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Guy asks for advice because he thinks his pregnant girlfriend cheated on him and the baby isn't his. Gets told he's being a paranoid asshole. This is the update.

by cassandrita on /r/TheRedPill
16 August 2015 07:02 AM UTC

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First Link: https://archive.is/QWHIt

Update Link: https://archive.is/ZhZN1

TL;DR from first link. Guy posts for advice because his gf was acting strange, (buying lingerie, hiding her phone) before she ended up pregnant. Oh also the guy used a condom every time so its pretty unlikely that the child is his.

He wants to know if he should snoop and find out if his girlfriend cheated on him or if he's being irrational.

The top responses:

OK, you know the last 3 weeks where she's been hiding her phone and internet. That could have easily been her searching pregnancy symptoms or looking for a doctor and chatting with her best friend about missing her period.

It is suspicious but not 100% damning as there could be a simple explanation.

Snoop if you must, then talk to her.

Remember she was also buying lingerie she never wore with her bf but the guy is still being too paranoid.

Another response:

This is the most obvious answer on here honestly. But of course it wouldn't occur to a dude. Not to mention you can't meet someone, have sex, conceive and get a positive pregnancy test in THREE WEEKS! The earliest ones take at least 2 weeks after conception to even show.... she would have to be SUPER CONCEIVER WOMAN! Bahahaha.

And another response:

WAIT. How the hell could she have met someone, slept with them, conceived, waited the absolute minimum of 2 weeks it takes to get any result on a pregnancy test, all in the three weeks time you have noticed her "acting strange"?

I know your a dude so you probably haven't thought about this - it's very possible she was just online hiding things because she is googling pregnancy facts, messaging her girl friends on social media about it, etc before breaking the news to you.

Kicking her out without talking to her about it and getting the facts is bat-shit crazy dude. Don't do that. You will regret it majorly if it turns out you had a faulty condom at some point and you just kicked out your pregnant was-to-be wife who is carrying your child. Now THAT is a relationship breaker.

Now to the update

She was cheating on me. She was doing it since mid June with some guy I don't even fucking know, fucked him 3 times in June and then he ended it because he had a girlfriend. Then in late July he broke up with his girlfriend so then my girlfriend and this guy started seeing each other again more frequently, which explains her suspicious behavior in the last 3 weeks.

As for the pregnancy she confessed to him two weeks ago she's pregnant with his kid and how she plans to pass it off as mine. I'm so pissed and feel like a fucking fool right now. Right now she doesn't know I know about this so I'm just keeping up appearances.

Lesson: Never trust the hivemind.

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Title Guy asks for advice because he thinks his pregnant girlfriend cheated on him and the baby isn't his. Gets told he's being a paranoid asshole. This is the update.
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207 upvotesRXRob4 years ago

If something feels wrong, then it is wrong. Always trust your gut.

89 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Pay attention to subtle cues. Being a junkie taught me that. You could tell when a dude would run off with your money. You had to be really attentive, and after you got beat it would seem obvious.

1 upvotes1v1mebruh4 years ago

yo being a junkie is not chill, please dont ever go back to that

44 upvotesr1chten4 years ago

Trust your instincts.

I avoided many awkward/violent situations with this sage advice.

0 upvotesthe_Milkweed4 years ago

Piggy backing, but I disagree. Your gut can often be led by your emotions and feelings. These aren't always logical. Trust your common sense maybe, but not always your gut. It may have saved us when we were living in caves, but these bitches have grown wings and moved out into the skies.

4 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

interestingly enough, i find that the circuits are valid, when trained to the right inputs. this requires breaking out of indoctrinations and life-long fantasy bubbles, i.e. redpill.

gut feelings of whiteknights do indeed mislead them to be laughably stupid. the same gut feeling mechanisms, once slapped by the universe, now have their start of authority from reality, and are quite useful. moreover, without that interface layer of inversion, are even stronger.

0 upvotesthe_Milkweed4 years ago

I totally understand and agree but for a large portion of the population this is just unimaginable. This is a stage of enlightenment in my eyes because no an can get there without knowledge of it in the first place. It's conditioning against your natural self. It's not easy and should be regarded almost as a heightened status.

1 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

their's is the belief amongst children that deep gut and instinct are incorruptible signals because they are so deep and quick and therefore 'true'.

give me a horrid vampire 'mother' and i can make the fattest sjw eat beyond the physiological means to still chew. but give me a all the THC in the world and i won't be able to make a son from mightful king eat.

the predisposition of dependency.

3 upvotesTrillnigga84 years ago

Can you explain this last paragraph, I just kept reading it over and over going "wat"

11 upvotesWardlyHasted4 years ago

This is especially true when it applies to a cheating girlfriend/wife. I feel like it's a natural male response in order to prevent being cuckolded.

I'd be interested to see if there are any studies about this.

1 upvotesmoroi4 years ago

In the long forgotten past I had about 4 girlfriends before I gave up on this whole monogamy and dating stuff. 3 of them cheated on me and since the day they started, I always felt in my guts like something is wrong with them. Managed to piece it together only much later.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I remember learning this as an 18 year old. Had car trouble in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in alabama. Some guy pulled over. Immediately, within seconds of him getting out of the car, my gut was screaming at me that their was something very wrong about this. I told him AAA was on the way and thanked him trying to get him to leave. He walks back towards his car and I whisper to my friend "fuck that was creepy. He's probably gonna get a gun." He then opens up his trunk and pulls out a double barrel shotgun. Goes up to his driver side window and just lays it in the seat and drives away. Shortly after that the tow truck came but the guy with the shotgun drove by us three more times. I'm positive that if the tow truck driver didn't show up something would have gone down

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

He was just patrolling the area to ensure you guys were safe.

I have the opposite story from driving through the middle of nowhere in Canada. Ran out of gas, because my friend was driving and not paying attention to the gauge. It was after midnight, somewhere in the prairies. The nearest town was miles away. I was getting ready to walk to the town's gas station and couldn't decide whether it was safer for us to go together or to leave my friend in the car with all our stuff. I was deliberating this when an old farmer in a truck stopped and asked what the problem was. He told us to wait and drove off. He came back 20 minutes later with several gallons of gas in a can and just gave it to me, refusing to take any payment.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Love this story. There's just something about creepy Americana.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Lol besides that really fucking creepy guy there were about 4 other people that offered to help us which is nice. Don't think that would happen in many other places.

7 upvotesmonkdick4 years ago

Yea, please don't think all of us from Alabama drive around with shotguns being creeps. We are for the most part a genuinely helpful bunch.

1 upvotestrpftw4 years ago

Your story is retarded. If the guy was trying to "kill you guys with a shotgun" I don't think he'd patrol the area. Nor would he be afraid of killing you guys with the tow truck driver there too. For all you know he was an off-duty cop you idiot.

You watch too many stupid movies.

Gut feelings are 100% wrong, 99% of the time. The non-creepy looking guys turn out to be the serial killer.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

"If you feel a tingle in your nuts, chances are you're about to be kicked in the balls."

1 upvotesdicklord_airplane4 years ago

ha, i was thinking the same thing. you should give credit, though! This comes from Dante Nero on his hilarious and very red pill podcast, The Beige Phillip Show.

424 upvotesManmore4 years ago

she plans to pass it off as mine

HOW can you do such a thing?

164 upvotesrebuildingMyself4 years ago
  1. Hide pregnancy from cuck
  2. Fuck his brains out ASAP
  3. Wait a bit
  4. Oops, dear. I'm pregnant and I wanna keep it. Pay up!
  5. If he finds out later it's not his, divorce-rape and get the perks of marriage without the responsibilities
33 upvotesI_is_the_best4 years ago

Women have no problems with dualistic mating strategy. They don't even have to do it conciously - hormones take care of that.

My relationship with a former GF could be summarised based on her cycle. Where during ovulation she was all over me and dying to see me and hated me during the rest of the cycle. Then she got pregnant and within 3 weeks into it she hated me again.

She later met a beta type of guy. You know the kind of guy that would have given her vomiting reflexes two years earlier.

Women can have a cake and eat it too.

17 upvotesMcLarenX4 years ago

"I want to settle down" for a woman basically means "I am admitting weakness and need a doormat to pay the bills". This is after getting used and abused by a litany of men. Fuck, it's so rare to find a decent woman these days. They all lie about their sexual past.

I consider myself lucky to be dating a younger girl that hasn't had many sexual partners but who knows one day she could have a renaissance moment and go of the rails. It's a daily battle keeping these women in check it's either you become an asshole and endure lots of crying and fake fights to keep them in check or get used and abused.

There's no middle ground, just guys that get used and guys that don't. It takes some people a ton of mental strength to say no.

1 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

Rofl i thought the last line read. Have her coke and eat it too. Lol would nake more sence there

1 upvotesfailureToSend4 years ago

This. Never get married fellas.

409 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I have this crazy personal theory of mine that through thousands of years of evolution every women is hardwired to be able to cuckold a man without feeling any remorse.

If she admits it, she and her bastard child might get killed, and fail to pass on her genes, so basically evolution programmed them to not feel any nagging guilt for cuckolding men.

AF/BB is hardwired into every women.

243 upvotesexit_sandman4 years ago

I concur, or rather: I think they do feel remorse, but have a powerful ability to rationalize their behavior to such an extent that it overrides any doubts.

"oooh I got pregnant by another guy.... but my SO always wanted a child, and it'll make him happy... yadda yadda yadda"

This is the conscious act, but subconsciously she followed two powerful drives: conceiving children from the best guy available and carrying them to term.

107 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

The best lie is the one you believe yourself

59 upvotesFeltzeR4 years ago

Remember Jerry, it's not a lie if YOU believe it.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This is why women are so good at lying.

I always thought this was a folly of women, TRM made me realize it's a strength.

59 upvotesfalafin4 years ago

'it will be the best for the child'

I bet that they use that one, for all the shitty things they might do they will always have the excuse that they did it for the sake of a child,

159 upvotesTGPZarquon4 years ago

I had this conversation with an ex once. She said that a woman who chose a high-earner over love should be praised for her selflessness- because she was only doing what was best for her children, at the expense of her own happiness.

I told her I agreed 100%, and that the same applied to men. Men who left their loving girlfriends for younger, healthier, slimmer, more attractive women were just ensuring their offspring had the best genes possible, and should also be praised for their selflessness.

She didn't like that, for some reason...

34 upvoteswll89a4 years ago

Actually laughed out loud at that one.

Of course, when 10 years down the line she can't stand the sight of her goody-two-shoes anymore, she'll be happy to divorce him and put her (not their) child through that. But he was never the child's real father and there was no love in the marriage, so it's for the good of the child, right?

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She didn't like that, for some reason...

Not surprised, a lot of people can't take hard truths very well

Usually you end up being called a sociopath for speaking those out

4 upvotesAEther_Flux4 years ago

I remember reading (years ago) how statistics showed that one in ten men were sociopaths. I'm totally fine with being called a sociopath if it means I know what is actually happening to the world around me.

10 upvotesOmahunek4 years ago

'it will be the best for the child'

Of course this is literally an expression of the evolutionary benefit of cuckolding. It is best for the child, at the provider's expense. That's the point of the strategy.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

And bilologically, what's best for the child is what's best for her.

15 upvotesColdEiric4 years ago

You've officially ruined 'It's for a good cause'. Thank you so much!

16 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Another man's spawn, another woman's uterus turd will die before I become its legal father or provide child support.

16 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

They feel remorse long enough to convince themselves they are good people. "If I feel remorse I'm a nice girl so it's all forgiven" - proceed on destroying a man's life because, you know, she is a nice girl so she can't do anything bad.

25 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

She'll use her hamster to rationalize it as being best for the baby when all she really wants to do is cuck the beta bucks who's got the most bucks to beta for her.

32 upvotesthrowawaymatthew4 years ago

i had to fuck chad, his genes are the best for the child....

17 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

Ironically that's what her millennia of evolution is telling her body.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

How many bucks would a beta bucks buck if a beta bucks could buck beta?

9 upvotesYakatonker4 years ago

Women are not men. Innate to women is a biological kill switch which developed over time due to severe economic instability in our species. Women needed it to integrate and survive when their tribe was obliterated and they were taken as the prizes of conquests, often men in biblical times were outright slaughtered to kill the religious and social based architecture attached to the those women, and or became slaves. Basically if their kill switch is activated things can go to hell fast. Women have a different set of innate motivators, they need not rationalize what they perceive as weak men because they have absolutely no use for them from their primal perspective/subconscious(well except for free resources/orbiters, etc.).

Therefore the often spammed line men are just economically disposable holds true. Especially with men who're alpha, however such an innate state does not exist rather its the exertion of the utilitarian traits women find to be a useful of the man for the purposes of mitigating the risks of survival in their progeny at least in elder human systems.

9 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

what? this isn't magic. there is no woman's instant evaluation of system likelyhood of success and then a kill switch for loyalty. those things don't go together. women != men is stated, but not applied.

applied: (women != men) -> they don't have loyalty, they're always following emotion-feels, their consciousness is limited only to these feels in long term practice, there is no integration, there is no evaluation of long term survival, and there is no kill switch for something that doesn't exist.

women rationalize. their innate motivators are status-driven consumption competing against other women. if a whole group of women suddenly get a new status toy, say a provider bucket, the rest want one too, and the one that gives them the most consumption compared to their peers.

2 upvotesRobertCarraway4 years ago

You need to get on-board with evolution bro. You are using some seriously outmoded mental models. Like pre-19th century mental models.

there is no woman's instant evaluation of system likelyhood of success and then a kill switch for loyalty. those things don't go together.

Yes, there is. It's called feelz. Do a little reading on evolutionary biology. Realize that most decisions are actually sub-rational. You are posting some seriously confused stuff.

2 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

subrational, biology-only evolution is the new model. it describes frogs. and it describes women too: no learning, no system foresight.

it is the new model itself that is outmoded to describe evolution in man, since men are mankind's extra-biologic inheritance. loyalty and integration are learned behaviors of men. they do not exist in genetic code.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

14 upvotesexit_sandman4 years ago

He doesn't have to know.

Tadaaaa! Problem solved.

35 upvotesSexistFlyingPig4 years ago

It's not even going to make the hamster break a sweat:
Before the pregnancy, she's just fooling around. Her main man isn't as hot as Chad, but she doesn't want to have to move away from free rent.
Then she gets pregnant. Now she's the victim. She has to think of not just her needs, but also the needs of the child (with that hot hunk Chad!). So her fooling her paycheck boyfriend is just her looking out for her child. How selfless of her!
After the baby comes, she gets to keep the "get out of relationship free card" because as soon as she wants to end the relationship, when she's found a better BB, she can just tell him it's not his (after securing permanent maintenance through Child Support Services) and he'll kick her out. She gets to be the victim here too, because the man that she devoted 3-5 years of her life with is just kicking her out! He's so mean! She gets to keep all the friends.

33 upvotesleftajar4 years ago

That is correct. Humans are one of the remarkably few mammal species with concealed ovulation, meaning, you don't know when she's fertile. Other mammals go into heat; other primates have their vaginas swell in estrus.

Human women don't outwardly indicate fertility. That makes it easier to cuck the BB, as he doesn't know when to mate-guard.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Evolution my friend. A female wants their children to be the strongest physically in order to survive, gather food and fight of predators. We are apes after all. Now that the human brain has evolved as well as society, a woman can have an alpha son whilst married to a beta who provides support and shelter for her and her offspring.

13 upvotes149311254 years ago

there are 4 options

  1. she has kids with the beta, this produces beta kids, as they are weak/inferior they have less of a chance of surviving/reproducing. Less chance of producing kids of their own means this trait is less likely to be passed on to future generations.

  2. she has kids with the alpha, this produces alpha kids. She attempts raises them on her own. They die. or if they do survive, they grow up weak/inferior. they have less of a chance of surviving/reporducing. Less chance of producing kids of their own means this trait is less likely to be passed on to future generations.

  3. she has kids with the alpha, this produces alpha kids. She tells the beta. Beta kills her/kills kids/turns her away. They die. or if they do survive, they grow up weak/inferior they have less of a chance of surviving/reporducing. Less chance of producing kids of their own means this trait is less likely to be passed on to future generations.

  4. she has kids with the alpha, this produces alpha kids. She doesnt tell the beta. beta raises kids. kids grow up and pass on alpha genes, which include the tendencies of the mum. thus repeating the cycle

6 upvotesKnG_Kong4 years ago

They'll be fuck when that new sperm blocker injection comes out lol. They won't even know what happened, boom not mine that shit is blocked.

Can't wait.

7 upvotesRobertCarraway4 years ago

4.she has kids with the alpha, this produces alpha kids. She doesnt tell the beta. beta raises kids. kids grow up and pass on alpha genes, which include the tendencies of the mum. thus repeating the cycle

An effective evolutionary strategy indeed. Unless she finds a man like me, because bitch, I WILL find out if you cowbirded me.

2 upvoteslaihipp4 years ago

I mean it's a simple genetic test at birth of the child.

6 upvotesRobertCarraway4 years ago


2 upvoteslaihipp4 years ago

I mean I love my wife and trust her, we have a joint bank account ect but if we had a kid, it's getting a paternity test. Doesn't seem unreasonable to be sure on something like this.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm fucking rainman when it comes to facial recognizion. If the child isn't mine, I'll know it within moments of seeing the newborn.

For this same reason, it's said that men have a greater ability to recognizee their likeness than women.

2 upvotesShaft-of-Patriarchy4 years ago

From what I hear, and to some extent have seen myself human infants tend to develop more father specific characteristics early on than mother. And then gradually develop to their final appearance.

The reason being that in early human societies having your father's nose at birth might well be the difference between surviving to adulthood and being slaughtered in your crib

3 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

the super premise that the alpha is alpha, the beta is beta, and the surviving is surviving, is all decided by a child.

if the child actually somehow executed life-long knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility through following her omnipotent infallible bible of the universe that is her holy vagina, then all above holds, for the start of each point is, in fact, real.

a less absurd approach observes firstly that the child is just a child, her pussy just a pussy, and she knows nothing of survival, nor future, nor past, nor strength, nor weak, nor superior, nor inferior.

the reality is that when the child decides, all that actually is is garbage in, garbage out.

2 upvotesDarkuso4 years ago

If she admits it, she and her bastard child might get killed, and fail to pass on her genes, so basically evolution programmed them to not feel any nagging guilt for cuckolding men.

I thought exactly the same a couple weeks ago watching a documentary of lions, when a new male arrives to the pat by killing or kicking out the former male they will always kills the lions cubs that have less than 2 years old, because they don't want to raise another lion genes and by killing the cubs speeds up the lioness's zeal and have their own cubs.

Before TRP I thought that this was something just normal on lions and kind didn't understand it but now for me is unnatural that a men raise another men childs, I'm sure that women do not feel even a bit of remorse passing another man child as yours but when a men do it knowingly is just stupid.

1 upvotesZioFascist4 years ago

along time ago, someone posted something similar and said something along the lines of this behavior coming from tribal warfare in medieval and primitive times. tribes would invade other tribes and rape their women or just take them so women had to adjust to bearing the "winners" offspring.

1 upvotes87GNX4 years ago

This isn't crazy this is just fucking logic.

1 upvotesCthulu20134 years ago

Or you know, men thousands of years ago were all alpha males by the most raw standards. Women can't stand effeminate men.

-7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesMrRexels4 years ago

Which, coincidentially enough, are completely different from the ones we talk about here and instead are much better like the ones you know, right? Because 100k men are wrong?

32 upvotesThe84LongBed4 years ago

Was friends with a girl in college who grew up with strict baptist parents let's call her Erin. When she got to college she became a total slut and would fuck so many dudes that's she couldn't keep track. She wasn't on birth control and often didn't use condoms.

Erin's best friend was having a romantic valentines dinner with boyfriend. Erin shows up and convinces them to have a threesome. The dude barely fucked Erin then finished with his girlfriend.

2 weeks or so later and Erin is pregnant. But Erin fucked so many dudes so often with no protection that she literally had absolutely no idea who to even suspect as the father. She can't tell her strict parents that doesn't have a clue who the father is. So she picks one. She claims that she got the baby gravy the night of the threesome from her best friends boyfriend. He was in school to be a veterinarian so she just pick the best candidate.

So Erin's friend has to break up with her boyfriend so that they can raise a baby and get married.

Erin's friend and I knew the whole story. We tried contacting the poor dude a couple of times to tell him the truth. We told his friends and roommates. We even wrote him an anonymous email detailing the whole story. Rumor has it that he read the email and got mad that people would accuse her of that.

They had the baby a little over a year ago and I saw on Facebook that they got married last weekend. One day that kid is going to have to go through a devastation divorce when dad realizes that the baby doesn't look like ether one of them.

Tldr: slut gets pregnant, tricks her friend into a threesome with said friends boyfriend so she can claim the guy as the father.

24 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

That's the father's fault. He had people telling him and he ignored it.

67 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

TRP says that it's just in a woman's nature to do this, but I'm sick of excusing shitty behavior under the "it's natural, that's what they do bro" shit that gets passed around here.

Yeah, it's natural. And it's also fucking evil. We all have natural urges that we suppress to live in a peaceful society. Maybe it's natural, but I'm done excusing it. It's fucked up and horrible.

42 upvotesBangkokPadang4 years ago

Not excusing. RP is just about acknowledging the reality of it. Being aware of reality isn't the same as excusing it.

In fact, we're actively NOT excusing it by teaching ourselves to avoid/defeat it.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

God damn though. I just don't understand how anyone makes it out of the anger phase. I think I'm through it and, never failing, I'm shown another example of how shitty women can be. Yeah, it's natural. I get it. It makes me sick, though. I don't understand how guys here can just laugh it off as "it's in their nature" and just accept it for what it is. This is the sort of shit that I can't stand for.

Perhaps I just need time to let the anger phase die down, but it won't be any time soon. In fact, the more examples I see of this type of shit (in my own life as well as posts here), the less I think I want anything to do with women.

17 upvotesSinisterSwindler4 years ago

A lot of us feel the same way mate, in all honesty i'd rather fuck my hand for the rest of my life than get cucked by the whores of babylon.

5 upvotesBangkokPadang4 years ago

Whether you stand for it or not, it will still be.

Do you get angry at a forrest fire? A lightning strike? A flood? A blizzard?

Or, do you live your life with an understanding of the nature of these things, and live so they cannot harm you.

I see stuff like this and still get angry too, but I don't live in it. I understand that it is what it is, learn from it, and move on with my own life.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

My only problem with this is that a fire, a lightning strike, a flood, and a blizzard are just results of nature acting on inanimate objects or the elements. While hypergamy and the AF/BB sexual strategy are natural, women are concious beings. The woman in the story in the OP made a conscious decision to cuck this guy. It's self serving, not random like nature.

That being said, being self serving is indeed the nature of a woman, so in a way, you're correct. A fire is not evil because it burns me, nor is a woman if she follows her instincts at my expense. I can't wrap my head around taking part in this, though. I think I'm opting out.

1 upvotesBangkokPadang4 years ago

You don't have to opt one way or another. Women behave how they behave and that is reality.

You are alive, and therefore part of this reality. You get to choose how you perceive it and how you react to it.

It'll be really hard for you to opt out now that you've seen how the machine works, though. Fair warning.

4 upvotesHumanSockPuppet4 years ago

The anger phase has the longest plateau of any of the stages, I can assure you of that. And that's to be expected, especially when you realize that you've been making a lot of fundamental life decisions on dangerously-flawed information up until now. Who wouldn't be pissed about that? Here's the issue:

The anger you experience in the anger phase comes from the disconnect between your expectations of women's behaviour and the actual outcome.

The trick I've found to slogging through the anger phase is to drastically lower your expectations of women. Force yourself to look down on them. Regard them as animals or idiot children rather than as peers of the same species. Not out of hatred or spite, but out of calm and reasoned understanding of what they are.

You wouldn't leave your plate of prime rib and mashed potatoes unattended with a dog in the room, because you can count on a dog to behave like a dog.

By the same token, don't bankroll a bitch or fuck her bareback unless you're snipped and she's handed you her monthly clean bill of health. Because you can count on a woman to behave like a woman.

Adjust your expectations and you'll never be disappointed. Without disappointment, you'll never have cause to be angry.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You're exactly right. I'm somewhere towards the back end of the anger phase (I think... I hope) and some days I'll be able to laugh it off as women being women. Some days I'm not so lucky and I spend far too much time being bitter over the truth.

What upsets me most is the lie that we're told of "love." You know, the Disney brand of love. The unconditional, always-caring love. Coming to terms with the fact that humans are just another animal acting on their instincts, no matter how advanced, is a hard pill to swallow. What's worse, we as men are capable of giving this sort of love, but we will never receive it.

Just the way it goes. And you're right, the way through the anger phase is to drop your expectations down to zero. I try to do this with all things in my life, not just women. I don't get too tied up in the outcome of most things and I try my best to be adaptable for whatever situation I'm thrown into. I just need more time. And I need to get busy. Sitting around for too long with all of this anger and motivation just isn't going to end well for me.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That moment when you awaken to the real truth that religion was created to lock down the hypergamous nature of women. Hey Adam, eat this apple you cuck.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Elaborate on this, I'm interested in your thoughts on religion and its relation to hypergamy.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Christianity reinforces familial unity. Familial unity provides the foundations for nation states, which are a defence of the tribe. We're now transitioning to the religion of Progressive Thinking / Communism which itself 'frees' women from moral obligation (we see the results of this in TRP) this will build harem societies which will implement real inequality through the world in the form of slavery etc. TRP is only the blemish on the surface that hints at the cancer growing underneath the societal skin.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If the entire Western world woke up to TRP tomorrow, within a generation the average woman would be more like something out of Mad Max or... Ripley from Aliens. Romantic love would go down the drain. Pop music would turn explicitly to fucking and getting money. Love would be outed for what it really is: pure genetic lust.

I have unpopular views regarding this. Testosterone is a key factor in a 'lust society' as seen in African American culture. I believe this type of society to be non-conducive to a civil society, but a very invasive and potent culture, seeing widespread success through technological vectors. What we may end up with is a liberal hagiocracy based in San Francisco/tech campuses surrounded by an ochlocratic sea of social media, promoting the lust culture.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

No lol. It always surprises me what contorted ideas can confirmation bias create.

Monogamy dates way before christianity as well, so...

1 upvotesEurasianAesthetics4 years ago

Not really actually. Most primitive tribal societies worked off harem systems. It was really only with religion that people were able to be 'tricked' into monogamy. Religion has been a central part of society at least since the Roman Empire, and more primitive versions of that in Egypt and further back than that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well i always lived with the idea that marriage was invented by ugly women to trap rich drunken men , but yes, tribes were orgiastic rather than monogamous. It's just that demonizing female polygamy is stupid since men did it too. Until they realized that a female with multiple partners has no way to realize male descendants.

13 upvotescocaine_face4 years ago

Saying, "it's natural, that's what they do bro", isn't excusing their behavior. Who cares whether their behavior is "excused" or not? Society is always going to look kinder on their faults than yours.

What it means is, "watch your back, don't trust a hoe. Risk mitigation/management".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yeah, we're not excusing her behavior, we're telling you. To look out for this type of behavior from women in your life.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I think the attitude is: if you go into a cage with a lion, you might get your head bit off. Be prepared for it.

It's not that it's right or excusable; it's just typical behaviour. you get a pet snake, you know you have to handle it carefully.

2 upvotesTHE__USURPER4 years ago

I also feel like this and it weighs heavy on my heart. What about moral fiber and having a conscious? Sometimes it is in my nature to break some assholes face or forcefully fuck some hot dimepiece with her ass hanging out of her shorts. Obviously, I never follow through.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

When you look at it that way, we are all just tools being used by Mother Nature for her own purposes.

1 upvoteshoward3334 years ago

I agree dismissing it that was is just another form of pussy pass. It was also natural to universally shame and punish it, as all traditional societies have done. You have to call it evil to do that.

58 upvotesMagnum2564 years ago

This is one of the few things, were it to happen to me, that would motivate me to seriously slap the shit out of a woman. I was raised to "never hit a woman" and I never have, but this is one of the few things that would cause me to reconsider that stance.

I mean this is life-destroying stuff right here, a woman who's consciously and actively trying to pass a child off to a man as his own, which would then require him to dedicate the prime of his life to raising and paying for that child, when in reality he has no moral or biological obligation to do so. In some ways it shares similarities with framing a man for a crime that gets him life in prison when he's innocent all along.

4 upvotesmy_sfw_alias4 years ago

I would never hit a woman. In this case, a choke with slow, even pressure..

-12 upvotesDocTomoe4 years ago

I mean this is life-destroying stuff right here,

Yeah, so is stabbing / hitting her, so the right thing is to show her the door (ideally with people you trust present) and never have any contact with her again.

20 upvotesWAFC4 years ago

If she's still pregnant? Sure.

If the kid is three and you've been acting as the father the whole time? Your life is already fucked. No course of action is unreasonable.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Being cucked is one of the worst things a woman could do to a man. Even if the kid was three I would still show her the door. You take on unnecessary risk, complications, and burdens from having further relations with someone that is disloyal.

3 upvotesWAFC4 years ago

Yeah, you can show her the door, but she'll still be coming for that child support, and you will pay.

If men started reacting with violence, perhaps this idea wouldn't be so attractive to women.

2 upvotesTom_The_Human4 years ago

If men started reacting with violence, perhaps this idea wouldn't be so attractive to women.

A far better idea would be to make paternity testing mandatory.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesTXhype4 years ago

Just a couple not to mention the legal trouble and the felony or misdemeanor to go along with it.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Wouldn't likely be a felony unless you got carried away. It happens all the time in trailer parks

18 upvotesether_reddit4 years ago

By assuming the guy is too naive to ask for to get a DNA test?

102 upvotesvicious_armbar4 years ago

Just as a reminder to guys here. You don't have to "ask" for a DNA test. You can order one online or from walgreens/cvs. All you need is a sample of your DNA [hair/cheek swab] and a sample of the childs DNA[hair/cheek swab]. They can then test both samples to see if they're a genetic match.

Just make sure the lab that you're sending it to is approved by the American Association of Blood Banks. Which is the certifying body.

12 upvotesStrokeGameHusky4 years ago

This extremely helpful comment needs more upvotes. Will undoubtedly help some poor cuck

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesvicious_armbar4 years ago

Yeah I might throw something together on TRP about it to save other guys time figuring it out.

1 upvotesBanchamekk4 years ago

Problem is that can be too late and you can be on the hook for child support even if it's not yours.

1 upvotesTorboLeto4 years ago

I swear this should be posted to the everymanshoudknow sub.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That's all fine and dandy, but without the mothers permission, such evidence is inadmissible in court. So there's no way you can get out of child support without the succubus releasing you.

18 upvotesDravous4 years ago

I'd pay real money for an HD video of this going down(not in general, this specific case). it would be a great case study of female psychology, specifically the hamster in a high pressure, fast pace scenario.

6 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

the bird can do all this because of its size. at every stage of development post egg, it's a hulk giant compared to the other birds. physical might is what makes this model able to be repeatable.

women have no might. human males who allow this to happen are not natural, just indoctrinated and/or stupid.

4 upvotesMoridakkubokka4 years ago

We live in unnatural times my friend.

6 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

If they were married, he would have been the assumed father. You know, the rules implemented in the past because pregnancy tests didn't exist.

4 upvotestrpSenator4 years ago

In poor communities, 10% of children come from other men than who they think is their biological father. Women usually know who the real father is, but they have two options: Be a single mother, with a scorned reputation as a cheater... Or, try to tie it with the current guy and hope he never finds out, and live happily ever after.

It's a pretty easy decision.

2 upvotesAntixD4 years ago

looking out for themselves and their child

2 upvotesECoast_Man4 years ago

Haha yeah that's what a stuck out for me as well. I can't imagine typing that out, to the biological father no less, 'I'm planning on tricking my boyfriend into raising your spawn Chad'.

Some 'plan'.

2 upvotesEchelon644 years ago

Cuckolding is a natural behavior in the animal kingdom and we aren't much different.

1 upvotesoldmanwho4 years ago

the animal kingdom exists at the rite and mercy of h. sapiens. long ago, we made ourselves different, and forever wrote that men are not frogs. models developed from the study of animals must be carefully evaluated for validity when shifting the context to man.

natural animals with idle hubristic fantasies of being man are nevertheless not part of "we".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Just because we have greater cognition, doesn't make us not animals. You still shit and piss and squirt semen just like the common dog.

1 upvotesredpillbanana4 years ago

As I've said before: nature is amoral. Animals do what they have to in order to survive.

1 upvotesno_face4 years ago

If it can happen to Jehovah, it can happen to anyone

1 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago

Uhm...because she has matured and realized that OP is a good father figure while the all the men she's been with are all bunch of deadbeat losers? It turns out that dead beat loser can't give buy you good drapes and couches.

Plus, she knows the kid is hers. :)

Now, the question being, Why don't op just grow up and be a good father like society expects him to be? THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN (that's not his, but will like him and make him fee like his.)

1 upvotesbattlergreg4 years ago

Hijacking top comment sorry, but if this isn't an epitome of AF/BB then I don't know what is. This woman makes her Beta wear a condom, because god-forbid she winds up pregnant to him, but she's happy for Chad to be dropping loads in her on the regular....

171 upvotesquelques_heures4 years ago

Lesson: Never trust the hivemind.

It's like reddit is made up of children who have no experience in the real-world or with other people. People on here are so gullible and credulous. They'll believe a dog can talk before they'll believe a girl can cheat on her boyfriend! smh

134 upvotesI_luv_twinks4 years ago

There was a relationships thread where a 35M was getting destroyed by women for not leaving his hot new 23F when his 35F ex came crawling back.

There was a lot of gold about how he was a sexual predator, how the age difference offended all the post-wallers, but the best was the 17F who was dressing him down, talking about how her experience with LTR's says he's a scumbag. I was like, ...you're fucking 17. This is who feels qualified to make judgment calls on your relationship when you ask for advice from Reddit -- 17-year-olds and angry fat post-wall ex-CC riders.

90 upvotesFred_Flintstone4 years ago

Women go mental at men dating younger women. It hits them so hard.

Look at this article I accidentally opened yesterday: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3199280/Ryan-Phillippe-s-girlfriend-Paulina-Slagter-shows-long-legs-flat-stomach-crop-skirt-romantic-dinner-date.html

Good looking girl, 24, Stanford law student. Quite a skimpy outfit for dinner but whatever; they may have been going clubbing next.

Scoll down to the comments and sort by best. Its all women saying "eww" "shes ugly" "her legs are gross" (wtf?!) "sexual predator" type stuff. Thats the true nature of women right there!

76 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This is called the 'women are wonderful' effect.

32 upvotesHoodwink4 years ago

The end effect is that you really stop believing anything a woman says ("Listen and Believe" is the recent feminism saying) or their credibility in technical know-how. Because, it's perfectly reasonable to think that she got along with this effect all along her journey and substituted knowledge and skill with beta helpers.

But, you also have to double-check if she says the sky is blue because sometimes she relies on it to manipulate you. You suddenly realize that no one just mentions it casually, so you have to think about why she's saying it and you must double-check if it's actually blue.

16 upvotesredpillbanana4 years ago

"Listen and Believe"

This is exactly how a conman starts his pitch. There's a sucker born every minute...

22 upvotescocaine_face4 years ago

Not quite the same situation, but similar happened to me yesterday.

I was out with a long-time friend from college, and his 30+ year old girlfriend (who has put on some weight). I am 30.

At dinner she makes some comment about how I'd be going after women in a lamaze class (implying I go after single mothers, or some other easy, low value demo).

I respond (almost unconsciously) with, "Ew, gross."

The girl immediately freaks out and goes, "Ew, gross? You think that's disgusting? You're no spring chicken yourself!"

She seemed personally offended that I would find a single mother unappealing. I, of course, stood my ground and she eventually dropped it.

The catch? I had banged a 22 year old significantly hotter than the girl who was giving me shit literally about 6 hours prior.

16 upvotessardinemanR4 years ago

Yeah, sometimes on TRP we'll say those are shit tests but...I don't know, is it really a shit test when it just makes a woman completely intolerable and irritating to deal with?

I mean it's one thing for a 19 yo HB9 to throw out the shit tests, but a 35 year old single mother? Come on now, those aren't shit tests, those are just worthless women being shitty and aren't worthy of any man's time.

7 upvotescocaine_face4 years ago

She was actually not a mother herself, which sorta surprised me, because she was so vehement.

The girl in question has known me for like 10 years, and has only seen me a few times since I found PUA, and then TRP (and improved drastically), so my only guess is that it was beta shaming.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

36 here and my my current woman is 25. Wouldn't have it any other way.

1 upvotesmoroi4 years ago

I used to sleep with 16 y/o when I was 28. Note that this is Europe so no statutory bullshit about that. Even her mother knew and was okay with it. But speaking about it (both online and otherwise) brought so much shit on my head... funny times.

3 upvotesHydris4 years ago

It's simple really. If these guys have other options, like a younger and more attractive women, over them then that fucks up their plan. How can they be young and wild and when they are old and used up find some guy their age to marry if the guys won't date them.

50 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

They call you a pedophile and don't believe it when you mention you're fucking someone half your age and you're in your 40s. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard "date in your age group" but what the fuck do I want with fat, ugly, single moms who make bad choices in life and either hate men, want someone to pay for everything so she doesn't have to work anymore, and think they deserve to have the very best of everything?

There's been multiple threads on reddit about how bullshit it is that I fuck 18-28 year old girls and I'm 46. Yeah, it happens. I have one girl who is 43 but looks considerably younger, it's her native American ancestry. She likes to say she is mature, has outgrown all that shit, but she is fucking a bad boy that doesn't care what she does, because there are plenty of young girls out there willing to get vengefully fucked.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The funny thing is that a narrow age gap is a relatively recent phenomenon, mostly brought on by women continuing their education and entering the workforce alongside men their own age. Prior to this it was more common to have a ten year age gap. You can still see that today if you look at people in their 70s and older, but since WWII people have married with smaller and smaller age differences.

This is an indirect result of feminism. Interestingly, people with about a ten year age gap tend to be much happier in their marriages, on average.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Excellent insight. I think I read before that the best age for a man to marry was 35 and the best age for a woman was 18. Goes to show how much of an influence culture has on people.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Yeah I don't want anyone my age really, but to be honest I don't want anyone for more than naked time exchanging bodily fluids.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I don't blame you, either. You got burned pretty badly by your ex. I hope you fully recover from it.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I'm great, and I learned from both experiences of divorce. After the first I thought I had just found a "bad" one. After the second I realized it's more than that. It's the laws, culture, and the very nature of girls that makes it extremely hazardous to men in the US to get married.

I withhold my feelings and commitment, none shall pass across that bridge. I got a vasectomy so I could never have the "oops I am pregnant" bomb dropped on my life again. I expect them to cheat, lie, and jump ship, because it's their nature to do so, and I allow them to do it, which is why I withhold commitment.

I let them be who and how they are, and enjoy them far more now because of it. No worries about divorce rape, losing everything I've built, and being blindsided by her cheating. The way I accept their nature makes them more faithful, which is counter intuitive, but absolutely true. They lie or disrespect me once, they're gone. Radio silence, fall off the face of the earth.

The lie I was told about treat them right, like equal partners, trust them to do the right thing, and love them enough isn't part of my life anymore. And I am much more satisfied and appreciative of my life now. They come to me to get wild animal fucking, then they go home to their boyfriend or husband. Everyone is happy, they know up front they will not marry me nor live with me, and they can't get enough of it. Life is good.

6 upvotesLazlo-Red4 years ago

Keep up the good work! Wait until you are in your fifties and picking your date up at her college dorm. Earn it by staying mentally fit, lifting and making bank!

1 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I did the heavy lifting 25 years ago, now I do maintenance work, keeping the 22" guns.

Have another college chick on the hook, she is maybe 22, cute blonde. One of the younger girls messaged me this week, she's 19 now and wants another go. My kids are 18 and 21, and the oldest is like whatever. Turning 40 and being single has been great. I wish I'd had this much attention when I was in my 30s.

3 upvotescocaine_face4 years ago

I am 30 and your posts give me hope for the future.

I am worried about the idea of not being able to pull 18-25 year olds. I don't seem to have any problems yet, but it's always a worry in the back of my head.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Lift, lift heavy and long. Push yourself to be bigger than the next guy, then stay in shape. I got out of shape for a while, it's damn tough getting back into it. June and July were fucking rough.

At my age you can fuck anything between 18 and 55, if it looks good enough. Damn the old ones get pissy about the girls half my age. Got another college chick on the hook, just need to set it on her mouth now and get her spinning. Honestly if I can do this, anyone can. You can get the attitude and the muscle, everything else is a bonus.

1 upvotescocaine_face4 years ago

I'm slowly rebuilding from a lifting injury last year that fucked up my shoulder. As soon as I can lift heavy again, I intend to go back at it full force. I'm lifting light weights to rebuild strength.

Thanks for the advice.

1 upvotesjuliusstreicher4 years ago

Keep the faith, brother. When I was 36, I had an 18 year old gf, a 20 yr old gf and, oh, another 20 year old gf. At different times, of course. The amazing thing is that I didn't have any game at all. (That's why I couldn't keep them.)

I am in my late 50s, and I still am amazed at the younger ones that I attract. When, that is, I'm not fat. Fat is a date killer. I am tall, so, that gives me parity, of a sort.

1 upvotesHumanSockPuppet4 years ago

Women would stay on the cock carousel forever if entropy let them.

1 upvotesErasmusOrgasmus4 years ago

They call you a pedophile and don't believe it when you mention you're fucking someone half your age and you're in your 40s. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard "date in your age group" but what the fuck do I want with fat, ugly, single moms who make bad choices in life and either hate men, want someone to pay for everything so she doesn't have to work anymore, and think they deserve to have the very best of everything?

I love this community.

Although it would be somewhat contrary to my best interests, sometimes I wish all men were Red Pill.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I'm glad they're not. Easier for me this way.

7 upvotesBanchamekk4 years ago

i remember that thread. lets say he wrote 50 lines of text, in one of them he mentioned how his new GF is hotter than his ex and young and boom, they wouldnt stop throw shit at him for it. it was ridiclilous.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Please tell me you have a link

2 upvotesredpillbanana4 years ago

Would love to see that thread. He's a sexual predator for dating a grown woman? I wonder what they think of Hugh Hefner.

I've a friend who is dating a woman who is so much younger than him that he's older than her parents. She's an adult and chose to be with him. I personally hope to someday be in the same situation.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

God we need a way to separate these fucking idiots from their money.

32 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

Reddit gold does a pretty good job

So does feminism

7 upvotesredpillbanana4 years ago

Anita Sarkeesian already figured it out.

12 upvotesinterestedplayer4 years ago

I have a plan: we'll party and fuck chads while they support us emotionally and with gifts, then "give in" and marry them after our looks are ruined, divorce them After two years and take over half their shit.

Am I the first to think of it?

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesdontputthebeerback4 years ago

He was talking about money. Reddit gold isn't worth the time it took for me to write this post.

10 upvotesStrokeGameHusky4 years ago

In fact, it's worthless. "Keep reddit afloat!" Is worthless as well. This site is a forum, nothing more. It can, and will, be easily replaced.

3 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou4 years ago

I might care about keeping Reddit afloat if the business wasn't full of leftwing SJW's who support people like SRS. Also whoever is in charge of the business itself is completely retarded. They've pledged to donate millions of their revenue every year to charity despite the fact that they don't even make a profit yet. From a business perspective, that's completely absurd. Right now Reddit is only alive because of the graces of their investors. My guess is eventually the investors will decide to sell Reddit to a big corporation like Google and then the site userbase will migrate quickly away to somewhere else.

1 upvotesStrokeGameHusky4 years ago

It's simple. Ads.

That's all they need. Just do it in a non obnoxious way. It's not hard. The page views alone would make them millions.

29 upvotesMakingItWorthit4 years ago

Based on the behavior of so many reddit users, it's mostly adult children.

Half the place is turning into 9gag.

4 upvotesTheOboeMan4 years ago

Well, I mean, at least half of reddit is high school students.

2 upvotesGrandmasterHurricane4 years ago

In the update, some dude went as far as saying that this story is red pill fiction because of how things played out. In his mind, it's impossible for women to be that evil.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Adult Children.

Ever meet a redditor in real life? More often than not they're some geeky nice guy who loves anime and gaming, probably still lives with their parents, and probably doesn't have much of a social life and they're "socially awkward" or whatever they call themselves. Most of them probably don't even have any experience with dating, let alone banging chicks or even running the bases. They're the guy who's in the beginning stages of sexuality in their life, all hopped up on blue pills and disney princess fantasies.

Reddit should be the last place you come to for relationship advice. When it comes to sex, hook ups, and how to handle a woman; best advice will usually come from a Chad or your super manly grandpa who still chops fire wood at 85.

Women are incapable of giving a man relationship advice because they have never seen things from the male perspective. Obviously they're going to side with a woman more often than not because they're imagining the situation as if they were in the female's shoes, not the males.

89 upvotesBeefJesusMaker4 years ago

Jesus Christ. Sometimes the shit I see on here really makes me fucking sick. It really is a cruel world out there and you really need to watch your own back. A friend of mine said this to me a while back and it really stuck with me:

"There's a reason for that feeling you get in your gut. If you're picking up a certain vibe, almost every time, that's the vibe you're supposed to be getting."

Good thing this guy trusted his instincts. If he would've listened to the shitty advice he was getting here on reddit, he'd be raising another man's child. Sometimes accepting "advice" from people is the worst thing that could happen to you. Be careful, guys.

15 upvotesvicious_armbar4 years ago

Gotta trust your gut! Every time I felt like something was off with a girl I've been right.

6 upvotesStrokeGameHusky4 years ago

100% agree. It's not worth your time. Gtfo and find another.

15 upvotesSwissPablo4 years ago

Raising another man's child, and she would doubtless still be seeing the real father too, a double whammy.

1 upvotes1independentmale4 years ago

I've seen cases where she leaves the cuck, moves in with the real father and the poor sucker she cucked still has to pay child support. ಠ_ಠ

10 upvotesmy_sfw_alias4 years ago

Beige Phillip Rule: If you feel a tingle in your nuts, it means you're about to get kicked in the balls.

56 upvoteslmaoo-sure4 years ago

Always get a DNA test. There's no reason to assume a baby is yours because your gf got pregnant.

What a heartless bitch. The fact that someone could sign up to live a lie for the rest of their life is disturbing.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

"But, bit, but, I would leave a guy that asked for a DNA test because that's accusing me of cheating"

That's said all the time on reddit.. Ya, go ahead and leave bitch, you think being a single mom is easy? You'll still be taking that test of you want child support anyway

3 upvoteslmaoo-sure4 years ago

Yeah, we all know what the excuse will be. However, they can't say that if the roles were reversed, that they wouldn't do the same.

1 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

The fact that someone could sign up to live a lie for the rest of their life is disturbing.

I think "for the rest of their lives" is a bit of a stretch -- I'd guess they'd be lucky to last a few yrs at most!

Whether or not the deception is known -- he's getting played, she's doing the playing --- gotta be a Hard Core masochist to put up with that for very long! Yeah he's a beta pussy but even they can 'have had enough' as deadbedrooms et al attest to!

27 upvotesAbsinthe994 years ago

IMO she pretty much planned this whole thing from the getgo... that is before she even moved in with him.


I met my girlfriend when I was away on business across the country. We hit it off really well and started a LDR, visited each other around 6-7 times a year, usually lasting a week.

Well in June she decided to quit her job and move across the country to live with me. She has been living with me in my apartment but has yet to find a new job. She has no family or friends in the area. It's a brand new start for her and she is completely dependent on me financially. I am the sole earner and pay for everything, while she takes care of the housework.

Assuming that this "6-7 times a year" has been for probably a bit over 2 years (and I'd bet most of those "visits" were actually less than a week, he's idealizing it) ...

I'd also be willing to bet that she's been seeing other guys, and/or in other "relationships", and assessing her various options throughout the whole time frame.

Dude was determined to be the "winner" of her own special "pick the best beta bux guy" version of eenie-meanie-miney-moe.

So... she'd made her choice, decided the time was NOW to lay her claim to the "nest" -- which she did in June.

She has yet to "find" a job, because she hasn't even been looking for one... instead she's been flipping through Tinder accounts looking for the right "Chad-the-sperm-donor/baby-daddy" candidate.

She got the lingerie, and slutty clothing so that she can get Chad all hot & bothered and willing to do her raw -- promising him of course not to worry because she's got the whole "birth control" thing all taken care of -- which isn't exactly a lie, because she has also bought/prepared all of the other accessories... to be "in control" of her pregnancy (i.e. the "beta boyfriend" has probably also unwitting been the funding source for an ovulation test kit, in order to properly time the several hookups with "Chad"; as well as a "multi-pack" of home pregnancy tests).

To her mind this has all -- so far -- worked out exactly according to plan. Provider "hubby" is in place, has nice home, good income, etc -- the proper sperm-donor was selected, met up with, did his job of impregnating her (right on schedule), and now she can settle in... having established her life/family on a solid basis.

Or at least so she thought.

Also, interesting that the \r\relationships forum deleted the following subthread of comments & replies: https://archive.is/9CZHD including some pretty SOLID advice on what this guy needs to do ASAP (before even blowing her little "game" wide open) to cover his arse legally:

DO NOT HOLD YOURSELF OUT AS THE FATHER (don't think you would, but needed to be said). You can never undo that. You may need to see a family lawyer to see what you need to do to prevent being listed as the father.

The more I think about it, the more I need to say this: Get evidence of EVERYTHING. Go take it to a family lawyer - a damn good family lawyer, and see what you need to do to protect yourself from a false allegation of fatherhood / child support. A lawyer can tell you want to do and what not to do. Mention nothing to your soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend about this. You want the element of surprise on your side. If she makes a child support claim, you want to be able to ambush her and legally crush her as easily as possible.

4 upvotesDewArmy4 years ago

I find it disturbing that the mods would delete the only thread of good information.

4 upvotesAbsinthe994 years ago

Notice also how everyone in that thread -- including the wimminz -- are referring to it as "the child" or "the baby".

The chick is what? 3 maybe 4 or at most like 5 weeks* pregnant... why is it that -- in THIS context -- it has already become a "child" and a "baby" and is not referred to as a "fetus"? (The favorite goto word when people want to kill/rid themselves of it.)

Seriously only like one comment/use in each thread (and then in both cases relative to how DNA testing can be done prior to birth) used the term "fetus"... everyone, and I do mean everyone else is calling it a "baby" or a "child".

*Technically of course it's not even a "fetus" yet -- that's a technical term referring to the stage AFTER about 2+ months of pregnancy (depending on who you ask, and when you begin counting, it doesn't become a "fetus" until somewhere between 8 weeks and 12 weeks) -- prior to that it's an "embryo" or even a "zygote". At the current stage of gestation, there's probably not even a heartbeat yet, nor any brain activity.

0 upvotesDewArmy4 years ago

Technicalities aside, calling it a baby or child isn't wrong either. I've no issues the term as far as human life is considered.

0 upvotesAbsinthe994 years ago

You miss the point entirely.

52 upvotesHegemott4 years ago

How can she have sex with a guy, get pregnant from it, and wait 2 weeks for the test?

She has unsafe sex, waits 2 weeks, gets the test, and still has 6 days left.

44 upvotesquelques_heures4 years ago

But also the "how can she meet a guy?" comments. Like girls don't have ex-boyfriends, co-workers, fuck-buddies, etc. that her boyfriend doesn't know about.

And how do they rationalize it: it's in the past, why do you care about who I've been with!

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Like it's hard for a woman to hook up.. I remember once at a bar a chick came up to me, sat on my lap, and told me I looked like a good guy to have an affair with.. Her exact words..

12 upvotesHegemott4 years ago

No no no, you're way too specific. Like girls don't go outside the house, is what you want to say.

7 upvotesTheOboeMan4 years ago

Not only that, but he only noticed the odd behavior for three weeks. Doesn't mean it didn't go on for longer.

19 upvotesKarYotypeStereotype4 years ago

If you read the comments on the update, there are a bunch telling him he doesn't need screenshots of her texts and Facebook messages, because ultimately a paternity test will save him... This is just about the worst advice you could give, since in the US a paternity test does not get you out of child support. Proof of this girl's intent will go much farther in the court room.

5 upvotesTgibb4 years ago

A paternity test won't get you out of child support? Please explain.

6 upvotesKarYotypeStereotype4 years ago

Not a whole more explaining I can do. In the US, a paternity test does not automatically get you out of child support. There are countless cases of men who continue to be held responsible for child support despite having proven that the child is not theirs. Just google "child support despite paternity test" and you'll get an idea.

1 upvotesTgibb4 years ago

That just doesn't seem legal. Why would I have to take care of something for 18 years that is scientifically proven to not be mine.

4 upvotesKeithStone30rack4 years ago

There a various laws for each state that have time frames to complete the DNA testing. I believe some states give men 1 year after the child is born to prove it isn't his. There are definitely horrific stories of men being stuck with child support because the allotted time has passed.

4 upvotesTheSKSpecial4 years ago

If he signed the birth certificate the child would be his in the eyes of the court even though biologically it's not. Courts would rather charge the guy who's name is on the certificate for CS (because they know who he is) than let some poor single mother struggle (and live off the system) because she can't find the real father.

1 upvotesrunkuser4 years ago

You have to remember that laws aren't made for the benefit of individuals.

In this case, the government doesn't want another single mom on welfare so they make sure the kid is somebody else's problem.

1 upvotessir_wankalot_here4 years ago

US and Canadian law is different from British law lets say because it differs from state to state, province to province.

The reality is the guy needs to consult a lawyer.

105 upvotesPolaris3824 years ago

He's a man, no one cares. Nothing new here, we must think of the womyn.

33 upvotesScizzler4 years ago

I'd love it if someone waited a few weeks/months and posted the identical story, just from a girls perspective instead. Imagine the responses then.

40 upvotesnewls4 years ago

"Chad slept with me and he got me pregnant. I feel so confused right now... he makes me feel so good but I know he wouldn't be a good dad, so I think I should start being nicer to Chuck again. It's best for the child right girls??"

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Whoever does this PM me the instant you post it! I want to see how hypocritical each person is from the current post in discussion.

16 upvotesmonsterhunter324 years ago

No matter how many times I read stories like this, and no matter how much I know it's just in their nature, this still truly disgusts me. I feel disgust for both the woman who was going to cuckold the guy, and the original posters who told him he was paranoid. As a man you truly walk this earth alone.

5 upvotescariboo_j4 years ago

It's almost like, you're forced to go your own way. Go your own waaay

28 upvotesbidi1234 years ago

Lesson learned: Never listen to the bluepillers (males using woman crazytalk).

16 upvotesfavours_of_the_moon4 years ago

As for the pregnancy she confessed to him two weeks ago she's pregnant with his kid and how she plans to pass it off as mine.

Because it's MEN who are the crazy ones. LOL

27 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

Lesson: Never trust the hivemind.

Lesson: Trust your gut. That's several millennia of evolution in your lizard brain telling you the truth. Also ATP (Always Test Paternity).

3 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

Lesson: Trust your gut.

you know adults have as many neurons in their 'guts' as a six year old child? that are capable of processing about as much information as a 6yo (apparently we are born with most of our neurons already there, it's the connections which change as we grow)

I've learned never to ignore my 'gut feelings'

edit: a mistake I crossed out

3 upvotesCNileDotA4 years ago

As a six year old child has in his head, you mean? This is a real question, not calling you out.

3 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

yep, seriously, it's only been discovered via MRI's and later fMRI"s but it's for real

Ling Lee, a microbiologist, says it makes sense to think of the nervous system that governs digestion as a brain. The “gut brain,” as Lee calls it, contains hundreds of millions of neurons—“as many nerves as in an adult cat,” she says. And also, it’s autonomous.


I can't find the reference to the 6yo bit but I'm fairly sure I read it somewhere! Oh well, a smart cat then!

Here's a bit more about it from another study

Technically known as the enteric nervous system, the second brain consists of sheaths of neurons embedded in the walls of the long tube of our gut, or alimentary canal, which measures about nine meters end to end from the esophagus to the anus. The second brain contains some 100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, Gershon says.

This multitude of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to "feel" the inner world of our gut and its contents. Much of this neural firepower comes to bear in the elaborate daily grind of digestion. Breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and expelling of waste requires chemical processing, mechanical mixing and rhythmic muscle contractions that move everything on down the line.

Thus equipped with its own reflexes and senses, the second brain can control gut behavior independently of the brain, Gershon says. We likely evolved this intricate web of nerves to perform digestion and excretion "on site," rather than remotely from our brains through the middleman of the spinal cord. "The brain in the head doesn't need to get its hands dirty with the messy business of digestion, which is delegated to the brain in the gut," Gershon says. He and other researchers explain, however, that the second brain's complexity likely cannot be interpreted through this process alone.

"The system is way too complicated to have evolved only to make sure things move out of your colon," says Emeran Mayer, professor of physiology, psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.). For example, scientists were shocked to learn that about 90 percent of the fibers in the primary visceral nerve, the vagus, carry information from the gut to the brain and not the other way around. "Some of that info is decidedly unpleasant," Gershon says.

The second brain informs our state of mind in other more obscure ways, as well. "A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut," Mayer says. Butterflies in the stomach—signaling in the gut as part of our physiological stress response, Gershon says—is but one example. Although gastrointestinal (GI) turmoil can sour one's moods, everyday emotional well-being may rely on messages from the brain below to the brain above. For example, electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve—a useful treatment for depression—may mimic these signals, Gershon says

(link deactivated to stop bot removing post)ww.scientificamerican.com/article/gut-second-brain/

Also, this is some trippy arse shit as our 'microbiome's' are coming to show they have an enormous affect on us in many ways, from health to moods!


good question, enjoy


3 upvotesKwantuum4 years ago

This is sensationalism.

The enteric nervous system consists of some 500 million neurons, (including the various types of Dogiel cells), one two-hundredth of the number of neurons in the brain, and 5 times as many as the one hundred million neurons in the spinal cord.


Most of the article is vulgarization, it is written to be interesting to read, not to be scientifically accurate. Be careful of sources that rely on views/reads for their funding. The more commonly accepted theory is that the brain when put under stress (conscious or not) will activate the sympathetic system (also known as fight or flight response) because under stress conditions the blood flow and energy consumption need to be directed to muscles instead, effectively it will slow down gut transit and this can be felt.

If you have a gut feeling when a topic is brought up, your brain has detected something is shifty and it's probably worth investigating.

(reminder that I'm not arguing with the point of the gut feeling, just trying to avoid misinformation, even if it goes in the right direction)

1 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

A guy asked me what I alleged was true, and YES it is! As to comparing it with the brain of a 6yo, is a moot point, the FACTS REMAIN that our enteric nervous sytems DO HAVE a profound effect upon us and our behavior.

(reminder that I'm not arguing with the point of the gut feeling, just trying to avoid misinformation, even if it goes in the right direction)

And which 'misinformation is that exactly, you fail to clarify it ...

It's not, it's FACT!

So why don't YOU DO BETTER instead of bitching about "sensationalism"

Says you

The more commonly accepted theory is that the brain when put under stress (conscious or not) will activate the sympathetic system (also known as fight or flight response) because under stress conditions the blood flow and energy consumption need to be directed to muscles instead, effectively it will slow down gut transit and this can be felt.

It's nothing new, those were a few 'easy to read' links,

Try these if you're so offended by their 'vulgarity'

The gut contains 100 million neurons - more than the spinal cord.

  • Major neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, norephinephrine and nitric oxide are in the gut. Also two dozen small brain proteins, called neuropeptides are there along with the major cells of the immune system. Enkephalins (a member of the endorphins family) are also in the gut**.

The gut also is a rich source of benzodiazepines - the family of psychoactive chemicals that includes such ever popular drugs as valium and xanax.

In evolutionary terms, it makes sense that the body has two brains, said Dr. David Wingate, a professor of gastrointestinal science at the University of London and a consultant at Royal London Hospital. "The first nervous systems were in tubular animals that stuck to rocks and waited for food to pass by," according to Dr. Wingate.

The limbic system is often referred to as the "reptile brain." "As life evolved, animals needed a more complex brain for finding food and sex and so developed a central nervous system.

But the gut's nervous system was too important to put inside the newborn head with long connections going down to the body," says Wingate. Offspring need to eat and digest food at birth. Therefore, nature seems to have preserved the enteric nervous system **as an independent circuit inside higher animals.

  • It is only loosely connected to the central nervous system and can mostly function alone, without instructions from topside.

This is indeed the picture seen by developmental biologists. A clump of tissue called the neural crest forms early in embryo genesis. One section turns into the central nervous system. Another piece migrates to become the enteric nervous system. According to Dr. Gershon, it is only later that the two systems are connected via a cable called the vagus nerve.

The brain sends signals to the gut by talking to a small number of "command neurons," which in turn send signals to gut interneurons that carry messages up and down the pike.

It's a two way street!

Both command neurons and interneurons are spread throughout two layers of gut tissue called the "myenteric plexus and the submuscosal plexus."

Command neurons control the pattern of activity in the gut. The vagus nerve only alters the volume by changing its rates of firing.

The plexuses also contain glial cells that nourish neurons, mast cells involved in immune responses, and a "blood brain barrier" that keeps harmful substances away from important neurons.

They have sensors for sugar, protein, acidity and other chemical factors that might monitor the progress of digestions, determining how the gut mixes and propels its contents.

As light is shed on the circuitry between the two brains, researchers are beginning to understand why people act and feel the way they do. When the central brain encounters a frightening situation, it releases stress hormones that prepare the body to fight or flee.

The stomach contains many sensory nerves that are stimulated by this chemical surge - hence the "butterflies."

On the battlefield, the higher brain tells the gut brain to shut down. A frightened running animal does not stop to defecate, according to Dr. Gershon.

(which IS the a part of the "Fight or Flight reaction" that you're referring to, BUT I'm not)

Fear also causes the vagus nerve to "turn up the volume" on serotonin circuits in the gut. Thus over stimulated, the gut goes into higher gear and diarrhea results.(aka shitting yourself)

Similarly, people sometimes "choke" with emotion. When nerves in the esophagus are highly stimulated, people have trouble swallowing.


It's EASY to condemn, It's HARD to DO BETTER ... as you have shown

reminder that I'm not arguing with the point of the gut feeling, just trying to avoid misinformation,

Yeah? SO remind me what 'misinformation' I have included that you are referring to again?

0 upvotesKwantuum4 years ago

The fact that you're associating the gut feeling as an information that is created by the SNE, and calling it a "gut brain". It may be constituted of neurons but it operates wildly differently from the brain. It has no associative areas, it doesn't process information like a brain does.

A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut

This is sensationalism, it's a researcher in a very specialized field trying to spark interest in the unspecialized reader, it's scientifically dishonest to say this, because he knows how the two systems communicate and he knows exactly how little influence the SNE can have on emotions, and he's making it sound as if it's a secondary emotional center. The part about the SNE being a huge network of neurons placed on two layers (Meissner's and Hasselbach's plexi) that is almost entirely independent for its functioning and only loosely connected with the brain is completely fine, though every single organ has sensitive nerves feeding information to the brain and also is under the control of the brain to some extent, nothing new here.

Saying the SNE influences emotions is as ridiculous as saying the cardiac nervous system (which is very comparable to the SNE, only on a much smaller scale cause you know, the heart isn't multiple meters long), whose role is to keep the heart beating on its own while only being turned up or down by the brain. Sure, if there is an infarct, either of the heart or the gut, you can feel it, since it's visceral pain it prompts reactions of fear for your life and anxiety as well as pain in other areas, but your gut or heart don't create emotions. They're affected by emotions which will modulate the vagal tone, and in turn affect the speed of peristalsis or the heart rate, which you can feel, and this can influence emotions but in the end it's still a process that originates in the brain.

2 upvotesKwantuum4 years ago

The enteric nervous system consists of some 500 million neurons, (including the various types of Dogiel cells), one two-hundredth of the number of neurons in the brain, and 5 times as many as the one hundred million neurons in the spinal cord.


The claim "as many neurons in their 'guts' as a six year old child" is inaccurate but yeah you do have a good deal of gut neurons. Though sensory information is not really fed to it, the gut feeling is more the brain sensing something and tensing up the gut than the gut neurons processing information into a threat signal, I still think gut feelings are to be investigated if not trusted. Do not rationalize, look into it before calling it a day!

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well he asked for advice in r/relationships.. Wtf was he expecting.. That place is overrun with hamsters and white knights.

Personally I think his story shows a lot of wisdom. On his part.. Yeah she tried to cuckold him but he's no fucking mug

2 upvotesemblasochist4 years ago

If you haven't been to TRP or even heard of it, /relationships seems like the best place to ask these questions. It is a default sub, after all.

Yeah she tried to cuckold him but he's no fucking mug

Disagree on that. She was just a random port in the storm and instead of treating it as a ONS, he treated it like a LTR where he would get to fuck her for 2+ years once every 2 months or so. If she was that good in bed for a ONS that he would decide to come back out in 2 months, she was already banging other dudes too. No girl that's a great fuck wants to go 2 months before getting fucked again...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well I'm not saying he's perfect.. But he is wise enough to realise wtf is going on..

Many men don't realise they're being cuckolded.. And by many men I mean 10% of father don't realise they ain't the daddy..

So yeah.. He's no fucking mug! IMO

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I read a book called 'I am Asher Lev,' which was about the Jewish artist of the same name. There's a quote in the book attributed to Russian Orthodox Jews which states that "every murder is a genocide."

The idea being that in murdering someone you're not just killing the person but all of his unborn descendants as well. I like the quote, and I beleive something similar could be said of cuckolding.

15 upvotesfickle_fuck4 years ago

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck...

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's a sorority girl making duck faces....

And taking several cocks.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I said it once and I'll say it again: relationships are TERRIBLE for men. LTR's aren't worth it anymore, let alone marriage. This infidelity shit happens more frequently than you expect.

It's a new age. Don't wanna get hurt? Don't commit to any girl.

6 upvotesthegr8b8m84 years ago

Not trying to state the obvious here but do we really need any kind of reminder of who the average reader of reddit is?

6 upvotesJohnPeel4 years ago

Dear god those people are idiots.

They're actually arguing the science of how possibly she could have tested positive for pregnancy in 3 weeks. Aside from the fact that it is actually possible, which whilst demonstrating further how retarded they are, is a complete red herring...

...She was simply lying.

7 upvotesdarkshine054 years ago

Ever ask women for advise. They just keep on with the pedestal mentality. Ask a guy for advise on women.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Does a fisherman ask the fish how to catch it? Or does he ask more experienced fisherman?

1 upvotesdarkshine054 years ago

A more experienced fisherman. Great slogan. Never heard it.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

"Also, just as an aside I got pregnant even though we used a condom, even though it didn't break. It can slip or have a small tear that might not be obvious during/after intercourse. It would not be the first time for this to happen."

No it wouldn't

10 upvotesalclarkey4 years ago

Okay 3 weeks ago he just started noticing strange things, the cheating could have been going for far longer. Oh the hamster.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

As many as 5% of children are misattributed to the wrong father. That is 1/20. 1/20 men out there are raising somebody else's child because a woman lied to them.

If there was a phenomenon like this that men were guilty of, feminists would be bemoaning how evil patriarchy is.

This is straight-up sociopathic behaviour. Emotional manipulation. It's evil. It's disgusting.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It sure is..

1 upvotesDrMrPepper4 years ago

I couldn't read all of that.

The fact the author writes like its bad thing a man can finally tell if his kids are really his. How dare they take away this power from women!?

2 upvotesbea5tly4 years ago

Any one who is dumb enough to not get a paternity test when a kid is born deserves it. Walgreens sells them for $24 and you can do it fast without the girl knowning. All results are emailed to you and there you have it.

Note: Yes I've had my friend do this before so I know how easy it is.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Ugh so many "man-eaters" and apologists, that sub is kinda cancer

3 upvotesLiverotto4 years ago

I'll take "Am I a beta cuck?" for $400, Alex!

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

My favorite part is when they attack the timeline, nobody thought it might have started sooner and it was only when it intensified (as it did) that the guy noticed?

3 upvotesAll-DayErrDay4 years ago

At this point unless you straight up saw your girl being fucked by a guy, no one ever wants to believe that the girl was in the wrong. There's always so many 'variables' that these obvious red flags could be about. Who cares about the 'variables' when the most obvious and likely cause is what should be on your mind.

3 upvotesItsCold_ItsCold4 years ago

Please update when the hivemind justifies her actions.

3 upvotesalphbux4 years ago

From one of his comments later:

I pay the bills completely, I pay for all of our food and necessities. I feel humiliated that I paid for her new jewelry clothes and lingerie, all of which she wore just to look good for the other guy.

18 upvotes__528491__4 years ago

If he's smart he will keep quiet until an abortion is no longer an option. Then he dumps that cunt's ass for full effect.

63 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

No he should GTFO of that situation entirely. Fuck fucking around with bitches lives just make sure your own shit is in order.

While it hasn't happened yet acting as 'daddy' during the pregnancy could potentially leave you on the hook as the presumed father. I'd rather avoid having to try to make or break that precedent in family court. Remember family court is all about what's best for the child (and the government by blaming any man they can for child support) too not what's RIGHT.

14 upvotessir_wankalot_here4 years ago

In many countries and states if parentage is not contested after X years it is legally his kid even of DNA proves otherwise.

10 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

Yep let us not forget he may actually live in a commonlaw by adhesion jurisdiction where if he's been living with her for more than 2 years they might just be treated as married too. That really fucks you over as a man and is another reason not to move in with your GF or move her in with you.

2 upvotessir_wankalot_here4 years ago

Exactly, in some European countries they are attempting to rule that paternity tests violate the rights of the woman.

4 upvotesholytrpbatman4 years ago

Well said. There is no reason to continue a game when you have been cast as the fool. Be better than that, if you play along, you will only give the hamster time to continue justification. End the game heartlessly and the hamster has to deal with reality in a much more focussed bout of self reflection.

9 upvoteshorsedream4 years ago

I'd prefer 1 less spite baby in this world.

2 upvotesbloodfoxtrue4 years ago

Feel bad for you man! It's disgusting she cheated on you and (presumably) wants your support for the child, so I'm glad you know the truth now.

2 upvotesThe-Ban-Hammer4 years ago

Yup. All the women couldn't wait to tell him he's paranoid and/or misogynistic for thinking she couldn't just "like lingerie for herself" or whatever silliness they say aloud when lying to others and themselves.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

People forget when there is smoke there tends to be fire.

We see too often the fedora tipping excuse makers on reddit m'ladying all over themselves trying to protect the poor helpless womyns - even ones they've never met before or will ever know in their entire lives.

Meanwhile dude has seen some changing behavior patterns and sneaky behavior that troubles him enough to come online and ask people who he believes to be impartial the question of "I'm not crazy am I? This isn't happening is it?"

People (read: men) sometimes have a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea that someone could be that selfish and dishonest as to live that kind of lie and to lie to their own children about who their father is, just to escape blame for their own bad decision making. Unfortunately, the truth is it happens more often them people like to think (or know about).

Furthermore, people also dismiss the damage this does to people's lives - to fathers and children - for the sake of safeguarding the woman' interest at all costs.

The denial is deep and troubling for us observers in the know.

For me, this is just another wood on the pile. We've seen this so, so many times here on reddit (and elsewhere). I'm no longer shocked at any kind of revelation. I just shrug in acceptance.

This is how people are: the womyns who selfishly lie for their own benefit - and the dumbfuck white knights that defend these liars.

2 upvotesFutureLawyer19894 years ago

He's still keeping up appearances? Why not just drop the bitch?

1 upvotesIronMeltsinmyHands4 years ago

Just lie down on the floor like the carpet you were taught to be and fucking pull out every excuse in the book out of your ass. Cuz that's not weird.

I fucking hate excuses and the people who look for them.

1 upvotesShitlords_Rule_24 years ago

She suddenly quits her job and moves to him in June. Maybe the reason this happened so suddenly is because she found out she was pregnant then. I know she said in the text that the other guy she was seeing was the father, but what if she lied to him too? Maybe he was her first choice of betabux?

1 upvotesNicholas_4 years ago

I'm glad I don't take relationships seriously any more and just fuck girls around.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Wow man I am so sorry to hear this. You did dodge a bullet, you found out and she didn't try and pass off his offspring as yours. You are free and have learned the lesson a lot of us have. I wish you the best.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That is fucked up. Makes me distrust everything.

1 upvotesUpvote_To_The_Left4 years ago

whats insane here is that OP just dodged a bullet that would have totally changed his life.

Imaging if he remained ignorant and ended up raising the kid. Insane how his entire life could have taken a COMPLETELY different course if he didn't snoop a little and listen to his gut.

1 upvotesBlackHeart894 years ago

The post seems fake to me. Its too perfect of a redpill example. Especially with the update.

What got me the most was all the information he managed to find in such a short time frame after she changed her password. He found out everything, even down to the number of times and when this and that happened.

1 upvotes1v1mebruh4 years ago

oooooh my god look at these comments

"To be fair, if somehow he'd been wrong (a similar scenario has played out on this sub before), it would have devastated their relationship and tainted the joy of their pregnancy if he'd asked for a paternity test for the child if she hadn't been cheating and the condoms simply failed. I think the snooping was a good choice, to confirm whether or not she'd been stepping out, before moving forward."

0 upvotesMobilePenor4 years ago

There is a book called "Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty: Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics". It is a book published by Cambridge.

It confirms almost all of the red pill theories regarding cuckoldry, and it was published in 2006 (so, you nobody would dare to say it is a product of the "internet redpillers mentality").

This story fits perfectly what it's explained in the book. If you read this book, you won't be surprised when stuff like this happen, but you also understand why and how it happens.

It is also very well written (one of the best I've ever read and I used to read a lot of scientific publications). Precise and complex, but never to appear smart just because it is required by the arguments and facts exposed.

I swear I'm not shilling for the authors, just wanted to share a really awesome book.

-24 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The other day I saw a RP post celebrating a guy who was cheating.

Edit: I expected the downvoting, but it would be good if someone could explain the logic there. Just wondering why it's celebrated when RPers cheat, but not women.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

i didn't see that link. But this post isn't just about cheating, it's about women lying about who the biological father of their children are. What's worse, the man can still be forced to pay child support for a kid that isn't his.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yeah I agree - she sounds like an awful person, clearly!

-4 upvotesmryddlin4 years ago

You got downvotes only because you failed to explain your statement.

It's a fair question and the community provided good answers. Shame its buried, I threw you some upvotes.

11 upvotesSaiHottari4 years ago

I may be wrong, but as I understand it comes to R vs K reproductive strategies. Because of gestation and rearing investments women can only have the K strategy (quality over quantity of partners and offspring). Men, however, have both strategies available to us. We're reproductively only needed for a few moments to provide our sperm and we can be on our way.

Thanks to the welfare state in most modern countries women don't even really need us for providing financial security. Women can now even hold full time employment, furthering the irrelevance of male commitment and fidelity.

Basically the only need for a male now is for instilling certain lessons on the children that only males have been shown to teach. There's also evidence that not having a father leads to instinctively driven biological changes in children. Women become more promiscuous in an effort to replace the father and men become more aggressive and can fall into delinquency to cover for the missing member of the tribe.

So when a woman cheats, she's cheating his volunteered time and resources to raise someone else's children. When a man cheats, it's really no skin off her back reproductively speaking unless she's financially dependent on him, which she rarely is with the welfare state.

Edit: small correction to strategy names. Thanks u/through_a_ways.

5 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

Because of gestation and rearing investments women can only have the R strategy (quality over quantity of partners and offspring)

That's the K strategy. The r strategy is low investment, high quantity. The K strategy is high investment, low quantity.

Additionally, it would be incorrect to characterize men as "r selected" in general; it's true for sexual strategy, but not for other attributes. For example, men have longer development times than women.

1 upvotesmryddlin4 years ago

This is the dialogue I come here for, thank you both for the quality comments.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Hmm can you provide the link? On a moral standpoint, "cheating" is definitely not okay - that's why men shouldn't commit if they can't keep it in their pants or stay loyal. For me it would be fucked up to glorify cheating - imagine frat bros high-fiving each other over some dumb shit.

If he's spinning plates then it is not a problem. There is no cheating if there is no relationship in the first place.

0 upvotesTheOboeMan4 years ago

It's just the general hypocrisy that comes from any crowd.

Simply: cheating is bad, regardless of sex.

If you want multiple partners, don't commit LTR with any of them.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Personally, I'd have not revealed any suspicions, waited until the kid was born, done a test, and if it isn't mine, fucked her and the kid out of the house. There are enough women's refuges around. Or she could go back to her parents' house. Not my problem.

8 upvotesLord_NShYH4 years ago

9 months is a long time to wait, and you don't want to establish any fatherly conduct; a dangerous precedent to set.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If it turns out that the kid isn't yours, then it would be all the more satisfying to let the bitch thinks she's gotten away with it until a week after the birth. Oh, and I'd record her reaction to the revelation that I know the truth.

2 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

Personally, I'd have not revealed any suspicions, waited until the kid was born, done a test, and if it isn't mind, fucked her and the kid out of the house

Do you like being a Cunt? Coz IMHO that's what you sound like?


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If a woman tells a man that he's the father of her kid when he isn't, then she deserves it, in my opinion. I don't care if you think I'm a cunt.

-1 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

an eye for an eye makes everybody Blind!

That's MY opinion!

2 upvotess0cia1_ineptitude4 years ago

There would still be a guy with one eye though.

1 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

That depends on how many Cyclops there are/were!

duh! ;D

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Believe what you want. I'm a vindictive bastard, I won't deny that. If any woman tried to get the better of me like the man discussed in the topic, she'd end up regretting it.

2 upvotesRPmatrix4 years ago

I'm a vindictive bastard, I won't deny that.

I accept that, I was one once too, I still have my moments but that situation, but wouldn't be one of them

At least your honest about it, that I can respect, each to his own, c''est la vie


-11 upvotesJack_Sophmore4 years ago

It's sad that so many of you can't tell that this story is obviously fake.

8 upvotesOneRedYear4 years ago

you know someone says that for every sine story posted. Every time. Seriously just keep reading. There is always one guy who yells Fake! It's the Internet so yes there be some fake stories. And there will be true stories that ring false to others based on their experiences. I've had true stories of my own called fake because some guy couldn't believe part of my story. What I'm saying is Fake is the new First. It's just a part of the discussion that most people usually ignore because there is really no choice but to either accept the word of the storyteller or accept the word of the fake yeller. Unfortunately for you the story and the surrounding conversation is usually more compelling and interesting than your one sentence denouncement. It must feel horrid to be completely ignored by everyone else in this thread. So here is a bit of attention for you!

-1 upvotesJack_Sophmore4 years ago

I'm not saying anything about the implausibility of a woman cheating or lying about a pregnancy. That happens. I'm talking about the chronological flow of the story. The way the narrative unfolds. The logical flaws of the story. If you've been around the block a few times, it's painfully obvious this is yet another red piller fan fiction. Apparently there is one or a few guys who often are going into relationship subreddits and creating fan fiction only to turn around a repost with a "redpill confirmed" type post.

I could go through, line by line and dissect and break it down for you why this post is obviously fake but it's not worth it. It just is a bit sad that so many people bought it.

0 upvotesKatyPerrysBoobs24 years ago

Oh you could break it down for us? But you won't? Sure thing buddy.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You don't understand. Nobody cares if this is fake. Even if the op faked it, there are thousands of similar stories that indeed happened. Important are the discussions, not if the story happened exactly like it is told here.

2 upvotesJack_Sophmore4 years ago

It kinda does matter if it's fake if the whole purpose of posting it is to somehow demonstrate real world examples that prove the validity of the red pill. You don't get that? Otherwise this is a group of people that have just like to discuss fictional cheating porn.

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