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I animated some RedPill side-bar content. Hypergamy, Shit-Tests, AWALT.

by briggs-D on /r/TheRedPill
13 October 2015 08:56 PM UTC

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This is an introduction to Hypergamy, Shit Tests, and AWALT which I found through side-bar content.

I needed to do similar content for one of my side projects and figured I'd go ahead and animate some content from the RedPill sidebar. I'm looking for any feedback and to gauge interest on future videos. My next goal was to do a two part series on the Misandry Bubble and possibly one on Michael's story.

Don't worry. There's no ads and I don't make any $s from the video. Just thought as a long-time lurker (about a year) I'd give back to the community in a way that wasn't, "TIPS ON HOW TO WORKOUT."

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Title I animated some RedPill side-bar content. Hypergamy, Shit-Tests, AWALT.
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67 upvoteszubinho4 years ago

Really good video if you ask me. Basic stuff, but you did explain it well. The video should be on the sidebar. Would love to see some more...

41 upvotesnotevenatthestart4 years ago

"Back when I first found TRP, we had to read the sidebar material."

"Wow, really, gramps?"

"Yeah, we didn't have these virtual reality programs to demonstrate the principles. /u/IllimitableMan's virtual seminars didn't exist yet and neither did /u/GayLubeOil's virtual training program ($19.99, available from all good retailers). We didn't even have videos then! It was just words we had to read."

19 upvotesredpillschool4 years ago

neither did /u/GayLubeOil[2] [+11]'s virtual training program ($19.99, available from all good retailers).

At least give him a fair shake, if you call now you get a free bathrobe.

6 upvotesel_Technico4 years ago

Refer a friend and get a free t-shirt.

4 upvotes-Universe-4 years ago

Can you please give me a link to the IllimitableMan's virtual seminars?

1 upvotesRocketManV4 years ago

Be sure to link the ocolus rift version.

136 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

98 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

"See, I'm putting the gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger and nothing happens!"

That's litteraly the image that comes to my mind everytime I see a guy telling me he is going to get married.

16 upvotesBurn_The_Thunder4 years ago

I almost spit out my coffee, well done

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Getting married is like playing Russian Roulette with a semiautomatic and hoping for a misfire.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You can survive the in mouth shot... Better thing is go ear to ear... :D Suicide 101... But you and we all know the truth...

7 upvotesbriggs-D [OP]4 years ago

Agree. This was actually in my notes to talk about but I decided against it because I already had 3-4 analogies for AWALT.

I definitely should have included it.

90 upvotesMentORPHEUS4 years ago

Instead of Ted Talks, OP has brought the world

Red Talks!

Good job, OP. Laid down some basic information at a pace that people completely new to it could absorb, yet still engaging to those more studied in TRP material.

12 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

That's a great idea for the name of The Red Pill channel...

3 upvotescsehszlovakze4 years ago

Red Talks

that actually reminded me of MGTOW Talks by Stardusk.

71 upvotesalways-be-closing4 years ago

I think this kind of video whose import is obvious:

The bifurcation of female behavior, AF | BB, the cost of sex, the difference between men and women in value over time, the Wall, etc.

and which conveys sophistication while plainly laying the facts down, would go a long way in advocating for TRP styled thinking, whether marriage 1.0 returning, or ending hypergamy, or whatever is the goal, so long as the truth can be conveyed.

Obviously, that video is written by people who want to see lots of men marrying and view it as a societal milestone, but little tweaks, and it'd be full of TRP styled truths.

That it sent Jezebel into a panic is proof enough for me.

43 upvotesPwnemon4 years ago

that video missed something though; it was very blue pill. it suggested women colluding to increase the price of sex, but didn't talk about men colluding to increase the price of commitment. so we should still have people deflating the shit out of our market and letting women get away with being complete cunts in long term relationships?

41 upvotesalways-be-closing4 years ago

Yes, an unfortunate tendency among conservatives, be they conservative by upbringing or the era they came of age, is that they do not understand sluttiness and how pervasive and normalized it has become, and still hold on to the notion that most women "aren't like that".

it suggested women colluding to increase the price of sex, but didn't talk about men colluding to increase the price of commitment

Indeed - - often social conservatives will be able to see "Oh, women shouldn't put out so easily", but still believe that this alone corrects the issue for men.

They just don't understand how pervasive Netflix, Seamless, Handy, and boxed wine/cats as an ersatz for actual domesticity and the complete non-addition of value besides recreational sex for men, etc. are as the basic condition of most women.

2 upvotesnatman29394 years ago

that last paragraph. Can you translate that into English? Or eli5

1 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

didn't talk about men colluding to increase the price of commitment.

Well, if we did some prat would start sperging out about how "TRP is amoral! (And I should be able to do whatever I want, whenever, no penalty.)".

30 upvotesthrowaway-aa24 years ago

The video is good but obviously is stupidly bias, for a couple of reasons.

Really, it is WOMEN who take the pill. All this talk about independent women in the age of feminists and yet people still seem to forget this. No one forces it down their throat.

Also: a lot of men want commitment to get this sex How many "nice guys" out there do you think if a woman approached and basically courted them through the entire process, would get married for not only sex... but to solve their loneliness? a LOT. I guarantee there are a lot of us here who would have liked to meet a nice girl, settle down and get some pussy on lock. Unfortunately it doesn't work this way. Women ultimately get commitment in order to feel comfortable. The strength of a guy, his wealth, his social status... all these things comfort her. This is also a bad thing... the more comfortable she is in a relationship, the less attracted she's going to be towards him. A girl who is comfortable to the point where she knows the guy isn't going to leave under any circumstances, makes her lose respect for him. It's the ultimate catch.

The dynamic would be different if all this wasn't the case. In a past life... I wouldn't really have cared. But people have fucked it up for everyone by giving women so much power in our current society that we TRULY treat them as equals with equal power. And with that power... you have marriage rape, contraceptive, branch swinging, etc. Anyone who helped the feminist movement become what it has is ultimately to blame and I have absolutely no sympathy for all the idiots who helped it. Previously (in another life) I would have gladly settled down with a beautiful girl with regular sex, had a family, and had a quaint life.

NOW? I had to find this place to learn the truth because women want equal power but aren't either fully aware of what they're attracted to or are aware and lie about it. So what am I going to do now? Become the best man I can be, and take advantage of the framework I'm in because women DAMN sure took advantage... and they CONTINUE to harp on gender inequality! Sorry... but I'm going to fuck as many woman as I can now, you screwed the fuck up!

Also the video didn't talk about divorce (which ALSO wasn't as prevalent back in the day... how about you video bitches also mention that women instigate divorces more than men? Sort of goes contrary to your whole "women are looking for commitment" argument doesn't it?)

24 upvotescaptainzoomer4 years ago

"women are looking for commitment"

They get that through divorce. Alimony and child support is a commitment from a former spouse while they are free to ensnare a new victim.

27 upvotesthrowaway-aa24 years ago

hmmm now that there's a concept. men's goal is to plate spin, while women's is to commitment spin. spin orbiters, beta bucks, alpha fucks, and also spin former lovers they now have on the hook.

7 upvotesDRMMR764 years ago

a lot of men want commitment to get this sex How many "nice guys" out there do you think if a woman approached and basically courted them through the entire process, would get married for not only sex... but to solve their loneliness? a LOT. I guarantee there are a lot of us here who would have liked to meet a nice girl, settle down and get some pussy on lock. Unfortunately it doesn't work this way.

Another way the Blue Pill/Red Pill Matrix analogy is spot on. If the world of the blue pill, the fantasy world where there really are decent loyal women out there who want to find that one man to be partners with forever and have fun adventures, great sex, share everything, grow old and die in each others arms were true and real, I would personally find it much more preferable than a life of constantly working on game to spin plates, hold constant frame, always be ready to dread, etc. A romcom-esque fairytale romance where I find "the one" would be perfect.

But much like The Matrix, it's not real. That's not life. That's an illusion that's made up to keep men under control and willing to hand over resources (almost like a living battery...) to others. A real BP life that actually worked out would be to me much more preferable. But it doesn't exist. So I choose to deal with the reality that does.

3 upvotesduglahhh4 years ago

Men love idealistically, women opportunistically.. You're dreams and mine are just that unfortunately.

1 upvotesFruitSalad10104 years ago

The catch 22 you speak of is actually why women often insinuate they want to be comfortable but not too comfortable. A woman knows that if they get too comfortable you are not valuable and they will no longer want you. A valuable man will always keep the balance in check. There is an awful lot of women hating in this subbreddit due to the anger phase (some of the hate might even be male hamstering) however most women are unconciously or even conciously trying to help when things aren't going right. A random shit test in an LTR might be a sign you are being too beta, handle it and reap the rewards accordingly. If a woman told you directly you aren't being man enough then by default you are reacting to their direction, however if you pick up on subtle cues it appears you behaved inately (alpha) rather than directed (beta). As a final note a lot of women are not experts at relationships and if someone isn't being the person you want them to be offer guidance, this is not only alpha (leadership qualities) but will help meet your needs. Of course always be willing to drop (next) someone if they do not want or try to improve.

5 upvotesbsutansalt4 years ago

It's a good video if you can look past it's inherent feminine imperative undertones. It went sideways when they framed men rejecting the pursuit of western women and relationships as "failing to adapt to contemporary life." If anything, the exact opposite is true. Many are realizing the juice isn't worth the squeeze, so they're pursuing other interests.

The other mistake this video makes is conflating the successes so called "alpha males" are getting with that of the average guys out there. We know this is just not the case in reality, hence the advent of pickup-artists, MGTOW, and TRP.

1 upvotesPwnemon4 years ago

the juice isn't worth the squeeze

new favorite figure of speech

10 upvotesbriggs-D [OP]4 years ago

Jesus christ that video is gold.

1 upvotesalways-be-closing4 years ago

It's pretty, isn't it?

Your piece reminded me of it instantly, particularly with the animation in progress stop-motioned in the video itself.

Not saying you need to do pen and white pencil and light on brown paper just like them, but modern audiences eat more when they can slurp things up and digest them easily, you know?

2 upvotesjaredschaffer274 years ago

Just for a lark, I looked up the Jezebel response. Unsurprisingly, it relies on horrible distortions and implies normative conclusions when they are only descriptive ones.

36 upvotesScholarInRed4 years ago

This is very well done. You have real talent. Is that all freehand? I'm the son of a professional artist (entirely untalented myself) so I know artistic talent when I see it. You have it. But you must surely realise that already.

YouTube is the next platform of the manosphere. It is already shaky territory but if a few quality, dedicated contributors such as yourself (looking at you too, /u/OmLaLa) launch solid channels then we might see an influx of new blood. As such, I cannot support such projects enough, and regret that I have so little to offer of my own towards them.

Keep it up, man.

Just a couple of quick notes; Branch swings always go up. I'd say "in her perception" but due to the solipsistic nature of women, that's a redundant statement. Also, it'd add just a little to clarity if you engaged with the terminology - even very briefly. Ie;

"Shit-testing is seeing how you respond to minor metaphorical shit on your plate, in the form of a challenging or provocative conversational gambit, which establishes how well you'd fare in a metaphorical river of shit, in the form of a life-threatening situation."

"Branch swinging is a natural behaviour of primates; they always hold onto their current branch while (shit) testing the new one's strength and integrity, to ensure that they minimise the risk of a fall."

11 upvotesbriggs-D [OP]4 years ago

It is actually not free-hand. Although I have done free-hand work.

I appreciate the comments on Branch Swinging and Shit-Tests. I tried my best to research both extensively to break it down and then re-explain it. It is a very much a brief overview.

2 upvotesseattleron4 years ago

You should animate some of the top Field Report posts and have a friend with a great voice narrarate them by reading the post. They would be great teaching tools for the visual learners.

10 upvotesbriggs-D [OP]4 years ago

That was my goal. Was to animate top posts and then provide a link to them. Learning from the experiences of other people is crucial to RedPill.

1 upvotesseattleron4 years ago

Cool. Looking forward to animated field reports. Be sure to include some funny ones.

-9 upvotescaptainzoomer4 years ago

However you illustrated this video, please make more and get sidebarred to this sub! I'm going to show this video to a few coworkers tomorrow. Wish me luck.

20 upvotesOne_friendship_plz4 years ago

You're going to give your co-workers ammunition in case things ever go down where they need you gone.

2 upvotesGuidoBandito4 years ago

In other words, using TRP terms, observe and obey rule #1, don't talk about Red Pill. In addition, (I forget which rule number), don't shit where you eat.

0 upvotesjames-watson4 years ago

Branch swings always go up. I'd say "in her perception" but due to the solipsistic nature of women, that's a redundant statement.

This is contradictory. Female perceptions are not based on reality, but on her emotional states. Therefore branch swings don't ALWAYS go up. Quite a few, in fact I'd say a majority, tend to go sideways or down when the man's qualities are looked at empirically.

Now, a man's tingle generating quality can overcome everything else you or I would otherwise enumerate, so that is the ultimate fudge factor.

14 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

I enjoyed the subtle reference to Illacertus' videos.

I'm glad you got AWALT right, it got to the point where you said "when a girl branch swings, AWALT" and I thought I was gonna have to break out the clue-by-four but then you went on to clarify that not all women are sluts. It might be beneficial to explain that not all women branch swing but all women would feel the urge to branch swing when presented with the opportunity. There's a key difference. There are some loyal women out there, they're just very rare and usually not found in the casual dating scene. Blah blah unicorns don't exist, but loyalty is a trait that can be present in women, even if it's not found all that often.

A girl with the trait of loyalty might be a good candidate for an LTR, for example, for those of us who are interested in LTRs.

15 upvoteslarrythetomato4 years ago

but loyalty is a trait that can be present in women, even if it's not found all that often.

The thing about loyalty is that for men it is standard: a man who isn't loyal isn't a good man. For women, it is a feature: a woman who is loyal is a better women (heck, barring serious disfigurement, just being loyal is enough for most men).

7 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

Very true, it is definitely a feature. However, I'd say loyalty isn't a standard for men any more - BP men will often sell out their bros for a bit of trim, hence the phrase "bros before hoes".

The reason I bring it up is that AWALT is used too often here to tell people that all girls cheat - that's simply not true, and AWALT is referring to a woman's sexual strategy, even if she chooses not to follow it. All women want to branch swing, but they're not robots, they can resist the urge. The ones that do resist negative urges (branch swing, CC, etc) are the good eggs that might be worth LTRing if you're so inclined.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

they say that if you want to see how a girl will turn out, look at her mother. In my experience, it seems to ring true.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

They certainly are. It also feeds into the MRP idea that the girl will follow your lead. If you're lazy, she'll be lazy. If you're outgoing, she'll want to join you on adventures. Your woman is a reflection of yourself.

10 upvotesjaimewarlock4 years ago

Learned something new. I recently learned about shit tests and still thought they were a general test of SMV, didn't realize that they were only of your social status. It would explain why I always did so well in other countries before I learned about them, but only recently started getting a lot IOI from local females. My other attributes (physique & money) more than compensated overseas. Plus being a white foreigner automatically gave me social status points when traveling.

I married during my greater BB days, but TRP still helps me provide my wife with plenty of tingles.

Good job. /u/ChangeTip $5

3 upvotesseattleron4 years ago

A shit test is nothing more than a masculinity test. How masculine are you? How much can she trust you in that you're a real man and she can feel safe with you?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Dude do more of these that was entertaining and educational!

5 upvotespsirico1234 years ago

Can you make public the script you read from?

I'd be glad to translate it to portuguese, make it as a youtube subtitle and put it in my redpill blog.

6 upvotesbriggs-D [OP]4 years ago

I actually had just recited this in my head numerous times and didn't follow a script to make it.

With that being said, I will go ahead and write out everything I say on the video and send it to you. Please provide me an email address if possible. Otherwise I will PM it to you.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesBurn_The_Thunder4 years ago

If you already have the mastery of wealth generation and physical fitness, one way to create social value is to show others those skills in a social setting.

There are a few posts on it around here, but whether it's in one-on-one in a date or with a group, displaying mastery and educating others frames the interaction within a dependable relationship dynamic.

Teach others what you know, have fun doing it, and you are valuable.

3 upvotesMachiavellianRed4 years ago

Stickied for awhile, nice illustrative video that'll serve to help a lot of fresh blood.

3 upvotesdanblend4 years ago

Since everyone else has already given you great feedback on the content of the video, I would just like to give a little feedback on the delivery of it, so that any future videos can be enjoyed and absorbed more fully:

  • Try to slow down your speech a little, enunciate more and take advantage of breathing and pauses

  • Have a 'wrap up' at the end of the video, as it ends a little abruptly. This helps to make it feel more organic and for the message to be summarised and stick in the mind of the watcher

  • Perhaps also have an intro. Not necessary, but for me I think this is a good way to ease into the content, and allows you to give a foundation for what you're about to discuss. I've always been of the mind it's best to summarise your points, and then break it down into easier to understand chunks

Hope this helps, and keep up the good work sir

3 upvotesdeepthrill4 years ago

One reason we've used the analogy of "branch swinging" is that you can't swing from one branch to another without grabbing on to the next branch.

So when she is branch swinging, a key point of that analogy is that she'll have other guys she's already considering or fucking before she leaves you. She's essentially grabbed on to another branch before letting go of her current branch.

Hence branch swinging not branch jumping.

Great job with the video!

5 upvotesCowardlyPetrov4 years ago

I didn't like his explanation of AWALT. It was flawed.

I preferred that guy with bad English's explanation.

All women are aroused by power. All women are dried up by weakness. AWALT.

When you express weakness (example: lose your job and get depressed) some women will cheat, try to strength you, bail immediately, etc. Women are individuals. But no woman will just accept your weakness. Eventually even the best woman will leave a weak man.

That is AWALT.

Edit: otherwise it was really good. Keep trying and keep improving. In any case, regardless of my criticism, it was good overall.

2 upvotesdapowa4 years ago

I like this, it's easy to digest, easy to watch and clearly establishes common misconceptions.

2 upvotesitsmehobnob4 years ago

Good Intro video.

For future videos try to use plain English. Don't use any of the terms associated with this sub. Discuss the concepts but leave out the jargon. I'd like to see if that would result in more/better/different reactions.

2 upvotesmonobrauw4 years ago

Great way to tie those concepts in a clear, concise and "empathetic" way. I bet more than one in here was saying "Yes, that happened to me…" or "Yup, I know a bitch who did that" like I did through the video.
Personally, not a big fan of the aesthetics, specially cliparts and emojis, but the message was fully delivered and understood. Keep up the good work.

2 upvotesmedste4 years ago

Great video. Should be part of the into to red pill.

2 upvotesGoldfulgore4 years ago

This is amazing. Great job!

YouTube as a medium has a lot of potential to get others educated about how the world works.

2 upvotesSchrodingersdawg4 years ago

Holyyy fuck. This is amazing.

As a side note, maybe you could put ads on and donate the proceeds to a charity or group that helps men out. God knows there's enough of them supporting female "abuse victims".

2 upvotesTrimHer4 years ago

Well done! Impressive work. The last bit of narrative could be tightened up a bit. Maybe a call to action? Or, a thanks for watching, hope it helps and good luck on your tree climbing? I know I'm niggling a little bit, but your work deserves a great finish!

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Dude, good job. You nailed the theory, you nailed the animations, and made it completely watchable. I bet your vids will totally take off.

2 upvotesbsutansalt4 years ago

I love it that people still use my branch swinging analogy. You fuckers are welcome lol!

Also, that's a pretty damn good video.

2 upvotesmr_nate_4 years ago

"Now if you're at the bottom end of the tree, you actually get zero hearts — you're fucking invisible."

I lost my shit laughing - hopefully this truth wakes up some blue pillers out there. Women don't wanna see your smurf looking ass.

1 upvotesGunnarX4 years ago

I think it's a great video. It is missing a few key concepts, but I wish I would have seen this my first day here (only last week). Well done

1 upvotesIveRedditAllNight4 years ago

Thanks for taking your time to make this. Naked it a bit more interesting to show my 'bro's' about the red pill

1 upvotessub1854 years ago

i like it.

what are you going to cover in the next one?

1 upvotesHank35904 years ago

Amazing work! Have some karma good sir.

1 upvotesmahlzeit4 years ago

Nicely done! There's some room for improving the audio though, sounds like you used raw audio without any post processing. If you make another video and would like someone to process your audio you're welcome to send me a PM, I'd be happy to do that.

1 upvotesShitlerParty4 years ago

This is what I'm going to show people if I ever need to explain RP thinking to anyone.

1 upvotesKunichi4 years ago

Like it, but you zoom a bit too much to pictures sometimes.

1 upvotesNo_Scopez4 years ago

Not bad

Try to get a better mic though the audio quality dips in some places

1 upvotesmadrealworld4 years ago

hah simple and good. i like it. good job man.

1 upvotesSlamSlask4 years ago

Great work this should be included in the sidebar This would have helped me getting the basics into order do much faster

1 upvotesiam-mike4 years ago

Man your video is VERY well made, if you bring the sound up to the picture and content standards you can go places!

I'm talking about sound quality as well as swallowing, tonality, rythm, pops and clicks and stuff. Also consider a background music on low volume that could white-noise most of these.

Also consider stereotyping the red pill man by just placing a big red pill inside his stomach, for consistency an

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's a nice touch at the end.

AWALT. well, so what? What responsibility to I have in this? GROW.

It's the one thing I see a lot of guys on here missing. Easy to blame girls for your sexual strategy not working 100%, much harder to own your responsability in that, and work on fixing it.

1 upvotesMyLittleAtomBomb4 years ago

I'd like to see one on beta-orbiting being the male version of sluttiness. That was a really eye-opening aspect of my RP journey and I know a lot of guys would benefit from it.

1 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

That's awesome. I wouldn't mind any ads though. Youtube is full of them anyway and if it can motivates you to make more videos of that quality then go for it.

There is simply one point I disagree with: all women are sluts. Some of them choose not to act on their slutty impulses but they still have those impulses anyway. All of them are sluts but some of them don't act that way.

EDIT: a good idea would be to use some graphs to illustrate the %, great thing for visual learners. Make the animation informative and not only about drawing beautiful things (slide with the key points, graphs like the SMV graph).

1 upvotesStonish4 years ago

I've read A LOT about topics you mentioned but none of them explained everything as easy as you did in your video. Good job.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well fucking done, brother. Good job.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I would say branch swinging is subjective to a women. To men we just assume it's wealth, physique, and social value. To women it's way more feels and emotional than it is these logical reasons. You will see some women cheat on their rich husband with a poor druggie because he is exciting while her husband is not. Men have to learn not only to be wealthy, have solid physical health, and social value but also know how to give them an emotional roller coaster.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

When women are shit testing they are really saying, can you please get me out of my boring life for ten seconds please?

1 upvoteslaere4 years ago

Sweet video. I am assuming by the art you're the same guy that animated the 48 laws of power videos too right?

1 upvotesSteve_Wiener4 years ago

"I'm not a player, I just fuck a lot."

I got it, OP.

1 upvotesbikermonk4 years ago

Hey I like your explainer video. I have a little startup and I would be happy to pay you for making videos for my business. Lets all grow together towards higher branches.

1 upvotesantwonedw4 years ago

Dude this is excellent.

Great creation.

1 upvotesgerbadagin4 years ago

what program did you use to make the video? excellent video by the way.

1 upvotescolmatterson4 years ago

I have a couple questions. The first is whether or not it's an RP-wide accepted belief that there are only three ways to increase your social value (1. money, 2. physique, 3. social status), or is that just your own belief, or is it just the "top 3" ways, as in most basic, general ways? Because it seems to me like that would be very limiting to a man's mental state if he's trying to "up his game". Haven't we all seen some butt-ugly, or fat dude with a drop-dead gorgeous woman hanging on his arm, WITHOUT him even having a lot of money to flaunt? When I've seen that, it's almost always been because the guy is funny, and he can keep the girl laughing, but personality, wit, confidence, intellect, none of these traits fit into the three categories, unless I'm understanding social status wrong.

The other questions I had was about something to do near the end of the video, about complacency and AWALT. Is the concept that a man reminds himself that AWALT - in association with his gf - so that he can pursue his own, individual goals without fear of losing his gf? He neglects giving her attention in favor of: working hard for his career, pursuing his own hobbies, working out, practicing to break the world record for number of consecutive farts in a minute, etc., whatever? I guess I'm just confused about what complacency has to do with AWALT (the way I was thinking about it is almost the opposite, that AWALT would cause a man to be more complacent, but I removed my explanation from here because this is already so much longer than I intended it to be).

Another small curiosity I had, in your video you said that the girl in the beginning gave you two shit-tests. What do you feel like the "tests" were in regards to those two questions? The first question can have two different meanings, depending on where the emphasis was. In the video, the way you said it out loud put emphasis on the "are", so "you're not a player, are you?", and it makes it sound condescending, like you're doing badly engaging her and she's basically saying, "you don't do this much". And yeah, I can see how that's a shit test, by the red-pill definition. But the other question, I actually interpreted that, I think, much differently. Before you went on to talk about shit-tests, I immediately thought (especially following the "player" comment) that she was saying she wouldn't date you, but she'd still fuck you. Of course, this is your own story, you obviously know the context of the comment, so that's why I'm asking what she was asking, and what you are telling her about your own social status with how you answer.

(Yeesh, this came out so much longer than I meant for it to.)

tl:dr: 2 questions, first: Are there only the three listed ways in the video to increase a persons social value? and, second: Can you explain how AWALT keeps a man from being complacent?

1 upvotesgerbadagin4 years ago

Fantastic video. I need to make a video, would you mind telling me what program you used, this looks like exactly what I need, Thanks

-3 upvotesReddishBlack4 years ago

I recognize your art style from your other channel lol

-10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

God this is Cringey, can you make the link private not public? What good can come of people watching this outside the sub?

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesthewayitisisbest4 years ago

Isn't there some concern about announcing our awareness of the situation? If we lay all this out, won't some women either attempt to obfuscate our observations (mask their hypergamous gestures or re-format shit tests) or portray that which we seek?

I imagine a lot of this is innate behavior, but if a slight behavior modification will produce an advantage for hypergamous women, then it will happen. Can their awareness of our awareness change things?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesthewayitisisbest4 years ago

I'm all about educating the poor bastards out there, but this sort of feels like telling your opponent in poker that you recognize his "tell."

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesthewayitisisbest4 years ago

I don't think of women as "the enemy." They have their own interests, and that's fine. I'm just trying to take care of myself!

2 upvotescaptainzoomer4 years ago

In short, no. A woman is hardwired into hypergamy and no matter how much she is aware of it, she will still be tempted by it. Some women cannot control it.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yes it's all of that.

But why would you want to disseminate that information?

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