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OP in the OKCupid sub rejects woman after finding out she's pregnant. Commenters tell him to man up and that "you are far, far too emotionally immature to date a single mom."

by needsomehelp3211 on /r/TheRedPill
18 October 2015 01:50 PM UTC

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Summary: Women and white knights converge upon OP like a pack of vultures after he talks about going on an uncomfortable date with a girl who is 4-months-pregnant. Top replies call him an asshole and an immature baby for not wanting to raise another guy's kid.

Thread here.

If I had to make a list of the subreddits most populated by male eunuchs, the OKCupid one would be up there. Right behind TwoX and AskWomen. All the men posting there are basically whoring themselves out emotionally in front of the female users, hoping to be good male feminists and that one day it may gain them access to a vagina.

Today was no different. An OP had earlier posted about chatting with a girl who was a few months pregnant. He was shamed and prodded into going on the date anyway, so he did and returned with an update. It's too long to post here so read it on your own, but basically the girl made it incredibly obvious she was looking for a beta provider. Constantly bringing up her child, asking how good he is with kids, etc. OP decided to end the date and later sent her a nice rejection message.

Cue the feminist outrage. The OKCupid readers could not believe their ears - how dare this shitlord not help a woman in need?

Like 80% of the things in this post make me think you should leave this poor woman alone for her and her child's sake. You are far, far too emotionally immature to date a single mom.

Remember folks, it's always the man (in this case, OP) who is the emotionally immature one. Not once does anyone say that about the girl, despite the fact she willingly was a cumbox for her abusive ex-fiance and still carries his alpha genes inside of her to this day.

What was the actual deal breaker for you: potentially having to raise a child, or all the things that come along with dating a pregnant woman? I agree it would be sort of weird to date her while pregnant, but maybe down the line once she has the child and things get a little less crazy it might have been worth it to keep that door open. If you met her when, say, she had a 1 year old child, would this have been a different scenario for you?

Just white knights being white knights. Trying to find a loophole, any loophole, to encourage OP to become this woman's open wallet. "Well what if she does the pregnancy on her own? Can you please come back to her after that and help the child? Please?"

I think you're getting ahead of yourself in a mind-numbing way by imagining yourself as a stepfather after a single lunch. She's fully aware that she's in an awkward spot, but you're making it much weirder. If there's a connection, set a date #2 and go for it. If you can't bear another couple of hours with a pregnant lady, move on. I think that she's trying to date, just like you are, not expecting you to slide in as dad replacement after Panera.

Of course she's looking for a stepfather figure, you dumbass. She's going to have a baby in a a few months. You don't think she's hoping to rope in a beta provider by then so he can pay for the diapers and formula milk? Honestly I'm surprised at this level of denial. I figured even the bluest of bluepillers would understand that she's trying to assemble a new family.

Maybe you were in a bad mood but your post makes you seem like a massive dick and a giant douche. I think it is just your mood because you're scared shitless of a potential future. You want love, you eventually want a family. And she's into you. But she's pregnant and you'd have to be an instant dad in 4 months. Is that why you are coming off so insensitive in your post?

Classic male shaming tactic. Call the OP immature and "scared of a potential future". I swear there isn't a day going by when some feminist doesn't whine about how men refuse to be men anymore, that guys are still stuck in their college phase, that they only care about video games and working out, etc.

You know the saddest thing about this thread? Most of the upvoted commenters are fellow men.

TL;DR: OP is hesitant about dating a single mom, commenters try to shame and browbeat him into doing it. Take this as a warning: society will try very hard to turn you into a financial and emotional sponge for women. Do not fall for it.

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Title OP in the OKCupid sub rejects woman after finding out she's pregnant. Commenters tell him to man up and that "you are far, far too emotionally immature to date a single mom."
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