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This is your wake-up call.

by ileatyourassmthrfkr | January 08, 2020 | TheRedPill


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Need a wake-up call or a punch in the face? Just observe your surroundings and pay attention to how others act. We live in a world where mediocrity, complacency, and whining are not only accepted but encouraged. It's pathetic. Your friends, family, colleagues or whoever the fuck surrounds you - will likely display blue pill behaviour and characteristics.

Just observe and pay attention to their behaviour. How they act ... how they talk ... what they talk about ... their ambitions & attitude towards life ... how they deal with failure and setbacks. Forget women ... these people are so deplorable that they will demonstrate blue pill behavior in all aspects of their lives, let alone sex or women.

I am assuming that if you're reading this post you will already have experienced this in your own life but let me sum it up once again:

Majority of the people that surround you will dream, talk, and even fantasize about the things they want in life and the person they aspire to become. You will quickly notice that they will bitch and complain but take no action. Isn't it funny that all it takes is patience, hard work, and resilience to achieve your deepest goals and ambitions yet they would rather complain than work towards them? The worst part is that when they see someone else working towards their goals - they'll try and bring them down because it makes them feel better about themselves.

If this doesn't concern you, either you have taken the pill and are on the path or I am afraid only life itself will make you understand.

The red pill teaches us to rise above our challenges, push limits, build power, and conquer our failures through sheer discipline and resilience. Failure is inevitable; it's how you overcome determines your character. You will observe how 97% of the population fails to understand these principals and they will be the underlying cause of their own destruction. It may be easy and tempting to give in but understand that the red-pill is a lonely road. They will not understand you. They may even make fun of you and socially exclude you but know that you are on a path that they can only hope to walk.

This is your wake-up call.

EDIT: I did not write this for you to fantasize about your future and get your daily dose of dopamine. Some of you have labeled this as another "motivational" which seem to plague the community. Do not mistake this as another dick riding session. The entire point of this post is to avoid being the very thing you despise. Think for yourself and do what you see fit. Remember no one will be coming to your rescue - you need to help yourself out. And if you're happy with being mediocre or blue-pilled - so be it; as long as you are conscious of your choice.

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167 upvotesthrowawaylife589243 months ago

Thanks, coming off from some severe financial failures, but already setting goals to remedy it. No one to blame but myself, no one to fix but myself. Lessons learned. Ignoring all the unhelpful noise to focus and win.

72 upvotesileatyourassmthrfkr [OP]3 months ago

You got this. Keep your head down low, stay optimistic and put in the work. Don’t give in to mediocrity. Godspeed.

2 upvotesDerive13343 months ago

Same boat here, set up a plan and take action everyday that will bring you one step closer to your goals.

45 upvoteslgbwthrowaway443 months ago

How do you handle mediocrity from other people and their jealousy trying to keep you down there with them? I’ve noticed that people simply refuse to acknowledge that they could be wrong about anything, which creates a lot of problems when they inevitably are.

56 upvotesJamesBondsOldBrother3 months ago

You ignore them and let them handle their own lives. Do you realize how hard it is to change yourself? Trying to change others and their behavior is more than 10 times harder than that, and you still have your own stuff to take care of. Most people are followers so they won’t change unless someone is at where they idealize themselves to be at a in life. If you want to influence those mediocre people, the best way is to be your best and make yourself into a living example.

You also realize that you’re the average of people you spend time with the most. So if you see mediocrity in those that you spend time with, spend less time with them, or cut them out. If you keep spending time with them, you will become mediocre like them. That’s an anchor of impedance to success in your life. The proof is in your question: you’re wondering about people’s mediocrity. When you’re associating with those people, that same thought will come to you again and again, and then your will have to spend energy trying to keep yourself on track where you want to go in life. What if you were alone or with success-minded people? Your thoughts would be on successful things, and you have to spend zero energy keeping your mind on that track that keeps being derailed when you’re around lazy/mediocre people.

You may have a a hard time leaving certain people but you have to decide: is it better having mediocre people around or is it better to be able to realize the potential in your life? If they put you down for bettering yourself, are those you want to be around?

13 upvoteslgbwthrowaway443 months ago

I was talking like coworkers and bosses. No matter where I go in the corporate world, I’m surrounded by absolutely idiotic and incompetent people. What passes for “leadership quality” are people with a complete lack of a capacity to critically think and instead create all sorts of problems trying to appease dumb people who actually don’t even know what they want. And the worst part is, the person they report to is very persuadable if you talk to them but they never do because they’re afraid their boss is as petty and short-sighted as them and will react negatively if they suggest a better alternative.

8 upvotesJamesBondsOldBrother3 months ago

In the corporate world you will always have to put up with that. If they’re that bad, take advantage of it. Read the 48 laws of power. One of the lanes that came to mind is “Law 38: Think as you like, but behave like others”. You don’t want to be seen as a crusader on your own mission which will upset them, but if you put up a facade that you’re a team player, you can still think as yourself and covertly achieve your goals there. Always seem to be for the company, but be for yourself.

Also never stop improving yourself professionally. Do what you need to at the job to grow then move on to another position or new company. Another option is to learn to work for yourself.

6 upvotesDidiathon3 months ago

I struggle with naively taking people’s advice at face value, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think it’s also valuable to assume the mediocre people around you are more like yourself and have better advice than your ego may suggest.

If you cannot create a consistent narrative for yourself that incorporates their actions and what they say with your own, and you find yourself with a lot of cognitive dissonance when reflecting on their behavior/you have to assume “they’re all just idiots” to make sense of things, that may reflect an underlying insecurity and defense mechanism RE some legitimate weakness on your part that you could improve. So yeah, what you said about constantly improving yourself, 100%; other people shouldn’t ever get in the way of that. If you think other people are in the way/you’re in a helpless situation, that’s almost always just an excuse to avoid making a hard decision to find another group and/or doing the hard work to improve yourself despite a non ideal group of people around you.

On the other hand, the majority of the fucking world is pretty retarded and way more confident about the shit they do and say than they should be, so if you’re significantly above average in intelligence it’s often is a pretty safe bet to assume the people around you have terrible advice/whatever frustrations you have when interacting with them are less about you than it is about them (although you still need to act like them to a certain degree to fit in/accomplish your goals).

1 upvotesDaredevlinx3 months ago

Barely got three the first sentence before I have you and up vote

1 upvotesiamdrew3143 months ago

This is very true. The older I got the more I started to think about my friends and how they are comfortable not maximizing their life. At first, it was hard to cut people off or stop hanging with them but I realized that the more I cut out the negativity and mediocrity the more I became focused on my purpose.

I realized most of my oldest friends are negative and in the end, I doubt most of them will still be my friends. It's really an awakening.

4 upvotescydestiny3 months ago

You handle them by not handling them.

Why would you want them to acknowledge they are wrong? Even under circumstances where it will bend your course, most of the time it's not worth it. When it is worth it, you make the call to move away and not pick a fight you can't win.

Especially in a corporate setup, the rights and the wrongs are depending on the culture (no, not the slogan they sing to) of the company / industry and the people. Good luck changing that.

You are responsible for where you're at and in, don't play the victim. You are no better than those who refuse to acknowledge that they could be wrong because you refused to believe that you're in the wrong place too.

-2 upvotesDaredevlinx3 months ago

Who are you to say they are wrong. Maybe you are. they are telling there own truths and fighting there own battles. If the indeed you are right they will find out for them selfs you. " You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" You must be thirsty for knowledge to absorb it. Or even to see it from anothers perspective.

9 upvoteslgbwthrowaway443 months ago

Well to be fair: I work in accounting and there is a right or wrong way to do things so it’s not quite as gray as you make it seem.

1 upvotesDaredevlinx3 months ago

Lol well accounting is different. Math is exact, finances are a must to be planned and to act accordingly, in life there are many gray areas. But in math there are none, it's etheir right or wrong.

27 upvotesGayLubeOil3 months ago

This is a good post

34 upvotesBarcaLiverpool3 months ago

Thanks for this brother. Really needed to here this. This path is indeed lonely but you know what? I know I will reach my goals and find happiness within myself. Godspeed

20 upvotesileatyourassmthrfkr [OP]3 months ago

This world will try and sell you happiness in many ways. Whether it may be via materialistic possessions, relationships, drugs or even sex; but always remember, that true contentment will come from only within you.

19 upvotesAndrew543213 months ago

Yes but this fine hand rolled and pressed (by yours truly) cannagar sure comes close.

Gentlemen, let me say it here as I’ve said in the past. If you wanna have a million fucking bucks and be happy, you gotta be happy with having just your breathe.

I was talking to my homeboy about goals and I was talking income and finance goals as a major focus and he says to me with an undertone of disapproval “How much will be enough?” My response was and always will be “Until you can’t buy what makes you happy with money”.

Here’s a red pill: This life is yours to enjoy if you know how to do it right. The hard way is the best way. Life doesn’t fuck with people who work intelligently with the right attitude and welcome setbacks as opportunity for greater success.

11 upvotescudder173 months ago

Nice post. Currently working full time while studying conputer science on the side In Hopes to be a web developer. Gotta keep grinding!

2 upvotesinevitableworkout2 months ago

I once was in the same road you are now. Graduated some years ago, and the road is though. Don't give up! Study hard, work hard, and soon you will see things working out.

12 upvotesDaredevlinx3 months ago

I recommend watching David groggins! The man is a fucking beast! Iv watch and am reading his book CANT HURT ME. It's helped me through tough times. Think critically and move on to your next goal. Never stop your self improvement. Help others along your own way, that's what I'm trying to do now.

9 upvotesGnosiis_3 months ago

We live in a world where mediocrity, complacency, and whining are not only accepted but encouraged. It's pathetic.

One of the hardest truths for me to come to terms with was realizing that focusing on my mission and grinding and sacrificing doesn't yield any respect. It is only until you see any actual results and fruits of your labor that people will start to take notice. How can people truly respect your efforts if they're not willing to put in that effort themselves? If they valued it, they would be doing the same thing. Society has a comfort problem. They have become so comfortable that they can't handle even the slightest inconvenience.

8 upvotesdumbkidaccount3 months ago

go to gym= he is compensating study hard= nerd buy a sports car= showing off

ppl will do anything to bring you down

5 upvotesRedditCantGetMyEmail3 months ago

It's easier to bring someone else down than to build yourself up. That's why bullying is so much fun

- Dom Mazzetti

7 upvotesLawItUp773 months ago

This struck hard with me. I was telling one of my closest friends about my goals for the new year and how I was going to push the limits. He said something very bluebill especially when it came to approaching women. He was pretty much telling me to not take action and accept mediocrity. Now he wasn't saying that exactly, but this was one of those "this a prime example of blue pill". I let him go on and I told him that I understood what he said, but that I just disagreed and left it that.

This post really encouraged me even more to continue with my new goals for the new year. Thank you.

1 upvotesCoolby_Ciller3 months ago

curious as to what your friend said, because 90% of people i talk to in highschool are very bluepilled when it comes to women

3 upvotesLawItUp773 months ago

Oh he's far from being in high school. Both him and I are outside of college, I'm actually in grad school. He pretty much said instead of approaching women I should just sit back and let things happen "naturally" as if everything I wanted was just going to fall into my lap.

I'm friends with his gf too and she pretty much bosses him around. I feel sorry for him and I wish I could show him the light, but I think even if I did he wouldn't listen

7 upvotescasemodz3 months ago

This sounds more like motivational speech. How dare you.

3 upvotesredpillcad3 months ago

Yes but it isnt filled with empty rah rah...we all gonna make it bro bullshit.

Betas lap that up and can avoid what OP is driving at.

If you want to build value, you will have to leave your comfort zone

5 upvotesDarkSyde30002 months ago

Something to add, if you're the smartest or most successful person in your social circles of friends/acquaintances, time to find another circle. Always surround yourself with people that are doing better than you are. If that means having to leave others behind, (because ultimately they'll end up holding you back anyway) so be it.

2 upvotesrokr102 months ago

I've often found when you are most successful in your group (be in through finances, jobs, intelligence/education, or the most physically fit) people tend to become jealous and will throw endless shit tests. Indeed, these types of people will hold you back by bringing you down; if only because they can't seem to bring themselves up.

4 upvotesdevontyb3 months ago

Wow. I made an extremely hard life changing choice today with slight regret that I was being selfish and inconsiderate. This just confirmed that I did exactly what I needed to do. This post couldn’t have came at a better time. Almost as if the universe wants me to win. Thanks man

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 months ago

My wake up call was gaming, fapping, and overeating again when I said I was going to give that shit up in 2020, and after going since December 29 not fapping... I think the gaming caused me to lose focus (Dragon Quest XI is way too long of a game for an adult interested in self mastery to be wasting time on) which caused the rest of the dominoes to fall... so I uninstalled Dragon quest XI last night, just moved my second computer out of my bedroom entirely and disassembled it. Damn self discipline is difficult. It's easy to see why there is so much mediocrity... I see it in myself, I see it in everyone around me.

I'm going to make it as inconvenient to be mediocre as possible going forward. I'll just start mass uninstalling and throwing shit in the garbage if I can't stick to my plans. Perhaps negative emotional feedback will get my monkey brain to see I'm serious.

Time flies, folks... we are already 8 days into 2020... that's nearly 1/36 of the year... before you know it the year will be half over. The time to do this shit, self mastery, is when you're young... don't make the mistake of thinking you can wait until next year, or before you know it 10 years will go by.

1 upvotesZsaqwes72 months ago

Think theres ever time to enjoy gaming?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

In moderation. The problem was dragon quest xi was too damn long. Even by RPG standards. Something like BioShock, portal 2, or something that doesn't require the large time investment.

4 upvotesJedYorks3 months ago

What if you just totally don’t give a fuck anymore ?

4 upvotesDaredevlinx3 months ago

As they say never go full retard? Not giving a fuck anymore is a fine line if anything give a fuck about yourself cause in the end it's all you really have. The heart is delicate, but man a man can be strong and yet a simple act of kindness can bring pride and joy to you and those around you.

-5 upvotesReformSociety3 months ago

Sounds like you're a beta bitch who's giving up.

It's ok. Some people are born to live a life of mediocrity.

3 upvotesJamesBondsOldBrother3 months ago

Most actually are. Most people visiting here are going to turn out that way. These motivational posts are good sometimes but many on here get off on these mentally stimulating posts: they replace good feelings as a result of action with the good feelings of dreaming about themselves already being where they want to be. Most people here do the same thing with the term RedPilled: they’re teens or early college betas that live at the parents houses and read posts like this, then live in their heads as “red pill”, with absolutely no practice/experience. Mental masturbation.

3 upvotesileatyourassmthrfkr [OP]3 months ago

Agreed mental masturbation does not replace concentrated effort/change

1 upvotesPmMeYourMug3 months ago

Do you have any practical examples from your personal experience? How do you start?

1 upvotesileatyourassmthrfkr [OP]3 months ago

Well life hit me in the fucking face so I was given the choice to actually backup what comes out of my mouth and pursue the red pill or whine and complain for the rest of my life.

Sometimes it’s catastrophic events that force us to evolve. My father died at a young age, I went through bad breakups, physical fights - they all made me who I am. Except I chose who I became based on my responses to those events.

5 upvotesDaredevlinx3 months ago

Rofl giving up!? Stop raging you little twerp. Have you come here for knowledge or to just hate. where did I say anything about giving up. As a man you provide for yourself first then others you deem that are fit in your life. Also I looked at your post history, it looks like a hippy little bitch. Talk big over the net for a guy who knows nothing other then hate you inel, I hope you finally get that girl you've been chasing.

1 upvotesReformSociety3 months ago

I think there's been some misunderstanding.

- JedYorks doesn't give a fuck anymore (aka giving up, not making an effort to be the best version of himself), hence my comment.

- No hate, it was meant as a challenge for him to rise up from his slum.

- You looked at my post history? I'm flattered, really. But I hope you will stumble upon better things to do with your time than analyze a random redditor.

- Thanks for the insults after that whole lecture about how I'm here just to hate.

3 upvotesFrozen_Vigilante3 months ago

I always find it funny how people make fun of Trump going bankrupt 5 times, while they themselves are such big pussies they have never even tried to accomplish anything in their own life. Part of being successful is failing and learning.

2 upvotesruffyamaharyder3 months ago

It's because of the goals they set for themselves. I've been guilty of it in the past. Goal - get a good career. Done. Success! Why is everyone else failing?

It's a trap if you stay there. It should be "goal complete; set new goal" then maybe fail and set another goal and probably fail etc until you make it.

2 upvotesMartinVDK913 months ago

That is why you stfu when doing the work.

4 upvotesINNASKILLZ2K183 months ago

Motivational pep-talk platitude.

1 upvotesKittyCollector3 months ago

Thank you. I’ve been slacking lately in my career due to lack of ambition.

1 upvoteswoodencrown3 months ago

More chat like this, the red pills being given out in the comments were worth checking out this post alone

1 upvotese-mess3 months ago

Doesn't the quote come from a woman? Sounds like Ayn Rand.

1 upvotesAriaRz223 months ago

Hey the bold text is not just mediocrity and the average peoples social group. But its the whole blue pill game. Its what ive been thinking about since i was 14(17 now) and im still seeing guys from school hating me like just by existing i threaten their lives(like 99 percent of people i interact with are all like this subconsciously.)

Its hard man.

1 upvotesBarackTheObama3 months ago

Most people talk the talk but few walk the walk

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 months ago

One of the prime rules... talk is cheap. Intellectual knowledge is one thing, experience is another... experience rewires the limbic and subconscious, while intellectual knowledge just makes a person even that much more pathetic for knowing how to fix oneself and not being able to do it. At least normies have the excuse of not having stumbled upon red pill material. What's our excuse?

1 upvotesArthas933 months ago

Oh sure I am gonna put in effort and build things for a society that despises me. Yeah sure buddy.

1 upvotesBallinPoint3 months ago

Thanks. It kinda made me look at the life as if it was a road, and I'm obviously wasting my time going on the wrong one. The only thing I need to do is to step on the other one in all areas of my life. It's hard but fuck it. Just try it for a year. Try doing what you're supposed to do.

1 upvotesCuntMonteCristo3 months ago

Great Post! Not even Tony Montana could have said it better!

1 upvotesMGTOWMODSSUCK3 months ago

bitching and moaning online and off. everywhere you go. great post.

1 upvotesKillaJewels3 months ago

Ya sure, but it's not all or nothing as many folks on this sub suggest. It is necessary for most to have variance. Expansion (growth) and contraction (relax). Like everything in life, too much of something isn't good, i.e. working too hard for too long / expanding your reach without end can and will burn you out.

Make it a priority, be intellectually honest with yourself, do it for you. Take the pressure off of yourself and trust the process that you will eventually achieve your realistic goals and become whoever you realistically envision yourself to become.

The herd mentality on here is that you're a BP beta unless you become like Arnold Schwarzenegger -- which is just simply not true. Remember, not all of us have the same circumstances and values; thus you set the bar. But don't get swayed by the temptation of comparing yourself to others or allowing others giving harsh opinions to keep you down (like a lot of folks on here do) -- you're just gonna beat yourself up which is counterproductive.

It's a process, and each individual is at a different stage along their journey. Don't allow others to pass judgement on you for not being where that other person thinks you should be.

1 upvotesBabylunchbox3 months ago

This is mostly true in my experience

1 upvotesDanolix2 months ago

When you talked about that this path is lonely, it really hitted me, I always thought that the red pill was such an amazing thing that I indirectly tried to tell people about it but I do realize that it's useless telling them, I have to walk alone here, I can bring anyone on my side and start working on things this is it, thanks OP, you've cleared some things that I had to clear.

1 upvotesYungSosa3332 months ago

Hundred! Having taken too many Lessons (loses) to give up now. Shit the people I used to surround myself around make me feel sick. they talk shit day in and day out, just wishing away.

I could give a fuck about what people think or say, persistence is king! I gave up drink and drugs for this shit. Success is way more addictive

1 upvotesGratificationDelayed3 months ago

Thank you. I need this, AND a punch to the face.

1 upvotesratpoison9873 months ago

Three words came to mind with this post...

Misery loves company.

My cousin saw my success and decided to take my career path - he went to college while working a union job that had decent but - not stellar pay - and benefits. After he graduated and started looking for a job, he landed one with a fairly large respectable company in my field. Entry level nonetheless, but a move from his complacent union job.

Cutting to the chase - everyone at his workplace gave him 'the talk'. 'We think you're making a huge mistake', 'don't go, it's not safe', 'its cold outside', misery loves company. Everyone shackled to the shitty place he left felt the need to challenge his desires and goals, none congratulated him on his success and leaving the miserable place he stuck in. Even he was complacent, until he saw the light.

Pitiful and shameful.

-5 upvotescydestiny3 months ago

What is this bs? Red pill / blue pill is a choice and picking either don't make you superior.

Depending on others to prove your superiority is in fact blue pill as fuck.

A blue pill guy will take the ladies out for dinner faster than you can type this post and you say they only fantasize?

Sorry, this post is a wake up call but not the content but the whole post is a wake up call that we don't need motivation shit like this.

Figure out your purpose, the path you want to walk, the person you want to become, not because you want to superior among the rest.

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