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The Core of Alpha - 9 Keys To Ultimate Self Improvement

by MuffinSnatcher14 on /r/TheRedPill
28 August 2015 08:12 PM UTC

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Summary: The road to self-actualization is long and brutal. There are 9 keys that are essential to becoming a successful alpha male that is capable of achieving self actualization. The 9 Keys are: Audacity, Assertiveness, Frame, Confidence, Dominance, Freedom, Drive, Consciousness, Peace.


This community is brilliant and dynamic in that it discusses a broad range of topics in great depth, but today I am doing the opposite. I reduced, simplified, and condensed the traits of the alpha male into 9 essential points. The purpose of this post is to serve as an inclusive refresher (or introduction) for the many aspiring alphas. Personally, I've come a long way, but I still have a long way to go. The biggest catalyst in my improvement was writing down the most meaningful ideas from this subreddit/the manosphere and reading them daily. I've since taken many of those ideas and compacted them into this list.

When you lift weights, you can't expect to do a squat here and there and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Similarly, you can't read a few posts about confidence or dealing with women and expect to be some kind of pimp alpha lord. Like lifting, it requires sustained, daily effort to see improvement. You have to read, re-read, and actively apply the principles of TRP for them to become internalized. There are many posts that explain the following concepts in much greater detail; this will help you drill these vital points into your head. These are not quick tricks. It will take a long time to fully embody them.I provided examples for a few concepts to further iterate them, but a few are self-explanatory. I'd suggest trying to focus on one every week (i.e. focus on being assertive one week, focus on holding frame next week, etc)

Without further bullshitting, here they are:

Be Audacious.

Make bold moves. Be out there and seen. Speak up and be heard. Never half-commit. Enter action with 100% boldness or not at all. Society wants you to blend in and follow your social conditioning - doing so is fatal. Challenge the status quo. Take a risk, cross the line. Win big or go down with conviction. Success is impossible without audacity. A fulfilling life is beyond the reach of one who is not audacious. If you don't make an attempt, you have failed. Therefore, making an attempt at something can only reap positive benefits, since if you do not succeed, you'll be in the same place you started but you'll have learned something new. Say "fuck it" and do something legendary.

Example: This article from Danger & Play sums up audacity perfectly.

Be Assertive.

Get exactly what you want. Never ask for permission (always assume the answer is "Yes!") or fear what others may think. Don't do anything to appease others. Fuck them, fuck the rules, you answer to no one. If you wan't something, ask for it or go get it. Only do exactly what is in your explicit self interests. It's your life, you should be living it exactly how you want to.

Be In Frame

Never explain yourself, apologize, make excuses, take shit, or argue with idiots or women. Command respect, call wrongdoers out, and don't take bullshit seriously. It's all a game. Have fun with it. Be witty, absured, irrelevant, what ever you want. Be mindful of everyone's constant shit tests and diffuse them accordingly. Control and be mindful of the frame. How you are treated ultimately depends on how you frame yourself.

Example: Donald Trump. Whether you agree with the guy or not, there's little doubt that there are many lessons to be learned from the man. He has an impenetrable frame. The media throws a constant stream of shit at him but it just bounces right off of him. He could say the stupidest shit but he would stand by it with such iron conviction that it would seem like the word of God.

Be Confident.

Be delusionally overconfident. Accept yourself. Set your ego aside. Stop trying to get validation and attention from others. You don't need to impress them. You are the prize, they should be trying to impress you. If someone doesn't like you, it's their loss and there is probably something wrong with them. Don't change for your environment (i.e. the people around you), make your environment change to accommodate you. Convey positive emotion to those around you. Go over the top. Believe everything you do will work. Believe nothing you do is wrong. You are the greatest. Optimism will take you a long way. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. Visualize yourself at the top of your game, keep your chin up and never let yourself feel defeated. Embrace failure, learn from it, and use it to ascend to overwhelming success.

Example: Ettore Bugatti. Known to be an extremely confident person. You know his name because he created an incredible automobile company. He said, "even before the start, I was sure of winning." If you adopt that same mindset, you will one day be seeing his name on your steering wheel.

Be Dominant

Dominance is expressed covertly, through body language. Always be aware of your body. Head up, chin above horizontal plane, good posture, shoulders back, and take big, wide steps. Act like you own the place and slow the fuck down. No quick, ditzy beta movements. Keep your legs spread wide (not in a gay way), and make sure your balls are never being crushed. Always have open body posture (i.e. don't cross your arms, don't have a concave posture, etc.) Use big, smooth, powerful gestures. Speak with your body. Be compelling and the center of attention. Take up space and have a massive presence. Don't quickly glance, instead, slowly turn your head. Make people move for you. Don't talk over others or try to get their attention. They owe you the respect to shut up and listen. Hold super strong eye contact, and be the last to break it off. Have a very firm handshake. Breathe deeply and deepen your voice. See yourself dominating other men [violence] and women [sex]. Lastly, smirk instead of smiling like an idiot. Or smile like an idiot if you want to. You're the alpha, start calling the shots.

Be Free

Just let go. Be free. Fuck what everyone else thinks. It's not about them. Love you for who you are. Try something new. There are opportunities all around. Take everything the universe has to offer. Don't try to be James Bond to impress people. If you can't make a funny face and do a silly, childish dance in front of other people, it means you care too much about what everyone else thinks. That doesn't mean you should try to look like an idiot, but you should be comfortable enough that you don't care if people think of you as one. All you have to do is survive, the rest is made up. Laugh, have fun, and live life. Don't worry so much about keeping up appearances, its all just a game. If you're not having fun, something is wrong. Why does everyone want to be so dead serious all the time? Life is too short to be taken seriously. Who gives a shit? Everyone else tries to fit in and live normal lives. But you, you just don't give a fuck. You will never be free unless you drop the dead weight that is your ego, be willing to fail, and do exactly what makes you happy.

Be Driven

This is the most important point here. If you possess an unyielding drive, everything else will follow. You must be internally driven; you must have fire in you. If you need motivation, you are doomed to failure. You have to want it so badly that it almost kills you. You're going to sacrifice everything that won't take you where you want to go. You're going to suffer every day pushing yourself to the limit. You're going to fail many times and spend many nights breaking down, screaming and crying. But, you will gladly endure all of that because you know where you're going and therefore you cannot be stopped. "Just DO IT" - Shia LaBeouf

Audacity is taking the risk, drive is what makes it pay off. Determine what you want. Money, love, sex, power, whatever. Pursue it relentlessly. Do whatever you have to. Don't be afraid to introduce some chaos into your life. Destroy your doubts, abandon your fear, let nothing stop you. Seize the day. Cut out the bullshit and energy drains. Do everything with a purpose. Dedicate yourself fully to attaining your self actualization. You know what will take you there. Have a vision, believe in it. Do the work. There are no excuses, no variables. It comes down to you. You will make your own resources and create your own opportunities and luck. If you truly want it, you will have it. Never give up. Persevere. Raise hell. "Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it surely shall be yours"

Examples: Steve Jobs is an excellent example. The guy wore the same clothes every day, drove a beat up little put-put car, and cut all distractions out of his life. This was all so he could focus 100% of his energy on creating something incredible. He failed constantly but quitting was not an option. You know the rest. Simon Sinek has a great ted talk that shifts to discussing how people who have a powerful and definite purpose achieve overwhelming success.

Be Conscious

Walk what Owen Cook refers to as "The Narrow Road." He has a video about how people bounce between states of uncontrollably high energy and pathetically low energy and how neither state is productive. Instead one must walk the "narrow road" by constantly being in an upbeat but productive and focused state.

Most people run on autopilot (unconscious) and just cruise through life. To be successful, one must be conscious and present to the moment. Think critically, constantly engage your mind. Come to definite decisions on everything. Pay attention. Take control of your emotions, do not let the opposite occur. Be wary of outside influences, make sure your thoughts are your own. Find the truth and percieve things for what they really are. Understand why people do what they do... look for intent. Dont accept what is forced down your throat - find the real truth. Society, the government, everyone lies to you. Cut the bullshit. Everyone is just trying to advance their own self interests. Trust no one. Heighten your perspective. Know yourself and your surroundings.

Example: The Red Pill. The most significant focus of TRP is unplugging to become conscious about the true nature of women and the world. As a community, we raise our consciousness by understanding women, power, society, life, and so on.

Be At Peace

It doesn't matter if you have a billion dollars and a bunch of slammin hot girlfriends if you can't look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day. Being in an anxious or beta state is being suppressed. If something is weighing you down, destroy it or accept it. Take whatever may bother you and accept it, laugh at it, smile and move on as a better and stronger man. Enjoy every moment for what it is. No time to worry. Whatever happens happens. Love your fate and accept it. Fight like hell and smile until the bitter end.

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47 upvotesTheAngryLife4 years ago

Many nuggets of truth here

Accept yourself. Set your ego aside.

Do not underestimate how much negative emotion can arise from your ego. Anxiety, anger and depression can come from not accepting who you are and where in life you sit.

Your ego can sometimes prevent the introspection required to overcome your failures. Those with little confidence, who hide from confrontation often have the biggest ego. They are afraid to speak out as they have not accepted who they are, the chance of being judged for their words is a risk to their pride.

Anyone who is still angry about the way women have fucked them over need to check their ego levels. It's telling you "what I deserve" from the past. It's telling "what should be" right now. It's causing you to blame the universe for what you don't have and allowing you to be emotional for it. Kill your ego and the path to your life will open up, don't let it stop you from introspecting and learning from what you did wrong, but also what can go wrong.

Don't let your sense of pride compare yourself to other people. You are you and they are they. Women are the proudest of all and is part to play in why they are capable of so much emotion. "Jenny is wearing the same shoes as me, fucking bitch" - Pride inherets jealousy

Those who are good with people and women know who they are and where they sit in life. There are skeletons out there getting consistently laid because of their acceptance towards everything leading up to that moment. Emotion or conflict from women, but also guys, don't bother him that much.

Real confidence and alpha qualities come from being content. Lifting is the best place to start for doing this (plus everything else). But there are guys out there who don't lift and have a face like a ballsack, yet are popular and get laid thanks to accepting themselves 100% .

9 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

You make a great point. I hope everyone in the thread reads your comment.

5 upvotesrtron364 years ago

Love this post. What's weird is how I logically understand this and know it to be true. But there pride sits, remains, dominates . . . I'm finally taking actions, taking steps, but holy shit is this ego entrenched, stubborn, scared. Fear of rejection is boss. And what is rejection? Physically, it is nothing. It is a person standing there, words coming out of their mouth, or perhaps an absence of words. It's a facial expression, body movements, and words that are different from the facial expression, body movements, and words that you were hoping to see. It blows my mind how this invisible force field keeps so many of us terrified by what physically cannot hurt us whatsoever.

3 upvotesTheOneTrueLou4 years ago

Pretty much covered everything I had thought on this topic. Absolutely insane how much the mental shackles we place upon ourselves reach and how hard it is to break them. Though that is the real point of it all isn't it? Transcend who you think you are to become who you really are.

91 upvoteslocolopes4 years ago

All you have to do is survive, the rest is made up

I can't highlight the truth and beauty of that simple statement. There's a lot of freedom on the other side of truly internalizing this.

14 upvoteschkethley4 years ago

This is what a lot of people call presence. Just be. Most people don't actually live in the world around them because they are so caught up in bullshit. Just see, hear, and feel the world around you with 100% focus. Lol or maybe that's not what OP meant at all.

24 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

Exactly. In the post, I referred to presence as "being in the moment." It's the same exact thing. And you're dead on in saying that most people don't actually live since they're caught up in bullshit. That's called being unconscious. It describes ~95% of the population.

26 upvoteschkethley4 years ago

It would be near impossible to explain it to those people. O guess you could say, "When you are at a café drinking espresso, are you really at a café drinking espresso? or are you at your stressful work meeting in 2 hours? or are you at that fight you and your wife got into last night?"

16 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

That gets the message across fine. Sometimes I compare it to when you're driving a car down a long stretch of highway and your mind is wandering so much that when you finally snap back into reality you don't know where you are or if you were even watching the road.

6 upvotestaking_the_elevator4 years ago

That's my typical go-to example as well...

For me, this is the real truth behind the red pill / matrix philosophy. Most people are stuck living the bullshit story their minds auto-generate and they have no idea it's even happening.

The man-woman dynamic etc is at best secondary.

6 upvoteschkethley4 years ago

Smiling. If someone is pouting it usually isn't because they are currently mad or unhappy. It means they are ungrateful. They are ungrateful of the fact that get to live another life in this beautiful world. If someone has a bullshit big grin on their face, it is fake and should be dismissed completely. But their are certain smiles. They don't necessarily indicate pleasure or happiness. These are the smiles that indicate a person is grateful for everything they have. It is the smile of contentment and presence.

2 upvotesRedPillJax4 years ago

That's a very, very good way of putting it.

Thanks, I needed that today man.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

All this is good, but the unstated subtext is that you have to have something to back all this up in part. It's okay to assume the stance and overreach a little to promote growth, but you can't be wrong all the time, and just continue with your overt confidence because fuck everyone else. How can you have self-improvement without analyzing results and feedback? Sometimes it does matter what others say. My dad think's he's always right and is stupidly confident but it's pretty pathetic because more often than not a simple google search proves he never really knows what he is talking about.

The otherstuff about posture, awareness, and self-conciousness is a lot more clear cut, I just wanted to point out that all things on this list are not beneficial in equal degrees.

15 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

I see where you're coming from. Some of the statements are a bit irrational and over-the-top, but that's the point. Of course you are not the greatest, you're not always right, you should apologize sometimes, and so on. The sections on frame, confidence and assertiveness are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. You would be a complete dickhead if you went around acting like you were perfect and everyone else was beneath you.

It's over-the-top for the sake of hype. It's so that you can easily get into a confident/assertive state of mind. It's much more powerful to say "fuck other people, you're the best, yadda yadda" than it is to go, "oh, well, you should be confident but don't overstep your boundaries and remember to respect other people..." I assume someone would read this and shift into a confident state but have the basic common sense not to take it absolutely literally. The ultimate message is "believe in yourself and what you do and don't be afraid to go for what you want" not "Inflate your ego, step on other people, be a cunt"

10 upvotesAdonisHera4 years ago

All of this is vital information. Im still trying to be at peace, but the other categories im above average in, although there is still room for improvement. Never settle.

6 upvoteslook_good4 years ago

Be vigilant about not becoming complacent. There's always a better, perfection won't be achieved but invariably strive for it.

23 upvotesLongshot874 years ago

Not a bad post to wake up too! Nice work!

9 upvotesGoogoots4 years ago

Love this summary. I want to print it and give it to my two teenage sons. I would pin it in my office if we didn't convert to a fucking open floor plan...

3 upvotesOilyB4 years ago

I had the exact same thought, giving this to my son as a general framework summary for manhood attitude.

3 upvotesWorldmap774 years ago

I needed this. Good way to start the weekend thanks.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This is excellent, good job. You have mentioned more categories than usually get mentioned on here, peace for example.

3 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

Thank you, I appreciate it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You seem like a cool and knowledgeable guy, maybe you could take a crack at answering my latest question in AskTRP, as I didn't get any takers.

3 upvotesfresherthanmost4 years ago

I have been lurking around TRP for some time, but this post sums it all up terrifically.

3 upvotesmetalhead44 years ago

Nights screaming and crying? wat

3 upvotesDelirium44 years ago

where the fuck were you when they were writing the bible

2 upvotesbrokecollegekidd4 years ago

All of the points here make sense, but to me it all centers around your drive. It really is where great men are made and weak men fail, but how does one develop drive? Is it something you must innately have? I ask this because I have been internalizing trp and trying to improve but I suffer from a huge lack of drive at times. It clouds my mind and stunts my growth... but I can't seem to shake it. Do you have any recommendations?

6 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

Discipline. Discipline is very difficult to develop but it is extremely rewarding. Having a "fire" in you (internal drive) is emotional. It means, for whatever reason, you want something so badly that your emotions push you toward the goal. If your emotions aren't in it, you can still accomplish the same huge success with discipline. Discipline is logical. It's knowing what you have to do to reach the goal, and forcing yourself to do it no matter how much you don't want to. Having strong discipline is being a machine.

5 upvotesIllimitableMan4 years ago

Imo, "mindful discipline" is the key to success. It is natural to go with your feelings when choosing between what you should do and what you want to do. Your feelings almost always hold you back. If you can be present and talk to yourself in the moment until you do what has to be done in spite of your emotional inclination, you will have success.

The only exception is sleep. One shouldn't confuse fatigue for a run of the mill sentiment. That's more a hormonal thing which is another ball game entirely. Fighting hormones is a losing proposition. They have to be fixed (exercise) but fighting laziness or a discrepancy between ambition and immediate desire (deferred gratification) is very much a matter of discipline.

3 upvotesScoobyGang4 years ago

When you start breaking free of certain shackles that bind you, avenues of motion start to open themselves up to you. Some of these have to coincidence, perhaps you're simply at the right place at the right time on that moment. All of them have to do with your inquisitiveness and perceptiveness. The more you push yourself to analyze your environment and utilize it in the present moment the more resources will become available to you and most importantly the more you will learn. In this journey to get the ball rolling, you will inevitably find something that gives you that spark, that jolts you with some kind of fire. I remember when people used to ask me what I was good at or what I liked and I could never answer that question. I realized that it was not that I was good at nothing or couldn't quantify my likes, it was that I was running on autopilot. The world is constantly bombarding you with information and conclusively, opportunity. It is up to you as for what you want to do with that. It is easy to get overwhelmed, and at the core I think that's what happens. You need to slowly start switching off your autopilot and wake up from the dream.

2 upvotesNearox4 years ago

Wow, crucial info. Am still learning but this is so informative, thank you

2 upvotesBarely_Intrepid4 years ago

Excellent distillation of core concepts.

Thanks for putting in the work, posts like this are what makes this place valuable.

2 upvotesasianmasaccount4 years ago

Hey this isn't at all meant as a snarky comment.

Why can't we call "holding frame" what its always been called: knowing yourself and having integrity.

Haha I just read an article about how ideas are continually repackaged every so often but remain more or less the same.

2 upvotesRedArgonaut4 years ago

I really needed this today. Thanks for sharing.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Thanks OP. I'm going to right down every key note. And try and practice each one today in some way, shape, or form.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I fail in the aspect of drive. I just lost the fire I had. And now it's just one day to the next.

0 upvotesIwanttoliveinspace4 years ago

Bugatti went bust (then bought by another company for cheap)

Steve Jobs drove a brand new mercedes. He did it as a least every 6months to allow him to not need a license plate.

Apologies, but nothing irritates me more than badly posed self-help advice.

Otherwise, thumbs up.

3 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

Hm. Did not know that about Jobs. I was told otherwise, my mistake for not verifying the information.

And Bugatti, even though it did eventually go under, produced some very impressive automobiles. It was a strong company for a time.

1 upvotesD4rkr4in4 years ago

As a Bay Area local, I've heard Steve Jobs parked his Ferrari F430 in the handicap spot at Apple HQ and if anyone complained he would yell at them.

0 upvotesendogenic4 years ago

All good words and pieces of advice. But the term "consciousness", and further, the mention of the "real truth" functioned like bait to me. As I have actually opened my eyes to see, if only a little bit, it's my duty to say here that while some truths have been expounded, including in this very post, there's still quite a huge gap between those truths and the real Truth. The Truth reveals and explains EVERYTHING in the world, not just one or two pertinent matters. It's easy enough for me to say it, but one problem is, only the truthful can understand the truth. My group has traveled to over 50 countries searching for people at all kinds of institutions who claim to know something. Obviously no one really knew what they themselves were teaching. But what shocked me was that no one really wanted to know, either. Obviously, things here are a bit different. But I can't help but wonder who here is actually interested in the Truth itself versus the outcome that they hope to obtain through the truth, e.g. Money, power, success, health, women, happiness, etc.

If there's one person here who thinks they know something as it is in the world, offer me a challenge. Else, if there's someone who really wants to know, please let me have your questions. The harder the better. I would appreciate the opportunity to prove that I have a profound teaching. After all, I love the fact that the people here have self interest, want to improve, and, surprisingly, actually want to help others save themselves. I'm wondering if I may at last have found the people who have been looking for my information.

1 upvotesScoobyGang4 years ago

The problem with this platonic notion of truth with a capital T is that I believe only a chipping away of it in all its various forms is possible, an idea of complete apprehension and comprehension of truth is as impossible as the conception of infinity. The reason people follow and visualize outcomes or goals is because at some point one has to prioritize the realistic. As a child, everyone literally has the world at their fingertips, and I'm not saying this to diminish your comment, of course at some point reality sets in and one has to be content and even learn to be satisfied with arranging puzzle-pieces of truth into their own versions. Of course, it would be spectacular to navigate the abysses of the Truth simultaneously with the grounding of reality. Instead, all of life is a tightrope dance of finesse in a neither-here-nor-there state between the two.

1 upvotesendogenic4 years ago


Would you mind if I share my opinion with you?

I believe only a chipping away of it in all its various forms is possible, an idea of complete apprehension and comprehension of truth is as impossible as the conception of infinity

Firstly, it may come as a surprise to you, but I agree with the general notion that an individual's ability to see the truth in 100% of cases is just like attempting to approach an infinity. But there's a very important point that you're missing which I'd like to contribute. First of all, an individual's ability to see the world as it is (in other words, their degree of exactness of confirmation of 'what is' – the precision with which they can see) is a function of the individual's degree of truthfulness. The consciousness of an individual can be filled with truth or falsehood. Consider a bucket filled with polluted water. The polluted water is analogous to the consciousness of the individual. It's quite hard or impossible to see through to the bottom clearly as long as the water is impure. There are two ways to purify the water – one is slower, the other is much faster. Let's consider the faster method. Suppose we have pure water and we continuously pour the pure water into the bucket. The pollutants in the water are analogous to falsehoods in the consciousness of the individual. Pouring pure water into our consciousness is analogous to delivering the Truth to others. (Everything we do comes back to us and is automatically re-input into and recorded by our consciousness.) The pressure of the incoming water will displace existing polluted water. Naturally, the displacement of pollutants decreases as the density of pollutants decreases given that we hold the rate of incoming pure water constant. For this reason, it seems harder and harder to approach 100% purity. But, eventually, it will be possible (even given a constant incoming flow rate), because the pollutants are discrete particles, rather than infinitely divisible particles. That's the first reason I can't agree that approaching the ability to see the truth as it is is alike approaching an infinity. It's simply not the case in practical reality. (Also, interestingly, the more truthful we become, the better we become at 'pouring in pure water'.)

Secondly, as you may already know, as we start off without any money in our adult life, we have to be very careful of continuously eating out at restaurants or traveling or spending even relatively small amounts of money. Doing so easily depletes one's savings. But as one's capital and revenue increase, we soon reach the threshold where we don't have to worry about spending that kind of money at all. Gaining the ability to see even one thing of the world exists in the exact same principle as this. A person who believes in lies can't perceive what is in front of himself as it is. After all, people hear what they want to hear. For that reason, once you can realize that you don't perceive anything as it really is, the knowledge that you keep in your head will be broken and disappear. It's only at the point when you abandon your knowledge that things of the world start to be visible to you as they really are. This is the starting point of true learning, and it's when you first start to open your eyes to the world. As your false knowledge disappears, your consciousness becomes more empty. However, you don't need to be totally empty in order to learn something as it really is. It's like how when we can truly learn and practice something correctly, we can recognize it again later. Even though I may not be able to recognize 100% of cases, I can still recognize and speak correctly about a certain percentage of cases according to my own individual degree of truthfulness. It's a question of whether I really know or really don't know something.

it would be spectacular to navigate the abysses of the Truth simultaneously with the grounding of reality

The "Truth" and the reality refer to the exact same object. The dichotomy you present does not exist in practical reality.

If anything I've said is unclear or you need more explanation, let me know.

0 upvotesScoobyGang4 years ago

I like what you've said, especially in regards to the clearing the mind of faulty premises. I think I agree that this is how you approach truth. I don't think I'm going to try to refute an ability to conceive of a fundamental truth because I think we're just going to disagree. All I'm going to say, is all of truth as we perceive it is just an abstraction that we interpret. It is instantly diluted in ways that we can control and ways we can't. I can definitely agree that we inherit all kinds of truth and we can approach even the Truth but we'll never have it.

In regards to calling the dichotomy false, you misunderstood me. Perhaps this is the point of contention. The Truth you talk about, I believe is not a perceivable notion in the real realm. It is a object, but it does not behave like a similar object would in the real world. It is an ethereal concept. It is not that the dichotomy presents itself in practical reality, it is the dichotomy between practical reality and the ethereal. I'm not speaking of the false or fluid, but more directly the unreal and the unexplainable.

-1 upvotesendogenic4 years ago

The term 'Truth' (capital T) means the fundamental law by which all phenomena appear and change. It's simple to learn in the same way that you can learn the formula in math without learning calculus, but the law of the world can't be understood by someone who isn't true enough. To actually see things of the world according to the law is another matter. How well you can do so is a function of your degree of truthfulness.

0 upvotesATBlanchard4 years ago

Lost me when you told me to be like Trump.

1 upvotesGoogoots4 years ago

Not me. Trump is likely going to win something he has no business winning. I admire that. Unfortunately it may result in President Hillary, or even worse, President Sanders....

-9 upvotesWilhelm_Stark4 years ago

Great post overall, except about Donald Trump. Don't think anybody should be idolizing him at all. He has frame the same way Hitler did, by being a completely arrogant idiot that will most likely spell the end of his political party, because of him becoming a monster they can no longer control.

12 upvotesWellhellyeahidid4 years ago

Like him or not, today's politics should be the subject of ridicule and contempt, much like organized religion. If it takes somebody like him to expose the fraudulent joke that it all is, then so be it.

-10 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

Religion the subject of ridicule? Being an arrogant, white atheist libertard is more deserving of ridicule, really.

10 upvotesWellhellyeahidid4 years ago

Right. I'm guessing that you were brainwashed at a young age as well to not think for yourself and believe in fairy tales. Have fun with that one, bubs. Religion is by far the biggest scam ever pulled on the human race. But, it's certainly big business, so I'm not surprised.

1 upvotesRocketManV4 years ago

See, I am religious, but I wholly look at "religion" for what it was created for. A method of control that was necessary for us to move on from tribes to civilizations. It served as the backbone for man to have order on a massive scale.

1 upvotesMyrpl4 years ago

As an atheist I think that religion still serves that purpose. We will never reach a time in our history where the masses won't require the admiration and potential penance of the creator of the universe (the appeal to authority doesn't get bigger than that) in order to behave morally.

In ideal scenarios maybe but those are just that - ideal. Far from being realistic and attainable. Like global peace.

1 upvotesRocketManV4 years ago

Bingo. Historically, and in the bigger picture sense that is why I'm all behind it. Personally, it serves as a moral compass that has more or less proved itself self-sufficient for thousands of years. That's something I'm comfortable getting behind, however I will make my own educated beliefs within it, ie TRP.

0 upvotesWellhellyeahidid4 years ago

If supernatural stories moved us from tribes to civilizations, I tremble at the thought of how gullible and fatuous we really are. Morality and scholarship will always precede religion.

-8 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

Oh man you're so edgy, cool and ahead of the game. I'll be happy to see you burning in the afterlife, and maybe even this life.

2 upvotesmy_sfw_alias4 years ago

So everyone who doesn't share the same faith as you is/will be burning? All the ancient souls who worshiped the gods of their time aren't allowed into your club? What a cool and exclusive place it must be.

1 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

Not at all, God is the ultimate judge. The typical white lard atheists who think berate religion as "brainwashing," however, are probably going to burn.

3 upvotesrenesayer4 years ago

If you follow an Abrahamic faith, you literally worship another man. It's ridiculous.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


What is this?

-1 upvotesWilhelm_Stark4 years ago

TRPers aspiring to be like Trump is what draws me away from this entire subreddit.

1 upvotessilent_protector4 years ago

then leave, no one will miss u rofl

6 upvotesGoogoots4 years ago

I'm not "idolizing" him but you are wrong. Don't throw out the Hitler bullshit. I was skeptical of Trump until last night. The media threw more shit at him, claiming that some "white supremacist" supports him. So what? Louis Farakkhan supported Obama... Trump handled it perfectly. No groveling, excuses for something he can't control - his response: "Everyone loves me". That's the correct response to that shit test.

4 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

These fakes in here negging you and Trump. It's amusing. Your post is good, you did well. Trump is a pure alpha, it's their fault they can't tolerate it based on that internal weakness of theirs.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

He's a narcissist who believe he can do no wrong. He's been rich so long and had people kissing his ass he's used to thinking he's bad ass. I can see using his behavior as an illustration, kind of, but his situation and behavior isn't really applicable to most people. He's an utter moron who thinks he's a genius, big deal, I have 5 of them at work and none of them will ever back down but that is all just a show and a demonstration of their stupidity. You can destroy them like a jenga block with one perfectly placed shot.

You should stand your ground because you're right, not because you believe you can do no wrong in your arrogance. There's a big difference.

6 upvotesWilhelm_Stark4 years ago

Regardless, I'd really prefer if Donald Trump didn't become TRP's spirit animal. It really delegitimizes our message and makes us actually look like idiots.

8 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

No one here gives a shit what you prefer. You do you, we do ourselves.

You don't own the message, and certainly don't own the concepts taught here.

3 upvotesRemyPrice4 years ago

No one here gives a shit what you prefer.

You. I like you.

I think we would slay tons of clam together.

1 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

They would build monuments to our conquests!!

1 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

No one owns any concepts here, but what he's saying is perfectly valid insofar as how we are perceived. I don't give a flying fuck about what some beta faggot who thinks he has swallowed the pill drivel a on about Trump being an RP model-- he's not, in any way that. He holds frame well and comes from wealth, woopty fucking do, but he does 100 other things wrong.

1 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

No one owns any concepts here

Redpillschools and the mods does. And it's a good thing.

1 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

No they don't. And whatever the fuck Redpillschools means, I sincerely doubt it constitutes "ownership" on something as broad and old as red pill theory.

3 upvotesNidStyles4 years ago

It's okay, I understand. Trump makes you feel weak.

-3 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

Sure thing little fella. Now go vote for him like all the other little drone-sheep do.

1 upvotesMarvelousWhale4 years ago

Why are you concerned with how we are perceived by others outside of the TRP forum? Is it not explicitly mentioned in the OP that it is wise to feel the opposite?

1 upvotesrazorwan4 years ago

Because TRP has a very negative connotation to begin with. If you want this message to spread and not be played down as the ramblings of some douchebags-- that is, to help people who are ignorant of TRP truths, then you'd be wise to not endorse idiots like Trump as some sort of mascot for TRP.

Of course, I'm not sure how much some of the self-centered douchebags here are concerned with proactively trying to help people who are ignorant of such things, since they'll just use the excuse that TRP is something that every man should/will find once he has suffered the brunt of this gynocentric society. Likewise, said douchebags think that we ought not to have some responsibility to spread our message.

1 upvotesMarvelousWhale4 years ago

This is not an issue due to the fact that there are no 'spirit animals' for TRP.

We advocate self growth/actualization and awareness of the world around you.

Taking one man and examining specific moments of his behavior to give an example of a solitary trait is the opposite of a spirit animal. We are tearing him apart on the operating table and we understand the good and the bad. We simply discuss them and decide for ourselves in the end to use and develop ourselves to the fullest.

Anyone who actually worries about who we analyze in discussions for the fear of looking bad to others outside of our circle of discussion are completely missing the point of TRP.

Prefer what you want, but know that you are wrong.

1 upvotesWilhelm_Stark4 years ago

Alright, one of the few actual legitimate responses on TRP. I do appreciate your perspective on this subject. I understand that TRP respects Trump for his ability to maintain frame, but really, at what cost? Is that the image of an Alpha you have in your mind? A man who truly did not build his kingdom, and proceeds with complete arrogance, and really, misunderstanding of his role.

And also, know that your wrong as well, cause holy fuck that's ignorant.

1 upvotesBarely_Intrepid4 years ago

Stop being a pussy liberal faggot. Trump is awesome.

His detractors are the worst kind of white knight cucks, femenists, and gibmedats minority victims. If you're defined by the company you keep, anyone but Trump is pathetic.

Or are you one of those guys riding the dick of the half dead socialist whose got publicly manhandled by lashikwa and Shenanay.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I have a question about

● Be Free

section. A few days ago, my brother had a birthday. Our extended family gathered to eat a cake, sing a song, took some photos and all that shit. I did that. After, they said we're going to a restaurant for dinner. I said I'm not going and I went to the gym.

My thinking was that since me and my brother pretty much ignore/hate eachother, I would waste like 2h of my time, miss the gym day and eat too much. Which is all bad for me.

I went to the gym, which was good for me, but my family was dissappointed at how I just left them and brother's birthday, my mom said I'm selfish and so on.

I feel like I did the right thing (I respect my family, but I'm not a family type of guy), but I'd like your input as well. Did I do the right thing?

2 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

Family can be horrible, that's why I won't argue with the "you are mean, it's your FAMILY broh!" kind of thing.

Family=support+money when your parents die

Going to the gym was a bad move, you should have put your reputation above your gym session.

Plus, missing the gym one time a year is no big deal, really.

Fake it, "seduce" your brother back, win your family over so that they won't backstab you.

Note: I was raised by narcissists so maybe my comment is too hardcore for normal families.

0 upvotestaking_the_elevator4 years ago

If you did what you wanted to do, regardless of whatever anyone else may have wanted you to do...

If you look back on it now and can say to yourself "I'm glad I went to the gym rather than play make believe for two hours"...

You know the answer. You're just working through the conflict between playing a role in other's expectations and doing you. Looks like you chose you. You don't need reassurance or permission or a blessing from anyone.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I went through the same thoughts, and I think I did the right thing.

But I still have some doubt, because everyone (trp too) is saying that family is important, since your parent are alive just for so long, and all that. I know it's not the end of the world because I didnt go, but if I continue to be this selfish (not in a bad way), I may have regrets in the future, maybe when it is too late.

Bottom line, I know I'm yound and inexperienced in this, so I was wondering what other people think about it.

1 upvotestaking_the_elevator4 years ago

I don't think this current dynamic will last forever.. It just starts with you doing you and finding a good frame when you are with the family. After that, things will likely mellow out and it just won't be that big a deal anymore. You're just making your own rules right now.

-5 upvotes_ManGuy_4 years ago

actually a bugatti advertisement in disguise

Good effort OP, but its kinda missing depth y'know. I've seen other variations of "dont give a fuck" "be confident"

5 upvotesMuffinSnatcher14 [OP]4 years ago

I understand. Appreciate the insight. This was my first TRP post so I'll keep that in mind for the future posts.

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