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Model who accused Real Madrid Player Theo Hernandez of raping her has been arrested for making it up. [Spanish]

by notaselfdrivingcar on /r/TheRedPill
16 January 2020 11:05 AM UTC

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Title Model who accused Real Madrid Player Theo Hernandez of raping her has been arrested for making it up. [Spanish]
Author notaselfdrivingcar
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Date 16 January 2020 11:05 AM UTC (2 months ago)
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Original Link https://old.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/ephwmu/model_who_accused_real_madrid_player_theo/
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335 upvotesjaune70002 months ago

Model? Ha, ha, ha! Prostitute!

170 upvotestheLeftHatesReality2 months ago

It’s PC to call whores models now.

80 upvotesYashugan002 months ago

any girl without a job and a social media account is an "aspiring model"

41 upvotesyeshabibi2 months ago

nonono, "influencer" maybe

3 upvotesprostitutemonger2 months ago

I like to call sex workers hookers because it offends them even though that is exactly what they are.

1 upvotesPhantom93K2 months ago

I wished I could rape her for real to beat the living shit of her with my own fists after it to teach that whore a lesson. ALPHA!!!BRAAAP!!! 💯

5 upvotesMrAnderzon2 months ago

This is not what TRP is about.

168 upvotesn8dawwg2 months ago

No chance she actually gets jail time. Probation at best.

161 upvotesMartiONE2 months ago


That's not how it works on Spain, she will hardly be ever prosecuted by this, the DA will not risk a scandal by prosecuting a Woman here otherwise she will he every single TV show telling how our justice is "Patriarcal".

The gross amount of false accusation not prosecuted or ever investigated is extremely high here, women can send you to jail with just a phone call.

95 upvotesRedpiller772 months ago

Gender perspective is the most stupid law ever created. Spain is a feminist trainwreck.

6 upvotesPsycholephant2 months ago

Sounds like they need La Pastilla Roja.

5 upvotesGaboyski_2 months ago

My boi Franco be rollin in his grave rn

23 upvotesNormalAndy2 months ago

The nearst you'll get to a feminist taking one for the team.

60 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 months ago


They went to his car for 15 minutes then went back to the club, Where security footage observed them chatting.

A little while later he left with three different women, she actually seems to have had some type of physical altercation with them.

Doctors report found that she had had sex recently but no signs of rape.

She claimed to have been drugged but she tested negative or anything like that.

Basically he banged her, then passed on her for the prospect of three women, she got butt hurt, tried to fight the other chicks, then filed this false claim

1 upvotesPhantom93K2 months ago

All fucking women are cunts and whore also fuck black people

8 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 months ago

Somebody's GF got fucked by that BBC

88 upvotesTheStoicTao2 months ago

Milan player* Put some respect on my boy Theo. He only fucks women and the opponents on the field.

1 upvotesTakenSadFace2 months ago

That left foot is a fucking sledgehammer

-12 upvotesasap_ksj2 months ago

AC Milan is basically Real Madrid of Serie A, both are garbage. (No disrespect to Zlatan tho.)

8 upvotesWhiteGhosts2 months ago

the fuck? it's an insult to compare rm to that shithouse.

1 upvotesTakenSadFace2 months ago

Ay my man you got one reply to show respect back to the greatest team to ever come out of Italy

-49 upvotesBlue_Andre2 months ago

I was going off the title. Don't care about your sportsball team.

5 upvotesSimpman42 months ago

Piss off, don’t disrespect the world game

2 upvotesBlue_Andre2 months ago

Sportsball! Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports! New World Order game!

136 upvotesBlue_Andre2 months ago

She looks fake. And do these filthy women really think it’s believable that a famous athlete who’s rich needs to rape any woman? What went through her mind? She likely got blown off or ghosted or something. Fornicate, get burned.

27 upvotesYashugan002 months ago

no, women know what's up, but they collectively hold their mouths as they don't want to pierce the illusion whilst being incredulous that men are so stupid as to fall for it. This behaviour gets filed away in their brain for the day they need to use this tactic. women have evolved throguh survival to manipulate men (we are their Swiss army knife of utility), so any tactic they learn gets filed for later use

60 upvotespacjax2 months ago

I know Ill get flaak for playing devils advocate about this but famous people have absurd egos I wouldnt put rape in the realm of impossible

30 upvotesJkrew2 months ago

Extremely rich people just got burned by associations with Epstein. They could pay any hooker they imagine but the pervs have such insane lives where nothing's off the table to them the power led to messing around with underaged girls.

1 upvotesSalporinRP2 months ago

Actual rape is more of a power thing than a sexual pleasure thing anyways.

35 upvotesdovahkitch2 months ago

I hate to break it to you but it's not like if you're good looking then you can't be a shitty person. You can still look good and don't know how to take a no as an answer.

38 upvotesLo-G2 months ago

Looks, money, status. He has all 3. Zero need to rape anyone because 99% of women will consent immediately.

7 upvotessehns2 months ago

"Aggressive consent" would be a better description

2 upvotesSalporinRP2 months ago

So why do rich people hire escorts frequently then? Including famous celebs and athletes.

5 upvotesLo-G2 months ago

You don't pay them to fuck, you pay them to leave.

1 upvotesdovahkitch2 months ago

I don't agree. I personally would not have sex with a guy just because he's successful /good looking. Actually, if he's too confident it would make me understand he has everything for granted because of his position and therefore he's taking my yes for granted, which is not.

Are there people who sleep with other people for clout? Oh yeah sure! And it's something I personally hate but I also think it's more generally frowned upon. Not that it matters but oh well...

Actually maybe just because he "has all 3" as you say, that's what could bring him to ignore a no as an answer and therefore rape somebody. "I'm good looking and rich, they can't be serious when saying no to me, right?". Makes my skin crawl.

7 upvotesColdBrother2 months ago

You don't need to lie.Irl you would be all over him

0 upvotesdovahkitch2 months ago

There's no point in lying. It's up to you of course if you want to believe me but regardless, I really do hope you and everyone else find someone who values your for more than money or good looks. And I hope you won't settle for less.

1 upvotesisweartoofuckingmuch2 months ago

Most people have to settle for less... we are dating women after all x

1 upvotesdan5232 months ago

Obviously but they’re just talking about sex, not a marriage.

3 upvotesSteroidsFreak2 months ago

You might say no but other women will say yes. If he says "no" to them because he's not inclined to sleep with them and they accuse him of rape, then who is at fault now?

3 upvotesdovahkitch2 months ago

Them, of course. A false accusation of rape is something that blows my mind with anger and nothing will ever change that.

6 upvotesYeanahyena2 months ago

A lot of the times rape is about the feeling of being in power rather than the inability to get women

1 upvotesMaxur91192 months ago

Regardless of how rich and famous they are, some people like the thrill of raping.

8 upvotesthefudmaster2 months ago

Really? What about the false accusers who are making this whole process a joke?

15 upvotesLurkingnopost2 months ago

false accusers

You can just say the #MeToo bullshit.

11 upvotesthefudmaster2 months ago

Yup. This nonsense of accusing people years after the fact or falsely needs to stop ASAP.

1 upvotesMaxur91192 months ago

That's bad, of course. Nothing to do with my original comment, I was just pointing out flawed logic.

8 upvotesDark_Lord_A2 months ago

Don't know why you're being downvoted. It's not like your wrong. Some of those sick fucks get a kick from forcing people.

1 upvotesimtheoneimmortal2 months ago

She’s desperate and maybe beta

-16 upvotesStringTheory2 months ago

You heard about Harvey Weinstein? Jeffrey Epstein?

16 upvotesLurkingnopost2 months ago

I have yet to hear about a case where Weinstein physically forced himself upon a woman. An actress who drops to her knees for a role is not a victim. She is a whore.

7 upvotesDarkSyde30002 months ago

Put it this way, his production company allocated millions of dollars a year in the company budget to constantly be paying off his accusers. Getting accused once or twice in Hollywood these days? Eh, pretty standard depending on what you control. Having your company literally allocate funds because of how normal of an occurrence it is with one person in particular is pretty telling. Dude admitted he has a problem lol. Will he actually go to prison for it? Nah, just some fancy rehab bullshit for the ultra rich where he'll probably fuck some of the staff for however much money.

Absolutely true though that most those women in hollywood dropped to their knees or spread their legs for roles are usually the ones accusing others of raping or assaulting them decades later because they don't want to admit they're whores and want people to feel sorry for them.

3 upvotesLurkingnopost2 months ago

There is a difference between rape and sexual harrasment.

5 upvotesDarkSyde30002 months ago

Correct and he has accusers of both. The difference is he hasn't fought any of the allegations which if you're innocent with that much money, you destroy those bitches in court and in the public eye. He didn't though, he let the me too movement decimate his standing in Hollywood. Which in all honesty I couldn't give a shit about, those people are fucking worthless and way too full of their own shit.

1 upvotesPhaeer2 months ago

He is charged with rape though.

In my book he didn't rape anyone, from what I've heard. He abused his position to get whores to suck his dick which if illegal should be punished but let's not equate that with rape. That is an insult to women who have been raped for real.

2 upvotesLurkingnopost2 months ago

As long as there is an element of force, then I'm fine with the charge. I just hope he is not charged because he took a blowjob in exchange for a role in one of his movies.

-5 upvotesStringTheory2 months ago

On the contrary. An actress who drops on her knees on the threat of losing her carreer is not a whore, she is blackmailed.

6 upvotesFinalFormal22 months ago

Sometimes it be that way, but it there were also women who would take the initiative, putting 'DRR' (director's rights respected) at the bottom of their photographs proposition the directors in hopes of getting a role. (Ian Mckellan being the source.)

16 upvotesBlue_Andre2 months ago

The dude is a 10/10 if you combine looks, status and money. In terms of looks alone, he is blessed. Your comparisons are foolish. Sit down.

And has there been any proof besides social media tweets about Harvey Weinstein? I’d be open to seeing it.

1 upvotesStringTheory2 months ago

He says famous athlete implying famous people don't rape. People will rape independent of class.

Weinstein is in court, we'll see, but media reports seem pretty damning.

2 upvotesBlue_Andre2 months ago

You said famous athlete implying famous people don't rape.

Woah there. Stop straw manning me with those accusations. Stop your emotional drivel.

Edit: By the way you type you seem pretty mad, and since we're on this sub I'll give you some friendly advice: don't let your emotions and hatred of women control you too much.

Please re-read this for yourself.

26 upvotesFINDTHESUN2 months ago

Wasn't there a similar story with Neymar sometime ago i read on here ??

23 upvotesLandpomeranze2 months ago

Yeah he went on IG and showed his followers their conversations. Baller move, fitting for a player like him lmao.

8 upvotesiwviw2 months ago

He is crazy for trusting a rando. What a bad situation

19 upvotesZanford2 months ago

Heartiste had the best explanation for this trend.

"I fucked a celebrity" is no longer really that special for hot women. There are thousands of male celebrities who each bang hundreds or thousands of groupies.

Now they have to up other girls' ante to "this high status male celebrity was so intoxicated with lust for my hotness that he became an animal and..."

Also you have things like medieval cases of one girl saying a guy was literally possessing her with Satan..then lo and behold, other girls overhear this and amazingly come up with the same story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mass_hysteria_cases

7 upvotesThe-Peter-Principle2 months ago

But wait this would mean that women compete with each other (for attention). And the APA has clearly stated that competition is a “toxic male” behavior. Therefore you’re hypothesis must be wrong...

lol at the nuns all meowing like cats, that’s some next level mind control.

3 upvotesZanford2 months ago

It really is remarkable how many 'authoritative' institutions have been completely captured, isn't it. The APA is pathologizing normal competition and trying to normalize child castration.

The Long March Through the Institutions.

1 upvotesThe-Peter-Principle2 months ago

So glad I don’t have a boy to raise in the US. Poor buggers...

1 upvotesdanielle23392 months ago

Best explanation I've heard so far.

29 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

Imagine how many of these cases never see the sunlight when the pro athlete is innocent. They just pay the accuser to keep silent because they fear they would be misjudged in court or crucified publicly.

11 upvotesofthewhite2 months ago

That dude doesn't need to rape anyone.

16 upvoteshasretg2 months ago

No he plats in AC Milan and is out best player atm, get it right!!

15 upvotesnotaselfdrivingcar [OP]2 months ago

I hope ac milan gets back on track

3 upvotesTheStoicTao2 months ago

Worse crime than false rape accusations /s

7 upvotesAGameofTrolls2 months ago

Same deal happened to Neymar Jr. a couple of years ago. It ended up being a scam attempt from the "model" https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/01/sports/neymar-accused-rape-brazil.html

13 upvotesZeerich152 months ago

A "model" being arrested for a false accusation...IN SPAIN??? That country is one of the biggest promoters of liberalism and feminism in the world. It's quite ironic knowing that just 50 years ago Spain was a super religious and traditional nation, it did a complete 180.

11 upvotesGullible_Comfortable2 months ago

It needs another Inquisition

-1 upvotesnotaselfdrivingcar [OP]2 months ago

Article is in spanish.. doesn't mean it's in spain

4 upvotesThe-Knowing2 months ago

Justice will be served! They'll probably give her a small fine and call it a day.

9 upvotesmaljo242 months ago

2 - 10% of rape claims are ultimately felt to be false.

54 upvotesJMVanOrmer2 months ago

In order for a rape accusation to be classified as false the accused must file a countersuit and prove defamation of character, loss of wages, etc so the amount of false rape claims are much more than 2-10 percent. Imagine how many falsely accused men get off because of an unsubstantiated claim but don’t go through the hassle of a countersuit

3 upvotesGeleemann2 months ago

you mean "Imagine how many falsely accused men who don't get off because of an unsubstantiated claim but don’t go through the hassle of a countersuit"

because otherwise it makes no sense

1 upvotesdream-hunter2 months ago

You have no idea how the law works. It’s innocent until proven guilty.

21 upvotesHelenoftroysboytoy2 months ago

In theory, yeah. In practice, nah

1 upvotesdream-hunter2 months ago

No. And if it does happen, you can appeal the case. Downvote me all you want but this is the truth.

The reason most guys get punished for false accusations is because they can't keep their fucking mouths shut.

3 upvotesHelenoftroysboytoy2 months ago

Unless you've actually worked in a law office or are an actual attorney, there's no real basis for what you're saying other than mere speculation. And even then, every state has noticable discrepancies in law application, on top of having different laws for the same situations, that no one generalization will apply across the board. Personally, romanticizing how the law should work always sounds admirable, but, unfortunately for us men, currently, the law doesn't really work that way

1 upvotesVoidInTheBody2 months ago

Amen. Dream Hunter is lost in a fantasy world. Clearly he has never talked to attorneys about this. I've actually talked with several attorneys and their assistants about women's claims against men and they all say "this is so common. Every day we get tons of calls about this kind of situation where a woman makes false claims against a man and they're guilty until proven innocent because the courts favor a woman's word over facts"

11 upvotesOhNeptune_0022 months ago

How deep is your head buried in the pile of bullshit?

All a girls has to do is make an accusation and it's a done deal. Men literally have to give evidence to prove their innocence while women just have to give their "word" it happened. It's more like guilty until proven innocent.

1 upvotesdream-hunter2 months ago

How about you disprove what I said instead of resort to insults? That would make you more mature.

Look at Brock Turner. Everyone in the world was saying he raped the girl. Media made it worse. There were witnesses that said he raped. But because he knew how to shut the fuck up and let the court do its job, which is innocent until proven guilty, he only got 6 months.

10 upvotesOhNeptune_0022 months ago

Lol thats not justice. He's name got dragged through the dirt, lost 3 months of his life, and damaged his career over a lie.

You don't see an issue? The system is broken and women are weaponizing accusations.

1 upvotesdream-hunter2 months ago

If he wants, he can sue all the media companies who lied about him the same way Nick Sandmann did and made millions in return.

1 upvotesFrigidWinterWeather2 months ago

As one falsely claimed to have raped someone and suffering over a year of trauma fallout from it... I can tell you that you're not innocent until proven guilty. I was punished immediately. I lost my concealed carry license immediately. I was threatened with permanent firearm ban. My job requires certain legal requirements and I almost lost legal authority to do my job all because some confused crazy girl made a single false claim. She didn't even show up in court to make a statement.

1 upvotesdream-hunter2 months ago

I’m pretty sure something else made it happen. You can’t go to the police, say someone did a horrible thing, and have that someone punished just like that.

1 upvotesVoidInTheBody2 months ago

Actually... You can. That is exactly how most protective orders are made. Claims that don't make sense and a win by default for several months while the court fucks the other party with a protective order with no basis.

21 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 months ago

2-10% are proven false in court. The rest are mostly inconclusive or settled. Useless and misleading statistic.

11 upvotesrorrr2 months ago

Think of all the high profile rape accusations in the last decade or two. I'd say more than half turned out to be false.

6 upvotessadomasochrist2 months ago

People who study this seem to think it's somewhere around 30%.

1 upvotesNightTerror62 months ago

Huh. Not where I expected to put my high school Spanish to work.

1 upvotesmadfrombrad2 months ago

Just take one look at the dude and one look at her

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