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Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’

by redpillschool on /r/TheRedPill
22 October 2019 03:11 PM UTC

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Title Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’
Author redpillschool
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Date 22 October 2019 03:11 PM UTC (5 months ago)
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0 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

And we have an update.


It appears the lawyer for the plantiff is an idiot and the judge just greased and pegged them.

I'm sure there is lots of REEEEing all over reddit right now.

334 upvotessea_weasel5 months ago

Suddenly my bowl cut feels a lot less abusive.

7 upvotesthechaosz5 months ago

This is a disaster.

If you're a man, you're a man.

Your DNA will tell me.

End of story.

675 upvotesAlexIsWhack5 months ago

Chemical castration, and prescription puberty blockers. This is no transition into becoming a woman. This is being forced to be a sterile little boy for your whole life. This is beyond disgusting and inhumane.

177 upvotesHereComeTheIrish135 months ago

Unless transition surgery has progressed a whole lot these kids won't even be able to have a gaping wound in their crotch that loosely approximates female genitals because their male genitals will be too small and underdeveloped to work with adequately...and that's assuming the kid is 100% committed to transitioning. if as his father claims this is a looney mother forcing this on a kid then he's going to be a man stuck in a child's body. Either way, completely fucked.

52 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Yup, that was pointed out in "How the Sausage is Made".

173 upvotesGroundhogLiberator5 months ago

How the sausage is unmade, more like

Poor kid. He’ll probably commit suicide by 25, then his mom will cry and say it’s because daddy didn’t accept having a trans child.

112 upvotesPlan_o-f_Will5 months ago

Women are children. Make a mess, be dead wrong but committed and delusional, keep fucking up until everything falls apart. Cry and blame others for your failure. Have someone pick you up and learn nothing at all.

25 upvotesRileysRevenge5 months ago

Yikes. This is far too accurate.

16 upvotespapunigga0315 months ago

This may sound like bitching anger phase shit but it’s actually important for men to know.

Recognize these patterns and don’t let yourself fall victim to them.

5 upvotesPlan_o-f_Will5 months ago

Oh yeah man. It's actually the distillation of a ton of experience lovingly laid out in a state of calm acceptance. Anger phase was back in 2012ish. I went through the whole deal multiple times when it didn't quite stick and I only recently came back again after a long journey to drop a nugget of truth here and there. Paying back into the well of wisdom, if you will.

What helped it finally stick was experiencing the worst that a couple of women could offer so I had to face the pain and fear and adapt, building an ideological framework on top of TRP that fully integrated it into my daily perception, and a little bit of old fashioned tarnish and weary acceptance that comes with experience and age.

13 upvotesnickcato5 months ago

Wow this is the most true shit I’ve read in a long while.

25 upvotesPlan_o-f_Will5 months ago

Yeah. It's basically every rough breakup, shitty female comedy act or failed petty female group project that I've seen go awry. Basically the state of mind you were in at 12-15 is where most women stay, and the hotter they are the more coddled and delusional they're allowed to be by their army of enablers.

Objectivity is the rare result of a substantial amount of grey matter ramming at 100mph directly into the fuck you brick wall that is life. Some men are broken by it, some men pretend it isn't happening or lean their backs to it, others artfully dodge it with the help of good genes and training, others still are forced to smack into it headfirst, shake off the dust and humiliation and start climbing.

Men do hit the wall. They hit a lot of walls. There is a wall at 15, a wall at 18, 20, 23, 25, 30, 40, 50 etc. Life can break you at any moment, but it's your ability to climb, dodge, mindfuck or with determined action plough the fuck through these walls that makes you a man that's worth even a single shit to anyone but your mother.

Women prefer dangerous, daring 'assholes' over nice guys 7 days of the week not because girls are mean, but because life is mean and you have to be willing and able to be meaner, more ruthless and savage than the competition. She needs a strong man so that when she approaches difficulties in life she can count on you to make them look like child's play, and what you find so appealing about her is that impish innocence that comes with never finding out just how bad it fucking hurts to smash through those brick walls.

7 upvotesSelf_Descr_Huguenot5 months ago

Idk, my bet is on him taking the mom with him in a murder-suicide

6 upvotesNorthEasternNomad5 months ago

You misspelled "justifiable" there...

I know its harsh, but this, is fucked...

15 upvotesHereComeTheIrish135 months ago

What is that? A trans documentary?

15 upvotesCaptainpenispants5 months ago

Dude it's illegal to do genital re assignment surgery on kids

52 upvotesandreas-mgtow5 months ago

SJWs are busy bees. It starts with Vermont:


Dr. Rachel Inker, who works for the Transgender Health Clinic at the Community Health Centers of Burlington: "The choice to have surgery is a personal one that should be explored in every age group."


Proposed coverage rules - 4.238.2 Covered Services - Genital surgeries:

1 - Orchiectomy 2 - Penedectomy

Yes, surgical removal of the testes and the penis. AT ANY AGE.

48 upvotescollegeguy1155 months ago

Identity politics is a slippery slope. It went from "I guess we can let gay people marry" to "it's completely acceptable to surgically remove prepubescent boys' genitals" in what, like 4 years?

35 upvotesGeorge_Rockwell5 months ago

And we were shamed at the time for predicting this outcome as a slippery slope "fallacy."

16 upvotesLaFayette40315 months ago

And we didn't even see this coming. We were worried about furries and pedophiles, but instead they're out there mutilating kids bodies for life.

2 upvotesStandgrounding5 months ago

And now, "when i grow up i'm going to give birth to a dog"

2 upvotesGrayFoxs5 months ago

They need to be weeded out

14 upvotesHereComeTheIrish135 months ago

Yes, but what do you think blocking puberty does to the penis. The kid is gonna have a prepubescent sized penis as an adult which will impact transition surgery if actually trans, and will destroy sex life if not.

5 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

You didn't chug the Koolaid but someone spiked your drink with it and you haven't noticed if you think there is such a thing as being "actually trans" that isn't simply a mix of various mental illnesses. Certainly, the solution to being "actually trans" does not involve removal and mutilation of genitals and using them to LARP as Play-doh.

6 upvotesHereComeTheIrish135 months ago

you're right, using that phrase was granting them too much. The point I was getting at was even if the kid does decide that he actually wants to surgically mutilate his genitals into a twisted mockery of a vagina, and it isn't all his mother's sick delusions, the surgeon won't have much to work with due to the effects of the puberty blockers.

9 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

I understood your point, which is why I didn't challenge it. I called out your use of newspeak because it is a critical vector through which neoliberal degeneracy is spread, and people who are ostensibly opposed to the agenda are still unknowingly helping to propagate it whenever they use newspeak.

TL;DR: The use of newspeak, even with limited sincerity, in any manner other than total mockery, implicitly validates its truthfulness.

1 upvotesboywonder2005 months ago

Not supporting transition surgery whatsoever, but I think its important to be informed on the issue.

Surgeons really don't need much tissue to do gender transition surgery. On top of this, once you block puberty, the body is arrested in that state. Upon cessation of the GnRH agonist, you can give the teenager the hormones of their desired gender. If testosterone, the dude will develop a normal pork and beans. If estrogen/progesterone/spironolactone, the child will develop a gynecoid structure with a female voice. But like you said, the penis will remain small. Many trans women prefer to keep their penis, some don't. Either way, I'm sure some topical DHT cream can be applied to the penis to make it large enough for surgery.

2 upvotesgprime3125 months ago

Surgeons really don't need much tissue to do gender transition surgery.

Jazz's surgeons would disagree. If you don't know who that is, google it.

3 upvotesSalporinRP5 months ago

Not as young as 7 but didn't that trans girl who has her own reality show get one? Pretty sure she's like 15.

1 upvotesCaptainpenispants3 months ago

With parental consent and after she had been living 15 years as female yes

2 upvotesJayCraeful03515 months ago

i think theres studies out there, if you give your kid HGH, human growth hormone at an early age, He will grow up to have a well above average penis. Also i think HGH cures early signs of micro penis in children.

but atleast theres hope, maybe by the time the kid is 10, the mother will be in jail for child abuse, and the father can start the kid on HGH.

1 upvotesHells885 months ago

Their neovagina will fall out in 5-10 years, fun

43 upvotesmenial_optimist5 months ago

If I were in that dads shoes I would gladly sacrifice my own life if necessary to make sure that didn't happen. This shit has gone completely out of control. Texans need to stand up with that father with guns if necessary. This is outrageous.

30 upvotesTFWnoLTR5 months ago

Unfortunately there is no real way to channel that level of commitment into a solution. The state would kill the dad and then there would likely be nobody left for the boy to rely on when he inevitably spirals into depression and regret in about ten years.

1 upvotesharbinger19455 months ago

One more reason why you should choose the women you want to have kids with very, very carefully.

1 upvotesnonnymisss5 months ago

not exactly. Unrelated people could offer the father and son sanctuary.

9 upvotesCasaDeFranco5 months ago

I'd take my kid and sail to south America before my exwife does this shit.

13 upvotesDls954055 months ago

It's appalling, I can hardly believe it. I didn't even know what sex was at seven years old.

4 upvotesLizardman5325 months ago

Absolutely. I would gladly spend life in prison to save my son from this fate.

51 upvotesBadMoles5 months ago

Josef Mengele would be so proud.

14 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Now is as good a time as ever to reconsider who is accusing him and his associates of certain crimes, what "medical" procedures this group of accusers encourages and enforces, and what, if any, relationship this group has with the entities promoting depravity across the West today.

23 upvotesThunderbird935 months ago

High IQ. Have you read of Unit 731?

11 upvotesDirtyBastard135 months ago

Wouldn't this be extreme even for them?

25 upvotesno_its_a_subaru5 months ago

At least they did it for science and to try and win an actual war. These people are imo even worse because they don’t have a reason to do this besides “my kid picked up a Barbie once so he must be a girl.”

For any lost reddior that might stumble upon this post I’m not endorsing or approving of anything unit 731 did and either is this subreddit.

13 upvoteslaserdicks5 months ago

It's worse than that. Normal people don't force their kids to transition just for picking up a barbie. They do it as a weapon against the father, and the authority he represents.

That a child gets hurt in the process is entirely irrelevant to her own reality.

1 upvotesRanaMahal4 months ago

ya jesus fuck like i used to play with my older cousin’s barbies when i was a kid and purple is my favourite colour but somehow i can like purple and be a fucking man at the same time it’s not a hard concept. i don’t understand these new mothers obsessed with making sure their stupid ass child who doesn’t even know what a girl or boy really is, can “transition” into one

9 upvotesSelf_Descr_Huguenot5 months ago

Funny- when the backlash to the extreme decadence we’re witnessing, comes, something that’ll mirror the reaction to the Weimar era, it’s only right that people like these be put on trial en masse in a Nuremberg type thing

8 upvotesSultan_Swat5 months ago

I can't stress enough how cringe and bluepilled this take is. Maybe you should look up who invented transgenderism the first time, and who destroyed it.

5 upvotesfuckitall2k195 months ago

It's more foolish than putting diesel fuel into a vehicle that's not a truck. If you pump estrogen into a man, then you're gonna have a bad time!

3 upvotesCaptainpenispants5 months ago

You know he's not legally allowed to get chem castration at his age right?

1 upvotesevenfurtherbeyond5115 months ago

If the father had any balls he’d kill his wife.

Weak men like him have been the downfall of our civilization.

5 upvotestrancedj5 months ago

You may have a point here. Which life do you save? Your sons or your own?

The answer for me is clear.

This whole story is beyond fucked up. Apparently the wife couldn’t have children naturally so they opted for a surrogate egg donor along with in-vitro fertilization. It’s almost like nature was trying to tell this guy not to procreate with her.

3 upvoteslewdog065 months ago

I would, but look at the damn dudes face hes too good of a person. Shame...

3 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Holding such a myopic and binary view of what makes a "good" or "bad" person, as dictated by a cucked society, is a big reason why the West is at this stage today. If this father were an actual "good" man, he would not have married a depraved monster, would not have used said trashcan as an incubator for his child with someone else's genes, and certainly would not have allowed his son to be dragged into mortal danger over the course of several years.

Being a weak, deferential man in no way makes him "too good of a person."

7 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

NO VIOLENCE. I'm going to start banning people. Enough.

6 upvotesPhaedrusHunt5 months ago

He'd get caught and imprisoned tough guy

2 upvotesevenfurtherbeyond5115 months ago

Wouldn’t you sacrifice 20 years of your life for the future of your bloodline?

1 upvotesPhaedrusHunt5 months ago

Just knock up a bunch of chicks in foreign countries if bloodline is your main concern.

I mean I think this woman is horrible and if somebody offed her I would have no problem with it but no one's worth giving up my freedom for, especially when it would be a fruitless fight

1 upvotesevenfurtherbeyond5115 months ago

To me, The quality of children matters more than quantity. I would prefer to have one kid who would be a doctor to a dozen kids who would be homeless in a couple of decades.

To each his own. But I could never respect or do business with a man who would let something like this happen to his son.

1 upvotesPhaedrusHunt5 months ago

Okay so let's say this guy goes rogue and goes and kills that woman.

You think he won't get caught? Who raises the kids then?

What this guy needs is a legal dream team.

Start a GoFundMe I'll contribute

1 upvoteszer1655 months ago

Would you go to jail to save your son from certain death?

1 upvotesPhaedrusHunt5 months ago

Could Batman beat Silver Surfer in an all-out fight?

1 upvotesImperator_Red5 months ago

Allllllmost hockey mask time.

1 upvotesfckinthrowuway4 months ago

Ever heard of castrattos? It’s not a thing anymore but a hundred years ago bet your ass many boys fell victim to it and now here we are again. History does always seem to repeat

152 upvotessadomasochrist5 months ago

I'm speechless. Condolences to him and his son. This is really just a slow motion suicide that no doubt he already is internalizing. I was really expecting this to be a foreign jury, not Dallas.

55 upvotesiSwallowedTRP5 months ago

I clicked the link thinking, “Please be Europe. Please be Europe. Please be… fuck…”

67 upvotesTigerXtrm5 months ago

We're not that crazy here. Yet.

Whenever I read crazy shit like this it's always, without question, from the US.

18 upvotesindependent_rooster5 months ago

England is working hard to surpass US

15 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Europe has some strong contenders for being the most cucked politically and personally, but in the realm of utter depravity and inhumanity, no one holds a candle to the five Anglo countries.

3 upvotesindependent_rooster5 months ago

correct. thanks to latin countries (spain, france, italy) there is still hope

16 upvotesTheGweatandTewwible5 months ago

I mean, Sweden is pretty fucked up. But I get what you're saying

4 upvotesNarrowBath75 months ago

Have you seen Sweden recently?

1 upvotesVictorEremitaK5 months ago

They are pretty crazy in Sweden

6 upvotesthrowlaca5 months ago

This is really just a slow motion suicide

No, it's child torture followed by murder.

4 upvoteszer1655 months ago

Also Dallas: Off-duty woman cop kills man in own apartment...because she "thought it was her apartment" and gets "10 years" but is eligible for parole after 5 years (she'll only do 2 years after joining a violence against women advocacy group though that shows she has "changed" then get millions from Netflix for the movie rights). Also close to Dallas, is Ft. Worth where the police AGAIN shoot a woman in her own home through the window because they thought she was a "burglar"...in her own home. I wonder whats been going on out in Bush country that would be causing this. Hmmmm.....

7 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

The election of Trump seems to have misled a lot of people into thinking "we're saved", which couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is until (and only if) a majority of useful humans understands and accepts just how far we have fallen, there will be no chance of a potential reversal.

227 upvotesHjalmbere5 months ago

In latest news from clown world: Feminism empowers crazy bitch to maim child in order to get back at ex.

They appear to have gone to the same church. So much for playing it trad con. And she’s a doctor. What a disgrace to the profession.

67 upvotesPhaedrusHunt5 months ago

I had a plate that was a doctor that was waaaaayyyy into this trans BS. Idiocracy

31 upvotesgood_guy_submitter5 months ago

Her medical license should be revoked. Too bad the only organization that has a say in that, the American Medical Association, is a government run organization and monopoly.

8 upvoteschubz4you5 months ago

You mingle with these heretics? Hope we dont see your name in the next news article.

22 upvotesPhaedrusHunt5 months ago

Lol I dropped her before she was a him

3 upvotessumwhatkiller5 months ago

plot twist: she used to be a him.

2 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

The profession has disgraced itself with the policies they have enforced over the years. Totally illegitimate by any rational standard.

1 upvotesmather015 months ago

Wait, does James want to be Luna? Because I think she should have a say in it too

253 upvotestruest225 months ago

RELATED: Pro-LGBT adults admit 7-year-old in gender ‘transition’ case isn’t totally convinced he’s a girl

Yeah thats it, I’m moving to mars

204 upvotesyoucantstopmyzed5 months ago

I actually admire the father for his insane amount of self control cause I feel like I would’ve helped the mother transitioning to afterlife

104 upvotes11-Eleven-115 months ago

I would've transitioned me and my son to south america.

85 upvotesRogerStormzy5 months ago

Yeah dude jfc. Reading that I'm just hearing Eminem scream into my brain TAKE THE FUCKING KID AND GO.

That's so fucked up. No way I let anyone tell me what happens to my fucking kids. Not in a million fucking years. Y'all can hunt me to the ends of the Earth. If there's one thing worth fighting and dying for, it's your children.

32 upvotes7thAnvil5 months ago

That's a good point. The new president of Brazil hates this shit and would likely refuse extradition based on the order from some Texas family kangaroo court. Who's going to put pressure on Brazil, the State Department? Not if Trump has a say.

6 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Not if Trump has a say.

If you think Trump has a notable amount of power over US State Department policy and actions, you haven't been paying attention to recent geopolitical events.

9 upvotesfcjnews5 months ago

He'd make it a huge Elián González-like story. It would actually be a really interesting public battle.

3 upvotesMissionfortruth5 months ago

You think Trump supports this vile shit?

1 upvotesImperator_Red5 months ago

Trump has done NOTHING. Where are the trials of leftists traitors? Where are the deportations? What a joke. He’s a speed bump on the road to collapse.

4 upvotesyoucantstopmyzed5 months ago

That would come afterwards

6 upvotesjackrabbit-295 months ago

We have no extradition treaty with Brazil.

3 upvotesyoucantstopmyzed5 months ago

If there’s a will there’s a way. I’m from Europe so South America wouldn’t be my 1st choice anyway but the whole scenario wouldn’t happen in Europe.

4 upvotesjackrabbit-295 months ago

I agree brotha, this whole thing has sorta, kinda put me in shock. I am worried for the future. What sort of person does this to any kid much less their own kid? Much money and effort has been expended to ensure that this innocent child will have a short and terrible life. How does this mother sleep at night? She might as well throw the kid into a bonfire.

27 upvoteselectricspresident5 months ago

He was fucked from the start. Reading the end of the article it seems they used an egg donor. He didn't even impregnate this woman. Not only that he was essentially a sperm donor and the eggs were from some another female donor.

The kids were made in a fucking lab.

22 upvotesTricksterOfFate5 months ago

Technically, he is the biological parent of the kid. The mother is not related to the kid by dna.

15 upvotesFlenZepla5 months ago

Yea, it’s not her genetic legacy on the line, what fucks does she give? Courts ruling in favor of what amounts to a step-mom over a child’s biological father. If the boy is “trans-gender” (which is a mental illness, not an actual thing) he can start snipping shit off when he’s an adult and then decide to kill himself. That way all his high school classmates don’t have to endure the ole moment of silence heralded by the principle over the PA, having to hold back their snickering for a whole minute during what should have been a minute of education/indoctrination.

1 upvotesRanaMahal4 months ago

k so i agree on everything else but who laughs at someone killing themself? that’s just fucked up and shows a severe lack of empathy and maybe mental illness

1 upvotesFlenZepla4 months ago

Who’s laughing?

Good luck on your transition, ma’am.

3 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Are you asserting that that course of action would somehow be worse than the current reality? If anything, it's much more likely this father's predicament arose from years of weakness than having an "insane amount of self control."

2 upvotesmenial_optimist5 months ago

I want to establish a separate humanity on mars. Free and open immigration. Zero welfare (Welfare prohibited via the constitution), zero social programs. Limited regulations. Politicians unpaid.

3 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Non-sequitur, but the West, at least as we know it, is unlikely to ever send a human to Mars before its total collapse.

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor4 months ago

2024 is coming quick.

301 upvotesbrofessor19015 months ago

This kid will kill himself at 17 and it’s the mothers fault.

183 upvotesempatheticapathetic5 months ago

It’s not even biologically her child but it is biologically the fathers.

127 upvotesNWDegenerate5 months ago

Wait...seriously? How could she possibly even get custody then?

191 upvoteshearse2235 months ago

Legal system is still stuck on the idea that mother good, father bad.

47 upvotesHereComeTheIrish135 months ago

I believe she carried the child to term, but had a donor egg. Legally she is the mother.

20 upvotesArnoux5 months ago

I am so glad every day I don’t live in the western world

4 upvotesReadyToLearn2565 months ago

Where is it that you prefer to the western world?

15 upvotesBaronello5 months ago

Russia, we dont allow gay parades. Which seems like a good thing now lmao.

9 upvotesthegolfernick5 months ago

Chin- nope, Middle ea- never mind, afri- fuck off, indi- shit no, south am- hell to the naw

10 upvotesArnoux5 months ago

Eastern europe. Nice fit white girls. We are migrant free. Sadly there are Liberals here as well, but not as bad as what I read online.

0 upvotesBrownGummyBear5 months ago

Grow up, some couples can only conceive this way. Doesn’t change the fact that woman is a piece of shit tho

2 upvotesArnoux5 months ago

I have grown up. This women is not the mother, only legally. She can take care the kid like it was hers but she should not be able to make him infertile. Not even his real father should have this right.

7 upvotesgood_guy_submitter5 months ago

Now that's a fucked up way to have a threesome. A strange woman's egg inside you wife's vagina.

11 upvotesJBrody5 months ago

Just when I think it can't be anymore of a clown world society proves me wrong.

126 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

She's not biologically related to the child. They used an egg donor. Only the father is related. She probably hates the child deep down.

71 upvotesBonesteel505 months ago

What better way to castrate the man your hate than destroying his very soul?

44 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

His baby boy. It really enrages me you know. I just can't belive it. Solidifies my zero trust policy.

5 upvotesWiseMonkeyGoodMonkey5 months ago

it’s the mothers fault.

I'd add the jury for this travesty in there...

1 upvotesnine-acorn5 months ago

You think 11 random Texans (I'm guessing 12th abstained?) are that crazy?

Of course not.

The article is sensationalism sadly.

I don't think a "Jury" rules on matters like what pills to dope up your kids with. That's more of law than a preponderance of evidence or guilt.

So what were they deciding? Custody.

Daddy wanted sole custody of the kids, and the jury ruled against it unanimously, NOTHING MORE.

I'm pretty sure from other articles, the pills and puberty blockers wouldn't start until Age 15 --- the kid is 7 --- so 8 more years of hemming and hawing and bullshit. The kid will probably outgrow his "Princess Fantasy" by then.

So yeah --- this whole article is just sensationalist bullshit about two parents who want to call their kids Jim vs. Luna. It's embarrasing that it's even a news story.

Yeah the Mom is crazy but calling your son "Kimberly" isn't strong enough abuse to warrant CPS, so no custody changed. Wow, shocking.

3 upvoteslizard4505 months ago

Hopefully he takes her out before. Also interesting to know child abuse is legal in Dallas texas

2 upvotesNibblyPig5 months ago

I'm fairly certain that I agree with you

1 upvotesCloutFarmer475 months ago

But it’ll be the Dad’s because she’s a woman.

68 upvotesneso2255 months ago

What the fuck did i just read my fucking heart hurts reading this bullshit where has the world gone to ? I feel so sorry for the father and son i pray that the child wont be mauled byt this crazy ass hoe, fuckig western people.

7 upvoteslongjeep20055 months ago

I feel you bro. Reading things like this makes me want to get the hell out of here. What the hell is wrong with this country that this is considered acceptable?

2 upvotesneso2255 months ago

I dont know bro im glad im not from america but this plague is also cooming in Europe, i feel sad for the normal people in America they have to see this kind of shit and put up with it. This new world propganda is so sick and it brainwashes people makes them delusional they cant distinguish whats normal from a bented realty,

68 upvotesBeneathTheSassafras5 months ago

This crazy woman is castrating a child to cuck her ex husband with the support of the state. This is government endorsed assault against a child. 7 years old mentally is too easy to manipulate. This is beyond disgusting

3 upvotesRileysRevenge5 months ago

She’ll probably opt to not vaccinate her son as well 🙃

123 upvotesPrometheism15 months ago

The kid is 7. I’m so sorry for him and the father.

43 upvotesRightHandWolf5 months ago

What the fuck are they putting in the Dallas water supply for a jury to come to this kind of decision? Just over 7 years ago, a 23 year-old father caught a 47 year-old man in the act of sexually assaulting his 5 year-old daughter. The father literally beat the pedophile to death with his bare hands, and called 911 for an ambulance, since the rapist was still alive at that point, but died before any first responders arrived. The Sheriff of Lavaca County declined to press charges. The matter did go before a grand jury, and the grand jury also decided not proceed with an indictment.

linky-thingy: https://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/20/us/father-not-charged-in-killing-of-man-molesting-his-daughter-5.html

A few years prior to that, there was another case in Dallas, where a man who had fled Texas to avoid charges of indecency with a child was extradited back to Texas. Somebody must have tipped the father off as far as when and where, because the father was waiting in the unsecured area of the airport. When the US Marshalls deplaned with the prisoner and were escorting the prisoner out of the airport, the father of the victim stepped forward and shot the pedophile dead. The father immediately dropped the weapon and cooperated completely while being taken into custody.

Yes, the case was sent to the District Attorney's Office, but the grand jury refused to hand down an indictment.

Again, I ask: Is somebody drugging the water supply in Dallas, or is Texas being overrun by bed-wetting libtards migrating here from New York, Illinois and California? What the fuck is going on in Dallas?

18 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

All of the five largest cities in Texas are overrun with leftists of all flavors, and it will only get worse. The next one or two elections are likely to be the last ever won by a Republican (leftist-lite) in Texas.

1 upvotesthrowlaca5 months ago

The Sheriff of Lavaca County declined to press charges.

haha awesome.

Quite dangerous tough. At that point he might not have any proof that a crime actually happened.

1 upvotesRightHandWolf5 months ago

The linked story detailed the reasoning of the Sheriff, which included the father's 911 call; his frantic demeanor on the phone line where he offered to transport the rapist himself since the ambulance was taking so long to arrive, and the subsequent physical exam of the daughter which showed injuries consistent with the family's version of events.

1 upvotesKarmicPrism5 months ago

I don't think it's that crazy not to charge a man who defended his daughter and beat to death a pedophile, who broke and entered his home and raped his little girl, in the grand scheme of things, it's kinda a justice although that's not how the justice system should work, I'd imagine many of us would get carried away in the heat of the moment when you catch an unknown man sexually assaulting your daughter in your home.

1 upvotesRightHandWolf5 months ago

I never said it was unreasonable at all. Personally, I would have castrated the pedophile with a rusty knife, washed the area with salt and rubbing alcohol, and then cauterized the wound with a Bic lighter. If he was still alive a week later, I might consider dumping him off anonymously at the Emergency Room. . . . Not!

1 upvotesKarmicPrism5 months ago

Wait then why did you put forth these examples? I understood that it was because they were all equally outrageous.

1 upvotesRightHandWolf5 months ago

I put these examples out there because until just recently, society and the judicial system talked a really good game about the best interests of the children, even going so far as to give parents quite a bit a leeway when it came to protecting their offspring from sexual predators.

The first case happened on the family ranch, when the girl's brother saw the predator grab his sister and head off towards an outbuilding on the property. He went and got his father, who ran to start checking the sheds and whatnot. The rapist had dropped his pants and was forcibly attempting to rape a 5 year old girl. I imagine there isn't a jury in Texas that would convict a parent under those circumstances. More to the point, under Texas law, deadly force is allowed to prevent a forcibly felony, such as rape. The father in this case was not only morally in the right, but was legally justified in legitimate defense of an innocent third party.

The other case, where a father gunned down a pedophile months after the episode could qualify as murder, in that:

1) Months later, it is a little difficult to claim "heat of the moment";

2) Someone must have provided the father with a bit of intel, since he knew which flight, which terminal and what time to intercept the man accused of indecency with a child (the father's child).

and 3) His actions were methodical enough, and planned enough to be evidence of someone who knew exactly what he was doing. Premeditation, months of planning, and carrying it out in a very rational, methodical manner would make it first degree murder.

The point is that although the legal system used to make a pretense of looking after the children, that is no longer the case. Parents have a legal right and moral duty to protect their children. Every once in a while, there will be a case where the parents get in trouble because of not preventing, or even actively allowing their offspring to do something illegal. The charge is usually "contributing to the delinquency of a minor." An example would be having a party at the house and allowing underage drinking to take place. Parents these days are getting nailed on that one all the time here in this former Land of the Free.

30 years ago, it was no big thing. One of my co-workers threw a high school graduation party for her daughter. Alcohol was present; underage drinking was taking place, but this was in a controlled environment with parental supervision. No problems occurred, even when some of the cops showed up - they had handled an accident down the stfeet and noticed all the cars parked in front of the house. A small, suburban town about an hour west of Chicago with about 6,000 people. Sounds crazy, but this was 1988; you could still cut loose a little bit, so long as things were being watched over by the parental units.

My parents allowed my sister and I to have a glass of wine with dinner at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas at the age of 12. We were also allowed a glass of champagne as we watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV on New Year's Eve. In 30 years, the roles of parents and government have swapped places. Parents had a great deal of latitude, so long as things were under their supervision and control - government involvement only came about if there was evidence of neglect, abuse, or ongoing criminal activity. Now, parents have limited authority, and basically have to look over their shoulder for Uncle Sam's approval. You watch. Soon, little chores such as mowing the lawn, washing the car, or walking the dog to earn an allowance with be subject to regulation. Think I'm joking? In Austin, Texas, it is a violation of City Ordinance to wash your car by hand. The garden hose and 3-gallon bucket of soapy water can't be used for washing your own car on your own property. These neo-fascists require you to wear a helmet for riding your bicycle. A little itty-bitty bike that weighs less than 50 pounds and can maybe go 40 miles an hour if you're really cranking it, and you are required to wear a helmet under City Ordinance. Meanwhile, a motorcycle rider does NOT have to wear a helmet.

1 upvotesImperator_Red5 months ago

This kind of thing used to be common. Back in the day, if someone fucked your wife and you murdered them, no DA would press charges because they knew a conviction was impossible.

1 upvotesMR_SKINNYPENIS695 months ago

It's absolutely horrifying what is being done to children in 2019 by abusive, virtue signalling parents.

This poor father. This poor child. I honestly don't know what would stop the father from murdering the mother to protect his son at this point.

20 years from now there's going to be a lot of law cases against these parents by their children for the damage caused. These children will grow up infertile, confused, and irredeemably fucked up.

83 upvotesBlackhawk24795 months ago

20 years from now there's going to be a lot of law cases against these parents by their children for the damage caused.

Probably not since the suicide rate for people who’ve undergone gender reassignment is around 50% supposedly.

46 upvotesHereComeTheIrish135 months ago

Probably going to be a lot of mothers being murder-suicided by the sons that they mutilated for facebook likes.

1 upvotesNWDegenerate5 months ago

I honestly don't know what would stop the father from murdering the mother to protect his son at this point.

I absolutely would. Even if I ended up in prison, at least I'd know that my son is safe from mutilation and having their development fucked up by hormone blockers and what-not.

1 upvotesthrowlaca5 months ago

Theres a big possibility than the kid will end dead or irreparable damaged. I would gladly spent 20 years in prison in exchange of my kids well being. Would totally murder the bitch.

11 upvotesredpillschool [OP]5 months ago

Please no talk of violence.

2 upvotesImperator_Red5 months ago

I understand why you have to remove anything related to violence. Suffice it to say most of us feel probably the urge after reading this though.

1 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago


If you am forced into a corner, where your only choice is to do something and end up in prison, you might as well just do a clean sweep on all the degenerate people in the decision-making loop, like the ending of a Godfather movie.

9 upvotesredpillschool [OP]5 months ago

Please no talk of violence.

35 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

You are quite right.

Only the elites and their jackboot thugs should be allowed to DO violence (to us, of course).

If the elites decided to round us up and exterminate us, we should still not talk of resisting. In fact, we should jump up and down and say how great it is we are being exterminated.

Maybe even put on some music to celebrate like "Vengabus" and dance, while we are put on trains.

Self-defense as a response to violence is a human right, and mutilating children IS violence. In fact, I don't know things much more violent than state-sanctioned mutilation.

Oh, and here's a big heads up. Steve Huffman, CEO of this censoring (violence-phobic) shit-show called Reddit, knows this degenerate system is collapsing - it is why he has a bunker in New Zealand. Don't take MY word for it: https://bigthink.com/stephen-johnson/why-are-tech-billionaires-buying-luxury-doomsday-bunkers-in-new-zealand

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the armed bodyguards protecting his bunker won't kill you if you try to get in. Because Reddit doesn't like violence.

-1 upvotes319Skew5 months ago

Relax. You really think talking about violence is going to be a solution? Best case, people vent but the worst case is someone decides to be a hero and makes that crazy bitch a matyr.

Reddit already is looking for an excuse to ban this sub. Don't add fuel.

6 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

There is no solution.

The only solution is realizing that you are on a sinking ship, and preparing accordingly. If you don't have a 5-year supply of food, and the ability to grow you own food before that supply runs out, then you are going to die when everything plays out.

2 upvotesImperator_Red5 months ago

History isn’t kind to appeasers. They’re almost as hated as the tyrants. Maybe more. You’d do well to remember that.

-8 upvotesredpillschool [OP]5 months ago

Please no talk of violence.

23 upvotes7thAnvil5 months ago

Forget the parents. These kids are going after the pediatricians and other 'treating' physicians who have assets and fat malpractice insurance policies - and should have fucking known better as trained medical doctors. Any doctor who sterilizes a minor for ANY reason should at the very least be sued out of existence and have her medical license revoked.

2 upvotesredpillschool [OP]5 months ago

While your comment doesn't explicitly break any rules I can see, it's still on the edge where violence is concerned. Please be more careful, you don't want anybody reading here and getting bad ideas.

133 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago


54 upvotesparty_dragon5 months ago

Indeed. No wonder child abuse is much more common with step parents. “Fuck this kid he’s someone else’s spawn.”

37 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

Exactly and she knows that deep down so she hates it and hates the dad for loving him. She is probably consumed by jealousy. It's sickening. I've heard of women getting jealous of their daughters and even envious of their partners love for a child.

10 upvotesRedPillFusion5 months ago

Probably sees the child only as an opportunity to further an agenda and gain attention.

2 upvoteswhuttupfoo5 months ago

Oh damn, that makes this even more fucked up. That should have been in the headline.

2 upvotesShort-changedChad5 months ago

It’s almost like there was a reason this woman couldn’t have children of her own....

2 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

Praise be to God for that one.

26 upvotesNaitra5 months ago

Reading this news made me feel like we are living in some fucked up dystopia. God damn, a 7 year old can't even decide what they want for their birthday, life changing decisions such as this need to wait until the age of majority.

And the poor father, this is definitely psychological horror movie material.

7 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

Reading this news made me feel like we are living in some fucked up dystopia.

If you haven't fully realized and accepted that we are indeed living in a total dystopia then you are still half-asleep. Prepare for it to get worse.

47 upvotesSkywave285 months ago

The “mother” isn’t even a biological parent. This is child abuse, and the fact that this decision happened in fuckin Texas of all places is insane.

Imagine being a kid doing kid things and a jury decides it’s okay for your mom to change your biological makeup and ban your paternal father who’s basically saying “just be you” from seeing you. What a despicable group of people to fuck with a child’s freedom like that.

28 upvotesfap_apostate5 months ago

They have him going to the girls bathroom, lining up with the girls at school, and they’re calling him Luna at school. The boy isn’t even being given a chance to be a regular kid and develop properly

13 upvotesSkywave285 months ago

Man it fucking sucks to be a kid nowadays. This goes beyond horrible parenting because a loving parent would never their child up like that.

Edit: not to mention that it’s not even the child’s parent who is making these decisions.

59 upvotesWantAdvicePls3335 months ago

State enforced homosexuality

19 upvotesAdeus_Ayrton5 months ago

This is not only child abuse, but torture, and a crime against humanity. Shame on that 'judge' and 'jury'. Fuck them. This is just pure undiluted lunacy.

35 upvotesUltimaterializerX5 months ago

Take this to the Supreme Court.

6 upvotesredsound5 months ago

What makes you think it would be different? The whole ocidental judicial system is full of progressive degenerates. They would just resonate the first decision.

15 upvotesUltimaterializerX5 months ago

It matters a lot if SCOTUS rules that both parents must consent to gender reassignment nonsense.

64 upvotesfrognads5 months ago

If you ever wondered how much power the media elite really have, there it is right in front of you.

-1 upvoteswhuttupfoo5 months ago

I remember in 2015 when this gender madness was just a meme-like sub community of tumblr that everyone laughed at.

Four years later, now it’s mainstream, now it’s real, now it’s being shoved down our throats. A weapon was found in these little online communities and has been propagandized to weaken nations at large. They have effectively turned our men into niggabitches. Men, we must do whatever it takes to save our sons from being converted into lil niggabitches.

59 upvotesratpoison9875 months ago

Consensus of 11 of 12 jurors.

Interesting how consensus has a new meaning in these wild times.

Kinda how ‘boy’ doesn’t mean ‘boy’ anymore.

9 upvotesRollo_Mayhem35 months ago

The jury ruled to give the "mother" custody and because there are no laws stopping her behavior, the kid will be ruined. Nevertheless, the suit wasn't about what the mother planned to do but more about custody.

11 upvotesHighPiracy5 months ago

Consensus means a general agreement. It does not mean everyone voting the same way.

1 upvotesBleu_Cheese_Pursuits5 months ago

The first definition of "consensus" on Merriam-Webster says "general agreement: unanimity". "Unanimity" means "all". So I guess it depends how you define "general agreement". Personally, I always have and always will use consensus to indicate unanimity. Otherwise I would just say "majority" where they use "consensus". Less vague, considering that "general agreement" also accounts for the possibility of there being "unanimity".

3 upvotesHighPiracy5 months ago

Also depends on where you find the definition, as the Cambridge dictionary never uses the word unanimity.



2 upvotesratpoison9875 months ago

Ffs. Taught wrong as a kid then. Figured it meant unanimous.

2 upvotesrussian_nigger5 months ago

i think in certain trials it has to be, like murder

6 upvotesGreaterbird5 months ago

All criminal cases require a unanimous vote, while civil cases do not.

1 upvotesratpoison9875 months ago

Think it was high school law class - when the word got its definition. Which would make sense.

3 upvotesGreaterbird5 months ago

Consensus in civil cases has different requirements than criminal cases.

2 upvotestoalysium5 months ago

To find by the preponderance in Texas a civil district court jury only needs 10 of 12 jurors.

To find someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case requires all 12.

Different burdens of proof.

13 upvotesAutism_Speaks_irl5 months ago

"The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism. "

4 upvotesWarrantMadao5 months ago

Pretty sure he'd rather die.

30 upvotesGl0weN5 months ago

This is scary.

This actually gave me chills reading the article. What a world we live in.

That kid will look at himself when he was 7 when he was normal and a boy and remember what his mother did to him and will more likely than not lead to depression and suicide. And this already broke the family, I dont see the father staying married to a mother like that and his own child mutilated basically.

11 upvotesBad_nuggets695 months ago

Woman leaves man. Dooms child to live of depression and eventual suicide.

Take from the man his home, money and offspring.

Total bitch.

73 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Tell me again how the Radical Muslims hate us for our "freedoms"?


They hate us for our degeneracy.

Its the Leftists that hate freedom, and want to censor speech, ban your right to self-defense, and give more power to the State, while at the same time contributing to the kind of degeneracy that makes other cultures recoil from us in disgust and want to lash out at us.

17 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

Mohammed would fuck trannie if he was alive today. Cumon he was found having sex with body of his dead wife. Mohammed is the biggest degenerate in history. Look at your hadiths. He had sex slaves. SEX SLAVES. He was also attracted to little boys hence why he would kiss them and stick his tongue down their throat. Saying it'll bless and save the child's tongue from the hellfire Is just BS. Look at your hadiths.

21 upvotesDark_Lord_A5 months ago

Mohammed was trash. That's not in question here. What my bro in the comment above you is saying is that the Leftists are degenerate psychopaths that make Muslims hate America.

10 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

Yes but wide spread in the Muslim world is misinformation about the west. Keep in mind Muslims and the left regularly unit. Is is for degenerates. Isn't gay porn highly prevalent in the Muslim world anyways.

2 upvotesNoFaithInThisSub5 months ago

Animal porn is highly searched in Pakistan.

2 upvoteshuwhite-wolf5 months ago

I'm pretty sure 'big dick' is the most searched term on pornhub in Pakistan.

-1 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

"Do as I say, not as I do". LOL. (edit - I was being IRONIC here... it is the kind of thing a hypocrite like Mohammed would say)

3 upvotes11-Eleven-115 months ago

Motto of hypocrites. You worship the teachings of a hypocrite.

2 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

I'm not a Muslim. And I was being sarcastic/ironic when I wrote "Do as I say, not as I do".

I was indicating that is the sort of thing that someone like Mohammed would say if you confronted him with his degeneracy. (although, fair to say, he'd probably decapitate you first)

1 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Crap. Suddenly occurred to me my name could be interpreted as me being Muslim or something.

No, it was a reference to my 3 main FPS-game modes: Jihad, Ninja, and Cowboy.

Jihad is like when I go after some shitty hacker repeatedly. Ninja is when I'm lying in wait in the corner and take out the entire room. Cowboy is when I jump out of a helicopter while tossing grenades and gun blazing.

Nah man. I'm an atheist who has nonetheless recognized that secularism has failed.

2 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

Lol. Coolest thing he did was fly on a winged donkey to negotiate prayer schedules in Jannah(heaven). brought him down from like 90 to like 4 times a day. How kind of Allah. Allah and Christian God are actually different. Allah is of pagan origin. Keep in mind mohammed is from the 7th century at a time when paganism was common. Allah has a wife Allut and they have divine daughters. The average Muslim knows nothing of Islam. You can see remnants of paganism by the fact that mohammed prayed to pagan Gods at one point. Also think about the worship of the black stone at Kabal. Worshipping a stone?!? Sounds like shirk which is punishable by death. Also research the Satanic verses, mohammed was even bewitched at one point. Also Allah is a deceitful God according to Islamic texts. Totally different from God in Christianity. Also what was they first thing he attempted to when he first heard the message of God via the angel. He tried to commit suicide because he thought he was demon possessed. Everyone should read the Quran. Even just for a laugh. It's a cult essentially.

1 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

A moon god I believe, is where they got the crescent moon symbol.

Christianity appropriated a lot of pagan stuff (Yule-Dec 21, St. Brigit's Day-Feb 1/2, Spring solstice-March 21, All Saint's Day-Oct 31, etc) Muslims did the same.

Its a matter of historical record.

Also, I believe specifically, Mohammed copied a lot from the Jewish tribes in Arabia, as well as from the Gnostic Christians. He had a bit of exposure to both.

4 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

Except Islam borrowed from Christianity and Judaism aswell and then the average Muslim resides on a high horse believing their religion is authentic out sheer willful and embarrassingly aggressive ignorance. There's Jewish kid's fables, bed time stories that appear in the Quran as fact lol. It's all very questionable when you research the archaeological evidence that shows the modern day Quran Is nothing like the original.

3 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Yup. Mohammed was a rabid copycat. Then they have to cloud the whole thing with various "Hadiths".

4 upvotesHjalmbere5 months ago

The fuck are you talking about? They hate us because we don’t turn to Mecca.

5 upvotesSultan_Swat5 months ago

They hate us because we are Israel's attack dog. The US had a positive reputation in the middle for most of its existence.

8 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Oh, they hate EVERYONE that doesn't turn to Mecca, that is true. Everybody knows THAT.

I was referring to why they ESPECIALLY hate us.

-3 upvotestrollintodarkness5 months ago

Damn didn't know how Islamophobic this sub was

6 upvotesAlqpzmyv5 months ago

most sane people are, if they know enough about islam

2 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

LOL. Radical Muslims are Everything-Not-Islamic-phobic.

Moderately Islamic countries, like Indonesia are more tolerant than Radical Muslims, like ISIS, and Iran. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/20/world/asia/indonesia-gay-raids.html

11 upvotes11-Eleven-115 months ago

How the hell is this possible?

2 upvotesverumvelfalsum5 months ago

In postmodern liberal democracies, anything (except constructive values and progress) is possible. Prepare for it accordingly.

9 upvoteshomerq5 months ago

This is what happens when you give females absolute power to destroy their family, absolute power over their children and absolute power to destroy their spouses with merely an utterance of words. This isn't female empowerment, this is an agenda of family and marriage destruction.

8 upvotesrealizmbass5 months ago

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism. 

Forced language use.

Forced re-education.

Forced child experiments.

What the fuck is this timeline? CONSERVATIVES ARE THE REAL FASCISTS BTW.

7 upvotesSteroidsFreak5 months ago

Blame liberals for shit like this.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

What happened to freedom of speech?

18 upvotesFtGFA5 months ago

That woman is pure evil.

8 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Google "How the Sausage is Made" video (NSFW) if you have a strong stomach.

I watched while eating dinner just fine, but I suggest that most of you don't eat.

Part of it details why gender "reassignment" done too young is particularly onerous.

7 upvotesIRunYourRiver5 months ago

It is the job of adults to guide children and their development. This means saying no and taking things away from children. Even if the boy is identifying as Luna at school, the job of the parent is to place guiderails on this behavior or, even better, play it cool until it inevitably passes. It isn't uncommon for young children to go through periods of gender confusion. It also isn't uncommon for parents to have the desire to indulge their kids. The problem arises when the parents themselves have no idea what is right or wrong and so have no incentive to impart moral or social guidance on their own children. The world then becomes the provenance of children, both young and old, and the results are predictable.

9 upvotesmickenrorty5 months ago

The kid will commit suicide later in life

6 upvotesLateralanouncer5 months ago

Oh, now I get why when screening for ltr we avoid feminist.

7 upvotespapunigga0315 months ago

She’s not biologically related to the child so she doesn’t have maternal instinct for it.

This is solely for her ego. She doesn’t give a fuck about the well being of the child.

Let this be a reminder men of just how heartless and fucking stupid a scorned woman can get.

2 upvotesFlesh_Pillow55 months ago

This needs to be higher up. It's one of the most important takeaways.

13 upvotesrussian_nigger5 months ago

reading the title i thought oh another story from some euro shithole.. open the link it's fucking Texas! Texas?! this great nation is getting cucked and destroyed by progressive degeneracy and we're not doing a damn thing to stop it.

the "mother" in the article apparently is transitioning this kid against his will and it's not even her biological child, so this cooky bitch doesn't even give a shit. it's like a fucking pet project for her, browny points in her regressive circle of friends. keep your guns fellas because at some point shit is gonna hit the fan like a pack of bricks.

6 upvotesEscortSportage5 months ago

What a time to be alive. And dudes still out here getting married and getting women pregnant.

6 upvotesZippy17765 months ago

There is only one thing that can be done in such a dire situation and it comes down to having to answer the question of if you would sacrifice yourself to protect your son.

5 upvotesTheGweatandTewwible5 months ago

My heart goes out to James and his father. What a disgusting thing to do to a child. I hope that mother gets what's coming to her

7 upvotesMentORPHEUS5 months ago

Shame that courts aren't as quick to take away parental responsibilities (read child support payments on top of whatever the exwife is already extracting) when they take away parental rights.

17 upvoteswhats_the_deal225 months ago

I don't see whats so different from a pedophile to someone who wants a small child to have a sex change operation. Both are levels of abuse that will have lasting damage throughout the victims life. Our current laws are obviously not up to date enough to deal with this kinds of cases. Something needs to be done.

21 upvotes7thAnvil5 months ago


As a child I have would much prefered to experiencre the horrors of sexual abuse over genital mutilation, sterilization, and being forced to act like a girl.

10 upvoteswhats_the_deal225 months ago

Believe me I agree. Guess which group has the higher rate of suicide!

8 upvotesThe_Sinnermen5 months ago

Was raped as a young boy and I 100% concur

10 upvotesF_Dingo5 months ago

CLOWN WORLD! Honk honk honk!

5 upvotes604mountain5 months ago

This ENRAGES me! How the fuck are we allowing this!!! What has this world come to where we are encouraging this!!! Don’t inflict your mental illness on a minor and make decisions for them.

5 upvoteschazthundergut5 months ago

Reading stuff like this reminds me why the red pill is so badly needed by modern society

5 upvotes-Stormcrow-5 months ago

Love how a 7 year old is able to get pumped full of hormones and its "progressive" but if a man with low T wants TRT its "toxic masculinity"

6 upvotescatsdontsmile5 months ago

It's insane 11 out of 12 jurors agree with this garbage. Feminism and its gender theory is fucking toxic to society.

That's what I love about places like Japan, they don't give that kind of shit a single inch because they know what happens if you do.

9 upvotesfannyfire5 months ago

Posts like this make me so glad that I didn’t marry a western woman. It’s unreal to think this woman literally grew her son in her womb, was told it was a boy by a physician and is now having this child’s gender changed because she’s not okay with having a boy. To any rational clear thinking adult, this is abuse at its highest form and now this child is going to have to live with his mothers actions for the rest of its life.

1 upvotesoldboldpoet5 months ago

As a juror, I would vote for acquittal if he murdered the bitch.

4 upvotesredpillschool [OP]5 months ago

Please no talk of violence.

5 upvotes_370HSSV_5 months ago

The vile witch wants to get back at him so she does it through the child. Typical woman strats.

5 upvotesTigerXtrm5 months ago

How it is even legal to force any kind of cosmetic medical procedure on a child is completely beyond me. Much less a 7 year old boy who is barely capable of deciding this for themselves. When they turn 18 and they still feel the same way; go for it. But holy fucking shit, what parents in their right fucking minds would even consider this.


1 upvotesShort-changedChad5 months ago

Because of the collective power of Big Pharma. Gender reassignment creates a cash cow you can milk for life*.

*25 years due to suicide rate

4 upvotesteam-evil5 months ago

Because you know anything about anything at 7 years old. Poor child doesn't stand a chance.

5 upvotesSnowaey5 months ago

This kind of shit hurts me on a deep level...

3 upvotes5t3fan05 months ago

fuck it, take the kids and run. crazy is gonna mutilate them and fuck them up psychologically and emotionally... better to risk jail for kidnapping than that.

5 upvotessebastianconcept5 months ago

OMG this is so sick. Revolting. And the jury WTF? All of them ideologues?

They are breaking the kids.

Legally condemning him to aggravate psychological confusion, have a poor, convoluted and confusing sexual life, not being able to reproduce nor have a functional family in the future and erasing his father who tried so hard to rescue him from the claws of those demons.

Painfully pathological.

4 upvotesGrayFoxs5 months ago

7yo shouldn't even know what is that ... F liberals

5 upvotesredpillcad5 months ago

Another reason marriage is a losing proposition for men.

Even if one has the balls to walk (rare) and doesn't mind the financial hit (rarer), one is leaving his kids to the wolves.

A parade of loser chads in and out of the house is the best case scenario.

Worst case is kids doped up on SSRI, hormones,and ritalin with a man hating purple haired role model

4 upvotesNomfwic5 months ago

Just searched the mothers name. First thing that pops up is news that states

"Mom trying to ‘transition’ 7-year-old admits he’s not her biological son, she used egg donor".

So it's not even her fucking own child...

If this isn't pushing an agenda then I don't know what is.

8 upvotesJohnnyCocktails935 months ago

Should’ve never married that nutcase of a wife. What a fucking disaster

1 upvotesAubChris4 months ago

Sometimes the crazy is hidden for years and years.

9 upvotesDidiathon5 months ago

There is a 41% chance this is his future (Previously included a NSFL video is of a trans person committing suicide on livestream, removed after it’s removal was requested by a mod).

Everyone in favor of forcing kids to transition should fully understand what the implications are. This video helps. (this one is just a talk by someone who transitioned and de-transitioned about the reality of it/how much it fucks with your head).

Transitioning is not a fucking game. It’s torture.

1 upvotesProto_Sigma5 months ago

Could you DM me the video. I know it's offensive and horrifying and we don't want it on the sub but I feel like I need to see it. Just like the Christchurch shooting there are some forms of horror and depravity you have to see to fully comprehend- stare into the abyss, if you will.

3 upvotes_do_not_read_this_5 months ago

This is a video of someone hanging themselves to death.

Hey asshole, how about a warning when you link to this shit?

Something like, "here is a video of someone hanging themselves to death"?

And who is upvoting this shit? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

6 upvotesDidiathon5 months ago

I gave it a NSFL label. That usually means someone dies. I apologize if that wasn’t adequate warning.

I posted it and people are upvoting it to raise awareness. I’m 1000% aware that video is fucking horrible and scaring. But it’s what happens to 41% of people who go forward with transgender transitions.

People need to know that that’s the reality of the situation here. It’s not just some internet culture game. Everyone who truly feels compassionate towards trans people should take a good fucking hard look at what happens when you encourage people to go through and transition if they think it’s a good idea to push on kids.

If we got the full story of what that mother is doing to her kid (the truth of custody cases are notoriously hard to suss out, as both sides tend to lie and paint the other as a monster), she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him.

-3 upvotes_do_not_read_this_5 months ago

"NSFL" means absofuckinglutely nothing to me.

3 upvotesDidiathon5 months ago

It means "Not Safe For Life"

It's a pretty common tag. It's normally the flag people use to signal really fucked up content. I'll add an extra note, and I'm sorry you weren't prepared for it. But I did place a warning on it precisely to warn people who'd have your type of reaction/can't bear to watch it. You just didn't understand it.

3 upvotesthrowaway-aa25 months ago

It’s a very common tag. Ignore the soy boy.

-5 upvotes_do_not_read_this_5 months ago

It's so common that in 20 fucking plus years of the internet I've never heard of it.

My reaction is that I don't want that shit in my computer's history, I don't want anyone tracking that I went to some shit web site like that. Keep your fucking jerk off snuff materials to yourself.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

[permanently deleted]

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

The video is unneccessary. We post without it.

1 upvotesDidiathon5 months ago

Did you mean repost?

I’m not sure I agree it’s unnecessary. Suicide rates are an abstract concept until you see one. The shock of seeing one is necessary for some people to understand how extremely fucked up it is.

But I’ll concede. I know this sub is already in hot water; perhaps it was irresponsible of me to post. That being said, I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to understand the grim reality of these things.

2 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

"We post" "repost" Fucking firefox autocorrect.

I approved, but when we say repost it's because it's faster than to wait for us to approve it.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

What kind of fucking jury was that? Did they pick them from the psych ward?

3 upvotesmarcusmccambridge5 months ago

This is actually really sad. Kid is gonna be fucked up forever and probably going to kill himself before his 18th birthday with that shit coursing through his veins from such a young age.

3 upvotesRileysRevenge5 months ago

Everyone’s worried about teens vaping, meanwhile this judge wasn’t concerned with a mother giving her 7-year old puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

3 upvotesToezy_Weezer5 months ago

HRT and SRS is the Thorazine and Lobotony of our age.

3 upvotesRavenLordx5 months ago

Ok how the actual fuck is this even remotely legal?

3 upvotesLoban89905 months ago

Clown World,

Honk honk.

Don't forget to pick up your complementary squeaky red nose on the way out.

3 upvotesJayCraeful03515 months ago

this cant be real... What medical reason requires chemical castration of a 7 year old boy?

3 upvotesRadkin0095 months ago

The one suffering the most from all of this is the child. Regardless of whether it sticks and the boy is mutilated or not he will have irreversible trauma and live a life filled with antidepressants and therapy, that is if he doesn’t commit suicide. A divorce is hard on children. A divorce and a spiteful mother is another thing. And being forced to be a girl in one home and naturally being a boy as he should in another will cause a vast schism in his psyche.

3 upvotesNarrowBath75 months ago

I don't really pray, but I pray this kid turns out alright. I hope whatever happens he finds his peace. Hell for his sake I hope they got this one correct and the kid is happy his/her whole life with this gender puberty blocker shit. Because too often a 7 year old doesn't even know santa isn't real, much less what the fuck they want to be like when they're 30. We are seeing real damage done to innocents, it's sad. It's crazy.

1 upvotesBurnoTaurus5 months ago

The mother should be made to amputate her vagina, and then forced to grill and eat said vagina.

I work with various textiles. Its often advised that you measure again, and again, because you cant put material back together once its been cut. The issue that we have here is that the people placed in the charge of these materials are absolutely oblivious to, not only the value of the materials themselves, but any means through which they may endeavour to schematize those materials as valuable. Save for one...

The only way these people will even glimpse the folly of their ignorance is in the moments before little "Luna" brings the axe down upon them

3 upvotesredpillschool [OP]5 months ago

Please no talk of violence.

8 upvotesVadimDestroyer5 months ago

Whites are about to disappear and being replaced

2 upvotesGrimsterr5 months ago

Fuckin hell, how is this even legal?

2 upvotesJugurthajones875 months ago

Gee, another AWFL using her children as a social experiment, what a surprise.

On the bright side, the boy is one half of a set of twins, so in twenty years we can use his brother as a control to see how he’d have turned out if his mom hadn’t driven him to suicide with hormone blockers and chemical castration.

2 upvotesSalporinRP5 months ago

I wouldn't wish this fate (of both the son and the father) on my worst enemy.

What a fucking joke

2 upvotesVietStamm5 months ago

This is scary.. not sure what else to say. Terrifying reality we live in.

2 upvotesNergaal5 months ago

Just a reminder that ~51% of newborns are males and women are hypergamous. This means there will always be a non-negligible number of males that will not have statistical chance of giving offsprings/pairing up. In the past it was wars, in the present is castration and MGTOW.

1 upvotesProto_Sigma5 months ago

Men also die at a higher rate at all stages of life so that slight numeric advantage at birth narrows over time.

We don't typically all pair up anyway because of hypergamy but it's hypothetically possible.

2 upvotesWarezMyDinrBitc5 months ago

They aren't even her biological children. She had an egg donor and simply carried them. What a true tragedy for the father and for our country.

1 upvotesSouloftheVoid5 months ago

Dude should "kidnap" (it's not really kidnapping if it's your own kid) his son and move to Belize. The family courts in this country are so far gone that they are condoning child abuse and mutilation so their ruling should not be respected. The mother should be shot.

1 upvotesZachMeadows5 months ago

In Europe (in France at least), taking your child from the other parent is kidnaping and you can loose your legal authority over him/her.

You have to first make a legal case in which you fear for his/her safety, and then kidnap. Event with that, it'll only lessen the sanction during a court trial.

2 upvotesSouloftheVoid5 months ago

France doesn't even allow paternity testing so if you are dumb enough to start a family there you have already lost. As for the rest of what you said, there's literally nothing worse that the courts could do to this man and his kid than what they have already done so tell them to go fuck themselves and raise your son in South America.

1 upvotesZachMeadows5 months ago

It doesn't allow it unless mandated by a judge.

BUT you can refuse to be the legal father of a newborn if you have doubt (in which case, yes you are dumb).

Only a paternity test can then make you pay child support.

On the other hand, both parents have equal rights if you wish so, and more fathers get their rights towards the child(ren).

2 upvotesrockstarsheep5 months ago

A crime against humanity. Surely, this must be a definition of it.

2 upvotescuteshooter5 months ago

Cutting off a 7 year old's dick is VIOLENCE.

4 upvotesTheImpossible15 months ago

Women's world...

1 upvoteskindaprettyugly5 months ago

You should be aware of the gendercritical sub, where thousands of women lambast this practice daily. There are hundreds of thousands of women who find the notion that you can simply "feel" that you're a woman and '"poof,' you are one!" to be reprehensible. This isn't a woman's notion that's being pushed, as these men who claim to be women come into women's prisons and rape them, and come into women's shelters and torture them into submission.

This is the pharmaceutical companies that stand to make a glittering profit off beginning children on a lifetime addiction to hormones, and medical treatments for the permanent ailments that they cause.

6 upvotesTheImpossible15 months ago

I'm very aware of that sub. It's a shithole where they advocate for gender based abortion.

You might be able to trick others, but I know what you stand for.

Edit : Reported you.

1 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

Edit : Reported you.

Am I missing something here? Why?

2 upvotesTheImpossible15 months ago

They were shilling on behalf of a feminist shithole sub.

I reported it because they have a habit of infiltrating subs by pretending to be our friends on transgender issues and then it's a complete bitch to get them out again.

I'd link their more questionable opinions, but reddit has their worst threads shadowbanned from comments.

2 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

I'd link their more questionable opinions, but reddit has their worst threads shadowbanned from comments.

Yeah, I suppose it's pretty bad when the admins do that to a feminist board. I thought gender critical is where bull dykes bitch about trannys constantly. Or is that somewhere else?

3 upvotesTheImpossible15 months ago

You've misunderstood.

Their worst threads are shadowbanned from being linked by others, to protect them from being found out. Admin is fully on their side, employing measures to defend them that are not employed for any other sub.

And mostly, yes. But they have a few threads where they admit their desire to harm and kill men - some of which I had saved, but Reddit made them disappear from my saved posts.

5 upvotesMatSapientia5 months ago

A child gets to mess up his body using hormones and operations.

A child may not get married even if he hits puberty until 18. may fornicate with another child.

Feminism should be treated like nazism. This is just a first step to slow down the epic fall of Rome.

Logic flushed down the toilet. That’s how humans rule when they fully reject religions. Human morals are decided according to human feelings.

It’s why we Muslims never compromise our religion even if it means death. Because the alternatives are always worse.


5 upvotesRedpiller775 months ago

Muslims come with their own set of deficiencies, so it's not like they are a better choice.

Regarding the fall of Rome analogy, this could probably benefit humanity as a whole. If the west really falls down in the future, after that historians might be able to see why this is all wrong. So maybe all of this has a point. To fuck up and learn.

1 upvotesendertheend5 months ago

Maybe THIS is why women wear burkas over there.

-5 upvotesMatSapientia5 months ago

True. Everything you said.

I’d point out that Islam is perfect. Muslims aren’t.

2 upvotesNoFaithInThisSub5 months ago

Islam is beyond flawed. You should be rejoicing, because your warlord was a known pedophile (if he even existed), and muslims already do child marriage, because he said it was supposedly fine.

-1 upvotesMatSapientia5 months ago

Believe what you want to believe.

2 upvotesBrownGummyBear5 months ago

You’re perfectly arrogant and stupid

1 upvotesUcDat5 months ago

sick how they found a whole jury to go along with it is beyond reason... did the judge tell them how to vote?

1 upvotesSove1315 months ago

Important to note at the end of the article it says that kids are not genetically related to mother as they used the EGG Donor, thus one more of the reasons why she shouldn't have so much say in this matter.

1 upvotesarun25mblr315 months ago

I really don't understand where this world is going. Why should jury decide that way?

2 upvotestrplurker5 months ago

Not for not doing all he could to try and prevent it. But for allowing himself to breed with a woman like this. He chose not only to fuck this crazy bitch but also decided to have a child with her. Guys this is another example of why you don't get involved in crazy. Women like this don't deserve any mans attention. You're 100 times better off ignoring women like this your entire life.

Probably because the dad didn't have a very good lawyer or any at all and got bull dozed by someone who had professional help.

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

1 upvotesZachMeadows5 months ago

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

Especially in a state where guns are part of your everyday carry.

EDIT : removed a part to prevent misinterpretation of what i'm saying.

1 upvotesactuallybrazilian5 months ago

not biological related, but sure luna can still add value for her right? she can still be the progressist mom fighting the neckbeard dad for her trans child for facebook and media likes right?


1 upvotesStron2g5 months ago

LGBTQ is mental illness. Fundamentally, it is a disconnect from reality.

1 upvotes_DiscoNinja_5 months ago

I never would have guessed that a Texas jury would turn in a verdict like this.

1 upvotesthewrecker85 months ago

It's unfortunate for the boy, but honestly I blame the father. Not for not doing all he could to try and prevent it. But for allowing himself to breed with a woman like this. He chose not only to fuck this crazy bitch but also decided to have a child with her. Guys this is another example of why you don't get involved in crazy. Women like this don't deserve any mans attention. You're 100 times better off ignoring women like this your entire life.

1 upvotesbyom-fakemail-de5 months ago

what the fuck! German here, who thought that good ol' Texas was still a sane state

2 upvotesndfw765 months ago

Texas Governor is getting involved THANK GOD!!! https://www.dailywire.com/news/breaking-texas-governor-gives-update-on-transgender-7-year-old-james-younger

1 upvotesndfw765 months ago

Just an update on this Texas Governor Greg Abbott is having Texas AG look into this situation. Coming from Illinois and being in TX for the past three years IT"S SOOOO nice having some sane people in positions of power.


1 upvotesAcerp3215 months ago

It’s a case in life where some things are more important than the personal consequences. If you can sacrifice your life figuratively or literally for your kid you don’t deserve them.

He needs to design a plan that save his son’s life. Whatever laws need to be broken are collateral damage.

Surely there’s a country (Russia) that’s not going to allow this bullshit. Time for a couple plane tickets.

Drug the cunt until you and child are gone.

P.S. This is all theoretical in nature. Not instructing anyone to take these actions or indicating intent.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 months ago

I almost threw up, last family grouping I tried talking about the growing trend of people believing their world will be better if they changed genders. And a fucking 7-year old?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, THIS ISNT EVEN ABNORMAL ANYMORE...

1 upvotesmather015 months ago

Personally, I think James/Luna should be allowed to be transgender, but chemical castration is taking it too far. I feel like it might add more confusion to her life than just saying she’s a girl and dressings and speaking like one. Unless she the hormones from being male to go away and wants to feel and be as much of a girl as she can. Edit: actually no If he/she’s 7 it’s probably a bad idea to change the gender when he/she might not be able to make that decision and might regret it if he/she doesn’t actually have gender. Also, gender is social and sex is physical, so chemical castration changes nothing about your sex/gender.

1 upvotesaverythakid4 months ago

Honestly, us as men need to take charge and control ou women. I feel so bad for that child because of the horrible life his mother is creating for him but I think it’s also us men’s responsibility to have the women we choose submit to us and not vice versa. Set boundaries and a parameter of respect that must be met before choosing to put life into one of these females because as you all can see...BITCHES BE BUGGIN

1 upvotesEdmondDaunts5 months ago

There’s an aspect of appeal to authority here seeing as she’s a doctor. People often assume medical qualifications means superiority. It becomes a technical decision to do no harm.

Problem is gender transitioning is not a medical thing alone. We had the same thing happen in the Uk but in a different situation. It was with the Charlie Gard kid and his parents.

Medical people had reached their limit in what they could do but used the courts to prevent returning responsibility to the parents. They saw it as doing no harm. Trouble was the harm was caused socially and ethically with regards to a parent’s rights.

-8 upvotescrew455 months ago

People ask why I have an asian girlfriend; cause they're immune to this shit.

32 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

No, they are not; especially if you bring them to a Western country. They will go NATIVE.

The "culture" is vile and destructive, like radiation.

7 upvotescrew455 months ago

I've honestly become more open to considering Islam.

Seems like the future belongs to the culture that can control its women.

20 upvotesJihadNinjaCowboy5 months ago

Civilization began its decline, when people started trying to do what seems "fair" instead of what works.

1 upvotesJBrody5 months ago

I'd never consider that, but I totally get how others would after reading the article. This can't be fixed with dialogue.

4 upvotesRedpiller775 months ago

There is no man or woman immune to culture. If she had been born here, or stays for too long, she will start to think how the west thinks. It's just how humans work.

-16 upvotesGustatory_Rhinitis5 months ago

This entire story is misleading. I’m from Texas and I’ve been following the story for quite a while. It looks like the seven-year-old has been identifying as “Luna” and as a girl while she is at school.

I think the reason the jury sided with the mother in this case is because the seven-year-old identifies as a girl. This article makes it seem like the kid is still on the fence about being a boy or a girl.

Come on. It’s Texas. If there was even some gray area where the jury might have concluded that the seven-year-old was confused regarding her gender, then the case would’ve gone the other way.

15 upvotesucfgavin5 months ago

While I get your point, its not completely misleading in the sense that there is absolutely no reason that a seven year old should be allowed to "transition". If an adult is doing it voluntarily, then that is their business...but this kid is seven years old. Thats crazy.

8 upvotesmax_peenor5 months ago

Seven year old kids are on the fence about everything. He isn't identifying as shit. He's just trying to please mommy.

5 upvotesthe_green_grundle5 months ago

The kid is 7, of course he’s “on the fence”. When I was 7 I was sure I wanted to be a firefighter. Part of what’s wrong with society is idiotic parents allowing literal children to run with whatever current fantasy they have.

3 upvotesRedpiller775 months ago

Playing devil's advocate, I like it. Thing is that parents affect who their kids are, we really don't know if he thinks this way because the mom made him like that. There's a big chance that she wanted a girl, is pro-lgtb, saw him playing with a doll or some shit and started treating him as a girl. This could also not be what happen, but in every case of kids transitioning either their parents are LGBT themselves or reeaally support the movement. It doesn't come from a kid with heterosexual parents. Also he is just seven, he probably thinks that eating candy all day is a good idea, do you really believe that he should be chemically castrated? How do we know that he will feel this way all his life? What if ten years when he has a better idea of who he is he decides that this was a mistake, but can't go back because he already transitioned?

This choice is too complex for him and he can't undertand how everything will affect his life forever.

3 upvotesGrimsterr5 months ago

You don't let a 7 year old decide what's for dinner, much less something like this.

If the kid wants to "be a girl" clothes and pronouns is as far as it should go, not irreversible body modification and harsh medicnes (chemical castration? puberty blockers? da fuck). Once they're an adult, well, whatever.

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