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"Guys never hit on me"

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25 February 2015 05:04 PM UTC

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I hear my female friends say things like this constantly. Or they complain that "I never get hit on as much as [more attractive female]".

Then we go out to the bars, and the girl who was complaining about never getting hit on ends up getting approached consistently throughout the night. The only problem is that she's too busy eyeing up the 6'4" quarterback-looking dude across the bar to notice the average guy who's currently chatting her up and buying her drinks.

Then I bring it up the next day -- "What about that guy who was buying you drinks? Or the one who came over when I went to the bathroom?" And the response is "Eww, that guy was gross. That doesn't count."

Yes, attention from average guys doesn't even count. If it weren't for my reminder, those encounters wouldn't register in their minds as "being hit on". You might as well not be human if you're average.

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348 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

It's hard to be hit on by invisible people. Like Rollo said in his latest article, there are three genders in the eyes of women: women, betas, and alphas. Betas only become visible to women when they can serve some pragmatic use to the woman at that time. And "hitting on" them is definitely not useful to a woman when it comes to a Beta.

It's along the same lines of "Where Have All The Good Men Gone?" articles these harpies are constantly posting on blogs nowadays. The reason this infuriates Betas is because "Good Men" doesn't mean what they think it means. Betas will be quick to say "good men are everywhere, you just don't want to date them". No, what women mean by "Good Men" is "Haaaawt", fuckable men who are going somewhere in life.

They're asking where all the men are because the Betas aren't even seen as men. They're no different than a couch or a lamp, to be used when needed, to be ignored when not needed.

172 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It gets worse after a girl dates/fucks a top 20% man because afterwards she expects every other man to be at his level or higher

141 upvoteskick65 years ago

It gets worse after a girl dates/fucks a top 20% man because afterwards she expects every other man to be at his level or higher

I'd like to expand on this to highlight the underlying cognitive dissonance.

She fucked a top 20% man...once

Now every man she dates must also be a top 20% man.

Yes...there's zero understanding that there's a chasm between the quality of man that will dump a load in her, and the quality of man that will stick around. I've opened a lot of eyes in my days of women with enough character to accept the fact that they were interpreting this wrong.

90 upvotesOKJaded5 years ago

What do women always want? More.

In her mind she now deserves nothing less than that top tier.

What do I want? Less. Less bullshit. Less Headaches.

66 upvotesskoobled5 years ago

Men want comfort, women only think they do

37 upvotesasdfghjkltyu5 years ago

Always be wary of women who claim they want a quite, settled down kind of life. You can be guaranteed they'll grow tired of it very quick. A lot of men really do just want a 'life partner' that will be there when they get home from work. No woman in their 20s is happy with this lifestyle.

11 upvotesTimmytanks405 years ago

I'm in my 20s and it seems women from my generation are interested in the provider role being fulfilled while retaining "independence" which is code for being able to shop around for other better dicks. Males of my generation aren't even familiar with the term chastity let alone any appealing woman who maintains it. I personally wouldnt say im looking for a life partner. Im just out of of college and my ambitions arent taking a second seat to whatever a "life partner" can do for me long term that a string of non-aging, easily replaced concubines girlfriends cant..

69 upvotesbeerthroway5 years ago

What do I want? Less. Less bullshit. Less Headaches.

Very interesting observation. In most areas of life, I think I'd be okay with a little less. It'd be tough, but I'd find a way to adjust or change it.

Women on the other hand want and EXPECT more. They never accept moving backwards. Everything must be in one direction for them: forward. Sexuality must press forward or its boring. Their career must press forward or someone else is to blame for holding them back. They must have more and more constantly.

Men on the other hand seem to understand and accept that life doesn't move in one direction only. It takes 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. We embrace the bad times without imploding and we can see beyond our immediate loss. "I've been two steps further than I am right now in the past, so I'll get there again."

What that means for our social dynamic... I don't know. I'm not astute enough yet to know how to apply that beyond observing it. Perhaps someone that is more knowledgeable can fill in the "what to do about it" section.

Perhaps it's relevant mostly in ltrs and not just basic life situations. If she wants to complain about whatever, I don't care, not my problem cause she isn't my girl. But if it's my LTR I better make sure to keep going forward.

It definitely explains why a man's perfect mate would be a woman that has few negative attributes and a woman's perfect mate is a man who has many positive attributes.

7 upvotesWillWorkForLTC5 years ago

Comment of the year. Salient arguments made. I'm saving it and upvoting.

8 upvotesuser_none5 years ago

One word, "Contentment". I, as a man, have come to a point in my life where I'm simply happy. I can be content with many events, less stuff, not going everywhere doing everything. Women, on the other hand, don't seem to ever be content. It's more than often about how much attention they're being paid, how busy they are, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.


4 upvotesaazav5 years ago

Less babysitting. And by that, I mean babysitting her attitude.

And for that, be stoic, be direct and be brief. Then ignore her until she comes in to line.

She wants attention. Train her with your attention as her reward.

60 upvotesalisonstone5 years ago

Women value guys based on relative valuation. If a girl is dating a banker who makes $400k/yr, she should be extremely happy. She nabbed a guy who is easily a 9. However, if her slightly more ugly best friend starts dating a guy who makes $600k/yr, then she will lose her shit. Her uglier best friend is dating a 9.5. That is why even on the high end, you have guys that are over-extended and breaking their backs just to keep their shit together. Within an elite community where all guys are 9 to 10, if you are only a 9.5, you might as well be a 5 of 10. Once she gets a taste of the high end, her scope changes to a new reference point.

Men tend to look at relationships with a more absolute scale. Most guys don't really care about the difference between a 9 and a 10, because the difference is so small. Anything above a 7 or 8 is good enough (i.e. does she pass the boner test), her character and personality matters a lot more after that break point. In a room full of supermodels, a guy is still pretty happy if he has a 9 on his arms that is loyal and dedicated (even though technically she is the ugliest girl in the room).

30 upvoteskick65 years ago

Relative vs absolute SMV. Interesting concept.

5 upvotesmadgreed5 years ago

It's absolutely applicable.

Just look at something highly visible like pro sports. There are numerous examples of these guys having their wives leave them / cheat on them with teammates who have better contracts or social abilities. Women who literally just risk giving up a "set for life" situation to make a .1% upgrade when they're already in the 99.5th percentile of humanity.

My local NHL team recently had an issue fueling the rumor mill hard where allegedly the new highly paid rookie's girl dropped him for one of the veteran B-/C+ players on the team who probably only had another year or two left in him.

It was a pretty hot topic on sports radio and the blog community for awhile and people seemed to come to the conclusion it was a result of 3 things:

1) The vet was well known in the community as a fun, social guy who did a lot of volunteer work and the city loved him. The rookie was known to be shy, quiet and "weird" despite being a star.

2) The NHL has a (admittedly kind of shitty) pension plan for people who have played >400 games. A hotshot rookie isn't a lock to get that kind of pension. Even though the Vet only made ~1 mill a year pre-tax and union/agent fees, he had that kind of contract for over ten years and as such got a decent pension. He'll be able to collect this while working full time in the future.

3) The vet was objectively a lot better looking in general.

Anyways, here we have 2 professional athletes, one who signed a massive contract but was a stranger in a new city with few friends and allegedly a bit socially awkward.

The other is an old career 3rd line vet, but he put himself out there in the community, was on local TV advertising spots, frequent radio show guest, did charity work etc. You can't get much better social proof without being an A-list celebrity.

Realistically both of these guys are 9+ in absolute SMV, I mean they're fit pro athletes living in a major U.S. city with 7 figure incomes. Relatively though, the "low paid" vet with excellent social skills still has much more SMV than the highly paid, young, socially awkward star rookie.

Got a little carried away there, but figured it was an interesting anecdote and supports some of the theories surrounding the importance of social proof.

1 upvoteskick65 years ago

So if we accept that guys work from a standpoint of absolute SMV, and women are relative...can we combine that with the idea that women live in the moment to maximize or relative SMV to make ourselves 10s?

3 upvotesPlebDestroyer5 years ago

Making 400k /y makes you a 9?

4 upvotesdan_legend5 years ago

I think in his point he was trying to make it does.

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

women look at wallet-size the way men look at the pertness level of boobs.

1 upvotesGlenbert5 years ago

If you're a beta. Alphas don't have this problem.

7 upvotesBlaiseDB5 years ago

Once they hit the wall and drop their SMV expectations to a reasonable level, they hold their new beta boy to a much higher standard of behavior.

5 upvotesGlenbert5 years ago

Once they hit the wall and drop their SMV expectations...

Why do you assume the second half of that statement actually happens?

4 upvoteslike_a_ghost5 years ago

Well, to be fair, I usually compare all the chicks I date to the hottest one I've dated....even though the hottest one I've dated so far was a P.O.S. of a person.

6 upvoteskick65 years ago

happy cake day.

I certainly compare every girl I date to the hottest, but that's not a baseline. That's the difference with women: it's one way. Once they've had an 8, even if it was just for one hour in a parking lot, now every dude thereafter has to be an 8. I'll go up and down the scale depending on a lot of factors. I'm not going to deny myself a 7 simply because 3 years ago I was fucking a 9.

28 upvotesFrogTrainer5 years ago

Chris Rock has a great standup routine about this.

25 upvotesIllimitableMan5 years ago

Got a link buddy? I've probably seen it already but it would help elucidate your point.

31 upvotesrockerfeller_16965 years ago

We really need a stand-up directory in the sidebar. The clips from Chris Rock, Patrice O'Neal, and Bill Burr that are posted here are enlightening

17 upvotesSinisterSwindler5 years ago

TIL i'm not in a loving relationship. Need more trp and improvement, this road is long and worth it.

59 upvotesJ_Ferrara075 years ago

"You know why your woman hates you? Because you weren't her first choice"

11 upvotesNaughtyFred5 years ago

Chris Rock has some very RP routines, check out the alimony segment starting at 2.50

5 upvotesIramohs5 years ago

Isn't this referred to as the Alpha Widow?

3 upvotesWillWorkForLTC5 years ago

That's kind of like revenge on your ex though. All my exes ballooned and never found anyone comparable to me after I broke up with them. Pitiful and sadly hilarious at the same time. I guess I taught then the worst set of expectations they could possibly have for future love interests.

6 upvotesj0hnan0n5 years ago

I taught them the worst set of expectations they could possibly have for future love interests.

This is basically the standard I set for myself in general. I figure they can go after whomever they want, but they're exceedingly unlikely to find someone who provides my quality and depth of affection combined with my animalistic physicality and general mentality.

They might find individual traits in multiple different men, but they'll never duplicate me in one guy, And they understand this on a subconscious level.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I swear if males were made to naturally impregnate eachother and have children etc then women would be extinct in no-time. Bitches ain't nothing but hoes and tricks

-1 upvotesMagnum2565 years ago

Not arguing with the general sentiment but what's wrong with a woman pursuing the best option she can? Most men will do the exact same. Top 20% is 1 in 5, which sounds pretty reasonable to me. If you successfully dated or fucked 8/10s (top 20%) what right would anyone have to criticize your standards and expect you to lower them?

Bottom line is that all humans, man or woman, will pursue the best possible option obtainable by them, and it would not only be absurd but hypocritical to expect them to do otherwise. If you want to become more desirable by women the best thing to do is take steps to make yourself a better person both physically and mentally and not try to bash or bring down their standards.

If you could get with 9s and 10s why would you choose to be with 5s and 6s? That makes no sense.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Most men will do the exact same

Let's say you are out at a bar one night and this supermodel who is a 9.5 / 10 is wasted and you two end up having sex. So for the rest of your life you won't even talk to or go on a date with a woman unless she is above a 9.5 in looks.

The issue here is that obviously a supermodel is not going to want to settle down with you so you spend all of your time rejecting 7s and 8s.

It's like how a heroin user always chases the rush they got from that first high that is impossible to get again

2 upvotesNikolaTeslaMGTOW5 years ago

Bash doesn't mean anything, please don't use that word.

No one thinks or is trying to bring women's standards down, no one here is trying to change women. They are free to do whatever stupid shit they want and then they can pay for it.

The difference is women think that a guy who fucks them will LTR them or marry them, and a guy that LTRs them will marry them, when the guy simply wants sex or a LTR. They automatically assume that cuz a guy puts his dick in them that means he will marry them, see how stupid that is?

The male equivalent is, if a girl accepts you as a beta orbiter, that means she will fuck you. How often is that the case. If I can orbit a 10 but I can only get a 6 (for example) does that mean the 10 wants to fuck me? OF COURSE NOT.

Women are just entitled emotional retards who never think so they ride the CC until they hit the wall and wonder why the alpha guy who fucked their brains out 20 isn't interested anymore. Its almost like sperm has no value and a womb has great value, wierd huh.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This exactly.

Put it this way, imagine if you went out and only gay guys or fat girls hit on you. Would you count it? Would yoy call it a good night?

Fuck no. The difference is instead of complaining you'd go hit the gym and try and better yourself.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If you said that you'd have the social skills of a twelve year old.

We live in a sociopathic world where everyone is a liar snd your words and body language are your weapons. Women have just been practicing this since birth so it's a world they're familiar with.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

We live in a sociopathic world where everyone is a liar

That's a little extreme... plenty of honest people out there.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

They're better liars then you are

1 upvotesbookhockey245 years ago

I hate to admit it, but you're exactly right. The best liar is the guy everybody thinks is a terrible liar.

I'm one of those liars.

5 upvotesWillWorkForLTC5 years ago

Obesity (among other things) is, the vast majority of the time, a symptom of the greatest and most destructive infection to ever affect the first world: complacency.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

ComplacenCy is the side effect of success. Happened to Greece and Rome and all great societies.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Brb changing username to GayGuysandFatChicks

9 upvotesrebuildingMyself5 years ago

This also applies to the feminists shrieking about representation in top tier positions, ignoring all the shit jobs. Those men are invisible drones and will stay that way.

5 upvotesNikolaTeslaMGTOW5 years ago

or 60%+ women in college, but women unrepresented in STEM and not enough female football teams.

25 upvotesenticingasthatmaybe5 years ago

They're asking where all the men are because the Betas aren't even seen as men. They're no different than a couch or a lamp, to be used when needed, to be ignored when not needed.

They aren't even that... Bitches will at least brag on instagram with pics of their sofa or lamp.

14 upvotesjb_trp5 years ago

Do you think there is a growing section of guys who would be dateable to these post-wall women (due to the changes in SMV), but have checked out? (a la MGTOW)

30 upvotesrabblerabble85 years ago

The thing is, when you increase your SMV enough to be visible to women sexually you can then have success with attractive chicks who are still in their 20s. Those post wall women become invisible to you, and are left feeling there are still no "good men" out there.

26 upvotesjb_trp5 years ago

That's a good point. Around the age 30 there is an SMV flip where guys increase and women keep decreasing. Why would I want a used up 33 year old when I can have that young 23 year old just as easily?

21 upvotesdabrah15 years ago

the more I read the red pill, the more I realize that if I keep my head straight and keep moving forward, I have a lot to look forward to in my 30s. I'm 24.

10 upvotesPokeChopSandwiches5 years ago

I'm low 30s. Single with an excellent job and on TRT with a better body than I had at 18. I fucked up at your age and got married, got lucky and it ended peacefully and without asset loss. Don't fall for the pressure your gonna get. You are in the period where women are going to do everything they can to lock you down.

The theoretical talk of SMV flipping is happening in my life daily. I have an excellent ltr at the moment, but there are 3 girls at my gym that I have slow roasting at in case I get bored. I have to be careful, I need to verify one of them is 18, I'm not quite sure. These are girls I see daily and have established rapport and acknowledgment with. We say hi, chat briefly, a few touches here and there just a tiny few sparks to keep them going. They are not interested in men their age, they have convinced themselves they want a mature guy with his shit together. Since all of younger guys don't fit this, and the older guys let their bodies fall to pieces, it naturally rewards me. I also use their jealousy against them, and make sure they see me chatting and talking to my current gf when we go to the gym together. She is a bit older than them, but has a body equal if not better.

This is the ace up the sleeve. What pushed me from a guy they might check out from a distance, to a guy they just end up next to on the treadmill, over and over. This is my trap. I wait patiently for 2-3 of these occurrences before initiating small talk. I make them commit to choosing the treadmill next to mine over the 30 free ones around us several times before rewarding them with acknowledgment. Then I just give them enough attention to kindle the fire every so often.

The SMV flip is real, if you position yourself properly. Keep your body fit is the most important, followed closely by working hard at career advancement. Don't get married and fuck it all up. And realize every year you get older your SMV nudges up. You have to internalize it. It may seem strange or intimidating working on girls a decade younger than you. They can smell this a mile away. Half the attraction is your confidence, your mastery of the world over a guy their age. So you must have the knowledge than you can bed these girls, or walk away without a care.

Some may disagree with me on this last note, but I am a huge proponent of owning a nice car or two. It is the easiest fastest way to project your success and rarity. Guys their age are pulling into the gym in a hand me down Honda, I pull my gym bag out of an S4. Nothing wrong with the Honda obviously, we all start somewhere. But I am not an 18 year old football player with college parties and that social web, just as the 18 year old isn't a successful engineer. Play to your strengths.

1 upvotesdabrah15 years ago

Your story gives me even more hope. I already keep in shape , and my career seems to be off to a good start for my age. Even now , at 24 , I get more attention than when I was 18.

1 upvotesrpscrote5 years ago

But I am not an 18 year old football player with college parties and that social web, just as the 18 year old isn't a successful engineer. Play to your strengths.

this is so key. Like in the Art of War, don't engage where you will lose. Pick your battlefield. The professional 30 year old is going to look like a tryhard chasing his youth at a college beer pong party... Instead, host your own party.

6 upvotesj0hnan0n5 years ago

just as easily

More easily. The 23yo will have had less time to build up the entitlement mindset and trade up to men with traits she'll now consider dealbreakers.

9 upvotesWillWorkForLTC5 years ago

And they never learn. "Ladies, you stopped being a princess years ago and it's downright pitiful you thought you could get by on your looks forever." - Someone I know

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

32 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

This is a defeatist question. You have to understand that when it comes to women, they are looking at four qualities, only one of which is your looks. Those categories are:

  1. "Status" (social proof, do other women want to fuck you?)
  2. "Personality" (i.e., do you have tight game?)
  3. "Looks" (are you "haaaawt"?)
  4. "Money" (money means you have drive and ambition)

Now, this is important to understand, so I'll bold it. Pay attention and read it twice:

A deficiency in any one category can be compensated for by being overly-strong in another category.

This is why fat ugly but super rich guys can fuck young hot women. This is why super "haaawt" men with tight game, but no job who lives with mommy, can also fuck young hot women. It's why women want to fuck the sons of CEOs, movie stars, and pro baseball players, no matter how ugly they are, because those sons have abundant status and money.

Understand? Don't use a deficiency in one category as an excuse to go home and cry into a pillow.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

If you're looking for intellectual stimulation, join a debate club, Toastmasters International, or a male social club. "Intellectually stimulating" women often come pre-packaged with a bitchy know-it-all attitude, and they often skew left/liberal on the political spectrum, which may be fine for you, but is vomit-inducing for me.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Yes. For them social proof + money will fix it short-term. Long-term may be no fix and those men will fuck the 6's.

The desire for good genetics is strongest of all - no matter what bullshit self-help nonsense you read here or anywhere else - and if your height, body-type or face screams "bad DNA" she will NEVER forgive that.

2 upvotesNikolaTeslaMGTOW5 years ago

I don't think any physical attribute, except maybe a gross mutation or deformity (think phantom of the opera) will matter, because intelligence, money, status, etc all matter while looks are not that important. Even things like scars will make your more "manly".

Its like, if a woman had really bad tits or ass, could she not get a top 20% guy? Some guys dont care about ass, some dont care about tits, etc so the whole package would be taken into account unless it was some severe deformity.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

What I see tells the opposite story. Good game can only make up for minor facial deficiencies. Money can only attract the party girls so you'll bring the party and/or pay for her fun drugs/drinks or be her beta-bux.

And ya, if a woman has enough physical problems with tits, face and ass she will never get that 20% guy because enough women are hotter he'll never get through them all before it's her turn.

19 upvotesFLFTW165 years ago

I think we categorize women in the same way. A young, sexy woman is what we notice and look at. She's the first person you notice in a crowd. Fat women, old women, a woman with a fugly face--all invisible. When you walk down the street pay attention to where your eyes naturally fall. You notice the young, sexy beautiful women. You want her. You also notice the young strapping jacked men. You want to be him/you are sizing him up as your competition. Men are always evaluating fuckables and competition (threats). All others are invisible or a slight curiosity.

The reason why men don't ask "Where have all the good women gone?" is because there are fresh 18 year olds every. single. day. But for women, they can only look up to older men. As that cohort commits, drops out, dies, or expats to Thailand, their options are steadily decreasing and their competition from those fresh perky 18 year olds is only ever increasing.

6 upvotesflexiblehold5 years ago

Betas are not necessarily invisible, and sometimes they are seen as sexual objects. I'll give you a quick anecdote...

When I was younger and full beta, around age 24, I was out with some friends having drinks when a 34-year old HB7/8 approached me and, well, hit on me, though I didn't realize then that that's what was happening. Decent conversation, no heavy flirting from my end or anything, and I just left the bar. Outside having a smoke and b.s.'ing with the boys, an older guy comes out and pulls me aside, "Hey man," he says, "what the fuck is wrong with you?" Like an uncle/mentor, "that woman wants your nuts, she's all yours if you want her, man."

I then proceed to make my first genuine, if quasi-alpha move, by proposing to her (and another woman!) that we go have drinks somewhere else, and she took the three of us back to her place. (If this happened now I'd be leveraging hard for the threesome, probably could have happened then if I knew what the fuck I was doing).

We have a couple drinks, do some drugs, the other chick leaves, and I move in for the kiss and end up fucking this woman in what would have been my first one-night stand...if it weren't for the beta in me that left me hanging around for another couple months of heavy fucking (which was awesome for me at the time).

She confessed that what attracted her to me was precisely my innocence, that I was gentle and sweet, blahblah, and while I acknowledge at this very moment that those are not characteristics that sustain attraction, they can be very powerful for certain women at the right time, in this case to a post-wall 7/8 who was recently divorced and needed some young, safe rebound cock.

16 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Well, not for anything, 34 year old women are literally on their last gasps of Wall Slam agony. When women are single and they turn 35, it's literally full on panic mode.

Game required for a 35 year old woman: "Hi."

2 upvotesflexiblehold5 years ago

True, except you're missing my point. We are doing ourselves a disservice when we oversimplify what it is that makes men attractive to women -- sometimes being beta is attractive to women if you catch them at the right time, in the right situation.

This particular woman would not have gone home with an alpha at that time in her life, she was reeling from a divorce and specifically set out to find a beta -- and not a provider beta -- just a non-threatening, naive/innocent young man. It's not always as simple as "betas are invisible."

-1 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

I disagree completely. I think the woman was reeling from a divorce and 35, and would have gone home with the first man that was available and attractive to her, alpha or beta be damned. You said yourself that you weren't gaming her, really, in the slightest, that she was doing the hitting on you, with no flirting on your end. She made up her mind before she said word number one to you that she wanted to fuck you. In a situation like that one, you don't need any game at all, you just need to not fuck it up.

When it comes to a 35 year old divorced woman, you could have almost been deaf and blind, and she'd still ride your dick. She already cashed her chips on the man she just divorced, comes to realize that now she's 35 and not 22 anymore, and full on panic mode sets in. That's why these women are easier to ride than the Go Karts at Disney World.

0 upvotesflexiblehold5 years ago

I disagree completely with you, or better yet, you are making my point for me:

I think the woman was reeling from a divorce and 35, and would have gone home with the first man that was available and attractive to her, *alpha or beta be damned

My beta-ness did not make me invisible to her, it made me more visible and attractive to her. That's my point. And she was being hit on at the bar by alphas -- I stood out to her precisely because I was beta (and of course, that I was dreadfully, boyishly handsome helped, too).

Happy to see you agree with me that betas are not necessarily invisible to women.

1 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Betas are indeed invisible to pre wall women. Once they are post wall, a whole lot of men become eligible to her.

Let me know the next time a 23 year old HB9 walks up to you the same way this 34 year old did, and acts the same way.

2 upvotesthedeathofgod5 years ago

I spent a good while trying to pronounce"haaawt" in my head

4 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Just picture how some 19 year old, air-headed bimbo would talk about Channing Tatum during a slumber party with her girlfriends, while she twirls her hair and pops bubble gum.

-1 upvotesBANKBILLS5 years ago

this sub is making me hate women, but it's so fucking true.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

hate-fuck: there's a game for that.

53 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is why you need to always maximize your demographics.

The same girl who wouldn't even Like you on Tinder will be at a dive bar on a Thursday night where there is no male competition.

56 upvotesRPSigmaStigma5 years ago

Reason #246 why online dating is a waste of time.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

12 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

I do day game, online gets me some once in awhile, bars are mostly useless, but getting a date for when she gets off work is easy.

1 upvotesBlackHeart895 years ago

I need help with this day game thing. I guess it won't work if you have approach anxiety. Smh

1 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

If they could fire RPGs at you rather than at most say "no" then approach anxiety would be valid. Shit, doesn't even hurt to be turned down compared to getting hurt doing something fun like skateboarding.

1 upvotesBlackHeart895 years ago

I guess it would be categorized as a phobia then. Because it is definitely irrational as fuck. I don't even understand it myself.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

15 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

I lose my presence online, they don't hear my voice, see my posture, or feel my intimidating persona. If they see my age, it shuts out my entire target demographic, eeew creepy old guy. Yet in person I get the most ioi from 20 somethings. Last week the young nurses I had for surgery were all giggles and shit, one was desperately trying to get me to hit on her. I lose that online, so I mostly don't bother.

5 upvotesvandaalen5 years ago

Exactly my experience.

Even post-walls will usually have a very narrow window like maximally three to four years above their age and you'll get filtered by their search options, while in reality I usually get estimated ten years younger, than I really am and constantly get IOIs by twenty somethings.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

CH had a good post about the age gap online; put down 28 or whatever as your age and later on when it comes up say something like "I had to lower it because I had older women messaging me, like I want any of that"

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I go the Tinder -> Snapchat -> Meetup route. My body is pretty good though, so I wouldn't try it without one.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesdisposable_pants5 years ago

Another point about the "Hey, how's it going" opener or anything else similarly simple: Women know if they want to talk to you before you even say anything, and everything you could do in person to overcome their initial read (posture, smile, confidence, social proof, clothing, etc.) is out the window online.

The most effective opening lines I've used online are a step beyond "Hey" -- that's boring and puts the onus on them to say something meaningful in response -- but still uncomplicated. Something as simple as "Hey, did you survive the snowpocalypse this weekend?" has a little humor and gives her an easy avenue to continue the conversation. Anything longer can have a more complicated interpretation and takes too much of your time.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This goes double for online dating.

13 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

If you're reasonably attractive it's actually a fantastic time saver. It's actually easier to screw up with a girl in a live group setting than it is with a strong online profile.

It's like ordering pussy off of Amazon.

3 upvotesdisposable_pants5 years ago

It's actually easier to screw up with a girl in a live group setting

To expand on this, online dating:

  • Gives you more control over the eventual in-person interaction. When you meet it's one-on-one likely in a place of your choosing; there are no group dynamics (unless you want there to be), you get to pick a place you like instead of going where bar girls are, you can go somewhere close to her or your place, and you can figure out other places nearby if you want to change locations or need a backup.
  • Lowers her bitch shield. Any woman you cold approach likely has been hit on a dozen times that day before you even saw her. The barrier she puts up to deflect all that isn't present in a pre-arranged meeting.
  • Mostly eliminates external reasons that can complicate an approach. A woman you're cold approaching could have friends/coworkers that she's unusually conservative in front of, a boyfriend who's home that night, an overwhelming work/personal problem that's fucking with her, hell, she could be on her period. If an online conversation turns into a meeting she's going to take care of most of that beforehand.

On top of all of this you've established some level of rapport -- she likes you enough to meet you in person -- so a few initial missteps can be overcome. With that sort of flexibility you can use more risky humor or push harder for the close later before it comes back to bite you.

5 upvotesRPSigmaStigma5 years ago

Maybe it depends on what area you're in. I actually get a lot of matches with DTF chicks in the city a hour away from me and almost none where I live. Also, congrats on being attractive.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I think online dating has its place, especially when you consider that once you have a profile set up it has the potential to produce a zero-effort lead for you. The best part about online dating is that it allows you to scale the numbers game. A 1% hit rate online can yield more leads than a 20% hit rate at the bar.

45 upvotesmister_barfly755 years ago

The biggest difference between the genders is the way we're being brought up.

Born a girl? You're a Disney princess and you shouldn't settle for anything less than a Disney Prince.

Born a guy? Life's a bitch so you should settle for one.

Then, year 30 hits. Women want to settle for providers, but yearn for AF on the side, while the smart men who have spent the last XX number of years getting ignored have earnt enough to be confident enough to get into the panties of girls half their age while the women who ignored them are now complaining about that there's no nice guys out there anymore.

45 upvotesSwissPablo5 years ago

Since taking TRP the way women don't look at me twice highlights how much work I need to do. It used to make me try harder, but now I know I need to try harder on myself, not the women. That's the only way they'll notice.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Really the most fundamental truth of trp imo, straight from stoic philosophy, that the path to happiness is not to rail against things beyond your control, like other people's desires and Lady Luck, but to adapt what you can control, yourself.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I am a sailor and this quote I always liked:

"A pessimist curses the wind. An optimists expects it to change. A realist adjusts the sails."

45 upvotesSpinPlates5 years ago

I used to bartend in a sports bar where I was the only male employee. I had mutual friends with the owner and he wanted to mix it up a little bit and get a male in there to kind of balance the staff out. He was having problems with factions and the all girl staff splitting into cliques that hated each other.

This was in early 2012, I was already pretty red pilled but working at that bar with an all female staff really taught me a lot about women. And one my favorites is you can only be creepy if you're unattractive. And if you're unattractive and not creepy, you're invisible.

I've had conversations like this with my coworkers.

"Ew, this guy is so creepy!"

"How so?"

"He's just trying to talk to me, ugh, he's NOT cute!"

Meanwhile they lay their tits on the bartop in front of 60 year old guys and flit with them hard because they know hes got money.

129 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

Rollo's invisible people article hits true here. I have an OKcupid and Tinder account and I get TONS of interest from fatties. Like seriously exclusively fatties. I dont even count them as people at this point. Of course I dont respond either. But it's crazy how being overweight basicaly destroys your chances with most guys. even a ugly girl with a sexy body gets attention from me lol! but if your fat, no fucking chance.

Now lets make this comparison.

Women Fatties = Beta guys

And all the sudden you see why hot girls dont even fucking consider beta guys. It's almost insulting that a beta guy hits on her, the same way i feel a bit insulted when some 300lbs chick thinks she can chat me up.

BUT the same way that a beta guy can work on self improvement and grow a pair of balls, a fatty can lose weight. I would gladly fuck a fit girl. the same way most women will gladly fuck a non beta alpha guy. he doesn't have to even be Chaddington Thundercock, just a bit of game, style, and confidence and you're in.

Girls: dont be fat, look your best!

Guys: dont be beta pussies, get style, game, and grow a pair.

and the world will be a better place.

55 upvotesZachar1a5 years ago

Chaddington. I didn't know his full name.

43 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

Chaddington is Chads Ivy League educated equivalent. at 6'3 He's #1 in the most popular frat at Harvard and rows for their rowing team. He's also great at Rugby

50 upvotesDRMMR765 years ago

And don't forget, he's starting out at six figures at his dad's firm right after graduation.

17 upvotesShagggyDog5 years ago

And he came up with the idea for Facebook with his twin brother, until a nerd stole the idea and made billions.

14 upvotesOccamsRaiser5 years ago

I bet Chad also doesn't feel the need to identify himself as "alpha," because the most alpha thing you can do is not give a shit whether or not other people consider you alpha.

2 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

I agree with this completely.

7 upvotesnrjk5 years ago

...and has a thundercock.

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I agree. I don't understand why fatter women start pulling the "misogynist" card when you are not interested in them or even repulsed by them. It's not weird if you are a fucking whale. Those fatties would probably not date a fat guy either, they want the best. If you want the best, you gotta do something for it.

43 upvotesMetalgear2225 years ago

When you have music on the radio that beats women over the head with "Don't worry about your size" and "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top" I could see how this card is easily and often pulled lol.

6 upvotesWillWorkForLTC5 years ago

The music should be saying 'love yourself for your qualities and accomplishments and 'no one is perfect, but at least fucking try for Christ's sake!'

3 upvotesrpscrote5 years ago

or "Jesus fucking christ, is that your second box of twinkies"

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Ya. A reference at work got me to look up "all about the bass" and half way through I turned it off. I will not tolerate fat-acceptance in any form.

21 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

They want the world to change so it fits them, because changing yourself to better fit the world is hard and takes effort. It's plainly obvious they want the least effort possible.

9 upvotesOverkillengine5 years ago

Otherwise they likely would not be fat in the first place!

7 upvotesWillWorkForLTC5 years ago

They're brought up thinking that body size is not a reflection of diet and lifestyle because everyone is beautiful. Meanwhile women and men alike are at increased risk of and currently dying of obesity related illnesses: cancer, cardiovascular, degenerative disorders, diabetes etc.

But you're all beautiful at 300lbs don't change a thing. Except for men of course. Get in shape men. Embrace the double standard...

1 upvotesBlackHeart895 years ago

I've had women get pissed and call me shallow because I don't low big girls. Crazy...

1 upvotesanonlymouse5 years ago

Yeah, they've complained even that no attractive guys hit on them.

10 upvotesTW_RPAwake5 years ago

Agree with most of your post with one exception -

Guys dont get insulted when a low SMV woman approaches us. She is not immediately "Creepy" or insulting. We dont question our own worth based on the approach. Furthermore, most men dont act indignant/insulting to such a person if they are sincere and not a bitch.

The same cannot be said for women approached by betas.

3 upvotesHappyhappyjoyjoy1235 years ago

Have you ever seen a "fatty" actually transform herself?

2 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

off the top of my head, no. I guess its pretty rare!

1 upvotesHappyhappyjoyjoy1235 years ago

I was just chatting about this with a buddy and his sister chimed in with this example


His sister said she knows of many who have transformed but I guess the ones she knows IRL don't have blogs.

11 upvotesdabrah15 years ago

My brothers dating strategy is to go to the gym, find all the fat girls on tread mills, and hit on them, get thier number, etc. Odds are that at least one of them will end up loving cardio and become hot in a matter of months. Which is when my bro swoops in and plates them. I'm interested to see whether it works or not.

17 upvotesepixs5 years ago

Strong venture capitalist outlook on plating

5 upvotesMIchonne5 years ago

Your brother is a genius.

1 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

this seems like way to much hassle to even bother with. I rather just hit on the chicks that are already hotties.

1 upvotesBlackHeart895 years ago

That shit doesn't work. I've had fatties come up to me hoping to fuck. Their opening lining is always something like "I've been trying to get to the gym, but don't have anyone to go with me".

I use to take them seriously. Long story short, they never intend on going to the gym.

3 upvotesgrewapair5 years ago

Guys: dont be beta pussies, get style, game, and grow a pair.

I agree with this whole-hardedly.

1 upvotesapachemd5 years ago

I too get a lotta fatties showing interest in me (I am fit, not fat). I have considered adding "No fatties please" or maybe a more diplomatic "Only slim and athletic body types only please" or "15% body fat or below only please" to my Tinder profile. Thoughts?

2 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

I think that's too douchy and will work against you. I thought about it too. In terms of game, shallowness is not good.

1 upvotesapachemd5 years ago

What about when you get a match with a girl who doesn't have any full body shots? Do you A. Assume she's a fattie and Unmatch her, or B. Ask her for a full length pic and/or her height and weight? I ask this b/c on valentine's day (I forgot it was valentine's day) I met up with a 24yo tinder chick I'd matched with at a local park for a walk. Her pics (all face and high upper body shots) were solid. I did not do A or B above, but since she said she went to the gym and liked the outdoors on her profile, and she's pretty young, I assumed she would be thin/fit. Boy was I wrong. She was 5'1" and 145lbs! (I asked her.) To top it off, this park which is usually pretty empty was chalk full of valentine's couples and hotties. And here I am trudging around with this land whale. I was polite to her and we walked the friggin 3 miles, but man oh man was that the walk of shame! Never again.

1 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

if the convo is going well I will straight up ask how much she weighs. but I dont usually do that immediately.

1 upvotesapachemd5 years ago

How do they usually respond/react to that? I would think that the thin chicks would laugh it off and tell you their weight (because they know it is important and that is why they are thin), and the fat chicks would get defensive and ask "Are you all about looks!??" which would reveal them to be fat. Is this your experience?

1 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

I only asked one chick and she flat out told me, no problems. but i usually dont waste my time and effort with girls that dont have any body shots.

1 upvotesBlackHeart895 years ago

I agree. But as a guy, I don't ignore the fact that fatties hit me up. Though if she is 300 lbs, I do get insulted. Like, bitch. Look at me, now look at you. Are you serious right now? I'll entertain her just in case she's hoping I let her give me head. But then I'll second guess letting her get in my car ever since this chick's (big) little sister got in my back seat knocked off the rubber lining in the doorway... Haven't had a big chick in my car since.

1 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left5 years ago

i'm just scared shitless of anyone seeing me with a fat chick LOL!

that and I have zero attraction towards them.

1 upvotesBlackHeart895 years ago

Lol I have a acquaintance that says to me one day, "Man, I keeps me a fat chick on deck. They keep yo tank full, food in your stomach, and give you money". Lmao He was of course a felon didn't do much except smoke weed and get in trouble. But still, funny guy. He was dead serious btw.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

After they turn 30 they start noticing like a motherfucker.

They start noticing you have good job, dress well and drive a nice car.

They start noticing you have a really nice place to live, a motorcycle or a boat.

They start noticing those pics of you hanging out with your buddies on facecrack having all kinds of fun going to Vegas, drinking at a playoff football game or vacationing in the Bahamas.

They start noticing you don't have a ring on or have too much (or any at all) baggage.

When the radar is tuned up at 22 years old for Alpha fucks they only at best see 1 guy out of 5.

But that shit switches up at 30 (at the latest) and they start looking for Beta man.

However, before you get all fucked up in the brain wanting to run naked in streets after the honeypot take a good look at Michael's Story in the sidebar ----->

Don't be mad at them for being who they are, just realize the truth.

My father use to quote the great Dizzy Dean to me when I was growing up. He said... Everybody for dey selves son...

And women are no different. They know the alpha dude will fuck them when they're 22 - so they fuck the alpha dude. They know the beta man will kiss their ass when they turn 30 - so they let the beta man kiss their ass. If you had life on easy mode you would punch in the cheat codes too. Cheaters do prosper as the old saying goes.

And yes they will whine about how hard they have it the entire time they are getting their way. It's just how women are.

You have a choice...

You can be miserable thinking how fucking raw of deal you've been dealt, or....

You can look inward for the answer to your unhappiness.

If you think about how unfair it is women get to complain about having it so rough while everyone bends over backwards for them, then you will wig the fuck out eventually being driven mad by the mass of intellectual dishonesty and utter lack of self awareness everyone in society collectively has. The more you think about it the more you'll go nuts. It's completely fucked up - laughably so.

8 years ago I was homeless in the street, estranged from my children, fleeced of everything I owned, 43% of income garnished, $50K in debt.... My ex wife got the house, the kids and the money AND EVERYONE FELT SORRY FOR HER... This is the bizarro fucking world we live in.

Fast forward to today, I'm trolling SJWs on twitter with pics of my bimmer and my beautiful pool and waterway in my patio and backyard with them salty because of my "privilege". I'm having a blast. Fuck those crybaby bitches.

Why? I stopped worrying about stupid cunts and their vapid selfish bullshit. I finally figured out that there's only one way I'm going to get by in this world - and that's to focus on WTF I need to do.

I'm like Kevin Costner in the field of dreams. If you build it they will come. A wise man told me that respect is something you give yourself. You have to set yourself up first and foremost with a plan and a conviction to carry it out. You have to draw the hard line and know when to deploy dread. You have to be able to chuckle, shrug and not sweat shit as you leave it behind.

The short simple answer with women is you have live it on your terms. Not every man has the same terms, but every man has to make sure shit is setup on his terms. You don't have to be a dick, just don't be a shit tested-out doormat.

Value yourself. Value your emotional state. Value your happiness.

Because ultimately, nobody else will.

Maybe your time isn't now. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Just make sure that whenever your time comes, you don't act like a fucking sucker.

The has been a Red Pill PSA...

Good luck out there gentlemen.

1 upvotesKilleurkilleur5 years ago


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Its a total narcissism addiction for people.

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Women logic:

"No one ever hits on me!"

"Why do people hit on me?!"

Sorry men, we can't win against that logic unless we just walk away and hit on the next good looking lonely woman who will appreciate the fact that we think she is pretty.

13 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

Pretty is good, but I've had to lower my standards to someone who only smokes a little weed rather than popping pills and shooting or snorting shit. A relatively attractive non addictis asking a lot.

11 upvoteswidec5 years ago

Good, if you date a drug addict your competing with their addiction, and you know who wins out in that one. Nothing wrong with a little weed, I find my sativas get girls pretty horny.

7 upvotesPotatosAreDelicious5 years ago

Doing hard drugs occasionally doesn't automatically make you an addict.

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

did needles 10 years. Literally every single time it made them addicts.

Most girls I saw go from "I'm curious" to "I'm a hooker" within about 20 days.

2 upvotesPotatosAreDelicious5 years ago

Most people that get to the point of injecting themselves are already addicted and just want a stronger high.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Nope. We're talking first-time ever. Literally never tried the drug at all much less with the needle.

1 upvoteswidec5 years ago

That's true, but chipping can lead you down a bad road fast. A chipper would be able to hide it in the first place though, so you wouldn't even know in that case.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

Near impossible to find girls not using. It's not a high standard, but damn if they don't fail it all the fucking time.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Where the fuck do you live? Not incredulous just shocked.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours5 years ago

The far northern reaches of Michigan. If it's not meth, it's Rx like Aderal, and if not that it's heroin. The local girls are shit, so I tend to fuck the freshman girls at the university.

6 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Over a certain age, they're all popping anti-depressants to suppress a decade and a half of riding the cock carousel and giving away their pussies and getting rejected for commitment. You can tell from the "Thousand Cock Stare".

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Thankfully it's better where I live. If I was in Toronto or Vancouver it would probably be game over on that count.

22 upvotesObio15 years ago

Oh it's much worse than that. In the minds of many women I know, that "invisible" guy didn't just approach her: He harassed her.

I hear this constantly: "Why do these loser guys think that just because a woman is in a bar that it's okay to harass her?" (Translation: She loathes men that she perceives to be beneath her SMV). The reality of course is that they're in the bar hoping that men who are above her SMV approach her.

And the more unfortunate reality is this: She almost certainly overestimates her own SMV. Why? Because it's incredibly easy for women to sleep above their SMV. Getting laid for an average woman -- even by Chad Thundercock -- is not particularly difficult.

The hamstering begins when they translate that "ease" with which they got laid as being a sign of a high personal SMV. They can't explain the disconnect between the ease with which they got "Chad" to come home with them, and the fact that "Chad" is gone in the morning --but never mind those little details.

In America and Europe you'll find millions of utterly average, overweight and generally unattractive women who believe that they are in the top 5%, because last week "Chad" came all over their tits and "had to leave" afterwards. It's women like this who believe "men never hit on them" because they discount all the men that are not within their 'fantasy range' -- and they're misinterpreting their own sexual history as being relatively "successful". The reality is they've always been playthings.

In another 4 years they'll be posting stupid shit like, "Where have all the good guys gone?"

Newsflash, Princess: You never had 'em.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"Why do these loser guys think that just because a woman is in a bar that it's okay to harass her?" (Translation: She loathes men that she perceives to be beneath her SMV).

I heard the exact same rant from a girl who had gone clubbing with a friend & I had empathized with her. In my pre-redpill era I used to be a beta orbiter for a girl I had feelings for . She is currently 35 & not married ; she claims to be a spinster & would never marry . Since I swallowed the red pill its been 2 months I have gone full no contact with her .

If I do get invited to hang around with her I am going to escalate like no tomorrow. Zero fucks will be given that day.

Edit : Typo

17 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

"Guys never hit on me" by good looking women just means they're oblivious to all the low quality beta types that do in fact hit on them, or she's got selective memory. The hot guys, they don't hit on her as often as she likes, and those are the ones she's remembering. Everyone else is invisible.

1 upvotesRoshambo_USMC5 years ago

Good ol' confirmation bias at work. Not the only logical fallacy you can easily recognize when paying attention to them.

29 upvotesDiomedes115 years ago

Pretty much this. Women only count the males who are attractive as men, that's why women claim that there are no good men left.

Good men = Cristiano Ronaldo clones with his wallet.

To the vast majority of women, average-looking males are either wallets to depend on when the need arises, or they are potential rapists(that's why they treat average men like creeps for trying to get laid, but if a good-looking man calls 'em hoes they giggle).

I'm in awe at the capacity the blue pillers have to rationalize all this and to still insist in pursuing women. They've never known any appreciation from women, they've never known what it is to be sexually desired by women: they think its normal to be sexually invisible until cupcake is 30 and wants to breed, then its time to wallet-up, sucker.

PS: I've seen many, many times how cold, evil and how they lack respect for their beta bucks, and I've seen how women are when they are near an Alpha. Damn, its like, what I suspect would happen if for a whole week the sun didn't show up, and then suddenly it shows all of its glory.

46 upvotesNeopolitanAfterglow5 years ago

To be fair, I do the same thing. When a 300lb woman with piercings approaches me, I try to banish it from my memory. I can count on one hand the number of times a HB7 or 8 has hit on me.

The problem is that the average woman at a club is a fattie. The average dude at a club is athletic.

31 upvotesFurrealyo5 years ago

Wait until you are 40 and the average dude is fat too.

  • 1) Be male
  • 2) Be 40+
  • 3) Be in shape
  • 4) Profit!

It's seriously that easy.

46 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

Only problem is that the women are 40+ too, and who wants that? ;)

22 upvotesFriggen_throwaway5 years ago

I agree. As a guy approaching 40 and just getting out of a marriage, i am worried that is all I can get. Young guys have a fantasy of fucking a MILF but that's what i have been doing for the last 10 years. I want a hot, tight 25 y/o but fuck if I know how that will pan out.

18 upvotesBluepillProfessor5 years ago

Approach frequently and read the girls. They will let you know IMMEDIATELY if they are creeped out or are receptive to an older guy. It is probably about 2/3 creeped out, 1/3 curious. It you want a 25 y/o hottie then fucking go for it and be indefatigable.

16 upvotesFriggen_throwaway5 years ago

Oh trust me I will. I am in monk mode right now trying to better myself from being in a bluepill marriage for 10 years. I have zero interest in fucking any more post wall chicks. I'd rather go without than do that. There are a lot of decent wall-approaching and post-wall ones but i don't want to be a daddy to their kids. I have my own. Call it selfish but I am going to finally get what i want in life. I am done living it for others.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesHappyhappyjoyjoy1235 years ago

How do you manage that with kids?

13 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago


in·de·fat·i·ga·ble ˌindəˈfadəɡəb(ə)l/ adjective adjective: indefatigable

(of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly. "an indefatigable defender of human rights" synonyms:   tireless, untiring, unflagging, unwearied 


1 upvotesLoveOfThreeLemons5 years ago

Tnat word's always seemed as stupid to me as "irregardless". It should be either infatigable or defatigable.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

My 23 year old roommate is fucking a 39 year old guy that she met on couchsurfing

Just find a girl with daddy issues

5 upvotesDRMMR765 years ago

Not so, I'm 31 and one of my plates is an 18yo high school senior. You can be a much much older guy, and if you're SMV is still high, pulling girls in their early 20s is still easy.

3 upvotesbsutansalt5 years ago

The way he put it, it sounded like he's scoring with the women his age because they're post-wall and the other guys his age are all out of shape slobs.

8 upvoteszpatriarchy5 years ago

we don't bang girls our own age. actually, no man should be banging a girl his own age.

10 upvotesGregariousWolf5 years ago

A man is only as old as the woman he feels. -Groucho Marx

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

25 year old guy shouldn't fuck 25 year old girls?

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Not if he's regularly smashing 19 year olds.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Why would you want to? That's at least 5 more years of baggage than necessary.

10 upvotesmetalhead45 years ago

24 here fucking a 19 year old. Tight tight tight!

0 upvotesdisposable_pants5 years ago

Plenty of reasons:

  • For a plate/LTR those extra years of life experience make the average woman infinitely more interesting. Having someone to fuck is nice; having someone to fuck who also can hold a halfway interesting conversation is better.
  • Half a decade more of sexual experience -- not necessarily sleeping with everyone she meets, but maybe having had one or two LTRs up to that point -- also makes a world of difference.
  • You can take her to a bar without her needing a fake ID.
  • The 25-year-old is more likely to be into the same stuff you are. Even if your SMV isn't the highest it's easier to keep her attracted if you're good at/knowledgeable about the stuff she's interested in.
  • Fewer strange looks from family/friends/coworkers. Whatever value you place on this personally having a plate/LTR of a similar age who you can take to a work/family/social function is useful.

While the older woman will tend to have more baggage that's relatively easy to avoid in anything outside of a LTR, and it's even easier to move on if the cost of dealing with it outweighs the benefits.

1 upvotesChairBorneMGTOW5 years ago

^ Yep. It's crazy how easy it gets at 40 or older, but you have complications that go along with it. 40+ year old dudes to keep an eye on broads (usually lat 20s-early 30s) dangling the cookie in front of them and then snatching it away demanding commitment first.

21 upvotesYourSonsAMoron5 years ago

Yup. Women's standards are MUCH higher. They're all princesses who deserve the alpha. I'm the best looking, most charming guy most places I go. Sometimes I'm not. When I'm not THE ABSOLUTE NUMBER ONE OPTION in the area, I don't exist to these girls.

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Except when she's drunk / horny, then suddenly her standards drop a shit-ton.

11 upvotesHilarious_Haplogroup5 years ago

File this phenomenon under "I deserve someone far better than I could ever be reasonably expected to attract." These women will settle for some schlubby beta years later, or wind up owning 12 cats. Work on your own game with diligence and patience, and you'll do well.

17 upvotesbinrobinro5 years ago

"What about that guy who was buying you drinks?"

Guys are still such suckers.

7 upvotesTheRedPilsner5 years ago

"Eww, that guy was gross. That doesn't count."

Women are the same way when it comes to listing their sexual partners. If a woman has regrets about sleeping with a guy (i.e. he was a complete beta and she only slept with him because she was drunk, desperate, or lonely) she will decide that he "doesn't count" and exclude him from the final number.

5 upvotesgreatmikeshark5 years ago

translation. Guys that I want never hit on me.

7 upvotesYaBoiTibzz5 years ago

The delicious irony is when those same women whine about how evil and wrong catcalling is. Then they go out to a bar and complain that no guys will approach them. They don't even realize the hypocrisy. It's delicious.

9 upvotesmetallica115 years ago

I challenge everyone here with a plate/gf/whatever to take their plate out to a crowded bar with over 100 people in in it and ask them "honestly, are their any attractive men here?". I have done this with my previous girlfriends and every situation, they said "wow, there like no attractive men here, maybe that guy over there (6'2" tall muscular jock), or that guy over there (sharp looking man in business suit)". It will blow your mind really how little percentage of men they find attractive.

Just another example of how most women fail to recognize the blatantly obvious faulty logic behind their emotional-fueled statements, which then they internalize as them being the victim (because it could never be her fault right?), and feel the need to cry to the world about their horrific horrific crippling problem of never getting (alpha top 10% guys) to attract them.

9 upvotesHeavyMetalJoe915 years ago

"Guys never hit on me"

Translation - "The guys I want to hit on me never hit on me."

9 upvotesDavidTIntellectual5 years ago

So make sure you're above average or set your sights on females that aren't as entitled as Westerners (Asians and Eastern Europeans)

3 upvoteschrisindub5 years ago

This is old news. It boils down to your physical attractiveness.....until you take solid game into account.

Haven't you guys opened a set where their initial response was to look at you like, "take off jerk," but then ended up a few minutes later getting IOIs from more than one girl in the group.

This is exactly what TRP is about, learning how to make a girl attracted to you by demonstrating your social value when she would otherwise not notice you solely on physical appearance.

0 upvotes0vercast5 years ago

Damn good post, but I must ask, what is an IOI?

3 upvoteschrisindub5 years ago

Indication of interest. Its like the poker "tell" of attraction. When a girl starts running her fingers through her hair, makes physical contact with you, puppy dog eyes, etc....

Sometimes you can force IOIs by creating tension, looking very quickly from right eye, to left eye, to her nose, then back to her right eye for example. Making triangles really fast, with your eyes, over and over while not saying anything. Raises tension. Makes it seem like things are intensified for them.

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

problem: girls have learned to use flirting & IOIs just to get their way while intending nothing genuine at all, not even attraction.

3 upvotescarnage_panda5 years ago

Well, guys don't hit on me either, and you don't see me crying about it.

3 upvotessnyderkurva5 years ago

Uh, whenever I hear stories like this one, I always think why you guys even hang out with these cunts. They are so full of shit it is coming out of their ears.

5 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte5 years ago

Used to get annoyed by this but gotta turn the tables the redpill way.

Me: "I can never find a decent woman to date nowadays"

"But Nabroleon, what about that one chick from the bar that you tongue wrestled or that plate you've been spinning?"

Me: "Eww those don't count!"

6 upvotesalisonstone5 years ago

And those guys that "don't count" are usually above average. There is a selection bias to be a guy in a bar/club in the first place. The bottom half of guys usually don't go (as there is very little point for them to do so) or they don't have the courage to ask (because they know they are going to get rejected).

10 upvotesHoodwink5 years ago

And those guys that "don't count" are usually above average.

I think this is an important point. But, it's also important to note the top league of women aren't in bars usually. You've got a lot of girls with make-up skills and masculine or horse-face features.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

sounds like "I'm entitled and I don't deserve someone to love me"

and that's exactly what's going to happen.

5 upvotesLadyLumen5 years ago

Seems like attractive women complain about this the most. In fact, when I went to the thread "amiugly," where people submit pictures of themselves to see if they are ugly, like 90% of the posters were smokin hot, some hot dudes, but mostly hot chicks.

The reality is that women who are actually ugly don't complain about this kind of stuff because they feel embarrassed by their looks, and their lack of attention. Attractive women complain to get attention and validation.

So I think when people complain about this kind of stuff, the best thing is to either ignore them or reply, "maybe it's because you complain too much."

1 upvotesKilleurkilleur5 years ago

Yeah...i was wondering the same thing .practically 90% of the people who post in rateme are good looking...im still waiting to see a really ugly chick in that subreddit

1 upvotesLadyLumen5 years ago

Agreed. I think the only actual ugly people who post are dudes. I think it's helpful though for the ugly people because the commenters tell them honestly what they should do to improve their appearance (get a new hairstyle, stop wearing those dorky glasses, lose some weight, etc.)

I guess ugly women already know they are ugly so they don't need any confirmation. As a woman it's pretty easy to figure out, based on the lack of people who hit on or notice you.

Whereas for a guy it's probably more tricky, because 90% of guys don't get hit on by women on a regular basis anyways - so there are smokin hot dudes out there who think that they are ugly simply because women aren't hitting on them. This is because most places in the world have a culture where men are the ones who do the pursuing and women are the ones being pursued, and even in our "egalitarian" time people still expect that.

1 upvotesLadyLumen5 years ago

In fact, one day I was hanging out with one of my super hot female friends. We were sitting down eating lunch together and she was complaining about how ugly she was. Literally 10 minutes before we sat down two guys were whistling at her and giving her compliments. I pointed this out. She shrugged it off and said, "oh that doesn't count."

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

There are enough women who don't say "ewwww" about friendly but ugly guys hitting on them, but give them the courtesy of basic human respect. Those are the girls you want to hang out with, not with those shallow bitches.

6 upvoteskick65 years ago

They may not say eww in the moment, but if you're below their SMV threshold, you still don't exist. That's all bitches not just your mythical shallow ones.

6 upvotesdicklord_airplane5 years ago

truly, girls like the one in this post should only be kept around as an ongoing case study into the mind of a shitty woman. it's good to learn about them because you'll have to deal with them at some point in your daily life.

on a side note, i can't think of anything more unattractive than an adult woman saying something like "ewwwwww he's gross."

2 upvotesLightspeedius5 years ago

You might as well not be human if you're average.

I agree. Why would you settle for being average? Being human is an exceptional thing, celebrate that. I'm certainly not interested in anyone who is acutely aware of (and thus projects) their averageness.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

if you are socially savvy you wont make a social faux pas and get the 'fuck off loser'. Just go out with the bros have a laugh as you're playing pool and women will want some of your good vibes. If you catch them checking you out then you know its on.

2 upvotesDev_on5 years ago


And why are you sitting there while your 'friends' are bitching about their lovelifes? thats got orbiter written all over it. Small question, if you called them up and asked them to help you move, would they? It's the simplist freind test out there.

6 upvotesWeCantHaveFun5 years ago

"Listen cunt, you aren't worth talking to because you're ugly, fat, and shitty to hang out with. Go find your beta fag while you still can."

Those pussies buying drinks should remind everyone that you should never pre-pay a bitch. They all have shitty credit with men.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

I can't even think of a time I bought drinks for a girl - ever - with 2 exceptions. 1) had a girlfriend who went to bars with me and I bought her some drinks. We're talking 2 year LTR and sex 3 times a day when I wasn't getting high on morphine

2) another girl, very hot, who I never fucked but it was her birthday. Usually we'd hang out with all our friends in that circle but that night at the end of the night it was just me and her for at least 2 or 3 hours just drinking all we could. I didn't buy all her drinks but I think I bought a couple

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

In the eyes of a female, betas are literally zeroes.

11 upvotesEvolved_Red5 years ago

In the eyes of a female, betas are literally zeroes.

Disagree. Being a 'zero' entails a presence enough to be warranted a description. A beta is literally non existent.

2 upvotesdisposable_pants5 years ago

You're both a bit off here. Betas aren't viewed as zeros, they're viewed as non-sexual beings. Women interact with betas all the time for attention, validation, and money; they just don't think of them as sexual prospects.

3 upvoteswestsan5 years ago

NOTED; But this is kind of the 80:20 rule.

5 upvotesjustskatedude5 years ago

Why don't women start approaching then?

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Some do. These will probably be the most fun for sex. Problem is the crazies have no shame / social awareness or actively know they have to hide being crazy until your penis is inside her. THEN you'll regret it.

2 upvotesPhilhelm5 years ago

Translation: Guys that I want to hit on me never hit on me, but I still get hit on all the time by creepers.

tl;dr: She doesn't get hit on by desirable men.

2 upvotesShagggyDog5 years ago

For her it is like to be hit on by a girl when she's straight (and arguably worse). That really doesn't count. Indeed, alphas and betas are different genders to them.

2 upvotesSherlockDoto5 years ago

is 6'4" ideal height now? lol

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Ideal height is "tallest guy in the current context". Aka if the tallest guy in a 100 mile radius of a girl is 5'9, then 5'9 is ideal, because it's the best she can get.

2 upvotesSherlockDoto5 years ago

naw man, doesn't work like that. Look at the men that are considered the most physically attractive in the world and you will find few taller than 6'2".

It would be like a woman thinking that bigger breasts are always better. There is a point where that becomes a bit absurd.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Only to the point where it indicates a genetic anomaly. Size is king in the animal kingdom; women are attracted to dominance, height is an indicator of that. So to the point where someone might actually have a genetic disorder (like gigantism), a girl is going to go for the tallest guy in the given context.

2 upvotesBIGBIGBIGMEANIE5 years ago

Why are you hanging out with such bitches?

2 upvotesfancypants_5 years ago

This is why I never even bother. I'd rather just talk shit and have some beers with my bros.

2 upvotesAll-DayErrDay5 years ago

If you're not at least 6 foot you shouldn't go into the dating scene.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Incorrect. As someone who's 5 foot 3 that has no problem. As a man who hides his wallet that makes me invalidated for most of the dating scene.

1 upvoteswatersign5 years ago

as someone whose 5'6-5'7..i agree. its totally ppointless to go out to bars unless you're tall

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Fuck that, dress like a 10. And spend less time in the bar, more making your FIRST million. They'll be banging on your door for a banging.

1 upvoteswatersign5 years ago

bars just trip me out dude..like i go to have fun w/ my friends and drink but i rarely have any luck there. i have no problem meeting girls online thru dating sites, however most of them are losers.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't even hit on chicks anymore. If I'm talking to one, I'll ask her her hobbies, be told she has basically zero, so I turn around and walk away after telling her she is hella boring and wouldn't be able to keep up with how I spend my free time. It's almost just more fun to be a dick about it.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

I feel you. I was so-so close to feeling interested in a girl on Halloween I was dancing with but I made the mistake of actually listening to her. I asked her what she did in school and the answer was "modern art" and my brain said this girl + art = fail.

Plus her outfit just wasn't hot enough to keep my attention. I wandered, made conversation, danced with some other girls, danced with her some more but by closing time I just got my jacket from coat-check and left her at the exit.

I didn't care it was 2:45 am and she spent the last hour dancing with me. I'd say 7.5 to 8 hotness but I just wasn't feeling it. Her and her friends inquired about facebook but I'm not on it. I didn't offer my number or ask for one.

Lit my smoke and went around the corner to hang out with other people waiting for cabs.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

In situations like that I have a hard time holding my tongue and not saying shit like,"Damn, that sounds pretty useless." or things to that effect.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

She'd barely hear me in the bar over the music plus she was dancing with me. I wanted to keep dancing, not end it by being rude. Plus then all her friends and the other hot girls around me would avoid me too.

You get instant herd-effect avoidance the same as you get herd-effect attraction.

1 upvotesForty_Deuce5 years ago

There are some that don't. They are the very special cases though, and it's probably how they carry themselves. But for the most part, women are approached by men on a regular basis.

1 upvotesPlebDestroyer5 years ago

17 and 5'8, is there still hope?

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yes. I have heard of growth spurts happening in your late teens with diet and regular exercise. Plus 5'8 is average height . You are not tall, but not short either. Start hitting the weights.

1 upvotesPlebDestroyer5 years ago

I have been already. My boots give me an inch or two.

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

more vitamins, steady exercise, cut all junk food out of your diet.

1 upvotespaynehouse5 years ago

I mean, most guys would act the same if they were only being hit on by ugly chicks.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

hm. I can imagine this, like a simulation / day-dream but I've never seen this happen.

2 upvotesjagrmeister7215 years ago

In the jungle, a woman's objective was to spread her legs for the best genetic material from a man. Commitment wasn't a thing. Traditionalism oriented women to think about mate selection from her cortex and consider things like compatibility and actual value of the man. With feminism telling women they can decide, they've regressed back to mate selection using their hindbrain. Alpha doesn't mean accomplished; it means a man who who would have influence in the jungle- tall, dominant, having social status. If you're not that man or can't come across that way, the regressed woman isn't interested.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Alpha is so much more than being big. It can be carrying a big stick or being mentally "big" so that you can dominate other lesser men.

1 upvotesjagrmeister7215 years ago

Maybe I wasn't clear. That's what I meant by 'social status' - you can get that by social skills, frame, game, essentially much of what the sub talks about.

1 upvotesCynewald5 years ago

Ugly / off the radar guys = any guy who's a sub 7 or (or sub 5 if tall)

Ugly / off the radar girls = any girls who's obese or deformed i.e. any sub 3.

This is how it is if you want to pick up girls in their prime years (late teens to late 20's). Tall guys have an advantage in that they can be about average facially (i,e a 5 or 6) yet can still get attention. If your average height or a short guy and average facially (or ugly) you are shit out of luck unless you have mega status or loadsa money. Until you realize it keep being delusional.

Either you are born goodlooking as a guy (or tall & average which can cut it), you become goodlooking by working out, jaw implants, surgery etc (looksmaxing), or you remain average / unattractive and thus shit ought of look like a i said earlier (unless your happy smashing fat / chubby or ugly girls in their teens and 20's).

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Try sub-8, sub-7 if you are tall. Online dating surveys consistently report that women find 80% of men below average in the looks department.

-10 upvoteskirk885 years ago

I hear my female friends say things like this constantly

There's your first problem. Why do you have female friends?

3 upvotesuser13124215 years ago

Social proof / women can be sweet people too

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