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"If you must break, break into a weapon, not into pieces."

by WarriorMonkMode on /r/TheRedPill
05 November 2019 09:19 PM UTC

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. Filled with idealism, I had clasped my dad's hand and confidently stated that I'd be there for him no matter what. "I'll never give up on you, dad!" He flashed a sad smile, but his eyes were bright.

Fast forward a year later. My dad is completely bed bound. Tube feed, breathing machine, dialysis, we live in a trailer in the armpit of town, we're running out of money, and he's having diarrhea. I am holding the diaper in my gloved, shit stained, hands.

I slumped to the ground, defeated, i muttered through tears: "I'm sorry dad, i just cant do this anymore! I just cant! I'm too weak! This isnt going to work! Youre not getting better!" And on and on and on...

He quietly looked on and said "just let me go son, you've done enough. More than enough. You have nothing to prove. Live your life."

It was at this time I remembered the redpill. The single most important lesson ive learned here is that "I cant!" really just means "I won't."

It wasn't that i couldn't do it, it was that i didn't want to do it.

My life flashed before my eyes. A life of chasing women. A life of seeking their validation. A life of my mother calling me an idiot. A life of hedonism and nihilism. A life where i wouldve sold my own father up the river just to be with a girl. A life where I've abandoned friends in their time of need, just for a chance to be with the newest oneitis in my life.

This is the man that my dad will leave behind. The sum total of his memories will be of having a miserable, pathetic wretch of a son who was so desperate for the validation of a women that he destroyed his own life to get just a taste. A son who wouldve crawled on broken glass just for a chance at one of these girls. And he couldnt even lift a finger for the only person that was there for him, the only person that was there when everyone else gave up, the only person that loved him unconditionally: his father. The last thing my dad will see is his son sobbing like a child in the corner at the age of 28, covered in sweat and feces.

All the sayings my dad had said over the years, that didn't register at the time, finally came crashing back into my mind.

"Anger is the poison you drink to kill your enemies, son."

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, son."

"Anger isn't evil, son. Even God got angry. It is only when you lose control that you will drown in it."

"Anger is a tool. A resource to be utilized. Right now, you're like an out of control fire, burning everything you touch and yourself. All i want you to do is learn to channel it. I want you to go from a fire to a laser. If you must break, break into a weapon, not into pieces. Don't become a slave to your anger. Become the master of it. Your anger isn't evil. It's not your enemy. It's a tool. Its letting you know that something in your life is wrong and needs correction. Anger and the pain that comes with it are your best friends, they're the only thing that will be honest with you."

Then, the inner voice we all possess within ourselves asked me this:

Are you ok with this!?

are you happy with this!?

aren't you a man!?

what happened to all that big talk from before!?

are you really going to leave things like this!?

did you forget your promise!?

the promise you made to yourself!?

the promise that you'd stand and fight!?

the promise to destroy your weakness!?

this is your chance!

prove to everyone that they were wrong about you!

but most importantly, prove yourself wrong. Get the fuck up and prove YOURSELF WRONG!

i could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. Despair turned into anger. A righteous fury. For the first time in my life, anger became a friend rather than an enemy. For the first time, i wasn't burning myself up in a fiery rage.

I grit my teeth, clenched my fists and stood up with my back straight and my head held high.

"Youre wrong, dad! Im not done. Im not even close to done. This is nothing to me. Im just getting started. Dont count me out. I'm a man, damnit. Im going to show you that, you fucking idiot! Im not going to have your last memories of me be the pathetic display you just witnessed. Now just you watch! Im going to show the world it was wrong to count me out! I'm going to show everyone that they dont get the privilege of defining who i am or dictating when im at my limit!"**

"only i define myself. Only i decide when im done. Only i get to say when ive reached my limit."

Then I dried my tears and got my ass back to work.

Whenever you tell yourself you cannot do something, all it really means is that you wont. Just like when you say "things should be" when what you really mean is "i want things to be this way."

Life isn't fair. But it is fair in its unfairness. Thus life is fair in its unfairness.

If life isnt fair for you, dont sit around and cry. make it fair, damnit.

You cannot save anyone if you cannot save yourself first.

You want to be a hero? Become your own hero. Become your own best friend. Look out for future you. Confide in yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Be happy with yourself. You have everything you need to succeed within yourself. Mother nature gives all of her children the tools they need to secure their own existence in this cruel world. Show yourself that you were wrong. Show yourself that the old you is dead and gone. Be brave and conquer your fear. Dont become a slave to your anger. Use it! Do not waste it! Make all the pain and suffering you've gone through mean something! Make all the sacrifices you've made stand for something! Dont leave this world with a legacy of your weakness.

Don't give the world the satisfaction.

be better than you were yesterday.

if you have to eat shit anyway, make it stand for something.

get angry and burn the weakness out of your soul.

be like fire: keep yourself warm, be responsible for yourself, and clear the ground of the rubbish in your life to make room for bigger and better things. And when challenged, don't be afraid to burn the whole world to the ground to get where you need to go. Make it so that your friends cherish you and your enemies fear, but either way they all respect you.

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217 upvotescolonelpupper445 months ago

Corollary, if you're going to die, try letting the parts of yourself you don't like die first

173 upvotesdeeznutsbeswingin5 months ago

Ten out of fucking ten.

Letting myself be angry and learning that I can still control myself when I’m mad was one of the most freeing experiences of my life.

24 upvotesNorthEasternNomad5 months ago

Isnt it, though? It's a profound moment.

4 upvotesAndgelyo4 months ago

I have this problem. I have immense built up anger, and if I don’t resolve it I’m pretty sure I’ll end up possibly losing everything and throwing it all away. I’m really fucking trying

3 upvotesdeeznutsbeswingin4 months ago

You gotta do something dumb like get in a bar fight or you’ll forever be picking fights with people for no reason

7 upvotessillysally094 months ago

There's no reason this should have any upvotes. If you want physical release do it in a controlled environment like a gym or a martial arts class.

2 upvotesLethalShade4 months ago

Right? Learning that you still have control even when you lose control is one of the most powerful feelings I've felt. Felt like killing the boy and becoming a real man.

185 upvotesPartyDucky5 months ago

This is the stuff I'm here for

17 upvotessadni5 months ago

for sure this shit lights up something in you , i dont know what it is or where it comes from but it does it !

124 upvotesanal_conundrum5 months ago

God damn you went hard here.

But in all seriousness this is one of the best self reflections, (and subsequent advice) I’ve read on TRP

50 upvotesWarfrog5 months ago

Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a decision.

4 upvotesDirectedSoul5 months ago

A gem of a statement

45 upvotesnikko_novilla5 months ago

Really needed to hear this man

31 upvotesAllegory_of_the_kev5 months ago

I found the red pill around the time my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It was clear as day that I had to be the rock to hold it together and get my other family members through it, while my mother and sisters were struggling with keeping their emotions in check. That was the first time in my life where I really stepped up to the plate and held it together for those around me. Glad you found the strength, brother.

5 upvotesHells884 months ago

It’s part of growing old, you realize what you thought was an authourity was fake, and you have to assume the mantle

@OP Good words

1 upvotesTheSecondLesson5 months ago

👨‍🦲: “I wish I wasn’t so angry all the time.”

👨‍🦳: “Then you would be nothing.”

21 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

A-fucking-men. Ill toast to that my dude.

44 upvotesEpilepticFire5 months ago

Sounds like a speech the protagonist of an anime would give during the finale lmao

29 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

I don't care how cheesy i have to be.

How gay i have to sound

How dumb i might look

How chicken i may come off as

Whatever it takes, I'm getting to the otherside of whatever life puts in front.

If i have to pretend to be a hero from some dumb movie, so be it

If i have to sound like some lame protagonist from an anime, so be it

Whatever. It. Takes. To. Win. This. Thing.

Take that to the bank, kid

7 upvotesProject_Zero_Betas5 months ago

And then there are other posts where it seems to be a competition on who can be the most colorful comic book villain.

19 upvotesEdmondDaunts5 months ago

It is sometimes considered a pithy cliche by lesser minds: the adage Offence is always taken, never given is a corollary to your anger quotes.

My mum would say “If you hold a grudge you’re the one spending time holding it”

Great post. Sorry about your dad.

16 upvotesAndgelyo5 months ago

Let’s fucking do this brah, we’re all gonna make it

Just the pep talk we all needed, let’s go out there and fucking crush it

26 upvotesflatbushwick5 months ago

How could such an inspirational post be quarantined?

26 upvotesBoldPebbis5 months ago

Because it's not a post jacking off to woman. Reddit is a shithole.

10 upvotesrevaforce5 months ago

“When life’s a drag...don’t cry get mad” -Eminem, Offended

8 upvotesrandom_echo5 months ago

Reminds me of Barney when his GF get stolen by a rich chad, so he decides to stop being a hippie, suits up, make tons of money and get bitches.


6 upvotesxDoshyx5 months ago

Having lost my father to ALS this means a lot. Thanks brother.

1 upvotesEntrepreneurXoXo5 months ago

Yeah but sounds like your parents weren't that successful so why would you continue taking their advice?

5 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

Depends on how you measure success. To me, he was the most successful man in the world because he died with a heart full of pride, no regrets, with the love of his life by his aide: his son.

1 upvotesEntrepreneurXoXo5 months ago

That's your measure of success, what was his measure of success?

4 upvotesLion_Of_Mara4 months ago

Raising a son full of pride like him.

8 upvotestryingtolearnitall5 months ago

You could say this was a pretty “fiery” speech. All in all though man, those are some good fucking words you said right there. Don’t fight the fire.

4 upvotesSmoothSwap5 months ago

Great story to remind us how easily we can become complacent in our lives. Its easy to tell ourselves that we CANT do something, because we dont have to blame ourselves for not doing it, it might just be too difficult or we were not meant to do it or whatever excuse we can come up with to tranquilize the feeling of guilt that arises when we actually dont WANT to do it, when we dont WANT to do the hard work, when we dont WANT to face our fears even though we know we should. We dont WANT to do it because its easier to just do nothing and blame someone or something else. Its easier and more comfortable in the short term, but deep down inside you will always know that you could have done more, that you could have done better, but you chose not to. Deep down inside you will always know.

4 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

I believe in fate, but anyone who uses it as an excuse to fail is just a sad sack of shit thats attempting to cope with their mediocrity. There is measuring risk, weighing return on investment etc and then there's just plain hindbrain animal fear.

My dad always told me this. Fate is real. You either accept the fact that your fate is to realize your full potential and be the best you can be before you die, or you don't. You cannot beat fate. Be the example to follow in people's lives, not the cautionary lesson.

1 upvotesSmoothSwap5 months ago

Very well said. I respect you sir

4 upvotesoldboldpoet5 months ago

As a father of a another fine young man, I hope I've instilled that sort of strength in him.

3 upvotesPickUpScientist5 months ago

If life isnt fair for you, dont sit around and cry. make it fair, damnit.

this reminds me of a quote i really like from Halt and Catch Fire:

I thought that maybe we could do this precisely because we’re all unreasonable people and progress depends on our changing the world to fit us. Not the other way around.

7 upvotesmega_kook5 months ago

Red pill fan fiction. Nice

5 upvotesPokeylaw5 months ago

This is 100% save for me thxs for this

6 upvotesRedpiller775 months ago

Is this a script for a movie?

7 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

Unfortunately it's a small part of my life.

2 upvotesmr4kino5 months ago

How is your dad now OP? Hope he is alright and he could see his changed son. Thanks for sharing and indeed control your anger is the best weapon. This is where you get "calm" and truly above others.

18 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

He passed away two months ago. It was peaceful, without pain, and i was there with him the whole time

1 upvotesusernameagain25 months ago

Fortunately? That was awesome man. Thanks and saved for my son.

2 upvotesAlphalizard19905 months ago

Your an inspiration brother.

2 upvotesRPthrowaway1235 months ago

Hey man, this really hit home. I just wanted to say that I hope your dad is okay. Our dads play such an enormous role in our lives, and I've had lessons from and disagreements with my dad on many occasions. I don't know what I would do without him. He's spent his whole life being strong for me, even when I was the one tearing things down. And I know it wasn't easy, it still isn't easy for him to be that strong as I keep on the path of launching (and sometimes relaunching) my life.

Be strong for your dad, tell him you love him, and never forgot the lessons.

2 upvotesDank_souls115 months ago

Your father was a good man.

2 upvotesBone_Coat5 months ago

Anger is a tool. A resource to be utilized. Right now, you're like an out of control fire, burning everything you touch and yourself. All i want you to do is learn to channel it. I want you to go from a fire to a laser.

FUCK! you almost made me cry, man.

on my TRP awakening I was coming from a place of betaness, being nice and emotional, and I learned that I had to stand up & fight like a real man, darkness is not evil and light it's not always good. I was focusing too much in others instead of focusing on myself. too much light spreaded towards the others, too much niceness towards others, too much love towards others. and I said sometning similar as what your father told you, I said: time to stop being a "being of light" , right now I'm gonna be a motherfucking laser, focused light to reach my goals instead of wasting my light on others.

I started slow, but i'm getting small results almost a year later since I started this path.

u/WarriorMonkMode ty for this post. you're a Laser, man

2 upvotesDubbleFUPAwitCheez4 months ago

our anger isn't evil. It's not your enemy. It's a tool. Its letting you know that something in your life is wrong and needs correction.

If your father did say this then he and I think a lot alike. I've said for more than a decade now that anger is the will to correct a problem. Break into a weapon is a nice saying and I think I know exactly what it means, it's the part about channeling it into something useful. The broken pieces can be sharp and used to move on.

Something about life I've been pondering lately is, you always have to suffer to overcome something. If you are in despair you have to keep going or you will be stuck in it. When you finally overcome it you're truly free of it and that goes for any negative emotion, you just need to keep going.

Nice write up.

3 upvoteslazydogg95 months ago

When I read posts like these.. I realize how fucked up the world has become that uplifting fellow brothers is seen as toxic and offensive. But fuck it I've made my peace with the nature of things. My anger is gone. I'm mad at no one and nothing.

Thanks for sharing. This is what I'm here for.

3 upvotesSergiuIlescu5 months ago

Why is this being reposted?

6 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

All original content here made on the fly from the toilet my dude

1 upvotesascatraz5 months ago

Are people really buying this shit? This is straight out of a fanfic forum LMAO

1 upvotesPopePalpatineTheWise5 months ago

Who cares if it's real or not. It's a great story.

6 upvotesTheRedPike5 months ago

The "fake and gay" responses to posts like these are ignorant.

For the vast majority of human history, lessons were taught by way of stories. Sure, the stories contain truth but just dropping truth in front of people doesn't always make a good lesson. People need to connect what they are hearing with their observations of the world around them.

Fiction isn't inherently wrong. It's just not exactly what happened.

Disclaimer: This isn't a judgement on the accuracy of this specific post one way or another.

1 upvotesMatrixofLe3adership4 months ago

Well said.

The Red Pill has a rule on 'no examples from fiction' that I don't agree with. According to this rule, fiction "cannot be learned from."

How do fictional works of literature, that have formed the foundation of Western civilization and psyche, have no place in r\TheRedPill? At what point does something cease to be nonfiction? One could call The Republic fiction because it is a contrived dialogue.

The value comes in the lesson.

1 upvotesfrooschnate5 months ago

How is this different from a blue-pill Disney story

1 upvotesTheRedPike4 months ago

Where is the happy ending?

1 upvotesZech4riah5 months ago

Also work smart. You could have the best of both worlds. Work hard, make some money and buy proper care for your father and in addition free time for yourself.

1 upvotesErik_Bailey5 months ago

Damn that was motivational and deep as FUCK

1 upvotesbiezpiens5 months ago

fuck man.. what a post 💪.. this is the material i come here for

1 upvotesdkirkpatr5 months ago

The problem with a problem always is. No matter how desperate the situation is, and how in despair you feel. Things will never get better folding wishing your problems away. You must take action to get to where you need to be.

1 upvotespoortrait1005 months ago

You lost me when you called your bed ridden diarrhoea covered dad an idiot, I know you’re going hard but it pulled me out of your little story a bit. “I’m going to show you that, you fucking idiot!”

3 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

We just had that kind of relationship. We acted more like brothers and best friends rather than father and son, which sucks even more because i just didnt lose my father but my soul mate. Believe me, he was proud when i said because to him i finally "got it."

1 upvoteszhadyx5 months ago

I’m a man god dammit. Throw that diaper filled with shit in a blender and chug it. Extra protein for the lifts. Consistency of peanut butter. What ever it takes god dammit!

1 upvotesVirtusvitium5 months ago

God fucking damn it is this fake n gay, but God damn if this wasn't exactly the thing I needed to read and hear. Moments ago I was a defeated man that had broken down into tears. Not anymore. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing or what tomorrow holds, but God damn it I am not going out like a bitch. Self destruction is sometimes needed to rebuild into something better. I think it's time I left the fear of failure behind and focus solely on myself. I'll die alone and never know what true love is or what being a parent is like. Life didn't want me to have these things and I refuse to settle for something I don't truly want either. Until then, I'll burn uncontrollably until I burn completely up or make a path way I find worthy of taking. At this point, I have nothing else to lose but my worthless life. I might as well gamble it while I still can and get something out of it, or give up and die right now. I don't have the best life nor the one I wanted, or ever will. Like you said life is unfair. But I was given a small set of tools that can still use to disrupt or fix things. I'll use them as I see fit. At this point, only I matter. Fuck everyone, goals, women, and money. I need to make peace with myself. Nobody may agree with me and I don't care. Everyone lives their own life. This is how I choose to live mine. So thanks OP, for giving this failure piece of trash a chance to at least make it onto someone's door step, catch on fire, and ruin their day. It maybe be the only thing I can do right, but God damn it will I do it awesomely!

1 upvotes_iisu5 months ago

If you must break, break into a house.

1 upvotesStrange_ghost5 months ago

Grab life by the balls don't ask someone to grab them

1 upvotesthatguywhatshisface5 months ago

I needed to read this today. Thank you

1 upvotesfrooschnate5 months ago

Now I’m 100% sure y’all are just role playing being “red pilled”. What a bunch of fucking losers.

0 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

Human turds like you get flushed.

If you spent half the time learning how to be a man rather than studying shitty music you'd be able to contribute your own quality post

1 upvotesfrooschnate5 months ago

Jajajaja what the fuck are you talking about now. It’s amazing how far this sub has fallen.

1 upvotesTheRedPike4 months ago

I'm kind of getting tired of your whining. Contribute or fuck off. You think you can write better shit? Write better shit.

-2 upvotesfrooschnate4 months ago

Write better exaggerated and barely close to reality fan fiction? You got it

1 upvotesConspiracyPill5 months ago

Holy fuck this got the adrenaline pumping

1 upvotestotallymanlytears4 months ago

You need to read this daily

1 upvotesWisdom_of_a_Khan4 months ago

As a 25 year old, taking care of an aging father, I know this story will likely be mine in a few years. I only have hope I have the balls to deal with it like you did. Stay strong brother.

1 upvotesfaustian_talos4 months ago

damn..i stopped regularly reading this subreddit about 6 months ago when it became a PUA subreddit but this...this gives me hope for the real TRP philosophy. not the i-hate-women-but-i-want-them-to-like bullshit you can find here.


1 upvotescant__find__username4 months ago

Was this posted 3 years ago?

1 upvotestoechter-aus-elysium4 months ago

i don’t eat pills but this was nicely written. good luck too you and finding happiness in your life!

1 upvotesRompeChocha4 months ago

Is this a repost? I felt i read this before like a year or more ago.

1 upvoteskosmiciatakuja5 months ago

Well you have a huge gift for writing, that's for sure. Just in case you didn't know. I'm pretty sure you could earn good money writing, if you don't already!

1 upvotesrogue___wave5 months ago

this offers some great pieces of advice. i’m glad read this

1 upvotesImperator_Red5 months ago

Wow. Some of us have been through more than others.

1 upvotesmasterpiece005 months ago

Nice facebook post, if you could break up all those into single quotes and put them in front of ocean photos you might have a business model.

4 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

The only thing i can't stand for is weak men who go "what happened to RP?" everytime they find a Post that challenges their pathetic frame. Post shit to show us how its done or gtfo

-7 upvotessmilodoner5 months ago

So your dad had assisted breathing and a feeding tube, yet he could still speak clearly enough for you to understand him?

And this was after he just shit all over you?

11 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

Trach, lip reading, didn't know how to properly change. Move along

3 upvotesitiswr1tten5 months ago

This human shit will be flushed. You're good.

Great raw emotional narrative style. Thank you for sharing.

3 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

I've learned that it can be lethal for the "fake n' gay" crowd that real men are handling real shit in the real world because then their whole make believe world would come crumbling down around them. They've built their life around their own weakness and mediocrity, and they unconsciously realize that they could not survive without maintaining their pathetic delusions. Perhaps they are right.

-11 upvotessmilodoner5 months ago

Lip reading with a feeding tube? Interesting.

12 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

Abdominal j-tube in the intestines. Move along

4 upvoteshstlmanaging5 months ago


feeding tube

Tracheostomy you ape. Learn to use a search engine.

0 upvotesbemore_5 months ago

I'm strong with a lot of things but I can't handle anothers's excrement

1 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

That's exactly how i felt back then

1 upvotesbemore_5 months ago

Sorry you had to endure it

1 upvotesSaberSpyder5 months ago

So you're gonna make your life be handing an old man and his shit? Weird flex but OK. This isn't tough or masculine at all.

3 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

No, unfortunately he passed away

3 upvotesSomaNoob5 months ago

Because being tough means having no feels for the role model pretty much every guy lacks nowadays, ok

2 upvotesWarriorMonkMode [OP]5 months ago

I am stupider after reading his comment.

Edit: his not this my bad

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