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You have zero excuses to not get jacked

by Chainega on /r/TheRedPill
05 August 2019 08:42 PM UTC

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"It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit"     –Socrates

There are only two types of male physiques at my college campus: the sorry ass obese/overweight/dad bod guys and the rounded-shoulders scrawny guys who look like children whose thin neck would snap if you back patted them too hard.

These are the guys who complain that they are not getting as much pussy as they want (or any at all) without coming up with any solution. So when I say the magical words of 'Just go lift bro' they always come up with bullshit excuses.

Do you have free time to play videogames, jerk off furiously to porn or just fuck around YouTube or Reddit or any of all that stuff? Then you also have time to exercise, it won't even take you that long: 45-60 mins. Videogames can wait.

Do you have two arms, two legs and can you use them on a regular basis? Then you can exercise too. If a disabled bodybuilder can look like a Greek sculpture then so can you. 

If you can pay your internet service to fuck around Reddit, then you can clearly pay a gym membership too. 

Are you absolutely broke? Go out to the nearest park, do some sit ups, push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips. How do you think gymnasts get that jacked?

Are you not strong enough to do the exercises? Use assistance bands, start slow, cheat a little bit. At least try.

You don't have a routine or don't know how to do the exercises? There are literally thousands of free videos on YouTube explaining everything you have to know.

You want to loose weight? Stop eating garbage, drink more water.

You want to gain weight? Stop eating garbage, get in a caloric surplus, drink more water.

If you are skinny or fat it is entirely your fault. Blame it all you want on your genetics, the weather, your ex gf, the stars, the cosmos, your destiny. Nothing will change the fact that only you have control over your own body.

Fitness is truly the first step to the mental and physical transformation of any men. Healthy body, healthy mind. So what are you waiting for?

If you only hamster yourself into not doing anything everyday, then one day you will wake up as an erectile dysfunctional man-titted people-pleasing low t bald motherfucker who can't even stand up for himself (sorry if you are already this guy, you can still fix yourself up tho).

Did you realized that you were a lazy fuck? Don't worry, don't beat yourself up about this. Just do something about it. It's not only about the women, but more importantly, about YOU.

Just get your eyes off the screen and start taking action, you've had enough internet for today.

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269 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

I have to have a hip operation, expensive as shit, as it uses stem cells, I can't do squats, abs, anything that goes through the mid section, but I work around that. I asked my doc what I could do, and do the shit out of that.

2 of my buddies have diagnosed depression, and working out does wonders for their mood. The gym has likely saved one life there.

102 upvotes-Skizzy7 months ago

The gym has pulled me from depression also, it’s my therapy.

5 upvotesThrowawayYAYAY20027 months ago

My therapy, too.

It's honestly changed my life. I'd be lost without it.

62 upvotesUserq04857 months ago

Fixed my drinking problem. Hell I started lifting because I noticed I didn't want to drink on those days.

The 20 lbs I've lost and the increased female attention are just perks. Either I lift or I drink so I lift daily.

53 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

Lift the glass or lift the dumbbell.

Great choice. My dad died fighting that demon. Congrats on the life changes.

21 upvotessupersonic-turtle7 months ago

Hell yeah. I had a drinking problem, sober 2 years now. I lost 23lbs of fat and replaced it with muscle. It’s night and day how different I look and how much better I feel. Attention from women was just a side effect of my conscious decision to improve myself.

30 upvoteslargepaycheckaddict7 months ago

The gym is the best antidepressant and it can be as affordable as $10/month.

1 upvotesPussyshack7 months ago

Planet fitness is complete shit. Get a real gym membership

23 upvoteslargepaycheckaddict7 months ago

There’s other gyms for that price that aren’t planet fitness.. even then.. stop being a fucking overly sensitive snowflake about all the gay shit at planet fitness. If you really feel shame from their “judgement free!” Beta nonsense that means you’re probably a pussy who considers the opinions of sheep. There’s weights, treadmills and machines there to get in good shape. That’s all I go to the gym for. Not for “atmosphere”.

6 upvotesdsgk_997 months ago

While I do agree that pf is better than nothing the fact that there are no barbells/squat racks is just a no for me dawg.

9 upvotesdownvotedbylife7 months ago

You already lift. This post ain't for you. I know the internet says it's cool to shit on PF but you're just enabling people to have a shitty excuse not to start lifting here.

3 upvotesdilawer0077 months ago

I always see people shitting on Planet Fitness, especially on fitness-related subs. I'm not from the U.S., can you explain why that's so?

6 upvotesirishmastermind7 months ago

Ive felt less scoliosis pain since I’ve gone regularly

108 upvotesProtocol_Apollo7 months ago

People want to get jacked but they give up when they realise it will take longer than what they thought

In general, people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 5

25 upvotesKV-n7 months ago

On progresspics there are many people with VERY visible results in a year or less. They also claim it was without steroids but ofc its questionable.

1 upvotesboofXANAXeveryday7 months ago

Hell, I started 5 months ago being underwheight and gained 25lbs already without gaining a lot of fat. Noobie gains are real

11 upvotesb3nthegod7 months ago

THIS. My first 3 months i gained 8Kgs (17pounds), just by going heavy and a mass gainer. Im in the 5th month, and since than i only gained 2kgs. So yes i subscribe, to this.

10 upvotesSumsar017 months ago

You gained a Lot of fat. You just wont know before you have to cut. Trust me.

1 upvotesboofXANAXeveryday7 months ago

Well, my abs are still as visible as they were before, I think most of the fast went into my tighs, which doesn't bother me

0 upvotesSumsar017 months ago

Fat will be stores very differently in people. But muscle mass isnt build that fast.

1 upvotesBuzzLightGear3217 months ago

25lbs of just muscle is impossible natty in 5 months. That would be 1 year of gains at the higher end. IMHO (since you said you gained fat) is that 10 lbs is fat/water.

1 upvotesGonadGravy7 months ago

I gained 23lbs of muscle in 6 months.

-10 upvotesKV-n7 months ago

Noobie gains are real

not at all. the first year i started from skinny af and gained 4 pounds, the second year i lost 2, then i gave up.

1 upvotesboofXANAXeveryday7 months ago

Well, you also need to eat a lot. Lifting alone is not enough

-6 upvotesKV-n7 months ago

I did eat a liter of white youghurt a day on top of what i had used to eat before.

The actual problem turned out to be low t, i got it checked maybe a year after i gave up. Thats why posts like this OP ("its only your fault!!!") trigger me tf out. How is it my fault that my balls produce too little t???? And no im not gonna inject, at least not yeat

1 upvotesboofXANAXeveryday7 months ago

Low t should not prevent you from gaining weight though, it would just be mostly fat instead of muscle

1 upvotesYakatonker7 months ago

Recommend you try going straight out carnivore. That being meats and high quality animal product, ie grass fed, no antibiotics. Cut out all plant matter, especially grains, corn, soy, because contrary to the bullshit out there that crap is anti-androgenic. If you use plastics of any sort for water, get a stainless steel container. Use charcoal water filter as well to clean your water.

Another thing about plants, the glyphosate used fucks with sulfur metabolism which impacts a grand number of metabolic processes in the human body. Meat does have its own issues because they fed the cattle GMO garbage, thus high levels of Atrazine, though not as bad as plants, and way more valuable in protein content.

1 upvotesPrincetonNarcissist7 months ago

You either suck at lifting or suck at eating. Stronglifts 5x5 and hit your macros.

7 upvotesumizumiz7 months ago

1st year gains are best gains

5 upvotesJake_le_Dog7 months ago

Six months and your friends will compliment you - if done right and consistently

Three months and you'll have already noticed something going on yourself.

4 upvotesProtocol_Apollo7 months ago

I don’t deny noob gains by any means but a lot of people don’t maximise their noob gains by a large margin.

The average person who starts working out has very little structure behind their workouts and/or don’t give enough heed to their diet.

Not to mention, noob gains physiques aren’t what people are looking for when they start. They expect to have a decent beach body within a few months or a year when that’s clearly an over-estimate

2 upvoteswanderer7797 months ago

There are several variables. If you were fat but had a lot of muscle underneath you can lose the fat and voila you're lean ans strong. If you're an ex football player who was strong and let himself go after college, you can gain it back quicker the second time than you did the first. And then of course there's genetics amd steroids.

How many weak guys with average or below genes became strong and lean quickly without steroids? I think that's the boat a lot of us find ourselves in. If that's you it's probably going to take longer.

9 upvotesxcalibercaliber7 months ago

The author is a bit whacked but I benefited from “The 10X Rule”. It’s not a literal rule but a mental exercise to remind yourself that whatever you want to accomplish needs to be dedicated 10X the amount of thought, energy, and time to if you are serious about achieving it. Humans in general are woefully pathetic at counting the true cost and putting forth the proper energy to achieve something.

5 upvotesf337 months ago

And if you're 16-22. If you work hard and stuff your face you will explode in no time

3 upvotesProtocol_Apollo7 months ago

True- lobiner said himself: “if you are below age 25, you don’t need steroids, your testicles themselves are steroids”

3 upvotesmiserablesisyphus7 months ago

It's called compound interest -- our habits are compounding. The more you put in, the more it builds. I've been working out hard and eating excellent for 158 days. Days 1-60 wasn't anything exciting, but they built the framework. After day 60 is when I really started seeing results. Also, 158 days seems so short now. Months 1 and 2 seemed like I had been doing something for a really long time, but imagine any other habit you do. If you've only played the guitar for 2 months you won't be that good, if you cut hair for 2 months you won't be that good, etc. It takes years to be good at something, but once you get over that learning curve it becomes easier. The same thing applies to our bodies. We can't workout hard for 3 months and expect to look like Arnold or someone who spent their life dedicated to achieving those results.

1 upvotesovster947 months ago

This is the best comment. Truth

52 upvotespersonaldistance7 months ago

Seriously. I have a torn labrum in my right shoulder and hyper-extended rotator cuff in my left. I'm going to the gym in about 10 minutes. Just fucking lift.

34 upvotesbowhunter67 months ago

Make sure you take care of your injuries. Work around them as best you can, but absolutely take care of yourself, especially your joints. Definitely keep up that tenacious attitude, though.

21 upvotespersonaldistance7 months ago

Yeah it's tough but I work around it. Grip variations and volume over weight for now when it comes to shoulders. Appreciate it though man.

21 upvotesAquaticTurtle987 months ago

Good luck when your body gets fucked. Id advocate getting that fixed, still exercise though. Right now you’re good, but it will have a toll in the future mate.

6 upvotespersonaldistance7 months ago

You're not wrong, but my body is already fucked. I'm going to be entering PT soon but for now I work around it. Can't stand slouching.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Keep working around it. I have a torn labrum in my left shoulder and I thought sitting out would help- I sat out 6 months and my physique/mental got fucked lmao. Now that I'm back to lifting and working around I feel so much better. Still have a lot of muscle to gain back though. Luckily muscle memory is a thing, I think? So it should take me about half the time to gain it back

5 upvotespersonaldistance7 months ago

That's exactly it. I sat out for the same reason and I HATED myself. Now I'm like fuck, it I'll work around it and if my arm still falls off at least I look and feel good haha. Hopefully PT helps and I don't need surgery but we'll see.

2 upvotesPolimber7 months ago

Fuck im glad to hear you're doing that. Had my labrum fixed three months ago and still can't fucking move it.

How'd I tear it? Heavy lift chest day, went to sauna took my shirt off, it got caught on my sweaty back and RIPPPPP. My arm was left hanging there with my bicep nearly ripped off.

The chest day had nothing to do with it. Just turned into the "man tittied low t bitch" the OP talked about and now just prone to injuries. Clearly, I'm not young anymore to abuse my body like that anymore without enough preparation. I need to take it slow.

Anyway, lift and lift often!

1 upvotesumizumiz7 months ago


that fucking rotator...

kill me now...

1 upvotesTurdFerguson8127 months ago

I tore my biceps tendon last year and had surgery. During my recovery, I did 1-arm bench presses with a dumbbell (in my good hand). Got some funny looks, but who cares.

1 upvoteshuwhitejaredtaylor3 months ago

Mixed-grip deadlifting? That was my cause :( Happened April 2018.

111 upvotesbongolese7 months ago

All the weaklings complaining in this thread.


There was no nuance to these results, he said. Zero of the 160 women surveyed showed a statistical preference for weaker men.

So get out there and build your body through exercise. Build your mind through learning. Build your lifestyle through fun.

9 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

I know at least one who prefers weaker men if they're tall and the stronger men are short (especially shorter than her). Guys who were jacked -fitness models, and interested in her, she rejected for a nerd with less arm circumference, because he was 1m85. Of course height isn't something you can control so no point adjusting your plans because of it, but there are women whose preference is looking up at their man instead of down, before anything else.

12 upvotesumizumiz7 months ago

I'd like to see how she feels after he's twisted into a pretzel and shit on by a swoll manlet.

6 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

She could twist him into a pretzel - and did (black belt in Ju-Jitsu and Kyokushin). Didn't care, he was taller than her, and the manlets were invisible to her. She would complain they were hitting on her, and then turn around and forget it had happened when she said men just don't like a woman taller than them.

1 upvotesblitzer927 months ago

Your anecdote doesn't contradict the point made in the study. The researchers found that there was always a positive correlation between strength and attractiveness to every woman they studied (n=160), not that there weren't other factors that affect attractiveness as well.

The tall skinny guy may be more attractive than the short jacked guy, BUT the tall guy would be even more attractive if he were stronger and the short guy would be even less attractive if he were weaker.

1 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

The point is that height is so important to some women that no amount of muscle or strength will make a difference that they will even register your existence. Yes, tall and strong would be better, but tall is weighted at 90%.

1 upvoteshuwhitejaredtaylor3 months ago

Build your body through exercise. Build your mind through learning. Build your lifestyle through fun.

3 of the most wonderful, true statement.

Those fat, body-positive whales skip the first sentence, try the second one, and go HAM on the third.

-25 upvotesentrep47 months ago

People keep referencing that study without mentioning that they obscured the heads of the men so the women rating them could only see the body. Most guys don't walk around with their head completely obscured and their torso undressed.

48 upvotesmajaka12347 months ago

Most women don't prefer headless cadavers either. What's your point?

Obviously they cover the heads to filter out the chance of the face being a factor. It's called controlling for variables.

-6 upvotesTHEN3LLI7 months ago

Just my personal though:

Women prefer weaker men, we know that. They prefer them because 1) they are controllable 2) they are indeed weaker 3) they are not scared of them at all


44 upvotesbjcm58917 months ago

I'm convinced girls who say they want a guy with a dad-bod are just shit-testing...

19 upvotesyungassed7 months ago

They also consider Jason Momoa when not dehrydated and shredded for a movie to be a dad bod... Their concept of what is realistic is so distorted from media they really have no idea. When they say dad bod, they are really just saying he doesn't need to be a shredded calvin klein model, cause no shit, even those models don't really walk around like that in real life year round.


18 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

Well, fat is better than skinny. A fat guy can fuck you up if he knows how to use his weight. Look at Butterbean. Bigger guys should activate some primal instinct in girls, even if it's fat, just not only fat.

Maybe they prefer dad bods over anorexic physiques, if there are no fit guys interested in them.

15 upvotesNew_Guard7 months ago

If you're a bit fat, she feels like it's ok to be fat herself. Otherwise, your rippedness makes her feel the stress of maintaining her own physique, and the worry of other women potentially stealing you. I've had like 3 previous exes try to manipulate me into working out less and eating shit more often for exactly this reason. It's a red flag I really watch for now.

2 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

Yeah, my sister-in-law does this to my brother.

But I'm talking about girls' instincts. I really think they prefer guys with body mass index 25-26 better than bmi 17-18 (both extremes of normal), better if it's muscle, but fat won't hurt you in that range. It's Kenyan sabannah's laws, 500,000 years ago.

4 upvotesDancesWithPugs7 months ago

In the UFC a heavyweight fighter named Roy "Big Country" Nelson reportedly pissed off CEO Dana White for having a BIG OL' GUT and still winning his fights. That dude isn't the best ever but he knew how to maximize his bodyweight with both punches and grappling. 250+ lbs of hefty human laying on you is no joke. There are techniques involved as well but even just immobile mass on your chest makes your breathing very inefficient. Out of breath, and you're out of the fight.

2 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

Current heavy weight boxing world champion Andy Ponce Ruiz is a more than hefty guy.

4 upvotesumizumiz7 months ago

I always say a girl who wants a dad-bod only wants it so she can be fat and slovenly.

2 upvotesSumsar017 months ago

No, but it's with game theory in mind. A fat guy is lower value, they dont think a ripped guy will stick around.

1 upvotessomeonesopinion69697 months ago

Fat girls are the norm, i think it's so they feel comfortable with their weight more so than skinny dude

68 upvotesAggressive_Beta7 months ago

Its not even 45 minutes every day. Three days a week will suffice. That’s less than 2 and a half hours a week. Pathetic if you won’t make yourself that kind of time.

1 upvotesBuzzLightGear3217 months ago

My high rep workouts is 2 hours long 4 times a week. You can get by with less, but you are probably letting recovery go too long and missing muscle groups.

1 upvotesjustanotherdude1127 months ago

Depends on the body type. The real skinny dudes with the high metabolism usually lift best high weight, low reps, lots of rest, while the naturally bigger dudes can get in more reps to burn off the extra fat. Skinny dudes when feet lift too often end up burning muscle AND fat, keeping them from bulking up.

77 upvoteszav257 months ago

Yes. Get fucking jacked. No excuse.

Ive always played around with working out and been the athletic type of dude, always into sports and shit, but lately I've been getting really deep into bodybuilding...

Trust me, I swear to God I feel like a Hollywood star, everyone is looking at me while I'm walking down the street. I go into a restaurant, all the bitches with their boyfriends right besides them, can't keep themselves from checking me out, it makes me laugh everytime.

Real confidence comes from within. But looking good, being healthy and feeling good about yourself will help build that inner, authentic confidence. So go lift. Stop playing yourself. Be disciplined and get shit done. Cheers!

24 upvotesyoucancallmedada7 months ago

Let’s see that sexy physeek.

29 upvotes420KUSHBUSH7 months ago

At least take him out to dinner first

16 upvotesyoucancallmedada7 months ago

I need to know what I’m getting before I spend money

5 upvotesChinmayT27 months ago

Check out his profile. Looks good.

9 upvoteszav257 months ago

The thing is... I don't even look that impressive, definitely not looking like those Instagram models and shit like that. I just got big enough that I fill my t-shirts completely now, my arms pop out and I just look more massive overall, but nothing crazy. I can't even imagine what looking extra good has to be like.

You have to think that 99% of the population is either obese, skinny, skinny fat or just plain average looking, so if you're simply looking fit, nothing crazy, you're in the 1% physique wise.

2 upvotesUesugi19897 months ago

How much height and weight are you? I am 6ft and 190lbs, but the thing is that I got an insanely narrow skeleton, like legit my waist is as thin as female models.

I am jacked and shredded as fuck but still I wish I could get bigger, my waist to back ratio is almost at 1/2 currently, I feel that I have plautoed the last few years

My point is that yes you can improve a lot, you can be the best you can but sometimes it is still not enough. Despite my thin skeleton structure, I am lucky to be relatively tall. Imagine if that same skeleton was put on a 5ft6 guy

1 upvoteszav257 months ago

I'm 5'10 and 182lbs currently. Body fat probably 15-16%.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Imagine how Dmitry Klokov must feel

1 upvoteszav257 months ago

Looked him up, the man is goals for sure!!

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Not to take anything away from the disabled body builder, but that’s obvious steroid use (notice he’s also bald now which is a common side effect of anabolic steroids) i think it’s great hes body building but i also want to be realistic with guys in this sub

14 upvotesAbrocadoPie7 months ago

I live near a college campus, and the amount of young, at their prime, men who is just fat is infuriating to me. The fact you cant even take care of yourself gives me no trust that you can do good for others, or society as a whole. As trends of obesity continues to rise, I weep for the future of society.

Id complain less if women didnt get fatter too lol

193 upvotesmaroonblood947 months ago

As a former bodybuilder, I can honestly say being jacked did nothing for me. Changing my attitude and working on confidence did. All a man needs is a lean, Brad Pitt/fight club physique. Women aren’t looking for a mass monster, and many even find it a turnoff. Fitness and looking good are great. It doesn’t need to be extreme though. I learned the hard way.

1 upvotesnicyhasreddit7 months ago

The point is this though.

Women prefer muscular to fat or skinny. Lean means muscular too.

And you don't get muscular without lifting.

-8 upvotestryintofly7 months ago

Younger girls (that one is the same age as) prefer skinny, no question. Large muscles frighten or turn off a surprising amount. I think it makes many women feel insecure about their own appearance.

2 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

Bony to beastly did a survey on this. Even women who prefer skinny and could date Christian Bale as the machinist, would prefer their boyfriend with a bit of muscle.

Put on as much as you can natty. You'll increase your pool by getting larger than deliberately staying skinny. If you really can't do anything about size, at least get yourself a clear six pack.

24 upvotesNightflowerFade7 months ago

You can't get "too jacked" unless you use steroids

2 upvotesAreOut7 months ago

depending on your defitinition of jacked, if you consider people with 20% bf jacked then yes you can, getting under 10% bf while retaining muscles is another story tho

1 upvotesGuruDev10007 months ago

You can get too jacked, that is, really really muscular, with a costly routine of supplements. These men will turn heads of women and turn them on, but I don't think it's going to help them get anything more than ONS without upping their game.

1 upvotesCryptoViceroy7 months ago

You can't get "too jacked" unless you use steroids

Well, using steroids for years that is.

People really overestimate the power of steroids. Even with steroids, it's still gonna take you years to get anywhere close to your genetic max.

116 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

As a former bodybuilder, I can honestly say being jacked did nothing for me.

There is such a thing as too much muscle. 99.999% of men will never reach that, so when speaking in generalities, it's not worth even mentioning as an exception. And the people who do have too much muscle obviously aren't making excuses for why they shouldn't lift - they're posting about Swole Acceptance in between sets.

Compared to the guys this is addressed to, Brad Pitt is jacked.

52 upvotessabinmightyfist7 months ago

This 100%. People don't accidentally get "too jacked and not tone". The way to get a bodybuilder body and brad pits body are the exact same.

32 upvotesmajaka12347 months ago

Nuh uh. I once tripped over an Olympic bar and now I'm swole as fuck.

Just another swoletistic and a PSA for picking up your weights.

6 upvotesKnockKnockKGB7 months ago

No one involves illegal anabolic compounds and the other doesn’t.

3 upvotessabinmightyfist7 months ago

You are correct, but I was referring to the lifting/diet/supplementation aspects of it

44 upvotesMercyYouMercyMe7 months ago

Your average man is a fat slob. They do not to worry about becoming Rich Piana.

1 upvotesBlindingTwilight7 months ago

Rich Piana is a corpse, who wants to be a corpse?

16 upvotesChainega [OP]7 months ago

I agree. For me fitness is all about health, and no healthy guy is going to take it to the extreme.

However, I think you misunderstood my point. I said that fitness is the simplest way to start making huge changes to your life, and more often than not, a good habit leads to another good habit. First you add some muscle, your T levels improve, you start getting more confident, you start changing your attitude and it's only upward from there. Healthy body, healthy mind.

14 upvotesSalporinRP7 months ago

I think by "jacked" OP just meant lean with at least some respectable level of muscle mass.

A few years back after my 2nd bulk I had a bulky physique and I hated it. I was a relatively lean 185-190 at 5'10 and just felt so unathletic.

Now a few years later I'm a very lean 165-170 (I gotta be this low for boxing) and I feel much better. Much quicker and more athletic and I still turn heads at the beach. The only problem is that I do look worse than before in clothes. When I wear a long-sleeve shirt I pretty much just look like a normal person.

9 upvotesDon_Himself7 months ago

Wrong. Proper mass on your frame makes your physique more masculine, and makes your clothes fit far more flattering than being slim & petite. The #1 thing you can do for your style, which is proven to be an extremely big display of high sexual value, is put on lean muscle and wear clothes that fit you.

This alone will lift 90% of the load for you with women. The other 10% is knowing how to spike emotions in them smoothly, and how to swat away shit tests.

Life is literally this easy

2 upvotesDancesWithPugs7 months ago

Men can all understand the concept of nice hair, nice tits, nice legs, nice ass etc. on a woman. There's a broadly upheld general standard of appearance. Some men are baffled when those standards are turned on them. It's really not that complicated, but I do find value in breaking down why it works the way it does. Women are drawn to men's secondary sexual characteristics (just as we are to theirs.) Beards, deep voices, height, broad shoulders, muscles, package. They signal: this person is a male adult. Commence vagina tingles. Looking like a fat pregnant woman or little child will not be attractive. Looking like a warrior hunter is attractive because it signals masculinity, provision, and protection.

3 upvotes420KUSHBUSH7 months ago

All a man needs is a lean, Brad Pitt/fight club physique

I have this sort of body paired with inverted triangle, glad to hear I'm on the right path

and many even find it a turnoff

Vascularity, leanness and "looking like you take care of yourself" are the three most important

2 upvotesshadowq87 months ago

mass monster

That is usually over use of steroids and growth hormones.

1 upvotesAreOut7 months ago

it's quite true

I'm 6'2 with 255 lbs and a bit less than 20% bf, looks wise girls prefer guys my height with 180 lbs and 10% bf.

But I don't want to cut as I would lose strength and I like being strong. Many times confidence wins over looks, and girls love when they feel your strength during sex (when you lift them etc.).

3 upvotesSumsar017 months ago

You dont have to loose strength.

1 upvotesZech4riah7 months ago

That's what I keep saying, lean "Brad Pitt/fight club physique" is desirable for most of the women and to achieve that isn't even hard because you don't need awful lot of muscle mass.

1 upvotesmustardduck7 months ago

I find women who are 35+ love the bodybuilder type. Especially married/divorced women.

0 upvotesprettyawsm7 months ago

What would you say about jogging? I like to run for about 30 mins as a warm up proceeding to lift then. I heard that many people save energy skipping jogging and going to lift right away.

1 upvotesMarcosDomingues7 months ago

Warming up with cardio will waste your energy away. Instead do HIIT, and do it on separate days

43 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

If you are fat it is entirely your fault. Blame it all you want on your genetics

Naturally putting on fat easily is actually a stronger place to start genetically as a guy compared to being scrawny because your body is programmed to make you big.

If you start lifting then a fat guy very very quickly starts to lose fat and build an attractive physique. I fucking hate running and any sort of cardio but 5-15 minutes lifting weights feels like no effort at all for huge rewards

My brother is naturally little and it took him a lot of effort to put on a little bit of muscle. He stopped because he said it was way too much effort for only a little bit of benefit. I'm naturally big but I put a bit of effort into lifting (and I mean a little bit) and the fat melted away. I packed on muscle literally overnight when I started it was crazy. I got comments the same week about how muscular I suddenly was, feels great guys 5 stars

26 upvotesMe_ADC_Me_SMASH7 months ago

Don't expect nuance in these kinds of threads. Forget about being raised with zero clue how to eat properly or being obese by the time you can actually start using your brain.

Some people start way behind in terms of fitness. But at least you can act on it when you realize that

6 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

For sure no-one has an excuse in the age of the internet, even the disadvantaged.

How could anyone be raised with zero clue about how to eat properly with all the information around us - everyone knows what they need to do.

16 upvotesMe_ADC_Me_SMASH7 months ago

That's just patently false. People to this day have no clue about how to eat properly.

Worse, they THINK they're eating properly but they're actually eating like shit and too much. If it was that easy there wouldn't be an obesity epidemic. People feed crap to their children all the time. My baby sister is getting fat right now because my dad is letting her have all the sugar she wants and she's like 2.

2 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

Ah but knowing it and taking action on it are 2 very different things.

People lack discipline not knowledge

everybody knows that fat people need to eat less food, less often, and replace bad food (sugar, factory made food, ready meals) for good food (fruit, veg, meat). Ask any 5 year old and they'll be able to tell you that.

5 upvotesMe_ADC_Me_SMASH7 months ago

You're too optimistic. They think eating more good foods on top of your bad food will make it better and compensate for the bad. I'm not making this up.

1 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

To those people in the world who think that eating more food will help them to lose weight - I pray for you.

1 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

And yeah that's really sad about your sister because her brain is still early stage developing.

Sugar overload now will make it a lot harder for her to manage and choose healthier food when she's older and independent.

I would imagine it fucks with hormones too and can cause long term problems

1 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

Except they don't. I disregard a huge portion of diet advice, reversing it often, and I'm lean. It isn't that surprising with the advice that people aren't making progress, but they also need to figure out that if what they're doing isn't working, they need to change something, even if it flies in the face of common wisdom.

4 upvoteswanderer7797 months ago

Yeah I noticed most of the quick transformations were fat dudes. Only downside is the loose skin which really only becomes noticeable if you were pretty obese.

1 upvotesanonlymouse7 months ago

Which is why lifting is important, you're replacing fat with muscle in the same volume, or at least slow down your shrinking.

7 upvotesSalporinRP7 months ago

My brother is naturally little and it took him a lot of effort to put on a little bit of muscle. He stopped because he said it was way too much effort for only a little bit of benefit.

This is pretty much broscience. The different between a fast and slow metabolism is like 470 calories a day. All he needed was an extra egg in the morning and an chicken breast at night.

4 upvotesgeepy7 months ago

More relevant is the efficiency of your gastrointestinal system to digest and absorb what you put in it.

5 upvotesmajaka12347 months ago

I dated a girl who could shovel twice as much food in her mouth.

She's skinny as fuck.

Me? If I even look sideways at a burger it's going to my love handles.

I think we'll find out the role of the gut biome in so many more aspects of our lives over the next ten years.

10 upvotesCods_gift_to_reddit7 months ago

*Shrugs* everyone's a critic

I think you're doing a disservice to the impact of genetic differences personally.

An egg in my body is different to an egg in someone else's body.

-3 upvotescristianwonder7 months ago



Deviantart roleplay is that way, move along

2 upvotescristianwonder7 months ago

Naturally putting on fat easily is actually a stronger place to start genetically as a guy compared to being scrawny because your body is programmed to make you big.

Yea, big and fat. Naturally strong guys have natural lean muscles. Not layers of chub. Cringe

1 upvotes_A_L_3_X_7 months ago

true, i also started shedding fat and putting muscle on like crazy when i started. withing 6 months i gained like 7-8kg of muscle(i weighted around 65kg at the time, later 70kg), and lost significant amounts of fat. On the other hand i find it really hard to get to a low bf beyond a certain point, it almost seems impossible as i start to get mood swings, i feel shitty, cann't deliver the usual performance and get enormous food cravings.

1 upvotesMarcosDomingues7 months ago

How much did you lift after that one week?

11 upvotesOdd_String7 months ago

Hell yeah. Plus, the ability to move heavy shit around is super useful in life.

30 upvotesVinterBot7 months ago

Everything that has ever happened to you that you had otherwise control over is most likely your own fault, and it's okay. It is of no use to dwindle in the mistakes of the past. Instead, learn from them and apply your newfound knowledge in the present. Emphasis on present, the future is too far away.

16 upvotesNergaal7 months ago

There is always an excuse. Just not a good one.

7 upvotesPerksie10277 months ago

Great quote from Socrates, he has tons of them. Good post op. I’m 47 and got too used to the status quo. Lost 45kbs since then, doing ton of mountain biking and also the 16/8 diet. I eat just in evenings during week and don’t feel hungry during day as insulin level is stable.

Amazing the respect you get from people when you get in shape. Just how it is for us men. Burden of performance, but since I got rp’d it all makes sense and I look forward to great life ahead. Do it fellas

13 upvotesPsychology077 months ago

The second to last sentence is powerful.

7 upvotesandre21427 months ago

Well said, usually stuff that's good for you takes hard work.

8 upvotesahackercalled4chan7 months ago

from my boy Teddy Roosevelt:

Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, & difficulty. i have never envied a human being who led an easy life. i have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.

5 upvotesKaiSmashSmashSawmash7 months ago

So all the women I sleep with

1 upvotestreetrunkbranchstem7 months ago

Does this mean we really can skip leg day?

7 upvotesrandomTATRP7 months ago

NO. do your squats and do them heavy and be rewarded with massive surges of testosterone.

4 upvotesGucci2xsayit2x7 months ago

Going to the gym is the best favor anyone can do for their mind and body. Get after it!

10 upvotesSoulRedemption7 months ago

There is an influx of trolls in this thread

15 upvotesratpoison9877 months ago

And the jacked guy is in a wheelchair.

Get off your asses and lift. It’s the only thing that will guarantee to improve your game.

As a jacked man, you can approach a girl and not say a word. That’s where you want to be.

So lift.

13 upvoteshaxewep247 months ago

I agree. Also it is impossible to became a mass monster being natty, not sure what people are afraid of.

1 upvotesAreOut7 months ago

it is possible, if you have proper genetics just eat a lot and you'll become big and strong (and fat hah)

1 upvoteshaxewep247 months ago

Yeah, I meant without becoming fat

5 upvotesWhopper_Jr7 months ago

Huge post man, working out and eating clean is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in the past year. I’m very tall, but very slender. The height accentuates the wiry frame, so I’ve always looked disproportionate.

Last October I got so fed up with seeing my emaciated frame in photos that I decided to man the fuck up. I sat down and watched Athlean-X videos for 3 days straight, taking notes, drawings, etc. until I had a workout routine for myself. There are countless online fitness instructors to choose from, but I appreciate Jeff’s approach; he explains how the body works, and he puts emphasis on balance and longevity. There are a few others I follow on Instagram with similar approaches: @theptinitiative, @moveu, @jackhanrahanfitness, @thehpm, @functionalrangerelease. I go to a gym that costs $30/month. $1 per day.

My diet is primarily meat & vegetables, some fruit, eggs, Greek yogurt, heavy cream, brown rice. I buy like the same 20 things at the grocery store. Makes it easy. I’m putting on weight, but I’m not interested in dirty bulking or ballooning and I occasionally do a 48hr water-only fast. I’m putting on visible muscle and my bf% is 6.4. I also picked up social dancing, so that takes care of cardio (hate running)—highly recommended. Gives you something to do when you go out and girls dig it.

Fitness is #1, makes executing RP so much easier and rewarding. Thanks for the post. You have to appreciate the incremental progress and get a mindset that is satisfied with, “I’m better today than I was yesterday.” Results are awesome when they start appearing. Get up and get after it.

1 upvotes--TakeThePill7 months ago

Ditch the rabbit food and seeds!

2 upvotesWhopper_Jr7 months ago

I did full carno for a bit, raw steaks take so long to eat lmao. I’d like to get ahold of some raw/unpasteurized milk from a local farmer (and local beef as well), haven’t gotten around to it yet.

4 upvotesliberty11277 months ago

Even though every year I fall out of the gym for about 4 months due to 80 to 100 hr work weeks traveling in a truck on the road, the rest of the 8 months I am strict and dedicated and I've never felt better, gotten as much respect or IOIs than when I am jacked.

Get juicy

4 upvotesgenX507 months ago

I'm 51, been lifting since I was in Grade 8. I was so skinny in those days that just playing volleyball hurt my tiny wrists. In fact, I was so brittle the gym teacher put me in the weight room for the rest of the year. One of the best things that ever happened to me. Didn't know wtf I was doing but I kept at it and never gave up.

38 years later I'm still at it. Still feel like I don't know wtf I am doing sometimes but I go after it regardless and learn as much as I can - you lucky bastards have YT ;). Anyhow, I've maintained a great, low-fat, strong muscular body over the decades. Being strong, having wide shoulders, nice arms and a narrow waist takes work but you get used to it. I get bored with it every few years but I still pack my bag and go.

Too much emphasis is placed on getting women. Women are easy to get and are nothing more than spoils of war. Lifting isn't about women. Lifting, martial arts, reading, risk-taking, etc are all parts of just being a man. You definitely do not have to do it. I'm just grateful I added and am continuing to add to my arsenal.

It's quite unfortunate that posts like this have to be made.

7 upvotes3E_7 months ago

I am not allowed by my doctor to exercise for at least one more year 😔 It sucks big time.

2 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

Maybe you can focus on regulating your weight through diet. During this year, become leaner or heavier, depending on what you lack. Or improve in other areas if you can't do that. Read more, learn useful skills, go to a therapist, idk.

3 upvotesbillsmashole7 months ago

My motivation to continue to workout is that real life achievements feel better than video game achievements (which feel fake and unfulfilling now). I still watch a lot of TV and movies (while resting) but I workout 5-6 days a week now instead of video games. Now I just need to work on motivation to not watch so much TV and get other hobbies.

3 upvotesBaLahKie7 months ago

For a lot of those types of people, it’s not even the gym that’s the real issue. It’s the dedication you need outside of it to eat right etc (if you don’t have lucky genetics). They know that it’s more of a complete lifestyle change than just putting in 45 minutes per day, and that’s what they fear

3 upvotesthrowlaca7 months ago

I have an excuse: I'm over 40 and have rheuma in my hands and a herniated disc. That prevents me doing lots of movements. It do not prevent me for doing push-ups and I'm looking for hooks to do pull-ups and chin-ups. Best exercises there are. Not skinny fat anymore, however at my age I gain weight very easily. Thats actually good as its really easy to gain muscle too. If only I had the bones and joints of a 20-year old..

4 upvotessurfingjesus7 months ago

This Boomer hate for video games is so dumb. I go to the gym, I play video games. You can do both.

3 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

The thing is not against video games, is against not-exercising-activities instead of working out. Youtube, or instagram, or watching the 6 pm news. Video games is just an example.

-2 upvotessurfingjesus7 months ago

No. Every one of these types of posts is about how a damn game is going to ruin your life. It's cliche boomer bullshit.

1 upvotesPrincetonNarcissist7 months ago

You're projecting insecurities onto what was a very innocuous example. Chill out. He mentions like 4 different time-wasting activities in the post. Video Games are just easy since so many people are addicted to them. I love video games. I also love lifting. But White Knighting for RDR2 or DMC5 is unnecessary.

1 upvotessurfingjesus7 months ago

Lmao what "insecurity". It's a crap example. You can waste years and lots of money in the gym working very hard, not knowing what you're doing and end up looking like shit or even permanently hurting yourself.

I'm surprised there's no "LEARN AN INSTRUMENT HURHUR ITS HARD" in there. Yeah I do that too and it's just like a video game to me not superduperhardbro. Wonder how I learned to approach that.

1 upvotesPrincetonNarcissist7 months ago

Many people waste time playing video games. Many of them would be better spent using some of that time lifting. That is all. IDK why you're so pressed about this. If it doesn't apply to you then move on with your life...

1 upvotessurfingjesus7 months ago

The only waste of time I see here is your circular reasoning of what you perceive as a waste of time.

Many of them would be better spent using some of that time lifting

That is your opinion not an evaluation. I don't get more out of weight lifting than gaming.

1 upvotesPerksie10277 months ago

You can do both and drink lot of beer. Just that calorie count handling with exercise. I could make it easier on myself if I cut down on the beers though

2 upvotesbeginner_7 months ago

There is a study out there and the natural capacity to build up muscle has a huge span. Yes there is such a thing as bad genes in terms for building muscle. The worst on roids still fare worse than a genetically favored person being natural.

While same is true for being fat or depression of course it's no excuse to not lift. Still if someone isn't huge and can't deadlift 500 lbs, it doesn't mean he doesn't lift or is lazy.

1 upvotesAtaxmaster17 months ago

Ok but anyone has the potential to deadlift 500 assuming they are willing to bulk and cut for 10+ years and they aren't super short. Plus anyone who deadlifts 400+ has an impressive physique anyways, and that's possible for everyone.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

I have arthritis (joint pain) so I can't do as much as other people probably could, being disabled and all, but I think that people should do what they can to stay in shape, especially if they're able bodied. I try to aim for 50 pushups, 50 situps, 50 squats and go for walks fairly often. Occasionally run on a good day. It's a fine line between keeping myself flexible and overdoing it, leading to hours if not days of pain, but I think it's worth it to stay active even with the disease. If I can manage to keep somewhat in shape with these creaky bones I'm sure the average Joe can manage much more.

2 upvotescrusaderbonerhands7 months ago

I’m 5’3” with 5 inch wrists. Putting muscle on my frame looks creepy

2 upvotesUltimateSky7 months ago

If you can pay your internet service to fuck around Reddit, then you can clearly pay a gym membership too. 

I get what you're saying but this is a $30/month bill vs a $200+/month bill for a trainer lol. Not everyone that can afford internet can afford a trainer and getting a gym membership without knowing what you're doing is a waste of money.

I think the biggest thing holding people back is that there is so so so much information out there that it's impossible to sift through it all and find what works, what can work for your body/lifestyle/schedule, and how to get started without spending weeks and weeks doing research from 10 million sources. You can go in the gym and fuck around for 45-50 minutes but without a strict plan you will make negligible progress. IMO it's just hard to start out so most people quit after a month or two.

All of the people that I know that are seriously ripped to hell all have been lifting since middle/high school and all have gymbros to keep them accountable. Without that (while not impossible) you are are a severe disadvantage to the typical musclebro in your local gym (on average).

Nobody in the world is stupid enough to not understand that if you want to lose weight you gotta stop eating shit. You either have the determination or you don't and that's just it, black and white. If you don't 110% want it then you quit after 2 months. I'm sure the lazy fucks of reddit all know they are lazy fucks, the most critical part of lifting IMO is the first few months. After two months if you don't see even the slightest progress at all then most people are gonna quit, which is a cyclical problem because it's so hard to accumulate the knowledge to train effectively without prior experience. Getting a paid trainer is usually shit because they just want you to spend the money and break a little sweat. If you make no progress it means nothing really to them because it's just their job to do something but they have no goals to meet so if you increase 5lb on bench over 3 months then it's no problem for them.

I keep seeing "if you don't wanna be fat then just get ripped" posts and it's such a gross oversimplification of the process that I feel like you're discrediting yourself for how much hard work and conviction you actually put in to get in shape.

2 upvoteslegend5037 months ago

It's not the gym.. It's the fucking disgusting healthy food. Veggies taste like cancer in my country

4 upvotescristianwonder7 months ago

Yawn, this shitpost again

✔ - Moldbug 2 sentence/paragraph blog shitpost style

✔ - Trashy drill sergeant tone

✔ - Basic and unoriginal point that's literally all over the side bar and the sub history

2 upvotesThinkingard7 months ago

It’s been this way for awhile. It’s also not even red pill. It’s blue pill to say all you have to do is get in shape and you’re good to go. Tons of guys have been getting into shape for many decades and it doesn’t mean they are going to have successful relationships. It’s the frosting on the cake. It’s also an excuse bc you can easily admit you aren’t fit enough to start gaming.

2 upvotesrussian_nigger7 months ago

this man is correct. now go lift you soylet fucks.

2 upvotesKV-n7 months ago

If you are skinny or fat it is entirely your fault. Blame it all you want on your genetics, the weather, your ex gf, the stars, the cosmos, your destiny. Nothing will change the fact that only you have control over your own body.

Unless you are willing to inject juice (which i am not) this isnt true at all. 🙄

1 upvotesZackville7 months ago

I made a post about Nick Vujicic in the braincels sub that got me banned. They all come with the same bullshit. At start you try to symphatise with them but as soon as you start realising what is that all about you see that most of them are truly not ready to evolve. As i learned, not everyone is able to awaken but those who do, will never be back to what they were.

1 upvotesGhostMan02147 months ago

I mainly do calisthenics and it surprises a lot of folks what kind of results you can get with just a little calisthenics, plyometrics, isometrics, cables, and various forms of cardio.

I used to enjoy looking pretty and all that when I was younger. Now, I train to enjoy the childhood I never had. Climbing trees and rocks and going on adventures. The world being my playground.

I agree with OP. You have no excuse not to get in shape and reap the benefits of a strong, healthy, able body.

1 upvotesdownvotedbylife7 months ago

Started out wanting to get jacked, 3 years in I ended up with a powerlifter dad bod.

Still happy with where I'm at compared to where I was, though there's always shit to improve

1 upvotesCryptoguru7777 months ago

I fully agree on this. Socrates was right.

1 upvotesmrlympia7 months ago

Yeah I'm in college as well been training for years so I do know quite a bit about training ( no I don't know it all and I don't claim to it either) but yeah the same goes for these cunts in my college skinny fat or chubby or fat . You try to help them and it's pointless they would rather watch pornhub premium than lift . This skinny vegan cunt with dirty clothes and a mop head ( no I don't hate vegans just a description for your brain)I tried to give advice to he was like " eh no I'll do the program from online " newbie to the gym and won't listen goes for a FUCKING BURRITO straight before the gym, I tell him man stop doing that all the bloods in your stomach digesting the food he's like " no it's fine " Moral of the story : don't help them they don't want help

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

If you don't know where to start. Being fit is easy as fuck you don't even need a Gym (but it helps).

https://i.imgur.com/nvRVJqH.png Read it.

1 upvotesadonisthegreek4207 months ago

Finaly on my dream weight and going to the gym after summer break.

1 upvotessomeonesopinion69697 months ago

by the way, be careful to those newbies to keep an eye on nutrition, it's easy to become a fatfuck when you're bulking because 'bulk'

1 upvotesSumsar017 months ago

Man i wish i could train more.

1 upvotesTHEN3LLI7 months ago

To be honest.. you should use your fucking testosterone.

We are made to be trained and prepared, strong.
Why waste all of this just to... play videogames only? You can play videogames and workout more at the same time.

1 upvotesMeansToABenz7 months ago

Already hit the G Y M N A S I U M and the sun is just rising now 😎 This is a great reminder WHY though.

1 upvotesBigWeenus427 months ago

A post that isn't about wamen doing wamen stuff and getting away with it/getting karma.

Are you jesus?

1 upvotesbluepillcarl7 months ago

A gym membership was rated the number one thing to buy if you are homeless! I actually couldn't really think of anything else in our life that brings us more value for our dollar. Theres gym memberships out there that cost 10 dollars a month. Many offer not just weights and cardio equipment but the benefit of pools hot tubs, and showers.

1 upvotesdacklurger7 months ago

Fitness is truly the first step to the mental and physical transformation of any men. Healthy body, healthy mind. So what are you waiting for

Bluepill horseshit. The smartest and socially powerful men in the world never cared about fitness and looks. I would even go as far as saying they are ontologically incompatible. You can't serve two masters. If you want to build a strong spirit you have to hate your body. The more physically attractive a person is the dumber and personality-less they are. That's why women are dumb and boring. Because they're obsessed with their looks.

1 upvotesnotadaddy7 months ago

Actually, you are the one spitting bluepill horseshit.

Lot's of successful and smart good looking people.

We were literally made to be beautiful. The human body AND mind can be masterpieces. Some people are born with better looks, just like others are born with more capable minds.

Fitness is for your future self, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

1 upvotesnotadaddy7 months ago

I was athletic through my late 20s, was in the Marines, was active in college, did the whole running things for years, then got lazy in my mid 30s, was depressed, going through divorce etc, etc..just cuz you're not obese you think everything is A-OK.....and it just becomes a game of having the least fattest belly at work.

Skinny fat is a disease that creeps up, especially if you've been skinny fat since a young age, then you just turn into the flabby old man, skinny ass triceps, love handles, weak ass legs, etc.

There are lots of options to stay in shape that involves being strong. If you did sports in high school or have had any type of training, you have a base of knowledge to build up on. I carve a three hour block every other day to get my walk, HIIT on stairs, and supersets at the park, i.e., dips, pullups, etc. Been at it for 6 months, my posture and neck are back to normal and clothes just looks better. Even sitting down is a lot more comfortable.

There is no excuse. People spend good money on washing their car, spend ridiculous amount of money on pets but won't put the time and effort into themselves.

It's when you start getting closer to 60 when the whole being in shape things starts paying off. My mentor, he is 65, good ol' California boy, surfed with him in South America. I don't surf, but I didn't want to look like a pussy in front of him. Many of his colleagues are nothing but round old people, he's still surfing, cycling and alert, and putting two more years into work so he can get extra money for retirement, and he will be enjoying it. Working out is to future proof your older self.

Also, there is something about pushing yourself and making your body sweat and feel pain that makes your brain mentally tough as well. Easier to have frame when you know you kicked your own ass working out.

1 upvotesBeanNCheeze7 months ago

There are really no excuses. I don’t want to get huge but if I get fucking built in happy.

Gym hasn’t really done anything excessive in my happiness. I’m way better then I was 2 years ago but I was also happier then.

1 upvotesVZPurp7 months ago

Consistent Effort + Protein = Results. I doubt anything beats lifting in terms of ROI. Even if you have a busy schedule, a 3-day split can be done in an hour or less each workout day. Any excuse is an expression of laziness, because it's likely the easiest activity you can do for the results you obtain.

1 upvotesManagicall7 months ago

No thanks bro, games are more rewarding when played on hard mode.

1 upvoteswhiffofass7 months ago

I lived the bodybuilding lifestyle for the last 7 years. I even worked from home. As a result I look like an almost pro bodybuilder yet I'm financially in deep shit (dept) and jobless. I can't even think about women. So yeah... working out is not always the solution.

1 upvotesWOLFY-T7 months ago

Lol, and you just clearly let us know that not getting women is all in your head. That's on u bro, the ones who just wanna fuck without caring about your financial situation usually reveal themselves. (I get sexual advances from at least one girl each time in the gym, 4 days a week. As long as you in your head overthinking your financial situation as hindrance, then it will stay so.

1 upvotesmustardduck7 months ago

I have been running two miles, 3x per week since I was 18(39 now). I also have been doing 50 pushups and 100 situps every night before bed since I was 18. My diet could be better but I eat healthy for the most part. I have never set foot in a gym. My arms aren't huge/jacked but they are toned. My abs and my legs are on point.

I'm satisfied with the way I look and so are the women.

-1 upvotesDls954057 months ago

You don't seem to know that bald men have more testosterone than men the same age with a full head of hair. The testosterone plays a role in the hair folical dying or something like that.

1 upvotestoothdude7 months ago

Bald man checking in. Pretty sure this is bullshit.

1 upvotesFreeSamplesAtCostco7 months ago

Thanks for making laugh. I need that today.

1 upvotesruffyamaharyder7 months ago

If you think you have a problem see a doctor.

1 upvotesDls954057 months ago

Can she reduce my testosterone?

2 upvotesruffyamaharyder7 months ago

Not sure, I'm not a doctor.

-2 upvotesr80017 months ago

Wrong, I have 3:

Bad genetics -- it's way too hard for me to build mass. When I do, even if I eat clean, I still get fat. Then if I stop, muscles disappear in a matter of one month, while most of fat lingers on.

No time -- I fucking work 40hrs a week, while trying to spend the rest on either actually resting, or on working on that personal project of mine, which could potentially one day save me from... well... from 40hrs work a week! And no, gym is NOT a rest, it's a physical work, so in the end you're both emotionally AND physically exhausted.

No money -- I dunno about 'murica, but in my country food + supplements + gym membership all take a metric fuckton of money. Money I'd rather save on something else, considering first two reasons.

Let the downvotes from genetically-gifted douchebags commence, I don't give a fuck.

1 upvotesReckless227 months ago

Quit blaming your issues on the world and take some damn responsibility for yourself. If you want it, take it but don't self-deceive.

-1 upvotesFedoraTipper157 months ago

It's pointless if you're short.l, It just looks like you're over compensating at that point. I still lift to stay lean, but it's not gonna make me attractive.

-10 upvotesbanelord19767 months ago

It helps but it really the face that women want.

20 upvotestruest227 months ago

And you still found a way to make an excuse, congratulations

4 upvotesbanelord19767 months ago

Dude I'm jack as fuck. I'm just saying....face is key.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

You’re right. But even if you’re the ugliest dude in the world, it would still be better to be “jacked and ugly” than “out of shape and ugly.” Mad respect for those gains btw.

5 upvotesbanelord19767 months ago

Ya working out is great...just do it for 6 month. Soon it not for the women...it for you. The body rewards you with some kind of high each time you work out.....when you do it for yourself it a next level.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

I do it to be more well respected by strangers on public transportation but I respect your motivation as well.

-2 upvotesCatfreshWilly7 months ago

My ankylosing spondylitis, $700 a month in disability, and arthritic ridden 28 year old body says youre absolutely full of shit. There are plenty of reasons you cant with health limitations.

5 upvotesProtocol_Apollo7 months ago

Are you an average 28 year old?

Lift weights. Get stronger. Profit.

2 upvotescomu_nacho7 months ago

Well bro, where it says "lift", you read "improve" whatever the fuck you can improve, given your circumstances. Mind or spirit.

Stay strong.

1 upvotesbowhunter67 months ago

You’re never going to get anywhere with that attitude.

Get off your ass and do something, at least.

1 upvotesCatfreshWilly7 months ago

I do, its called physical therapy. Thanks for the insight. Unfortunately my disease is incurable so my bones and joints are all falling apart and my spine is fusing together.

2 upvotesbowhunter67 months ago

JFC, well, uh, sorry to hear that, bro.

Hope your circumstances change for the better.

2 upvotesCatfreshWilly7 months ago

Srry to be such a buzzkill, just hate seeing these pictures of certain disabilities saying that people have no excuse to not be in great shape. Sure this guy fought like a motherfucker to look as great as he does, its unfortunately not possible for all, especially related to joint issues or chronic pain. I am really self conscious about how skinny I am, (6'3" 138lbs) would love to change it but i feel like even if i could afford enough food to gain weight I would just get fat lol

0 upvotestryintofly7 months ago

I don't disagree, but there's a third component I learned through experience: to get ripped, you need to diet like crazy and cut out any fun foods, to the point of starving yourself if you want to sub 5% body fat. That takes more time and energy than lifting and is nowhere near as fun. But yes, everyone can get jacked unless they have very low t levels, so I try to not judge anyone's lifestyle based on appearance.

1 upvotesAdamNJH7 months ago

No need to go below 10% bf if going for aesthetics.

-2 upvotesNighthawkdragon87 months ago

Ik I’m bitching, but my excuse is bad rotator cuffs from an old injury

-6 upvotesThinkingard7 months ago

Jacked? Steroids are a schedule III drug, no thanks. It's also expensive from what I've heard. I'm just not going to be able to compete with roid users if that's what women want.

1 upvotesruffyamaharyder7 months ago

It's not what most women want and not what he said. "Jacked" means in really good shape. You can get in really good shape without steroids.

-1 upvotesVirtusvitium7 months ago

This seems like a shit post. Everyone knows getting yoked is alpha. Not everyone makes gains like that. You shouldn't be making gains for pussy alone. Cause if you still suck at spitting game you'll feel defeated. Get yoked to boost your confidence. Then use that confidence to talk to women and get even more confidence. Take a comfortable pace, but always seek improvement. Remember, there's plenty of pussy out there for all of us.

-1 upvotesImAnIronmanBtw7 months ago

I have a massive cock and can last an hour in bed. And fuck like a god. Trust me, i'm okay with just being fit ;)

-5 upvotesNighthawkdragon87 months ago

Lifting doesn’t directly help with women since looks aren’t what actually make women attracted.

But it indirectly helps by reducing stress, making you feel accomplished, it’s good for your energy and confidence etc.

1 upvoteshellowurld97 months ago

u retard

we were not put on earth to waste money

time and resources

as well as energy in gettting jacked

3 upvotesSnowpeartea7 months ago

Hard to tell sarcasm through text or maybe he is serious. Can't tell.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

U retard

U were not put on earth to waste your life without seeing how it would be if you were jacked.

Being jacked is not a waste. Trust me it’s fun.

Zero jacked ppl regret getting jacked, but A TON of people regret NOT getting jacked. Therefore: your best bet is to get jacked and deep down u fuckin know it.

Being out of shape is a waste. Being jacked is fun. No one regrets being jacked. Be someone who has no regrets, BE JACKED.

1 upvoteshellowurld97 months ago

u dumb retard

i am jacked

not like him cause i am natural and dont take steroids

but i do bodybuilding

it is a waste

also our bodies were not designed to be jacked

it is designed to store fat.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

U dumb retard

If you truly hold the opinion that bodybuilding is a waste


Also our bodies were designed to be pretty jacked

Cryogenically preserved cavemen and their healthy musculature and healthy BF % levels confirm this in the historical record.

-27 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Man, no point in getting jacked if you're short.

Coming from a short man.

12 upvotesOrpheusV7 months ago

That's pretty nihilistic. You literally have nothing to lose, and if nothing else, your health comes first above anything else.

-10 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

You didn't present an argument.

13 upvotesOrpheusV7 months ago

Smells of no-effort bitch in here to me.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

It’s still better to be short and jacked than short and out of shape and you know it, dude.

5 upvotescaptainsadness10107 months ago

Don't be an incel if you're posting on TheRedPill. I'm also very short, and a bit of a slacker at the gym, and sometimes will be passed up by girls preferring my taller friends. Sometimes this can get to my head too. But taking the time out of your day to write a self-deprecating, self-defeating comment like that only enforces your negative ideas further. You're only hurting yourself and making our eyes roll.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago


Tell this man.

2 upvotesn8dawwg7 months ago

I'm 6 foot and kinda out of shape. However, it doesn't take much effort for me to get attention from women.

-27 upvotesthatblondeguy_7 months ago

why lift when it's all about the face bro? Waste of time

9 upvotesVinterBot7 months ago

And in the next episode of "I'm not jacked, so I'm going to diminish the work others put to get jacked:" Josh says girls think all jacked guys are jerks, so he'll stay fat.

8 upvotesSnowpeartea7 months ago

Lifting makes your face look better too.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

How bad is your face if you couldn't compensate it with your body?

4 upvotesNicolas06317 months ago

It doesn't matter. You are anway better with less fat & more muscles as well as smarter, learned brain too.

We are actually lucky as men as the physical beauty is less important than for women and that we can continue to improve much older than women on that aspect.

-12 upvotesthatblondeguy_7 months ago

I forgot how delusional redpill guys are lmao. All your theories are based on personal observations and anecdotes instead of actual evidence. This is all snake oil shit, set up to profit from ignorant men. Just buy my supplement broooo and get jacked haha

3 upvotesplatoonpluto7 months ago

You don’t need supplements outside of protein shakes and maybe creatine for the average lifter, unless you are going to take steroids.

You’re lifting for yourself, for health and strength, for discipline and sticking to good habits consistently.

1 upvotesRavelsBolero7 months ago

All your theories are based on personal observations and anecdotes instead of actual evidence.

And anecdotes are worth a lot. My ability to pick up women went up hugely after I lost a ton of fat and started working out my chest and shoulders.

And you're in a thread about a scientific study. How dumb are you? The evidence is out there, both from everyone who went from fat to fit, and in multiple studies, if you bothered to google them for even 1 second.

guess whether women prefer fat men or fit men generally? There you go ya stupid fuck, there's your answer.

from your own post history:

Mexican women like blonde hair and blue eyes though.

Lol where's your scientific study bro?

1 upvotesthatblondeguy_7 months ago

I alaready said women only give a shit about body if you're a fat piece of lard. Your reading comprehension is where one would expect, considering you're dumb enough to believe this redpill nonsense

1 upvotesNicolas06317 months ago

Not saying you are but you sound like a broked looser with no drive. Your rent is empty of real argument.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

You legit haven't seen any pics of jacked guys with ugly faces and body shape?

-3 upvotesthatblondeguy_7 months ago

As long as you're not fat ,women don't give a shit. They will pick the good looking scrawny pencil neck guy instead of you ugly frog looking gymcels 10/10 times.

1 upvotesnicyhasreddit7 months ago

Women say they like dad bods although they prefer muscular men. Skinny people are never mentioned.

You know why?

Because they like big people. Big people look like they can protect the female.

They just won't tell you what they really want. In erotica it's all lean muscular men. That's what you find in erotica. Women read erotica for the same reason men watch porn.

So yup. You know.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago


1 upvotesstonewallair7 months ago

Looked at your post/comment history. You seem to be going through a phase. Good luck.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

It's mostly height.

Face second.

Race third.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 7 months ago

Even if I accepted this as true (and it does seem true enough even tho pretty doom and gloomy), wouldn’t u say muscles are at least fourth and still worth the effort because they are the first thing on the list u can actually change?

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