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Always assume attraction - A.A.A.

by 4nt43us | October 13, 2019 | TheRedPill


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If there is one thing that has improved my interaction and success with women by 10 fold it was a simple change in my beliefs and therefore my behavior- always assuming attraction.

The moment you begin your interaction with a woman and straight away assume attraction, your whole body language changes, the way you talk, the way you walk and the way you act is on a whole new level. Here are some thoughts.

  1. NEVER assume she doesn't like you until she PHYSICALLY walks away or pushes you away. EVEN if she says she is not into you. If she is still standing there flirting with you, talking to you she is still into you. It is a simple TRP philosophy - never listen to what a girl says, just how she acts. Therefore, whenever you approach a girl, you assume she is into you, until she acts otherwise. When she walks away and you get the point she is not into you, move on.

  2. This mindset will encourage you to ALWAYS be escalating. When you assume a girl is into you, men always escalate because they know she will reciprocate, it's like easy mode. As such, you will be escalating, becoming more physical and this will be working in your favor subconsciously.

  3. STOP OVERTHINKING when you first meet a woman, you are wasting your time. Most guys are super shit at reading women. If history is anything to go by, we are our own worst enemy. How many times have we been told months/years later that the chick we didn't escalate with was into us? Men are shit are reading women, we overthink things and make our lives fucking hard and end up ruining the interaction. It is just easier for us if 100% of the time we assume attraction until otherwise and then we will succeed way more. 99% of the time women don't even know how they are feeling or what they want. Moreover, women are way better at reading men, so put the idea in their mind that they are into you.

  4. I am a true believer that our thoughts become reality if you believe them enough. When you meet a woman, if straight off the bat you believe you are not good enough, and believe she already dislikes you, your thoughts will manifest into reality and your beliefs will come true. You will be nervous, you will feel depressed and sad (she doesn't like me so why bother), you won't flirt (I don't want her to think I am a creep) and basically fuck up the interaction. Likewise, if you meet a woman and straight away believe she is into you, you will be confident, shoulders high, deep voice, become flirtatious with her, be a bit cocky, and straight away she will be receptive with your behavior. (Seriously think about it on a simpler level. You think sad, depressing and negative thoughts, you will hang your head, slump your shoulders and be miserable to everyone around you and everyone around you will feel this. If you are happy, confident and enjoying life, you will walk around with a level of joy on your face, shoulders held high and a skip in your step, and everyone around you will start to feel happy and be happy. We have all been here.)

  5. You start approaching and picking up WAY hotter girls. All of a sudden everyone becomes in your league because pretty much you believe 99% of the girls are into you off the bat. You begin to approach girls who previously you thought were too hot for you and actually end up fucking them because hey, they end up liking you. Girls have the weirdest tastes, and you know what, the tall blonde might be into your brown, asian, black, white, short or tall ass and find you super hot. If you don't assume attraction you will never, EVER have a shot at them. With this mind set, your beliefs will eventually come true.

  6. We on TRP encourage lifting weights, getting fit, getting a nice haircut and wearing good clothes because then it becomes easier to assume attraction. Keep going to the gym, keep lifting weights, always dress good, and it will be easier to believe your own bullshit and assume attraction.

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0 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

Can we not have a bullet list of shit to do? Please?


Leaving it up for some of the comments.

328 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Reminder, all of this is not to be applied to a girl you met at the office. Don't leave yourself open.

85 upvotestoasty995 months ago

I’m a civil litigator, mostly defending companies who have purchased insurance against big lawsuits (workplace injuries, discrimination, and yes, sexual harassment). You should do most of your communicating with women via email. Obviously that isn’t always possible, but seriously, if the office 10/10 corners you in the break room...leave!

(Obviously, if you are a gay man, the same applies to single men. Lots of straight guys out there flatter themselves into thinking they are being hit on by homosexual men when they are not).

38 upvotesgeo_gan5 months ago

It’s when the office 3-5/10 corners you that you really have to worry (delusional)

12 upvoteseight-acorn5 months ago

I'm in an office where young hot people are fucking each other constantly, not infrequently in the single use bathroom(s).

There is also frequent alcohol consumption and parties on premises (younger tech scene).

Meh. Frankly, if it's two consenting adults with a modicum of maturity that can keep their shit together and still produce for the company, nobody cares. We've even had coworkers cheating on each other with other coworkers. All three still are at the company to this day (though obviously it's extremely awkward for them, and them alone).

It's usually a bad idea but you can navigate around it. Depends on your risk tolerance for getting fired (are you above your paygrade and it will be difficult to find a similar job?) and your social awareness of the culture of the office (some are more liberal than others and more permissive about relationships).

Oh, one exception. NEVER fuck a direct report (some idiot did that here, wasn't even fired right away, shockingly. They were fired later because the couple argued publicly in the office.)

Fuck a boss? Not quite as bad. You will still get fired potentially but you hold more legal cards. Still dumb unless the fuck heavily outweighs the immediate job value.

I wouldn't be terrified of pointless Me Too bullshit. That only happens to rich people and celebrities. Again, if consenting, not you being a harassing oblivious ugly mongoloid.

If there's a chick who's a "10" at your office, and she "corners" you (why exactly?) -- soak it in, and try to parlay it into a blowjob. The only trick with the office is PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. You never reveal your hand unless she does first. Don't show any OVERT, non-deniable interest until she's bobbing on your cock. DON'T do this if your risk tolerance for being fired is is <5% chance (your likelihood of getting fired from this is about 5%).

15 upvotestoasty995 months ago

Ok, so you made me laugh, but for every fuck-palace that you describe, there are ten cubicle farms that don’t tolerate funny business of any kind. Also, you speak of getting fired like it’s the worst thing that can happen - it’s not. Lawsuits and police trouble are potentially on the horizon for dudes who dip into the office ink.

0 upvoteseight-acorn5 months ago

Yeah but the police troubles are no different fucking a coworker (which is legal in all 50 states) than it is from some college co-ed. Both can claim you "raped" them after the fact (extreme scenario) -- the office part doesn't mean all that much.

Now let's say a pretty bad scenario. You're the boss man and gave someone a raise/ promotion because she blew you. Hopefully you don't think with your cock that much and have self respect.

Well actually that is a horrible idea because with the Matt Lauer scenario, she could claim she was "terrified" into obeying you and claim some rape bullshit later. So --- yeah that sucks.

But assuming she doesn't claim that/ out to get you, you will be fired but only the COMPANY can be sued for some kind of sexual favoritism. An employee themselves cannot be sued for operating within their job duties, however terrible. Only the corporation can. But yeah don't embarrass yourself professionally ...

Now if you have any equity/ are a founder of the company, thae don't do jack shit there, ever, period.

If you're fucking a colleague in a different department/ continent? Yeah ... who gives a shit lol.

Look it's only trouble when it's people under your line of command.

Anyone else? The worst case is pretty much you get fired/ embarrassed.

But people rarely care. It's like a Jim + Pam fucking scenario. As long as you keep it professional at the office, and are not within the same chain of command, have at it.

6 upvotestoasty995 months ago

I say this with respect - about 90% of your post is legally dubious or flat-out wrong. I’m not saying all office philanderers get busted...in fact, most don’t. But the alleged wrongdoer will be named as a codefendant with the corporation basically every time. I have one on my desk at this very moment.

To any of you young guns who have read down this far: keep the mustang in the barn until you’re off the farm!

1 upvoteseight-acorn5 months ago

Alright I'll trust you -- you're the lawyer.

Still -- I still think that's only if she's in your chain of command/ or otherwise clearly in some subservient position.

If you fuck sideways or even "up" the chain, you're in the driver's seat for potentially spurious lawsuits. YOU can make money with fucking overly litigious bullshit!

Nothing illegal about two consenting adults fucking at the office. Just don't get into any quid pro quo bullshit.

I'm not a manager --- if I fuck anyone, meh.

In you lawsuit -- the man was likely "charged" with more than consensual sex ... and the woman was vengeful. Those are two big factors.

2 upvotesTruedemocracy55 months ago

A lot of truth here. Don’t be a sperg and you won’t get me tooed. Only socially inept weirdos have to worry about that

Still don’t recommend it unless you don’t see them on day to day

2 upvotesYamahaRD3505 months ago

u must work at a Facebook video review center ...'trauma-bonding' sex

21 upvotesClassic_Touch5 months ago

Yes this and most ladies do not want it at the office.

24 upvotesmickenrorty5 months ago

And no guy wants his name tarnished by office gossip. NO PUSSY is worth it (except for Emily ratinjowski or however the fuck you spell her surname)

2 upvoteseight-acorn5 months ago

I've seen it blow up, but ultimately? Most people (usually work-a-day losers) massively overvalue the worth of one single job.

If you're good at your shit, you'll be hired at another place in 2 weeks. Average office tenure is 2-3 years (sometimes 4-5 if you really like the place). If you fuck a 9 or 10 on the way out, fuck it.

Plus, let's get real. If you fuck the hot chick at the office (and keep your yap shut) -- it will only get out if she talks about it.

And if she talks about it (and you don't) -- that you fucked her, the office 10 --- you're not exactly going to be embarrassed. Unless you're twice her age or some shit.

2 upvotesmickenrorty5 months ago

If she’s in it for a fling, fine. But you risk one or both parties getting a case of the “feels” and you’re ultimately playing with Fire when that happens

2 upvoteseight-acorn5 months ago

That's why fucking people in a different state/ continent is ideal. No relationship will happen. Hey, you can claim you don't, but I've seen that in reality --- it's a rare day when a male consciously decides he won't fuck a hot model bimbo. It may be smart to exercise restraint, but it'll never happen in reality.

Usually the only reason someone's sniffing around the office models to begin with, is because they're not getting enough (or as hot) action in the wild. So you can say don't do it all you want, literally 99% of guys will. Better advice is how to deal with it one you made the stupid, stupid mistake lol.

How many office dweebs that you know that hit on chicks at the bars? A precious few typically. And the ones that do are constantly on the hunt anyway.

I don't want to get political but even POTUS can't keep his dick in his pants. Trump, Clinton, Kennedy ... lol.

Brad Pitt fucked Angelina when they met on Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Lol ... nature happens. You might as tell someone not to break the speed limit.

The key is discretion and plausible deniability.

And you have to know your game/ value typically. Some men are natural "pretty boys" and can get away with open flirting.

Me personally? I'm not a male pretty boy. I have to rely on 'tude, a bit of cocky arrogance and status, intelligence, other shit. Point being? If I make overt winks to the wrong woman, she can freak out (at the office, at the bar who gives a shit). Hence why subtlety is key. More aloof and plausible double entendre lol. Hot chicks respect that more anyway, they've seen the drooling guys at the bar and they know fellas are staring all the time.

3 upvotesmickenrorty5 months ago

I actually disagree, the damage I’ve seen to a mans reputation is so serious that it’s genuinely advice best offered in the “don’t even think about it” category

2 upvotesTruedemocracy55 months ago

And what will happen is someone breaks it off and then she fucks another guy at the office making you a chump

24 upvotesCygniGlide5 months ago

I agree with not doing this in the office, but what do you mean "don't leave yourself open"?

53 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Leaving yourself open to be the target of an HR report. A #MeToo allegation or even the possibility of it.

1 upvoteseight-acorn5 months ago

Fucking someone, yes even at the office, is not illegal (unless they are a direct report/ interviewee ... don't fucking do that shit -- but even then only the corporation is liable for hiring a fuck-up like you).

You have no greater risk of #MeToo than any other slut at a bar.

Hopefully you're fucking a consenting adult, not chasing hotel maids around while naked with a butcher knife and a hard-on. Big difference.

Most of the MeToo males were very wealthy/ famous celebrities. That's a big difference. They have more money to beat out of.

12 upvotesVermillion_Rx5 months ago

Vulnerable to be sent to HR from a woman who thinks you're flirting, I assume

4 upvotesTruedemocracy55 months ago

Been burned by hypergamy at the office before. Not worth that shit

24 upvotesQuantum_Pineapple5 months ago

Same with sales: always assume the sale. Same psychology, same effect, same principle. USE IT!

5 upvotesclouddevs5 months ago

haha I am not the only one who sees extreme similarities between TRP and Sales

60 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

I agree with this post whole heartedly. This is something that I have told my friends when teaching them game. Just assume they all like you.

This doesnt mean you get to go around being a creep though. You have to be socially calibrated for this to work. I have one friend who I've tried to teach that is just awful at his calibration. He assumes they are all into him and he escalates way too fast. You do have to give a little bit of push/pull with your escalation. Make it fun! Be playful.

2 upvotesandreakatie5 months ago

I completely agree with you. I’m 21F and while I don’t want to sound arrogant I know I’m not unattractive. In fact, most guys tell me they’re too intimidated to talk to me, whether they’re a 3 or a 10. If they do talk to me they’ll say something, awkwardly laugh, then immediately retreat. I’m a quiet person, I like to listen rather than talk. So even if I’m attracted to someone I’ll answer then wait for them to talk more so I can get to know them. Even though I’m ‘intimidating’ that doesn’t mean I’m only attracted to guys who are solid 10s. Honestly, most guys severely underestimate their x/10 rank. There’s so many guys who friend zoned themselves because they think they’re not good enough or because I’m not exceptionally flirtatious or outgoing with them. So many guys have been shocked to find out I like them and immediately bring up how I’m out of their league. Honestly fuck leagues. If a guy can talk to me with confidence and is, like you say socially calibrated, 98% of the time I’d say yes to a date if they were to ask me. I agree that women are confusing and we don’t know what we want. So just put yourself out there because most girls won’t be a bitch and laugh at you like in the movies. And if they do I promise you the other girls watching thinks she’s a raging cunt and are thinking that if you had talked to her she would have said yes. You don’t have to be confident, but if you act like you’re the fucking best thing ever — most girls aren’t going to disagree and they’ll want to get a chance with the guy at the bar/party/wherever that is confident with himself and his approach.

28 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

FYI: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/about/rules/

  1. Do not announce that you are a woman

The comment is in good faith so no other action, but just keep this in mind in the future. And no, I didn't remove it; automod did.

102 upvotesdeathhandmachiavelli5 months ago

" NEVER assume she doesn't like you until she PHYSICALLY walks away or pushes you away. EVEN if she says she is not into you. If she is still standing there flirting with you, talking to you she is still into you. "

I disagree with that. Once she shows a lack of interest in any facet, including not being enthusiastic when I talk to her on the phone or in person, I back off and ghost.

Any rejection at all, I stop pursuing.

86 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Some women have a "bitch shield" that you're going to have to crash through. You have to ignore her being a bitch and act like it doesnt phase you. Assume she likes you and behave accordingly.

When you get through the bitch shield her behavior will change almost immediately. She will say something to the effect of "most guys would have left by now" and will completely shift her body language. You can then run regular game and she will be super receptive.

58 upvotesdeathhandmachiavelli5 months ago

That might be.

But I'm not going to waste my time on that kind of girl.

If she doesn't reciprocate, I'm gone.

68 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Then you're going to miss out on a ton of girls. They reflexively put out the bitch shield so weak dudes cant waste their time. They get approached constantly and will change their tune once you demonstrate that you're worth it and pass a few shit tests.

52 upvotesdeathhandmachiavelli5 months ago

Could be.

But there are already more girls than I have time to be successful with.

So I'll gladly concede those girls to others who are willing to cut through their bitch shield.

48 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Ok there, Deathmetal. Glad you're leaving some pussy for the rest of us.

45 upvotesdeathhandmachiavelli5 months ago

I've never found the "be persistent" advice to be the best use of my time.

5 upvotesbrosky73315 months ago

Not everyone has to agree with you bro.

12 upvotesAndgelyo5 months ago

Wrong. I’m at the camp if a hoe isn’t feeling me, then she isn’t feeling me. It’s either “ fuck yeah” or “fuck no”. If you’re her type, she finds you attractive, she will give you her number when you talk to you within the first few minutes. If she’s hesitant, pulls away, or gives you the run around, then ghost her. There’s a million other women around.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Wrong? Dude I've lost count of how many girls I've been with years ago. It's got to be somewhere north of 400 by now though. Wrong? Lmao.

3 upvotesTheGuyThatLaughsAt695 months ago

Hi, me here. Hi how you doing.

If she’s hot, I’ll probably still keep going for it.

4 upvotesTwentyEighteen5 months ago

Acting bitchy is one thing. He was talking about when they act disinterested. At that point it is good to back off a bit and see how she reacts to the reduction in attention. Continuing to escalate at that point can be deemed desperate/thirsty because many guys do this

2 upvotesjuggernaut_child5 months ago

Filtering between bitch shield and just an uninterested women? Key differences?

1 upvotesjuggernaut_child5 months ago

How do you filter between her just being uninterested, or just flaring her bitch shield instead?

3 upvotesBloodSurgery5 months ago

The juice isnt worth the squeeze, I agree brother.

3 upvotesFulp_Piction5 months ago

The problem with your approach is that 'any rejection at all' includes faking a rejection to see how you cope with it.

It also turns into a buffer where you get to leave the interaction at the slightest indication of discomfort on your part, and call it a rejection.

-2 upvotesAndgelyo5 months ago

Lmao this.

Approached 3 girls Saturday night. All painful rejections. One said “ I got a boyfriend”, the other said “ I don’t talk to strangers, sorry”. Reach to shake hand and they pulled away lmao.

Fine by me hoe, I’m off to the next.

8 upvotesjuggernaut_child5 months ago

I always ask “How many?” after “I have a boyfriend.” I mean, it could be a legitimate question. (but they all laugh)

25 upvotesMR_SKINNYPENIS695 months ago

I get what you're saying and appreciate the message but I can see this going very badly wrong for a lot of readers if they take it to heart haha

8 upvotesmickenrorty5 months ago

There’s always idiots in every group. We already have a lot of help for them in society

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

It's not meant for those readers!

1 upvotesUnderwriterOfDestiny5 months ago

AAA Always Assume Attraction

There is a saying however 'Assuming makes an ass out of U & ME', I think this can be an exception to that.

>This is a good point you touched on because If I'm hitting the weights and losing body-fat from calorific deficit towards my goal weight, i'll assume attraction without even second-guessing it.

Because I know that I'm good looking when I'm in those two parameters. And so should you, or anyone else who lifts and eats right. I put a lot of time energy and effort into lifting and eating right to look good, so in my mind it becomes an undeniable fact, and a moot point to tell me that I'm not attractive or that it becomes a lie for them to say they're not attracted. Idk if anyone else has a similiar mindset like that.

5 upvotesgeo_gan5 months ago

Similar mindset? No not for me. You just have a fat persons mindset. For you, losing weight equals attractive. For those of us who are naturally skinny, this means nothing. We don’t think we are attractive just because we are thin or not fat.

1 upvotesUnderwriterOfDestiny5 months ago

Lol wait until that post grad 45 hits you'll know what I mean

3 upvotesEducationalArm35 months ago

but is it okay to lift + caloric deficit? How can you build muscles while in a caloric deficit

8 upvotesShabbyRanks5 months ago

You lift to avoid losing muscles while in a caloric deficit. It's called a "cut" as opposed to a "bulk". And as the other person said, untrained/fat people or steroids users can build muscle on a cut.

7 upvotesBumblingBeta5 months ago

You can't, unless you're in the very early newbie gain phase or on steroids.

1 upvotesUnderwriterOfDestiny5 months ago

Seems to work fine with me. Maybe it's genetics.

16 upvotesi-pace_around5 months ago

In regards to point 1, what if the woman is not moving away but us responding with overt hostility? Anger in her voice, one word answers, etc.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

Could have been a bad day for her. You're not going to win them all no matter how tight your game is. Control a girl's emotional state and she will be putty for you. Sometimes you start out an interaction and her emotional state is uncontrollable. I'd just bail, but I'd find a playful way to do it. Sometimes the girl will walk back up to you and apologize. Happened to me last night actually.

I walked up to a girl that gave me eye. I had to wait to approach her because she was interacting with a lot of people around her. After about 2 minutes of us exchanging glances my gap came when she went to the bar and ordered a drink. I walked over and softly but firmly grasped her elbow. I told her that I loved her halter top dress and that it looked great on her. To my surprise she just said "thanks" and proceeded to look the other direction. She gave me no attention and was withdrawn. Another guy came up at that moment and called her "babe" like they were together. I didn't even say bye, I walked back over to my friend and started interacting with the people around him. About 5 minutes later the girl came over to me on her way out of the bar. She apologized for ignoring me. It was her birthday and she was overwhelmed with attention. She gave me her number and said tonight wouldnt be good to call because she was with her boyfriend.

15 upvotesZeppKfw5 months ago


lol, we know she's lovin it and when she sees a guy that doesn't give a f she got wet.

8 upvotesentrep45 months ago

Sure but it seems to me this situation was more of a "my boyfriend is watching so I can't be seen to be responding to this guy who just approached me"

8 upvotesgeo_gan5 months ago

With her boyfriend? Not good to call? Poor boyfriend. This is why I never want to get into any long term girlfriend situation ever again.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

I've been with so many married girls/girls with boyfriends that a normal relationship has been impossible. I know what both sexes are capable of so I dont trust anyone!

1 upvotesgeo_gan5 months ago

Seems the whole thing is a shitstorm now.

7 upvotescupshadow5 months ago

It's pretty easy to catch yourself with thoughts like "oh, she only likes me as a friend", "these signals ain't true, it's just my imagination" and then you lose some good opportunities. It's basically fear of rejection.

Listen to your gut instincts, guys.

7 upvotespapiwithbeard5 months ago

Don‘t AAA but always maintain a stronger frame. That is what builds all attraction. Almost no woman will be "into you" the first second she lays eyes on you1 but maintaining a stronger frame than her and thus passing her shit tests will make her buckle down and fall into your frame. 

NEVER assume she doesn't like you until she PHYSICALLY walks away or pushes you away. EVEN if she says she is not into you. If she is still standing there flirting with you, talking to you she is still into you.

As you can see, you even said it yourself, my dude. That right there is a perfect example of passing a shit test by maintaining a stronger frame.

No girl is into you from the beginning.2 Your frame is what makes them. Without a strong frame you have nothing, maintaining a strong frame is everything.

1: unless you have a visibly high status or are ridiculously good looking, maybe)

2: obviously there are exceptions (see 1) but you get the point

4 upvotespapiwithbeard5 months ago

To be fair I have to admit, that AAA might help maintaining a strong frame for brothers who have difficulties with that when being confronted with shit tests. It's easier to remain confident when you believe that she's into you anyway.

7 upvotesTrosa3505 months ago

This has kinda been my mindset as well, and it’s golden

5 upvotesConspiracyPill5 months ago

I think this seems like a good mindset to have.

In terms of posts like this where you get info on what kind of mentality to have how is it best to solidify that state of mentality so you always default to it?

Is it simply practice? Does meditation help?

11 upvotesafterthe_fapocalypse5 months ago

I would encourage people to strive to be worthy of attraction. To seek the good and the honorable. To choose strength over weakness, and to cut out addiction. To look for God and honor Him. To find other men, good men, and assimilate into their tribe.

It's these people who can assume attraction.

We should not strive for attractiveness to everybody. We should not want to be attractive to everyone. Nobody who stood for something that mattered was loved by everyone. And especially not loved by all women.

Yet the point you make is a good one. Only those who are living beneath themselves will assume that others doubt them and suspect them and don't like them. Why? Because they don't like themselves. They know themselves. And they don't like themselves at all, and know that anyone else who really saw them would feel the same.

To leave sin behind and choose the good, this is a step we must take to learn to live with ourselves and to rejoice in being ourselves. Once we are doing this, and living right, we are attracted to ourselves, and we will know that anyone who is of sound mind would be attracted to us too, having come to know us.

Sometimes it takes that, sometimes it takes love, but all the time it takes God.

Great post, thanks for the encouragement, OP.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K185 months ago

I do like this mentality.

It contributes to a huge belief of mine that less is always more. What I mean is, if I'm thinking I need to 'win her over' or 'make her attracted' to me, I end up thinking I have to do so much more. It's all about 'building attraction'.

My absolute easiest initial interactions have been when I took an IOI as her already being attracted. It made everything so simple. Who knows if it was a legitimate IOI, but it led me to believe 3/4 of the job was already done.

Assuming attraction works, because it can cut out a lot of bullshit.

10 upvotesSwagnumMagnum5 months ago

"NEVER assume she doesn't like you until she PHYSICALLY walks away or pushes you away."

Quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read on this sub. That's a real good way to get sued and Meetoo'd hard. If you keep pursuing her and she's told you to stop... You should probably stop.

Or get fucked by the courts. This is the world we live in. Women, especially young women tell you right away if they want to fuck. It's the one thing I love about them and social media and dating/hookup sites. They want your dick. They'll tell you. So many sloots are down to fuck these days. I wish I was 19 again. At 31 post cancer I just don't have that much jam. I can only fuck a few bitches a week. But if I were young... Holy fuck. These sluts these days just crave good cock. As long as you got a little game and some cash you're GG'd that pussy all nite!

3 upvotesgeo_gan5 months ago

I downvoted you out of jealousy if true 😣

2 upvotesNicolas06315 months ago

You jealous of a guy that got cancer ? Really ?

1 upvotesSwagnumMagnum5 months ago

Cancer is a bitch. I had kidney cancer. Kidney gone and cancer hopefully with it. But it's not a thing I recommend lol.

1 upvotesgeo_gan5 months ago

Didn’t see any mention of cancer in that post.

2 upvotesSwagnumMagnum5 months ago

lol, it's alright. That is true. You just gotta be a chad. If you're young you don't even need money really. As you're prime meat. And they're prime meat. Perfect. A dude my age and still wants to bang 19 year old poon also has to have a little dough. But I'm not rich. Just got my own place. Drive a kick ass car and dress well and can afford a bottle of Dom Perignon every now and then. It's quite easy. What's not easy is the emotions that inevitably get involved. That's just human nature. You can't really fight that. Unless, you know.... You're a sociopath.

3 upvotesBrutal135 months ago

Can you expand a little bit. What do you mean by cash?

1 upvotesSweetdreams185 months ago

If you, a 31 old ex nerd, were a 19yo today you‘d probably be a gigaincel

3 upvotesGlassland5 months ago

It's true that your thoughts create your reality.

But your reality also creates your thoughts.

To feel like girls are into you, you will eventually have to live a high value life, that you know, beyond any doubt, will provide value to others as well. Having integrity, leading well, having people's interest at heart. Women are agents of free will, like we are too. They can choose to stick with us or split. It's their choice. But people seldomly split if you provide value to their life.

Even if a girl breaks things off. I might be sad that a girl leaves me (if I liked her), but it doesn't cripple me. I know that many other good girls are out there. And I know that most girls will be attracted to me, because I live an awesome life and me letting them into my life means I screen them. I don't qualify to them, they qualify to me.

I'm the employer, not the employee.

7 upvotesandreas-mgtow5 months ago

NEVER assume she doesn't like you until she PHYSICALLY walks away or pushes you away... ALWAYS be escalating.

Ah, the time honored Weinstein technique.

I'm a true believer that our thoughts become reality

Sprinkle some fairy dust magical thinking.

How about just fucking learn to read signals of interest and body language? Nah, that'd be too hard.

2 upvotesNicolas06315 months ago

Weinstein didn't assume that at all, otherwise he would not need to propose a job. He would fuck them outside of work and would have had no issue with the law.

2 upvotesHaytch12345 months ago

This is true . I have always used this. Assume she and everyone likes you. You will come across as a positive guy and more opportunitirs in life in general will come up

5 upvotesjuggernaut_child5 months ago

“I am a true believer that our thoughts become reality if you believe them enough.”

I am God. Checkmate, atheists

2 upvotesENTP5 months ago

Also: be attractive, don’t be unattractive. I’m sure the 5’4 balding indian janitor will have success with an attitude adjustment/s

2 upvoteslehappyjuice5 months ago

This must be the biggest odorous piece.of shit of a post I've ever read.

If you are not attractive you can believe whatever the fuck you want that she won't be into you and if you act like McGregor full confidence you will end up labeled as the creep, socially retarded ugly duck.

Pathetic advise.

4 upvotesSimilarHamster5 months ago

While I was laying in bed I decided to restart my computer and respond to your comment.

There is a wall that very attractive females, get put around themselves by there father or society or maybe a trust fund. This woman may be forever out of our reach because you will never be there perceived top option because of societal influences on them.

If you're attractive or unattractive it doesn't matter when it comes to the beliefs you hold. You are an independent existence. With the only true thing, you can consider your own is your body. Wich produces your beliefs if you want to say that "you can believe whatever the fuck you want" I respect it, in fact I admire it, such unagreeableness is your power as a man. As woman generally being the physically weaker side of humanity has to be more agreeable.

This article is just a way to share the idea that if you refuse to agree with what women and society tell you in some situations. You will have more women become attracted to you because you are able to accomplish something they cannot.

And this leads to the bittersweet conclusion that women will only love them if they think you are a superior human then them.

1 upvotesBumblingBeta5 months ago

You can assume she's not attracted to you when all the body language points to her not being attracted to you. Pretty simple really.

1 upvoteswildogbilly5 months ago

Not knocking this mindset, but I look for "choosing signals" first. I know it hard to accept, bit you can be the ultimate dude, but some women just won't like you... period. No matter what, a woman chooses you. It can be a hard choosing or soft.

1 upvotesRelativeTeal5 months ago

This is great. More posts like this on TRP please -- Positive psychology and reality-mancy

1 upvotesfaustian_talos4 months ago

number 4 is blah new age bullshit

1 upvoteseliasfxnn4 months ago

“Never listen to what a girl says, just how she acts”
Okay, rapist

1 upvotesrandomnomber5 months ago

A couple of beers in this becomes quite easy to do.

6 upvotestierraciente5 months ago

It can help but you shouldn’t need any alcohol/substance to communicate with women. You want your confidence to be authentic and consistent.

4 upvotesrandomnomber5 months ago

What am I supposed to do, not have a few drinks when I'm out? ROFL

5 upvotesZeppKfw5 months ago

Eyyy my boy out here spitting facts.

1 upvotestierraciente5 months ago

Nothing wrong with drinking. I’m referring to being dependent on whatever substance it may be in order to gain confidence to approach anyone in a social setting, not just women. Don’t be the dude who’s socially awkward when they’re sober.

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