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Women hate it when you complain because you are taking their job.

by Reformed65 on /r/TheRedPill
01 September 2019 03:43 PM UTC

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"Let the women whine, it is their business."

  • Napoleon Bonaparte,

You come home from work, the wife goes

"Hey guess what! This morning I saw the neighbour's dog taking a poop when it saw me and then I thought that dog was really sexist towards women but then I remembered it was a female dog-"

You get annoyed and there are wrinkles on your forehead because it's a stupid statement.

"Why do you always have a problem with the mundane and stupid shit I tell you why aren't you giving me the respect I deserve I demand far more respect in this house blah blah blah this house was so perfect and peaceful until it's 8pm because that's when you come home and ruin everything blah blah blah!"

Any verbal or body language that communicates annoyance or frustration will propel women to go "bu- but I have it so much harder!"

If a dog runs after you for whatever reason, you stay put because if you (continue to) run, the dog will play along and outrun you, it won't give up. Same with women.

When you complain, what you're communicating to the woman is "I am a hard-working individual." and now she has to prove that she's also hard working. Complaining is an easy way to prove that, the more you complain, the harder you have it, therefore that must mean you're hard-working.

And finally, women have this glorified idea that if they were a man instead, they'd be this perfect man. We think the same for positions of power, such as Presidency or CEOs, we all think when we're young that we'd be the perfect leader of a nation we'd whip this department in shape and we'd implement this policy and make the country better or we have the perfect idea in earning millions of bucks. But we grow up, we learn it's not that easy to be a leader of any particular country or leading a business.

Women don't grow up, they will always think that being a man is far easier because they don't look at the increased responsibilities that men have, only the potential opportunities that a limited amount of men actually have.

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1 upvotesfanartaltmanfartsalt6 months ago

If your LTR thinks it's acceptable to bombard you with retarded petty shit every day, you've already fucked aaaaaaall the way up.

1 upvotesmarkis6556 months ago

So let's say early on in the relationship she gives you some of that petty shit. How do you set the tone for her to know not to pull that shit without complaining?

284 upvoteshuggyblossom6 months ago

That is why you live alone, spin plates, lift, have hobbies and don't give shit about the other sex opinion, since it's 100% backed up by their momentary mood.

116 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

That is why you live alone, spin plates, lift, have hobbies and don't give shit about the other sex opinion, since it's 100% backed up by their momentary mood.

Having been in LTR's for most of my adult life....

Ah, this is life on easy mode, man.

It is annoying that if I don't do it, it doesn't get done...but I'd rather scrub the fucking toilet than ever negotiate again.

When I decided to give away my dining room table (yes, straight gave it away, it was all in about $400 from Ikea, not worth my time to try to sell) and install an Olympic half rack in my one bedroom apartment, there was no discussion, no compromise, no deal made....I just fucking did it.

How many fights would that have been with a woman?

  • Give it away??? We could get money.
  • What if we want to entertain?
  • Do you really need the Olympic set?
  • It will never fit in your car!
  • The car would have been yet another fight, as it's a hybrid hatchback with a proper 6 speed manual transmission and no back seats.
  • on and on.
1 upvotesSPER6 months ago

What hybrid hatchbacks are available with a 6Spd? Sounds like a cool car

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

Only hybrid with a manual I've ever seen was the Honda CRZ

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

CR-Z. 2016 was the last model year.

Here's the thing....it's not like most hybrids where you can drive around on electric power. The motor/generator is bolted directly to the engine, upstream of the clutch. Basically, it's a free revving Honda engine with an electric motor assist. Most 1500 cc engines don't hit peak torque so low in the power band.

Charging is done with engine braking. The brakes are normal, etc...again, the generator is bolted to the engine, so recharging is the engine braking big trucks do. The biggest design flaw is that there is a control system setting that makes it charge faster if the brakes are on, so it looks like I ride the brakes a lot, and I hate that shit. I touch the brake just enough to get the boost but not nearly enough to actually activate the brakes, to get max regen.

It's a lot of fun, and a really immersive driving experience.

I could have afforded something faster, but I've got a lead foot as it is.

2 upvotesHeadingRed6 months ago

This is one of the reasons I come to TRP - off topic convos with value. When you have a bunch of guys who actively think about shit you get some viewpoints that you hadn't considered.

Of course you've got to wade through the "after my 3rd hitch with the Navy Seals I started my own company which IPO'd and now I travel the world only banging Japanese twins between 19-24 who can know who to treat a self-made millionaire with a BMI of 7"

35 upvotesokuli6 months ago

How many fights would that have been with a woman?

With American woman maybe. My ex-wife from Eastern Europe knew that complaining won't work, I did my share of "strange" things, like rebuilding a motor of ATV in a living room of my 1-bedroom condo, started making furniture in the same living room, etc. We divorced for different reason, but "negotiation" aspect of living together wasn't an issue.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

With American woman maybe

I hear you on this. I have buddies who were much better at bitch management than I've ever been. Best to live alone, to me. You can't next a woman who lives with you.

9 upvotesRivenHalf6 months ago

I use to think the women in my life were crazy for bitching about everything in this exact manner but really it's just AWALT, bitches are literally all this insane...yikes

19 upvotesmonsieurhire26 months ago

In the immortal words of Vladimir Putin, "one must not get into arguments with women...."

Also, scrubbing the toilet is easy. Just make sure you have a brush in the bathroom and some toilet cleaner. Flush, use the cleaner, wait a minute or two, then use the brush, flush a few times to clean the brush, put the brush in the brush holder that it keeps it locked up, and you're done. You can also use some wet-wipes to clean the other parts, then toss them in the trash. Don't forget to wash your hands when you are done!

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

In an interview/documentary Putin was asked if he had bad days he said: " I don't have bad days because I'm not a woman"

13 upvotesmonsieurhire26 months ago

Note to self: be more like Putin.

1 upvoteszyqkvx6 months ago

After the flush I usually use the new water to rinse the brush before putting it back. At that point i don't bother flushing the toilet again. Not enough there to bother.

6 upvotesHerefortheTuna6 months ago

Oh you have a CRZ? Cool. Yeah my gf gets mad that my car Scion FR-S has a tiny backseat and is a manual that she can’t drive. But her car is a mess and she refuses to take it to get the oil changed so it’s probably gonna blow up but I got sick of telling her to do it so she just shuts up and lets me drive and knows not complain about the way or drive or my music

4 upvotesomega_fat6 months ago

With a shitty woman you mean. A good one will do squats with you.

2 upvotesogkushinjapan6 months ago

Fuck hybrids and CVT transmissions are gay

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

CVT transmissions are gay

Guess you missed the part about "proper manual transmission." It is a proper 6 speed manual transmission, three pedals and everything.

Anyway.....CVT's are cool from an engineering standpoint but have been ruined by marketers. The put in fake gear shifts because people are used to gears shifting.

I think it's....Mazda that put out a blended CVT, basically a CVT with a first gear. This really helps acceleration off the line.

2 upvotesNikolaFingarov6 months ago

This comment is the right way

23 upvotesozaku76 months ago

It's rather that women operate on emotions and feelings, and a woman needs to justify her daily shitty feeling by ensuring she has it harder than most. Therefore, she cannot stand it when someone else has a harder life than her, which is covertly telling her "you know, there is worse out there and you can't even deal with your own petty shit".

Also never take any complaining from women seriously, but don't refrain from telling them to shut the fuck up because we all have problems and issues but don't go spreading them around like SARS back in the day.

21 upvotesRivenHalf6 months ago

They don't look at the increased responsibilities that men have, only the potential opportunities that a limited amount of men actually have.

Damn...what a fucking mic drop right here though

8 upvotesAV_Empire6 months ago

This is the exact thought process I just had to sit through during a lecture in a college human sexuality class.

The whole, "straight white men have it easier than everyone" narrative.

I'd love to refer this professor to Dave Chappelle's new series, but instead I keep my mouth shut.

I'd rather not get kicked off campus for my "privilege"

128 upvotesReformed65 [OP]6 months ago

Obligatory "hey lol you're complaining about people complaining, therefore, your argument is stupid hue hue hue please upvote me!"

57 upvoteskantianluvboat6 months ago

It takes a real pussy to hedge his bets and try to protect himself against comments that hurt his little feelings. This is just like saying "I know this will get downvoted".

Personally I thought your post was nonsensical. A circle jerk about how women are annoying toddlers. You need to wait out the anger phase. This sub isn't about hating women or bashing them or only using them for fuck toys. It's about understanding the differences and navigating your life with the realization that the sexes aren't equal. You just sound bitchy.

-20 upvotesdeltaunit186 months ago

Dude if anything you're the bitchy one lmao

writing out two paragraphs

34 upvoteskantianluvboat6 months ago

Looking forward to your post about the appropriate length of reddit comment for modern alpha male

2 upvotesTRPCops6 months ago


3 upvotesBloodSurgery6 months ago

Just like a a simple problem doesnt equal a simple answer, a single paragraph doesnt equal a single paragraph of a reply.

13 upvotesrussian_nigger6 months ago

Women don't grow up, they will always think that being a man is far easier because they don't look at the increased responsibilities that men have, only the potential opportunities that a limited amount of men actually have.

hence today's feminist movement

35 upvotesorcscorper6 months ago

Good post. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George was explaining that all you have to do to appear busy is to look like you are annoyed. You don't actually have to do anything, but as long as your brow is furrowed you look busy.

Women buy their own bullshit, and believe that as long as they have something to complain about, that their lives are difficult. They can't comprehend that the biggest complainers in the world are small children with no real problems.

20 upvotesidontmiind6 months ago

Both parties ain't got nothing better to do. Problem is somewhere else it's just a side effect of sth like you slipping out of your frame. Don't cave in to irrationality

3 upvotesfoomasters6 months ago

This is what Shawn T Smith, the author of the tactical guide to women would say.

27 upvotesNormalAndy6 months ago

“I do my hours, work hard AND I make time for my lifting baby. It’s easy- see you later...”

27 upvotesGinger_destroyer6 months ago

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

Proverbs 21:9

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

I had to look this up to see if that was an actual Bible quote, and it is!

2 upvotesGinger_destroyer6 months ago

Proverbs is wisdom. Lots of good advice.

10 upvotesDls954056 months ago

They're solipsist children, the older I get, the more disgusted I am with their astonishing egos.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 months ago

No one likes it when anyone complains lol

9 upvotesSatou46 months ago

Don't expect women to apologize. That's your job and they will never take it.

3 upvotesEMILY_WAS_HERE6 months ago

Ok? Women hate it when men complain and men hate it when women complain. If your relationship is a shitting contest then there are bigger problems with it. It has nothing to do with whose job it is.

13 upvotesKarmaOutlaw6 months ago


I agree with you, but I have words in me that'll get me banned.

4 upvotesBloodSurgery6 months ago

I agree with you, but I have words in me that'll get me banned.

As in, banned in TRP? Or in reddit. Because I find it hard to believe you have an opinion that would get you banned in here lmao

Edit: a few letters

-11 upvotesKarmaOutlaw6 months ago

I don't remember. lolololol

2 upvotesRevolutionaryPea76 months ago

This is so true, I never thought about it this way before. Great observation and quotation.

3 upvotespacjax6 months ago

women dont like complaining cuz they dont want pussies as mates not because of whatever tf youre talking about

1 upvotesBlueberryJam9366 months ago

To be fully honest dude. If you ever reach into this kind of position where you have to tolerate whining you have fucked up hardcore somewhere. As everyone knows here women are like children you just have to be playful with them. And most likely you are taking your life too seriously as well.

Maybe the last two paragraphs have some kind of potential ideas in it but everything else in this little story is just taking life way too seriously

1 upvotesIvanRussky6 months ago

Why are you even with a woman that whines all the time. Your conquering a beast that literally no one wants. Good job I guess...???

1 upvotesred-iron-man6 months ago

When you complain, what you're communicating to the woman is "I am a weak faggot who can't fix his own problems, so I'm going to bitch about it like a woman".

1 upvotesIticip6 months ago

If a post doesn’t have comments from an endorsed contributor, it’s worthless. Like this one.

3 upvotesTwentyEighteen6 months ago

I’ve seen some endorsed contributors say some retarded shit lol. A meaningless title

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