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How to get Laid Like a Sociopath

by IamGale | March 23, 2016 | TheRedPill


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Summary: IamGale here, the psych and marketing guy of TRP, bringing you a post about the psychology of getting laid and how a guy I randomly met travelling forever solved his problem with women.

Today I’m talking to you about getting laid like a sociopath. I’m talking about the sociopaths who ooze charisma (not the ones who tie people up). Those who follow Law 27 and play on people’s need to believe and create a cult like following.

Those bullshit artists that can sell you anything, including themselves. That move up the ranks faster than anyone else. Today I’m revealing the secrets behind their success. I’ll tell you Roman’s story, I guy I met by accident and his specific tactics of how he slept with over a hundred women.

There’s two good approaches to getting laid like crazy.

They both have one thing in common: they create a lifestyle where they regularly meet women. Here’s the first approach:

You create an environment where the girls are coming to you and where you automatically have high status. So if you want to get laid like a sociopath, start a casting agency, own a strip club, own a bar. Become a patron of the theatre. Do headshots for actresses. This is the easy way to get laid.

In these case, you create a job where it’s easy to get laid. But it’s not that easy because when you starting shitting where you eat you run into problems. However, you will be drowning in it. Yes, this is shallow, requires money, and won’t work for younger guys. But if you succeed, you’ll be creating a lifestyle where women have already preselected.


There’s another option. One that will last you your whole life. Rollo has a quote that if you can only have one, looks, game, or status, you’re better off with game. Because game will last you your whole life whereas the other two will fade over time.

How do you develop game? Well, you get more experience interacting and bedding women. If you approach enough girls you will be getting laid. Even a sociopath has to go and approach girls. But this is easier said than done.

But you already know that don’t you?

So this post will examine the psychology behind getting more girls in your life, why it’s so difficult, and how the guy I met, Roman, completely solved this problem.

This is about the invisible scripts that are stopping you from creating this lifestyle. I'ts about the real reasons why you're living up to your potential. Because it’s only when we address our realities that we can start to make real changes.

Why most people fail to get laid

Why do guys fail to approach girls? Why do guys ignore their needs on countless of occasions? Why is it that some guys naturally do well with women and others don’t? The reason for this problem is clear. Most guys who can’t approach and connect with women simply haven’t created the habit of doing so.

The formation of any habit comes only from constant practice. Casanova, you can be sure, never studied the rules. No one who gets laid regularly thinks of the PUA techniques when they're pulling.

I wrote a post yesterday called, “How To Win At Life Through Emotional Domination” and I included a beautiful story about two pottery classes. In one class, the students were told that would be graded solely on the quality they produced. In the other they were graded on the quantity where 50lbs was an A, 40lbs was a B.

The highest quality pots were all produced by the group being graded for quantity.

Getting laid is in our DNA, it’s a form human bonding that has built our civilization, and without which we wouldn’t even exist. But without practice, it'll never happen. Why has this happened? Schools, films, and most parents, have made getting laid something to be avoided. Instead, getting laid is seen as scary instead of the world’s most fascinating game! This is a disgrace to all of us.

But my eyes were opened when I met Roman...

What Roman Did to Solve his Problem with Women

I went travelling in Europe, staying in hostels and I met a fascinating guy. He wasn’t a PUA, but he was getting laid like crazy. In a regular world, this shouldn’t happen. He was a short, average looking guy who lived in hostels…

He didn’t run a model agency, he had no status, but he was getting laid like CRAZY. What’s more is that he wasn’t getting laid from hostel sluts, no he was picking up locals, girls on the streets, and in parks.

It made no sense. He shattered my pre-existing beliefs. What Roman was doing shouldn’t be possible. Yet he was doing it night after night. How does a short average guy like him slay so much?

Here in lies the real difference between Roman and PUAs. Roman didn’t have a website, he’s not a coach, and he's not selling a program. He’s just a regular guy I met having fun while travelling the world.

He wasn’t always good with women. But in a year, Roman improved himself more than any field report I’ve seen.

There was no guess work about his results. He was developing this incredible abundance mindset by laying hundreds of girls.

As Amazing as his improvements were, what was more interesting was the fact that he fell in love with it, he became wild about pick up. It was a game for him.

100% Self-Correcting Way to Approach

The basic principle of Roman’s strategy is habit-forming. Anyone can learn to get laid by constantly using the correct mindset. But how does one know in each case the correct thing to do to get laid? Roman solved this problem in a simple, unique, and sensible way.

Imagine if you had a coach, like Roman, standing forever at your side while you approached, told stories, and picked up girls. Every time you said the wrong thing or made a wrong move you would hear him say: “That is wrong, you should say this.” In a short time, you would be doing approaches with much higher success rates. More importantly, the experience would become FUN instead of you hating yourself for your mistakes.

And if you continued to make the same mistakes over and over again, he would patiently tell you what was right. He would be an everlasting mentor to you. A mentor, that would not laugh or demean you, but on the contrary, support and help you.

This is exactly what Roman developed for himself. He created a voice within him ready to speak whenever he made an error. It found his mistakes and corrected him without judgement. He didn’t even have to learn “game” because his DNA already knew the right thing to do. With this strategy there no rules to memorize, he was just being himself.

Only 15 Minutes a Day

This doesn’t start on the street with girls. This starts right now with you and it only takes fifteen minutes a day. Roman did this in his spare time, on the subway, waiting for flights, anywhere he had time. He would practice this and the results are really amazing.

It all starts with how we talk to ourselves. Mike Cernovich’s book, Gorilla Mindset, has a whole chapter on self-talk that aligns perfectly with Roman’s self-talk.

Briefly, Mike outlines 4 ways you can improve your self-talk. I’ve included my favourite parts and paraphrased his answers. If you practice these techniques of creating a positive self-talk, you’ll be drastically increasing your game.

Here are the 4 strategies in the book:

  1. Talk to yourself in a mirror. Instead of attacking yourself in silence when you screw up, vocalize those thoughts. Look into a mirror and actually talk. Don’t censor yourself. Let it all out and see what your unconscious mind is projecting. Then ask yourself if this is the voice you want your friends and family to see.

  2. Record those nasty voices. We all have those bad days. Like the mirror exercise, you want to get it all out of your system. Say all those nasty things you sometimes think about yourself. Then in a day or two play back your recording and see exactly what your inner thoughts are like. Rotten things abhor sunlight. Once you understand what your reality is, it becomes much easier for you to change it.

  3. Ask yourself questions. Mike writes that criticism is based on going against values. For example, you might feel creepy because approached a girl on the subway. But more often than not, those value judgements are someone else’s. Society may value privacy on the subway, but individually we value meeting new people. Are you going to put society’s value above yours? No, of course not! And are you going to let those values be the reason you criticize yourself? No, you’ll live by your values. Self-hate are rants that we repeat to ourselves over and over again. In those moment asks yourself questions like: Am I being a hateful person? Am I choosing, in this moment, to be the type of person I want to become? Ask yourself these questions and answer them. Start living by your values and not someone else’s.

  4. Affirmations and Mantras. This is the last step. Change your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Create your own positive thoughts through a mantra or a phrase. When creating a mantra, imagine the person you want to be, and create a phrase for it. Mike includes some examples:

  • “I am unstoppable"
  • “This is a fantastic challenge that will test my resolve and will. Even if I don’t win, I will grow stronger."
  • “The only easy day was yesterday.” [Navy SEAL motto]

I don’t want to give away his whole book, but I recommend it.

Improving your self-talk will improve all of your relationships.

By practicing positive thoughts like this for only 15 minutes a day, you’ll become the man you want to be.

Those who take advantage of proper self-talk gain something so priceless it can’t be measured in money. You gain a mark of breeding that can’t be erased for as long as you live. You gain the ability to attract top tier women, which marks you as high status. You gain the self-confidence and self-respect for which this ability inspires.

Think about how we judge people based on their spouses or partners. Look at Bernie Sander’s wife and then look at Trump’s wife. Now how do you feel about each candidate? Those who take advantage of this strategy will boost their SMV because the people you surround yourself indicate your own status.

Self-talk is everything. They say the first person a sociopath convinces of his bullshit is himself. See the sociopath masters self-talk! By only telling himself positives messages, the sociopath will ooze charisma. He really believes everything he's saying. There are no voices in his head telling himself he's a loser or a fraud. None of that! I'm not suggesting you become a sociopath to get laid. I'm suggesting that we can learn something about their confidence. That's why this post is called, "How to Get Laid Like a Sociopath." Because we can learn and apply similar self-talk to ourselves.

Self-talk was the first step, but most important step in Roman’s journey. I have a ton of other material from our conversations and my observations. Specifically, on the unique way, he would cold-approach strangers. How he would create these instant connections. How the girls would open up and feel safe around him in dangerous environments. But that’s for another post.

Lesson Learned:

  • There’s two ways to get laid like a sociopath
  • Create an environment where women come to you and you’re high status
  • Work on your game and develop the ability to attract any woman you want
  • The first step to do this is developing major game is your self-talk
  • Improving your self-talk will boost your confidence and improve all relationships.

My Challenge to You:

I challenge you, for 15 minutes today, to use those 4 self-talk strategies to examine your own self-talk and see the benefits for yourself.

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139 upvotesthewrightstuff884 years ago

Believing in your own bullshit can truly change you for the better. I used to have self pity when things went awry whether it was with girls, playing sports, or just life in general. I would mentally beat myself up over it and think about it for days, even when it was insignificant. TBH, I still do from time to time however, I am much more aware of it and squash it with positive thoughts.

By changing my overall thinking into one where I believe in my efforts and I believe that everyday I can be better, do more, and reach realistic goals (which you should set), my mindset changed and so did my actions/body. Who you think you are on the inside determines who you are on the outside.

18 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Who you think you are on the inside determines who you are on the outside.

YES. This is what my whole post is about. Creating the person you want to be starts with how you talk to yourself.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm a beginner, but I'm doing this meditation routine for self esteem where I catch myself in negative self talk, realize it's just a random thought that will pass and then visualize a feeling of spacious warmth all around my body (Instead of trying to change thoughts it helps create a space between thought and feelings and my every thought has less power to pull my emotional feelings). It sounds silly, but I started to realize that we all imagine things all the time. Thoughts are based on perception, future, and past are all skewed from reality, so I figured what is the harm if positive self talk even if it does skew from reality, so to does all the negative self talk. It's like I always shamed myself for positive talk becuase I knew it wasn't 100% true, while ignoring the fact that the negative self talk isn't either. Finally sat down and decided that my perceptions will never be 100% and my goal should to be based in reality, but if I'm going to have any imagined thought it's more beneficial for me to thrive if it is positive.

Like if I give a speech is it more beneficial to be hyper approval seeking or to just idgaf and think of myself as the shit? I always shamed myself out of the second because it made me feel unauthentic, without realizing the prior is just as unauthentic, if not more. So what's the harm in a little positive self talk? When it's all said and done would I rather be a confident guy with rose shaded perception or unconfident guy with grey shaded perception?

Just wanted to share my experience so far. It's like I would shame myself for having positive imaginations but wouldn't bat an eye when I let negative imaginations pull my strings. Realized some imagination is unavoidable so might as well use some postie ones in my advantage, but ultimately try to stay grounded in reality.

5 upvotesscarfox14 years ago

The meditator's way would be no self-talk at all, artificial talk gets in the way of reality. With the positive comes the negative.

1 upvotesKetoSandwich4 years ago

Kudos to finding out a system that works well for you.

6 upvotesLuvBeer4 years ago

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also good at replacing negative thoughts not with unrealistically positive thoughts, but with balanced, reasonable evaluations. Recommend the book Mind Over Mood.

3 upvotesioncehadsexinapool4 years ago

Does mind over mood cover cbt? I recently looked for books on cbt but couldn't find any wish satisfying reviews

2 upvotesLuvBeer4 years ago

Yes. Considered a classic in its field.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This right here. Used for crazy people but can teach you a lot about restructuring your thoughts to your advantage. Cool stuff never did it though just heard great things.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I just finished a CBT and CPT course of therapy in the fall. Took a year for it to take hold but changing your mindset is anabsolute necessity to be successful in life. Just don't get caught up in thr hippie bullshit and what they consider "positive thoughts." That shit is straight brainwashing. CPT is necessary before CBT can really take hold.

5 upvotesPrinceofSpades4 years ago

It can also change you for the worse if the bullshit you are telling yourself is negative. That voice of doubt in your head is also just telling you bullshit, so ignore it and replace it with positive bullshit instead. If you're going to be lying to yourself, you might as well be believing you're better than you are instead of worse.

4 upvotestrpftw4 years ago

Sometimes you believe your own bullshit so much that you think Trump attracted an eastern-european slutty model because of his skills rather than his riches and celebrity status.

1 upvotesRaz0rLight4 years ago

If you internalise your issues, you need to squash them, or they will control you. Introspection is useful in eliminating poor habits. But if you are coming from a blank slate. Building up your positive attributes is often more honest to who you are, and who you would be happy to be.

55 upvotesAfterC4 years ago

I tell my good friends struggling with girls that I can teach them game, but the best game is no game at all.

Dante over at Beige Phillip has a saying - "Lay five bricks a day." He means talk to 5 new women a day. The side benefit is that you'll basically fall into some pussy by virtue of approaching, but the main benefit is you develop this charisma and social comfort inadvertently through repetition.

A big lie is that you're either born with charisma, or you aren't. I was a socially uncomfortable child, like most guys are. Even my mother talking to strangers made me uncomfortable. "Mom! You're embarrassing me!!!" Sound familiar? I bet to many of you, it does. The only way to improve on this is to keep doing it. There is no cheat code to life, and these social skills will help you immeasurably in manners you can't initially picture.

6 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Dante over at Beige Phillip has a saying - "Lay five bricks a day."

This is great! Thank you for sharing. Just approaching will earn you success.

The only way to improve on this is to keep doing it. There is no cheat code to life, and these social skills will help you immeasurably in manners you can't initially picture.

It's hard for some people to hear that but it's the truth. Hustle hard and the results will come.

4 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

My longest stretch of no was 330 and change. As I went through that, I rediscovered the same shit I did in my teens. I thought it would be different after I was over 30, divorced, and out of practice. The exact same shit worked.

3 upvotesCQC34 years ago

You got a no 330 times in a row? What was your approach strategy?

5 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

Trying new shit in a different city and state, after having the military try to browbeat me into putting girls on a pedestal. Went back to what I was doing before the military and started fucking again. Longest dry spell not self imposed or due to a deployment to the desert.

9 upvotesVoidedSmash4 years ago

Agreed on Beige Phillip, I'm surprised I don't see it or Black Phillip recommended more.

5 upvoteslook_good4 years ago

Dante Nero and Patrice O'Neal are prophets. Their understanding of red pill knowledge is incredible. They have a special insight of female nature they share with listeners.

3 upvotesAll__fun4 years ago

I listen to Dante every week.

He's like my own personal coach Every Tuesday !

"Know your Worth/Value !"

1 upvotesZagiggity4 years ago

"Get your balls back America!"

74 upvotesetaco4 years ago

Also it helps if you have your casting agency, strip club, bar, etc on a BOAT. The women will have nowhere to go. You'll definitely get laid. Because of the implication.

18 upvotestruthyego4 years ago

A classic demonstration of the DENNIS system

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The someone comes in with the MAC system. Then there's always the guy waiting for scraps right?

4 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Yup, it's the easy way to get 8s and 9s.

-2 upvotesCyberpunkbully4 years ago

stares, grits teeth

17 upvotesdarklyblues4 years ago

Strategy number two is a winner.

Around 2 years ago, I got into the habit of recording a video of myself once every 2 months. I talked about my failures, successes, goals and a strategy to achieve those goals.

It has completely transformed my life. Im not going to say i'm a millionaire playboy that sleeps with 100's of women, but I've made some great progress one step, one problem at time.

I went from being a 130kg fat ass to 98kg and fit. Unemployed/unemployable to fulltime work with excellent future prospects. I was a virgin so i dated a nymph for 6 months and fucked 3-5 times per day to improve my skills in bed... Fuck me, i went from an introverted coward struggling to buy a damn coffee (social anxiety) to being a charismatic guy people want to be friends with.

Keeping a video diary helps you identify your most inner weaknesses. Work on yourself one weakness at a time and you'll achieve your goals.

7 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Fuck me, i went from an introverted coward struggling to buy a damn coffee (social anxiety) to being a charismatic guy people want to be friends with.

Amazing! I'd love to hear more about your journey. I think it would inspire a lot of people on TRP.

5 upvotesdarklyblues4 years ago

I've never been much of a writer, and learning to write isn't one of my priorities at the moment. But the short story is, my whole being was garbage, the social anxiety, the low self esteem, the laziness. Trust me, mentally and physically I was in a really fucking bad place and had been most my life...

So I completely overhauled myself. Fixed my diet, ate slower, spoke slower, meditated, started lifting, started playing team sports, got a new job in construction which was very important. I now deal with men all day, the funny times and the bad times. I also shifted my setting and rented a room near the beach.

I believe that everything in this universe is cause and effect, and that our being is the product of various inputs. So I've simply been replacing all of my old shitty inputs with new ones.

1 upvotesChadThundercockII4 years ago

I also shifted my setting and rented a room near the beach.

Man, this is the best thing you could have done to shift your social standing and well being. My father always speaks of the benefits of living in a well aired and gleeful place.

I would love to hear more about your strategy and the thought process behind it.

3 upvotesdarklyblues4 years ago

Yeah exactly. Move if you're not happy... I was early 20s and living in a shithole area with my Mum, it was a huge drain on confidence and independence. I was ashamed to say to a girl where i lived or even take her back to my place because of how run down and far away it was. Now with where i live it's the opposite.

Lifestyle is now much better. Day off today so the plan is breakie, beach, gym, beach again, and then off to a mates party. I'll be happy and refreshed as fuck... People like that.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your story.

I believe that everything in this universe is cause and effect, and that our being is the product of various inputs. So I've simply been replacing all of my old shitty inputs with new ones.

I agree we are what we put in. It's often how crazy how fast we can improve once we change our inputs.

1 upvotesMr_Cens3 years ago

This comment is old and I bet you're wondering why I'm replying so late. Nonetheless. Very good advice, i took the first ever video diary of myself after reading the post and my stoned mind actually made an incredible realisation. I realized how I was putting a filter on what I was talking and how I was trying to "act" out this whole game thing( not even limited to game, my entire social life). So, self talk - real, video recorded self talk showed me what congruence practically means and more importantly, with the risk of sounding corny as hell, act like myself. I'm going offtopic here, so the takeway from my message to whoever happens to stumble across this comment - video record yourself. Seeing and talkin to yourself can teach you things about yourself that would never find out about otherwise

1 upvotesdarklyblues3 years ago

Try keep it up. It's hard to lay it all bare. I remember there used to be tears, but it's worth it. Ive come that far since starting those videos that i cant recognise myself in the early videos. There will always be things to improve on though so don't get stuck in your head that there is destination to be reached. Good luck.

-1 upvotesmaxescapist4 years ago

You land a nymph as a virgin, and fuck her 3-5 times a day? Strange story.

1 upvotesdarklyblues4 years ago

Yeah... I was straight up with her about being inexperienced and she was patient as hell. I had always been a horny guy who wanked way to much, so sex 3+ times a day felt normal.

2 upvotesmaxescapist4 years ago

Sounds great. I'm used to being called a psychopath for just asking for a good time. But hey, at least no emotional garbage and useless small talk. Maybe I'll land a nymph one day myself!

1 upvotesdarklyblues4 years ago

There was certainly emotional garbage. She ended up being a fucking nutter haha. I think most nymph's are pretty crazy.

2 upvotesmaxescapist4 years ago

Seems logical most nymphs have issues. But it would be hypocrisy to say the same isn't true for guys who partake in it. However, you held frame. Otherwise she wouldn't have picked you. Good job, I'm jealous!

54 upvotesbroskiatwork4 years ago

This is the type of shit people don't see when they talk about TRP. Everyone latches onto TRP being misogynistic bullshit and they forget it's about building yourself up.

Fucking love your post.

4 upvotesLarryLove4 years ago

People are stupid. Who gives a fuck

7 upvotestoneroma4 years ago

I definitely like the idea that, in a lot of ways, just listening to yourself is the key to success in these things. You need to observe what is happening, explain it to yourself, and do better next time. The affirmations and mantras bit has been especially useful to me, especially with the recognition that sometimes bullshitting yourself is the key to pursuing self-actualization, so to speak.

I picked this up from a post quite some time ago on here, but one of my main go-tos when I'm talking to an attractive woman is something of a mantra. A very simple one. It goes like this:

"I am more attractive than her."

Talking to exceptionally attractive women can be a mind-fuck, if you let it be. It's easy to find yourself slipping up into self-justifying behavior, and spilling over with unearned validation for her. But if you can wire that internal dialogue to catch you slipping down the "holy shit she is hot" road and replace it with "I am more attractive than her", then you can minimize that kind of self-defeating behavior.

The best thing? It doesn't even require you to actually believe it. The word "mantra" translates to "thought tool". Many mantras (including the famous "Om"), don't really even mean anything - they are a symbol used to center one's thought around. This notion of self-coaching could be looked at as creating a mantra that centers your thought away from whatever negative thought that is creeping in. You move your mind away from thinking "She is too attractive", or "She is too intelligent" or "Holy fuck I just made this awkward" to "I am more attractive", "I am more intelligent", and "I am smooth as shit". It may feel unnatural and dishonest at first (especially if it's not, strictly speaking, true), but the more you do it, the more you will move towards that center of thought. Gradually, you become confident, relaxed, and reeking of amused mastery and IDGAF.

Call it self-actualization, call it aligning Atman and Brahman, call it fake it 'til you make it, whatever - it really can work.

By the way - naturally acting as though your SMV is higher than a woman's when she has strong reason to believe you are incorrect can absolutely boost her perception of your SMV, to a certain extent.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If you want to get laid, it comes down to 1) having a good product (high smv), and 2) putting yourself out there.

You do these two things, you'll see lots of success. The great part? Even do one of these well, you'll see success because most people are too afraid to do either. If you, at a minimum, put yourself out there, you'll see success eventually. It'll be harder, your shit tests will be more brutal, but you can overcome it with Game. Game is great, but Exposure is the pre-requisite for Game.

Your inner monologue plays a huge role in your likelihood of succeeding in your goals. Take a self-affirming person, a person who thinks "yes I can" when faced with a challenge. He already has a leg up when faced with a problem because he isn't taking himself out of the game before it starts.

Too many people take life too seriously. There are guys out there scoring hot pieces of ass who are objectively worse men than many of you here. What sets them apart?

They're out there hustling, actually living it, while you're sitting at home theorizing about why you're failing.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

They're out there hustling, actually living it, while you're sitting at home theorizing about why you're failing.

Excerpt from Arnold Schwarzenegger's* book, after he had just landed his first major motion picture acting gig (which he won a Golden Globe for Best Debut):

"....and now I was the one getting the shot. They'd picked me. Of course now I had to show I was worthy. But I didn't feel at all concerned. I would do what it took to get there. I didn't share my feelings of pride with anybody.

My style was to keep moving, and not reflect too much. But it felt...GREAT."


*Arnold's accomplishments, courtesy of Bill Burr:

  • Moved to a new country in his early 20's, not knowing English
  • Learned the language
  • Became famous for working out, took bodybuilding to a new level
  • Became a major boxoffice movie star, despite his accent
  • Married into (then) royalty (the Kennedy family)
  • Elected governor of a state he can't even pronounce
25 upvotesMentORPHEUS4 years ago

Your writing is on fire this week. That said, why use a clickbait title that doesn't match the body text? This describes using positive self-talk to evolve in the opposite direction of a sociopath, which is a good thing.

Think about how we judge people based on their spouses or partners. Look at Bernie Sander’s wife and then look at Trump’s wife. Now how do you feel about each candidate?

If each retired to a comfortable upper middle class existence tomorrow, I know which woman would bounce like the escort she basically is. Surrogate indicators like this make a useful impression on people who never look closely or for long, but can work against you under the microscope and in the long term.

10 upvotesohohpopo4 years ago

why use a clickbait title

More people read the post. Nothing else.

2 upvotesMentORPHEUS4 years ago

This guy's writing is several echelons above that kind of cheap trick.

It seriously knocks down the gravitas of the piece overall, to read all the way through and not find what the title promised.

0 upvotesBurkeTheYounger4 years ago

Honestly I think his writing is mediocre, even if the eventual advice was useful. I find GLO's bombastic style way mor engaging.

5 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Thanks man.

why use a clickbait title that doesn't match the body text?

In my penultimate paragraph, I write that what the sociopath does best is that he believes in his own bullshit. And self-talk ultimately helps you center yourself and build that confidence.

2 upvotesMentORPHEUS4 years ago

I write that what the sociopath does best is that he believes in his own bullshit.

Aaah, but the key difference is, a sociopath's strongly-held beliefs can be any mixture of truth and bullshit. This can often be effective in the short-term, but is not sustainable over time.

The Red Pill is about stripping away falsehoods that cloud your perception and understanding of the world. It's a different thing to build yourself up on a pillar of integrity. "Build up your self-esteem using this one weird old sociopath trick" is a good idea if this distinction is made clear.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Yes, we don't want anyone to become a sociopath.

1 upvotescynicalprick014 years ago

I write that what the sociopath does best is that he believes in his own bullshit

what are you basing this on?

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Can't remember the source, I want to say Joe Rogan or a book I read on con men.

1 upvotesmaxescapist4 years ago

OP doesn't have a clue as to what a sociopath is. Other than that a great motivational post though.

1 upvotesErasmusOrgasmus4 years ago

If [Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders] retired to a comfortable upper middle class existence tomorrow, I know which woman would bounce like the escort she basically is

Every woman is basically an escort, the only difference being the currency you buy her with.

Instead of cash, it may be your looks, your status, your power, your game, whatever. But both Sanders' wife and Trump's wife are no different in this regard. Relationships are transactions. She brings youth, beauty and fertility to the table, you bring frame, game, dominance etc.

If Sanders and Trump both retired tomorrow maybe Melania would leave Trump and maybe Sanders' wife wouldn't leave him. But the only reason that would be the case is because Melania thought she could do better and Bernie's wife knows she couldn't. And even if this hypothetical scenario occurred, Trump still comes out on top of Bernie because every single man on earth would rather be with Melania for one year than with Bernie's wife for a lifetime.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This reads like one of those "THIS ONE WEIRD TRICK" ads.

2 upvotesn_dois4 years ago

I was expecting to read "but wait, there is more!" in every line change. The funny thing is this hole post is law 27 itself.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

It's my marketing training rubbing off.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I appreciate the advice, but it reads so eerily like you're about to tell me about your Lamborghini and how I can get one too.

Not hating, just funny.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

I'm a marketer IRL so yea it rubs off in my writing.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

what's your job, if you don't mind my asking?

7 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

He created a voice within him ready to speak whenever he made an error

Most men don't know what they're doing wrong with women, largely because women are not honest about what they want.

So correcting your own errors is actually very hard. Should you be forward, or reserved? Be yourself, or be a bit more chatty and talkative? Take her on expensive dates, or not?

Most men are so deluded about women that they don't actually know what they're doing wrong - making self correction impossible.

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Most men are deluded. They're confused because they're getting so many mixed messages.

But it's not impossible. If you just listen to your gut and trust it. You'll be surprised at the results you get.

3 upvotesMeristry4 years ago

I'd like to add that with enough practice, you don't have to know what you're doing wrong, you'll infer it from the rejection patterns. A concrete example is something I've experienced myself; during club game, I noticed my openings were more successful if I had made strong eye contact beforehand. It truly is a number's game.

3 upvotesgregsapopin4 years ago

I Follow the DENNIS system.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Hmm haven't heard of it. Tell me more?

1 upvotesTheDemon3334 years ago

TRP 101. Well, minus the felonies.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

3 upvotesMinikakes4 years ago

I know I'm late to the thread, but I cannot recommend Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls enough for self-talk material. The main character is constantly being self-critical, yet honest and in a truly constructive manner. If you want a fantastic example of one's inner voice (keep in mind not yours, as you should learn and develop your own) then take the time to pick up this book. The plot stands on its own, but this is just another incentive to pick it up.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

I love these comments. Thank you for the book recommendation. I will check it out.

3 upvotesThe_Game_Delegate4 years ago

They both have one thing in common: they create a lifestyle where they regularly meet women. Here’s the first approach:

You create an environment where the girls are coming to you and where you automatically have high status. So if you want to get laid like a sociopath, start a casting agency, own a strip club, own a bar. Become a patron of the theatre. Do headshots for actresses. This is the easy way to get laid.

One of the most underrated aspects of game that needs to be talked more about. When you create a social hierarchy where you are at the top, the girls come and hottest ones at that. You had it with the jocks in high school and same with the higher status guys in a university setting.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Yup easiest way to get laid.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This and your last post were top quality to me. keep going.

There is a lot said on redpill of invisible scripts but most is tangential. I like the fact you go deep into it; this is real talking about the foundation of game.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Thanks /u/Icaria25!

I think too often we ignore the invisible scripts that are really holding us back. By addressing them and hustling we can finally start making changes.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The best person to invest time into is yourself. Great post.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

It's the best investment anyone can ever make.

9 upvotescynicalprick014 years ago

claims to be the "psyc guy" for TRP

uses an outdated and archaic word no longer used in psychology throughout his post...

also the only sources he cites are freaking trump and bernie sanders. as if this sub hasnt been bogged down in enough political bs.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

The picture of Bernie Sanders' wife scared me into believing anything he said. Just make it go away.

-1 upvotesCalamash4 years ago

Youre talking in fucking meme talk what are you going on about. He doesnt need a degree in psychology for his post to makes sense, which it does. It can be a bunch of bullshit but the point stands and if you cant see the underlying point then I have no idea what youre doing here, commenting or on this sub.

2 upvotesBassethounds4ever4 years ago

"Hi ladies, Im Frank..... Shit!" blows whistle

2 upvotesgingyger4 years ago

Please post more of these observations.

2 upvotesReadinglevelup4 years ago

I think you basically explained, without knowing it, how/why the 'smartest' people are the smartest. The strategy you talked about can be applied in every area of life. Essentially, when you want to learn something quickly and become a master at it, you need to evaluate your mistakes. You figure out what your mistakes were, why it's wrong, what led you to make this mistake and, then, what's the solution. It works if you want to learn how to play an instrument, are working on science problems, are picking up girls, are learning how to play poker, etc. This is what everyone who is at the top of their fields do. They understand that mistakes are part of the learning process and understanding them will make you learn quicker.

This is another reason why sitting at home learning a bunch of theory will not make you improve as fast as going out and approaching.

2 upvotesnoob_said4 years ago

This is truly a great post. Challenging negative self talk is actually at the core of cognitive therapy and approaching is behavioural therapy. This is legit the best self development one can start with.

2 upvotesJ_AsapGem4 years ago

dude this is amazing, can you make a series on this? priceless information and i will definitely start doing this, i've been quite negative on myself for the past few weeks

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

This guy Mike Cernovich is 100x times smarter than me and he wrote a book on it.

can you make a series on this?

Gorilla Mindset is literally 200 pages just on this stuff.

2 upvotesfaqur4 years ago

You write like you're constantly trying to sell people something.

If you took out everything besides your numbered list, your post would improve 1000%.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

It's marketing training, but don't worry I'm not selling anything.

2 upvotesxxxbeardl4 years ago

wehre is the sociopath part lol

4 upvotesoldslut4 years ago

good post. one addition as far as the affirmations part, and something that i only recently found. i'm a strong believer in affirmations for success in life. this "new" method i found expands upon the traditional type you mentioned.

according to this method, we have trouble believing our affirmations when they are beyond the acceptable realm of our current view. for example, saying "I am rich", when I am, in reality, broke is difficult to accept. in other words... this, supposedly, makes it difficult to train your sub-conscience to accept them. by using the "question" method, you are better able to introduce the positive ideas into your sub-conscience because it introduces the possibility as a questions, allowing you to better accept it.

basically, he says wording your affirmations with "WHY am i great at meeting beautiful women?" is much better than "I am great at meeting beautiful women" a video about it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF9EykVhtTc i have no connection with this guy, but found some things free on line that i started to apply.

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

he says wording your affirmations with "WHY am i great at meeting beautiful women?" is much better than "I am great at meeting beautiful women"

Interesting. Thanks for sharing, I watched the video. Your wording definitely has an impact.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

What you're talking about is called a "presupposition." They're very powerful with internal dialogue.

  • Why do I suck at picking up women?

Believe it or not, your brain will find an answer to this, even if you're great at it.

  • Why do I have high SMV?

Your brain will come up with the answer, even if you're not.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

About the lesson learned "to create an environment where women come to you and you are status", I want to propose a different idea. Become someone to be respected rather than change your environment to get women. Your environment is your friends, family, hobbies, community, gym and not women. Don't let women have any influence on how you create environment.

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Become someone to be respected

I actually think you're on to something here. More often than not we strive for money. But striving for respect is actually much more rewarding socially. It's definitely a topic that needs to be explored.

2 upvotesBigBobbyKas4 years ago

I'm pretty new to TRP and this post blew me away just now. I've become more aware of how often I sabotage myself in my interactions with women. It mostly stems from self-doubt and a lingering fear that prevents me from simply "going for it".

I really needed this post today. Implementing a Mantra like the ones you described I believe will help me a lot. That point alone struck me the most because I've developed some negative Mantras that creep into my head whenever I stumble with women... It's not healthy and only ever makes things worse.

No more of that. Love this sub. Thank you for this post.

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Thank you for your comment. A good mantra will change your life. Scott Adams (of Dilbert Fame) credits a lot of his success to his affirmation, "I will be a famous cartoonist", which he repeated/wrote 14 times a day.

1 upvotesDAD_FISTER4 years ago

I actually discovered this on my own yesterday and it pulled me out of a dark hole I had fallen into

1 upvotesSteve_Wiener4 years ago

Sometimes negative self talk helps. I'll call myself a faggot in my head if don't go for an approach that I should have. It helps, kind of like shaming myself I guess, but only negative for a moment to spur me to action.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

If it works with your personality than shame is just another tool for you to succeed.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he - Proverbs 23:7

You can decide to interpret events any way you choose. Why not choose the one that benefits you* rather than the one which isn't resourceful.

The beauty of this post... you can choose to choose (if that makes sense). 95% of the world knows how they feel is a choice, but can't bring themselves to engage with their own lives to the point where they're in control.

Also: I'm not so sure that in doing so you become a sociopath. Everyone has beliefs, whether positive or negative:

  • I (truly) believe that the world is an amazing place, full of possibilities, and we're all going to make it.
  • My friend believes that the world is an amoral wasteland where people take advantage of others at every chance they can get.

Which one of us is a sociopath? We both have chosen references to support our beliefs while ignoring references in opposition to them.

If someone is depressed, are they a sociopath as well?

*This is the bedrock of Neruo-Linguistic Programming, by the way.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Yea Neuro-Linguistic Programming is very interesting I'm glad you brought it up. The concept of reframing how you see events and choosing the most beneficial version helps tremendously.

1 upvotesStatecensor4 years ago

You create an environment where the girls are coming to you and where you automatically have high status. So if you want to get laid like a sociopath, start a casting agency, own a strip club, own a bar. Become a patron of the theatre. Do headshots for actresses. This is the easy way to get laid.

You do not actually have to own a bar, club or strip joint. If you are young and short of funds. Become a club promoter you get a cut and sometimes a fee upfront when you get established after a few years. My friend owns a website that promotes night clubs and takes out advertisements for individual clients. He even does old school promotions by giving out hundreds of 4x4 cards to teenagers to hand out in high schools. Just make sure you do not mention any booze promotions on them. Not only does he drink for free but the club managers kiss his ass because he brings them in money during the week and Sunday nights when its slow.

1 upvotesFinallyRed4 years ago

Another good tip from gorilla mindset I'm surprised you didn't mention is to speak to yourself as you would a cherished friend. If your mind comes up with some vile self-deprecating statement, ask whether or not you would put up with a friend whispering something like that in your ear. Is that the kind of person you would keep around in your life? Probably not. Replace that phrase with something a supportive friend would say to help you overcome your mistakes and adversities.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

speak to yourself as you would a cherished friend.

Yes I was just re-reading the book and I've highlighted this line. Thanks for sharing.

1 upvotesTango_Mike_Mike4 years ago

How do you prevent from the girl to thinking you are looking for a long-term relationship? Or is that the sociopath part?

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Being sexual early helps. You don't want to be dishonest with your intentions.

1 upvotesPissedPajamas4 years ago

Buddy thanks for this post, I needed to see this. I've been going through a depressive slump and I forgot all about the power of self-talk in changing your perspective. I feel fantastic after just a 10 minute pep-talk and im gonna incorporate this into my daily habit and pick up meditation as well

1 upvotesTRPBackpacker4 years ago

There are some truths to this technique.

about a decade before, I did the same thing for stock analysis. So now I look at a stock chart and I have all the results in my head.

I did it after reading about psychologist research paper for multiple personalities. On how the disorder are a result of the therapy with the psychologist and that the multiple personality disorder was not there before the therapy sessions.

So it is possible to portion off a part of your mind into a dedicated task by talking to it and refer to it as a separate entity. However, I stop at giving it a physical presence or any personality because I do not want it to show up in control at all.

Do this at your own risk and be real careful.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Interesting. Can you tell me more about what you do for stock analysis? Are you trying to remove your emotions from your stock picks?

1 upvotesTRPBackpacker4 years ago

Nah, the little sectioned part was for Technical Analysis which has no emotion involved. So instead of having to draw on a chart and calculate stuff, you can almost "see" it. Kind of like day traders in big firms see patterns in level 2 quotes.

For fundamental buys and sells, I rely heavily on two emotions. Greed and fear. It is necessary to get in tune of these two emotions to understand what the rest of the public is feeling at this moment. Buy on fear and sell on greed.

TA is used to double check. For example, you TA some really important price points and you feel fear. So you set a goal to buy at this particular price point once it falls to that place instead of randomly buy because you feel fear without knowing when it'll stop dropping.

Combine that with options and futures, you can have different strategies based on the amount of fear and the amount of certainty you feel about your own analysis.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

I have to get into stocks. I love the mix of emotion and financial stats that are involved in big deals.

1 upvotesmerkucjo4 years ago

There is more knowledge about that, but it's mostly categorized as occult. Works however, might write about that if trp will be interested.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this. This sub is exactly what I need to read most days. I tried a cold approach today for the first time. Getting over negative self talk is hard but not impossible. I kept saying things like, "she's not that hot, what if I run out of things to say, no one is going to force me over there I have to motivate myself, I'm nervous" I did it though and it didn't lead to anything crazy other than a conversation but it felt good knowing I have it in me to walk up to a girl and start talking. So hungry for more now. Going to Florida this weekend and hoping to score numbers. This sub should really be called, "shit your dad should have been man enough to teach you but didn't"

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

"shit your dad should have been man enough to teach you but didn't"

Haha. Yea it feels likes that sometimes, good observation. Another thing that's been helping me is going to this club called Toastmaster. It's great for becoming a great speaker (seriously such an underrated skill).

1 upvotesvengefully_yours4 years ago

What you described is roughly how I rewired my mind to not injure people who do shit that reminds me of shit in my past. Self talk is huge.

Why do I have outrageous confidence and seem arrogant to others? Because I know I'm the baddest motherfucker in the valley, even if someone is bigger, I don't care. I don't think I am, I know I am.

That voice in my head tells me shit like "Hey fuckhead, that girl is dtf, go fuck her next time she flirts with you" it doesn't say "you are being creepy, stop talking to young girls" why not? Because this is my voice in my head, it tells me shit that is beneficial.

Want to know something cool? Nearly everything I write is written by that voice. All of this was. I'm busy fundus the right word and punctuation so it can talk to you.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

why not? Because this is my voice in my head, it tells me shit that is beneficial.

Yes you have a great mindset.

1 upvoteshbPUA4 years ago

Great post and great writing!

The way we talk to ourselves is so important. I've come a long way. But still tell stories to myself that hinders me. To achieve true greatness, it's vital to improve my self talk.

Lay the five bricks is such a great and simple concept from Dante Nero of the beige Phillip show. Just doing it every day will result in progress beyond dreams.

Getting laid is truly a fascinating game.

1 upvotesuser66884 years ago

Good post but it would also be good for some practical advise on approaching. My game is not bad and I'm attractive, once I'm talking to a girl she'll find reasons to keep talking to me, that initial interaction is still losing me.

GLL has a pretty good strat - walk up to a girl you like and say "hey I don't often do this but I thought you where cute and wanted to say hi". This is known as "nervous guy game" and good for the first few approaches.

He also has aggressive guy game which gets you laid in less than 15minutes... for advanced users.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

I'm a big fan GLL. He's a big inspiration for me. Thanks for mentioning him.

1 upvotesplsjustgo4 years ago

Specifically, on the unique way, he would cold-approach strangers. How he would create these instant connections. How the girls would open up and feel safe around him in dangerous environments. But that’s for another post.

It would be awesome to hear more about this.

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Look up guys like SashaDayGame or RSDTYLER. They give really good advice on pickup. Oh and goodlookingloser.

1 upvotesAmputateYourHead4 years ago

Great post, thanks. Very interested in the followup about Roman making instant connections with strangers he'd just approached.

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Thank you. While I don't have any video of him, SashaDayGame has a very similar style to him. Here's a video. Watch how he completely focuses on her and makes their interaction about her. That's what Roman did really well.

1 upvotesSmilingWatermelon4 years ago

Good post. The thoughts you hear in your head dictate your mood and outlook. Very important to love yourself and your efforts.

I realized that all the times I gained massive rapport quickly with strangers, its when i'm myself. A funny goofy guy, it makes women comfortable when they laugh and see me acting silly. Its funny how quickly they are cool with being alone with you once they are comfortable.

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

A funny goofy guy, it makes women comfortable when they laugh and see me acting silly.

You sound like a natural. Keep it and post some Field Reports for us!

1 upvotesboscoist4 years ago

Well you cant drown or hide from your demons. Letting them out might work, ill follow up after work. Thank you

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You do realize that no one likes sociopaths right? Sociopathic tendencies are extremely unlikable. If you work yourself into a created sociopath, prepare to get rejected by your social circles, in academia, and in careers. If you make yourself into a social leper, prepare to have a bad time in the long run.

-2 upvotesAwryyrwA4 years ago

Oh, boy. Another post including Trump somewhere.

0 upvotestrpftw4 years ago

Did you seriously just compare an Eastern European prostitute model / trophy-wife who dates a fat billionaire who inherited hundreds of millions... with Bernie Sanders who was only a senator (and not a rich one)?

I assure you... I assure you... that model chick does not enjoy having sex with Trump. She is completely in it for the billions of dollars, being set for life, her kids inheriting billions (we don't even know if those kids are truly his own, he may be cucked for all we know).

There's a reason why 2 wives divorced Trump. And it wasn't because of Trump's "red pill" it was because he's intolerable and does nothing to improve himself because he's a billionaire.

Looking up to Trump as some form of idol, is the dumbest thing anyone can do in theredpill. You will never inherit $100 million. You will likely never be a billionaire. You will never be on Reality TV shows for years. I know everyone loves the fantasy of believing that "oh everyone can be like trump" no you cannot. You cannot.

Trump loses frame all the time and it doesn't affect his poll numbers because of the lack of confidence, lack of celebrity status, lack of name-recognition of the other candidates (remember he had 20% boost just by announcing in all state polls and everyone hated Bush even before Trump came around). I assure you, he has never read TheRedPill. He's just a genuine narcissist who's lived a rich life and so naturally he has a lot of confidence. Confidence is not equivalent to being redpill educated.

Even ugly girls complain about sex with fat guys. But they still do it sometimes for resources. Trump is the ultimate Beta Bux but being a celebrity, status, and richness, are extremely useful in getting laid. I assure you, no one enjoys sex with donald trump.

I even saw a post one time of a deformed girl complaining about sex with a fat guy. She should be lucky to have that fat guy.

Do not believe the myth that looks don't matter. They absolutely do. Even if you had the perfect game, you can get laid, but someone with mediocre game and good looks can steal your girl. Hypergamy.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotestrpftw4 years ago

Marla and Trump's ex-wife were competing and having a fight. They met each other and apparently exchanged words.

This article is from 1994. The year after their marriage.

Remember, that Trump cheated on his ex-wife and then married the girl he cheated with.

Took only 6 years later and suddenly, Marla also divorced for her big settlement. It was a great long-con.

It's funny how people don't ever actually research trump. The guy lived the epitome of the beta bux life.

He would even answer journalist calls with a fake name who pretended to be his own spokesman. Why? Because he was afraid he'd say the wrong thing and be vilified in the media for it. The guy is a coward.

He named his son after this fake persona.

The guy is creepy too, constantly talks about dating his own daughter (yeah she's the daughter of a model).

-1 upvotesIl1284 years ago

You want to get laid? You have to work. Hit the gym, build a life that's about you and makes you interesting. Be the 20%.

-1 upvotesrazgrim4 years ago

This reads too good to be true, donno....

2 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

Well try it. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work. Experimentation is key.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

There it is. Historically 60% of men didnt reproduce. This is before condoms, so didnt reproduce means they didnt get sex. Like ever. While OP has done a good job here he could have summed it all up in one sentence; be in demand. The problem is everyone cant be in demand, its supply and demand. As every mans quality increases, then the bar gets higher. And we are back to the 20% rule. Be the best you that you can be, certainly. But if you are the 80%, and most of us are, then its not going to matter what hoops you jump through. You just wont be in demand. Thats the nature of the game.

-1 upvotesDPestWork4 years ago

How to get laid like a sociopath: Download Tinder. Don't be ugly, make a good profile, taking into account the types of people in your area. My digital Little Black Book indicates nearly triple digit successes with Tinder/PoF/OKC. This fiscal year. No STD/STIs yet! Edit: Emphasis on the game vs looks part. Most of the messages I get start with "Great profile" "You're funny" "Great picture with xxxxyyyy, are you single?" That is, if you disregard the bot messages. Otherwise it would be "I'm visiting town, wanna have fun?"

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Good post but I feel the Bernie/Trump comparison is a little contradicting and out of place in it's context. Good strictly based on BS tactics of improvement.

One is the son of a Jewish immigrant growing up poor as hell, and the other is the son of a wealthy man who did not have to necessisarily build up his own empire from the ground up. Not saying Trump isn't "successful," but I don't think he's a good role model for an ideal success. Most men will not live to make hundreds of millions possibly even following Red Pill philosophy. Red Pill is about becoming rich in life as man through various means. All your endeavors, and challenges as a man.

You don't think his wife's there for the money? The man's a bullshit artist so he proves your point in that way. However do you think if he tried pulling the same bullshit without his money that he would be pulling that wife? Nope. Trump is not very intelligent or wise as a person. Great bullshit artist though. However it could send the wrong message by saying "Hey if I'm ignorant to the facts and bullshit my way through life, I too can be successful like Trump!"

1 upvotesIamGale [OP]4 years ago

"Hey if I'm ignorant to the facts and bullshit my way through life, I too can be successful like Trump!"

It's good that you realize this. You're right that he from a very privileged background and that's helped him tremendously. There are a ton of examples of guys who built themselves from nothing. In fact a lot of guys on this sub have done just that. I think you're on your way.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-1 upvotesMoralisticCommunist4 years ago

And I'll be laughing my ass off when you end up in jail, creep.

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