ago

Accidental massive agree and amplify. Well played, beta.

26 upvotesSelf_Descr_Huguenot7 months ago

Totally unrelated but agree and amplify always makes me think of the idea that Angela Merkel might be flooding Germany with migrants to purposefully radicalize people towards the hard right, or, taken further, that she’s actually a Nazi and wants to prove Hitler was right lol

10 upvotestekn0_7 months ago

There was someone online who claimed she actually was hitlers daughter. They had some childhood pics of her.

5 upvotesSnowaey7 months ago

that would actually be hilarious and terrifying at the same time

61 upvotesfrontiermarine7 months ago

he pulled off dread game with a sex doll, i'm done.

15 upvotesumizumiz7 months ago

Dread Level 13 - SHOW her the cumstain from the sex doll, and explain that this is the last time you fuck an inanimate object.

48 upvotesEscortSportage7 months ago

Time to get a new real life sex doll.

41 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

"Would I be the a&shole if I asked my husband to get rid of his sex doll?" is the name of the post on Am I the A&shole?. Can't link it directly.

16 upvotesBloodSurgery7 months ago

You can always post an archive in the main post btw.

39 upvotesRedpillx947 months ago

If you think about it its kinda like dreading her lol.

17 upvotesNohoTwoPointOh7 months ago

Especially if it's one of those new smokeshow dolls and the wife is letting herself go.

30 upvotesmr_chgr7 months ago

This post is pure gold, lmao.

41 upvotesRoto2esdios7 months ago

Always always sex is the one of two things a woman has to subdue a man (and shaming). When this is out of the table woman is useless

26 upvotes1962Throwaway19627 months ago

I think I heard this somewhere and I think it is true in many (but not all) committed relationships.

Women control the sex, but men control if there will be and how good a relationship will be.

This guy went a long time and talked with her about it. Exactly what he should have done.

But she was unwilling to try to change things... so he changed things and now she is mad at him.

Lots of divorces happen because of this very thing...even after talking about how something is a problem to one in the relationship the other is selfish and does not see it as a problem and refuses to work to make it better. That was why I divorced, and that is why my current wife of 6 years divorced her ex to be with me.

15 upvotesMajesticPresentation7 months ago

Men control if there will be a relationship, but once you get married you are signing away all that power.

3rd level educated women initiate 70+% of divorces. If this woman wants to divorce her husband tomorrow there's a good chance he earned all that money they have and theres a good chance he will be paying her for years to come. Once the marriage started, the balls in her court because he has everything to lose and she has everything to gain

3 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Women control the sex, but men control if there will be and how good a relationship will be.

This is more commonly known as...

Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment.

And this is why marriage is such a bad deal for men. Once you are married, or living together for that matter, men give up whatever power they had so the relationship becomes unbalanced. This is why dread is so powerful for keeping a relationship healthy. It's counter-intuitive as hell to bluepers because who would think dread and being manipulative about it is a good thing, but the reality is without balance things go screwy fast.

1 upvotesRoto2esdios7 months ago

Interesting. It's funny how women blame men for no being communicative in a relationship, and when you are, they get angrier than before because you said something they don't want to hear.

37 upvotesmiserablesisyphus7 months ago

I just can't imagine being in a serious relationship and not having sex -- there can't be any clearer sign that something is wrong. Also, how can a man be so diminished that he's willing to fuck a piece of plastic? Grow some balls and leave this sack of potatoes. If my wife told me she hated my guts and thought I was the worst person on the planet, but still had passionate sex with me, it would be 100 times better than my wife refusing to have sex with me because she's "not in the mood".

14 upvotesnippleduster32247 months ago

She likes mooching off his money

36 upvotesMwoods3427 months ago

guys, hear me out. A.I and sex dolls, its the future!!! THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!

20 upvotesDwarf907 months ago

Dat post needs more upvotes.

In the end, we are going to be exterminated and replaced by muslims anyway, so let's make the process fun.

3 upvotestekn0_7 months ago

Being replaced by AI is more likely especially with impotent humans

2 upvotesGidanocitiahisyt7 months ago

I'm hoping you're /s but if not, care to explain what you mean by "we are going to be exterminated and replaced by muslims"?

3 upvotesrdum897 months ago

Yeah that's the dumbest shit I'll read this week/month/year?

1 upvotesDenali_Laniakea7 months ago

Hes talking about rapefugees.

61 upvotesOutlawe7 months ago

What is her alternative? I don’t know about the “it’s her fault” part. If she doesn’t like having sex with him it’s over. Poor bastard can’t attract her. I would say he needs a red pill but he’s already “going his own way”.

21 upvotesDwarf907 months ago

Yes, he choose to his own way, but it's only right. Too bad he didn't understood it earlier.

12 upvotesTwentyEighteen7 months ago

Yeah it’s not her fault that she’s not attracted to him. What makes her at fault is that she didn’t try to solve the problem. She simply denied him sex and did nothing to help him with his urges or to maybe gain her attraction back. So he finds a solution on his own and she tries to find an excuse to stop it lol.

1 upvotesBuzzLightGear3217 months ago

LOL her alternative? Really? It's not hard to give a blow job, lube yourself up and fuck. You know what is hard? Being sexually rejected all the time by your wife. Having to support her ass and pay for vacations by working overtime. Becoming celibate after falsely marrying someone that stated they desired sex (who marries someone who hates sex?). That shit is hard. Hell if my gf said to eat her pussy when I wasn't in the mood, I would still do it. LOL 'like' having sex. With that said, you're right, he should leave her ass since she won't do the basic marital duty sex to keep him happy. What a pathetic woman.

9 upvotesOutlawe7 months ago

Women do not get turned on by vacations paid and overtime worked. They will rarely if ever appreciate this type of effort by men. If anything, they will justify the money spent on them as “it’s the least he can do to keep me around because it’s a chore to have sex with him even as rarely as I allow”.

Sucking this dudes dick is below her. This dick is as attractive to her as a spider in the basement. If she’s desperate enough, and he promises to buy her a Porsche, she might get down and dirty on that musty cellar cock, but she’ll be thinking about the Porsche, not the guy and how hard he worked for her.

6 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

They will rarely if ever appreciate this type of effort by men.

Good old Briffault's Law.

6 upvotesHBenedek387 months ago

Bullshit. If she was with the guy for years, and she was having vigorous sex before, and he hasn't changed significantly - didn't become fat, hasn't aged a lot, since 32 isn't old for a guy, hasn't suffered some catastrophic injury that would make him unattractive -, then if she has changed her mind about him, that's ENTIRELY on him!

It's abso-fucking-lutely a bullshit excuse that "she can't change not being attracted to him". It's a fucking mindset.

Say, you're walkong down the street with your girlfriend. Suddenly you see a chick who's at least a league better looking than her. Do you suddenly stop fucking her, because you've seen a hotter woman?

I am not saying you can find anyone attractive. But if there is a person you have found attractive once already, for quite a long time, and they're the same person as before, then YOU have changed, not them. YOU need to fix something in your life, change how you look at the world, and do your best to be attracted to them again because you put a fucking ring in it, and swore to be with that person for the rest of your life.

Women LOVE to say "I can't control who I am attracted to". That's a lie. You can condition yourself to be attracted to someone, the same way you can condition yourself to STOP being attracted to someone (like after a breakup). The problem is, that requires thinking. Agency. Free will to change things for the better.

She says she felt it's her duty to have sex with him every once in a while. Rather than that, how about saying it's her duty to LEARN TO LOVE HIM even if it's not the most convenient?

7 upvotesOutlawe7 months ago

If you want to fight a hurricane by punching it in the eye, you’d have better odds of winning a round than you will fighting hypergamy and trying to condition women to think logically about sexual strategy.

The laws of hypergamy outdate biological history. This IS the red pill.

-1 upvotesHBenedek387 months ago

If you want to fight a hurricane by punching it in the eye, you’d have better odds of winning a round than you will fighting hypergamy and trying to condition women to think logically about sexual strategy.

Again, bullshit. You're acting like women don't have agency, like they don't have their own mind.

Let's see how that would hold up if we were talking about men!

"He couldn't help it, he's attracted to hot women, and that woman was in his general vicinity! He HAD to rape her, he didn't have a choice! Sure, he could have tried to control himself, but that's like trying to stop a speeding truck with your bare hands - a man's sexual libido and desire for polygamy can't be tamed like that!"

See how much bollocks that is? Do you go around fucking other women, sometimes against their will? No! Or at least I hope not.

I am not saying women can easily object to their hypergamous instincts. I am saying we shouldn't give them a slack for it. They are 100% responsible for not working for their relationships, and then big shock! - falling out of love with their partners of husbands.

The laws of hypergamy outdate biological history.

That's just retarded - sexual reproduction isn't older than biology itself, since initially cells reproduced asexually, through multiplication. So hypergamy can't be older than biology.Unless you meant something else with this sentence, in which case I would be glad if you could clarify.

6 upvotesOutlawe7 months ago

No man or woman has complete agency over their biological imperatives.

The rape comment is a leap and doesn’t fit in the conversation from my understanding of it.

I’ll clarify biological history. I’m speaking in terms of history as in documented historical archive, and archeological mammalian biology. If we start breaking down modern sexual strategy to the amoeba level we are in the wrong sub.

2 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

No man or woman has complete agency over their biological imperatives.

In other words...

"Attraction isn't a choice."

1 upvotesHBenedek387 months ago

No man or woman has complete agency over their biological imperatives.

Maybe not entirely complete, but you have COMPLETE agency over individual decisions that 100% depend on you. I am not saying you can decide who you are attracted to all the time - but if you don't make an effort to try, with a man who you have been with for at least half a decade, you're a piece of shit.

he rape comment is a leap and doesn’t fit in the conversation from my understanding of it.

It really isn't. In nature males mate with females often against the female's protest - which is how it's meant to be. Males often have to prove their worthiness by overpowering the other males, as well as the female. So we have just established a biological imperative for rape. Therefore it's natural, hard wired, can't be changed, right?

I’ll clarify biological history. I’m speaking in terms of history as in documented historical archive, and archeological mammalian biology.

You're mixing two things that have very vague connection with each other - biology and history.

If you want to say that hypergamy is older than documented history, correct.

If you want to say that hypergamy is older than mammalian biology, correct.

But what you said is just nonsense. Biological history can mean two things:

1) The history of biology, therefore biology itself

2) An individual creature's biology, and the history of THAT biology - which is irrelevant in this case.

If we start breaking down modern sexual strategy to the amoeba level we are in the wrong sub.

One, you can't break down sexuality to amoeba levels, because amoeba never evolved into multi-cell organisms.

Two, OF COURSE we can't break down sexuality to the level of single cell organisms, because sexual reproduction is defined for eukyriotes. But it would be interesting to know if hypergamy is as old as sexual reproduction itself, or if it was a later development.

1 upvotesBuzzLightGear3217 months ago

LOL women don't have to be attracted to fuck, especially when their marriage depends on it. Escorts do it every day. Hell a wife is only 1 or 2 steps removed from an escort.

2 upvotesHBenedek387 months ago

They don't HAVE TO, but that wasn't what I was talking about.

1 upvotes666Evo7 months ago

I don’t know about the “it’s her fault” part.

I tend to agree. It's at least not totally her fault. He clearly isn't giving her the tingles anymore (if he ever did).

16 upvotesTheguygotgame7777 months ago

Link to the AITA post? I gotta read this shit.

8 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

Search "WIBTA if I asked my husband to get rid of his sex doll?"

9 upvotesTheguygotgame7777 months ago

I copied and pasted that into the search bar. Maybe it got deleted.

12 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

Yeah it did but here's the other posts on GenderCritical and 2X:



9 upvotesnikhilbhavsar7 months ago

You know it's bad when even twoxchromosomes disagrees with the poster

11 upvotesdarkzoloto7 months ago

A stopped clock is right twice a day.

1 upvotesJude24257 months ago

TIL I am banned from 2XC. I've never posted or commented on it. I must be doing something right.

7 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

It's also on the GenderCritical and 2X subs:



3 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Original thread: http://archive.is/awz1D

1 upvoteslestratege7 months ago

It's also on the GenderCritical

The comments on that sub are hilarious: he is a pig for not caring about how she feels and ignoring her feelings, so it is his problem. Also she is totally right to ignore how he feels and to ignore him, in that case that is his problem too.

The amount of self-centrism in those people is really something.

1 upvotesSamahLama7 months ago

I don't think it's real, I couldn't find it after my 3 minutes of searching, anyway.

Link me if you find it.

12 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

Search "WIBTA if I asked my husband to get rid of his sex doll?"

1 upvoteslestratege7 months ago


2 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Original thread: http://archive.is/awz1D

15 upvotesDakstradamus7 months ago

It sucks but this is the inevitable trajectory of cohabitation with a woman. For most men, redpilled or not, its unavoidable, the question is how do you react.

I broke up with my girlfriend of 9yrs for this same reason

2 upvotesPerksie10277 months ago

So true. So many married men won’t admit to this. Happened to me after 24 years. I think men get affected more on that most just accept it as part of being a Dad. I know I did until this year. Careful guys you don’t have to accept this.

15 upvotesTrymebish297 months ago

' He stopped asking me for sex after that. Even when he asked, after I said no he would just roll over and go to bed.'

women can never keep their bullshit sob story lies straight. 'he never asks me anymore! :(' one sentence later 'he asks but doesn't persist anymore! :('

11 upvoteszboo1h7 months ago

Is this really where women are at? Replaced by some rubber?

10 upvotesHoustonWeGotsProblem7 months ago

Yeah, if you’re withholding sex from him, and he’s being loyal and finding ways to not cheat on you, I think he’s a good man for that. Not his fault you don’t really warn him when you’re going to be in the mood. True, it’s a more spontaneous feeling for you, but he can’t read your mind and sex drive especially if it’s damn near nonexistent (sex drive). So if you want him to get rid of it, give him some more or he’s just gonna leave you. Not patriarchal or anything, he just felt like that marriage agreement included lifelong libido. Hope y’all can manage to work that out, though

24 upvotesrussian_nigger7 months ago

solution: prostitutes. its been normal since the dawn of times, until the religious elite along with the govt made it a taboo. i know plenty of married guys (eastern euros and middle eastern) that have wives and kids and constantly go hooking. their marriages are strong because a man has his needs fulfilled. and the stories they tell are funny as fuck.

3 upvotestekn0_7 months ago

Care to share some of those stories?

0 upvotescalciu7 months ago

This is such a stupid take, if you think prostitution will “fix” women you just need to go and live for some time in a country like Germany where it’s legal and not that much of a taboo for many years now. You’ll be severely dissapointed.

9 upvotesOneRedSock7 months ago

“fix” women

Reading comprehension, my dude. He said nothing about fixing women. He said the men are having their needs met and the marriages are strong because of this.

This is all done by the man fulfilling his own needs and has nothing to do with the man dictating how the woman ought to think or behave; which is a 100% waste of a man's time.

There's nothing to "fix" about women; they're the way they are by nature. You cannot "fix" nature; but you can get your dick sucked by a prostitute when your woman isn't putting out.

0 upvotesrussian_nigger7 months ago

maybe you need to go live in england to learn english

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Can't find the original post

7 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

Search "WIBTA if I asked my husband to get rid of his sex doll?"

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Found it, content got deleted that's why I couldn't find it through reddit, btw most people commented yta

6 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

It's also on the GenderCritical and 2X subs:



1 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Original thread: http://archive.is/awz1D

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Lol she's getting competition anxiety from an inanimate fucking object

11 upvoteslobstergenocide7 months ago

You just know she’s cheating on him

21 upvotesCainPrice7 months ago

This one is kind of hilarious, because instead of just jerking off, the man in this story is insulting his wife, but with the plausible deniability that he's just meeting his needs without cheating on her.

By having a sex doll, he is indirectly stating that to him, women are just bodies with holes he can use to masturbate with. He is indirectly telling his wife, under the guise of being a good husband who doesn't want to pressure her and doesn't want to cheat, that this whole time, she has just been a body with a hole to him, and that she is interchangeable with any other body with a hole. He even turned her down for sex once after fucking his doll. He got his with some other body with a hole and didn't need her.

While sex dolls are for losers who can't get laid, this man, while trying to do the right thing and be good to his wife, slapped her in the face with an insult as he indirectly informed her that she's just a body with a hole, and any body with a hole will do.

15 upvotesTWD_Anarchist7 months ago

He's still being a fucking husband to her, if he had left her for the sex doll that's different

1 upvotesPerksie10277 months ago

So what would your advise to him be then?

8 upvotesCainPrice7 months ago

The usual. Divorce his wife, hit the gym, eat right, dress and groom better, make money, learn game, fuck better women, don't get married again.

12 upvotesOneLastTime1997 [OP]7 months ago

It's also on the GenderCritical and 2X subs:



2 upvotesnippleduster32247 months ago

lol the chromosome one is calling her out on her shit, thats when you know u dun fucked up

1 upvotesbsutansalt7 months ago

Original thread: http://archive.is/awz1D

5 upvotesTheREexpert447 months ago

Imagine being replaced by a plastic woman.

5 upvotesSunTzuWarmaster7 months ago

This is such a good train wreck. She posted to:

AmITheAsshole - currently at 719 upvotes - top comment "you need counseling", second comment "can't have your cake and eat it too" - post has been deleted by user.

relationshipadvice - currently at 305 upvotes - TC "you played yourself", SC "he's not cheating on you, consider yourself lucky" - post has been deleted by user.

2xChomosomes - currently at 0 upvotes - TC "your husband wants you first, be glad he didn't cheat", SC "he loves you enough not to cheat" - post has been deleted by user.

GenderCritical - currently at 0 upvotes - TC "What he is doing is insulting and disrespectful to you.", SC " I could not feel attraction or respect toward a man who owned and used a sex doll. I also could not remain married to a person for whom I felt no attraction or respect." Post is locked by mods.


Its so good - she kept posting in progressively more fringe places looking for people to take her side. AITA is somewhat gender-neutral and balanced. RA is somewhat female-skewed, but relatively balanced. 2XC is explicitly female, but somewhat balanced. GC is, and I quote: "Reddit's most active feminist community! This is a women-centered, radical feminist subreddit to discuss gender from a critical, feminist perspective.". GC eventually takes her position, but even there it cannot get above 0 karma. Further, according to unreddit - 40% of the posts were removed by the moderators prior to locking the thread. Its so good because even the radical feminist subreddit doesn't take her position unless all dissent is silenced.

10 upvotesRimefang7 months ago

Reminds me of the story about this rich, fit, well off financially guy who was streaming him fucking a sex doll. Women were mocking him until they saw him caressing the doll, kissing it, and even brushing it's hair. Even though they were giving him shit about it, they couldn't stop watching.

5 upvotesmax_peenor7 months ago

I can’t tell him to get rid of it because it’ll make me look really selfish.

A little late for that, cupcake.

6 upvotesAJRey7 months ago

Why in the world would you fuck a doll? Mistresses are a thing, find one.

17 upvotesNicolas06317 months ago

Dolls do not complain and are always in the mood. On top they are cheap, even the expensive ones.

If you are RP alpha that get satisfiying sex relation with your plate, by all mean, do it, but if you are a blue pill man that doesn't get it and get divorse rapped friendzoned or bullshited all the time and don't get how to avoid that, it may actually lot of sence to get your sex release in something more reliable.

4 upvotesAJRey7 months ago

Doesn't change the fact that you are fucking a thing made out of silicone. It's weird. There's plenty of women available who are "always in the mood". Lol I've never had a woman ever withhold sex from me in any relationship, especially in a marriage she should take care of my sexual needs on command. Are western women becoming this bad?

1 upvotesNicolas06317 months ago

I think in marriage is one of the most likely case where it will happen.

And no, sex isn't a right. Refusing it is a right. So you have to make her want it.

3 upvotessebastianconcept7 months ago

Jesus, painful to read. Nor surprising tho.

The interesting part is that she lost behavioural control power over her husband because of that doll.

3 upvotesdeathhandmachiavelli7 months ago

Something else that I picked up on between the lines.

The kind of guy who doesn't cheat (this guy), is the same kind of guy who women find to be extremely UNattractive.

He's a turn-off to her, and he's the faithful, supplicating beta that we are all told to be.

3 upvotesSouloftheVoid7 months ago

I can't fault the guy. While I myself have never used a sex doll, I'd imagine it's probably not that different from the starfish duty sex he was infrequently getting from his frigid cunt wife. If you're going to be fucking something that's just going to lie there and not move anyway, at least with the doll you wouldn't have to beg it for the privilege of doing so. This guy would be better off as a MGTOW since those guys love those dolls.

1 upvotessubaruguy147 months ago

I'm just going to say it, that was a simp move. Dread game would have worked wonders and he side stepped the whole hamster crack option.

Just cheat. If you're at dinner with another couple, statistically someone at that table has cheated, might as well be you getting your dick wet.

1 upvotesimtheoneimmortal7 months ago

This story seem so cringe and weird

1 upvotesRamp_Up_Then_Dump7 months ago

The sub you took this have good judgement most of times. They dont like pussypass.

Husband should plan a benefical divorce.

1 upvotesSpicychickenaholic7 months ago

I get the feeling this whole story is made up by some pro-sexdoll MGTOW, who's probably also selling them.

Why the fuck would a wife go into details about how nice her husband's sex toy is? And her response is "get a Fleshlight"???

Not only is it fake, but the person writing it clearly doesnt know any women, I take it back.. it's written by an incel.

1 upvotesmunchontheinternet6 months ago

Lol the in text narration is hilarious

-9 upvotesYouNeverKnowAnyone7 months ago

All you stupid red pillers talk about attracting real women who have problems and bitch. I OWN 5 women who never talk back to me and always fuck me when I want, none of them expect any commitment from me, they don't need to even eat, and they never get periods.

Who's the real alpha?

1 upvotesNoFaithInThisSub7 months ago

that's great, but my daddy isn't a drug cartel overlord who guns people down because i chuck tantrums.

1 upvotesYouNeverKnowAnyone7 months ago

You know I'm talking about sex dolls right?

9 upvotesBROqal7 months ago

Your post is going over everyones's head, woooosh

3 upvotesYouNeverKnowAnyone7 months ago

I thought "they don't even eat, and they never get periods" would make it obvious.

5 upvotesnippleduster32247 months ago

I mean you still own 5 sex dolls so you kinda played yourself there

1 upvotesYouNeverKnowAnyone7 months ago

You get that I don't actually have fuck dolls right?

1 upvoteslobstergenocide7 months ago

Reddit is a hub of retards

2 upvotesYouNeverKnowAnyone7 months ago

15% of people the military has decided are incapable of doing anything useful, you know? what are we going to do about it? I don't know.

2 upvotesTopOccasion297 months ago

Calm down Chad

Srs Lol same here in college, seeing and fucking multiple women on my own terms and conditions but i'll say It's easier for us though cus we're not married (i assume you're not). She has power to ruin his life through divorce, alimony and child support if there are any kids involved.

1 upvotesYouNeverKnowAnyone7 months ago

That's why you get a rock solid prenup

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