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Wife had threesomes, lied to husband about it. He found out and handled it in the most RedPill way.

by needsomehelp3211 on /r/TheRedPill
23 March 2015 02:55 PM UTC

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TL;DR of original thread: Wife had multiple MMF gangbangs in college, then met a "nice guy" to settle down with afterwards. Didn't mention anything about her past to her husband. He found out through a mutual friend and was shocked.

Well, she updated today. After much reflection, her husband handled the situation by maintaining perfect frame and taking decisive action. I'll let her words speak for themselves:

Basically he feels that he was "conned" (his word) into the marriage, saying that he wouldn't have even dated me, let alone married me, if he'd known what he knows now. His view of me has been irreparably changed and he no longer sees me "as someone worthy of being [his] wife". (quoting him here... fucking prick) Beyond the sexual aspect, he says he no longer trusts me because I "kept something this big" from him our whole relationship. Nothing I could do or say could convince him that these were past mistakes and not reflective of who I am today. He wasn't angry with me, didn't call me a slut or anything like that. Never once raised his voice. Part of me wishes he did, although I can't exactly say why right now. It felt like I was being laid off from a job.

She wanted him to yell and scream like a beta who's not in control of his emotions. She wanted him to display weakness so she'd feel better about herself.

But he didn't. He remained calm, stoic and in control the whole time - causing her to fall into self doubt and confusion. Well played, sir.

My husband owns multiple businesses and wouldn't get married without a prenup. I signed it, honest-to-god thinking we'd never, EVER have to use it. Well, he had the fucking document with him this morning. He said he'd pay off the remainder of my student loans, which he isn't "legally obligated" to do. While I appreciate that, I am going to meet with my lawyer this week and see if the agreement can be challenged in court.

Smart guy to get a prenup before getting married. Notice that the woman STILL wants to challenge it in court. Even after lying to her own spouse about sexual deviancy, even after he agreed to pay off her loans in an act of generosity, her greed can't be fulfilled. She wants more. She wants half his money and his business.

The lesson of this story is twofold. 1) Don't allow your emotions to rule you - rule your emotions instead. Notice how his maintenance of frame led to him having the upper hand in their social interaction. 2) GET A FUCKING prenup. If you absolutely must get married (which is a terrible idea according to most established RedPillers here)... if you absolutely must tie yourself down legally and financially... have a backup plan. Women don't need this, the courts are already stacked in their favor. But we do, because men are the ones who make the money and innovate through business. And therefore men are the ones who are targeted when it comes time to split assets during a divorce.

Bonus quote just posted a few minutes ago:

It's totally a troll post. Reads like a Redpill fantasy. No way a real woman manages to fit every one of their sick stereotypes.

This is the beta's way of coping with reality. Examples of women behaving badly? Must be a RedPill troll! Such an easy explanation for every bit of evidence that we manage to throw at them.

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390 upvotesNiftyDolphin5 years ago

She wanted him to yell and scream like a beta who's not in control of his emotions. She wanted him to display weakness so she'd feel better about herself.

She wanted him to hand her a Victim Card. He didn't and she's pissed that her easy-out hasn't appeared.

Edit: I agree with the commenters. It's very matter of fact and straightforward. It reads like a guy wrote it.

75 upvotesreasonableman15 years ago

Yea, it is surprising that she isn't blaming everything on him. It isn't what I would expect from a woman getting her just deserts. I think it is very suspect.

144 upvotesObio15 years ago

Also... she's downplaying her biggest offense:

She told him she was a virgin. He had zero sexual experience.

So when they had sex, he thought it was a really big deal. So the marriage really never would have happened if she had told the truth. She played him, plain and simple.

165 upvotesRatherPlayChess5 years ago

See, THIS makes the entire ordeal make sense. I couldn't wrap my head around why a happily married man who finds out that his wife had a threesome would divorce her. It just doesn't seem like that big of a deal.... Finding out your wife had threesome(s) when she claimed to be a virgin is a huge fucking deal.

38 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I remember reading the original bit on RP about this and didn't see anything about her saying she was a virgin then either. Hell I even skimmed the original text and didn't see it there.

My point is are we positive she claimed to be a virgin? It would make more sense certainly I simply don't remember seeing that.

33 upvotesstrps5 years ago

The lied-about-being-virgin part was made up by someone in the thread after the post was deleted, because no one could figure out why multiple threesomes in the past could lead to a divorce.

15 upvotesreasonableman15 years ago

I think it would push him strongly in that direction if it was a pattern of being more sexually giving with other people, but very stingy with him.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Thanks for clearing that up.

7 upvotesSampSimps5 years ago

I don't recall it being as serious as lying about being a virgin, but she significantly downplayed her sexual history (only a few serious relationships, vanilla sex, etc.). Also, maybe I'm getting this confused with another similar story, but there might have something about her refusing the husband blowjobs, but she used to do them freely.

The more I think about it, that last part might have actually been the guy who found out about his wife's amateur porn past based on a link someone sent him of a video showing his wife giving a blowjob on camera.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I think you're right about getting them mixed up. I believe the other story was the one with the tapes and she wouldn't do blowjobs for her husband. I think she and her husband were Indian as well.

I didn't personally read anything about her denying sexual activities in the current story.

1 upvotesmonzzter2215 years ago

I think the guys point is that he would never have considered her a prospect for marriage so he feels like she stole 5 years of his life. I don't think it matters if she was a virgin.

And he's right. She lied for a reason. She lied knowing he wouldn't be with her if he knew who she actually was.

7 upvotesdiversity_is_racism5 years ago

I couldn't wrap my head around why a happily married man who finds out that his wife had a threesome would divorce her.

Sane men don't marry whores.

2 upvotesthedude1224875 years ago

Where did she say she told him she was a virgin?

59 upvotesrandom_reddit_accoun5 years ago

It reads like a guy wrote it.

According to the gender analyzer here:


The post is "weak female" on both rating types.

4 upvotesMisterlulz5 years ago

So what does the "weak" in weak female mean?

19 upvotesRedditArgument5 years ago


But in all seriousness closer to gender neutral than "strong female"

6 upvotes666Evo5 years ago

It also says that "weak" could be indicative of a European author rather than an American.

2 upvotesMisterlulz5 years ago

Alright. haha. I just tried that link out with one of my old Reddit posts and it also gave me a "female" rating... or perhaps I still have some beta in me to get rid of. Eh.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotestofeelforever5 years ago

Wow this is fascinating. When I input my statement of purpose for grad school applications and research papers for grad school it identified me as male. However, when I input basic emails and gchats with my SO it identifies me as female.

I always knew I upped the ante and tried to be more direct in professional writing, very cool to learn that and confirm that the style is Male.

My research shows that effective communication is masculine! (I got into grad school and made a 100 on that paper).

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesdiversity_is_racism5 years ago

In my experience this is true: they are aggressive, and logical as a result, because they are oriented around conquest like a man.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Any history on the lady OP to verify if real?

16 upvotesStories_of_Red5 years ago

Yup, total troll post, that whole thing.

13 upvotesrpkarma5 years ago

Yeah. Even I think it reads like a TRP fantasy. But, this can and does happen, so I'll withhold judgement at this point as to whether or not it is a troll post.

2 upvotesOldPinkertonGoon5 years ago

It may be fake, but do Red Pills fantasize about being celibate before marriage?

1 upvotesexit_sandman5 years ago

Due to the fact that we have a clash between redpillers and bluepillers on a regular basis and /r/relationships is kind of a battleground, my guess would be that this thread is a troll post. It simply reads too much like redpill porn.

2 upvotesMetusBatmanV34 years ago

Stop using the word troll to write away anything that doesn't fit into that tiny brain of yours, moron.

2 upvotesthehonestdouchebag5 years ago

I am very very pleasantly surprised with this update. I wish I knew where this guy was so ( if I lived nearby ) I could go and buy him a couple rounds.

-1 upvotesRemystia5 years ago

Maybe she wanted a strong emotional response from him because she felt like she did wrong by not actually telling him earlier on?

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Well the way HE handled it showed he didn't care enough about her to get upset or overlook this issue and try to work through it. It showed that after finding out this new information he was willing to just drop everything and walk away because she is no longer worth his effort or commitment.

She wanted him to yell, scream, show that he cared so much and that she hurt him. Instead, he just coldly walked away... which leaves her feeling insecure.

-1 upvotesnuesuh5 years ago

She wanted him to punish her verbally for being a "bad girl"?

X - Doubt

71 upvotesmax_peenor5 years ago

Well, he had the fucking document with him this morning. He said he'd pay off the remainder of my student loans, which he isn't "legally obligated" to do. While I appreciate that, I am going to meet with my lawyer this week and see if the agreement can be challenged in court.

And straight to the money drawer. Typical.

160 upvotesSqueezymypenisy5 years ago

Did you read the last part? She is trying to get his prenup thrown out in court. She thinks she is owed something for spending the last 5 years with him. I doubt her effort will succeed. The top comments are against her though. Damn he maintained good frame.

135 upvotesbat_mayn5 years ago

She thinks she is owed something for spending the last 5 years with him.

This is what a lot of women think of men. I mean really, what does it say about a woman who think she's owed reparations for being in a relationship with someone?

93 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Women think of marriage as just legalized prostitution. Sexuality for them is fundamentally transactional in nature. This has probably always been the case but the modern world has pushed it to extreme levels.

34 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

If it was legalized prostitution then the sex wouldn't stop when the honeymoon was over.

22 upvotesgekkozorz5 years ago

So you're saying it's like the man is paying half his life's work for what could potentially be nothing at all?

It's almost like marriage is a sham used to screw men over.

10 upvotesfoomfoomfoom5 years ago

That's called "the pension plan."

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

no, he just has to keep paying up for the sex he's already had because her rate is that high. He gets to do installment payments.

56 upvotesevoblade5 years ago

Women think of marriage as just legalized prostitution

Not just legalized, but state-enforced.

Not all marriage is like that, but if you don't work, have a nanny, a maid, a cook and consider your occupation "socialite", guess what? You are prostitute. An escort with a long-term, state enforced contract to exchange sex/companionship/time for money.

23 upvotesDravous5 years ago

this is why she's so upset. she traded the last of her prime breeding years to him, which was the primary source of value she had to bargain with and now she's getting nothing for it.

the problem, however, is that she committed fraud at the beginning by misrepresent the product she was offering....not unlike a car with tampered odometer.

20 upvotesSqueezymypenisy5 years ago

It's probably where the idea of "50% of your wealth going to the woman" idea came from. And alimony. Thank god that doesn't exist where I live in the States.

15 upvotesTitan50005 years ago

Where do you live, and how is the job market?

11 upvotesSqueezymypenisy5 years ago

Texas, and seems to be doing well depending on your field. Maybe not oil and gas anymore. And I was wrong, Texas does have a type of alimony, but its much different from California's and other states and does not last for long.

8 upvotes8176825 years ago

This might be helpful:


TX is not a divorce paradise for men.

8 upvotesbustanutmeow5 years ago

Could I get a TL;DR for non lawyer types?

1 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

Seems pretty fair. Property acquired before marriage is kept by the original spouse. Property acquired during marriage is split communally unless its a gift or inheritance.

There is alimony, but its fairly short term unless specific conditions are met.

5 upvotesCrimsonDeep5 years ago

Time for me to move to Texas

8 upvotesFred_Flintstone5 years ago

There are a lot of tech jobs in Austin. Normal people who are sick of the crazy SanFran liberals tend to move there.

2 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

Wasting time in a relationship does hurt a woman more than a guy. She is 31. Her fertility is already declining and is about to start declining sharply. If she wants kids then this is a huge blow. The husband(especially if he is wealthy) can just marry someone 10 years younger and be fine

2 upvotesdr_warlock5 years ago

Marriage is a favor for women, not men. Thats why fathers used to fund the ceremony and cover extra costs.

2 upvotesHazMat68W5 years ago

This is what a lot of women think of men

Wouldn't the same be thought in a reverse situation? If the wife was leaving the husband?

2 upvotesbat_mayn5 years ago

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. I take it to mean that, if the woman were leaving the man - then he would seek 'reparations' and try to ruin her finances in divorce court, in the same way?

Well, that happens.. a man divorce raping a woman, but it's the exception not the rule. Divorce rape is disproportionately a woman thing.

1 upvoteskrakosia5 years ago

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

15 upvotesTitan50005 years ago

Maybe not the place to ask, but what are the circumstances to a prenup being thrown out in court, if there are any? I would assume things like infidelity/assault or something along those lines. I've heard that prenups are not airtight - what's the best way to ensure maximum effectiveness?

14 upvotesmrp3anut5 years ago

Prenups are typically considered to be not "air-tight" because people get them for stupid reasons.

1) Nothing will protect assets gained during marriage. So if you earn it after the wedding day but have a pre-nup stating zero alimony, and you get all property purchased with your paycheck it will be thrown out since you cant sign away marital property before you gain it.

2) You cannot force your spouse into homelessness with a prenup. So even if all your wealth was from pre marriage you cannot legal give her nothing if she spent 10 years raising your kids and has no jobs skills now.

3) Dont put stupid petty shit in a pre-nup. "I get all her lingerie." is petty, kinda weird and is an avenue of attack for a divorce lawyer.

4) Make sure she gets her own lawyer, and that there is a reasonable amount of time, 6+ months, from the time the pre-nup talk is officially started to when she actually signs it.

5) Consult a reputable lawyer that works in divorce law before you think about marriage or even talk about prenups with the bride to be.

32 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

Additionally - prenup has to be very early. You can't spring it on her last minute. That would count as duress for some bizarre fucked up reason.

Weird that failure to disclose all assets counts against you.

Just. Do. Not. Marry.

16 upvotes684616748970514549805 years ago

if it's any time near the wedding, it can easily be thrown out. if she did not consult legal counsel, it can and probably will be thrown out. if the judge views the terms as unfair, it can be thrown out. if it was around what a lawyer can say is some other major time in her life (dad was sick, dog was lost, wedding planning etc) it can be thrown out. the lawyer can also try to prove that she was coerced into signing it, especially by some financial threat (sign it or i'll kick you out). i would think that the more unfairly the judge views the terms, and we know how judges are today, the more ridiculous excuse they'll accept to throw out the prenup

she is also still legally 'entitled' to her full alimony payments (lol).

prenups are garbage, word to the wise would be to do some research because there are much better protection options out there depending on what you do, it sounds like this guy could have taken advantage of them and been 100% protected. Sucks for him, hopefully it works out

7 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

if it was around what a lawyer can say is some other major time in her life (dad was sick, dog was lost, wedding planning etc) it can be thrown out.

I want to get marriage thrown out because the guy was under some stress (work is difficult, dealing with bridezilla, feeling horny)

3 upvoteswhataboutudummy5 years ago

Please, please share links or more info or a point in the direction to these methods more fool proof (between the women and the gov, we need it to be fools proofed).

1 upvotes-paws-5 years ago


My rudimentary understanding (could be wrong) of a well-written living trust is that you're in control of your assets but legally do not own them. You can access assets at your discretion but as they're not "yours" but the trusts you can't lose them. IANAL

2 upvoteswhataboutudummy5 years ago

I know you're a layman but i didnt think you'd lay a man...do you really anal?

Anyways, thanks for the info. In a lot of states, if we just anal man to man, we won't even have to worry about marriage!

1 upvotes684616748970514549805 years ago

pretty much this, different structured trusts

there are also other things i personally do and advise others in person to do which protects you in more than just the marriage sense

2 upvotes1independentmale5 years ago

there are much better protection options out there

Yeah, vasectomy and don't fucking marry!

1 upvoteskrakosia5 years ago

what are the other legal options?

2 upvotes684616748970514549805 years ago

depending on your job and other factors, different structures of trusts

1 upvoteskrakosia5 years ago

any resources that might help understand these options?

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This article is a good summary: Link

28 upvotesTitan50005 years ago

Unbelievable - so you can't validate a prenup on the grounds that your wife gets fat and gross/withholds sex per section 5? She's not even the same person that you married at that point and is committing emotional abuse. The system hates us.

2 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

so you can't validate a prenup on the grounds that your wife gets fat and gross/withholds sex per section 5?

The court does not want to have to make decisions like "Is this woman ugly enough to activate the clause?" and requiring sex is essentially prostitution.

A fair marriage contract would say both spouses keep any assets from before the marriage and share assets acquired afterwards.

If you aren't looking to actually share your life with her, don't get married.

1 upvotesTitan50005 years ago

I think that's silly - the court shouldn't have to make that decision, the people in the marriage should be able to. If one or the other decides that the person has become someone they never wanted to marry, then they should be able to divorce them and return to the pre-marital state, splitting assets acquired after marriage based on level of financial contribution.

I'm going to run for Congress, this annoys me.

1 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

You can do exactly this so long as thats how you put it in the contract and you leave her enough assets to avoid destitution. You don't have to give a reason for divorce. Most states prefer you don't.

You just can't put a conditional in it like "She isn't entitled to X if she gets fat".

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This may be seen as a material breach of contract depending on how the terms are stated.

8 upvotesSqueezymypenisy5 years ago

Someone with more knowledge will most likely come along and answer this. From my understanding she would have to prove that she signed the document under duress. Now how difficult this is depends on location and local laws so I am not sure in this exact situation. On occasion this sub does have fear mongering where people see several examples of prenuptials being thrown out and then everyone thinks they are completely useless, but if you do it right and don't cheap out like some guys try to do, it can give you a lot of protection, not 100% though.

2 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

Despite what others say, prenups are thrown out >5% of the time.

what's the best way to ensure maximum effectiveness?

Use a lawyer or mediator. Do it well in advance of the wedding. Record your discussion of the prenup. Don't insert frivolous clauses.

1 upvotestexx775 years ago

There are possibilities of it being thrown out.

  1. He lied about his assets
  2. She didn't have independent legal counsel to review it (not fatal but you should do this)
  3. Duress
  4. Signed some length of time after being married.

There are many factors but this guy sounds smart I bet it won't be thrown out.

1 upvotesdr_warlock5 years ago

Look at my post history. "Why Get Married? (Part 7: Divorce, Assets, Alimony, and Child Support)" No prenup is airtight. They dont' mean shit if the judge doesn't consider it "fair". In community property states, she gets half no matter what. Its all there in my post.

29 upvotesthehonestdouchebag5 years ago

Another important lesson that men need to learn. Women will act civil and loving until they realize it is truly over ( or they decide it is over ). Once they see they've reached the point of no return the vast majority will turn into batshit crazy money hungry harpies.

7 upvotesnewls5 years ago

Seriously it'll fucking shock you. She'll turn into a sociopathic deranged surgeon, trying to chop you up into bits just for the sport of it.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Five years won't buy you much in Florida. Even without the pre-nup a good lawyer can show she's only entitled to the increased value of the businesses, if there is any identifiable increase in value. Alimony would likely be less than two years. And all debts prior to the marriage wouldn't be up for equitable distribution.

In Florida, pre-nups will usually stand up if they were drafted by a competent attorney. They function as contracts and as long as you allowed for at least three months between the signature and the ceremony, you ought to be good so long as there is a severability clause in place just in case one or two clauses get determined to be unconscionable for any reason.

Whenever a pre-nup comes up for dispute, I file a memorandum in support of maintaining the pre-nup so the judge is quite aware I know how to win on appeal if I don't get the ruling I want. Haven't had one thrown out yet, haven't had to appeal one yet.

Learn about pre-nups in your state, and be prepared to quiz an attorney about the one he is drafting, and ask about an arbitration clause and make damn sure the arbitration clause is a separate paragraph from the rest of the body of the dispute resolution clause.

5 upvotesSadpanda5965 years ago

Just remembering from law school (don't practice in the field), there are a variety of non procedural reasons a prenup could get thrown out. Two most relevant would be whether she was put under duress in signing it - you want to give the future SO's plenty of time to think it over. Another is if the terms are unreasonable - if you had a lawyer help you with it chances are youll be alright. Basically, you cant be married to a woman for 20 years and then kick her to the curb when you're retiring at 60 and except the prenup to hold up giving her nothing. After being married for only 5 years, most courts would be pretty happy giving her relatively little of what he earned. He wont be able to dodge child support though.

Also, if either party provided false information when they got married! You have to fully disclose your financial situation.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

hold the fuck on, if EITHER party provided false information? so if SHE lies, then the prenup isn't valid? What the fuck are you talking about

1 upvotesSadpanda5965 years ago

Calm down, was just typing fast, obviously if she lied its not going to hurt him.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

didn't mean it to sound accusatory, just got scared for a second, that would be fucking insanity, but it's like...nothing would surprise me at this point. if feminism lobbied that pre-nups where SHE lied nullified them, I wouldn't dismiss it, I'd probably think it was true.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The best years of her life

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

60 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

We have built a life together, I gave him 5 of the best years of my life and I've been 100% faithful to him - I don't fucking deserve to be tossed out like a piece of trash.

I don't understand. He gave her 5 years of his life and has been 100% faithful to her as well. Does that mean he deserves half her money?

No, because that's idiotic. I don't understand how it makes sense the other way around.

34 upvotesRPthrowaway1235 years ago

Gave him 5 of the best years of my life

There it is! She realizes she's not young and hot enough to bring in another guy of his caliber. So of course she's gonna try to rape him with the divorce, if only so she can drag him down a few pegs. What a spiteful, hateful harpy.

8 upvotesTransmigratory5 years ago

It sounds like even she knows the divorce rape is going to fail.

109 upvotesrp_valiant5 years ago

the comments are tearing this woman a new one too - for the beta haven that is /r/relationships, they're injecting some serious Red Pill truth into the thread.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

95 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

The message is clear:

  • You can't claim that "the past is the past" if you think revealing it will end relationships
  • Lying by omission is still lying
  • Get. A. Fucking. Prenup. Don't get married.

There, that's better.

33 upvotesSabaBoBaba5 years ago

Too late, did it before I found TRP. Marriage is Red Pill on hard mode. I'm lucky though my wife was born in Korea and raised abroad. She seems to lack a lot of the entitlement that western women have.

32 upvotesCrimsonDeep5 years ago

. She seems to lack a lot of the entitlement that western women have.

Make sure she stays near family and has a growing relationship with them, foreign women can still get infected with the terrible condition of : socialus feminitus

(No not a real scientific term)

Aka social justice feminism.

26 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

She seems to lack a lot of the entitlement that western women have.

It's going to take serious, continuous effort on your part to make sure she never develops that sense of entitlement.

If you live in the west, then she's surrounded by a culture of female entitlement.

Best of luck to you, man. I don't envy you, that's for sure.

6 upvotesgxslim5 years ago

Remember Eddie Murphy's bit on "half".

2 upvotesenteralterego5 years ago

you beat me to it. "Eddie.. what have you don for me lately??"

1 upvotesmiguelcristovao5 years ago

My gf is exactly like this. And thank god she only hangs with foreigners too!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Always, always marry a girl who is frugal with money.

42 upvotesrp_valiant5 years ago

one of the key factors is being lost between the lines in this thread too, and that is the fact that the woman claimed she was a virgin when they started dating. Considering the high value placed on marrying a virgin (and for good reason), discovering that she was not only not a virgin but engaged in MMF threesomes is a massive slap in the face. The fact that it was the friend that ended up revealing this fact only makes the situation 10x worse.

24 upvotesFattestRabbit5 years ago

that is the fact that the woman claimed she was a virgin when they started dating

Is this true? I thought I read through both threads pretty thoroughly and didn't see this. I thought her lie was simply omission and she was outed by her friend at some gathering. If this is true... holy shit.

edit - I'm not calling you a liar. I just missed that huge detail and it does change the story for me.

5 upvotesrp_valiant5 years ago

take a look at the update thread and the comment by user "Hurkadurkadurkadurk". I didn't catch the original thread though so it might be that this user is making shit up.

7 upvotestotorox5 years ago

Uh no. "She" didnt claim to be a virgin. All "her" comments to her own second thread were deleted yesterday, too.

3 upvotesrp_valiant5 years ago

I'm not following what you're trying to say here.

3 upvotesTravellingIndian5 years ago

but engaged in MMF threesomes

MMF is gangbang not threesome. Let's keep TRP free from unisex terms

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

no, a gangbang is MMMMMMMF etc. :) Or.. just a bunch of m's & f's. 3=3-way. More =gangbang

1 upvotesrp_valiant5 years ago

or in the immortal words of Patrice O'Neal: "two women and a man is a threesome. Two men and a woman is a train."

1 upvotesNanoTechnic4 years ago

Eh, is there a TRP accepted definition of these terms? Might be good to have, just at least so these kinds of arguments can be avoided.

1 upvotesDamascene_20145 years ago

Time for a landmark case...husband sues her for the going value of virginity as appraised by actual eBay sales and what not.

8 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

Lying by omission is still lying

This, I can't explain this enough to people for them to grasp that concept. Omitting information to manipulate the rational thinking of another adult is just as bad as any form of lie.

3 upvotestotorox5 years ago

It's not lying, it's for his own good. "Nothing good would have come of telling him the truth" (actual quote from the thread)

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

True that. I would add: When screening for a LTR, assume she's a slut unless proven otherwise.

26 upvotesbeltwaytr5 years ago

Honestly, I don't think you've done anything wrong and if this (something that occurred when he wasn't in your life whatsoever) is a deal breaker for him then you are better off. He's being a childish idiot about it. The past was meant to stay in the past and I don't believe you were obligated to talk to him about your sexual exploits with previous partners. The way he is acting is ridiculous. I understand he may be bothered by it but wow, handle it like a man, dude.

Got to love hamsters trying to defend this woman's behavior. I mean who really believes sexual history really doesn't matter? I can't seem to wrap my head around the thought that so many women think it's 100% ok to be a total whore early on in life and expect a happy and functional marriage later on. The OP even goes to say this

I'm not "better off" without him. This is the man I love, we've built a life together. A divorce would completely ruin my life.

Which translates to "This is my meal ticket. I can't lose this or I'm fucked."

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If sexual history didn't matter then it would have been no consequence of advise her to future partner of it way back when. She did not, which would reasonably lead one to conclude that she was quite aware that her promiscuity and behavior were of consequence and acted accordingly in her own self-interest.

Tough luck, lady. And now that the internet knows that not only you were promiscuous but you also suffer from delusions of undeserved entitlements as well, potential suitors need only Google your name to know to not even bother. Better start hoarding cats. You're in for a LONELY rest of your life.

1 upvotesronconcoca5 years ago

Why does sexual history matters? does it only matter for woman? why is virginity valuable? I'm not trolling, I'm new here

1 upvotesbeltwaytr5 years ago

Sexual history is a glimps into the future with that person. If your girlfriend has a high partner count she's more likely to be diseased, unfaithful, and irresponsible.

Marrying a virgin almost guarantees a stable marriage, and at the end of the day no man wants to have a relationship with a prostitute.

Is it imporant for men absolutely. Women do find it to be a turn off when they find out their partner has been with a high number of women. However it's extremely rare as men who have high number counts aren't into relationships in the first place and will tell women right off the bat they have no interest in playing boyfriend. Women however seem to think they can have the best of both worlds.

2 upvotesronconcoca5 years ago

Thanks for the answer.

Marrying a virgin almost guarantees a stable marriage

Is this an opinion or a studied "fact"?

2 upvotesbeltwaytr5 years ago

this is a proven study. I will update with a link as it's pretty buried in my messages.

Update: Here is part of the study I'm looking for the whole thing it's pretty damn enlightening.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Not as much as this http://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/marriage-divorce-statistics

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

It's only an opinion - there are plenty of women fucking a new man in a week after having lost her virginity, plenty of virgins-became-wives who seek new men, new sex precisely because she's had only 1 so far.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

It's hard to get honest sexual & psychological history. A cheater will want to cheat even as a virgin. There's no way out of it. A woman who wants 3 dicks at a time will not stop wanting that ever. So marriage means you probably will find a new man or a few at a time fucking your wife in your bed in your house but she won't do anything sexually adventurous with you the husband which is why you are the husband, that's her number 1 reason to have a husband - provider, not adventurous. Or permitted to take part even if he wants to.

1 upvotesdiversity_is_racism5 years ago

I mean who really believes sexual history really doesn't matter?

The wishful thinking Reddit hamsters will insist it doesn't, but it's just basement virgins trying to white knight.

6 upvotesmuyuu5 years ago

There are also some affirmation replies to her straight off sluts anonymous. See for instance this obvious call for validation and its replies: http://i.imgur.com/xaFlgSV.png

12 upvotesthehonestdouchebag5 years ago

I don't even know what level of cognitive dissonance they have to engage in to not understand how somebody finding that out about their partner may cause feelings of disgust and repulsion, not coming from a place of maliciousness.

5 upvotesan0n4btc5 years ago

level of cognitive dissonance they have

I think the supporters are all in the same boat. Quite easy to cheer for your own team as an active member/participant in the sport.

2 upvotesdiversity_is_racism5 years ago

I think the supporters are all in the same boat.

Misery loves company. And whores want someone to validate them.

1 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

Because our culture has tried to push this idea that a woman with no sexual boundaries is "liberated" and that you should slut it up until you are 30 then settle down with mister right.

Look how many sitcoms follow that exact storyline.

106 upvotesLeGrandDiableBlanc5 years ago

One of the comments struck a chord with me:

It was apparently something that you knew would be a big enough deal to your husband that you didn't want it coming out. That's certainly your right. But it is silly of you to pretend that something you felt that was worth hiding is somehow now insignifant enough for you're husband to divorce you.

Has anyone else noticed this thread of cognitive dissonance everywhere? Why is it that almost everyone who says 'the past doesn't matter' use that as a justification for... hiding details about their own past? Instinctually, they know that these things matter!

If I have found one thing that every woman I have ever met has lied to me about, it has been their sexual past. Every. Single. One. No exceptions. (I found out the truth through third parties, or from the horse’s mouth through trickle truths, a form of lying.) Women instinctively know how valuable their sexuality is. Not only in the sense of fertility and paternity, though this is the foundation for the instincts. They instinctively understand that giving up sexual access is the single most complimentary thing they can do for a man. It is the highest form of compliment that they have to give. They equally understand, thus, why it would make a man angry to hear about how the value in his woman he has worked hard for was given away on a whim to other men for, what, some fleeting excitement? How am I supposed to feel if you're charging me for an inferior product to that which you used to give away?

The only recourse is this kind mental gymnastics, whereby the reason something matters in the first place is obscured precisely because it matters.

33 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

How am I supposed to feel if you're charging me for an inferior product to that which you used to give away?

Exactly. Increase value by increasing rarity. Even when it's common as muck.

24 upvotesStories_of_Red5 years ago

The sexual past is so, so unimportant, she will lie hard to keep that unimportant thing a secret.

Yeah, sounds unimportant, doesn't it? /s

9 upvotesTheRedPilsner5 years ago

If I have found one thing that every woman I have ever met has lied to me about, it has been their sexual past. Every. Single. One. No exceptions.

There's an old saying: "When a man tells you how many sexual partners he's had, divide it by three to get the real number. When a woman tells you how many sexual partners she's had, multiply it by three to get the real number."

So that perfect girl you're in love with who says that she's only slept with 3 guys in her entire life? The actual number is probably 8 or 9.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You see it a lot because a big push by liberals (which you see a lot more on the internet) is that actions don't have consequences unless you're a white male. You see this across everything, but very much so for women. That's what the whole sex positive movement is about. You also see it in cases in cases where someone pulled a knife on an officer or pointed a gun at him, and they cry that the cop should have just restrained him somehow, or depending how stupid the poster is saying the cop should have just ran away and minded his own business.

1 upvotesFarabee5 years ago

You see it a lot because a big push by liberals (which you see a lot more on the internet) is that actions don't have consequences unless you're a white male.

If you are a white male, of course, the actions of your "peers" also reflects badly on you. Gotta love being a "shitlord" any time I try and bring up a point because I'm part of the "patriarchy".

1 upvotesFedaykinII5 years ago

You see it a lot because a big push by liberals (which you see a lot more on the internet) is that actions don't have consequences unless you're a white male.

This is as a worthless a generalization as they come. You literally think "liberals" (whatever that means to you) believe that only white men should be held responsible for actions?

0 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

it's dead-on as to how society is acting.

0 upvotesThangleby_Slapdiback5 years ago

Hullo. I am a liberal and a white male.

I believe you are mistaken.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If you disagree with this, you're not paying attention to what your cohorts are saying.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

really? You won't be forgiven to do all these things but everyone else will.

1 upvotesdiversity_is_racism5 years ago

Why is it that almost everyone who says 'the past doesn't matter' use that as a justification for... hiding details about their own past?

The goal of the liberal is to have zero social standards so their own venal behavior may go unnoticed.

190 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

My husband owns multiple businesses and wouldn't get married without a prenup. I signed it, honest-to-god thinking we'd never, EVER have to use it.

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my GIANT THROBBING ERECTION

43 upvotesGroshub5 years ago

That sentence was literal porn

9 upvotesbonerfleximus5 years ago

The only sexier sentence would be : "I expected him to be happy to find out that I'm pregnant, but he LAUGHINGLY reveals that he's had a vesectomy!?"

1 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

Two to one says that's an actual subreddit where people gawk at nice looking sentence structure, while missing half of their potential membership because they opted to use the cringe-worthy and trend-following suffix of "-porn".

18 upvotes684616748970514549805 years ago

sadly for him, there is a large precedent of prenups being thrown out in divorce court. If she can prove she was 'not in a reasonable mind' when she signed it (eg it was signed 'shortly' before their marriage, or around some other event in her life) it can easily be thrown out. Even if she was in sound mind, let's say she didn't have legal counsel at the time, it can be thrown out. If the terms are what a judge would view unfair, her lawyer could say he coerced her into signing it with some financial threat. A judge can also throw out the prenup if they view it as 'not fair'. Also she'll still be getting alimony if the judge sees fit as a prenup doesn't protect against that, and his full asset value will be used to determine that.

Get the right lawyer, and that prenup is swiss cheese. It's unfortunate that he didn't go for a stronger form of postmarital protection, but hopefully it all works out for him.

word to the wise - prenups are not best option, do your research.

15 upvotesbustanutmeow5 years ago

What other option is there?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Get lucky, get married, have two kids, and she somehow falls on 25 knife wounds.

0 upvotestorodinson5 years ago

C'mon... Don't get married.

1 upvotesbustanutmeow5 years ago

Apart from the only real choice I meant. I thought there was some legal paper that could save your ass.

4 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

there is a large precedent of prenups being thrown out in divorce court.

There really isn't. Only a small percentage of prenups get thrown out. They are just heavily publicized.

1 upvotes684616748970514549805 years ago

large in the sense that there are enough to use as an example and enough for a judge to find precedent, not that a large % are thrown out

2 upvotesdillionaire135 years ago

Yea, as someone who is incapable of using Google, what other option is there?

1 upvotes684616748970514549805 years ago

different types of trusts depending on diff factors in your work/life

6 upvotesgekkozorz5 years ago

An oasis of justice in a desert of female entitlement.

74 upvotesFattestRabbit5 years ago

His view of me has been irreparably changed and he no longer sees me "as someone worthy of being [his] wife". (quoting him here... fucking prick hero )

This quote sums up my thoughts, especially after seeing her decide to challenge the prenup. So much for her leaving with whatever dignity she claimed to have as a "changed woman" from her drug-fueled DP-me college days.

47 upvotesSkull_Kid_kakaka5 years ago

From a logical perspective I can see why she would want to challenge the prenup. Her best years are behind her and she just spent the final wisps from 26-31 with this man. There is also a certainty that his money will end up being spent for her legal fees and she STILL has education debt.

His lawyer may have prompted him to pay her debt as a way to validate the prenup, but making one concession has opened the door. I'm guessing she will also try to kick him out of his own home next or claim he was abusive / the prenup was signed under duress. This divorce is an opportunity for a big payday on her part - why not take it?


32 upvotesrebuildingMyself5 years ago

He offered to pay off her debt (accumulated while she was riding the CC two horses at a time). That's MORE than generous

42 upvotesSkull_Kid_kakaka5 years ago

Hahaha what makes you think Family and Divorce law has anything to do with fairness and common decency? As far as the state is concerned, they want to assure that this CC 30+ woman doesn't end up costing THEM money in the future.

In her mind she probably thinks she's owed at least half of his present and future earnings for spending the last of her youth without cheating (or admitting to it). She knows the odds are stacked against her to pick up another person with the kind of wealth he appears to have that hasn't already divorced with children in another family.

My biggest surprise in all of this is how well the husband checked the boxes and that she didn't immediately start breaking things. He was probably recording that conversation as well if it was legal in his state.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I've said it before, I'll say it till the day I die: the most important lesson of TRP is simply AWALT.

1 upvotesOverkillengine5 years ago

This divorce is an opportunity for a big payday on her part - why not take it?

This is why men HAVE to be willing to spitefully burn every spare cent legally or otherwise the moment a woman tries to abuse the word of the law to go well past its spirit.

Take away the payday. If you have any quality as a man you'll probably still retain more future earning potential after burning your assets in a Pyrrhic orgy than this kind of harpy will ever aspire to again.

1 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

His lawyer may have prompted him to pay her debt as a way to validate the prenup, but making one concession has opened the door.

On the contrary, its a peace offering to avoid further legal battles. He can withdraw this offer if she wants to take him to court.

10 upvotesthehonestdouchebag5 years ago

Another example of the modern strong independent womyn fighting tooth and claw for a mans financial support.

2 upvoteskrakosia5 years ago

of course, she is the victim here. /s

45 upvotesDrunkNewb5 years ago

My RP buddy and I were trying to track down the original post after it got removed; thanks for the archive link!

This story is such absolute gold. I want my daughters and sisters to read this shit so they know how men really think when it comes to your sexual history. Its ultimately your choice, but realize that society's "you can do whatever you want" mentality is really only hurting your chances later on down the road.

Ladies, make good decisions NOW for your life LATER.

74 upvotesaguy015 years ago

Women have the right to fuck whoever they want, and men have the right to think they are sluts.

12 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

ts ultimately your choice, but realize that society's "you can do whatever you want" mentality is really only hurting your chances later on down the road.

That's the reciprocal side to women saying "I can do what I want with my body", isn't it? That's absolutely right, honey bun, but guess what? I can do what I want with my commitment, time, money, and resources. And that includes choosing not to marry slutty whores.

9 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

Usually women get away with this though. They are not usually caught out on their lies.

2 upvotesOverkillengine5 years ago

It (truth) always comes out eventually. In time that is. The key is vetting them for long enough that they can't hide it. Unfortunately many men lack enough rational self control to wait long enough before irreversibly committing.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

64 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

The comment thread by Thomas_Becket and Silmariel was completely deleted. Certainly not the first time I've seen whole threads of uncomfortably true comments get censored by mods.

Lying about being a virgin. If I recall correctly, she had a reasonably extensive sexual history, while he had none.

[reply by silmariel]: Ah! Well that is pretty bad. I kinda get why the husband would be heartbroken about that. He probably felt it was a significant thing being her first, and then to find out he was lied to, and manipulated. The thing about being dishonest is that, once you do this to a person, its not really up to you to determine wether their reaction when they discover the deceit is within reason. You are the cause of his pain, it is not your right to decide how much he is allowed to hurt. If he needs to divorce you, then that is the consequences of your actions tbh. And about the money, the lie you told is pretty big, and it might not go well for you in a courtroom. Most people would recognise it as manipulative and deceitfull. - Its not a good mark on your character that after breaking his heart you want to go for the moonies. And btw. This is not about your sexuality, or your right to do with your body as you please. You can do whatever with whomever. But to lie to your SO about your virginity, making them feel special - making them believe you trust them above all others, making them think you give yourself to them, and to noone else, is insanely manipulative. - You should have been honest, the moment you realised that this was an important issue for him. - Instead you lied.

It's the most reasonable, well thought out comments, which expose the ruthlessness of the the female side, which always get censored.

18 upvotesRPthrowaway1235 years ago

Even by /r/relationships standards that's reasonable. The mods are definitely censoring things they don't agree with. What a crock of shit.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I can't believe they had the balls to lock it down early so it would drop down. What cowards/hamsters.

36 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

It got locked because the comments weren't going the way the female moderators over at /r/relationships wanted them to go. I've noticed a whole lot of covert RP over there lately, and I'm willing to bet their mods are having private discussions of concern about it. I remember it was only like a year ago where comments like the ones in OP thread got down voted to hell, reported, and deleted.

The misandry bubble is getting ready to pop. I really think men, even plugged in men, are starting to sense a rift in the Matrix. They're getting tired of being told they are insecure man-babies simply because they don't wanna wife up whores. And the whores are starting to panic, and rather than change themselves, they will double-down on sluttery.

7 upvotesfoldpak1115 years ago

I don't know, dude. Ultimate beta orbiters (on some final boss shit) are rampant here in Portland. Maybe this is just feminist central, with all the green hair and weak complexions.

2 upvotesVinylGuy4205 years ago

That's my dilemma. I want to go to a state where I can smoke legal weed but not deal with liberal, SJW, ultra feminists where the gun control laws are rampant, and any display of masculinity is shunned. Guess I'll have to just wait for federal regulation.

1 upvotesBwhitty235 years ago

I know being liberal here is not the best but would you admit that the ultra PC left is different than other types of left. Same deal with the christian right being only one part of the right. I don't know cause I'm fairly liberal person but hearing about places like the pacific northwest and some European countries being so "pussified" makes me hate to be lumped in but it's the same with how regular conservatives hate being lumped in with the Christian right.

2 upvotesTheRedPilsner5 years ago

The misandry bubble is getting ready to pop. I really think men, even plugged in men, are starting to sense a rift in the Matrix. They're getting tired of being told they are insecure man-babies simply because they don't wanna wife up whores. And the whores are starting to panic, and rather than change themselves, they will double-down on sluttery.

"I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you."

1 upvotesdiversity_is_racism5 years ago

/r/relationships is a complete joke.

Standard behavior on Reddit.

41 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

Nothing I could do or say could convince him that these were past mistakes and not reflective of who I am today. He wasn't angry with me, didn't call me a slut or anything like that. Never once raised his voice. Part of me wishes he did, although I can't exactly say why right now. It felt like I was being laid off from a job. [emphasis mine]

You were laid off from a job, darling. Being an honest, dutiful wife IS your job, and you failed in it.

What have I said in the past?

Remember, women are candidates applying to be your girlfriend. Don't just hire someone because you want the position filled. Make sure you vet your candidates fiercely and hire the right one for the job.

Hopefully our plucky hero's pre-nup will save him from being divorce-raped, and he will have the good sense not to get married at all next time.

25 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

If I have a history of robbery, I will not be hired by a bank. If I have a history of abusing children, I will not be hired as a daycare instructor or a teacher. If I have a history stiffing credit card companies, my credit score will suffer and I will have a hard time securing loans.

I sell health insurance. If I commit insurance fraud and have a history of fraud in "my past", the state will take my insurance license away. Why? Because of my past behavior.

But for some reason, none of this logic applies to women and past whorishness. Women, it seems, will never, ever understand this.

"My past is the past and that doesn't matter!"

Yes, hon, it is all that matters. We are all judged by our past all the time, every day, in all facets of life and society.

4 upvotesJovianTrainWreck5 years ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one that cringed at that particular part of the comment. The fact that she said that offhand suggests that she's primarily upset for losing such a choice beta provider after her little carnival escapades (owns multiple businesses? nooice)

Gotta say it's refreshing to see the husband have such frame and a solid backup plan in play for fucking once. Call me a naiive optimist, but I can only see the settlement going well for him, with or without his generous favor on her student debt.

0 upvotesduglock5 years ago

What makes me think a guy wrote this is that she said job. For the life of me I have never heard a woman use any term other then "career".

2 upvotestorodinson5 years ago

You cannot get laid off from a career though, but you can from a job.

19 upvotesjoazito5 years ago

Original post text was removed, and we're only hearing one side of the story. But here's a few things left unclear:

  • Someone mentioned that OP presented herself as a virgin, supposedly as the husband.
  • A comment mentions that OP denied the husband some stuff in bed. I can only imagine his reaction "she did MMF, but she wouldn't do X with me?"
  • Who knows what the friend told him. For all we know OP might have been unfaithful and the friend somehow leaked this.

We can imagine OP's husband to be wealthy as he owns several businesses. OP signed a pre-nup, but expects 5 years of (alleged) fidelity to be enough to get a good portion of that wealth.

Personally I wouldn't leave a woman for having threesomes before we met, but all the other stuff rubs me the wrong way. I wonder how (in)frequently they had sex, maybe she was giving him minimal service only and he figured that she just wasn't attracted to him.

19 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

You can bet the reality is worse than it is presented by her

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

She stated that she was 25 when they met

Never said I was a virgin. We met when I was like 25, come on. Any time I mentioned an ex-boyfriend - not sexually, just in conversation, like "Oh, I went to [destination] with [ex-boyfriend]" - he'd get pissy and unhappy. He never came out and said it, but I could tell it made him uncomfortable. So early on in our relationship, I made the conscious decision to stop talking about my past boyfriends completely.

The crux of her argument really is stated in this reply she posted:

To protect his fragile ego, I have to start my life over at square one. I'll probably have to move in with my parents. I don't even know if I'll have a car by summer.

It all comes back to what material possessions she can suck out of him.

15 upvotesNewdist25 years ago

I don't even know if I'll have a car by summer.

Cry me a fucking river. She can buy a used car for under $1k.

What she means is she won't have Beta Cucks making the monthly payments on her 2015 Kia.

10 upvotestotorox5 years ago

OP denied the husband some stuff in bed.

Anal and facial. Not in any particular order.

55 upvotesbalalasaurus5 years ago

My favorite comment so far is this

Why is he a prick? If he had known about your past when you two began dating and decided to stop because he wasnt comfortable would he still be a prick? I can see how he feels deceived and in this sub people will tell you that the way one feels cant be helped and are not wrong.

I guess now you can try to find someone that will accept you for your past and he can find someone who he doesnt feel like deceited him

The fact that someone made an honest-to-god rational statement like this is fucking gold if you ask me. Cue hamsters to come to the rescue though.

Forget about the bit where she had a history of being a slut. No he's the one with the questionable character. He's the prick. Lady needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror, if she can even look at herself that is.

7 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Lady needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror, if she can even look at herself that is.

That's if she can actually see her reflection with all of the encrusted cum in her eyes. All she will do is use this as an excuse to hop back on the carousel ASAP. She'll be at the bars hunting down Chad T-Cock in no time. Only problem is, being that she's now 31 and not 21, she's gonna find that it's Cock Carousel on hard mode. I see a lot of beta "settling" in her future.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

19 upvotesbassivemalls5 years ago

Ah yes, the pre-nup. Remember guys in America pre-nups only protect you from your assets before marriage. Anything he made during the marriage she has a right to. Yeah. Even with a fucking document signed beforehand you're not fully protected and if you made all your money while you were with her too fucking bad.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

5 years of living in affluence...

Student loans paid off...

Get dumped for lying...

Pissed off and now challenging prenup...

Getting support from female redditors and white knights...

I've lost count of how many of these I've read on this reddit. Women often have entitlement issues.

I thought it was about him recognizing that she was sexually restrictive with him and sexually free with others - which seeded doubt in his mind about her true feelings for him, but even though I still think that is a part of the mix here, can definitely understand why the husband feels conned about being misled. That's the lynchpin in this situation.

He has money - sounds to me like quite a bit of it. She gave him a false image of herself to cash in on his ability to provide. He found out and dumped her like the terminator.

He convinced her to sign a prenup? Dude is alpha.

I'm guessing that the way the marriage was going, he wasn't the happiest about it. Probably over the years he kind of figured out that he sold himself short in the marriage and couldn't quite put his finger on why, and didn't have a moral reason for breaking the marriage vow. He probably felt the same sense of duty and empathy we all feel when in a commitment. Then when the bomb got dropped on her rampant promiscuity it was his get-out-of-jail-free card. It was a confirmation of the feelings that had been tugging at him. It all made sense.

Has anyone ever gotten into a serious LTR and then found yourself becoming increasingly miserable with the person you are with? Habits are difficult to break. We men have a natural instinct for duty. Not at all like women who have a natural instinct for self preservation. Its not easy breaking a promise of commitment. After all it is a promise. So many of us get tied up to situations that are not ideal for a myriad of reasons. In his case, it was blatant deception. We feel guilt and pity. We do care about that person to some degree, but we're also not happy ourselves. Difference is with most men is we stick it out and try to make it work - almost always at our detriment. Women, in contrast, will dump you in the street and not lose a blink of sleep if they begin to see a relationship as unfavorable.

We don't always get gifted a free exit door like this guy got. The woman that told him the truth did him a BIG favor - and probably knew full well the consequences. No fucks were given. It was about time that Mr. Big knows the truth.

Over the past few years of reflection, I've come to realize that both man and woman, everyone is entitled to pursue their personal vision of happiness and fulfillment. If a woman wants a divorce because she's unhaaappy then fuck? What can you do? Shit happens. Man the fuck up and take your lumps. IMO, same applies for the man. He has a right to personal fulfillment as well. I think this applies in all situations EXCEPT when children are involved, then both parties need to adjust the priority to the children. The problem here is in western society, men don't really have the right to pursue happiness. We are held to our commitments, even at our detriment. Women are not held to this same standard. Men are expected to maintain a portion of their martial commitment (financial) multiple years beyond divorce and woman are not (very rarely are they).

As for the lessons we can draw?

For one... Never Listen and Believe always Trust but Verify.

Two... Marriage is for raising a family. If you have no plan to engage in that, then you have no reason to marry.

Three... If you do decide to marry, you need to have no doubts about your decision and no disillusions about your risks. Take precautions. Don't be hasty. Build up sufficient pre-marital assets and establish yourself before considering the step. Get a prenuptual agreement and make sure to the best of your ability you abide by its conditions.

Brothers, we live in a time where we are labeled the enemies of society, while being expected to support it while operating from codified disadvantage. Everyone one of us can be slandered, libeled and even jailed on a woman's whim without any proof whatsoever. It happened to me, I know. Furthermore, women see us as stupid, servile targets to be manipulated for their gratification. Today a man must raise his awareness level and plan his life with no small caution.

Look at Mr. Big. His wife lied to his face, lived that lie for years and was planning to take it to her grave. Does that sound like someone who gives a flying shit about her husband's wants/needs/happiness? Sure as fuck to me doesn't.

Why? Because she's a selfish idiot who doesn't GAF.

Keep your radar up fellas. Even alphas like Mr. Big can get shitfucked by being too trusting and naive.

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[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yeah reddit seems more redpilled these days

41 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

I totally see this guys perspective. I'd be pissed to to find out you've married the town whore. This guy can have the pick of the litter only to find out he ended up getting that woman everyone talks down about when she's not around. He got fucked over.

And her "that's not who I am now" defense shows a complete lack of empathy or understanding of the situation.

24 upvotesscummcdirt5 years ago

There is also the hit to his reputation:

"He married sluts McGee!! The woman that must have ALL the dick!!, what a sick fuck."

So how much business did he lose because of this? how many opportunities were lost?

What people fail to understand, is when you get married, you are not just getting a person who lives with you, but you are getting the benefits, responsibilities, and the demerits that come with it.

Sure you insurance costs are "lower", but if she has a shit credit rating(a lot of them do too), then your credit will take that hit.

That stupid cunt that you feel obligated to save, the one with the bastard child? Yeah, her baggage also legally affects you too, and the social baggage has repercussions.

37 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

I've double teamed girls before, and every one says the same thing, "Yeah, we wont judge you. Let's just have fun and fool around! It's just sex, no one is going to judge you for exploring your sexuality!" But no one is ever thinking of that chick as dating material. I know I was thinking, "Wow, I feel bad for the poor chump who decides to date this whore. She's a great fuck though."

In my experience, that's sort of the line most guys go along. Most guys will encourage this behavior so they can get their frills, but those women are sort of seen as the undatables, and more like the fuck toys of society. They have a role in society, but that role is not being a quality wife a guy will be proud of being a part of.

That's why I feel for this guy. He thought he was getting one of those quality women he spent his whole life building up for. He built businesses, went to school, learned life, and so on.... And then found that perfect dime to call wife.... Only to find out, that no, she's not that woman you tell your friends about, instead she's that woman that guys go talk about fucking and dragging around that even other chicks laugh at.

Now he's "that guy"... Everybody knows "that guy"... He's the guy that's willing to date the slut, that every one secretly judges him about. He had to settle for the town bicycle leading every one to think, "Damn, this guy must be desperate if he had to get such a used bike. Says a lot about him."

Just goes to show how important it is to not be naive and to do your vetting hard.

7 upvotesRPthrowaway1235 years ago

That's the saddest thing. But its really not that different from how women use so-called nice guys - as their sources of free validation/food/rides/whatever. So I don't feel the least bit sorry for them anymore.

7 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

It's just one of the huge misconceptions between genders... Women have their own game going on, and they usually get away with it. At least RP men see how women play their game, so we aren't surprised and know how to defend against it. RP guys usually don't get suckered into it.

Guys have their own game going on too. The women that see it, know how not to get fucked by it. Some will complain about, like MRAs complain about it. But at the end of the day, they know what's going on. The smart ones avoid it, while the ones that don't see it get used by it. Like the slut being told to just be herself and how she wont be silently judged (RSDTyler does it all the time), but then that guy goes on to the nice wholesome girl after he's done using the slut to fulfill his urges.

23 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

I would be ok with it so long as she is a total oversexed slut whore having hot FFM threesomes with me every weekend too.

But if I'm getting starfish sex and the last guy was getting threesomes, she'd be in the doghouse before she finished her first sentence.

Fuck marriage.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

agree with this. the only way to stay with a chick like that is if she's willing to start having ffm threesomes from here on out (and/or letting him cheat). she wasn't even having anal with this poor sapp (nor "letting" him cum on face). holy shit he must feel pathetic.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's not who she is now... Because she's married.

It was who she was shortly before dating our anonymous TRP hero.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

lol "our anonymous TRP hero" made me laugh out loud.

that guy handled the situation according to the textbook. amazing.

11 upvotestotorox5 years ago

She totally swindled him if he was a virgin when marrying her. She presented herself as a good girl in order to gain his commitment. Now she's bitchy she has "lost 5 of the best years of her life".

15 upvotesNewdist25 years ago

she has "lost 5 of the best years of her life".

The best five years of he life were 16-21.

The next best were 21-26.

But she gave Sir Cucks-A-Lot the third best five years of her life.

13 upvotestrpSenator5 years ago

Like other's have said. She knew what she was doing... She knew he'd hate it and not sign up with her if he knew better. That's the reason she kept it secret from the start. She knew it was a VERY big deal.

Instead she tried to sell him an ideal image of herself, but now he's seeing the real version and feels ripped off. Heck, I think if she told him from the start, played the naive and exploited woman, card from the start, she could have at least mitigated the damage done here. He would probably still be with her if she played it right. But instead she decided to lie.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I found a web archive of the deleted original post before the update mentioned in the OP, which you can view here : http://i.imgur.com/PFOmsmh.png

Here's the text of the original post:

My husband [M34] of 2 years found out some unsavory details about my [F31] past, and I'm scared it could lead to divorce.Relationships (self.relationships)

submitted 2 hours ago by husbandhatesme

TL;DR - My husband [M34] of 2 years found out some of my [F31] sexual exploits in college. He has barely talked to me since he found out, and I'm afraid our relationship might be finished over something I did 10 years ago before I even knew him.

I'll try and keep this short. We've known each other 5 years, been married for 2 years, and up until last weekend things were perfectly fine. Maybe once in a while we'd bicker about money or something, but 99% of the time we were happy together. While out last weekend for a friends birthday, a (now ex) friend of mine told my husband about a relationship I had in college.

My husband knew about my college boyfriend, but obviously I didn't share intimate details about our sex life. Well... it came out that I used to engage in threesomes with him and his male roommate. Probably 12-15 in total, but all my husband knows is >that it was 'more than once'.

College was a totally different time in my life. I was drinking every weekend, doing recreational drugs every month, partying, having casual flings - just like everyone else at that age. It was a hedonistic "live for today" lifestyle that I thankfully grew out of. I look back on those years with a lot of regrets, and not just about my sex life. I mean, it was 10+ years ago. I'm a totally different person now.

Regardless, I know my husband sees me in a totally different light. He hasn't slept in our bed since he found out, and he's barely spoken to me all week. I'm so scared he'll divorce me, I'm walking on eggshells just trying to stay out of his way while he works through this. I really want to sit him down and clear the air, I just don't know where to begin... I feel like one slip of the tongue and our relationship could be completely over.

I know I'm not a good person for keeping this from him, so please don't lecture me. It was a chapter of my life I'd thought I'd closed for good. It was my ONE secret, and I honestly debated telling him about it but came to the conclusion that no positive outcome could come from it.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Doing God's work son. Thanks.

25 upvotesSabaBoBaba5 years ago

Oh, if I were that man the moment I hear about her wanting to challenge the prenup in court is the moment I withdraw the offer of paying her student loans. I will not help someone who spits in the eye of my generosity.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'd bet 50 bucks that he did find out and that's why the threads were deleted.

1 upvotesjuanqunt5 years ago

That would be the gut reaction of what I'd want to do, but in practice, I would just listen to my lawyer.

1 upvotesfemmefatale15 years ago

I am betting that is exactly why he put up the student loan offer. Its a peace offering. Makes you look good in court and hopefully convinces the wife to drop the issue.

13 upvotesthedude1224875 years ago

Honestly, I thought the people who were trolling in that thread were the blue pillers saying things like

This sucks. :( The comments on your previous post also suck. It's evidence of really immature thinking to condemn someone based on something harmless they did more than ten years ago.

which is completely a red herring. He's not divorcing her because of something harmless she did more than ten years ago, he's divorcing her because she lied about something that would have caused him to not marry her in the first place had he known.

3 upvoteszephyrprime5 years ago

Sluts make worse wives. That's just the simple truth. The fact that she is now trying to ream him in court by throwing out his pre-nup is just proof of that.

40 upvotesDreadLockedHaitian5 years ago

I'm just confused at the whole 'anti-red pill' circlejerk. She's clearly a loose woman and no self-respecting person would put up with that shit.

How the fuck does one justify this type of behavior?

45 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"Sexual Liberation" has had decades to convince people of this.

54 upvotesHalfjor5 years ago

Of course. She was just exploring her sexuality by letting random dicks explore her vagina.

I'm all for sexual freedom but too many people act like it's a powerful and enriching experience to slut it out while you're young. Trust me sweetheart, you aren't gaining wisdom and a deeper understanding of yourself by sucking two different dicks on a Saturday night.

If you don't get STDs and know the repercussions (like this guy not wanting anything to do with you) then do whatever you want. I'm sure getting banged by different guys all the time is awesome. Sex feels great. Acting like it's improving your character and enriching your life is 100% bullshit though.

7 upvotesStories_of_Red5 years ago

too many people act like it's a powerful and enriching experience to slut it out while you're young

Education is hard as hell. So is developing a physical talent. Rather than do that, people opt for the easy, and claim it as an adventure.

See also first world "travelers" (i.e., tourists by another name) who think going to some dumpy, poor village with a North Face backpack on makes them more sophisticated and worldly.

19 upvotesCrimsonDeep5 years ago

. Sex feels great. Acting like it's improving your character and enriching your life is 100% bullshit though.

This is feminists biggest shit test to society.

At least a positive came out of feminism, more plates than you can count if you learn game.

9 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Yes. Think about it; today's generation of millennial 20-somethings have had the "sexual empowerment" drivel drilled into their heads by their mothers, aunts, and volleyball coaches literally since they were old enough to say the word "vagina". They genuinely do not understand why men have a problem marrying them when they've been sluts all their lives. They literally don't get it, and cannot comprehend it.

So since every one of their role models has told them that slutty=empowered, in their minds it must be men who are broken for not respecting them or accepting them.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

he says he no longer trusts me because I "kept something this big" from him our whole relationship. Nothing I could do or say could convince him that these were past mistakes and not reflective of who I am today. He wasn't angry with me, didn't call me a slut or anything like that. Never once raised his voice.

I caught a case of feels for a girl last year which was my last serious relationship. When she talked about wanting to be serious and I agreed, I told her that I expected her to discuss any serious feelings should they come up. It was a rebound situation with her ex so I wasn't expecting it to last very long, but I failed to establish good boundaries and expected her to be loyal which I recognize in hindsight was a recipe for disaster.

This quote is funny because she had a habit of making me a few minutes late for work, so when I brought it up, she requested for me to yell at her for it. No, you're an adult. You know what you're doing.

Anyway, while the sexual favors didn't stop (it only lasted about a month and a half) it appeared she made up with her ex-boyfriend and broke up with me. I didn't yell at all, and I remembered TRP and I said "well I accept that, you can't negotiate desire."

She tried to LJBF-zone me, offer for me to date her younger sister because we apparently had more in common, and then left. I didn't follow up about her sister, I'm smart enough to know that it was a shit test. I ran into her a few weeks later and she asked me to lunch. I followed up, she flaked, then I flaked, and then I finally told her "too bad about lunch" and she said sent me an essay "hope we can still be friends and not awkward" and I said "Good to hear from you, unfortunately friendship is not consistent in my intentions with you but it won't be awkward for me. Peace" and I've been going dark ever since.

I never once got angry and I dealt with my feelings like a man. Before red pill, I would have whined and complained and left confused. But I know so much now, and I know my future relationships will be healthier for me.

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

I'm not gonna lie. I've been a dirty-old-man-in-training since before I became legitimately old (38 is old-ish) and I would have said "Well. Sister. Hm. That's an interesting offer but I'm going to need a higher bid. Sister PLUS you."

I don't care if it would fail, I would throw it out there.

11 upvoteslLoveLamp5 years ago

Noob question that's been bothering me since I've swallowed the Red Pill about a year ago.

Following TRP mentality, a girl that got involved in such sex acts in the past (threesomes, gang bang and other 'deviant' forms of sex), will be permanently stained? Meaning she will never be looked up as a marriage, or even LTR-worthy?

18 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

In short, yes. Women emotionally bond through sex. The more partners they have, the more this pair-bond ability diminishes. A girl who has all of those sex acts will lose the ability to bond to her man because the mechanism has been dulled over time.

If LTRs/Marriage are about long-term/life-long partnership, don't you want someone who is physiologically capable of that? She may WANT an LTR/marriage, but she will lose biological ability to stay emotionally invested in it.

8 upvoteslLoveLamp5 years ago

Women emotionally bond through sex. The more partners they have, the more this pair-bond ability diminishes

This just make me click. It's not so much about the sex itself but the reason why they have sex, which is, as everybody knows, for comfort and proximity, I.E. emotional reasons.

As much as I like to think people needs change over time, this type of behaviour just illustrates a very clear sign of emotional instability. Since they're seeking this stability in a relationship, we'll, we know what it involves.

I hope I summarized this correctly. Thanks for taking the time to respond, this really helped clearing out some of my reflexions.

12 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

"Girls need a reason, guys need a place"
- Dad

1 upvotesTheRedPilsner5 years ago

I think that line was also in the movie City Slickers.

1 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

"They stole it from your dad" -Grandpa

4 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

Btw, those experiences don't make her a bad or immoral person. Just the opposite - that kind of sexual experience can be very fun in the right environment. I'd rather have a MMMF experience w my bros and this girl than some virgin because I know that it will emotionally fuck up the virgin, whereas the other girl it's more physical.

Her past just represents a poor traditional LTR/marriage partner.

3 upvotesthehonestdouchebag5 years ago

Important to state ( when presenting this point ) is that this view is backed by cold hard numbers. The more partners before marriage, the higher the chance of divorce.

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

not backed by numbers, been tried and failed many times. I've asked at least 5 times myself and only been sent the same link every time which fails to prove this.



actually does a better job but it doesn't show partner-count even making the list it's so irrelevant.

1 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

Working today so I'll post a more thorough response tonight.

I'll just say right now, the main issues are not about partner-count. There isn't "one study" that proves everything, there's a compendium of research that seems to point to a particular conclusion. Stay tuned

2 upvotesbustanutmeow5 years ago

Have you got some research i can read through about pair-bonding please?

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

There's none - it's been asked for a dozen times in theredpill and it doesn't exist.

3 upvotesbustanutmeow5 years ago

Then we should be shutting that shit down, No science, No proof. It therefore should not be stated as fact.

And thanks

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Agreed but when the mods get mad at truth-proving they ban people. Same with every subreddit, including this one, and I've been banned over this issue before despite being able to prove the site given is nonsense lacking data and so lacking cross-analysis or repeated analysis, any math whatsoever.

0 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

Working today so I'll post a more thorough response tonight.

I'll just say right now, the main issues are not about partner-count. There isn't "one study" that proves everything, there's a compendium of research that seems to point to a particular conclusion. Stay tuned

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Women emotionally bond through sex. The more partners they have, the more this pair-bond ability diminishes

This is not true.

Women who want lots of sex partners won't bond at all. Period. Before or after getting those sex partners. They're incapable and the initial lack of ability is part of what drives the women to seek sex to make up for what they don't have, just like a man who can't have an attractive face can make up for it part-way by lifting & being very fit/strong/both. One can't replace the other but one can be taken to an extreme to make up for the other being lacking entirely or almost entirely.

A girl having all those sex acts couldn't bond with even the first man she fucked. Ever.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

I'm sorry,

Why are you sorry?

Monogamy is a social construct.

I'm not disagreeing. For the men who want to/prefer to remain monogamous long-term, their BEST bet (i.e. highest odds) is with a girl who hasn't explored around yet for the reasons I gave.

I ain't judgin' a girls choice to enjoy sex, I'm just sayin' it results in less ability to emotionally pair bond to that one partner who's supposed to be the last one.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesOneTouchHowMuch5 years ago

it felt

there's your problem right there. You should be a non-feeling, emotionless robot to prevent future mishaps.

Because, biologically, we're not

We're on the same page. Pair-bonding takes place even amongst non-sexual friendships, it's just that eternal monogamous romance requires it to be a stronger bond than any other types of relationships. Not 100%, just best possible chance for success.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

We're not - I'm not.

NEVER have I been wired to seek out gang-bangs. I did it only out of curiosity because the women were hot enough, wanted me and their boyfriends were my friends already.

Otherwise I do not have any desire/attraction to do it unless it's a bunch of hot girls just because I've never had the all-girl gang-bang yet. I'm curious so why the fuck not. For all I know it will actually not impress me. Of course I think it will because I've never done it but I will not know until I get it.

Monogamy is wired instinct. It's my wired instinct to fuck ONE woman at a time and date ONE woman at a time and pair-bond with ONE woman to raise a child. Period.

Hard-wired and irreversible.

HOWEVER it is also tempered: since I know I will not meet a woman in my lifetime in my country worth raising a child with I can wipe away all futures where I even begin to stick to monogamy for emotions. Ever.

For sex it's a question of safety: the more women I fuck the higher my chances of getting herpes even if I use condoms. I want the experience of more women but I want the avoidance of herpes more so the goal is to find women who will be good for months of fucking not just hours.

2 upvotesHellse5 years ago

That's up to the individual and what they care about, and what they've been led to believe.

If you would have been OK with something that had been disclosed upfront, you can still resent later if that same thing was hidden and accidentally discovered. That's when it becomes an issue of trust... ie. "what else don't I know about?"

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Outside of the lies she told? If those acts are 'no big deal', why did she conceal them?

If he doesn't want her, she's available now - why don't you wife her up? What a catch.

2 upvoteslLoveLamp5 years ago

I was talking in general dude, not even covering the subject of lying about that.

You okay mate?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Ah, I get you. Sorry - the use of 'she' made me think that you were mentioning this story specifically. (Meaning she will never be looked up as a marriage)

In general? Every guy has to decide for himself but many find it unpalatable and unacceptable.

On a larger scale - RP contains the idea that it's ok for a man to exercise his agency and reject women like this. Society at large seems to pressure men into overlooking these sorts of things, even if that man might find it objectionable. You are the captain of your own ship, you make your own rules about who you let aboard.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Not entirely: if you're the kind of man who really likes gang-bangs and you want a wife who does, she's your woman.

I get it. I really do. I don't want any LTR or a wife but not for these reasons. If a woman could keep her emotional shit in check without me having to stop my entire life to do that for her, if other guys fucking a woman I'm fucking were my bros, not just randoms and we had a stronger bond man vs man than any of us did with the women, I'd be all fine with gang-bangs on the regular.

Really, I would. I've done this before (MMF) and only because the guys were not random but guys I already know and the girls were worth putting my dick in a few times each. I'd much rather have all-girls but I don't want their drama in my life. So that's a difficulty with upping it to marriage: by default all the drama is there with no escape hatch so you have to re-craft the entire house-hold and in your image, and a good one, to vent her drama-steam off or her hamster-wheel goes into nuclear-mode.

And if there's random men instead of bros I've known for years and have a solid bond with, then there's alpha-vs-alpha competition which can go right to solid, life-threatening fighting and may include some of them/that in my home.

Not cool.

1 upvotesbutterboy995 years ago

In addition to emotionally bonding, many women view sex as adding to their self esteem/self worth. They want the high value man and sometimes think the easiest way to get him is to offer sex early and often. They then hope this will lead to what they really want, which is a LTR leading to marriage. What they often fail to realize is they de-value their worth by so freely letting guys into their pants.

So a high partner count is often inversely proportional to their self-esteem.

1 upvoteslLoveLamp5 years ago

many women view sex as adding to their self esteem/self worth. They want the high value man and sometimes think the easiest way to get him is to offer sex early and often

That's no exclusive to women, on the contrary

10 upvotesStephen_Reeves5 years ago

Even after everything I know, and have experienced, the fact that she would still go for the pre-nup blows my mind every time. Women are like a completely different species.

9 upvotestotorox5 years ago

Yup. Concepts of fairness, honesty, loyalty are abstractions that don't have the same meaning to them. Those are just social norms they know they may be expected to follow, but they don't really see their reason for existing except that "men will be upset if we break these men rules".

5 upvotesDravous5 years ago

this comment has sparked something in my curiosity. I wonder if this is related to how feminists push social engineering so strongly(ie; "teach men not to rape"). perhaps in their minds, doing horrid things like this aren't really something that men are inherently repulsed by but rather something that is kept in check by socially reinforced norms, as women's behavior is.

5 upvotescocaine_face5 years ago

Interesting idea. I wouldn't be shocked by that.

When I was really getting into researching about gender about a year ago, I read that some feminist academic lawyers had written papers saying that men and women should be under different legal systems for much the same reason. Men like objective rules and a solid code of laws to make everything clear. Women are much more about the situation, and the objectiveness doesn't really matter nearly as much.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Same here.

AWALT is real. I have to consistently remind myself of this. It takes a concentrated effort but this woman's story will make the task that much easier.

19 upvotesWaldo005 years ago

The women just seriously don't understand the male perspective. They have never been told to respect a man or his desires. They don't understand the problem, or they cannot ever admit that they do, as that would translate directly to: I don't give one shit what you want.

24 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

ah no... they totally understand the male perspective.

Hence the lie in the first place. This is all just hamstering to try and rescue the situation after she got caught lying.

21 upvotesLadyLumen5 years ago

I think she also wanted him to get angry because anger is a sign of passion. Sometimes people get the most jealous or angry at the people they love because of all the passion they feel. But this marriage is basically a deflated balloon. There is no passion, no feeling left. This guy has emotionally detached himself and is ready to move on, that is why she is angry.

To flip the genders here, we should imagine that a man lied to a woman and told her he had millions in the bank before marriage. Then she finds out that he's dead broke, unemployed and in debt. Would a woman want a divorce in this situation? Most likely.

4 upvotesKyfhoMyoba5 years ago

The opposite of hate is not love, it is indifference.

8 upvotesiluminatiNYC5 years ago

As someone who sent my divorce papers to my then-wife to her job, then coldly told her that there was no way we could ever reconcile, I can back this up. Once a man is fed up, there's nothing to do. After that point, the marriage is a bad business deal that has to be wrapped up. She needs to realize that she screwed up and now has to take the L.

Here's to hoping he had the adult beverage of his choice (or a nice meal if he doesn't drink) in order to celebrate this flawless victory.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

When I dropped the divorce talk on my wife last September, I was stoic the whole time. It's how I naturally get when stress rises; I'm in control of the situation, not the other way around.

She was upset, mostly it seemed, by the fact that I wasn't crying and visibly upset because I was going to leave her.

Why would I be upset? I'm making the decision... I'm making the decision because of our dead sex life. I'm upset that I feel like I have to start over after 15 years, but I don't need to be an emotional mess about it.

We have since "reconciled." But I've started an MAP to raise my SMV. I'm aloof to her shit tests (though they are so few and far between in the past few weeks) and I'm aloof to any time she turns me down for sex.

The point is, that one talk set in motion all TRP actions by me... And then I found this place, and realized I did everything right starting last September and was clearly a social and financial battery for her matrix before that. Most importantly, she has demonstrated by that (and a few smaller times) action that I have the upper hand.

I get this guy's position. He clearly had the upper hand the whole time in the relationship... Specifically the financial aspect coupled with a pre-nuptial agreement. She likely felt like she was better physically and sexually because of her past, and she probably liked thinking about how everyone knew except her husband; she felt she was the "hot one" and her husband was (hamster warning) lucky to have her even though we all know - we. All. Know.- she rationed sex acts out to him. Because if he was getting the anal he wanted and the CoF he wanted he wouldn't feel so "conned." Now he realizes he wasn't in control, he was a financial and social battery keeping her matrix alive.

Time to unplug, sir. Welcome down the rabbit hole.

EDIT: spell-check corrections

7 upvotesRequi3m5 years ago

They deleted her post and every comment that was not %100 feminist minded. Typical /r/relationships feminazi moderators.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

(quoting him here... fucking prick)

This woman is gonna fight tooth and nail. Calling names just to get petty vengeance, knowing she doesn't have much chance to win in substance.

Part of me wishes he did, although I can't exactly say why right now.

So she could get him emotional and tactically use it against him as the drama unfolds.

We have built a life together, I gave him 5 of the best years of my life and I've been 100% faithful to him - I don't fucking deserve to be tossed out like a piece of trash.

Classic hamstering to obtain some moral high ground to get some cash and to bring more justification to her bitter vengeance.

He's ended friendships and business partnerships over less.

Holy shit.

11 upvotesRPthrowaway1235 years ago

She's wishes he'd gotten angry because that's instantly ammo in the abuse cannon. She can claim he had anger issues and boom there goes the dynamite.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Princess is upset because she hid and lied about her past life decisions from someone who's supposed to be her "life partner"

Now she's contact lawyers attempting to financially rape him. Shows how much she loved him!

I've got to say, this guy is RP as fuck. Smart man.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

nice to see a story with a happy ending

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yet to end. Can't trust the courts. Might end badly.

4 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

Smart guy to get a prenup before getting married. Notice that the woman STILL wants to challenge it in court. Even after lying to her own spouse about sexual deviancy, even after he agreed to pay off her loans in an act of generosity, her greed can't be fulfilled. She wants more. She wants half his money and his business.

Holy fuck guy is willing to give her far more than her prenup would 'entitle' her to and she still wants to try and take a swing in court for CASH AND PRIZES... I hope he retracts the offer and she gets jack shit now.

6 upvotesCarbone5 years ago

I don't think your husband is a bad guy. Maybe he just has different views on sex.

he just has different views on sex.

views on sex.

This is where we're failing. The machine accept those types of behaviour as normal.

It's stupid how we demand to know everything about an used car before purchasing it ... but when we're speaking about our reproductive partner we should pull the trigger without doing some Due Diligence.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesCarbone5 years ago

I was illustrating this situation.

Be careful when asking how many Miles does it have, the salesman will never count when somebody only moved the car to rearrange his sales disposition. Keys in contact don't count.

6 upvotesstolenlogic5 years ago

I love that she called him a prick. Damn that's a tall fucking horse you're riding in on there madam. Maybe I can interest you in a second horse to ride?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Hides a threesome, gets shocked when man finds out, that was the "old" me, then sues for all the money she can. this bitch is straight up worthless

4 upvotesTheRedPilsner5 years ago

I wanna buy this woman's husband a beer. He's handling the situation like a boss. I hope she gets absolutely nothing in the divorce.

2 upvotesfhghg5 years ago

I want to buy her a beer, or six.

10 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

no longer sees me "as someone worthy of being [his] wife". (quoting him here... fucking prick)

(my emphasis)

She lies to appear worthy of being his wife, and then calls him a "fucking prick" when her lies reveal she isn't. She's trying to hate him to justify screwing him over in court.

Fair play to the guy... hopefully solid prenup although shouldn't pay off the rest of her loan. Especially as she's talking to a lawyer to try to get more.

Cut her off!

2 upvotesthehonestdouchebag5 years ago

I doubt he is going to pay off her student loans after he learns that she plans on taking him to court and fighting the prenup.

4 upvotesMattBoBat5 years ago

I love the comments that are like "Good riddance! What an asshole!" hahahah. Uhm.. did you read the post? This woman is freaking out because the easy life her husband has given her is being stripped away now that he learned of her deceit through a mutual friend.

5 upvotesDetectiveDing-Daaahh5 years ago

At least we can tell she KNOWS why he's acting detatched and unemotional, and that's what's eating her up. She recognizes that every time he sees her he pictures the penile rotisserie that she was all too willing to engage in, which no doubt is helping him get on with his own life, rather than grieving over the loss of his innocent little angel.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

0) Don't get fucking married in the first place

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

She was mad he didn't get angry because that would have allowed her to feel like he was the one attacking her and thus that it was HIS fault that the drama/yelling/problem existed.

You know, if this woman really wanted him to never know it, she could have managed to do it. She could have gotten rid of her cock-carroussel rider friends for instance. She let some evidences because she was planing for a divorce for a long time. That's why she calmly decided to not take into account his generosity and to get as more as she can.

Even better than a prenup : don't get married.

5 upvotesoldbluebox5 years ago

Handled it the exact way any respectable man would.

4 upvotesthe_red_scimitar5 years ago

It'll be slightly glorious to testify about her college history - to get HER to HAVE TO admit it, in public, in a courtroom.

4 upvotesWWJaxD19735 years ago

I think this man should be a role model. And this whole post and her previous one should be archived for future Red Pillers.

I myself am new to RedPill philosophy and find it fascinating. However, I read the first post from the OP on this and I wanted to comment in anger because I was frustrated that she could be as stupid as she was to not understand where her husband was coming from or why he would think like he might have been. I wanted to yell, "You stuid cunt! You were a whore! You lied! You omitted the truth!" but I kept my fingers silent.

Big ups to this whore's husband for doing it JUST like he should have and for being what should (and had better be) an inspiration to us who are just starting.

-1 upvotesBrewPounder5 years ago

You typically have loud fingers?

7 upvotesMUH_ROADS5 years ago

i personally have no problem with a woman doing what she wanted to do in the past as long as she comes clean to me beforehand. i was a man whore before, during, and after college. my current girl of two years now did her share of things in the past as well. we're both humans, but we had no problem discussing these things and are now in a monogamous relationship. as long as we agree on things its all good.

this bitch fucked up and i don't blame the guy at all for wanting a divorce.

3 upvotesitwasntme195 years ago

He was too harsh? but getting both holes pumped full of cock at the same time wasn't? great logic.

9 upvotesGarconanokin5 years ago

If it gets to court, I look forward to this bitch's slutty laundry being aired in front of the community.

Edit: it's nice to see majority support for the guy in the follow up thread.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If she knew this was a potential deal-killer before the marriage, why didn't she get it out in the open and potentially save them all some has.....

oh wait

he's worth a ton and owns a bunch of businesses.


With the women, it'$ alway$ about $omething, huh.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It speaks volumes about her that she felt that she could convincingly hide this for an eternity. AND that she believed that her "friends" who knew about her past behavior would keep it hidden for her.

3 upvotesraceAround1265 years ago

I gotta ask, opinions aside.

Let's say you are with a woman and everything is great, all top notch and all the rest.

Exactly how does this come up? "Hey baby, just so you know, I spent most of my 20s getting spitroasted by random cawk"... I mean, not to defend a slut but how does this come up?

Don't get me wrong, if I found out this about my girl the hard way (i.e. friend or former boyfriend) then it would be a nope nope nope all the way to fucknopesville.

2 upvoteskommissar_chaR5 years ago

It's a tricky situation. You could ask, straight up. Depending on the girl, she'll lie straight up, or tell enough to get you off her back about it. Worst then that, she may try to turn it around on you and make you look like an asshole for asking, and claim it's unimportant or 'none of your business'. Whatever she tells you, it usually won't be the whole thing, or it won't be anything at all.

2 upvotesraceAround1265 years ago

What I mean more is, you're the girl with a slutty past and reading things like this. You decide you'd better let the new beta bucks in on the deal before an ex at a party does.

What do you do, buy him a beer and say, BTW hunny I had tonnes of awesome crazy sex with other guys before I met you which I will never give to you. Just letting you know...

How exactly does one even raise the subject or even have that conversation?

I'm not pitying the slut, if she even exists. I'm just asking that since we all want to know, exactly what's a girl gonna do?

2 upvoteskommissar_chaR5 years ago

That's irrelevant, I am not a woman, nor do I pretend to be. I won't comment on my idea of what a woman would do. It simply won't mean anything. If I were a woman I would have told you (the boyfriend) to fuck off and I would have been the first woman astronaut sent to mars for all it matters. I'm not interested in living in the mind of a woman. It's rough enough being me.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Exactly how does this come up?

In the original post, one of the OP's "friends" told the hubby about it.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

"Hey baby, just so you know, I spent most of my 20s getting spitroasted by random cawk"... I mean, not to defend a slut but how does this come up?

It's a thing she's been thinking about every day for months to years and finally had the feeling of comfort, safety or stupidity to say it out loud.

4 upvoteskevkos5 years ago

Morals of the story:

  1. Don't marry. Ever.
  2. Don't make the assumption that you know EVERYTHING about your LTRs past based on how she is in the present.
  3. Despite the above, I would see nothing wrong with him showing a little anger here.

Showing anger doesn't mean flying off the handle, it means making it clear you are angry, and you are also cutting her out of your life.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

everyone defending the woman please answeer this question - if its no big deal why keep it a secret?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Even if she loses her husband/meal ticket, look at the bright side, she has a swarm of internet betas and feminists to empower her and that is what truly matters at the end. Okay time to stop drinking.

2 upvotesCastratedBetaOrbiter5 years ago

This thread makes me ill because I've witnessed this result in divorce rape for the man. Pre-nup or not, the courts are going to be on that cunt's side.

1 upvoteswatersign5 years ago

as long as he doesnt have kids with her, i think he's good to go.

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

But-but-but she's a special snowflake that just needed to discover herself before denying her husband the best sexuality she ever could have given him and never will. Clearly now the only way to fix her feelz is by extracting all contents of his wallet.

She just wanted to have some Richard Salad, that's all!

7 upvotesHeisenSingh5 years ago

i got down-voted is SRD for writing all this could of been avoid if she was honest with him from the beginning.there said the past is past and threesomes were normal in college. i said what the fuck kind college is that no wonder america has high divorce rates when there start of a marriage with those kind of fucking secrets and think its okay.

1 upvotescover205 years ago

If it was so normal in college, why lie about it? If this guy couldn't deal with it, she should find a less prudish guy who was OK with it.

9 upvotes_Meursault5 years ago

We have built a life together, I gave him 5 of the best years of my life and I've been 100% faithful to him - I don't fucking deserve to be tossed out like a piece of trash.

like a piece of trash

Except thats exactly what you are, a piece of trash. Notice how the "best 5 years of her life", in her own words, are the wall and post wall period of 29-34ish. She realizes that her changes of finding another wallet husband have lowered dramatically in this short span of 5 years, and she wants her financial compensation damn it!

This really just bums me out. I know getting married is financial, emotional, and legal suicide now a days, but if someone wants to raise kids in suburbia, what are our options? Adopting as a single father would be nigh impossible ("What are you, a pedophile?!") and even if you pay a woman to be impregnated and birth your child, she can turn right around and decide to keep the baby at its birth.

6 upvoteschaimrosenstein5 years ago

Top tier: Surrogacy, using one woman as the womb and another woman's eggs for litigation-proof conception. It burns money though because it takes several tries due to rejection issues.

Second tier: Surrogacy using a single woman's womb and eggs. Hopefully she won't contest the handover.

Third tier: Kids with a LTR girlfriend.

Bottom tier: marriage.

(LTR is above marriage because LTR is more honest)

3 upvotesmister_barfly755 years ago

even if you pay a woman to be impregnated and birth your child, she can turn right around and decide to keep the baby at its birth.

And then take you to court for child support for 18 years, regardless of whether or not you actually get to see the kid

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

move to another nation with different laws which don't allow this first.

11 upvotesAugmentedFury5 years ago

I don't fucking deserve to be tossed out like a piece of trash.

Oh yes you do..

Congrats to the husband. He made the right choice.

9 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

It's totally a troll post. Reads like a Redpill fantasy. No way a real woman manages to fit every one of their sick stereotypes.

That comment fucking cracked me up. That dude has no grasp on reality, obviously hasn't had many female friends/companions and doesn't watch the news.

To top it off, the only valid points in all of those comments were the ones about

his sexual morals may simply be different than yours and to him that isn't acceptable

And it's 100% true. He may have only been with a few people. People are confusing disclosing sexual past and "TELLING EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERY PARTNER"

I don't necessarily care about a females sexual past. But if I found out she was into getting railed by 10 dudes at a time or fucked her dog as a teen... I'd probably walk away. I wouldn't need the details. And I'm a pretty sexually liberal guy.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I agree... I mean on the surface, you think, "okay, she's sexually liberal" and that's kind of hot... But then you can stop thinking about the never ending circle of cock around her and the river of cum flowing from various orifices.


Sexual moral congruency is important... The past is the past, but that line would never work for a background check for a job and I think a LTR is more important than a job in that regard.

3 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

My sexual opinions wouldn't make me think any less of a woman for having 3ways in college. I'm a heterosexual male and when I was stationed in Hawaii, had ffm 3ways, mmf (no male contact) 3 ways, attended orgies. I was 20 when I left the military, 34 now. Last time I had more than one person in the bed was 23. I can't really judge a chick if she's experimented too, and I can see how sexual desires change over the years especially when experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Everyone has their limits to what they're not ok with and what they are ok with from a partners sexual past, and it's a moral obligation to inform someone you're planning on being romantically involved with about those extremes. Explicit details don't need to be confided, but just as an example, laying in bed with a chick a few months back after banging it out... started talking about likes/dislikes etc, types of people we've slept with, things we've done and hadn't done, things we wanted to try.

What we concluded, she was racist. Thought the fact I've dated black women in the past was disgusting.

Had around the same amount of partners, even though she was 23 and I am 34... while kind of disconcerting to me, std checks were recent.

She ended up having her toys used on her, and her asshole licked.

Pillow talk is pillow talk for a reason. You learn, I learned I didn't really want to be around a bigot. If someone isn't attracted to the opposite race that's one thing, but the use of "nigger" all the time irritates the fuck out of me. So I learned something about her personality that I didn't like, simply by revealing our sexual history. And I cut our relationship short because of it.

Those white knights have no concept of the amount of information and personality type you can find out simply by casually talking about sexual endevours in your past.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't disagree. My point was that congruency is important and she chose to pretend to match his expectations. She probably stressed every day about the lie too.

4 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

Oh, I didn't think you disagreed, was more or less compounding on my initial statement that, knowing sexual history can reveal more than just "omg what sluts", such as blatant racism.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Okay. Then we agree. I think the point is that positive communication is key.

2 upvotesRPthrowaway1235 years ago

This is a great post. I appreciated your viewpoint, it's very levelheaded.

3 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

That's why I don't understand how anyone can just throw a blanket statement "it's in the past it doesn't matter" around, when it does. Especially to a lot of women. It's that double standard. You're expected to excuse women and their behavior because of "OMFG OPPRESSION WOMENS RIGHTS!" but men are supposed to be judged in the same manner because men are desperate and should "settle". Fuck that nonsense.

4 upvotesMattyAnon5 years ago

or fucked her dog

Surprisingly common. Oral at least.

5 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

That's still something I'd want to know a chick has done, I wouldn't want to come home to my girl getting ate out by my dog that I've had for 9 years.

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Yup. Knew a girl... she had a boyfriend, with him out put on some porn for just me and her. Lots of it. Went to the effort of moving the computer so we could sit on the living room floor watching porn together. Doing speed too which for those who haven't done it multiplies the intensity of orgasm like 10-fold for men and women.

We didn't have sex. I was sorely tempted, very sorely. I had a boner that could put holes in the wall much less fuck her so hard she couldn't walk again.

But know what? She'll never live it down - she was at a party and fucked up and jerked off a dog. In front of EVERYONE. It wasn't top of my mind that day but I'll never forget it.

No regrets here.

1 upvotesvandaalen5 years ago

Actually I believe this might be one of us who is reverse-leveling them here. None of those chumps really know what this sub is about and what it teaches. They usually just know "ZOMG! Manipulative misogynistic neckbeard shitlords!".

This post demonstrates deeper knowledge and ot also implies that our tenets are true. You go figure the rest.

5 upvotesQuattroStig5 years ago

Don't allow your emotions to rule you - rule your emotions instead.

As someone who seeks to improve myself in every way, I will admit that this is something I have overlooked for the longest time. This is my new area of focus.

3 upvotesSleepNowMyThrowaway4 years ago

My husband owns multiple businesses and wouldn't get married without a prenup. I signed it, honest-to-god thinking we'd never, EVER have to use it. Well, he had the fucking document with him this morning. He said he'd pay off the remainder of my student loans, which he isn't "legally obligated" to do. While I appreciate that, I am going to meet with my lawyer this week and see if the agreement can be challenged in court. We have built a life together, I gave him 5 of the best years of my life and I've been 100% faithful to him - I don't fucking deserve to be tossed out like a piece of trash.

No sense of honor, of decency, of Justice.
The Female ID open for all to see.

3 upvotesMister_Kurtz5 years ago

Just so I understand, this had nothing to do with her behaviour once they were together. Whatever she did was prior to them getting together. Am I right on that?

8 upvotesThatsRite5 years ago

No. She maintained a fraud throughout...

3 upvotesLowoctave5 years ago

wow i hope he crushes her in court. What a gold digger.

2 upvotescover205 years ago

And if he catches wind of her legal action or even inquiry he should forget his idea of paying off her student loans. That was to make her go quietly. If she won't go quietly, forget it. If she checks her legal options and proves that she has no choice but to go quietly, still forget it, now he doesn't need to pay and she acted in ill faith.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Seems like the guy isn't sexually promiscuous, I think it's reasonable for him to expect the same of his wife.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotescover205 years ago

Girls surely feel they are entitled to divorce when they don't want to be married any more. But imagine this, she doesn't feel a man has the same right.

BTW five years and no kids yet, maybe all this promiscuity had some effect on her fertility. The guy needs to find a more fertile wife. (And I believe there is no reason to marry if you don't want kids, so I guess he did want kids.) This new reason may be support for something he was thinking of anyway, and there's nothing wrong with that.

5 upvotesTarnsman4Life5 years ago

Serious AWALT moment here

He said he'd pay off the remainder of my student loans, which he isn't "legally obligated" to do. While I appreciate that, I am going to meet with my lawyer this week and see if the agreement can be challenged in court.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The second I hear shes challenging the prenup .. pay off your own damn student loans. Fucking greedy bitch.

4 upvotesexit_sandman5 years ago

This is the beta's way of coping with reality. Examples of women behaving badly? Must be a RedPill troll! Such an easy explanation for every bit of evidence that we manage to throw at them.

To be honest, I too think that was a trolling thread - the whole thing is 100% undiluted redpill porn. And while scenarios like that take place in real life, considering how tight it fits the script and considering the clandestine rp/bp-war on reddit regarding dating matters, I think it's far more likely that we have a RP troll on our hands.

However, what is real about the whole thing are the reactions. Stories like that, true or not, are always a nice seismograph when it comes to gauging the opinion of the reddit public.

1 upvotesDoctor_Mayhem5 years ago

Poe's Law is the only law left in our twisted society, my friend. What seems like too perfect of a troll is often indistinguishable from the reality on the ground.

1 upvotesexit_sandman5 years ago

Oh, believe me, I know that stories like that can be true. In fact, several comparable ones have been taken place in my extended social circle, AMA (though no single case was as undiluted as these here were). However, within the context of reddit, I am more skeptical.

Why? Occam's Razor.

Imagine these two scenarios.

  1. Girl sluts it up in her teens and early 20s.
  2. Girl stops "exploring" at some point, turns over a new leaf and pretends her past never happened.
  3. Girl meets very conservative guy and decides to leech off of him.
  4. Girl twists guy around her finger and makes up story about having a very modest past to further convince him that she's a perfect match for him.
  5. Mutual acquaintance of girl and guy enters the scene who knows of girl's past indiscretions.
  6. The following depends from whom's PoV the story is written. (a) girl's PoV: guy is informed by mutual acquaintance and breaks up with girl/threatens to break up. Girl asks reddit for advice and validation. (b) guy's PoV: guy is informed by mutual acquaintance. Guy asks reddit for advice and support. (c) Mutual acquaintance's PoV: mutual acquaintance explains how different girl and guy are and how much girl lied and asks reddit for advice on how to handle the situation. But regardless of who wrote it, their first reaction is running to reddit for advice.

Now, the alternative:

  1. Redpiller redditor makes up story that is tailor-made to rile as many people up as much as possible; either to mock delusional bluepillers and hamstering skanks (when comments are supportive of girl) or to celebrate the fact that "people are awakening" (when comments are critical of girl).

Which of these scenarios is more likely?

1 upvotesDoctor_Mayhem5 years ago

That's the problem. Both are just as likely. I mean... fuck... given our reality TV-influenced culture, and the narcissism of it all... Yeah. I can totally picture a bunch of idiots who's first instinct, after their con is revealed, is to go to Reddit and seek validation.

2 upvotesdashiz865 years ago

Thats a difficult one. Im sure most guys would jump at the chance to smash some bird no string attached..but its sucks for the poor sod that marries her. She shouldve told him. He did the right thing.

2 upvotesEx-AlodianKnight5 years ago

Sounds nice. But I like how being non-emotional helps.

2 upvotescover205 years ago

I remember the thread. I even thought I commented on it, though I can't find my username in a word search. Fun thread.

She was careful to say that she cut off the female friend who clued him in and no longer considers her a friend. Whatever, he'll soon be free of her drama.

2 upvotesBetterthanuatlife4 years ago

Lol if betas can't start handling reality soon then reality is going to eat them alive.

2 upvotesfufubunnyfufu4 years ago

Not sharing every single sexual encounter you had before dating a person isn't lying or hiding something lolol

2 upvotesWS6Grumbles4 years ago

I for one can understand, even if she hadn't lied about being a virgin (which she probably did not). For me sex is still a pretty personal connection and the fact you can have two dicks jammed up in ya at once tells me that the emotion involved for you is about equal to that of maybe peeling a potato or something.

I'm not saying I'm right or she's a slut, just saying that for me, this would be a legit grounds to tell her to gtfo. I'm not interested in someone I can't share an important connection with. Sex ain't everything but it's def a significant part of the package.

2 upvotestuxedoburrito4 years ago

I love how almost all the comments are in support of the husband and a few people are freaking out.

If everyone is telling you you're wrong, you might want to reevaluate your self opinion rather than try to find more people who just agree with you, miss.

2 upvotescoolgiraffe5 years ago

So sorry guys but, can anyone fill me up about what she did in the past?

I went to the OP and she deleted the post.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

she had 12-15 drug and alcohol fueled threesomes (MMF) in college.

she didn't tell the husband and he found out through a third party

2 upvotesmagikarprage5 years ago

Most of the comments in the thread are reasonable... What is happening in /r/relationships?

3 upvotesputsch805 years ago

They got far less reasonable after that archive snapshot was taken.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Top bloke, good for him, shame he had to waste this much of his life on her

2 upvotesOjisan15 years ago

I love this update, thanks for the heads up, however one FTFY:

2) GET A FUCKING prenup. If you absolutely must get married (which is a terrible idea according to most established RedPillers here)... if you absolutely must tie yourself down legally and financially... have a backup plan. DON'T GET FUCKING MARRIED.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No way a real woman manages to fit every one of their sick stereotypes.

haha, happens all the time, mate.

2 upvotesArtistBlock5 years ago

Does anyone here mange to save the original post? I wanted to read it from the beginning but it was removed.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

One of my earlier posts above has a snapshot of the original post before the one referenced in this thread - I tried linking to my post but the Reddit bot gave me a slap so you'll have to CTRL-F and search for my username I'm afraid.

2 upvoteswatersign5 years ago

shes just mad she knows shes being discarded. This guys wife is probably extremely mad but he has his businesses to run and uh..he isnt gonna let his empire go to some god damn whore. good for him!

He dodged a major bullet, IMO because after they had kids she would be very likely to stray. He's in his prime and has money..whyy should he settle for someone like her?

It's gotta be pretty damn funny to see this girl in person, because she's the type we all know. From the time she was 14 until she got married in her late 20s all the betas and guys gave her a ton of attention. Now those looks are running out and she has no where to go except to try and find another loser to put up with her.

5 upvotesPedroIsWatching5 years ago

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was actually a troll post, considering how perfect it is.

But if it's real, good on the guy for being a rock through this and not letting emotions get the best of him.

5 upvotesRhunta5 years ago

As someone that want to be a christian leader, I really want to marry. Lucky from me I don't live in America, so I don't have to extreme laws against me. But getting a prenup is a must if you are going to marry.

2 upvotesNilacTheGrim5 years ago

Also lucky for you, you don't have to marry an American woman! :)

2 upvotesJohnny10toes5 years ago

She wanted him to act beta so she could play a victim. She'd have felt justified.

2 upvotesPurecorrupt5 years ago

I can relate to the "feeling like I" be been conned". Not in a relationship persay, but in general. It makes you put things in perspective which is probably why he was able to explain things with stoicism and "seemed" unaffected.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotestotorox5 years ago

i love it how "our sick stereotypes" are just normal reality observations, albeit politically incorrect and a threat to female-serving propaganda. I.e. just men talking about what's what. This is what is sick and delusional according to these people.

5 upvotesSesa_Refum5 years ago

I notice bluepills always using this tactic, especially as of late as anti-feminism is growing. Anything they see that proves RP truths they'll connect to the "mangry neckbeard" hyperbole or label it as redpill propaganda to discredit it.

2 upvotesNewdist25 years ago

it's all run of the mill stuff. What's not to believe?

The prenup. The man maintaining frame and dumping the bitch. The way it's written -- straightforward, like a man, relatively little hamstering.

The fact that it's on Reddit.

7 upvotesMagicGainbow5 years ago

Well i'd say for every 100 or so beta tools that leap on to relationships asking ''gf is cheating what do ?'' there has to be one guy with a spine who just drops the hammer.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesmister_barfly755 years ago

they've taken /r/gonewild off of the internet now?!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

did she delete the initial thread?

1 upvotesBowlOfCandy5 years ago

Looks like she deleted both

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Typical. Sucks the info and advice she can get out of everyone else and then ABORTS the entire thread.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Someone else found this.

Here you go. http://i.imgur.com/PFOmsmh.png

1 upvotesrednukleus5 years ago

The end 'bonus' of your post is gold. GOLD

1 upvotesucfgavin5 years ago

Ehhh, even if its true, it doesn't sound like any of it was recent or while they were together. Of course the lying is silly, but thats a long time ago. If anything, he probably could have worked it into a three way for himself.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Passage of time has no effect on the value of the act.

If she was willing to do 3-ways she'd have done it by now and he probably doesn't want any but with more women.

0 upvotesucfgavin5 years ago

thats a lot of assuming. i would rather find out for sure before jumping to conclusions. i think its very logical that he just wanted out of the relationship and this was his reasoning for finally going through with it. for all we know, she might have gotten really fat, but in the instance of divorce that reasoning wouldn't have worked.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

That's the path to suicide - you never stick around to find out fire is still hot and bullets aimed at you still kill you. You always dodge early or you die.

1 upvotesgargarisma5 years ago

Nothing I could do or say could convince him that these were past mistakes and not reflective of who I am today.

That's the thing with people like this. They make big "mistakes", never tell you about it, then act like you're in the wrong when you find out and get pissed. A girl like this is a different girl yesterday, a different girl today and a different girl tomorrow. That's why assessing the past is important, folks.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

A mistake is something you do once, maybe twice, but 12 to 15 times (which lets face it might actually mean up to anywhere up to 45 if you use the "her number times 3" rule)???

2 upvotesgargarisma5 years ago

Hence a "mistake". It's always a mistake when it's convenient for them. Better believe it's not when she's talking to people she feels comfortable with. Then she'll brag.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Thought Experiment:

With an alt, go to oh, say, a certain subreddit in which you Ask Women something. (Or better yet, just use the search function there)

Ask if prior experience with a prostitute was anything of a deal breaker.

Most, if not all answers, will be something like "ABSOLUTELY. Creep creepy creep I wouldn't deal with anyone who thought that way about women and had those values". To a woman's mind, they're not "in the past" or "mistakes" when it's something THEY have a problem with.

Also keep this in mind: it's all part and parcel of the greater "double standards at ALL times, and in ways that always benefit me."

You see, SHE wants to have all the cock she wants with no repercussions or commitments, and then the beta provider who gives her all the money. But SHE demands commitment, heck, even TALKING to another human being because if she's not interested in you as a person God Forbid you actually seek out TALKING and UNDERSTANDING with another person.... EMOTIONAL CHEATING.

And I mean, if you go out and seek a salad of vaginas for your own delight, that's digusting, you're supposed to save all your money, all your penis, all your attention for HER. But she, on the other hand, well, it's all about her wants and needs and feels.

Keep in mind a man who's been signed on to support a kid without his knowledge or consent or even being the FATHER of the fucking baby is expected to "man up" and pay support to a woman stoically without complaint even though he's literally being conned, but a woman being asked to consider an idea that goes against her own fee fees needs to be in a brightly colored nursery with a coloring book and Play-Doh because of a serious attack of the vapors.... STAT. In what is supposedly a University.

Shaking my fucking head.

1 upvotesgargarisma5 years ago

It's just so fucking infantile, it's elementary grade behavior which is enabled by betas because of their thirst. I don't think there's anything more to it. Take away all the bs and analyze their behavior and you couldn't distinguish them from a snotty nosed, annoying little shit in 5th grade.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

5th grade

That gives them too much credit, bro.

1 upvotesbadhobbit5 years ago

Insecurities and standards are two very different things, and I think you all are confusing the two.

1 upvotesFishFoxFerret5 years ago

Remember that post about a law about rape through deceit.

How is this any different other than the sexes being switched? She lied to him about being a virgin, and manipulated him.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

She never claimed virginity but clearly his statement that if he knew this about her then he wouldn't have even dated her, much less married her, speaks tons about their moral differences. Or her lack thereof.

1 upvotesCastratedBetaOrbiter5 years ago

I want to believe this is a real story, and that she'll get what she deserves, but it reads too perfectly. Probably a troll.

1 upvotesMustardLordXVII5 years ago

Title is clickbait as hell, please rectify

1 upvotesmaddox454 years ago

Ha, the rewards of whoring. Now she's wanting to challenge the prenup, I hope he withdraws from paying her student loans. This whore is getting exactly what she deserves.

1 upvotesAmznaznsensation5 years ago

Feels odd. Can't say I agree with guy 100% cause he sounds like an insurance company who is claiming preexisting condition and bouncing out.

1 upvotescover205 years ago

When women want to use men as beta providers, i.e. insurance providers to them, the least the men can do is to take on that business role fully!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'm definitely a proponent of the prenup. A lot of people in the manosphere bash marriage almost exclusively because of divorce rape. Where allowed by law a prenup should mostly shield you from total devastation.

Even if I'm poor as hell as an adult (probably won't be) I'm still having one drafted.

1 upvotesNewdist25 years ago

I think there's a strong chance this is a work of fiction. It's a little too good.

EDIT: The original thread has had the shit purged out of it by the mods of that sub. Only "sex-positive" posts remain.

5 upvoteszephyrprime5 years ago

The original post now just reads [removed]. God that forum is so retarded about shit like this. Why can't they just man up and allow the unvarnished truth out? A lot of tamer posts on that board are fine but they just can't handle the posts that concern harsh realities.

1 upvotesho_made_apple_butter5 years ago

Meanwhile, any thread about this situation here on TRP are being trolled pretty hard. Meh.

1 upvotesSpitfire65 years ago

This in original post and every word was true, but using "well played" was wrong, iv spotted and called out 2 troll double accounts associated with a trollX account who has admitted to over 10 thousand accounts.

the point is, if we can keep this serious and not use certain key lines, this would allow, atleast ME to call out, report and handle trolls who want to go out of their way to influence the fatherless young men into dismay.

Thank you everybody and thank you OP for taking the time to provide some form of education for the vulnerable.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesNilacTheGrim5 years ago

You rock. I agree with you 100%.

-4 upvotesbradbrookequincy5 years ago

Im not sure I agree with this one. Past sexual exploration is not something people need to share. Especially from college. It doesnt appear he asked and lied. Your in a successful marriage and you wanna blow it up. I think the dude is being a big fucking baby.

8 upvotesEpicLevelCheater5 years ago

I think the dude is being a big fucking baby.

And you're being a chump.

Any marriage where the man, the LEADER of the union, is kept in the dark about anything is not a successful marriage. He cannot make reliable decisions about their future if he is not in possession of accurate information.

In relationships, men are the leaders and women are the supporters. Sit in time out until you figure that out.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago



successful marriage

If it was built on a lie, it's not successful.

-1 upvotesbradbrookequincy5 years ago

A lie? Did I tell my wife I banged over 200 girls before I met her? Did I tell her I did alot of mushrooms and ecstasy in college or that we got legal prostitutes in Costa Rica. No because its irrelavant to where you are in life. He he needed to know all this stuff he should have had her fill out a survey. College is where we get all this stuff out of our system and do things we then wise up and grow out of. I could care less what my SO did in college and she partied hard. He married the person he met. He is a tool to get all wrapped up in something that happened in the distant past. You see him as some macho dude. The reality is he sounds like a sniveling baby. I see dozens of girl from my college on facebook every day with great lives, great kids, happy families and I know they banged 15 of my friends in 4 years of college but it matters ZERO now and I doubt many of them were asked to reveal their college sexual history to husbands they met well after college.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Some people might want to hear the words "I love you" without having to think that 50 other people heard the exact same thing from the exact same person.

But you have low standards and want others to share them, I get it.

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

No because its irrelavant to where you are in life.

It's completely relevant and this makes you an asshole.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotessaibot835 years ago

Just your brain. No biggie.

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

she did prior to their relationship, that ultimately has no effect on their marriage

has every effect: you don't get it. Everything she's done and will do is already affected by what she did before, she's just hiding it every step of the way.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's the lies she told. What's to fix or figure out?

-1 upvotesghee995 years ago

I see this sort of story A LOT lately,

and to some degree, I'm starting to blame the guy.

First of all, if you are a guy, you're a fool to think that there is some sort of perfect virgin (or near-virgin) out there.

some "pure ideal female" that didn't discover (or even truly desire) sex until you came along.

As a guy, you're better off assuming that any women will have been a slut in the past (and if she wasn't, it was only due to lack of opportunity or lack of a guy in her life who would lead her into some wild slutty sexual adventures)

Basically, there are only two types of women, those who have been sluts, and those who just were not exposed to an opportunity, or a powerful enough man to bring out her inner slut.

If you are a man that can not bring out a woman's inner-slut, and you marry one who's never been exposed to a guy who could, then sure... she might never know the difference. but that hardly makes her more pure, it just means that a part of her, her deepest sexual being, is asleep, and she's not been in the situation that can awaken her inner-slut ....yet.

If anything, a woman who's never had her inner-slut awakened is a ticking time bomb.

on the other hand, if you are a guy who can not awaken a woman's inner-slut, and you wind up with a woman who has been with guys who can, then she'll find you lacking, but might stick with you for other reasons.

but, if you are one of those guys (the guys who can not awaken a women's inner slut) then thats hardly her fault for having been with a guy who could.

sure, she might have lied to you about that, but if you think about it, SHE REALLY HAD NO CHOICE!

you see, women know that guys who can not awaken her inner-slut will never understand how she really couldn't help herself when she was around such a guy. And teaching a guy to be the sort of a guy that CAN awaken her inner-slut is not something that a woman can teach a man (if they could teach that, they would).

a woman biologically can't help but give herself fully to some guy who can awaken her inner-slut, and she knows that, and (in many ways) she could not control herself. Being a woman, she also knows that guys who do not have the power, will never understand, and she also knows if she shares the deep sexual effect that guys like that have on her, to a regular guy who can't awaken her inner-slut, then that guy will just get all distant, moody, pouty, and feel bad about himself, or be angry/needy.

So its a dilemma for women, they can't make you into the kind of guy that awakens their inner-slut, and if they tell you about the guys who can it will only make most guys even less of that sort of man. If she even mentions such things he'll start asking, "but what did those guys have that I don't?"

and quite simply, the woman doesn't know, she just KNOWS the way they made her FEEL, and she knows that the "regular guy" doesn't make her feel that way.

So, sure, technically she "lied" in not telling the regular guy about her past. And maybe she even convinced herself that she could settle for a guy who doesn't have that effect on her, Heck, maybe she was even giving it her best shot! But to be mad at her for no other reason that she is a woman who responded biologically to cues that resonated within her, and felt things that she can't help, and responded to evolutionary triggers that are quite simply part of her DNA, is foolish! If you really want to lay blame, its the guy who can't bring out a woman's inner-slut that's to blame.

Of course, really no one is to blame, the woman was just being a woman, as if she had any other choice (she might have even been trying to be his version of an ideal woman, as opposed to who she truly was)

and the guy was just being a regular guy, and acting in a way that best suited him in his life thus far, until it came to affairs of the heart, He was just being a regular, good guy, following a script that had been given to him, and acting in a way that probably works quite well in other areas of his life. But if what he wants is loyalty, and true passion from a woman, then he'll need to do more than just that.

Until he can do that, no woman that he is with (whether she be an admitted slut, or a snow white virgin) will ever feel those feelings of passion and abandon that Alpha types can cause her to feel.

Sure, I guess (in a guy like this' mind) he could be with a woman that suppress her deepest sexual desires, just to appease him, and make him feel desired (even if the desire he arouses in her is only average), but then again, he's just making himself even weaker as a man, as its a woman's actions or pretend opinion of him, that define whether or not he feels desired.

So, as I said... Its really the guy's fault in so many ways.

He's made assumptions about a woman that he's married (assumptions that go against the very nature of any woman)

so, by willingly choosing to live in an imaginary reality (one where his average-ness is enough to link a woman to him, against her very nature, in his own self-created fairy tale) he really can't blame anyone but himself.

I mean, you can have a pet snake, and pretend that snake loves you because you feed it mice every day, but if that snakes bits you, its not personal, its just a snake being a snake.

I'm not saying women and snakes are the same, but a woman (like a man, or any other animal) will respond to its own biology over the veneer of social norms every time, and just laying some superficial precepts (like "true love", or marriage, til-death-do-us-part, etc) on top of 100,000 years of evolution, and a deeper core being, will never work.

p.s. Just to be clear, I am not against sluts in ANY way, in fact I LOVE sluts! A slut is just a woman with her sexual switch turned on. I'd much rather be with a woman who has her switch turned on, than a woman who's only had it in the off position.
Besides, a "slut" is often used as an insult amongst women, as the implication is that a slut will have sex with both alpha and "regular" guys, and that is true. but put a slut around an alpha male, and that sexuality (as its ALREADY in the on position) will go through the roof.

Granted, (most) any woman can be turned into a slut, or at least your own personal slut (which is different that a woman who has agreed to "just have sex with you" only out of some sort of obligation or contractual agreement such as marriage or a relationship). So, knowing how to turn on a woman's slut-switch (or turn up to a 10 a slut-switch thats already on) is going to be a much better way to ensure her compliance then a secondary "skill" such as being able to give her a diamond, and promise to provide for her for life.

And not only is being able to bring out a woman's inner-slut a better skill for you to have to make yourself happy, it will make any woman you are with happier as well.

So fuck these whiny dudes who complain that their illusion of a "pure woman" was shattered. In fact, these women didn't fuck them over, they did them what could be the greatest favor of their lives. They let them know that their average, devoted, providing ways are NOT what it really takes to make a woman love/desire you.

If they are wise, they will thank this woman for waking them up, and they will use it as the motivation to shed their delusional ways.

And the first delusional belief most guys can shed is that (generally speaking) there is no "for life" with women, there is only "the now". And as men, we can learn from that. Women have much to offer us, and recognizing these differences, and learning to be in the now with a woman is no small gift that they give us (if we are willing to shed our delusions, or thoughts on how they "should be"). We don't need to give up even one bit of our "man-ness" but by embracing them as they actually are (and not our fantasy of how we wish them to be, or falsely have imagined them to be) we can become whole with them. This idea of a "pure woman" that loves us no matter what, is some shit that men made up, it comes from our mind, but we need to learn/remember that its not real. After we've shed this false idea, an idea created in the minds of men, then we can move forward in the real world as it actually is (not as we so often childishly wish it were). To start, ee have to be the men, first, and then (and only then) can their woman-ness have any value to us, or them.

Giving their "woman-ness" contrast, and balancing it with our full "man-ness" unlocks their sexuality, and allows them to feel everything, all at once.

Don't try to make your woman act like a man (as guys like this whiny about, saying she didn't act "honorable" LIKE A MAN WOULD) To hell with that, if I wanted someone who was a man I'd fuck a man. Let her be a woman, learn from her, and lead her as she seeks to be lead (as that is her womanly desire)

1 upvotescover205 years ago

I'm sorry I couldn't read that screed after a while, but effectively you're holding men responsible for the weakness of women.


And nobody ever holds women responsible for the weakness of men. Yes we have weaknesses too, that's why we need a self-help group like TRP. We are vulnerable, we are human, we are valuable, we deserve protection if only by ourselves, we should put ourselves first and understand that a woman will put herself first (or if there are children, she may put her children first.)

-5 upvotesbleed-red5 years ago

If this is real, someone get this post to the guy who needs this information.

I would but I'm too DT to care.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotestotorox5 years ago

Not sure if I'm supposed to be here, since I am a woman

I think that's fine, not sure though. Yeah TRP is friends with women, that's a given as /r/RedPillWomen evidences.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotesmajorlupa5 years ago

Maybe her husband did not want to marry person who slept with some many different people?

3 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

That kind of disclosure should happen before a marriage. Not only does it give both parties a reason not to get married - which you should look for every reason before doing it - but it also means if you like the sex acts & toys then you by all means should KNOW IT so you can enjoy it together.

If they both like group sex? Great. Knowing this, get married.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

When technology makes it available: all of it. When honesty makes it possible: all of it.

It's not "next" it's NOW. Those are current demands made NOW.

All reasonable. When you hide what you know you do wrong and deserve to lose everything.

0 upvotesUnpopular_But_Right5 years ago

I think it's at least possible that it's a very, very well-written and concealed troll post. I had that thought flash through my head while reading it as well. It's certainly a fascinating story with a moral lesson to learn.

My girlfriend has also had threesomes in her past (MFF), but it doesn't bother me and she was upfront about it, and has told me about her sexual history. However, if I only found out today after a year and a half of dating, I would drop her.

0 upvotesMajorMid5 years ago

Loved the part where he is going to generously pay off her student loans and she's going to talk to a lawyer to challenge the prenup to get more. Lol.

0 upvotesH_to_Tha_OV5 years ago

Praise the man, but don't bash the woman. This guy deserves respect for sticking to his principles calmly and consistently. Not to mention his generosity for paying the loans.

On the other hand, if you want to call this woman a slut for having MMFs, fine, but you sound like a fucking Puritan to me. All women got fucked before they met you. Some of them did dirty, disgusting, things. Hell, I ran train on a girl once, but I wouldn't feel the need to tell any girls. Don't throw stones from your glass house.

You could be just as RP in this situation if you didn't give a fuck about her past.

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