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Calling your wife/girlfriend fat, now officially domestic abuse in the UK. Punishable by 5 years in prison.

by on /r/TheRedPill
18 February 2016 11:45 AM UTC

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tl;dr: "Psychological abuse", another broadly defined term that you can go to prison over.

I'm not making too long a post about this, it's just a rant to get the word out asap. There's also a good post from a couple years back when the law was only being proposed.



Naturally the law is bullshit, that'll never be used against women, despite manipulation being their everything."Honey you don't make enough money." this kind of comment won't be considered and yet "Honey, you're getting too fat." Will be considered abuse, even though both comments could be said by either sex. You might thinking I'm crazy, but really, I was just watching women's TV, because I slept in late because of a cold, went and had my breakfast and lo and behold a DV "victim", complained about her husband of 8 years, literally it was him insulting her appearance and his general disapproval of her "Getting dressed up and going out with the girls", regardless of what he said, because honestly it sounds like something the feminist narrative write. Even then she just left, but now in hindsight it was DV.

Ultimately all this is down to feminism, money, globalism et cetera

I'm just gonna quit while I'm ahead and am not too angry.

On a positive note, here is Erin Pizzey, she created the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world, because she was concerned with DV itself, as opposed to man-hating feminism, it's a good video to watch and she's a genuinely lovely person.

Lessons learned: Brits need to think about expat, need to leave the west behind, if you're white go to a country that white worships, which is pretty much most of Asia.

EDIT: Here is the link to the video I watched this morning, 1:40 they ask her what was the pyschological abuse she suffered, that in her words was worse than the physical violence, the answer is he insulted her appearance, how she managed the children and the house, and going out with friends.

Here is a link to the official government document.


The cross-Government definition of domestic violence and abuse outlines controlling or coercive behaviour as follows:

Controlling behaviour is:a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour.

Coercive behaviour is:a continuing act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim.”

The perpetrator and victim have to be personally connected when the incidents took place-meaning that at the time the incidents took place they were in an intimate personal relationship (whether they lived together or not)or they lived together and were family members, or they lived together and had previously been in an intimate personal relationship.It is not necessary for the perpetrator and victim to stillbe cohabiting or in a relationship when the offence is reported as long as the incidents took place when they were “personally connected”, and after the offence came into force.If they were not personally connected, or the incidents took place after a relationship/cohabitation,the stalking and harassment legislation may apply

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Title Calling your wife/girlfriend fat, now officially domestic abuse in the UK. Punishable by 5 years in prison.
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upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

188 upvotesSubbaHubba4 years ago

What, we're outsourcing masculinity now?

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yes, to a nation where the few and the proud can't tell their fat wives that they're fat without fear that the local municipal officials will incarcerate them while diddling their children.

2 upvotesmichael93144 years ago

The UK has been for a while if this article is anything to go by.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Hello, my name is Nigel and I'm in Westminster how may I insult you today?

33 upvotesputinbusch4 years ago

I can do it in an aussie accent if you wish. Just press 666 on your keypad and your nearest aussie will be with you shortly, cunt

6 upvotesTachyon94 years ago

To be fair, you guys have the absolute best accent for the word "cunt."

1 upvotesnight-addict4 years ago

yeeee kuuunt. Aussie Aussie Aussie

5 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

Holy shit. This is a great idea for an app.

Call it Red Brothers. Males only allowed. You give a Brother a girl's number and he will put her in her place for you.

1 upvotesTMarizzle4 years ago

I smell a telethon opportunity.

1 upvotesRedBigMan4 years ago

Damn I thought this was going to be a huge business opportunity. Hire other guys to call your GF fat for you.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yes sir, and I can do it in a variety of accents:

  • Cockney
  • Aussie
  • Bible Belt
  • Boston
  • Brooklyn
  • German
210 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Fatacceptance codified into law. The movie, Wall-E, comes to mind.

  • #19842016
15 upvotesredolas4 years ago

How about Shallow Hal? That's the top. Have an empty bucket next to you if you want to watch it. It doesn't even deserve a link.

18 upvotesIll_mumble_that4 years ago

Hey, I liked Shallow Hal.

It was one of the very first movies I saw pre-selection at work in. The actual-hot neighbor girl wasn't interested in him until she saw other women (even if they were fat) leaving his apartment.

Would this actually work? Maybe. If you worked your way up from ugly girls to hotter and hotter girls.

The rest of that movie was garbage though.

19 upvotesHarry_Teak4 years ago

No, that doesn't work in the real world. When people see fat and ugly people together their sense of proportion is satisfied. Fuggies hooking up is the standard, we only really notice mismatched couples.

The hot neighbor's interest would only be piqued if she saw a woman that she considered to be near her own SMV leaving Hal's apartment. If she saw him with the fat chick she'd be quite relieved that he's decided to box inside his own weight class and might leave her alone.

7 upvotesredolas4 years ago

Would this actually work?

It would, yes. You would have a large assortment of overweight ladies to entertain at your leisure. Which you already have.

And pre-selection you can observe in any movie out there. It's obvious if you know what to look for.

3 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

"If I can squeeze them, they're real to me"

~"Look at that nice rack yo" (only a b cup)

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesRedSugarPill4 years ago

Are you lost? Everything is wrong with being fat. Read the side bar.

1 upvotesmasnera4 years ago

yes , movies can be exaggerated in many ways, reality is much different.

390 upvotesGayLubeOil4 years ago

There are historical examples of what happens when men lose faith in the legal system and its not pretty.

58 upvotesWillyWonka3214 years ago

Please give us examples.It would be most informative

187 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Youtube the French Revolution

53 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

We aren't there yet, but were on the way. You need starvation first.

139 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Men today are pathetic. They have to wait until they're starving before they can tell a woman no or just ignore them.

64 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

Yea I don't know why men act like this. I blame it on the single mother epidemic. It's amazing that men cannot stand up to women.

107 upvotesle_king_falcon4 years ago

Eh it's more than that, we have entire generations of men brought up to believe that women are golden. Add to that the extreme demonization of any violence towards women and it makes sense.

Just try raising your voice and shouting at a women in an argument (two things women do routinely) and measure the reaction you get, most women and bystanders will act like you've just pointed a gun at them. People have been so thoroughly conditioned that a man raising his voice is viewed as tantamount to actual physical violence. Funnily enough it turns out even Alpha men from solid homes don't like being labeled as violent and psychotic, so the cycle of meek men continues.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

its the 'disney' syndrome, i like to call it

people think women are princesses, animals can talk, stupid shit like that

the same betas that will whiteknight a girl to no end will lecture you on how hunting is bad, or they'd never be able to actually kill an animal(other than fish, oddly) for themselves.

it also shows the growing dependence on others to do things for you, including the govt, also shown by people needing to, for some reason, give money to the government so they can pay for their healthcare instead of just cutting out the middleman and paying for it themselves...

weird times

1 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago


Have you seen that video? It's at the top of the videos sub right now. Men are so pathetic now that they need a PSA to tell women not to hit them.

I get slapped occasionally but as we all know slaps are just shit tests. And all shit tests can be turned into a lay.

1 upvotesRealRational4 years ago

single mother epidemic

Eroding the foundation of our country, one little beta at a time.

1 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

Men will always be given food and basic necessities and kept busy with tv and porn.

A revolution is unlikely.

1 upvotesmax_peenor4 years ago

The French Revolution was not started or forwarded by the poor and destitute. They were just in charge of catching bullets.

1 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

I know. It was members of the middle class and radical nobility. But without the poor they have no army. The poor need to be destitute to put them to action. Or somehow incentivise them enough.

9 upvotesstringerbell4 years ago

The French didn't give a shit about the law - they cared about the fact that they were starving...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Women literally started that revolution over bread.

-2 upvotes_the_jews_did_9114 years ago

Last time I checked they have riot squads ready to kill you without repurcussion.

12 upvotesGawernator4 years ago

The fact that the United States of America exists now

17 upvotesTwentyYearsAgo4 years ago

Some guys threw a failed Molotov cocktail under the caravan of some Gypsies in Sweden a few days ago.

41 upvotesBic13bic4 years ago

Different circus, different monkeys. Gypsies are a scourge in Europe, have been for a long time. When they roll into town, you hide everything that can be carried.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

They're rare in the US but yeah after dealing with them once I don't see how Europe can tolerate them.

14 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

What was it like dealing with gypsies? They pretend to entertain you while pickpocketing you?

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Honestly that's not too far from the truth. And it sucks because they know where that line is and walk on the edge as long as they could so you can't take definitive action.

Back in the day I worked fast food. Their entire clan came in. Ordered off the dollar menu probably 5 things, eat half then complain. At first you're like "i don't give a shit, this is a fast food gig, whatever" but they keep doing it and doing it. The management eventually says enough and just fixes the order instead of raplacing it. Escalated to some of their younger men trying to pick a fight with our younger guys. Manager says "In calling the cops" picks up the phone and I swear to god all 15 of them were in their van and gone in under a minute.

Just talk to any older person that's worked retail a decent amount of time and they'll probably have stories. I've heard of mass shoplifting to having their entire clan get haircuts then running out the door without paying.

3 upvotesprestidigibator4 years ago

Here is an example that happened a couple of years ago. It's a emotional con from an older woman with children and an enticement from a young girl. It's long but it is so amazing how far these people will go to scam for money.


1 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

In europe (the first letter cannot be capital) they use to rip copper cables out of things, light poles, railways, public places, whatever. Because copper is somewhat pricey.

Historically, they're known for even stealing childrens. Just like that.

Ah, but they're richness.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The Weimar republic and what came from it. The Russian revolution.

10 upvotesnzgs4 years ago

It's men passing these laws. It's not a men vs women thing.

30 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Plenty of men serve women's agendas.

2 upvotesmasnera4 years ago

And men use women to serve their agendas too, and so is women, just reciprocating to avoid being bias, only here in TRP ,we are aware of that.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I understand what you mean. What I'm getting more at is there are droves of men who unknowingly serve women's agendas, society created the man to serve her agenda and he is unaware. When men use women for agendas, it's usually because of the man's direct manipulation, not because of society creating the woman that way.

1 upvotesharami_number14 years ago

I doubt its because they care about women. They are politicians, and will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

And as of now, women+betas form a larger votebank than red pilled men. Add to that the racial minorities and you've got a winning combo.

8 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

The men passing these laws aren't men, they're cucks, feminists, males, but don't call them Men.

The term man should be reserved for males who have agency.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


1 upvotesLiftingStrongLifts4 years ago

no no that's not true at all.

These men have more agency than you or I, have more power than you or I, and understand this shit a million times better.

Feminism is nothing but just a marketing ploy to fool the masses and make money. Wives don't report to their husbands anymore, the government has direct access to them. Why leave out 50% of the population and not maximize revenue? Especially knowing that this is the only 50% you have to worry about; the other 50% will just blindly follow to try to get laid.

One really popular feminist even admitted to working for the CIA. Alex Jones really dug into this. Now you tell women "join the military and prove men wrong!" boom. Every ad can be marketed with a little feminist touch and they will go rushing to buy it to "prove men wrong". At the end of the day, an everyday man cares more about a chick than the government so it's their loss and steep declining happiness in chicks proves this.

The men passing these laws are definitely not cucks or feminists or some betas. Idk what "men" even means anymore, it's all semantics. A feminist says one thing, a red piller says another. A man is a person born with a penis; we can get hung up over semantics I guess. My point is the men passing these laws are machiavellian if anything, hardly cucks or feminists though lol.

1 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

You bring up good points about how the government is just using feminism to further its own agenda at the same time. There are a lot of parties at play here. http://i.imgur.com/yKf3KA2.jpg

Women in the workforce means easier for employers to find min wage slaves.

1 upvotesforgetful_storytellr4 years ago

Oh great we're changing definitions around here now?

Just add an adjective to the front, you can change the meaning that way, too.

1 upvotesharami_number14 years ago

Uh, something something no true scotsman?

They are men. Cucked, feminised, spineless, sure; but men nonetheless.

1 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

If you're cucked, feminized, spineless then you're no longer a man. You're a male, sure but not a man like Donald Trump is a man.

1 upvotesredpill_kurious4 years ago

You can have agency and use it in ways that you yourself would not use your agency. I hate that word, "cuck". Such a bullshit pejorative. If your views and eloquence have enough power in them you don't need that elementary-kid crap in your arsenal.

6 upvotesGorech1ld4 years ago

Yeah, societies that do shit like this don't continue being stable too long afterwards.

133 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

There is also financial abuse as part of this law - ie not giving her enough of your money.

Some of the uses of this law will be reasonable and right. And the barrier on proof will gradually lower, and women (and their lawyers) will take advantage of the new legal situation to increase female entitlement. "Give me more money or I'll make up some stuff about financial abuse" will be the new threatpoint, as if the previous threats weren't enough.

I'd be happier if the courts will be as willing to convict women of this so-called crime as they will men, because controlling-nagging behaviour is the purview of women. But we all know the courts will be thinking "we didn't you just leave?". Men will be blamed for their actions and inactions, women exonerated for theirs.

This is why you should not marry (as if women themselves haven't put you off already) - the laws will continue to get more and more harsh on married men.

61 upvotesTheRedChemist4 years ago

It occurred to me that a simple solution to all of the legal gender bias issues would be to simply require any reference to gender be strictly withheld from all court documents relating to divorce etc. The final documents to be sanitised down to "Applicant" and "Respondant" and expressly using gender-neutral pronouns. As a result, both parties are judged purely on the material facts and their recorded actions. Judges are forced to be more considerate and careful - even though in most cases gender could be inferred from the facts (one party stayed home to raise the kids = probably the woman), they could never know for certain, and so could never give too extreme a verdict intended to favour Team Woman lest they accidentally favour the Evil Males.

A smart men's rights social justice warrior could surely make something of this under the banner of Equality. Which of course it actually is.

23 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

require any reference to gender be strictly withheld from all court documents relating to divorce

Ah but... noone is motivated to do this. Society wants this bias.

Even when society already does this, by removing gender pronouns, the biases still persist. As you say "stay at home parent" will get the preferential treatment as this would be deemed to be "most likely the mother".

The Violence Against Women Act is gender neutral in all but its title. And of course... the bias is always towards the male as the main protagonist, and women are always believed.

1 upvotesTman56914 years ago

Society doesn't want it. But there's a whole legal sector that makes phat money off this. The bigger the share one side wins or the longer it gets drawn out, the bigger the % fees.

1 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

Wouldn't work anyway, because a "whisper" would reach the judge's ears, about who's who

76 upvotesTwoTonJoe4 years ago

or I'll make up some stuff about financial abuse"

My first wife tried this one on me during our divorce. I was 'financially abusive' because she chose not to work, and I wouldn't take her on the vacations or buy her the pretty things she thought she deserved.

Thankfully, both lawyers had a good laugh over it. Country lawyers, country judge, in the south. Had we been living in a major city, I could see it having traction.

49 upvotesaang18184 years ago

Amazing. I live down south too and something similiar was used in court..... With the outcome being the ex husband paying lifetime alimony on a 30K salary. Even though the woman earns more than him.

9 upvotesjoe5790034 years ago

Well, sounds like the woman was able to afford a better lawyer on top of her bullshit advantage out of the gate in court.

11 upvotesRupsjeNooitgenoeg4 years ago

You should know you're one lucky son of a bitch! May I ask how long ago this was?

1 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

That's retarded. I DO have to ask how long you guys were married for that she was asking for vacations and pretty things that needs to be bought?

22 upvotesArchwinger4 years ago

There is also financial abuse as part of this law - ie not giving her enough of your money.

This has been in the works for awhile. Apparently, if you work and your wife doesn't, or if you make significantly more than your wife does, you need to give her a credit card, the checkbook, and unfettered access to all of your family's funds. If you try to restrict her to a reasonable grocery/shopping budget, you're exercising too much control -- practically slavery!

And if you tell her to get a job so she doesn't have 16 hours a day to fill spending your money, that's belittling her, which is also abusive.

6 upvotesbobawet4 years ago

Agreed and all this is going to do is eventually push men away from women. Especially once VR comes online. At some point the resolution and experience will be almost indistinguishable from the real thing and at that point most men with walk away from these fat cunts.

12 upvotesThe__Tren__Train4 years ago

Especially once VR comes online

This is how the Elites will greatly reduce the world's population.

Everyone believed it was going to come through a massive war, famine, or plague..

but no, the Elites have been, and currently are, working to make marriage/any relationship with a woman so incredibly unpalatable, that no man will even consider it.

then, they will create machines that men can fuck, and the vast majority of an entire generation will die off without reproducing itself.


2 upvotesunicorn-carousel4 years ago

It's amazing how far it's coming.


I know a very smart person partiipating here. I'm building this shit, designing the next 3 years' of use cases on the daily. (disclaimer: I probably won't be there, hard to swing the time at the moment).

5 upvotesaguy014 years ago

Can't wait for a guy to sue his girlfriend for making him pay for everything.

1 upvotesmasnera4 years ago

the good thing here in TRP is, we envision the possible consequences of the decisions we were about to make, if ever, I wouldn't tell my son to "not marry", but i will him make aware.

14 upvotesPM_ME_TYRANITARS4 years ago

Lifehack: Don't wife fat bitches.

16 upvotesThe__Tren__Train4 years ago

-Implying that women don't pull the ripcord and inflate into a life raft after the documents are signed.

5 upvotesPM_ME_TYRANITARS4 years ago

Man, that is why I like skinny skeleton chicks more than the cute chubby ones. Maybe subconsciously I know that they aren't gonna be a landwhale after childbirth

8 upvotesThrow594 years ago


2 upvotesPM_ME_TYRANITARS4 years ago

It's all fun and games until she divorces you because you don't fuck her anymore

92 upvotessqerl4 years ago

Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear....

Welcome to the legalization of hypergamy... don't want your wife cheating on you? That's DV & 5 years in jail... now she can do it anyway... and you'll be forced to pay child support (if you have kids), which you can't cause you're in jail, and now you're stuck in an infinite loop of failure...

25 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

You're joking but in college I roomed with this guy (not a student) who had two children he was paying child support for and never got to see them. He missed one of his payments so the cops came to our apartment and asked where he was I obviously said no idea, why do you want him? Turns out he was at work at his third job. They literally made him stop working and put him in jail. He lost all three work opportunities, got fined more for court fees and late payments. I honestly thought it was some kind of joke. It was on that day that I realized men are disposable to society.

1 upvotessqerl4 years ago

Actually, the tale you've told I have heard before. So no, I wasn't joking. Thus why this "law" could have serious consequences on us "disposables"

9 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

1000 years from now historians will write into books that it was feminism that caused WWIII.

3 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

the things i could do to someone who put me in that situation...ohhh the thing i could do.

35 upvotesArchwinger4 years ago

Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear....

"Honey, I wrecked my car again. Can I take yours to my boyf...to buy groceries today?"

"Uh...I kinda need my car to get to work."

"You can take the bus, dear."

"Why would I take the bus when it's my car and I pay all of the bills?"

"You can't control me like this any more, asshole! It's the law!"

17 upvotessqerl4 years ago

Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear....

Where you going?

On vacation...



With who?

To visit my friend...

The one that's been cheating on her husband with a new guy every week for the past 2 years?

Yea... what of it?

What else you going to do...

Lay on the beach, get hit on by guys, let them buy me drinks, take my picture, hang out with them, not tell you what I'm actually doing, and I'll start birth control again while I'm on vacation but I'm doing it all for you... (true story btw - but I only found out afterwards)

Seriously? That's fucked up...

No, what's fucked up is that's exactly what I'm going to do and you can't stop me you controlling, abusive asshole! Now go to jail!

48 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

You can easy quit out of that infinite loop of failure

1)Save a few thousand dollars 2)Move the fuck away to another country

People in 1st world country thinks Latin America, SE countries, and rich africa countries (South africa, bostwana etc) are dangerous as fuck, when in Fact most of these places though have poor infraestructure, people are super friendly, and the whole thing is just way more relaxed...

18 upvotessqerl4 years ago

Move the fuck away to another country.

That was my exact thought too. Always wanted to see the world.

13 upvotesWhiskersgrower4 years ago

Im from the rest of the world. Lot of things to see over here m8.

6 upvotesKalepsis4 years ago

Has to be a country with no extradition agreement with the US, because the government can and most definitely will have you arrested and shipped back to the States for failure to pay child support.

16 upvotesWhiskersgrower4 years ago

Latin american here.

We will usually copy/paste US and EU laws cause we think they are right and well structured, but I have learned that your latest laws regarding social matters are pure bullshit.

5 upvotesxiko4 years ago

Not in all places. I heard that in Brazil a law was passed that custody is 50% to each parent in case of divorce as default. Because the children needs the father as much as the mother.

1 upvotesLarryLove4 years ago

Not in California, unfortunately

2 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

Where are you from hermano?

7 upvotesWhiskersgrower4 years ago

Bolivian here. how about you?

8 upvotessirmadam4 years ago

I've been saving as much of my salary as possible recently, now up to £7,000 and thinking that's enough to move out to Thailand whilst I setup my online business. It might just be time.

11 upvotesDaphneDK4 years ago

Check out digitalnomad subreddit.

I'm in SE Asia now. You can usually live pretty good for around £700/month. A lot less if you want to save. You can have an appartment here in the centre of Phnom Penh for £70/month. Internet will cost you another £30. Living perhaps around £200/month if you eat out. I meet loads of British expats all over the world. Owning bars and restaurants and various local businesses. And loads of mainly US men, and a few US girls, who have checked out and live for nothing doing odd jobs.

For some reason, this thing with travelling abroad seems predominately to be a Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian thing. Loads of Brits, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Scandinavians. A lot fewer Germans/French/Italian/Spanish/etc. people.

1 upvotessirmadam4 years ago

I'm subscribed over there! :) thanks. My main issue will be a Thai visa. Looking into an education visa so I can learn the language. I can already read half the script, thinking of checking out in July sometime.

1 upvotesClint_Redwood4 years ago

Dude, teach me your ways. I'm wanting to move somewhere for a bit by next year and was thinking thailand

4 upvotesDaphneDK4 years ago

It's really not hard. You'll find most of the luxuries you are accustomed to all over the world. Clean rooms, hot water, good food, etc. And 98% of people are nice and friendly wherever you go, as long as you’re respectful and friendly yourself. Check out World Nomads if you need insurance for longer term stays.

• Thailand is nice. Chiang Mai is something of a digital nomad hub. Cambodia is poorer, but also cheaper and Cambodian girls are totally cute. Laos is like Cambodia, only more relaxed. Vietnam, you’ll probably want to stay in the south if you’re American. Saigon is great, and like Bangkok you can find all the things you’d expect in a Western big city. The Philippines – haven’t been there yet, but everybody says it’s beautiful and the girls are pretty.

• You’ll get a one month visa on arrival in Thailand. Cambodian visas are the easiest thing to get in the region. A one year visa will cost you $350. You can easily open a local bank-account, and get VISA/Mastercard as well UnionPay. Setting up a company in Cambodia will cost you $6000-$8000 with all the paperworks handled by professionals.

• I often use AirBnB for my initial first month stay. Usually there’ll be a long-term discount if you rent for a month. And you can also usually get them to go lower.

• Western people usually come together when abroad in non-Western countries. If you’re lost or have a question or something, any Western looking person will normally help you if you ask. Also we tend to say hello to each other and strike up a conversation if it’s a place with few Western people. Ironically Asia is a great place to make Western friends.m

• Find a gym first thing. There’ll be Western dudes there who have lived in the city for years. Easy to make friends with. And give you tips to find cheaper places to live, eat, etc.

• Eat local food, shop in markets. Ten times cheaper than Western multinational chains. The market is also a good place to meet girls.

• If you’re travelling somewhere, like sharing a cab or bus or whatever, team up with Russians. They’re hard-core good at bargaining.

• If you want to meet girls online. Badoo is better than Tinder. But I’ve found AsianDating is surprisingly helpful. Although most are looking for a husband, not just a fling – many will take a fling if that is all they get. Not always easy to find girls in discos and bars and such – 99% will be professionals (but beautiful all the same, the going price here is $15-$50) - but you can also chat up girls who work in restaurants and shops etc. And Western ex-pat girls are totally hungry, because Western men tend to like Asian girls, but Western girls don’t usually like Asian men. So they’re at an instant disadvantage. But why go to Asia to meet Western girls.

• If you’re white, you’ll have a good time. If you’re black/Asian/Indian it’ll be more difficult. Probably your best shot will be with Western Expat girls.

• If you do decide to marry keep in mind that it’ll cost you. You have to pay the girl’s parents. Both in Thailand and Cambodia. The sum will depend on how old and pretty she is, if she’s a virgin, high education, lower/middle/upper-class, etc. From $3,000 - $100,000 I’ve heard. But it goes higher, and lower if she is older, has children, etc. The wedding will also cost. Around $30,000 for a middle-class wedding here in Phnom Penh. But if you’re American then you’ll be used to such prices for weddings.

1 upvotesClint_Redwood4 years ago

Thanks man. Have any experience with South America, specifically Rio?

5 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

I don't know how expensive is thailand, but in Argentina with that money you probably could survive around 8-10 months, including tickets of airplane.

2 upvotessirmadam4 years ago

I would do about that in Thailand too.

1 upvotesKalepsis4 years ago

If you can save £15,000 you can build a respectable house in the Philippines and have enough money left over for ten years of food and hookers.

2 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

I hear Maldives is a good place to go. To even live in if you're sick of the BS.

1 upvotespbhj4 years ago

Maldives is facing being lost to rising sea levels through climate change. Your be taking a massive risk moving there.

1 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

Wel... fuck.. I guess we're all trapped

1 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

If you would like to be isolated from everything, and sorrounded by ugly as fuck girls go for it lol.

I wouldn't do it at early 20's maybe mid 30's...

3 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

Yeah girls there on average do look bad but you can pick up those vaca pussies coming from western worlds such as yours. And yeah I mean after your 40s when you're done dealing with that bullshit beta society where we care more about not offending a group of people than being productive and saving a group of people.

1 upvoteszyl0w4 years ago

With the South African rand tanking it's a perfect time. I still have my South African citizenship if I ever choose to go back

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Sounds like you've never lived in Latina America mate.

1 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

Sounds Like I've been here for fucking 17 years mate.

Asi que callado la boca pelotudo.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

No insulting in spanish it looks awfully childish.
What country?

1 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

Mexicans are so fucking friendly and are such good natured people I can't imagine south america and middle america being THAT bad

1 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

The thing is, Latin America is a pretty Heterogenous continent.

South america you should go to :

Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, (Maybe Peru) and Brazil... Even Colombia is pretty chill.

Now, in Middle America most of the countries are pretty shitty...

1 upvotesrondarouseyy4 years ago

these countries are dangerous thou, you have to be way more careful how you act over there, their house even have wall all around them, and its have nothing to do with being alpha, for example a few years ago shogun, a professional brazillian mma fighter got robbed of everything , even his clothes

im not saying to not go there thou, im planning on moving eventually, but security is something you have to keep in mind ( especially as a rich white guy, unfamilliar with the country)

1 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

It actually depends on the country of Latin America, and the city.

There are some cities in my country "Argentina" that are way safer than big cities in US. Yeah sure, they are more "Dangerous", there are a lot of robbering going around, but it is really rare to someone to get killed.

In the city I used to lived 40k pop, had like 8 murders in 15 years...

43 upvoteswastagaswe4 years ago

Now it will be even easier for women to make false abuse accusations. Without a shadow of the doubt, the UK is the gutter.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


26 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This was the final nail in the coffin you would have to be fucking insane to marry in the UK now.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Maybe holding a sign saying "Welcome refugees" isn't such a bad idea.

11 upvotesOverkillengine4 years ago

I don't blame UK men for not riding to the rescue when UK women get violently raped by immigrants.

Less effort for the same lack of reward.

67 upvotesNeoreactionSafe4 years ago

From second link:

“This behaviour can be incredibly harmful in an abusive relationship where one person holds more power than the other, even if on the face of it, this behaviour might seem playful, innocuous or loving.

Men love women, women love children, children love puppies.

This power dynamic (which creates tingles) was just made into a crime.

Masculinity (polarity) is now illegal in England.

Masculinity is now defined as an "abusive relationship".


40 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

Being a man (not a cuck) is now officially criminal behaviour in England.

God save the queen

32 upvotesverify_account4 years ago

Can't own guns

Can't carry a locking knife

Can't use force to defend your own life

Poor bongs....

24 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

They can watch porn tho, if they call their ISP and ask for permission to access pornograpic websites.

edit: and swear on the Queen ONLY to watch cuck porn

1 upvotesdonit4 years ago

I've come to the conclusion that this is all a result of Democracy. Democracy (all men have an equal say) led to Equality (all men and women have an equal say), which led to Communisim and Socialism (All men and women have an equal result.)

That's right - We the People...unknowingly brought ALL that shit onto ourselves!! Karl Marx was just taking Democracy to the next logical step with Equality of result.

Polarity is understanding that every individual is different and respecting people for the way they are. Equality is ignoring the way someone is, and jamming them into an artificial ideal, regardless of their ability or suitability.

Polarity means respecting the wants, needs, and abilities of the individual. Equality means ignoring the wants, needs, abilities, and decisions of the individual, and instead, imposing an artificially-induced, centrally-planned ideal that's "probably better for them anyway."

Example: Minimum wage. So you WANT to get a job? You NEED to gain the experience? Well, here at Club Equality, what the individual wants or needs doesn't matter. We don't trust people to make decisions in their own best interests because they might get exploited. So, we take care of that for them.

Problem is, humans only exist in a polar manner, so opting out of polarity is opting out of life.

1 upvotesRedasshole4 years ago

If you look at feminist actions u understand this : they are outraged when men demand respect. Men are considered inferior humans who dont have any rights and if you demand respect they will be outraged vy it

106 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Holy shit. I'm not getting children. This world is getting more fucked up each year. I don't want them living in this shit world.

126 upvotes123123drink1231234 years ago

Removing yourself from the gene pool won't matter. 5 blue pill white knights will gladly take your place. Each day we're closer and closer to the movie Idiocracy.

19 upvotesDodgedAFew4 years ago

Yes, but you will not witness the suffering of your kids and will not suffer yourself. If you are after passing genes then just donate sperm.

36 upvotes123123drink1231234 years ago

Life is about suffering and persevering. The best you can do is provide a strong platform for your kids to guarantee them a good future which means financially providing and mentoring your kids to avoid these problems. Quitting is for pussies and donating sperm just for the sake of genetics and for some independent mom to raise your kids means congratulations you just promoted another generation of blue pill kids.

you know that anti-vegeterian saying "for every animal you don't eat I'll eat 3"? Well I'm going to do my part to offset the coming of Idiocracy. that's the mindset you need to apply, not removing yourself from the equation.

11 upvotescynicalprick014 years ago

um, idiocracy was satire for how things are right now...

23 upvotesWhiskersgrower4 years ago

Same was said about "Office Space" and look at what happened.

Both movies (OS and Idiocarcy) were directed by Mike Judge.

9 upvotesTrpidation4 years ago

That man is a fucking genius, smarter than he gets credit for.

7 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

He actually understands every day life. King of the Hill was a masterpiece at making fun of pussy liberals and stupid conservatives. He is a brilliant, rational person who is really objective on all the bullshit.

Both parties are scum.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

He did the "Goode Family", basically KoH but with progressives and SJWs.

1 upvotes123123drink1231234 years ago

well it's going to be reality in a few years

3 upvotesbowie7474 years ago

It's got electrolytes!

They actually say that in ads now. It's just saltwater people!!!

44 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You're a testament to the success of their plans. How do you make people living in a safe society with a surplus of everything they need stop reproducing when you can't send them to the front lines or gas chambers anymore?

53 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Pretty much this.

Not having kids is their fucking plan. That's the goal they want to reach.

If you don't t raise kids and train them to conquer and stand strong in this world then the people who believe this garbage will be the ones doing it.

36 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I don't care about the world. When I'm gone it won't matter anyway. The women and the betas can run riot and turn things upside down for all I care.

10 upvotescdtCPTret4 years ago

Which is why I don't care too much for abusing the environment

-3 upvotesshinshit4 years ago

Thank you for being honest, but I can't disagree with you more. By abusing the environment you're negatively affecting every living thing on this planet.

10 upvotesuxl4 years ago

Don't you get it? They are examples of immoral men taking the amoral red pill. Being alpha doesn't mean being a solipsistic prick.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

And this is the mentality they want you to have. You're no better Than a woman without kids. You're selfish. That's fine but then you have no business here.

Go to seduction if you want bitches

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Go to seduction if you want bitches

Your rant is ok with the exception of this poor assumption.

-1 upvotessensitiveduck4 years ago

they've succeeded in making you apathetic. You should check your T levels

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This is why we can't have nice things.

What you call 'I' is just a hallucination in your head. The ego is a survival mechanism, employed so the individual body can defend itself in times of peril. But you're not that I. By choosing to damage further all the other 'I's, by taking the path of hedonistic instant gratification that bluepill instilled in your weak mind, you are becoming a part of the problem. It's not even about the moral/imoral dychotomy, but what makes you an elevated human. You wouldn't have abundent food, a powerful computer with an internet connection and all the other stuff you enjoy, if there weren't people that clicked and went against your shitty "I don't care about the world". You'd be having dysentery in a cave.

With that thinking, you're not even close to understanding the deeper nature of the red pill. You are unworthy of even that parodiating username.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Hi. Instead of trying to be a smartass and drop a vague line to look smarter than freud, you could expand and lessen the confusion. Because i absolutely can't tell if you agree or disagree with me.

1 upvotesMelodyMyst4 years ago

Your message is good. Delivery needs a punch-up.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You wouldn't have abundent food, a powerful computer with an internet connection and all the other stuff you enjoy,

None of those things involve lows like fighting feminists and white knights. You're way to emotional to even be on here.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

way to emotional

The rules of the internet now allow me to disregard everything you said and mock you for your bad grammar


Who the heck mentioned feminists? YOU ARE apathetic, as somebody else said. And now you're hamstering to justify the putridness inside yourself by shifting the pressure on me. There's a difference between passional and emotional. Being 78% dark triad, emotions are one of the least defining trait of mine.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Because unless there's a genetic "Red Pill" gene for independent thought, anyone can be woken up and think independently.

I know I didn't always think like this when I was a younger kid.

15 upvotestwatbutter4 years ago


15 upvotestwatbutter4 years ago

You say this now, but this is one of the many latest trends that we're seeing where social injustice gets translated into legal injustice. It might now be bad now, but it's a general trend that is alarming, to say the least.

Granted, you also have the manginas who will play ball with these legal systems instead of standing up to them.

Consider this, too- having a kid doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to raise it as you would a normal parent from, say, the 50's. You may be paying alimony, you may not have custody, you may not be able to teach your kid whatever you want without being socially chastised, etc.

5 upvotesnzgs4 years ago

It isn't social injustice though. "Social justice" is bullshit and you're only validating their demented beliefs by believing in the myth of social injustice.

If a fat girls is called fat, it isn't an injustice, it's just an observation. If less blacks graduate highschool than whites it isn't social injustice, it's just differences in ethnic cultures and IQs.

The only way for these left wing nutjobs to give themselves power and authority is to designate arbitrary groups of people as victims and appropriate power for themselves under the guise of correcting some injustice. THERE IS NO INJUSTICE.

3 upvotestwatbutter4 years ago

you're only validating their demented beliefs by believing in the myth of social injustice.

Uhh no, I'm not-- within the context of what I'm saying, it translates to social injustices done towards men.

I never claimed to endorse the stupid "social justice" that libertards tend to endorse (Fat-acceptance).

To be clear, there are social injustices-- they just aren't what the left-wing nutjobs usually spout (namely, made up/over-exaggerated "offenses")

1 upvoteswiseclockcounter4 years ago

lol, easy with the absolutes.

5 upvotesthrough_a_ways4 years ago

but in all honesty now is the best time in human history to have a child.

No it isn't. Inequality is higher now than it ever has been in human history. And it shows no signs of stopping.

And as we all know, it's not just absolute wealth that matters (having enough calories to live, being able to thwart disease), but relative wealth.

People had dismal lives following the advent of agriculture, and female selection was far more hypergamous than during paleolithic times (confirmed by DNA analysis).

Right now we're just going through agriculture 2.0, new world order

1 upvoteswiseclockcounter4 years ago

curious about the DNA analysis. got links?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I really would love for you to expound on this. Not being sarcastic. Any direction or reading on this notion would be much appreciated

1 upvotesunicorn-carousel4 years ago


1 upvotesunicorn-carousel4 years ago

I have seen so first hand the effect that parents and cultural values have on a kid, that I'm going to reproduce well beyond replacement and do an awesome job. I reiterate just because damn it feels good to have a forum where that's an accepted life plan. Football team, nice.

1 upvotesPuffy_Vulva4 years ago

"...in all honesty now is the best time in human history to have a child."

The thing that I don't really care adding to is the massive overpopulation we have. If I want a kid that badly I'll adopt so it won't be me bringing another person to the world but caring for one that was already brought into it. It's not about the women, it's about what can happen to our children from overpopulation.

3 upvoteskulrajiskulraj4 years ago

You say this now. But some third world person will have 12 kids in each family. Nothing's gonna stop this trend until shit hits the fan

3 upvotesputinbusch4 years ago

We stop sending food and aid that little problem will take care of itself.

3 upvotesPuffy_Vulva4 years ago


3 upvotesPuffy_Vulva4 years ago

"Look at all that open land though!"

Is that why we have a water crisis? Open land =\= not overpopulated. I feel like you're one of those people who doesn't think we're overpopulated until everyone is shoulder to shoulder in a country. If we don't have the resources to keep people well fed and hydrated then we have an overpopulation problem.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Just cause some things are fucked up doesn't mean they all are.

1 upvotesLucifer_The_Unclean4 years ago

Don't do that. We have few men as it is. Beget and raise true sons so we can gather and fight this existential nightmare.

1 upvotes21021054 years ago

I have mixed feelings on the idea of having kids. Kids can be a wonderful thing when they're raised right, but that usually involves a full-on family and a wife. The latter is something I don't want. The risks of marriage far outweigh the benefits, and I refuse to share custody (even in a married, "happy" home) of my children. If I do decide that I want children, I think I will adopt from eastern Europe and retain 100% custody. The downside is that to raise a kid right, they do need to see a proper mother figure and family structure, and that will be tough to achieve without getting cucked into either marriage or common law.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This is a shitty way of thinking. If you don't make the effort to make kids and educate them, only the retards will reproduce.

I honestly think Tesla and Einstein are traitors to humanity, despite all their achievements, for not passing those genes. Anyone who thinks the world is shit and chooses passivity as a response is a part of the problem.

Make kids, and make them great. It's the only way to counter the decadence. Not by removing your bloodline from the next generation.

30 upvotesMeat-on-the-table4 years ago

They're pushing and pushing...at some point, men are going to push back. Hopefully it'll be before the average weight is 280lbs.

15 upvotesbecredible4 years ago

I can't wait until the misandry bubble pops but at this point I don't know if it will ever happen.

7 upvotesANGRY_ATHEIST4 years ago

When men stop marrying, it will happen. At this point the family law industry seems to be self-destructing with laws like these, so I hope it won't be too much longer. It will be interesting to see the hampsters' response. The bachelor tax comes to mind, but I have a feeling that once male birth control becomes easy, the hampsters are going to get so ridiculous that they won't even take themselves seriously anymore. Sooner or later they'll snap out of it, like when you ignore a toddler throwing a fit.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

a gun knowns not what pulls its trigger. A 5 year or a 800 pound fatass can fire a modern weapon. Hell a car is a weapon if you want it to be.

If people are pushed too far I expect to see suicide trucks barrelling through crowded streets long before we see the gun fire.

37 upvotesRXRob4 years ago

British guy here.

If I'm seeing a girl who starts to get fat, then I'll simply call things off in future. I don't want to get arrested for upsetting her.

Secondly, why would I consider expatriating? Britain is awesome. I have free at point of treatment health care, a moderate climate, a world famous legal red light district next door, I make a great living on 40 hours a week minimum wage, I'm a 30 minute drive from the big city and a 30 minute drive from the middle of nowhere, nobody has to live without central heating and running hot and cold water, we have very right of centre politics despite what social media would have you believe. We're still in the 1% of the global population just by living on this island.

15 upvotesNothing_Gazes_Back4 years ago

You uh... Looking for a roommate?

2 upvotesJihadDerp4 years ago

You forgot to mention the premier league. Literally the only reason I want to visit.

2 upvotesRXRob4 years ago

As somebody who grew up in Leicester, how could I forget that?

Chat shit, get banged.

22 upvotesSepean4 years ago

This is one of the things made illegal:

Repeatedly putting them down, such as telling them they are worthless

If I wanted to make shit testing illegal I'd word it just like that.

Ironically no woman will get prosecuted for this.

9 upvotesFortunateBum4 years ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

Isolating a person from their friends and family

Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear and when they sleep

Repeatedly putting them down, such as telling them they are worthless

Enforcing rules and activity which humiliate, degrade or dehumanise the victim

Financial abuse

Threats to reveal or publish private information

All things women routinely do to the men they "love". Something I've long believed about domestic violence is that it's not the behavior, it's whether or not the woman does it to the man. Shit, there's a new video going around about how it's wrong for women to slap men. Oh really? We have to discuss that? It's not obvious?

1 upvotes010110111011110111114 years ago

UK seriously needs to grow a pair and teach the women who's in charge.

3 upvotesSepean4 years ago

Nah, they just need to stop even thinking about sending armed men (oh no wait their cops are unarmed) after people for what they say to eachother in private conversations.

16 upvotesmammothleafblower4 years ago

.....And the Nanny State marches on.

67 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


67 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Said it before:

This isn't rape culture, but what follows will be.

6 upvotes-TempestofChaos-4 years ago

And these harlots are the ones WELCOMING in the Muslims. It's insane.

1 upvotesunicorn-carousel4 years ago

Shit test failed. Western men have been nexted. We're dildos until daddy comes home.

2 upvotes-TempestofChaos-4 years ago

Only thing that makes sense. Oh how surprised they'll be with how shitty it'll be. This time there won't be a feminism. They'll get killed.

1 upvotesunicorn-carousel4 years ago

The fit will submit and have the babies of dominant men, which is the main thing nature optimizes for.

14 upvotesBradLightningRooster4 years ago

If we can manage to keep Muhammad Bin Ghazi from lopping our heads off. The next global empire will very likely be Muslim and they will want to completely purge all that is Western and decadent.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I disagree. I think middle eastern tribal self-centered lazy entitled culture is simply not productive enough to pull off something like that. There is no chance in hell they would be able to put up mass production of any sufficiently complex technology with that attitude. They don't stand a chance against both western or eastern work ethics.

But I do think that there will be lots of unnecessary trouble on that part before it gets better.

10 upvotesBradLightningRooster4 years ago

Our own work ethic is failing under the welfare state though. While hard work still pays off, the incentive is being reduced. Americans are fat and lazy these days. If we had to resort to the draft again most are unfit for service.

We still have a strong military and in a stand up fiight could bomb them back to the stone age, but we hesitate to use it due to concerns of civilian casualties so we fight on their terms on the ground. Our police have less restrictive rules of engagement than our military when it comes to lethal force. (Another issue all its own)

They may not entirely take over and dominate the way that the West has, but they will rise and we will fall. Europe invited them in and the US isn't telling them to stay out. Getting killed by one of these clowns will become a real concern in the future. Sheer numbers will see to that.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well, on a lighter note, I'm from Europe. If you think that american work ethic is failing because of the welfare state, then what we have here should be literally Somalia :D It's not OK, but it's not so bad. European welfare state does have long history and lots of benefits that make complete sense. But that's not our point of discussion.

My point is also not that there won't be further problems and that current EU immigration policies are not harmful and destructive for both us and them (they are). I just think that AFAIKnow middle eastern culture, they're no threat in that regard (domination). Theocratic tribal system which only raises selfish lazy entitled fucks is simply too inferior. Just look at Israel, for example. They have problems with extremists, yes, but when it comes to war, they're simply in a different league. Palestinians can't do shit. Even more, the whole arab world was unable to do shit in the last 50 years.

Even some of their own clerics admit that.

So, problems, yes. Arabian world domination? Only in dreams, IMO.

3 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

I heard Greece is real bad with that too. Greece is basically an example of the worst case scenario if America was even lazier and had a failing central banking system.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

They have a strong family system which should help them outbreed the fuck out of places with weak families and low birth rates. I fully thank western women for bringing this upon us.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That may be true. But making the place where you live a complete shithole destroys your chances for creating "the next global empire". I still think that long-term a backwards entitled tribal culture like that has no future. Either they'll change or they'll lose.

2 upvotesPaid_Internet_Troll4 years ago

Barbarian alphas can always conquer civilized betas to create an empire.

The Romans did it to the Greeks, the Mongols did it to China/Persia/Earth, the Vandals did it to the Romans, and the Moslems did it to 1/3rd of the world.

5 upvotesDarkConquerer4 years ago

The Romans, Mongols, and Muslims in that example you just gave were actually much more sophisticated militarily than there oppenents, and also then the current middle east. The Romans and Muslims were hardly barbarians, and the Mongols relied heavily on horse archers, a tactic that most other nations at the time either hadn't perfected or had no counter for. The vandals were also able to conquer the Romans in large part because Rome's leadership fucked up bad, and ended up splitting the empire and getting bogged down with civil wars.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

But making the place where you live a complete shithole

They're actually better than that. It should be more of a cultural empire if anything. The islamic system and culture will be the dominant one.

2 upvotesjoh21414 years ago

I agree I believe a Muslim dynasty is not going to exist because they are drawing the lines right now basically; trying to cause two factions. Non muslims and Muslims. Not that I have anything against Muslims but as Matakokoyama said they haven't been productive. Their religion of strong family system and high fertility count is only what kept them alive thus to this point.

Also for some living in desolate mountains and sandstorm plains, you have to adopt a mentality like that just to survive. However, those values arent' translating well to the outside world. The most amazing thing about humans were not how SMART we were but how we were able to adapt.

Muslims have not done so (or more accurately orthodox Muslims in Afghanistan or something). They have remained static. Muslims and Christians and Jews who have adapted to the modern world will continue but Muslims are not majority in 1st world. Perhaps in Europe it really will become like that.

But the Muslims that most likely will survive will almost guaranteed be westernized. Muslims in America have been assimilating to western lifestyle well since way before the 90s.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I just pooped a theory.

You know how religion has been used as a standard means of control for the past thousand years? Well most of europe is becoming more secular, with whites everywhere being increasingly atheistic.

What if, just what if, one of the reasons the muslim influx was an attempt to normalize again the religion-centric cattle in the european landscape?

1 upvotesshadowchicken854 years ago

You could be on to something. Also to re-ignite nationalistic feelings in Europeans (if I am not mistaken most Europeans are not nationalistic in the slightest apart from in football matches.)

2 upvotescariboo_j4 years ago

True we always forget about the Chinese.

They're just staying on the sidelines watching Western nations tire themselves out fighting endless guerilla wars with the Muslim savages.

The Chinese will probably be the ones who pick up the pieces if/when the West collapses.

2 upvotesmarplaneit4 years ago

This, they are just punks... I'm way more concerned about Russia/China tham some fucking muslism that can't even manage a 30 millions people country.

1 upvotesDaphneDK4 years ago

SE Asians will rule the day. Europe will be a quaint open air museum for wealthy tourists. Mid East Muslims will be left to rot in their own misery.

9 upvotesRS734 years ago

The UK is an absolute motherfucking insane asylum. Rotherham rapes of young white girls by Muslim turds = no problem, have at it. Say one word against those protected by PC = go to jail.

They actually arrest people in the UK for shit they say on Twitter. Google it: https://www.google.com/#q=uk%20twitter%20arrests They'll arrest you and throw you in jail for some drunken shit you said half-seriously about a football player. Un-fucking-believable.

The US is screwed in many ways and I'm happy to talk about that but the UK is on a whole different level of psychotic totalitarian political correctness and denial.

The West is reaching a point where nothing less than a blood drenched French-style revolution can turn it around.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Erin Pizzey is a fucking Champ and I'd love to meet her before she kicks the bucket.

You want to know what having a mission in life looks like? look at her.

22 upvotesLegendaryContent4 years ago

Tell your gf or wife that she's putting on an unhealthy amount of weight? That's five years in jail buddy.

Run a child sex slave ring with thousands of British children? They gud boys dey dindu nuffin yall racist

8 upvotesRougepellet4 years ago

So don't get married and don't go into a long term relationship. Got it

3 upvotesMoobx4 years ago

what they really need to outlaw is divorce rape so that men don't feel trapped, become bitter or resentful, and start doing things like this. idk what they expect to happen when youre literally trapped in a horrible mariage

3 upvotesBeachbum744 years ago

Yesterday I asked my wife if she had been to the gym lately, she asked 'why, do I look fat'? I'd better be careful...

3 upvotesNothing_Gazes_Back4 years ago

I have lost all faith in mankind.

3 upvotesRidleySmith4 years ago

From the news article: "The College for Policing issued new guidance for police officers on how to prosecute without relying on the victim for evidence, which is backed by Women's Aid and SafeLives"

Without evidence.

1 upvotesJohnny_Lawless_Esq4 years ago

without relying on the victim for evidence

Slightly different, and potentially more equitable, but of course they'll fuck it up and it'll be even worse.

23 upvotesJihadDerp4 years ago

Clicked both articles. Ctrl + f: "fat". Nothing. Nice hyperbole.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The first link had the definition of what psychological abuse was, naturally there was not an exact definition, but the NHS definition was "Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as yelling, name-calling, blaming and shaming".

Here is the link to the video I watched this morning, 1:40 they ask her what was the pyschological abuse, the answer is he insulted her appearance, how she managed the children and the house, and going out with friends.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


3 upvotesjm514 years ago

When I was a kid in the early 60s, there was some serious DV in my neighbourhood. Lots of women wearing sunglasses because they 'walked into a door'. Not one of those abused wives got to go out in the evening without her husband.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Over 1k upvotes in 13 hours.

7 upvotesanonymousoutrage4 years ago

Not long ago I was talking to a female friend of mine, and the abuse topic was brought up. She said there were a lot more cases where the male abuses the female than otherwise.

She said she knew three friends of hers that had been abused (for once rightfully so, it was abuse and there was no denial about it). After I pronounced myself as a male victim of abuse when I was a child, she said "it's still three to just one man".

I looked at her in complete disbelief and cracked a smile that had both measures sarcasm and an acknowledgement of the social denial the male typically receives, I merely said: "So you think that 25% of the abuse cases you know about is nothing.", and then just dropped the topic.

edit: Might have gone offtopic, but it looked like the right place to mention this.

4 upvotescsehszlovakze4 years ago

This was to be expected. I think it'll be soon expanded outside relationships, basically making bachelorhood and MGTOW illegal. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Run. Run until it's too late.

2 upvotesRebelliousCitizen4 years ago

You got it man. I feel lucky as shit that I have a headstart on this by being involved in such communities to save up, research, and gtfo while its still semi-sane, the borders are open etc etc.

8 upvotesmr_nate_4 years ago

Still planning to move to Singapore.


  • skinny Asian girls

  • Asian girls love my white ass

  • everyone speaks English

  • not a disgusting Asian country, it's clean

  • strong market in my field of study

  • cheap vacations to nearby exotic-ish countries

  • cheap transportation

  • low crime rates


  • expensive rent

  • rains a lot

That's what I call a good deal.

12 upvotesbecredible4 years ago

You had me at skinny Asian girls.

12 upvotesneedsomehelp32114 years ago

He had me at "skinny girls". A rare resource in the West.

7 upvotes23456lol4 years ago

Fuckoff, don't come, we fucking hate your Ang Mo Tiko type here. You will be relentlessly mocked by the locals if you expect white worship and behave like an arrogant dickbag.

3 upvotesmr_nate_4 years ago

LOL, forgot my trigger warning for the weak of heart

5 upvotesMysteriouspaul4 years ago

I fucking love rain sign me up

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

He chooses a book for reading

5 upvotesOneInAZillion4 years ago

Fun Fact: Erin Pizzey also wanted to create DV shelters for abused males, but was forced to abandon that idea after extreme hatred, criticism and backlash from feminists.

3 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

They went so far as to kill her dog and dump it on her doorstep! True story. Just goes to show just how evil and misandrist feminazis truly are.

1 upvotesXemnas814 years ago

This was what turned me against feminism.

2 upvotesser04024 years ago

If criticizing your wife on her lack of ability to perform house hold duties is DV my dad should've been locked up 20 years ago.

2 upvotesVoyPerdiendo14 years ago

On a positive note, here is Erin Pizzey, she created the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world, because she was concerned with DV itself, as opposed to man-hating feminism, it's a good video to watch and she's a genuinely lovely person.

That there is the biggest gem of your post. That video, so much insight. Such a compassionate human being. Do you know why we are here? Because of feminism. We needed to fight back, that is the reason we exist. This woman is wiser than any of us, she is the "middle ground".

I cried.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yeah, the saddest thing, is she's old and semi retired so her own charity was usurped by the radical feminists and she had to renounce it saying "they are on a feminist mission to demonise men — even those who never have and never will hit a woman".

2 upvotesntnclvr4 years ago


Let me guess, degrading men about not making enough money or having a small penis will continue to be fine.

If you call your wife fat, she should tell you fuck off and leave you. The world is full of fucking sensitive pussies.

Fucking disgusting!

Edited:for spelling.

2 upvoteszylo474 years ago

Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear and when they sleep

Isn't this called proper parenting?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yup but now kids can testify in court how mean abusive their father is.

2 upvotessamurai964 years ago

Haha not if you're Muslim! You could beat the shit out of her and they won't do shit.

2 upvotesTheRedChemist4 years ago

Hilarious that all of this stems from a reduction in adversity faced on a day to day basis. As creatures we're evolved to cope with a daily struggle for survival, and we developed social structures and sexual strategies to best enable that survival. Now, survival is taken for granted and there's no true struggle in daily life - so we end up seeing something where there isn't anything, just so that there's something to struggle against.

It's like our entire species has PTSD. We've returned from the war and we're safe now, but we're still nervous about ambushes and IEDs and eventually we end up killing the neighbour's kid and drinking ourselves to death. You can't just delete thousands of years of learned experience. Without the control mechanism of a daily fight for survival, all the internal processes just snowball into total nonsensical madness.

8 upvotesTattedGuyser4 years ago

I wonder if withholding sex and using it to control their partner (All women pretty much do this) would be considered Domestic Abuse?

Obviously it'll never be used against women, but it certainly fits their list of criteria that they listed out. I'd love to see a precedent set, oh man that would be hilarious to watch the femtards flip shit.

5 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

It is at the University of Michigan


1 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

forever rooting against that faggot school glad they lost a heartbreaker to Mich St.

1 upvotesTattedGuyser4 years ago

University laws are generally pretty stupid but it is funny to see the feminists freaking out over it. I doubt this law has ever actually been used though :/ Shame.

1 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

But you have to remember that colleges are the testing grounds for stupid laws that a few years later get rolled out into general society.

All of this madness always gets conceptualized, tested and applied in the petri dish of college campuses. It's indoctrination. As those kids graduate, they filter into society and either actively work to help pass these laws or at least passively accept it because that's all they know.

You can eventually expect all the Yes Means Yes/ Affirmative Consent laws to eventually come into force for society in general.

1 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Colleges and the military, epecially the military because they have to attend by threat of USMJ court martial and fear dishonerable discharge on their records.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

are giving divorce papers considered abuse? Because it's a good option considering

4 upvotesbrianbarett4 years ago

What if she calls herself fat?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

So if a girl says im too small, i can now sue her for 'psychological abuse' ?

1 upvotesanon_throwaway04 years ago

Hahah someone should try this...that would fuck them good in the cours to throw all this bullshit out the window.

1 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

More like she can sue YOU for psychological (and penile) abuse and will prevail in court due to the sophisticated legal argument of "vagina."

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That sounds a lot more realistic.... sadly

4 upvotesjoseph_fuzzco_Jr4 years ago

England, you deserve this for being so dickless.

5 upvotesTWYW4 years ago

There goes my idea of moving to the UK (I'm European)...

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Jesus fuck don't move here.

5 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

I don't know how the fuck this managed to happen under the Conservatives. Labour or Greens I'd understand, but fucking hell.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well, the conservatives are no longer conservative.

If they actually were fox hunting would be back day 1 and the NHS budget would just literally be just cut in half. Oh you're suffering with obesity related illnesses? Sorry we're not making everyone else pay for that.

They've only just managed to half house reform "benefits".

Conservatives are no longer really fiscally or socially conservative. Hence why anything at all other than left is just labelled "far right". The tories are now too reliant on women's and dependents' votes.

7 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

yeah the Conservatives always had their sucky policies but at least we could rely on them not to go full socialist. Now it seems they've decided to take the worst of both worlds and have been fucking us in the ass ever since. And because the lib dems were in coalition with them no-one trusts them any more, the closest thing to a sane party we have.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Other than drug laws, to which I fall distinctly on the libertarian side I find most of conservative policy (historically) to be the thing that actually holds society together.

The endless circlejerk of big companies "not paying their fair share" etc is all a red herring, big companies aren't there to pay corporation tax, they never have and never will. They pay NI and employ people who then go off and stimulate the economy with their own money. As for fox hunting, I've never done it but I'm very very uninterested in how brutal an end a fox experiences when weighed against creating jobs for people and maintaining a cultural staple of Britishness. All the people upset about that shit are the first ones shopping in primark supporting slave labour etc.

Labour has lost it's relevance, so have the tories and all we're left with is the rabid left parroting on about womens pay gaps and scrapping our nuclear arsenal and a one trick pony UKIP. Politics in the UK is in a dire state at the moment - there's no sensible leadership coming from anyone at the moment.

I hope Trump gets POTUS if only to drag the overton window back to where it should be. I'd gladly swap Cameron for Putin. There's no leadership any more.

4 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

I agree with pretty much everything you've said. My negativity on the Conservatives was for policies like, as you mentioned, privatising the NHS. Of course that depends on the approach they would take as I'd be more amenable to private hospitals being contracted by the state, but the last thing we'd want is the American system where you can go bankrupt because you got in a car accident.

The UK is totally fucked right now, it's like our leadership have forgotten everything that once made this country great - striving for classical liberal ideals, being an industrial and economic powerhouse, and making big footprints on the world. Right now we're saddled up to faggy Sweden pretending that if we're super nice and bend over for everyone who wants something from us that we'll be better off for it. If we keep on this track it won't be long before you see the black flag of ISIS flying in more than just poor areas of London and Bradford.

3 upvotesjm514 years ago

The Law of Unintended Consequences:

The ban on fox hunting, plus the increase in gas (gas not gasoline) prices led to the outbreak of mad cow disease.

Sheep that died of disease used to be fed to the foxhounds. After the ban, those carcasses went to the rendering industry and got turned into fertiliser and cattle feed etc. They got rendered a 2nd time which, as it turned out, was enough to destroy any transmittable disease. Gas prices went up, 2nd rendering process got turned off as no longer economic. Disease in the food chain.

1 upvotesjm514 years ago

Both of the main parties have been bad for a long time. Labour can't spend wisely and the Conservatives can't cut humanely.

Only thing saving us at the moment is the black economy. Because of Working Tax Credits, millions of people get shafted financially and/or bogged down in paperwork if their hours keep changing. So many employers are keeping their workers 'official' hours the same and are paying cash in hand for any extra hours worked.

1 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago


1 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

seems we have 2 choices these days - openly raving liberal or raving liberal pretending to be right-wing.

3 upvotesLoveYourSelfish4 years ago

Mr. Cameron is marginally more right wing than Jeremy Corben, but still atrociously left wing.

2 upvotesRiktenkay4 years ago

Yeah, sure he is.

I am utterly baffled any time anyone claims the political arena has shifted to the left. It's been heading steadily rightwards for years. Pretty much the only legitimately left wing option lately has been the Greens.

Yes, with Corbyn Labour do now finally have someone who appears to be genuinely left wing. Though the way the media portray him as "extreme left", and the way people seem to be lapping it up, I'm sure he stands no chance ever becoming PM and after he's gone I'm sure it will be back to business as usual.

2 upvotesLoveYourSelfish4 years ago

I am lost by the media's agenda, and I am not well informed enough to really say what they are all about.
Society is shifting towards the right, I believe you are correct there, but not because of spineless, corruptible politicians who cannot do the things they say they are going to do.

2 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

yeah he is a giant cunt. I can't believe that he heads the same party that Thatcher ran.

3 upvotesLoveYourSelfish4 years ago

The last PM to have balls to take action, regardless of how her personal image was thrown in to a negative light. Fucking fabulous lady.

That is coincidentally why I'm intrigued by how Trump is doing over seas - maybe not the same caliber, but he doesn't mind rubbing people the wrong way.

2 upvotesrp_valiant4 years ago

she saved our economy from total collapse at the hands of unions. In my mind she'll always be one of the great Cons, up there with Churchill and Disraeli. We need more strong leaders who have the charisma and character to do what needs to be done to right the ship. Somehow Cameron seems able to ruin the country and make everyone hate him at the same time.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Cameron is of the same Europhile ilk that instigated the palace coup against Margaret Thatcher in 1990. She was very anti European union because she saw it as a threat to national sovereignty and the balance of power on the continent. Cameron is Europe's biggest federalist, he believes in a united federal Europe, the almighty state and multiculturalism down to his very bones.

Sniveling parasites like him are the same wing of the party who wanted to do a deal with Hitler in 1940 after the fall of France. Churchill had to rely on the support of Labour leader Clement Atlee and his deputy Arthur Greenwood to continue the war and forestall the coup against him by Chamberlain and Lord Halifax.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The women here are fat, the taxes are high, the work hours long, the culture eroded, the politics - PC... At least the weather... Oh wait.

2 upvotesSinisterSwindler4 years ago

That gave me a good chuckle at how spot on that list is. I don't know why people come here, i'm leaving here soon.

1 upvotesSinisterSwindler4 years ago


1 upvotesSinisterSwindler4 years ago

lmao it's not as bad as we made it. i love England and i love my city, London. Just don't get your hopes up that it's all rainbows and unicorns.

1 upvotesTWYW4 years ago

Either I stay in my country (which is decently feminism-free but plating and ONS are rather rare and I don't care about LTRs, plus taxes and services suck), or I move to an English speaking country (but they are all fucked up by feminism) or I move to another country similar to mine of which I know the language.

But in all honesty, what's a good place for a trp man who's not into asians?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm looking at moving to a V4 country.

2 upvotesTWYW4 years ago

Do you know the language? I don't know how many speak English there

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I don't, and the lack of people there speaking English is part of the draw for me. I don't want to move to a country and be given any kind of free pass or slide that makes life "easier" it's just not becoming...

If Europe keeps going the way it looks like overall though I'm also considering NZ or Iceland instead.

1 upvotesmoroi4 years ago

Don't worry about English in V4 countries. You'll be fine in larger cities in CZ or Poland.

2 upvotesBonesteel504 years ago

They can issue orders that make you have to get a form signed before you get laid.

Fuck everything about england. what a shithole.

4 upvotestwatbutter4 years ago

I've always said it, but the moment that the law becomes unjust to a group of people, or fails to be upheld, vigilantism becomes warranted. Men will just see offing their wives, or better yet not marrying them, as a better alternative than going through legal loops.

I expect to see domestic murder rates rise in correlation with such laws. I also expect manginas/feminists to say that this correlation was not caused by said laws.

1 upvotesalwaysultimate214 years ago

So if she's actually fat, and you call her fat. You go to prison for telling the truth.

2 upvotesABProsper4 years ago

This will be easily dealt with either with Sharia courts for some guys or for secular/non religious guys by not having a wife or girlfriend. Plenty of loose women out there and if not that porn. Hope the UK enjoys the population crash and tech regression since other the Arabs and Blacks who being in a few ways smarter than Western men can't be made to behave that stupidly (too many of them , too violent) no one who can sustain society is having many children. Poles have a lower birth rate that UK Whites and all of those societies are running out of migrants.

Also some men may immediately divorce the woman without telling her why if she puts on weight before this law can be used against them as well though there are risks.

More likely men won't marry, have cohabitation or any LTR's with any women, By by family formation and by by economy and social order. Hope the ladies like moggies.

For the sex urge there are plenty of loose women out there as well and porn and eventually I suspect people will end up shifting very hard right

Long term, women will fail the worlds largest shit test and end up without any rights I suspect.

Whoever takes over, the philosophy/faith of Islam, Traditionalists if any still exist in the UK or rebels and/or warlords for that matter will simply not allow their women to cause so many problems.

They won't be owning property, voting, serving in office, going to Uni if they are through, doing many different jobs and will be expected to marry and have children or live with the parents till they do,

This is much less female freedom than Western cultures are accustomed to so it won't last terribly long and Islam won't stay around that long without conquest but the irony is that most women will complain but will be much happier since their be feminine and even the mealiest of men will be fairly masculine

1 upvotesdragonfangxl4 years ago

Oh no you don't understand, it's not bad at all. It's only when it happens "repeatedly" that it becomes illegal.

So you have to call her fat twice at any two points. Perfectly logical! /s

4 upvotesthor_away924 years ago

The offence only applies if the victim suffers such treatment “repeatedly or continuously”, on an ongoing basis.

TRP get all butt hurt before reading the fucking material?! It's like they're a subgroup of redditors or something!!

I mean if you repeatedly call your woman a fat cow, yet you're still with her I'd deem that rather abusive too..

So basically a lot of you blew this out of context with your anger phase. You're not going to prison because you tell your girlfriend she is getting fat.

I see why we're called a cult now. Look at all the foul mouthed things you said when the entire topic of anger isn't even what this fucking law is about.

Tl;dr you guys are fueling the decline.

I wouldn't hear out people who are claiming to logically be above women, and then react just like a woman would to a simple article they didn't even read.


*cue the down votes because you cliff notes'd my post and I touched your precious little feels.

24 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou4 years ago

I read the articles and the law is very disconcerting. A man can go to jail for 5 years essentially for hurting his girlfriend's feelings over any period of time. All she has to do is prove to a jury that something he said caused her "serious distress" more than once and he's guilty.

Imagine you break up with a girl and suddenly out of spite she goes to the police and tells them about two times you made her cry by saying something mean during an argument. That would be enough under this law to find you guilty.

Tl;dr you guys are fueling the decline.

No. You're delusional.

20 upvoteswastagaswe4 years ago

Since when do women have to prove anything. All she needs to do is cry.

-9 upvotesthor_away924 years ago

Imagine you break up with a girl and suddenly out of spite she goes to the police and tells them about two times you made her cry by saying something mean during an argument. That would be enough under this law to find you guilty.

Nobody's going to prison over verbal arguments. Fortunately the law is not ran by 18 year olds. Read like a police note "and then he called me a bitch!" There's other shit to worry about than some petty argument between couples.

And if you tell her she's shit and should die you've broken frame and lost already...

But if you've been calling her a bloody cunt for 3 years with aggressive intent, yeah that's a tad abusive.

No, you're naive and childish

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Nobody's going to prison over verbal arguments.

Mate, are you American or British?

Brit freedom of speech laws are figurative and people have been sent to jail for words, heck someone got sent to prison for something they put on twitter a couple years back. That being said don't put too much faith in the American justice system, it's just as bad.

It's also like saying men who haven't abused their families will have no problem in seeing their kids, the reality says differently.

13 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou4 years ago

Nobody's going to prison over verbal arguments. Fortunately the law is not ran by 18 year olds.

No, even worse. It's run by politically correct politicians that cater to feminist demands.

The UK authorities let 1400 children be raped by Muslims just out of fear of being called "racist" if they arrested them, because they are so politically correct. You really think when it comes to manipulative feminists vs innocent men, they are going to side with the men?

No, you're naive

You're the naive one if you don't realize that every government power eventually becomes abused by special interest groups. The UK government now has the power to arrest you literally for just hurting your girlfriend's feelings. This is going to attract every crazy feminist bitch who wants power over men.

12 upvotesMiheegz4 years ago

First off, you clearly do not understand womens capacity to lie to achieve their goals. If verbal abuse can land you in jail what do you think the burden of proof will be? An audio recording? Yeah right, it will be more than enough that the woman say you have abused her for months or years and cry. You will then be in the position of trying to prove you did not verbally abuse her which is tough. This is what happened with rape claims. Men practically have the burden of proof on them to prove their innocence. That is why this law is fucking scary.

8 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

You don't get.

Just look at how domestic violence and alimony laws have ALREADY been perverted and used unfairly against men for DECADES. Horror story after horror story after horror story - in turn giving birth to the manosphere.

Now they come up with an even more vaguely written DV law that goes into the nebulous and murky area of "psychological abuse" being wielded by a feminist near-totalitarian state. How do you think that is going to work out for you? Rhetorical question. NOT WELL is the answer.

7 upvotesRasalom724 years ago

“repeatedly or continuously” doesn't mean 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It can mean over the course of day/ weeks/ months.

0 upvotesthor_away924 years ago

Okay so you're with this fat girl you're unattracted to for days/weeks/months and you'd still be with her? I thought we had the power to walk away any second?

5 upvotesRasalom724 years ago

You do... you just can't tell her that you think she's fat/ unattractive/ whatever. You just leave.

And it has to happen multiple times... so you tell her you think she's fat, and that you're leaving her in X months if it doesn't change.... then you leave.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

People here lose their shit sometimes, over nothing. Like that ed medication bill the feminazi made a few days ago. It was almost like a stunt, like Roosh did, and it worked because we were mad about it. It was never gonna be passed, and people were focused on the bill itself rather than the woman herself.

7 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

But this is NOT a bill. It is now law. And it's a Godforsaken, stupid law being enacted by a totalitarian feminist state.

Just this week there was an infamous case of a guy being dragged through the criminal court system in the UK for "raping" a has-been actress on the London tube - even though a CCTV recording of the event PROVED that all he did was walk by her and accidentally brush her clothing with his shoulder for HALF A SECOND, with a newspaper in one hand and his other hand holding a backpack. Yet the lady in question claimed he digitially penetrated her. And yes, a jury instantly exonerated him as soon as they saw the video. But the point is that the police and prosecutors SAW THE SAME VIDEO initially and decided to prosecute him anyway so that they could meet their "rape conviction quota" set by the government.

None of this is hyperbole. This law is insane. Western society is insane and anyone who can't see that yet (especially anyone on this reddit) is also insane.

Over the next 20 years in the UK men will be going to jail and having their lives ruined over the stupidest shit. It's already happening, like in that "rape" case I referenced above. But this law will just give the state and all unstable women an infinitely flexible weapon to use against men. And when you consider that 25% of Western women are on psychoactive medications - that is a hell of a lot of unstable women out there.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Yeah I don't disagree with any of this, especially the rape case which was fucking ridiculous. My point was that, and I see it a lot, rpers will make posts overreacting about certain things, like the bill, and this law. The law itself will probably be abused but in written form it states nothing like what op said.

1 upvoteswiseclockcounter4 years ago

It doesn't state it, but the key here is that it doesn't exclude it either. I think people in this forum are acting as rationally as possible because their reactions are based on decades of a consistent pattern of exploitation in the court system.

From a business standpoint, the courts would be crazy to pass up such a lucrative opportunity. So they approve it and sit back as the cases roll in by the thousands. If the opportunity to profit at the expense of some random disposable man exists... it will be seized. That's why people are angry, and if you're not, then you're just not seeing it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I see it, but I'm not mad. Doesn't mean I like it, I've just seen too much of this shit to really get outraged over it anymore.

Again, that doesn't mean I am a fan of it, I despise this stuff, I just don't get quite as mad anymore.

1 upvoteswiseclockcounter4 years ago

fair enough. but just b/c you're numb to it doesn't mean others are overreacting.

-3 upvotesSnazzy_Serval4 years ago

I completely agree. The amount of fearmongering in this discussion is disgusting.

The whole point of this law is to protect against ongoing emotional abuse. It has nothing to do with an attack on masculinity or whatever.

7 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

You're sleepwalking into a total Orwellian nightmare with that attitude. You are either naive or completely unaware of what has been going on for the past 50 years. Inch by inch the powers-that-be have successfully taken away power from individual men and from families and handed it over to a feminist-run nanny state with an overwhelming anti-male agenda.

It's not fear mongering. Laws like this UK one are the final nail in the coffin for masculinity and just overall sanity. Just you watch how this law will be wielded and applied over the next 20 years. I can promise you, it won't be pretty.

3 upvotesMomo_dollar4 years ago

More women are guilty of these things then men, but they do it in a more covert way. So if this law when put into practice really covers psychological abuse, and not just bullying, then I hope all the psychologically abused husbands and bf's who have been put down or whatever get the justice they deserve

2 upvotesgonorealover4 years ago

I hope all the psychologically abused husbands and bf's who have been put down or whatever get the justice they deserve

They won't . The society we currently live in is not meant for that.

We are living right now in a societal decline. Look around you . Everything is going to shit for men and everything is going perfect for women. This world will crumble soon .

1 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

Men will never get justice against manipulative, conniving women. The law is simply not applied that way and never will be (unless Islam takes over the West).

3 upvotesflatox4 years ago

Hahaha I just heard a brilliant joke, want to hear it?


2 upvotesFakeGuru4 years ago

The guy who posted this really should know better.

2 upvotes1v1mebruh4 years ago

Fuck this planet I swear to god.

2 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

I was literally just thinking...I don't think humans deserve it. We don't deserve the planet. Gonna let the reproductive sex who hasn't contributed a goddamn thing to humanity run is into the ground?

Fuck that, let the dolphins evolve into the dominant planet species.

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Just shows how weak and pathetic women are. This is the only way we should look at these laws. They are proof that women are less than men.

0 upvotesHmm_Peculiar4 years ago

Comments like this are the reason people hate TRP

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Saying that doesn't prove me wrong.

There really is no other logical way to approach this issue.

Women need special protections because they can't hack it in the world without special help.

It certainly isn't because they are just as capable and strong as men because they don't pass these laws to benefit men.

People will judge TRP the same whether or not I post here or not.

Maybe you would be happier over at TwoX?

1 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

Let them hate all they want. JV1970s post was bang on. Both men and women don't like to hear that. But it's true.

Women ARE inferior to men. In Every. Single. Way. They are the weaker sex, full stop. That is why all successful civilizations, including our own until recently, were run on a philosophy of patriarchy, which considered women as children.

Swallow the pill. Deal with it.

1 upvotesHmm_Peculiar4 years ago

Well, I'm sorry but you're simply wrong.

Sure, there are ways in which men are superior to women, mainly in strength and spatial reasoning. There are also ways in which women are superior:

  • They live longer (wiki)

  • They reach emotional maturity earlier than men. And generally have better emotional intelligence than men. (wiki) In this way they are less like children than men.

  • They can grow a new human inside their bodies.

1 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

They live longer as a result of men doing everything for them.

Yes they can grow a new human, they are the reproductive sex, this is their main purpose.

Haha there's the "emotional intelligence" if you mean following one's emotions to the point of irrationality where it disrupts your daily life and ability to function, sure they're emotionally intelligent. Is that why we're passing laws to protect their feelings even though there's thousands of women's shelters and the entire law system will protect them no matter what?

1 upvotesArchwinger4 years ago

Everyone knows that the only reason a man would ever tell a woman she's fat is to undermine her self esteem so that she doesn't think she can get other men -- it's all a coercive, abusive trick to keep her trapped in the relationship by keeping her thinking that she's too hideous to find someone else.

Nobody would ever tell a fat woman that she's fat because she's fat. Because you don't get laid that way, and we all know that every word a man says to a woman is either an attempt to please her to get laid, or an attempt to abuse her...to get laid.

2 upvotesDrenmar4 years ago

That law is vague as fuck. Let's see how they implement it, I wouldn't panic just yet. Calling a woman fat can be legitimately abusive, for example when you adress her as a "fat piece of shit" all day every day.

7 upvotesDyalibya4 years ago

No one should be jailed for words, you fat piece of shit

3 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

And you sir are a shit piece of fat.

1 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

It seems to target islamic men at first. A lot of the rules listed conflict with the very conservative islamic group rules on women. Does anyone else agree?

12 upvotesSgtBrutalisk4 years ago

Muslims in the UK have gotten away with pedophilia rings. The police knew about it for years but refused to act on it out of fear or looking islamophobic.

5 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou4 years ago

The politically correct UK will never enforce the laws as harshly against foreign invaders as they do against their own citizens.

3 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

I do, but these "crimes" won't be punished unless the man gets reported.

Can you imagine the fury (and probably an honorkilling) that will be brought down on a Muslim woman is she reports her husband to the police for "controlling behaviour"?

The only victims of this new law is white, christian/atheist british men that aren't behaving sufficiently cucked.

4 upvotesSqueezymypenisy4 years ago

It honestly sounds like betas get harmed the most.

2 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

Yeah. Beta men trying to form a meaningful LTR gets shafted by this law.

Sad really :/

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's almost like they want men to avoid committing to women.

1 upvotesLegitstarake4 years ago

Solution is simple. Don't say anything and just leave their fat ass.

1 upvotesSwimmingdunce4 years ago

In fairness to the judges here in Britain, they tend to take a no-nonsense view of the law. I'm not saying it definitely won't happen, but I suspect that in reality nobody will go to prison for calling his missus fat. This law is intended for use against extreme cases of psychological abuse and I have enough faith in our legal system to believe that is how it will be applied.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It just takes one mistake to create a legal precedent.

1 upvotesGoldenCocaine4 years ago

THIS IS DISGUSTING! I'm so glad I don't live in the UK holy shit NAHHH

1 upvotesKalepsis4 years ago
  • Controlling behaviour is:a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour.

By this definition, any gold-digger could be locked up if the man can prove she's a gold-digger (shouldn't be too hard). Good thing this law would immediately be declared a violation of the first amendment if it was brought to the States.

1 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

You know it turns out a great thing we broke away from England. The framers of the constitution deserve to be revered. They wrote the greatest document of all time, even societies determined to destroy it can't stop it. Of course they could if they hold the narrative long enough, but it holds them off long enough for us to come to our senses.

Fucking cuckolds in the UK how on earth is this accepted? Say what you want about us fat americans but get enough fat southern redneck fucks pissed off coming out of jail for "emotional abuse" for calling their wife fat and they'll push back.

1 upvotesmugatucrazypills4 years ago

There are still BP faggots on here (as opposed to a RP faggot like Milo) who have said things in defense of the UK.

Those people are fools. UK exists somewhere between a failed state and the state of nature right now. In the name of Progressiveness(progress to towards what?) They've violated the most basic societal duty of the state to protect.

The UK can't protect children from being raped 1400 at a time! They can't protect women in public, nor large areas where other criminal and ethnic gangs operate shadow gov'ts with impunity ... and the remaining gov't gang is running french revolution show trials with summary justice to placate and distract the Marxist mob in the capital.

residents of the UK should ask themselves ...


2 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy4 years ago

No they pick on easy victims, betas who ironically are the backbone of all societies.

What's a queen bee alone? An easily squashed nothing. But a hive full of workers buzzing is a force to be reckoned with.

2 upvotesXemnas814 years ago

If you actually look at what's occurring, the Tories are stealing from the poor sick and disabled to kill them off, giving back to the middle class, and leaving the feminazis and SJWs to take over the mainstream leftist media. So the omegas and those too old for the SMP are dying, betas are getting cucked divorce raped and locked up for laws, and Chads will be safe provided they are building a Better Beta and of course women are safe, otherwise they're going down too.

The only safety net is to be the perfect Alpha Bucks posing as a feminist.

1 upvotesJewptylianin4 years ago

XD I want off this ride, can we start III WW already?

1 upvotesnot-really-an-expert4 years ago

God, I hope this shit doesn't start up here, but you know eventually it will.

1 upvoteshavelbrandybuck4 years ago

Psychological abuse goes both ways, anything can be argued with supporting evidence or documentation, and plenty of arguments can be made against an unfit wife. Basically, if you suspect things going wrong, and believe she is capable of taking you to court for some arbitrary reason, you start making your own counter case and gathering evidence months in advance.

If stating facts about body weight are considered abuse; not taking care of the kids, not housekeeping, abusive or shit-testing texts are all forms of abuse and unfit parental roles.

1 upvotesaazav4 years ago

I always thought the UK was becoming a nanny state and this seals it for me.

My god, the estrogen. It burns.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Controlling behaviour: range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour

This has everything to do with divorce rape, how ironic

1 upvotesshadowq84 years ago

how would you prove this in a court?

1 upvotesnewmeforever4 years ago

I cannot believe this. LOL

1 upvotesthe_Darkling4 years ago

This is a disgusting insult to actual domestic violence victims

The person you love calling you fat will NEVER come close to the pain of being physically assaulted by the person who's supposed to stand by your side no matter what. You can be by someone's side and still call them fat. That ain't abuse. I'd like to see this chick talk to people who've been bruised, choked out, and had guns held to their heads by partners. Let's see how self-pitying she is then.

1 upvotesomar_coming_yo_4 years ago


Don't have a heifer for a wife...

Especially a heifer that can't take god-honest criticism...

1 upvoteslonely_hippocampus4 years ago

Just naively looking at the wording, I think it's supposed to look harmless enough.

I read its wording as aimed at the truly controlling control freak type that forbids the spouse the use of the car in fear they might just take off and leave. You know, the cult leader type asshole.

However it also looks like a BS fest that plenty of manipulative types and lawyers will have a field day with and where just about anything you do might be used to hang you with. I guess the theme of having everybody a potential criminal is continuing.

Edit: first sentence changed

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

So basically, all the calls to "man up" are abuse, right? Oh no no no no...That's just laughable. It's like how sexism is only against women, remember? /s

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

So I can call my friend or plate fat?

1 upvotesLuckyluke234 years ago

my folks are from uk and i've been there many time... I love how they have this shit going on, but they don't do nothing to the muslims FLOCKING OVER THERE IN DROVES. my aunti told me at one point the school near her is " spot the white kid"

not to mention the other day where I saw a video of the local politicians traveling to an area full of them and they just got abused by everyone there. All they was doing is driving in a car and they got abused.

it's pretty bad over there now, I'm not supersized people want out.

1 upvotesBenOfMahogany4 years ago

"911 what's your emergency? "My husband called me fat!"

Surprised we haven't heard reports of this from college campuses yet.

1 upvotesDavidAttenbruhhh4 years ago

but what if dat ass is phat?

2 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

British redpillers should consider moving to Japan.

Heard there's a huge demand for white men

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If depopulating the world of culturally Christian English nationalist minded males and supplanting that culture with Islam is part of the end goal of the Marxists in England, this will likely have the completely opposite effect. Ask anyone who's worked in a prison, even the wardens know that they don't make the rules, the prisoners do and if the prisoners culturally identify as English, so too will the children they father. How can I say that? Simple, nothing gets a girl to wet her panties faster than her hunger for a bad boy.

1 upvoteseof4 years ago

Okay, this sub and its ideas really changed my life for the better; but some of the shit that gets upvoted and taken seriously is fucking off the wall insane.

It is NOT illegal to call your wife or girlfriend fat. If you are in a 'redpill' relationship with your S.O. then it should be consensual, and she should be happy about whatever limitations you are placing on her.

Just the other day there was a highly-upvoted post about NOT MATE GUARDING because it is beta behavior that will ultimately fail. Now people are in here calling the end of the world because you can't lock your wife in the bedroom in the UK?

Don't get me wrong, I recognize the hyper PC third-wave feminist bullshit that is coursing through the veins of our society is making our dicks limp and our estrogen levels soar, but if systematically undermining the freedom of THE WEAKER SEX needs to be a valid way to keep your fucking girl around you are a piece of shit.

1 upvotesForbiddenFruit4204 years ago

Meh. Name calling is not very RP anyway. I'd rather "next" than name call.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Leading her to believe that women can be just as cruel as any man.

Really I've seen women abuse their kids just to get back at their ex so I can believe it too.

1 upvotesDarrenLB764 years ago

How crazy can this shit get? Arresting men who refuse to go on a date with a fat woman?

1 upvotesjoedapper4 years ago

OMG, my GF is so fat right now...oh wait, nope, shes just preggers.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Enjoy the decline! I mean seriously what can anybody do to turn this thing around? Is it going to take the destruction of society in order to do so?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Married men in the UK should just get divorced right now.

Single men in the UK should never live with a woman, and plan on never marrying.

I see some black knighting potential here. "My wife will not give me sex. This is putting me down and making me feel worthless. Psychological abuse! Domestic abuse!"

"My wife nags me and complains about everything. This puts me down and makes me feel worthless. Psychological abuse!"

"My wife is a spendthrift who can't get her spending under control. It threatens to send us to the poorhouse. When I confront her about it, she threatens to report me to police for financial abuse. Her out of control spending is financial abuse! Her threats of reporting me are psychological abuse!"

3 upvotesredzorp4 years ago

An amusing sentiment but I think you know as well as anyone here that this law will NEVER be applied against women in the same way it will be applied against men. Never gonna happen.

1 upvotesTheMGhandi4 years ago

This law is great for men! All we gotta do when a woman acts like a bitch is leave her. They'll all fall in line thanks to big government.

It's the first law politicians got right.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Holy crap. Erin Prizzey actually said "MGTOW" in that video.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The UK is really a shit show

1 upvotesMentORPHEUS4 years ago

The headline doesn't match the body text at all. From the Independent article:

When does the offence apply?

The offence only applies if the victim suffers such treatment “repeatedly or continuously”, on an ongoing basis.

Although courts will look for evidence of a behavioural pattern rather than isolated incidents, the Home Office states each case “must be considered on an individual basis” and “there is no set number of incidents in which controlling or coercive behaviour has been displayed which must be proved”.

It must also have had a “serious effect” on the victim. It is explicitly stated that the victim must either “fear that violence will be used against them on at least two occasions” or “been caused serious alarm or distress” enough to disrupt their day-to-day activities.

The behaviour must also be calculated. According to the Home Office, it must be such that the “perpetrator knows or ‘ought to know’ that it will have a serious effect on the victim”.

Lastly, both victim and abuser have to be “personally connected when the incidents took place”, meaning they would have had to be in, or are in, an intimate relationship, or were family members living together.

In light of this, how is it reasonable to conclude "Calling your wife/girlfriend fat now officially domestic abuse?" This type of headline journalism is the MO of the likes of Fox news, not people concerned with understanding the world as it actually exists.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

how is it reasonable to conclude "Calling your wife/girlfriend fat now officially domestic abuse?"

Because it's broad mate and what you've covered there is the "in an intimate family or relationship", what you should be looking at is the "Controlling or coercive behaviour" which will colloquially be known as emotional abuse for the press, which is still very broad. Just in case you hadn't seen in, in the independent was the official government framework, but here is the link again.


The cross-Government definition of domestic violence and abuse outlines controlling or coercive behaviour as follows:

Controlling behaviour is:a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour.

Coercive behaviour is:a continuing act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim.”

This is the section you're looking for as you can see calling your LTR fat can easily be put under this broad definition, yeah it's only a single data point, but when men are getting divorced raped it's easily going to turn around when she says in court, he was domestically abusive. In a relationship, it's gonna be easy to connect the dots to the point it's not worth considering that part. It's also highly likely they're going to start lying about domestic abuse and this emotional abuse will be much harder to disprove, men are guilty before innocent when it comes to family courts and unlike the common, "if he was beating you why didn't you leave", they just mumble about how they didn't know it was abuse until their feminist help group enlightened them.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Your honor, my apologies for calling her fat, she's a 400lb slob and the word fat just slipped out of my mouth like a bag of Doritos fell out of fatso mouth.

My bad, I'm sorry.

Fucking bullshit.

1 upvotesExpectations14 years ago

It's here folks. Orwell predicted the groupthink and doublespeak will be on us before you know it.

1 upvotesLetsbereal4 years ago

Great informative post, but holy damn is this subreddit delusional.

1 upvotesNodeal_reddit4 years ago

This is how Islam wins. Enough people look around and the current state of western civilization and think "anything has to be better than this madness."

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Don't be lazy, read the actual articles. OP is using a lot of hyperbole here, and even making some of this shit up.

-3 upvotesAwwChrist4 years ago

Sorry, did anyone actually read the articles and apply objective analysis instead of immediately grabbing pitchforks? The first article states that the law would apply to the following:

-Isolating a person from their friends and family

-Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear and when they sleep

-Repeatedly putting them down, such as telling them they are worthless

-Enforcing rules and activity which humiliate, degrade or dehumanise the victim

-Financial abuse

-Threats to reveal or publish private information

A lot of you guys are creating bogeymen where there are none. It's reactionary and definitely not aloof or stoic. Three of these things mentioned are already crimes, such as unlawful detainment, unlawful surveillance (key logging, breaking into email and social media accounts), and blackmail.

This works for both men and women, which I can get behind, as I've had my accounts broken into by exes and been threatened with blackmail myself. Just because a women's rights group supports it doesn't automatically make it a case for women to take your shit and nowhere does it mention anything about calling a woman fat. Tighten the fuck up and apply some objective critical thinking. Read the article.

*edit for formatting and a sentence

27 upvotesstawek4 years ago

"Don't go out with your slut friends" - isolating

"Don't go for drinks with your office Chad" - controlling

"You're gaining weight, get some exercise" - putting down

"Wash the dishes" - dehumanizing

"Don't buy the latest snake oil £100 anti wrinkle cream" - financial abuse

"I'll tell your family you were cheating on me" - revealing private information

All you need is a feminist prosecutor and Jury of Guardian readers.

7 upvotesredwithahintofred4 years ago

I have to agree with Stawek here. Whilst you make points and are using your brain before typing, (which is always appreciated, thank you) I think what most of the commenters here are 'grabbing pitchforks' about is statements like 'financial abuse' seem VERY broad and we know laws get abused.

I want to reiterate Neoreactionsafe's point here because I feel it is important enough to copy paste until it sinks in to everyone here:

"Masculinity is now defined as an "abusive relationship"."

3 upvotesNPK56674 years ago

I dont think you understand that the broadness of the definitions can be interpreted to oppress men, and sets a very dangerous precedent. Those things will not be interpreted the same way you do.

1 upvotescatacamas4 years ago

To repeat myself again: This shit is going to keep getting worse and worse and worse, UNTIL men start organizing and standing up against this and saying, enough is enough. Get involved with MRAs, they're the only ones pushing back against the deterioration.

0 upvotesosborn184 years ago

You know it would be great if this law could be used against abusive women. Am not getting my hopes on.

Emotional manipulation is pretty fucking broad and how the hell do they want cops to know what constitute putting them down.

This shit is unenforceable.

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