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Do a shit load less. She's already chosen

by INNASKILLZ2K18 on /r/TheRedPill
29 August 2019 11:17 AM UTC
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Do less.

If any of you are into Alpha Male Strategies, you may have seen his video on approaching.

What does he do?

1) Hi I'm AMS

2) What's your name?

3) Would you like to have a drink some time?

4) Gives them his number.


See, I see far too many guys on ASKtrp asking 'how do I approach?' 'how do I be funny'? 'How do I open'?

The more I go on in my RedPill journey, the more I look at behaviourism. I reached a point in my life where I was sick of people's bullshit. No more tolerance.

I also realised I didn't have the patience, time, effort or energy to try and make women like me.

It clicked. That was the mistake. All the 'game', all the fancy approaches, canned lines, jokes, 'pussy passes'. All of it, no matter how 'good', was all motivated by 'I want you to like me'.

Yeah, I had some success, but it was long winded, got tiresome and something didn't feel right. I also noticed how many times I wasn't successful.

It was a covert contract.

That's when I decided. I'm too high value now for this shit.

If I don't have patience or need for women to like me anymore, then let's consciously cut every approval, 'like me' behaviour out. Everything motivated by 'tell me how good my game is'.

It was crazy how much disappeared. If you drop behaviours, they must be replaced. Fuck it. No more covert contracts. You're attracted, or not.

I replaced the approval seeking with assertiveness, directness, making my wants known, take it or leave it. I discovered a greater level of outcome independence.

I finally saw a lot of what Alpha Male Strategies talks about.

Women have already decided. They make up their mind, subconsciously within the first few minutes of seeing you. There are no lines, no jokes, no routines that will change that. Fuck it, if there is, does a high value dude waste his time on them?

When a woman is a yes or a mayeb, they do NOT want to like you. They do not want to know you. They don't want rapport, comfort or connection. They only want to be ATTRACTED.

It's your job to only behave in a way that's attractive.

Game comes later, when you've take her out and isolated.

Be direct, be assertive. Simplify everything.

Most newbs can't grasp this. They think there needs to be some initial space at first where you prove yourself. Prove your game, your jokes, your personality.

Fuck that.

In...out...see you later.

Your worth is built long before the approach. Build yourself into a motherfucker who has the right to ask for what he wants, without needing to prove or qualify himself first.

Simple, clear, direct is attractive. Only a high value male feels the right.

If there are blocks in your self belief and ability to do that, then you haven't done enough in life.

I can analyse and explain what a woman sees in the simple, powerful, no bullshit approach, but let's stick with behaviour.

She's already decided. Be succinct, simple, assertive. Communicate to her that you don't give yourself for free. Just enough talk, in her language to convey desire. Polarize, and make her choose.

Instead of asking what you 'need to do' or 'change' in your approach, start asking what you need to NOT do, and what to get rid of.

When you become high value, you'll be surprised how easy it is. She's already chosen.

And before the whiny little sperg incels say 'oh, but that's not so easy for me, I'm 5'2/bald/ugly/virgin/lack confidence/'

Fuck off.

Work...work hard to be able to ask for what you want, without approval/validation/being liked first.


It sounds as though a few guys think I'm saying be passive. That's not my intention.

Be polarizing. Have intent. Take action. See if she's invested and know when to stop trying to make her invested. Abundance.

I'm not saying be as minimal as AMS. I'm saying keep it simple. Know when gaming is really approval and validation seeking. Dancing monkey.

Get in. Show some intent...couple questions, tease, polarize, get out.

There is a point where all the extra game is validation and investment on her.

I've had a lot of experience in the last few months that show me many women are already interested. I don't need to waste time gaming 'maybe' girls.

If you don't have a level of attraction early, work on yourself. Not spending months learning how to game maybe girls.

Save game for those who show a level of interest.

Too many newbs have zero abundance or outcome independence.

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169 upvotesprrraveen5 months ago

You game and engage her in conversation to qualify her and let her invest in you. Its very important that she invest in the interaction. Otherwise you will end up with lot of number close which don't turn up for the first date.

There are yes, no and maybe girls. Game is run on maybe girls. I have seen good looking loser who talk to women but doesn't know shit about spiking, kino, isolating, closing and frame in general. They don't go anywhere.

48 upvotesRedHoodhandles5 months ago

What you don't have looks wise you need to compensate with game. And vice versa.

26 upvotesprrraveen5 months ago

The whole pie is important not any one slice. Looks cannot make up for zero game. A very tight game can't makeup if you are 5'1".

21 upvotesgood_guy_submitter5 months ago

5'1" and 40" biceps can work tho

62 upvotesDls954055 months ago

I'm 5'7", old, shaved head, but cut af because I'm a climber and work out and I get hit on constantly by women as much as 20 years younger than me from 2s to 7 or 8s. It's crazy how all these fat and unattractive women nowadays think I'm going to fall all over myself because they show some interest, they have no idea of their SMV. Too much internet validation.

15 upvotesAreOut5 months ago

you won't but someone similar to you will, at least after he drinks a couple

13 upvotestyronethejabrone5 months ago

Didn’t know Jeff Bezos was a climber

5 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

I'm 5'7", old, shaved head

You can still be good looking

1 upvotesstoicbotanist5 months ago

Are you talking 18-28 or post wall women? Big difference.

1 upvotesxnesteax5 months ago

I read so often to get fit, lift lift and lift but it feels like it's just a US thing where getting shredded matters that much.

In my country so many people are shredded or at least athletic, so you don't even appear special with a big bicep, in my experience girls don't care that much for a shredded body as long as you don't look fat.

7 upvotesJo0wZ5 months ago

Motherfucking Gimli in da house

15 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 months ago

The tradeoff of looks and game is not one-to-one. Game is the bigger factor.

26 upvotesNazmanito5 months ago

That's false dude. I have a friend who is completely lost with girls but looks like a viking and he fucked every girl in our friend group and more lol, they go after him

9 upvotestyronethejabrone5 months ago

Define game

If your boy has a masculine frame that does everything for him. He doesn’t have to be good at gaming. He doesn’t have to game. The frame is his game.

4 upvotesNazmanito5 months ago

He does have a masculine frame.

14 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 months ago

Work on your game, junior.

6 upvotesNazmanito5 months ago

I'm talking about him, not me. No envy here.

3 upvotesikarianarsi5 months ago

you should record some of his conversations (prior to him fucking a girl) and post it so we can analyze his game. maybe he's not as bad as you think.

also, you can definitely study the black pill and see how important first impressions and facial features are to whether a woman will fuck you or not, no game needed. you can definitely have anti-game though and ruin your chances.

1 upvoteskrowitz5 months ago

he is not completely lost. he just looks like that so you won't try to drag him down.

1 upvotesNazmanito5 months ago

Should have pointed out we're pretty close friends, that's a subject we talk about a lot. He really struggles and it shows when a girl he like he's in the room lol

1 upvotesIvanRussky5 months ago

If someone whos consistently fucking girls attractive or not "has no game", that's literally his fucking game. If someone makes something look so easy that it looks like they're not even trying, that is the non-game of game. RSD Luke teaches aloofness and teaches how being in a 'fake but real' state of "I don't know what's going on" is the easiest way to lay tons of girls without raising alarms. If the guy constantly brags about how good he is with girls and how he's perpetually manipulating them, EVEN IF IT SHOWS ARROGANCE ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL, he will not longer be getting fucked by girls. Of course his results and his actual reputation speak for themselves. Girls all wonder the same thing: "Why is THIS guy so special that he fucks every girl yet he seems totally lost. I wonder what it would be like fucking him. He's so dumb haha, but wow how is he fucking all the girls? I'm not a slut if I fuck him because he isn't even trying to fuck me, he's completely clueless!" At school its often the most talented and gifted students that are constantly talking about how they barely study and they "dont know how they're getting such good grades". Maybe try learning things from your friends gift instead of chalking it up to pure physical attraction. It takes actual mastery and responsiblity to wield even the best and overpowered weapon, in this case your friend knows how to very very effectively wield his own level of attraction which should be a source of inspiration, not contempt.

1 upvotesNazmanito5 months ago


That friend and me have known each other for years. I'm not talking about some random connaissance. We've talked deeply about the subject.

He's very handsome but also pretty socially anxious, our friends group is pretty open when it comes to sex and even the girls say that he don't know what he's doing lol.

I will not let you say that I have contempt for him, I have only love for him.

Some guys don't want to see some simple truth : sometimes girls just want to fuck with an handsome man.

It's funny how some here humblebrag about "being redpilled" when in reality they just want so hard to believe that with sheer game they will overcome the fact that they're not so physically attractive.

Looks does matter.

It' not the only thing that matters obviously but it does, especially for one night stands.

3 upvotesprrraveen5 months ago

Yes, that why I don't get discouraged when I find myself in social situations where there are other man whoe are taller and good looking than me. I can totally see through their broken frame and needy behaviour. I rely on my gaming skills. That is the reason I added "good looking loser" in my parent comment.

1 upvotesAdeHMar5 months ago

Fucking lol, you are delusional.

1 upvotesyomo865 months ago

You can be a master salesman but if you can't get the foot in the door no matter what you do, you lose.

1 upvotesliberules5 months ago

it's always been

status > power > money > looks > game > nothing

this is why the guy DJing at the club gets laid like a fucking warlord. because he has status (in their tiny ass community, but status nonetheless). none of your game shit will ever come close, and it will allow him to get laid effortlessly. while you're running off dropping some line on some honey, he won't even have to pursue. the pussy will come to him.

it's also why those fucking 80s rocker band guys with the big hair looked like shit and still got laid like warlords. status. as richard cooper says, guys have to work for it, women just wait at the finish line for the winners.

power and money are useful but not as useful as status. before he even ran for office, we used to say trump was the quintessential dude who no woman in her right mind would ever touch... if he wasn't a billionaire mogul. you need to realize what's going on though. 50 years ago, a guy pulling down an inflation adjusted equivalent of now $100k would do great. now that shit doesn't bat an eyelash because women have jobs. your $100k mid tier job salary doesn't mean shit.

looks will still do well for you. but not nearly as well as the others above it.

and then game comes in dead last. half those in-field videos are fakes... many of them have even been busted for it. game is better than nothing, but it's the lowest on the totem pole.

and then in all of this, you have to remember hypergamy. in each of these categories, yeah there's some blending, but for the most part, it's logarithmic. if you're not in the top 1-10% in that category, you are not in that category at all. not even partial credit.

6 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah, and it's important to see if she's maybe, and read when she's yes.

I guess I'm trying to see if guys can start orienting towards that.

But also, there is a point where you just polarize and get her choice.

After a while the whole gaming 'maybe' girls becomes too much effort. Or it has for myself.

7 upvotesTheGreatConst5 months ago

And here I thought that you are someone who "get it". It seems you just read AMS, but still didn't understand the deeper truth behind his message. By definition, the alpha male is someone to whom sex is worthless because he can get it easily. It means that he wouldn't make any efforts to convince a woman to give sex to him. Instead, he will make demands, he will make rules she should follow to be qualified to stay with him. When you sub-communicate your readiness to "game" this "maybe" girl you displaying betaness. This is why PUA guys got laid with 1-3 girls out of 100 they approach in daygame (real statistic, you can check Krauser or Torero). This is why all "outer game" is mainly trying to "hide" the fact that you actually making efforts to get laid with her. Alpha never plays games to get laid. He wouldn't make efforts to seduce the girl. Girls monitor your actions and when they feel that you are making efforts to get laid instead of making HER make efforts.. their pussy becomes dry. Why you should faking doing no efforts to change her mind when you actually can BE a man who doesn't play games? This is why the concept of "maybe" girls is just a trap. It is the work of beta males to convince girls to sleep with them. In fact, the "game" and pickup are just instruments to fake alphaness while staying a beta inside. Even on RP most guys just don't get it and you can see it from this top comment.

1 upvotestyronethejabrone5 months ago

When you sub-communicate your readiness to “game” this “maybe” girl you displaying betaness.

Alright guy. Sometimes us non-alpha bros really want to get a particular girl.

And what us non-alpha bros do is we try to get her. We game her.

How do we game her? We attempt to get her appealed to our reality...our frame.

Invite her into our world.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Game does not imply effort

1 upvotesTheGreatConst5 months ago

It kills your sub-communication and, in fact, lowers both your chances with this particular girl and with girls in general. The strongest frame is "Instead, he will make demands, he will make rules she should follow to be qualified to stay with him. ". This is why if you can't get it and accept it you still will have insecurities and some struggles with girls even though you know everything about the frame and think that yours is strong. If you use a strong frame to get the girl she still can feel it and it is a turn-off. Of course, you can still get girls like this, anything can get girls, some girls will fuck you anyway if you are their type, some girls can't see through your facade, but it is just more stressful and less effective approach. When you stop playing games you never feel any sadness or discomfort about losing the girl whatsoever.

1 upvotesThe_Sinnermen5 months ago

Quite litterally reminds me of my ex. Whenever I would go down on her she would enjoy herself thoroughly yet after a while dry for intercourse. Whereas when she would go down on me my bed suddenly experienced Niagara Falls.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

I agree with everything you've said. It's the sub communication a lot of guys don't understand.

6 upvotesprrraveen5 months ago

Not sure what do you mean by effort. If you are ok approaching her then why not have a fun conversation. I actually enjoy the conversation and spontaneity more than getting the number. Some of the number I get, I don't even text them because I just like the game; not the girl. If she is boring or have nothing engaging to say, her loss. I say my good bye.

3 upvotestyronethejabrone5 months ago

I often make remarks in public based on things that I witness. Literally me just boolin’, a spectator entertained by what comes my way as I go about my day. Or if I’m out with people I may sarcastically talk some shit, very clearly at whoever. Or I may continue a conversation and look and use some hand gestures at someone nearby, hoping they can provide an opinion on the matter at hand.

I essentially invite people into my reality with these remarks. Some bite, some don’t. Those who don’t are lame. Literally on a lower level. These organic conversations are great and they are missing out cause they can’t lighten up. They’re not in the right headspace. And that’s fine.

But putting real effort into a conversation with a rando, in and of itself displays low value. And it’s probably inorganic. Which is forced. You need a catalyst.

1 upvotesOnidramon5 months ago

The point where figure out if she's a maybe girl or not is after that conversation you're describing. After that, the choice is up to you if you want to try heating up the lukewarm lead to make the dick sale or not. Setting a date, traveling to see her, applying kino, isolating, etc: these things will all take more than a mineral of time and energy, and you'll do this knowing that she's on the fence, when it could be spent on girls that you know are well enough into you to be a sure shot. Or, literally, doing anything else in the world enjoyable besides entertaining the maybe girl. Like building a shelf. You can absolutely still come out with a notch here but it's up to you if that's worth it or not

6 upvotesOnidramon5 months ago

When it comes to energy investment, I will gladly take a guaranteed life of marginally or moderately fewer sexual encounters made up of slam dunks on "fuck yes" girls than merely entertaining the possibility of more sex with a larger pool of "maybe" girls. You may improve your probability to get laid more by putting time into weaker leads but it's just a matter of priorities.

11 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah. I agree there is a level of gaging her, qualifying her.

But a lot of guys need to see that. You're gauging interest, and capitalising.

Too many guys are unconsciously trying to qualify themselves.

I think it bares relevance to push guys to explore the origin/motivation for their behaviour.

2 upvotesU_Lika_Da_Tomato5 months ago

You go through all of this effort for a phone number?

1 upvotesImboni5 months ago

True. What are game fundamentals according to you? My list:

  1. Being casual and playful during the approach
  2. No fucks given if it doesn't click(OI)
  3. Abundance
  4. Positive attention from the girl

The rest just flows naturally, I guess. Kino, escalation, etc. always felt weird to me when I tried to use it consciously. In my experience, girls who are attracted are quite patient when it comes to you escalating.

1 upvotesprrraveen5 months ago

For me

  1. stay relaxed. (girls can sense your anxiety, which comes out as needy)
  2. say something that is not very direct (you look hot/cute) and not too indirect (what book are you reading ). I go with something like "hey I really like your sense of fashion" and stack on that. If she is cold and gives a hatred look. I leave saying have a nice day. if she likes the comment I do the next things
  3. Try to have a fun conversation.
  4. If she is hooked/ask questions like what do you do, where do you live. I go for number close.
  5. A strong number close is very important. you should be very confident about the closing. I almost hand my phone in her hand to feed the number.

I am stuck at 3. I don't know how to have a fun conversation. I am working on it.

1 upvotesTrouzzzerSnake5 months ago

Can confirm - low game is bad, doesn't matter if their eyes light up when they see you.

1 upvotestchower5 months ago

The problem with the advice “just be a good looking loser” is that girls will just game them. Just like girls game the beta bux simp for his money, the “good looking loser simp” is just going to get girls who want a guy above their SMV or girls that need validation from him, or the girl is playing the jealousy game with another guy and she just caught a “stud loser” in her web and maybe he fucked her or maybe she didn’t and got enough validation from the guy. Being good looking can be a plus with woman, but direct with woman? I’m not so sure about that, woman are not men and you could over-qualify which is low value. Confidence and frame? Absolutely, since you establish fitness in a social setting. Speaking and saying the right things is also apart of game but it’s only one aspect, I think what OP is getting at is that guys tend to overthink “what to say” when it’s not so much what you say but how you say it and context.

-2 upvotesSmilingWatermelon5 months ago

With enough game. no girls become maybe girls and so on.

4 upvotestyronethejabrone5 months ago

Yeahhh I’ll take False for 500

1 upvotesSmilingWatermelon5 months ago

Itd be hard to convince you if you've never done it or seen it.

Check out Patrice o Neal. His girl was way out of his league.

1 upvotestyronethejabrone5 months ago

Can you clarify your statement “with enough game, no girls become maybe girls and so on”?

What does “and so on” mean?

3 upvotesSmilingWatermelon5 months ago

Girls are fickle as we all know. Game is simply your ability to make people like you. Social skills.

It's very much possible to make a girl thats a hard no, into a yes girl.

You may come across a girl that says they would never sleep with a fat guy, but with enough game any girl can become curious (they become maybe girls) about you.

I say check out Patrice because he's a fat disgusting slob of a man. But somehow was dating an attractive slim woman.

I've had girls tell me they don't date (insert ethnicity) only to have them come around. I'm at the point where I treat it all like a shit test

Like I said I know it may sound foreign if you haven't done or seen it, but it's possible. Patrice is the only real example I could give. Given how fat this guy was. Dude was sitting on 300 pounds at one point.

36 upvotesThinkingard5 months ago

Roosh also began to only game girls who gave him clear IOI. Like in sales you can waste a lot of time effort and energy going after nothing.

5 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yes. I do have a way of engaging sort of quickly and saying a couple of things to then gauge for IOI's.

Sometimes she may not show them right away by herself, or you may not notice.

But the better I get at reading women, I can tell pretty quick if there is any interest.

1 upvotesMcNeg5 months ago

I feel like one issue with this approach is the really hot chicks that have value aren't going to make it too obvious or easy.

1 upvotesrichardbransonbutnot5 months ago

People take business advice from rich kids who started with a million dollars.

People take advice from AMS who's 6'4, Swole, and only goes after 32+ y o black women.

He says good things, but he's also very niche'd

15 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah, he is just an example of minimalism.

I used to write him off. The more I go on, I see a lot of wisdom in his perspectives.

I do a little more than he would, but I'm really beginning to recognise his principles in things..

1 upvotesThe_Red_Trooper5 months ago

I am only 5'8. His advice wont work for guys like me. Being under 5"9 Is living the red pill on hard mode. His height puts him in the 5% of men.

16 upvotesSchultzie985 months ago

You're taller or as tall as most girls out there, fuck off.

3 upvotesstoicbotanist5 months ago

Hahahaha dude I'm 5'9" with acne and you're kidding yourself. I'm short compared to the majority of the guys around my college campus and I do fine with everyone I talk to.

Correct me if I'm wrong but you're taller than the world average.

11 upvotesCainPrice5 months ago

Game won't win over a woman who's not interested in the first place and thinks you're an ugly troll.

But saying weird, awkward shit and demonstrating poor social aptitude can definitely blow it if a girl thought she might have been interested in you.

"Game" in the sense of PUA-style canned openers is dumb. But "game" in the sense of not being a creepy, socially clueless weirdo who walks up and says, "Hi you're pretty and I like you here's my number aren't you totally turned on by how direct I'm being?" That's essential.

Walking up and just blurting out that you want to get a drink with a girl you met 10 seconds ago will cost you chances you would have had if you'd made small-talk for 90-120 seconds first. Sure, you'll avoid wasting time with girls who weren't interested at all in the first place. But you'll also weird-out some girls who might have been.

You don't need to become friends and spend ages building rapport. But you do need to interact socially with her long enough for it to not be random and weird when you suggest a drink and trade numbers.

Everyone knows the 90-120 seconds of small-talk is just a dance to get to the part where you ask her out. But doing that part demonstrates your social aptitude and that you're not a weirdo.

14 upvotesZech4riah5 months ago

So basically you said "Don't game like I used to" - Game how it is done properly:

Show some intent...couple questions, tease, polarize, get out.

Welcome to the next level with your game.

3 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Haha, yeah I feel that.

That's what I'm pointing at. Take a look at the feedback you get. Take a look at the motivations behind your 'game' behaviours. That's when things get awesome on a deeper level.

For me, it's a lot simpler, and I haven't wanted to analyse anything. But I do catch myself going 'ooooohhhhh, I see what's happening now'.

5 upvotesZech4riah5 months ago

Yup, and I totally get you. I noticed myself doing the same transition - in other words doing less and less whole time and noticing that the energy wasted on making "one more girl to like you" has very bad ROI. "Staying in the set" etc. is good but that advice is meant for beginners. "Staying in the set if the girl is attracted" is for more advanced guys.

When you get more advanced, you shouldn't waste more than 5 mins in the set if it doesn't seem to be going nowhere even tho you are doing things right. 5 mins is usually more than enough getting the girl attracted to you if she is going get attracted. You will possibly accidentally skip couple of shy girls who you accidentally interpreted not to be interested but that's foreseen collateral damage and when you develop that 6th sense with girls, likehood of misinterpretation goes down.

Yes, you could stay with a girl for 90mins and a girl attracted but during that time you could have opened 10 more hot girls and probably one of them most probaably would have been instantly attracted to you which is most of the time more desirable start.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

This is very close to the Good Looking Loser's Guide for Busy Guys who want to Get Laid.

Chat up one girl per day, ask if she wants a drink that night, or if already at the bar, if she wants a nightcap at your place. Forget everything else. In a month you'll have hit on more women than most men ever have.

Solid points....good post, although a bit more tightening of the format would be helpful.

This also goes to a point I just made elsewhere: the Pavlovian Approach. You have 3 seconds of eye contact to approach before a woman writes you off as a coward....and women prefer not to fuck cowards.

I need to get on this shit. I get so many IOI's I'm starting to not notice them. Incels and kids posting over to asktrp would kill to get a tenth the attention I get, or have a tenth of my ability to chat up strangers, which I really do enjoy.

Lift like your life depends on it.

Lastly, I do buy GLL's point that Game == Killer Instinct, hard stop. You're trying to get in their pants, or you're not. In this formulation, younger guys have better Game, because they are just more desperate for pussy, even if they Get Laid on the regular...higher T-counts, and all that jazz. Or jizz. LOL.

I'm like that fat, bald middle aged dude driving a convertible....what a waste, but...instead, I'm a middle aged dude rocking a decent v-taper and a full head of hair. Still a bit of a waste.

Lift like your life depends on it....when you're my age, it might.

3 upvotesLaykeside5 months ago

I owe my early sex life to that man, at least the initial year. His infield videos were the best at the time(2012). He kept it really simple. I never started out with generic PUA(thank the lord), which is why at a fundamental level I hold game in some level of contempt. Why go through the trouble of blabbering like a gibbit with words laden with jedi mind tricks of virgins in a push-pull cluster fuck fest when the alternative is to just look good and act normal?

Most of the guys who obsess over game are young guys with very little sexual experience. I see so many posts written by teenager's and early twenty year old's who use game as a cope to not lift and not follow a decent look-good regime. "You should have seen the look on her face when I bent her reality with my frame boyos" ! or "should have seen the mind nuke I dropped on her with my special powerpuff dark triad concocted personality" seems to be a very common theme in a lot of posts. Pure fucking cope. Virgin nerds.

But think about it, what kind of person would have to rely solely on game in the first place? The one's that were socially unsuccessful from the dawn of puberty, they lacked any kind of value from the get go and therefore were not admitted into any successful social circle( by successful I mean a circle that provided a man well with a decent supply of pussy), so now these men have to fend for themselves( secure pussy for themselves without communal aid) and instead of fixing the condition(bringing no value to the table) they attempt to treat the symptoms(nopussy.com) and what bandaid do they try to slap on? Game. A summary of words and behavior's meant to reshape a social context. They still try to take the easy way out.

I can understand their inclination though, it takes dedication, hard work and conscious effort to look good. On the other hand game principles can be learnt over a weekend munching on dorito's. You tell me which option they'd pick?

As time goes and the more wombs you've been inside, you realize you don't need to say more than half of things you thought you should and all you had to do was just semi-isolate + fluff talk+ kino(if accepted)+ escalate+ end+gtfo.

Tip: In social circles, get "approved" by the men. The women rarely do the appraisal. The men will bulletproof you and put you in situations(parties, event's) where you will be surrounded by pussy. How do you get "approved" by the men? Get jacked, motherfucker. Men are inherently drawn to strength and when you're jacked, they will validate you. I promise you, you virgin fags, they will call you to their social gatherings cause you're that jacked dude. The women will automatically flock to you since the men value you and they'll suck your dick to get to know is he worth all that fuss? The men want to be you but lack the willpower to be you, and thus their only option is to live vicariously through you. They will not dare to cuck you, or cockblock you, instead they will wish for your success. This is how it works.

This is also why no matter how times I tell the dickheads here to look good and act normal, they don't get because they do not know what "normal" encompasses. They instead expect a manually compiled checklist of behavior's. When I mean normal, I mean do nothing. Yes, that's right, do nothing, because the work is already done. don't try hard with your gaming gadgets).Again, I repeat, Listen to the bitch talk, respond with empty words of no substance, kino, escalate fuck.

OP is one of the few user's who understands how this shit works.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

I can understand their inclination though, it takes dedication, hard work and conscious effort to look good. On the other hand game principles can be learnt over a weekend munching on dorito's.

LMFAO yep.

In social circles, get "approved" by the men. The women rarely do the appraisal.

I have 2 primary sayings from TRP:

"Women don't care about the struggle, they wait around at the finish line to fuck the winners."

Now, I disagree, in a way....women love the struggle, because it's drama. Otherwise, the point is spot on.

Then there is my saying (I think, I've searched it and can't find it elsewhere): "Spinning plates is a rational response to open hypergamy" I don't think I need to unpack that for you.

The one other thing is I'm responding to you via the message button but I don't know where we are in the thread. You seem like a thoughtful dude. I'd appreciate it of you took a look at what else I had to say on this thread.

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

A lot of guys would think you can't do that. With that intent or directness.

Those are the guys I'm aiming this piece at.

They believe you HAVE to win her approval first. Have all that conversation. Get her to like or approve of you, which can result in a shit load more 'game' than is necessary.

IF you're a high value guy, and believe it, you can be that direct. It's attractive.

If you can't get away with it, then work on yourself. RedPill makes guys aware of how women treat high value guys. Very few want to put in the work to experience it.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

IF you're a high value guy, and believe it, you can be that direct. It's attractive.

We're on the same page, bro. 100%

Asking a girl out for drinks that night after 3-4 minutes of chit-chat is direct as fuck.

Very few want to put in the work to experience it.

About 9 months ago, I passed some magical threshold of shoulder/waist ratio and started getting way more attention. I felt like a 15 y/o girl with her first pair of tits, it was actually kind of strange.

Anyone who posts over at asktrp saying "tell me something other than lifting" who doesn't qualify with "by the way, I deadlifted X and pressed Y overhead last time I lifted" should be banned on sight.

I will say, there is that wrinkle of looks. This sub has long been invaded by "black pill" guys, and they do have a point. Some dudes are just fucking ugly. Not everyone is redeemable.

TRP, to me, has always been about redeeming the redeemable, not saving the world. Again, good post!

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Thanks. I guess that's another point I was making.

How much less you have to do once you actually display some value and attractiveness.

A lot of guys will say you're being egotistical, or the incels come out.

But it's true. I mean, RedPill is largely about looking at reality. It's saying that women like attractive, high value, accomplished me.

I'm trying to say that once you become that, it's better to polarize early and let her make a decision.

For me, it was also about having some real self-respect and self esteem. Learning to behave like a high value male.

And that's not fucking arrogance, or ego, or 'better than'. It's more taking the power back. Prize mentality.

Fuck, I know plenty aren't going to be interested, but where is the line I draw to say 'cool, I'm not going to waste your or my time 'gaming' you'.

I also, honestly don't have time.

I do believe a lot of what Alpha Male Strategies says. There is a point where all the extra effort and attention is just giving her validation. Validation = she has what she wants.

And I'm older, too. I reached a point where I just felt 'I really don't have time or patience for this shit'. By spending more time than is necessary, I feel more and more pathetic.

Put it out there...offer drinks/coffee/her number. Get it into a new frame quickly.

That's exactly what high quality men do. They have confidence some women will find them attractive. There is no reason to waste time. That's true outcome independence. 'Here's the deal, and I don't mind if you say no. I know another girl will be willing'.

No covert contracts, no approval seeking.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

But it's true. I mean, RedPill is largely about looking at reality. It's saying that women like attractive, high value, accomplished me.

I'm trying to say that once you become that, it's better to polarize early and let her make a decision.

For me, it was also about having some real self-respect and self esteem. Learning to behave like a high value male.

And that's not fucking arrogance, or ego, or 'better than'. It's more taking the power back. Prize mentality.

I had a conversation with a dude around here who talked about how we don't like talking class on TRP. Here's the thing....I come from really humble beginnings, and am absolutely rocking the fuck out. I got approached a few times over at Illegal Pete's (a burrito shop in Denver with great margarita's....I should drink 2 fewer when I go lol) by much younger cuties.

Imposture Syndrome and the Jonah Complex are what TRP diagnosed me with, and correctly. My humble start kind of holds me to where I was, if that makes any sense. It's hard to see yourself as the prize when you think you're white trash.

But....again, I actually take the "see the Matrix" part of TRP deadly seriously (although it is Nietzsche lite) and objectively, I am a goddamned prize. I had a much younger girlfriend for years, I'm an interesting, well built guy with an cool career, and while I'm still in beginner hell in swing dancing, I'm improving rapidly.

I guess what I'm trying to say is your main point and these clarifications absolutely rung my bell, and I think you're entirely right.

Some of us, myself included, have strange hangups. It's not even about the women. I've pissed off more women by not hitting on them, than by hitting on them.

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

I understand what you mean.

That's just cognitive bias stuff. You maybe had an idea of what 'the prize' looked like, and you weren't it.

Lately I have been really allowing people's reactions to me to be the truth teller.

I was similar. I NEVER believed I was prize worthy, in a base red pill way. Fuck, I still have those doubts and insecurities deep deep down.

But now I've just listened and watched the 'feedback'. Women are attracted. They flirt. They look. It's not Brad Pitt style, but that's not reality.

They are much more subtle. Now my own cognitive biases don't get in the way. They don't crop up so much, and they are very very quite in the background.

It's good. More than women, I wanted that confidence in myself. RedPill taught me to say 'fuck it'...fake it til you make it. I've worked my ass off.

It's still all work, discipline and continually applying myself, but it's a fun ride.

The inner journey is the best.

Your last line is very telling. You never really know what a lot of women are thinking. Just when you think nobody is interested, you find out many wished you'd given them a try.

We can have a grandiose version of 'the prize'. I know I did.

1 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst5 months ago

Some dudes are just fucking ugly. Not everyone is redeemable.

Yeah ?

This guy got laid like a rock star before he settled down

So I don't really have any excuse.

RIP Sean Stephenson - giant of a man.

1 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

He def didn't get laid like a rockstar, but ok

1 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst5 months ago

if you ever got a chance to hear/see his appearance at one of David D.'s seminars back in the day, you would know it really was his lifestyle. cat was legit the mack daddy when he was single. Tony Robbins was not fooled by this guy, he was who he said he was.

6 upvotesTwentyEighteen5 months ago

1) Hi I'm AMS 2) What's your name? 3) Would you like to have a drink some time? 4) Gives them his number.

While directness is good, you shouldn’t be direct in a way that puts responsibility on the girl when you’re a stranger. A question like 3) will have a low success rate unless you warm her up first. Even if she is interested in you, she will likely say no or avoid answering the question because it’s the safest option. As men we don’t mind taking risks, but women don’t. Alexander grace has a good video addressing this

10 upvotesAngelrun5 months ago

i tried this theory at work (summer job I will shit everywhere I eat idc) I would literally walk up to a cute coworker, introduce myself and then ask for their snapchat. The key here is that I did not drop eye contact at all, its was almost like bitches were hypnotized. Fuck the game, they've decided if you were attractive or not 5 seconds before you even approached them.

5 upvotesKing-in-the-making5 months ago

How do you hold eye contact without feeling awkward?

5 upvotesOpenYourMind75 months ago

It's only awkward if you think it's awkward. Whoever flinches (looks away) first loses.

2 upvotesAngelrun5 months ago

I look in between the eyes, old salesman truck I learned from TRP

4 upvotessebastianconcept5 months ago

That simple approach is biased on looks. It will work best if you are high in looks. Many will need to display more game to arouse higher SMV women

2 upvotesDdone475 months ago

Does this work for everyone?

6 upvotesDareyFathom5 months ago

It'll be circumstantial. I fundamentally don't like "passive" advice for anything in life as I find it generally misleading and this is no different. Plenty of men win over women that did not pre-select them in advance. Emulating this process will only work in circumstances where the girl is already very interested. Most ANYTHING in those situations will work though. As others in the thread have alluded to, it's a simple and you might get numbers, but zero investment from the girl means a low likelihood of follow through from her.

6 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah I'm not really saying 'do nothing'.

I'm more hoping some guys will think about the motivation for their behaviour, and strip approval seeking, covert contract stuff.

Is it to qualify themselves, or qualify her?

Is it assertive in establishing intent and polarizing, or are they trying to prove themselves to her?

It really doesn't take a lot to see if a girl is invested.

1 upvotesDareyFathom5 months ago

Massive difference between "doing nothing" and being passive advice. Doing nothing would be the expectation that women will approach you. Being passive is what was outlined as the AMS example. That is a low effort/low return process. Generally speaking, the more effort you put into succeeding in an endeavor, the more likely you will succeed. Women are not any different.

1 upvotesDdone475 months ago

Damn! So how do I get them interested

5 upvotesprrraveen5 months ago

Raise SMV.

  1. Lift: starting strength, Strong Lift, or any other program that gives you strength and hypertrophy(usually a barbell program).
  2. Eat well to support lifting.
  3. Dress better. look for basic bastards on Reddit malefashionadvice and take it from there.
  4. Groom well, Upload pictures at Reddit malehairadvice to help you decide a good facial and hair style.
  5. Learn frame. It should have been the first point but it takes a while to understand the concept of frame. but frame is the most attractive quality a man can have.(there is a PDF link that I can't find it righ tnow). It will cover how not be needy/wanty. how not to keep staring/looking at a girl. how not to qualify/brag about yourself. When to give attention and when to take it back.
  6. Game. Pick your style of game and try it out. I like day game. I follow London day game model by Tom Torero.
3 upvotespapertowelfreethrow5 months ago

You ever find that pdf? Sounds like a nice refresher.

2 upvoteschilleverest5 months ago

Be the mystery man..the one that stands out in the room. As soon as you enter the room, you get the feeling that you are instantly noticed. You get iois eventually and that’s the first step of them investing. But to get there, you need to lift, dress nice and all the foundational things that sets you apart from the rest.

1 upvotesDdone475 months ago

Yep lifting is sorted out already. Dressing nice is a problem. Gotta work in that

1 upvotesDdone475 months ago

Btw do they notice if your tall? For example I'm 6'2 and get alot of stares

4 upvoteschilleverest5 months ago

That’s a no contest. Tall, strong men will always reign over their shorter counterparts (in physical attractiveness, strictly). It’s an evolutionary programming in women to seek an able mate that is strong both mentally and physically who can protect their offspring.

1 upvotesTwentyEighteen5 months ago

It essentially relies on SMV entirely

3 upvotesvulgar_display_5 months ago

Who knew that the answer all along was to do exact what many people have taught themselves not to do? Great post.

Will try this out next time. I am confident and have pretty good game, but even with that, I still deal with FoA sometimes. Mainly in situations where people aren’t expecting to be approached— i.e the gym or the supermarket. I always worry about coming across as too thirsty; if you approach someone in the gym, for example, you were obviously checking out her body from a distance. And it always struck me as a creep move to approach someone in a place where they’re just trying to improve themselves, lol. But I know that’s all in the eye of the beholder and if she turns you down, fuck it. There’s a million other girls in the world with a fat ass and a cute face.

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah. You can open that stuff without the thirstiness. That's what you have to believe in. Challenge the thinking. Try it, and let real world feedback be the truth teller.

I approach at the gym without fear of looking thirsty, because I'm not thirsty.

At some point you have to not worry, or assume what people will think.

3 upvotes_ferz5 months ago

To really understand people and "game", I suggest everyone try to work in sales, at least for the experience. It has been life changing for me.

3 upvotesmohammed2185 months ago

let's keep it real, only average to below average looking dudes have to try their hardest to get a girl to sleep with them, push-pull, teasing, battle last minute resistance.Basically turn into a dancing monkey & hopefully the girl will see them as high value. and fuck them. I have good looking friends who barely say a word and girls would be the ones gaming them.

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago


Now, I am NOT saying just say any old thing, and be a retard. There is something that needs to happen, and you have to show you're not autistic/creepy/socially inept.

But you can also allow for other reasons for attraction.

I've also discovered, in my experience that unless you understand game more deeply, and that 'less is more', a lot of what guys do actually makes them appear lower value.

Sub-communication and medium is the message.

3 upvotesMcVaghunter5 months ago

I fucking love this post! It has been a long while since the last real red pill post. Too bad the fuckers in asktrp don't want to put in the hard work.

3 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Thanks. Looking through your comments, I appreciate it.

I'm trying to work out why some guys aren't into the post. Plenty are, so it's not a big deal.

I think I'm feeling guys are thinking I mean do nothing. Just walk into a room and start asking for numbers.

That's not it. I guess I'm pushing towards the subtle, sub communication part of game.

Guys are direct creatures, who love the verbal. So many are looking for 'what jokes to tell' 'what to text' 'what to say'.

I'm pushing guys to see that a lot about game is non verbal. Less. Subtle. The vibe, aloofness. You can display a shitload without using words or big actions.

A high value guy does less, and eventually gets to the point.

Yeah, I think it's much much harder if you haven't done the work on yourself.

Appreciate the reply.

4 upvotesmseand5 months ago

I can't support this. Game does not come later or way before.

You are game and game is sales. You're the product of your past decisions and it's your job to convey your personality right off the bat.

You shouldn't settle for a number off the bat when you can pull after a while (given that you have good game) in a day game session. At the same time, you shouldn't settle for a number when you can close after 45mins-1.5hrs during night game.

Never settle for less unless the logistics don't line up - ie. Friends, time constraints, location, etc. ALWAYS PLAY TO WIN

3 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

I see what you're saying. That's a more advanced understanding, to me.

I'm more aiming at the new, younger guys, who want to 'impress' her, or use game to try and make up for not believing they could be attractive. If that makes any sense.

Yeah, you should wait a little bit if you can. But you also shouldn't stray into dancing monkey/ approval seeking territory.

It's all very subtle.

2 upvotes_ferz5 months ago

I'm in sales and I agree with the OP. So many people are full of shit, all you can do is keep on going and bumping into people who are ready to "buy" you as a person. That's how you meet cool people, women, business partners, etc.

I think you agree with him too just in a different way. Both posts are complementary to each other.

2 upvotes1girldaily5 months ago

lol @ giving the girl YOUR number

1 upvotesPussyshack5 months ago

Correct. You get HER number. You'll get lost in the sea of orbiters otherwise.

1 upvotes1girldaily5 months ago

AMS while his videos have value.... doesn't cold approach. I do and have been coaching guys for years. I believe he lives in NYC... never see him in any popular club. Including popular black clubs like Max Fish or the DL.

It's easy to sound good from behind a screen. but without testing and real world experience... it's just that... sounding good.

-Brad Holiday


2 upvotesManicDepressedVirgin5 months ago

Obviously be attractive. It obviously makes a big difference. And I actually agree that canned or overly formulaic game is needy and just plain gay. But there are certain things you just need to do when you approach girls to have any kind of success.

Go out and do some approaches using this strategy of just introducing yourself and then asking a girl for her number. You either won't get numbers or you will and they'll be terrible, flakey numbers. Then go out and do some approaches that involve teasing, challenging, spiking and investment-building, all in a conversation lasting a few minutes. You will get stronger numbers.

Unfortunately, as much as guys here like to believe that just existing as an alpha gets you laid, you still have to do the work yourself to make things happen. Girls will not throw themselves at you. With the exception of promiscuous girls who just want to fuck, girls need to be pursued, girls need to read your value via your behaviour / social intelligence and girls need comfort to be built. At least at first.

There is this Red Pill fantasy of King Chad sitting on his throne having women throw themselves at his feet. No matter how alpha you are, it's not realistic.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yes mate, I agree with you.

My opening example was just an extreme example of minimal.

I agree you have to do a few things. There needs to be a dynamic. I think it's good to remind guys to keep it simple, and also allow for the variables that are out of your control.

2 upvotesvelkafanboy315 months ago

Looks are everything. Game only works after you meet the minimum standarts of a woman which is already very high. No amount of game or "alpha male strategy" will fix your decomposing goblin face. You cant fake being alpha you are either born high value or not. PUA is a scam.

2 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst5 months ago

No amount of game or "alpha male strategy" will fix your decomposing goblin face.

...and yet this guy here got laid like a rock star before he settled down

he co-authored a book too, with Tony Robbins

and maybe you're looking at it from a limited perspective, and less beautiful people should not curl up and die, they should make the most of life.

2 upvotesvelkafanboy315 months ago

Thats the snake oil I was looking for thanks!

2 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst5 months ago

dude. it's not snake oil. it worked for him. are you saying he lied about everything?

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Not really sure what your point is. I'm not pushing PUA.

1 upvotesMrBowick5 months ago

I can say that when you are completely comfortable with yourself and have true internal value this way of gaming works. Why waste your time on maybes, they see you with other women after they played hard to get and come crawling back ready to fuck. Your getting attacked because people in this sub still think lines and hard core gaming is the answer. You're skipping a lot of the bull shit and growth it takes to get to this stage, but you are correct. You're simply not putting pussy on a pedestal

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

That's pretty much it. It sound too minimal to most guys. I'm not saying do nothing. You always have to play an offence.

But yeah, once you've done a lot of work on yourself and have true value/accomplishments, the power of this type of game suddenly becomes clear.

It's all 'medium is the msg' stuff.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Can you give us an example of how simple we should be? Thanks

1 upvotesMatrixofLe3adership5 months ago

I can see this being useful at the gym. On one hand I want to approach that nice pair of tight yoga pants, but on the other I have shit to do.

1 upvotesjamiccdasneak5 months ago

glad you mention AMS. he is lit lol Very insightful stuff comes from him

1 upvotesdanielwisenbcaest5 months ago

Straight up love that guy, he motivates me every day

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

He's good. A lot of guys don't like him. They are still searching for the magic game and pussy passwords.

I like AMS. Become high value and stop being a bitch.

He's minimalist, but also drives home that most of what you 'do' actually sends the wrong msgs.

1 upvotesdanielwisenbcaest5 months ago

I couldn’t agree more bro, are you on his patreon? 10x better content

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

I might check it out. Thanks

1 upvotesdanielwisenbcaest5 months ago

100% worth the $5 a month. Be posts often and when he does it’s more in depth break downs of shit

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah, cool. I'll sign up.

I didn't like him at first. I was like 'this guy is nnnooo fun'.

But I dig him now. It's a nice check in on how to be a man.

I also think he is so brazen, to get shit to sink in through the blue/beta paradigm.

1 upvoteschangheuk5 months ago

Solid post. This is what the advice "speak with authority (as if you were her dad/boss)" would try to imitiate.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yes, basically. Show her a little, to prove you're not an idiot or intimidated by her, then straight out ask.

Granted, there is a little that happens in that time, but I'm in and out in 1 to 2 minutes.

1 upvotesCheddar_Curtain5 months ago

This needs to be edited for brevity, but you make some good points.

I remember learning the NFG (no fucks given) strategy about a decade ago. Met a girl online, exchanged some messages, things seemed cool. I was spinning some plates at the time and sort of forgot about her. Sitting outside drinking a beer with my buddy one night when I get a message from her: "ARE WE HANGING OUT SOON OR WHAT!?"

So we did hang out, and fuck, and had a lot of fun. Long story short just pretend like you have other shit going on, even if you don't. Whatever you do, don't be desperate. Let her ask YOU to do something. If she doesn't, it isn't worth chasing.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah, I still ask them to do something. But I always frame it as if I was already doing something, and she can join if she wants.

Everything else I agree with totally. The power of being invested in other stuff and not her is crazy.

Too many guys want to 'show' this, though. Instead, actually have other shit going on. It's called having a life.

1 upvotesCheddar_Curtain5 months ago

I'm still pondering on this one because it's been happening as recently as today. I have plates and they both wanted to hang on Saturday. I said yes to the first one that mentioned being free. Now the other one is mad because that is her only night available due to work. The one that got denied is acting butthurt but I think a dose of 'available but not' is the right angle with her.

That's why a manual for game is worthless. Each woman responds differently to different technique. The hot ones respond better to teasing and negging. The middling ones need more confirmation and affirmations of affection. Every woman is different, you always need to remain fluid. It's like football, adjustments will be needed mid-game.

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah, you have to be open to reading the scene. You get a feel for what gets her invested

1 upvotesSOwED5 months ago

All of it, no matter how 'good', was all motivated by 'I want you to like me'.

This invalidates your whole post dude. You were doing everything with the wrong motivation. Maybe it all came off super fake if the only thing you can do confidently is a minimalist approach, and there's nothing wrong with that; don't try to be funny if you're not.

But in general, doing less isn't necessarily the key and it's not like women have chosen once you've entered the room and they've seen you. I bet you yourself have flipped on your opinion of a guy based on his look and body language vs. actually engaging with him.

If you are charming without telegraphing your interest you'll have a much better time, and you'll not just be a guy she wants to sleep with but also one she wants other people to meet, giving you options. What do you do if you do this minimalist approach with someone and wind up wanting an LTR with them? They're gonna be warning their friends and family that you're a bit quiet before she introduces you to them, you're basically manufacturing a red flag.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

You learn how to play on her interest and investment.

You learn how to keep her chasing. I'm not saying just do nothing, but what you do is a reward for her investment and interest.

You learn how to read people.

I can tell pretty damn quick if she's interested/invested and how to capitalise on that. Instead of just trying to win her over.

I'm trying to help guys take some power in establishing whether she is invested. Most dance around because they are too afraid to polarize and find out

1 upvotesThinSpiritual5 months ago

Get in. Show some intent...couple questions, tease, polarize, get out.

Yup. This is exactly what I do when I go to parties. I say hi and introduce myself, within 30 seconds I'll know if the girl is interested in interacting more. If they're not I simply GTFO, doesn't matter what the conversation is about, I'll end it with something along the lines of "Cool, enjoy your night I'll see you around."

Don't waste time trying to qualify yourself for the girls. You're the prize.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yep, and there is a point where continuing to try just smells of desperation.

There is nothing more unappealing for a woman than a man she isn't sexually attracted to continuing to try.

1 upvotesDirtBikeRiders5 months ago

i've read some wishing thinking here but this sums it up nicely. This dude couldn't get laid in a brothel with one hundred dollars tied to his dick. The whole post is projection including the bit where he tells you ugly incels should fuck off. Hey pal thanks for the laughs especially how you'll never get a chick to like you, it's fucking hilarious.

3 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

If you can't see the point of the post, no effect on me.

It's a level of self awareness. Knowing what your real motivations are behind all you do.

I'm trying to help guys out of the dancing monkey routines. The approval seeking and validation seeking side of game.

Be assertive. Have INTENT. Be clear. You learn how to do that in her language, so you aren't autistic or making her uncomfortable.

Be a man. Step up. Have some outcome dependence and true abundance mentality.

Maybe some of the stuff I talk about is too far ahead for a lot of guys.

Learn to be high value. Learn to read choosing signals. Learn when you don't have to do much.

If you're not there, then you've got work ahead.

Sorry you feel the way you do. Your reactiveness paints the picture.

1 upvotesDirtBikeRiders5 months ago

off course it has no effect on you, you're a fantasist and a narcissist. As far as being a man i don't need some spunk trumpet who can't get laid tell me jack shit

4 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Why is it so far fetched for you to believe a woman can make it low effort for you?

Have you never been approached by.a woman or given clear IOI's?

I'm asking honestly, because you're not offering any insight/counter points/experience. Nothing.

You've merely provided one big emotional reaction. Which leads the question - why?

If it doesn't bare you any relevance, why have an emotional outbursts? Did my post bring up something for you?

If the post doesn't help you, leave it. Simplez.

1 upvotesDirtBikeRiders5 months ago

the only person getting emotional is you. it's like you're seeking approval from another man, just like a beta male does

3 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

I just realised. You're absolutely right. Keep doing you boo.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Does anybody have an analogy for polarizing intent, English isn't my first language so I don't have perspective for the word

1 upvotesTomford14075 months ago

What the fuck is all this gibberish? You’re a fucking nerd. Be strong and not weak. That is all a man needs to live by.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

You're right. You do you, Boo.

1 upvotesUpOnCloud95 months ago

How do you close? For example after a date is going well are you completely direct: "do you want to go back to my place"? etc?

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Depends on how it's going. I don't normally push for sex on a first date. I don't want to seem needy.

I normally isolate her. I take her to a lookout spot and physically escalate. If she's really I to it, I may try to take it further. Normally though, she doesn't want to be a slut, and I was t to show her I'm not thirsty.

Second/third date max is where I go for sex. I always invite them over to cook together. Escalate after. I'll pick her up, take her to the bedroom, throw her on the bed, and go from there.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

AMS is the real deal and you hit the nail on the head. Fuck being fake

1 upvotesSAPPHIREAURA3 months ago

Can someone elaborate on polarization please...

1 upvotesDomebeers5 months ago

Idk if I agree fully with this. I mean, game works, and you can hit attraction switches in girls. IE a girl can see you and go 'ugh' and then you open your mouth and charm her and she gets tingles. Physical attraction is not on the top of the list of what makes a girl attracted to you, it's like the 5th thing or lower.

"Game", in terms of openers and routines, are just crutches to get you vibing a certain way. IE: It's not the words or the routines, it's that the words and the routines give you a measure of confidence when approaching. You can say 'gobble gobble gobble', if you project confidence it works just as well as 'Hey have you girls done the best friends test?"

So that guy in the video you talk about. It's not "Hey I'm Scott" that is the trick. It's that 'Scott' approaches confidently, has confident posture, speaks confidently, etc. CONFIDENCE IS THE SECRET INGREDIENT.

Many men don't have confidence, so they use the canned stuff. I still use canned stuff because you can autopilot while you calibrate. But for newbies it really does help them get over their nervousness. Not everyone is a natural. Like, this reads like you are skipping a few steps. No girl becomes 'invested' after a 5 minute convo. I myself don't assume investment until after I've slept with her at least 3 times.

Many of your points on how to act and what frame to take are correct, obviously.

Speaking to that, and I'm sure everyone here knows this already: If you really hate approaching because you get nervous but you also don't want to use routines, assume you've already slept with her

-3 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

Aaand you (I assume on purpose) left out the most important thing. Did this change in the way you approach bring better results?

And before the whiny little sperg incels say 'oh, but that's not so easy for me, I'm 5'2/bald/ugly/virgin/lack confidence/'

Fuck off.

TRP really is just a Chad circlejerk echo chamber and these 'oh, you just gotta work harder' responses are designed to shut guys up lest they find out how it really is.

8 upvoteskrowitz5 months ago

i like how you always show up when things are said about ugly people.

1 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

If you chant "ugly, ugly, show yourself" in front of a mirror, exactly nine minutes past midnight, I will appear. Angry, sexually frustrated, on meth and with a hard throbbing erection.

"Bend over, boy, I'll show you some blackpills."

2 upvoteskrowitz5 months ago

look man. you posted your picture here before. and no homo, you are not as bad as you think. it is just this mindset of yours that is obvious even on a picture (or was it a gif or something)

show the others too, see what they think.

1 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

mindset of yours that is obvious even on a picture

That's the halo effect at play. Of course I look like I have a 'bad mindset'.


1 upvotesTwentyEighteen5 months ago

I would gladly tell you you’re ugly and I’ve told others in the past. I’m not bluepilled on looks like most guys on this sub are. But You’re definitely not ugly. You are not exceptional either. You’re decent/good. Good enough that looks should not be a hindrance when improving your SMV in other areas. Such as game, body, social status, etc.

There are some guys out there so ugly that getting women is nigh impossible. And I’d give up if I was them unless they were able to overly compensate for their SMV through some extraordinary means. You are not one of those men

2 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yes, it got me shitload better results.

I can't usually be bothered to give my personal examples, because something about that feels like humble bragging.

All of this stuff is from personal experience and growth. Lots of experience.

On a side note, I work in behavioral modification as my career, so I'm pretty experienced in looking at behaviours and what reactions they bring.

I used to be a big 'gamer'. Wanted to learn it all. Get all those maybe girls.

It wasn't going as well as I thought it could. Also, I got to a point where I simply felt 'why am I investing and trying all of this, for women I don't even know'? Where is the self-respect, self-esteem and self-worth in that.

I reflected and thought about it more deeply. I realised that all the extra 'game' looks try-hard to them. Women SMELL a man's investment, and it comes in the form of attention. It's validation. It's a covert contract. 'I will do all this game, in order for you to like me'.

Fuck it. I came to realise that I'm high value. Why am I fucking around? I looked at my behaviour, and thought 'what if there are no covert contracts'? What if I get in, show a little sexual desire, ask her a couple things, show her I'm not intimidated by her, polarize and ask for a number? In and out in about 1 to 2 minutes.

My results and feedback have gone way up. I think women see that I' not going to fight for their approval. I show them I'm interested, and say take it or leave it. It's subtlety, confidence, and attractive.

I really asked myself 'what's the most attractive behaviour'. And it's direct, straight up and with outcome independence. Non needy. Medium is the message.

The thing is, so many guys are fucking outcome independent and so desperately need women's approval. They'll never 'get it'.

They will never allow themselves to experience the power of doing a shit load less.

I tell you, Alpha Male Strategies is very wise with a lot of what he says. Build yourself outside of women. Become high value. Carry yourself like you are. Have some acceptance that she chooses pretty early whether she's interested.

I just a few days ago had one of the most attractive girls I've ever possibly dated approach me. I didn't think about 'game'. I read that she was interested. Women don't talk to guys they're not interested in, or don't find attractive. You begin to read the subtle difference in how they treat guys they see as 'beta', and those they see as attractive.

You can invite them to show it, read their behaviour, do less and cut to the chase.

That's the real subtle game. Inviting them to show interest and capitalizing on it. Not wasting half your life trying to learn how to make them like you. They have no fucking interest in your attempts to make them like you, if you're a fuck option.

If you're a fuck option, they wanna see you step up and take it.

For me, Red Pill has always been about becoming 'that guy', who 'gets it'. Sees things on a deeper level. There is too much unnecessary PUA shit.

1 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

That's what I'm talking about. When you got the hottest chicks you've ever possibly dated approach you, there's no reason why you shouldn't be straight to the point.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

I approach women, too. Now I give more room to read their initial attraction/interest/receptiveness.

If I see a bit, I'm to the point. I've had much better success. I realised that half of them were willing long before I used to think. I realised I didn't need all this 'game'.

Give way to read their interest. A lot of guys do so much more than is necessary. You can keep cutting away until you reach the bare essentials.

Anyway, mate. You'll always look for evidence to support a defeatist attitude.

1 upvotesVikingcel5 months ago

'Defeatist attitude' is just another phrase designed to shut guys up.

"Your ugly ass doesn't get the results my good looking self does? Oh, you just got dat dere defeatist attitude."

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Not at all. I would rather guys embrace change and get on the path.

I'm not saying this to antagonise you, but I not sure why you come here.

I'm not traditionally good looking. Yes I'm tall and now have a better body, but I'm not Brad Pitt.

You just seem intent on sitting in defeatism and self-pity.

Terminal uniqueness. 'Nothing will ever work for me, because I'm so ugly'. .

Again, not trying to anatognise, but instead being honest. Do you ever think it has to do with other things?

Or did you just try a few things, struggle, so now use the looks thing to take yourself out of the game?

Really, why are you here?

1 upvotesproplfax5 months ago

'why am I investing and trying all of this, for women I don't even know'

it's because Mystery essentially created pickup and all material since then was copied from Mystery Method. but Mystery never claimed that his system was optimal. he was obsessed with being able to close any girl. he used to say he could fuck any woman in the room given enough time. he was also super obsessed with not hurting women's feelings by fucking them fast and ghosting (dudes would grill him on FS). he didn't give a fuck about being optimal. he didn't care at all. but for some reason the community at large decided his shit was ideal. i guess back then there weren't alternatives.

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah, I agree with what you're saying.

I get that stuff. The whole pick-up scene, tying to work out every perfect routine and obsessing over what 'game' to use.

I'm not saying guys here are doing that, but for myself I just lost the tolerance, time and patience for all that.

I think it bears remembering that a lot of those early pick-up guys were dudes who had little to no confidence, and were drawing a lot self esteem and validation from being able to sleep with women. A lot of this sub does the same thing.

I don't have that emphasis. I'm in and out in no more than two to five minutes, depending on how receptive/invested she is.

It's not an egotistical thing, I just realised that I've worked my ass off to become who I am. I have a healthy self-esteem and self worth that isn't based on sleeping with women. I love sex, love a lot about it, but it's not self-esteem building for me.

So yeah, now I'm more direct, simple, and I embrace outcome independence and abundance more.

What's interesting, is that through doing less, I've actually come to learn a lot more about attraction.

A lot of guys here are saying all this game in necessary. But the power of being in and out, if you hold yourself well is pretty telling.

1 upvotesproplfax5 months ago

it's a lot about looks too. incel's and their extreme tinder examples are honestly closer to reality than oldschool pickup was. most of those dudes were skinny or fat as fuck. even rsd tries to push content from that fat fuck to pander to their lazy audience. being fat makes you look strong sometimes so that can be ok. but even pook explained being skinny will never result in what you want, and being jacked always will. he dedicated chapters to it. a guy who is fit (muchless jacked) can do what you're saying because you just have attraction already. goodlookingloser has endless content about just opening girls by touching their elbow, escalating, 1 line, boom, ure done. and no offense to GLG, i love his content, but he's the most boring person in the world. he's not funny, he's not witty or quick, he just asks boring ass questions, boring ass statements, boring ass conversation, but he's sexual, he's confident, and he's jacked.

so yea game should be what ure saying. all the rest is overthinking... being a fucking monkey and seeking validation. this stuff is good to hear. this kind of content is honestly freeing. no more mr nice guy + lifting + dont be smooth is what game should be about. that is optimal in my very limited experience (although i've read and watched so many fucking infields in 3 months it's not funny!)

1 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K18 [OP]5 months ago

Yeah. I dunno, it's like a lot of guys just don't want to see it.

A shit ton is done on looks/appearance...attitude...some direct intent, and largely knowing she's either ye/no/maybe pretty quick.

Maybe some beta simps can't embrace this, because they know and feel that in those first few moments, she's going to see a Beta simp.

RedPill, for me, has always been about realising this is how women think and feel. BECOME high value. Yes, GET BUILT, dress well and learn how to speak with confidence. Then get to the point. Embrace your masculine power and worth, and realise you don't NEED to fight to get her into bed. Fuck that, you don't even know the girl.

If she says no, she says no. Learn not to personalise it, keep in your stride, have a REAL abundance and outcome independence.

Funny thing is, I haven't done all of this for women, or try and get them. My pairing it down is based on my own feedback and experience.

I saw that all women were seeing is a guy trying really hard, giving away free attention and validation. Medium is the msg.

I've had a few women who I asked out, who said no. I just said 'cool'...picked up and kept doing my thing. One in particular became so angry. I think she was confused as to why I didn't give a shit.

Redpill, for me, started about women. Then it became about regaining my power, dignity and self-respect as a strong male.

You don't want in, baby? Well sorry, I ain't wasting game on you.

1 upvotesBusyHearing5 months ago

Nice try but giving away your number is retarded. Girls do not have the courage or volition to do shit with your number. There is a reason we try to get theirs.

1 upvotesOnidramon5 months ago

Nah, it works. Completely down to interest level but it works

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