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Feminist Hamster: Leonardo DiCaprio will end up "miserable and alone"

by Hayekr on /r/TheRedPill
19 February 2016 04:51 PM UTC

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tl;dr Writer for Daily Mail despises the fact that Leo can pull young and beautiful women every month well into his mid-life. Article is full of passive aggressiveness, hamstering, and (unsurprisingly) RP Truths.

For at the age of 41, Leonardo DiCaprio has become Hollywood’s number one toxic bachelor, its biggest lothario and most wretchedly dedicated modeliser...His carnal appetite seems to be incorrigible, his taste in women immutable. His famous preference is for box-fresh blondes aged 25 and under — usually lingerie models, but any random glamourpuss will do at a pinch. He replaces this much-loved prototype as frequently as some men change their socks.

Right out of the gate, Jan Moir (author) shames him with emotive language so common from bitter harridans. "Toxic" -- "Wretched" -- even throwing out "lothario", as if the women chasing him are not acting in their own self-interest. Remember -- only men can be selfish when their is a significant age differential in any relationship.

And why not? Our boy is unattached and at a loose end after ending a six-month relationship with girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach. Their break-up came shortly before the blonde swimsuit model celebrated her 26th birthday. Coincidence or strategy?

Of course it's strategy. Relationships are reproductive strategy at their core. He trades up because he can. You said it yourself -- "Why not?". He is living life as an attractive, millionaire actor. He has an incredibly high SMV, and has no problem living a life of abundance vs scarcity.

Some might argue he is a handsome Hollywood millionaire with his pick of willing beauties. If he can’t behave like an emperor of lust, then who can?

Some would argue this -- and they would be absolutely correct. It's amazing how a feminist can literally refute her own argument before she even makes it.

Yet what is acceptable at the age of 21 just starts to look sad and seedy two decades on.

And here we go. It only looks sad and seedy to post-wall women who are envious of the fact that a guy like Leo who hasn't "settled down or committed" can pull beautiful partners at 40+ years of age, while a single female at that age (even a millionaire actress) is relegated to the dust-bin of relationship potential.

This is a classic case of projection, because she knows that post-wall single women are typically a sad sight, so they assume it must be so for men as well.

Even George Clooney settled down and got married! Surely DiCaprio can do better than this?

George Clooney is 13 years older than Leo, and did not marry until he was 52.

But the real question is: Why the hell would Leo ever invite the government into his relationship, and sign a binding contract with a woman who can literally take half his assets if/when it "doesn't work out"? As the saying goes, why buy the cow when the milk is for free?

And despite this, he always looks as miserable as a man stuck at a Luton bus stop on a wet bank holiday...Many might envy his lifestyle, but be careful what you wish for. Don’t laugh, but there is clearly a sadness and emptiness to it; ...For, ultimately, all that beauty must corrode the soul, especially as he seems not to be interested in intellect or personality, kindness and wit. Instead, there is only the eternal chase for a vision of physical perfection; a pursuit that is becoming more unbecoming with every year that passes.

More projection: Intellect, personality, kindness, and wit don't get a man's dick hard. Men aren't women. Leo could give two shits how well his plates did on the SAT's, or if they have a PhD in molecular biology.

He can’t commit to a proper cause and he can’t commit to a real woman — with one honourable exception. Leonardo DiCaprio’s first love, and quite possibly his last, is his beloved mother, Irmelin.

The classic "real woman" line. What, pray-tell, is a "real woman", Jan? A post-wall, nagging wife in her 40's that gives up starfish sex once every 3 months? Does it take a "real man" to settle down with something like that, when he can clearly pull younger, more attractive, less nagging women at his whim?

She has one thing right though -- no woman will ever love a man more than his mother.

Lessons Learned Nothing drives post-wall feminists more crazy than a successful man who has peaked his SMV being able to date beautiful women as he please -- especially when he refuses to commit and prefers to trade up.


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202 upvotesGadnuk_4 years ago

This whole article, besides being riddled with idiocy and vicious opinionated judgment, is actually quite misogynistic.

Author claims young attractive women are not "real women" thus denying their identity because it doesn't fit her idea of what a woman should be.(nagging post wall overweight hag). It also suggests that he doesn't give a fuck about 'intellect or personality, kindness and wit' purely because these women are young and beautiful. Is it that impossible that a beautiful woman might have a strong mind as well? How would the author have any idea how intelligent these women are? She is instantly discounting all of their potential to be productive humans simply because they are gorgeous women. The final misogynist quality is discounting the women's own choice and agency in the matter. Clearly these women want to fuck Leo, and are likely using him just the same. As adults, they make that choice and are happy to. But according to hamster author Leo is some sort of animal for not controlling their sexuality by enforcing a monogamous relationship.

Tldr it is amazing how contradictive and self sabotaging women can be in order to push their own agendas. She sees quality men are opting out of marriage because it's a raw deal, and uses shame to try and reinforce the betabux imperative. Only defective men want flings with hot 18-25 year olds, REAL men want unattractive old nags to seize their assets and freedoms.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesmasnera4 years ago

doing it for a living...i can understand her for that,

21 upvotesmetalhead44 years ago

Funny thing is that most of the hottest women I know/knew/grew up with are all smart individuals.

32 upvotesGadnuk_4 years ago

Probably because their dads were smart enough to succeed and maintain high value, therefore winning the hottest real estate in which to plant his seed. Their mothers were smart enough to maintain high value and nail down a successful man too as opposed to riding the CC till it was too late, so the hot&smart genes were passed on. Often find rich girls are hotter than poor ones, likely for the same reason.

6 upvotesfingerthemoon4 years ago

Idiots like to believe that attractive people are lacking in intellectual capacity or moral fortitude. The truth is that good genetics affect all aspects of a person.

In my personal experience it's not always the case but more often than not attractive people are more aware and all around more capable than unattractive people.

2 upvotesMonkeyDFreecs4 years ago

They believe it because they need to find something wrong with them so they an feel better about themselves for not being as good as them.

2 upvotes5t3fan04 years ago

classic example: i realized when i started lifting that "getting big and strong" is really fucking hard and requires a lot of reserach and learning of metabolisms and biology and all that.... which of course is the opposite of the clichè "skinny genious - stupid meathead" that many "smart fats/skinny" people keep alive to feel better about themselves

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

They worked with what they have and ended up sitting next to one of the most famous actors in history. Sounds kinda smart to me.

0 upvotesMAWL_SC4 years ago

It is scientific fact that attractive people tend to be more intelligent. Facial symmetry is correlated to success, wealth, and fertility. Women also orgasm easier with attractive males.

5 upvoteschootey4 years ago

Do you have a source for that scientific fact? I would believe that facial symmetry is associated with success and wealth, but that's not the same thing as intelligence. Being tall is correlated with success and wealth too, but that has no bearing on intelligence.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

What he means is that people with high facial symmetry are perceived as more intelligent.

2 upvotes5t3fan04 years ago

she's really super misogynist, as much as one can be..... OMG maybe she is one those horrible "redpill" people from the internet!

2 upvotesBlueFreedom4204 years ago

Women are the biggest misogynists. They feel that big government has to solve their problems. When it comes to fighting over alpha males they will murder each other.

506 upvotesPedroTT4 years ago

I think this explains a lot. Just take a look at this wildabeast. She is a "classic beauty"


1258 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She can simultaneously watch 2 men ignore her.

Thanks for the gold, anonymous shitlord.

170 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Shitlord of the month.

59 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The comment was so gloriously savage.

63 upvotesCQC34 years ago

"I wouldn't fuck her with a stolen dick" - George Carlin.

47 upvoteswatcher454 years ago

"I wouldnt fuck her with her own dick" - some guy at work.

39 upvotesRedPillLawyer4 years ago

This made me actually guffaw. If only reddit gold didn't go to reddit.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesobviouslyaman4 years ago

Check out changetip or bitcoinbot.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

28 upvotesAerobus4 years ago

Do not post reaction gifs on this subreddit.

5 upvotesrockinhard1304 years ago

Wow, I'm honored thanks for the gilding! :D

74 upvotessrqrox4 years ago

Underrated comment of the month. Have another upvote!

50 upvotesTheJedi_Lied4 years ago

She's keeping a close eye on the patriarchy

27 upvotesdr_warlock4 years ago

Splitting the patriarchy with double vision.

3 upvotesuser_none4 years ago

A close two eyes, and splitting it no less.

1 upvoteskillthenoise4 years ago

I...I like this comment better

1 upvotesTheJedi_Lied4 years ago

The feminized Odin we've all been waiting for.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

And another from me. Jesus she's an ugly fuck.

-7 upvotes0kool744 years ago

She's so ugly I wouldn't fuck her with Mooshell Obama's dick and Bill Clinton pushing!!!

7 upvotesWhySoRuff4 years ago

She can also roll a blunt while changing lanes on the freeway.

2 upvotes8n0n4 years ago

+1000 point territory well deserved. I hope it stays there.

1 upvotesgonorealover4 years ago

King of savagery .

You need to teach us how to be this savage

1 upvotesGervant_of_Lyria4 years ago

I've been a regular and irregular lurker since this sub had about 5000 people. I subscribed today just to upvote this, because this is fucking glorious!

0 upvotesDuchat4 years ago

twist: both guy she sees are the SAME GUY!

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


159 upvotesMarsupian4 years ago

That explains how easily she throws other women under the bus just because they are young and beautiful. Absolutely seeping with jealousy.

127 upvotesRedPillDad4 years ago

Yep... "He will die miserable and alone." Translation: "I will die miserable and alone, and I hate men like him (winners) for not picking me."

132 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Now that is untrue and uncalled for.

She won't die alone.

She will be surrounded by her 8 cats

40 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Who will eat her after she dies unless someone finds the body quick.

9 upvoteswatcher454 years ago

Lets be honest, no ome cares enough to find her body unless the smell becomes overwhelming.

10 upvotesbaconOclock4 years ago

Or beta provider she despises.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Oh Jesus, is there really a thirsty enough faggot who would provide to that hyenaface?????

33 upvotesHospiwhater4 years ago

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A THIRSTY BETA. This is how we got into this mess in the first place, we need to keep our gender in check and then we can start on the other

9 upvotesGawernator4 years ago

Well, as horrid as she is, there's a guy that horrid out there too.

2 upvotesrofio4 years ago

Oh god today I saw a youngen of about 16 with a horrific blimp and wanted to go shake some sense into him. He couldn't be a chubby chaser at that young right?!

2 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago

Tall, Balding, skinny, hippy, and intellectual kind of guys usually end up with fat girlfriends.


22 upvotessilent_protector4 years ago

even the ugliest girls have their orbiters

28 upvotesMyLittleAtomBomb4 years ago

Yep. She just needs to make a warcraft account and she'll be the belle of the ball again.

1 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago

Don't forget to pick Female, especially Blood elf. :D

17 upvotesThePantsThief4 years ago

She's not a girl, she's an old hag.

3 upvotesthefisherman19614 years ago

Yep. She is absolutely enraged because she can't have an alpha like Leo all to herself OR to share with other women; she is enraged because she has to settle for a beta, which is the last thing that a woman wants to do if given those three options.

46 upvotesuseyourmouth4 years ago

Every year there's a new batch of post-wall women that start to see the truth, feel the hate, and open their hag mouths to decry how unfair it is that the successful men of their age are still slayin'. This article is just cut-and-paste.

This hag probably spent her young adulthood touching herself to Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, and now seethes with hate that real-life Leo didn't settle into the little-girl fairytale life his movies suggested were her entitlement.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This hag probably spent her young adulthood touching herself to Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, and now seethes with hate that real-life Leo didn't settle into the little-girl fairytale life his movies suggested were her entitlement.

She's too old for that, she was born in 1958.

30 upvotesgonorealover4 years ago

Fat : check

Ugly: check

Disfigured : check

Upset : check

The requirements of the modern female loser aka feminists has been met .

52 upvotesinsertnames4 years ago

Fuck harpoons. Spin up the low orbit ion cannon!

6 upvoteswatcher454 years ago

To paraphrase a "yo momma" joke

She's so fat, she had to have her drivers license picture taken with the hubble space telescope.

1 upvotesRemyPrice4 years ago

That's not what paraphrase means.

11 upvotesT00000094 years ago

You actually think you you can avoid the gravity swell from that thing in low orbit?

Fuck you're brave... or crazy...

23 upvotesTokyoXtreme4 years ago

Careful with your words. She's got an eye on you.

66 upvotesMeat-on-the-table4 years ago

DiCaprio is missing out by not going for a real woman like her. Who would even think of banging Bar Rafaeli after being with her? No one!

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesether_reddit4 years ago

I had to google her. But... damn.

20 upvotesSyberion014 years ago

umm is this in her "nice stage" with makeup and everything?

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Now that's what I call a real womyn

32 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Damn bro, put a NSFL on a pic like that.... Thinking of LEO and his models on a yacht and then that pops up.... i think i threw up a little...

7 upvotesEvrythingISayIsRight4 years ago

LMFAO look at the before and after pics. She makes a big deal about collagen making her look old, when wrinkles are the least of her problems on that train wreck of a face.

I especially lol'd at how she brags about her new hair extensions. Heh, I guess thats the only thing she wants to show off.

Also, post an archive link, please.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

LOL I guess it truly would take a "real man" to be with a woman like her. Fucking an endless train of 25 year old models is god damn easy mode by comparison!

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Christ this woman is uglier than a fist full of dicks.

6 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

Hey don't you dare compare my beautiful snake to that old hag

5 upvotessweetleef4 years ago

I knew it'd be bad just from the first paragraph of the "article", but that's nightmarish.

5 upvotesNiceKicksGabe4 years ago

This is where this thread should end.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Holy mackerel...that's way worse than I imagined.

3 upvotesdrallcom34 years ago

One eye on the patriarchy, one eye on tumblr

3 upvotesThrowyMcGruder4 years ago



Just so you know.

1 upvotesShin_Ichi4 years ago

Why am I not surprised she looks like this

1 upvoteswatcher454 years ago

Wow, she is one cross-eyed cow.

1 upvotesdownvotesanimals4 years ago

Oh man, spat my drink all over the place.. should've given a warning!

1 upvotesjuliusstreicher4 years ago

Don't you dare do this to my eyes again!

1 upvotesidontwanttostart4 years ago

Wait a damn minutes..THAT woman is hating on Leonardo DiCaprio? She's not even an actress is she? What's the use of writing this shit? What has he done to her?

1 upvotesddiogenesofsinope4 years ago

Holy fucking shit. I don't like to believe in stereotypes but damnnnnnnnnnn

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I was hoping she'd be attractive just to subvert people's (and mine) expectations.

1 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago


NSFW note next time please.

1 upvotesexit_sandman4 years ago

10 bucks that she was ok to look at when she was younger (apart from the stint - but seriously, remove 30-40 years and 100 lbs and try to imagine how she would look like) and couldn't stomach the fact that no one is interested in her anymore.

165 upvotesrenzy774 years ago

He’s Hollywood’s indulged Peter Pan. I just hope he grows up before it’s too late.

Yeah, Leo should get married like that actor who played Peter Pan in the movies! What was his name? Oh yeah, Robin Williams! You remember, the guy who committed suicide after being forced to pay $30 million in alimony to his ex-wives.

Clearly Leo's missing out on all the benefits of marriage that Robin Williams got to enjoy. Like divorce rape and crushing alimony payments.

37 upvotesHayekr [OP]4 years ago

This is a great juxtaposition.

30 upvotesmasnera4 years ago

Paying out over $30 million to ex-wives who were allowed to attach themselves to Williams’ bank account like comatose patients on feeding tubes would be enough to make Gandhi angry and depressed.

this phrase from that article, lol.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I wonder if he ever actually did fuck Margot Robbie...

160 upvotesfaded_jester4 years ago

He sure doesn't seem miserable on his yacht full of young models. This article is textbook projection combined with feminist prescribed hamstering.

They simply can't help but be angry when a high value man does what he wants, lives a life they could only dream of, and does so without need of anyones (feminist) approval.

As if every woman complaining about him wouldn't drop their lives in a second if he asked them to go away to Paris. As if those white knights "disgusted" at his harem of beautiful girls wouldn't trade places in a heartbeat.

They certainly can't beat him, so they must criticize to placate their own inadequacy.

122 upvotesCasanova-Quinn4 years ago

Poor Leo...

40 upvotessweetleef4 years ago

That is a perfectly complete reply to all of this nonsense.

63 upvotessouthernmost4 years ago

He's in danger of drowning in all that pussy. Someone should help him.

1 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

yeah seriously, i shed tears for the fucker

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvoteswhitekey4 years ago

I was having this exact same conversation with my female room mate yesterday and she clearly did not come out on top. Showed her your comment and she just started cussing at me, refusing to see reason.

44 upvotesrockinhard1304 years ago

Why are you sharing TRP with anyone?

27 upvotestwatbutter4 years ago

With proper context, it's OK to discuss TRP concepts without actually referring to TRP. You'd be surprised at how receptive, if not outright agreeable, bloopers can be to the ideas when they're packaged differently than something that they're conditioned to hate without thinking about (namely, TRP).

This is why you see the same RP maxims thrown around reddit, though under a different pretense, while being upvoted thoroughly.

10 upvoteswhitekey4 years ago

My group of friends were randomly talking about slut shaming and I piped in. Practically everyone was agreeing with me. Chill man, I only showed her the comment and the comment solely. She does not know that I'm browsing TRP or any of that.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She just proved Steve Sailer's Law of Female Journalism.

1 upvotesTheRabbitTunnel4 years ago

Whenever someone even bothers to talk negatively about something that has nothing to do with them (like a celebrities personal life), you can be certain that they are a miserable person trying to feel better about their own empty life by speaking ill of others.

56 upvotestclearinghouse4 years ago

I can only pray that I end up as miserable and alone as Leonardo DiCaprio. How he manages to put on a brave face every day I will never know.

1 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago

He is indeed a brave man slaying those wild and sexy Amazonians in the pussy jungle.

Raise Your glasses, gents~~

51 upvotesMyLittleAtomBomb4 years ago

I already commented but on my way to work something else occurred to me.

He tears through models and various drunk chicks with reckless abandon, not stopping to create any emotional connection with anyone. He sees them as a momentary fun diversion. He's always on the lookout for new vagina.

Leo behaves...like the average western woman. It's the pussy carousel. He's behaving "hypergamously", except instead of branch swinging, he's just fucking and chucking once something new catches his eye. Only at the spearhead of male SMV can men behave in this way.

The author recognizes his behavior as reflective of her own past, but her misconception lies in thinking that his result will be the same. SHE is "miserable and alone" because that's the fate of cock carousel riders. Her SMV rose rapidly and lasted for a 10 year window before plummeting directly into a wall made from saggy jowels and muffin tops. She of course took full advantage of it, going out every weekend and bathing in the shower of free male attention and validation. She probably had a few orbiters doting on her as she met up with thad the motorcycle rider for a bathroom hookup for the 4th time that weekend.

Pussy carousel riders just coast into the sunset with a 20 year old's mouth wrapped around their dick, because a man's SMV is calculated differently.

This is why you never take a woman's dating advice. They literally cannot perceive anyone's needs beyond their own.

21 upvotesfingerthemoon4 years ago

Did you see her picture? I don't think she ever got the chance to ride the carousel. Maybe the seesaw.

And instead of the pussy carousel I'd say he's sliding at the Wet N Wild Waterpark.

10 upvotesWhySoRuff4 years ago

Good points, but I don't think her SMV ever changed beyond the drop from a 2 to a 1 once she hit the wall.

11 upvotesMyLittleAtomBomb4 years ago

With how hard women hit the wall these days, you honestly can't tell what they used to look like.

They go from Princess Leia to Jabba the Hut

2 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago

Worst, many Jabba the Hut dress like Leia, then complain about the male attention.

Later, actual princess Leia comes along, Jabba is ditched.

Now, it's "men are so superficial, why can't they see the inner beauty."

1 upvotesgonorealover4 years ago

Did you have a look at her ?

3 upvotesMyLittleAtomBomb4 years ago

My mom was a model in her prime and now weighs 300lbs.

Just because she looks one way now doesn't mean she didn't look somewhat decent back in the day

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

27 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

She wants a man like him and thinks that shaming him like this will get him to give her a chance so she can show him how wonderful she is.. The fly in the ointment is that she knows he will never give her the time of day, never mind fuck her saggy roast beef curtain blue waffle.

That's why she cares, he has what she wants and knows she has nothing he wants.

25 upvotesoglowkey4 years ago

Bitches can never just let a guy win. If she's miserable everybody has to be miserable.

14 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Because maybe if he is miserable enough because of her she will get her shot with him!

-Girl logic-

9 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Girl logic is some of the craziest shit I've ever seen. You literally would see it in school and mutter to yourself what the fuck.

7 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

It doesn't stop after school either, it continues and gets worse as they ride the cc.

6 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

I lived with a woman who was just turning 30 a couple of months ago and lets just say I ran for the hills. It's a shame, I can't even imagine the pain they go through until death. But they trifle with my freedom and sanity, so fuck 'em.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Someone else said it best. Male sexual strategy is to raise SMV, including allies. Female sexual strategy is to lower SMV of target male and female "allies".

1 upvotescsehszlovakze4 years ago

shaming him like this will get him to give her a chance

and in the rare event that succeeds she'll lose respect instantly and will start resenting the guy for being so beta

7 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Dude that is most men, actually. Fucking beta males

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

It's insane how this article is such a perfect female analogue of the cliche "nice guy" lamenting that no woman will see him for his good personality.

2 upvotesLifeMedic4 years ago

Only if we're stuck with the bill.

1 upvotesBrunoOh4 years ago

It's easier to shame other people than to accept reality.

35 upvotesthiasus4 years ago

Writer for Daily Mail

On a scale from marble-floored bathroom with solid gold sinks to porta potty on the last day of Burning Man, the Daily Mail is the shit, piss, vomit and cum chemical dredge at the bottom of that porta potty. You should assume that anything written in there is going to be absolute garbage.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Probably her last stop before a desk clerk job.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That's why they're still in business, man.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

And if Leo asked the author to come home with him, she'd do it in a heartbeat and would blow him the second they stepped into his place.

She's just a bitter hater. AWALT applies to feminist writers too. Don't listen to what they say or read what they write, watch what they do.

22 upvotescoffee_and_lumber4 years ago

If the field reports (and my own personal investigations) are correct, SJW types are some of the freakiest, most submissive bitches you'll ever bang.

15 upvotesJaereth4 years ago

It's all nothing but simulated rape fantasies. Most of them won't come out and straight up say it, but that's what they want. The most "feminist" girl I ever dated wanted me to choke the shit out of her when we did it.

The old rule strikes again. Look at what women do, not what they say.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Pretty much. That and slut training for their mouths, asses, and pussies.

20 upvotesB_uckets4 years ago

His famous preference is for box-fresh blondes aged 25 and under — usually lingerie models, but any random glamourpuss will do at a pinch.

. . . he seems not to be interested in intellect or personality, kindness and wit.

What is she trying to say, pretty blonde girls are dumb? How the fuck would she know if she's never met any of them? And haven't feminists been fighting that ignorant stereotype for decades now!?

It's amazing how much feminists shit on women when it serves their own agenda. "This hot, rich guy doesn't like me. Therefore, everyone he dates is a vapid slut and he is the scum of the earth."

Edit: Please save that article with archive.is, this is some Hall of Fame worthy hamstering.

Edit2: Be warned, everyone. This is the face of pure agony and existential despair: http://i.imgur.com/ojahv1T.jpg (NSFW, bikinis)

83 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The lesson is simple; bachelorhood is socially unacceptable even for wealthy Hollywood movie stars.

Note that carefully guys. Law 38 is pretty clear about acting like others when circumstances require, and the modern expectation is that any man of high SMV and financial worth is married or divorced.

Personal case- far as my coworkers know I'm divorced . Why? Because a high SMV bachelor in a building full of divorcees and married betas in this fucking matriarchy is unlikely to progress in his career.

81 upvotesmonsieurhire24 years ago

No, that's not the lesson. Do you think Leonardo even knows this vapid idiot is even alive? Probably not. Also, do you think maybe it's not entirely his fault that he's single? He's a rich celebrity that every single woman wants as a trophy. How is he supposed to determine who's for real and who's fake? He's probably surrounded by sociopaths constantly pretending to actually like him for him, but really its all just a pose to try to get in with him so they can milk him for wealth and validation. It's probably safer to be single than to get married. That's the inconvenient truth the bitch writer leaves out.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Honestly that sounds maddening, I think that level of fame is almost a curse. Think of how wary YOU, some random guy, are of marrying the wrong woman! Now imagine you're Leonardo fucking DiCaprio, there are probably literally 1 million 10s on the earth who would fuck you at the drop of a hat just because of who you are. I don't think that's even an exaggeration. How could you EVER know with even moderate certainty that a particular girl's intentions are genuine, if you're looking for the one to marry? The level of fakeness and sociopathy the guy must be exposed to is unimaginable.

23 upvotessouthernmost4 years ago

Matt Damon has said that one of the things he's grateful for is that while he is handsome enough to work in Hollywood, he is not so remarkable that he can't just disappear into jeans and a hoodie.

8 upvotesTman56914 years ago

That's why celebrities typically marry each other. Even if they aren't that into one another it gives them an acceptable public veneer on both sides. The guy doesn't get articles like this about him and the girl won't get called a old cat lady. What happens privately doesn't matter as long as they're discreet.

Marry someone who isn't used to that lifestyle and you're asking to get ruined.

9 upvotesfingerthemoon4 years ago

He's probably surrounded by sociopaths constantly pretending to actually like him for him, but really its all just a pose to try to get in with him so they can milk him for wealth and validation. It's probably safer to be single than to get married.

Isn't this true for all guys? I mean, don't all women pretend to actually like you for you while they milk you for wealth and validation?

4 upvotesLeonard_Church4 years ago

No, because some chicks will still go after an unemployed guy living in a trailer park with $2.42 in his bank account.

He has no wealth to give, and his social status means his validation is worth next to nothing. At least he knows that she fucks him simply because he is a good lay, or is enjoyable to be around.

2 upvotesdarkrood4 years ago

Omg, and that girl is most likely 8+ looking super models?

Come on, women with any decent value is already in hot pursuit by men from all direction. Even, good looking girls who constantly end up with unemployed drunker will surely become a degenerate on his level.

If a girl is falling for a homeless druggie, it does not signal that you are worthless. It mostly signals that you can do a lot better than this girl.

Whether you rise above though, that's the hard question.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

As that guy at one time, it doesn't work out in the long run. They eventually branch swing. In my case to a schizophrenic white rapper with a little more $ to his name.

If I haven't said it before, I think they're perfect for each other.

1 upvotesRemyPrice4 years ago

The curse is that most of these women actually think they're in love with him, and don't understand their own subconcious motives.

1 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

It's kind of like being a security guard in an industrial environment. You can never tell if someone is being cool to you because you have a uniform on. Whatever, made a shit ton of friends doing that gig.

43 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

How fucked up is it that being divorced is a benefit and making good choices by not getting married is a detriment?

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Preselection preselection preselection. A divorcee is a divorcee either through his fault or her fault or mutual agreement - and the higher value you radiate, the more people are ready to believe it's her fault. Be good enough and your only fault becomes "He got his judgement clouded once by a woman"

15 upvotesjiveraffe4 years ago

I've heard it said that any successful man should be married by some stage. That is, a bachelor would never be considered for a senior position because if he can't commit to a woman how can he commit to the job?

Divorced is a fantastic cover story. Although widower might work just as well. I might have to invest in a plain gold band.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Silver, at Walmart for $28 dollars. That's my wedding band and my wife and I joke about it all the time (she signed an iron clad pre-nup). I spent more on her first gun that I did on her engagement ring plus our wedding bands.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Well she's from Massachusetts originally. We met online in Orlando Florida. She's a Yankee but an open minded one that votes Republican.

1 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

I can confirm this. Definitely heard some senior male coworkers echo this sentiment. The young buck plowing pussy AND BEING CANDID ABOUT IT AT WORK managed to grow resentment.

11 upvotesthenemaxofredpill4 years ago

Single and rolling in looking fly as fuck at 31 to my fortune 500 corporate job where everyone is over 40 and married/divorced with kids. The hate is real.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The hate is real.

Vitriolic comments at meetings?

5 upvotessweetleef4 years ago

The lesson is simple; bachelorhood is socially unacceptable even for wealthy Hollywood movie stars.

lol, that's giving it way too much credit. The jealousy-soaked sour-grapes whining of a desperate hag don't speak for "society"; and it's obvious to everybody why this author is spewing her bile.

What is really pissing her off is that it's not only "socially acceptable," but admired and attractive - and it's out of her reach.

4 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Shit I don't even know why that would matter. I have strict boundaries in the workplace. I mean, I'll shoot the shit with people but it's strictly professional.

7 upvotesJaereth4 years ago

I tried that too. Then I had a couple breakout successful projects. Started getting called upstairs a lot and now the CEO wants to shoot the shit when he's getting coffee and sees me up there.

He knows my girlfriends name what we are into. It will be unavoidable if you want to start getting into the right circles at work. It's a social club first and foremost and they will want to know.

1 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Well that is just me because I don't plan on working for someone else for long. When you're the top dog you don't have to tell anyone anything about your personal life.

1 upvotesDarkone064 years ago

Its worse you have to listen to everyone else's personal life.

0 upvotesfoldpak1114 years ago

Understandable. As long as I have 'my' privacy, I'll go through the rungs of human fuckery.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Because a high SMV bachelor in a building full of divorcees and married betas in this fucking matriarchy is unlikely to progress in his career.

Why? Can you expand on this?

1 upvotesbluedrygrass4 years ago

Basically envy. The official reason is that someone who isn't stable enough to be married isn't reliable.

But practically it's just that with that much power, coupled with freedom, you'll attract the ire of every man in a sad, forced marriage, or the ones that saw fortunes burned in divorces.

32 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev4 years ago

The only "toxic" thing here is this chick's hamster.

The Wall, for men, is death.

39 upvotesMeat-on-the-table4 years ago

Unless you're a radical Muslim...then death is the beginning of the sweet spot of the SMV bell curve.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

heh good point. as salama lekam

3 upvotesunyin4 years ago

I understand the point you're making, but realistically speaking, wouldn't The Wall be more like "the moment your body and mind stop responding the way you need them to"? As in, senility, alzheimer's, any number of other old-age diseases and debilities?

2 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev4 years ago

I understand the point you're making

Then lets's just go with that. It's more workable than adding "Some restrictions apply. Void where prohibited, or where otherwise invalidated by becoming an invalid, debilitating stroke, particularly nasty cancer and/or leprosy that makes your dick fall off, dengue-dengue, beri-beri, or AIDS because you shot up with guys who prostitute themselves for drug money."

As in, senility, alzheimer's, any number of other old-age diseases and debilities?

You can still be the Mack Daddy of the nursing home, assuming you want to be. I know a guy who is 70 who bones his still-pretty-for-being-post-Wall late 30s secretary. Be that guy.

1 upvotesunyin4 years ago

You can still be the Mack Daddy of the nursing home, assuming you want to be.

I guess that pretty much answers my questions. Thanks.

15 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

Mr DiCaprio should settle down quickly while there are still options left on the table for him. Leonardo: think fast... soon enough you'll have to find that special someone.

Seriously Leonard... (can I call you Leonard?) you've only got 30-40 years max before you'll have to stop sleeping with fit young lithe sexy supermodels and settle down with that special older girl. That special girl who you want to look across the courtroom at and think "I'm glad I chose this girl to fight for half my worldly wealth and future alimony".

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She's getting massacred in the comments, though.

2 upvotesDAEHateRatheism4 years ago

And from that she knows she succeeded.

12 upvotesMeat-on-the-table4 years ago

This simply proves the truth about the feminine imperative: No matter how successful you are at what you do, now matter how much you ascend to the the very peak of your chosen profession, now matter how much money you make--you're nothing if you don't indenture yourself to a woman.

12 upvoteshiphoprising4 years ago

he seems not to be interested in intellect or personality, kindness and wit

Yes, because beautiful women can't possibly be intellectual, have personality, kindness or wit. Only unattractive women have those traits.

19 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

I've been living alone for almost three years now. I'm far happier now than I ever was when married or in a long term thing, girls don't make me happy. I'm 5 years older than Leo and I too have no shortage of young girls liking me, wanting to fuck me, and doing so. Why the hell would I want to settle down again? Did that twice, miserable both times, and both ended due to the girl's extremely poor choices.

There is no emptiness, no hollow feeling, no misery, and no blood sucking wallet parasites. Girls don't complete me, the provide warm moist holes to fuck, and the occasional conversation. Other than watching my dogs for me and sometimes helping me with a two person job, I really don't have much use for them.

1 upvoteswhyalwaysm34 years ago

What poor choices ended both if you don't me asking? Not that I don't believe you, I just want to see how ridiculous women's choices can be considering I've experienced it myself.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

The first one wanted to control my money, tell me what to do and what I couldn't do, she wanted me to work and give her everything I earned. When that didn't work for her, she left and moved my kids 1500 miles away. A year later she realized life is hard, even with 1200 a month in child support. She wanted me back, but I said not only no but fuck no. She hooked up with a loser, ten years older than me, who was as lazy and directionless as she is. She is 260lbs, type 2 diabetic, and can't cheat on him because nobody in his right mind will fuck her.

Second one left because I got sick from a chemical exposure that left me unable to breathe well for six months. Her poor choice was giving up a life with a man who has vision, steadfast determination, and an income, that despite being 20 years older than her boyfriend will achieve far more in the next 20 than her idiot will. Her father pays their bills, he has maybe 5 years left to live and then she will have nothing. She left a war veteran accomplished man for a complete and utter failure that feels entitled and spend his time thinking he is awesome while actually doing nothing to even be mediocre. Sure he is younger, but he is a dead end.

The shortsighted poor choices have cost both more than they can know, but I can achieve considerably more without the expense of them.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Leo is the face of IDGAF.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Even Putin saluted DiCaprio.

8 upvotesstemgang4 years ago

Lol. He has money, looks, fame, and frame.

Even if he lost 3 of those 4 things, he would still be able to pull primo tail.

7 upvotesJaereth4 years ago

This is jealousy at it's core. Remember the post a few days back about the successful man. He'll start a business and his friends say "Don't work too hard" or he slays pussy and they say "You should find a nice girl and settle down!". When in reality, the friends Won't work hard enough to become that successful, and don't want to see him do it either. Also, they can't slay pussy like him, they can only hope to get one girl attached and committed. So in turn, they try to project the narrative that what they are doing is the desirable course of action, and the man is foolish for slaying vadge.

So now take this fat slag. It's pretty much the opposite of "Successman" from the first paragraph. She doesn't have a choice between being a cum dumpster for Chad, or desperately trying to get one man to foolishly devalue himself and commit. There's no two ways about it. She can't get the Chads to rail on her and hope for/instigate an accidental pregnancy, she can only do the beta bux path if she's lucky.

So just like the guys who tell "Successman" that he shouldn't slay pussy because they can't, and tries to make it seem like the way they are forced into is the more desirable course of action, this woman is doing the same thing. It's undesirable what Leo is doing. That's not the best course of action. No, Leo should be doing something different entirely. Never once stopping to consider that she doesn't have that initial choice in the Leo situation.

There's no fucking way she could run through much younger super attractive partners. Leo can. So who is she to judge what the right choice is, when she can't even make that decision herself? She's literally unable and probably never has been able to live that side of it, so what the fuck does she know?

The moral of the story is never take advice from someone can't see both sides of the equation for themselves. Don't let beta bitch boys or any woman really get a word in about your sex life. Don't give the McDonalds wage slave a chance to comment on your business or investments. Don't listen to the 450 pound know it all make comments on your routine or diet plan. (I have one of these in my life, it gets so old...) Make sure if you want to pay attention to someone's advice, they are actually capable of living both choices themselves.

1 upvotesMonkeyDFreecs4 years ago

could you link that post about successman?

1 upvotesArkAngelEV4 years ago

bravo. She's so judgy. Disgusting

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

2011: http://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2011/12/prostitution-of-jan-moir.html

6 upvotesThe_Man_on_the_Wall4 years ago

Don’t laugh, but there is clearly a sadness and emptiness to it; ...For, ultimately, all that beauty must corrode the soul, especially as he seems not to be interested in intellect

Isnt he one of the worlds foremost celebrities at the forefront of Climate Change activism? Regardless of your political stripe the sheer act of involvement speaks to at least some intellect. You can accuse the Kardashian clan of being vapid fucktards. Leo though? Regardless of your politics the guy never struck me as an intellectual lightweight.

2 upvotesT00000094 years ago

True that, I could list a dozen guys I am totally at odd with an any number of issues, but I've got not problem with their brain power.

Besides, it's not like that fat old sow has any serious "intellect" to offer after that diatribe of dumb.

5 upvotesbalalasaurus4 years ago

Find a man who wouldn't want to be Leo or a woman who wouldn't want to sleep with him and I'll renounce TRP as blatant fiction.

4 upvotesLegendaryContent4 years ago

Each and everyone of the hoes that Dicaprio plows are alpha widows. No other man they end up with will ever compare to him.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

its like a turd trying to make shame a sunset. (david spade in the pamela anderson roast)

8 upvotesrebeccabrixton4 years ago

If it was a woman pulling lots of hot men in her 30's they'd be all "you go girl". Cringe.

Good luck to the man. He does not look sad, miserable or unhappy to me. The woman at the Daily Fail just hates that he's out there going for women that attractive which I can only assume she isn't and therefore its telling her a truth women don't want to hear; given a choice, men don't want dried up older women. Its not creepy, in the same way she will no doubt find a 6 pack hot - attraction is non negotiable.

Its a hard pill to swallow I admit. Just wish she'd shut up bringing people down. We all have our time to shine and lucky bastard Leo's is just going on longer than most.

5 upvotesreigorius4 years ago

We are analysing this way too much. She is just pissed she is not on his yacht fucking him, like the young models are. And thus she projects her own insecurities online. Done, case closed. Nothing to see here.

3 upvotescatacamas4 years ago

She sounds envious ... why can't someone like Leo go for someone like her, she probably wishes deep inside. Older (and often fatter) women have to try shame men into avoiding attractive younger women by trying to stigmatize the dating of younger women. Sadly it probably works to some degree - I've seen my share of white knights parrot the kind of drivel she spews - so I'm glad there are men who keep unashamedly dating young hot women when they can. I'll get the youngest woman I can

3 upvotesBallsOverFaults4 years ago

Her anger is immense. Emotion over logic, a true SJW.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The title alone made laugh. Who the fuck is she trying to kid here?

3 upvotesosborn184 years ago

Feminist Translator: Why cant i get a guy like Leo Dicaprio. So ronery ;_;

3 upvotesNicholas_4 years ago

That's a disgusting thing to write about a man or woman. It's his life and he can live it however he wants to live it, the writer needs to look at herself before passing judgement onto someone else.

3 upvotesT00000094 years ago

It's his life and he can live it however he wants to live it

WRONG ... This is the feminist nation of pussy pass, no man is allowed standards and is required to wife up the fattest repugnant sow in three counties who absolutely despises him. The purple hair and five dozen pounds of metal in her face is a bonus that jerkboi Leo should be begging for dammit!!

2 upvotesNicholas_4 years ago

Hey now, you're trying to convince me and yourself that those feminists are women which we both know they are not, more land whale than human.

2 upvotesT00000094 years ago

Why do you hate lad whales so much?

You some kind a specist or sumthin?

Everybody knows that little girls are made with roaches and lice and your chances are a roll of the dice.

3 upvotesneveragoodtime4 years ago

What she's really saying is that young beautiful women need to stay in their lane and stop throwing their sexy bodies at this handsome millionaire to make room for an aging beauty, like herself. She also assumes all of these beautiful, successful women are dumb blondes with no personality between their breasts. Typical feminist, ignoring that these women are beautiful and smart and pleasant and specifically pursue handsome millionaires for their status and wealth, AS IS THEIR RIGHT. But no, it's always the man pursuing these no name girls out of no where because of their beauty.

3 upvotesLawfulgray4 years ago

It's weird cause feminists are usually super against marriage unless its an influential/rich/famous man.

3 upvotesAcheronian_Rose4 years ago

They are against anything that benefits men lol

3 upvotesApexk94 years ago

The funny thing is she is straight up insulting young attractive women.

Examplr: that the women he was with possibly couldn't have been witty, kind, intelligent, or have a great personality because they were young and beautiful.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

She confuses inner contentment with manic smiles. The latter is not a sign of the former. And I'm still waiting to meet the female with wit and intellectual simulation in conversation. Maybe Jan knows one?

2 upvotesMaDSteeZe4 years ago

Poor guy, he looks so lonely

2 upvotestrpjnf4 years ago

Honestly, feminists are just self-hating women. They realize that their value to society at large is based entirely off their looks, and quite simply, they're jealous of men. Not only of how well male SMV holds up over time, but also the fact that male SMV is based off something that isn't mostly dependent on genetics.

3 upvotesBenjiDread4 years ago

I think it's the women she's jealous of. Old tired looking chick's simply can't stand young beautiful women. What's worse is that they're fucking men her age. You can feel her hatred toward the young beautiful women he's with.

But, as usual, it's the man's fault. He should know better than to fuck hot women.

2 upvotesioncloud94 years ago

This reminds me of this scene: https://youtu.be/LlOSdRMSG_k?t=40

2 upvotesPantsonFire12344 years ago

It absolutely baffles my mind how these harpies manage to spin everything good and impressionable about a man as a negative- should it not directly benefit the female gender at large. The sheer audacity of this cartoon character to accuse this man of enjoying the fruits of his success.

Just try this for yourself- mention to a 30+ broad that you intend to fuck 18-21 year olds till your hearts contempt. She will explode. How dare you to live for yourself, you need to sacrifice for the feminine imperative- you need to slave away.

2 upvotesELLEN_POO4 years ago

I don't think Jan Moir would find much sympathy amongst feminists and especially not SJW's. More info: her wiki page.


2 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag4 years ago

i mean, i can see why she would be angry

1 upvotesAcheronian_Rose4 years ago

I almost spewed my drink everywhere.

2 upvotesmugatucrazypills4 years ago

I'd like to interrupt this discussion of the wetness of water to comment on Leonardo DiCaprio's recent purchase of the Dianah Shore house in Palm Springs.

"Welcome to the former Dinah Shore Estate in the heart of Palm Springs. This iconic, Mid-Century home was designed by renowned architect Donald Wexler in 1964."


I would imagine he dropped 6M on this place and had it restored and modernized exactly because he has good taste and an appreciation for the cultural and aesthetic significance of such a property. Even the mystique of the period and it's relationship to the American Century tie in with the roles and work that he's done (such as the Aviator).

Can you imagine what the Daily Mail writer would buy if she magically somehow came upon Dicaprios money ? A mcmansion with rotting chinese sulfuric acid stucco that would embarass even the Kardashians? a pink Diamond iwatch made with Tim Cooks' jism ? Jet Trips to Dubai and eat,pray,shit ...sex tourism in Bali ? Gold Teeth and tit-jobs and duck lips? 100 cats ? Anything of cultural value or meaning? anything ?

2 upvotesAlbacorewing4 years ago

What a bunch of typical feminist horse manure.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If I could live a life that the Daily Mail wrote an article like this about me I would be so happy.

2 upvotesSquabbles1234 years ago

Huge Heffner would disagree.

2 upvotesmdadm4 years ago

Aw yea... he's gonna be so misreable to be cumming in a different girl every week.

2 upvotesusernameson4 years ago

You ripped apart her "logic" perfectly.

2 upvoteswont_tell_i_refuse4 years ago

Language like

toxic bachelor, its biggest lothario and most wretchedly dedicated modeliser

Is such a damn red flag for "I rode the CC and I'm bitter about men".

You would never recognize this language if for not this sub. Ain't the Red Pill grand?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

LOL what a bitter wrteched post-wall wench. Sorry that millionaire actors aren't interested in used up loose wrinkled pussy flaps!

2 upvotesAlbacorewing4 years ago

Well, just look at her picture. She is repulsive. You can see at once why she is so upset that these attractive young women are going for Mr. DiCaprio.


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Leo is actually my goddamn hero. Dude has the best life imaginable.

1 upvotesktchong4 years ago

She will have a heart attack if Leo wins an Oscar for Best Actor this year.

1 upvotesChilly734 years ago

Guess what, haters? He's got the class, charm, and financial assets to keep himself happy for a long time. Good for him.

1 upvoteswatcher454 years ago

Ok fess up fellas, who put make up on the sea cow?

1 upvotesItsCold_ItsCold4 years ago

It's almost like they're some sort of narcissists who believe male happiness lies entirely in the approval of women.

1 upvotessuicidalherou4 years ago

Sometimes some women are just asking to be told "You need to get laid, bitch"

1 upvotesjuliusstreicher4 years ago

Yet what is acceptable at the age of 21 just starts to look sad and seedy two decades on.

Definitely. I pity poor Leo. What happened to him??? When he gets his Oscar for his last movie, and next 30 million for his next movie, he'll be laughing on the outside, but, I'll be weeping for him.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The best part of this? The author is actually enhancing his reputation by writing this piece. This "feminist" doesn't even understands how her own gender works!

Great post, absolutely dreadful article. Go home and feed your 20 cats you hack.

1 upvotesFakeGuru4 years ago

Guys, you need to calm down.

This is typical Daily Mail stuff and designed for its target audience.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

will end up "miserable and alone"

Like no man go got married ever. At least his rich!

1 upvotesbig_foam_shocker4 years ago

I'm stealing the word "glamourpuss"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

As the saying goes, why buy the cow when the milk is for free?

A better saying is, "Why not buy the milk when buying the cow means you probably won't get any milk and when the cow runs off you'll lose half your farm?"

1 upvotesTheRedPilsner4 years ago

Wanna know why Leonardo DiCaprio is banging a different early-20s lingerie model every few weeks? Because he fucking can. 99% of straight guys would do the exact same thing if they were in his shoes.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago


And I'm the fucking queen of France, Jesus, how out of touch can these people get? Leonardo DiCaprio will be slinging hot, steaming pussy for his dick into his 70s.

1 upvotescthulhuofrlyeh4 years ago

Yeah that's clearly not going to happen. Leo is currently fat with a neckbeard and still is having no problems finding hot chicks. He is going to win the Oscar and his SV will remain high for many more years.

1 upvotesroyal_fucktard4 years ago

She should write an article about how most women act like this from ages 17-27 and how their lives become "miserable and lonely" when they get older because of it.

1 upvotes1991Kira4 years ago

He can’t commit to a proper cause

LOL. A guy whose social media posts are full of useful information about protecting wildlife and the environment, and who uses his oscar-night speech to talk about global warming is not committed to a cause?

-8 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotesuser_none4 years ago

No, but in this thread it is a bunch of men pointing out the hypocrisy of a fat, ugly woman trying to shame a good looking, high value man that's having fun in life.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I can see that. This substance-less bs makes up 90% of the posts here nowadays.

2 upvotesuser_none4 years ago

While I do agree to an extent, and there certainly is lots of substance-less B.S. (not necessarily this post, just in general), I believe men need a place to rant and let off steam. Yep, I sometimes get tired of it, but it rolls off my shoulders.

Let the anger burn everything clean instead of keeping it inside, only to be bitter.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

There's not a lot of ways to say the same thing over and over: "never get married" and "keep lifting". So we need to improvise.

2 upvotesApexk94 years ago

You aware this women is straight up insulting young attravtive women? Saying they can't be intelligent or have personality or be kind.

Is that feminism you want to support backhand insulting women?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

No but just like when women talk politics its not like i get angry or try to explain to them that they dont know what they talking about

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