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How I've Learned to "Shit Test" Women - A little test that I've developed.

by starting_oveRP on /r/TheRedPill
05 May 2016 04:16 AM UTC

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Women shit test us to find chinks in our armor. Since desire is non-negotiable, I've learned to "shit test" women to see if they see me as someone with sexual value. I want to share my experience and what I learned to perhaps help you with 'smalltalk' and add another layer to your frame.


The Intro

Women shit test us. They do in unintentionally and intentionally. There's plenty of literature on TRP about this, so I'll sum up the best way to look at it from a comment someone here left once.

"Imagine someone hands you a crystal ball and they say it's unbreakable. What's the first thing you do? You throw it on the ground to see if it breaks."

When a woman shit tests you, she's trying to see if you break. In fact, You're unbreakable until proven breakable, and once you're breakable, it's over. She's testing your frame, your viability as an alpha, assessing your ability to procreate.

So why might I shit test a woman? I'm not trying to test her frame or whatever. I'm trying to see if I can fuck her. Or rather, if she sees me as someone she wants to fuck.

I'd like to be able to know sooner rather than later if she's interested, because if she's not, I'm moving along.

I saw this video from RSDTyler a while back. It's worth a watch, but in short, the betabux making sexual and lewd comments was dismissed and vilified, while Tyler (alpha) said similarly sexual and lewd comments and was smiled with and flirted with.

He goes on to explain that the women see the betabux as the provider, and not in a sexual way. When the beta says something sexual, he's told "no, you can't say that." The women were trying to force him back into the little betabucksbox where he belongs - he's so beta he's not even supposed to be sexual. They don't even SEE him as someone who could even possibly BE sexual. He shouldn't even be TALKING about sex.

Hmm, I thought to myself. I wonder....maybe.....if I make a sex joke, or a joke about sex, or a sexual comment, her reaction would tell me everything I need to know about how she's seeing me.

The Experiment

I remember the first time I gave this a shot. It was in my summer of TRP discovery 2 years ago and I was on a Tinder date.

I've always been a pretty witty guy so coming up with comments right off the top of my head isn't an issue for me, but saying them definitely was.

So I'm out with the girl (first time meeting), and we're talking, having a beer or two, and eventually I say:

"I really like going to bars for trivia" "omg me too!" "really?" "yeah!"

I think about the RSDTyler video and go for it.

"ok, well, maybe after we've had sex a few times, if it's not too awkward, you can come."

and....she smiled, and laughed, and said OK. I made a sex joke. Not even just a sex joke, a joke about SHE and I having sex, and she liked it. I got away with it, which meant she saw me as sexual.

We fucked that night. And she was a plate until she moved away.

The Test

Thus evolved my strategy. When interacting with a girl, I find a way to insert something playfully sexual into the conversation, even innocuously. It's always possible. Talking about "Game of Thrones"? Accuse her of being into midgets. Jokes and playful accusations are the best ways to go. If When she shit tests you, agree and amplify with something sexual.

If anything about sex comes out of your mouth, you have a chance to evaluate her. Eventually you'll get better at making it seem natural.

If she laughs, has a positive reaction, or even a neutral reaction: you're good. She likely sees you as someone with sexual value. Build on it.

If she has a negative reaction, says "ew, that's gross" or "don't say stuff like that" you're more likely being seen as without sexual value. Escalate in other ways and give it another chance if you want, but it's probably a next.

But if she says something negative in a positive manner, like "OMG you're sooooo naaassstttyyyy" and playfully slaps you on the shoulder, that's great. That's my favorite.

Anyway, you get it. You've got nothing to lose. If a comment lands, congrats. If it doesn't land and she throws the drink in your face, well, you weren't getting laid anyway.

In Conclusion

Definitely don't abandon kino and other classic escalation things. This is a supplement, not a replacement.

This "shit test" has worked really well for me and for my friends who I've encouraged to give it a shot. Desire is not negotiable, so figure out how she sees you as early as possible. It's amazing what you can get away with down the road when you know that she sees you as alpha.

Eventually it will just become part of your game and you won't think

execute     sexual comment     gauge reaction         success? 

As for the reverse, the Tinder dates where my comments were not accepted in strides ended with a wry "ok yeah nice to meet you, see you soon....!"

Eventually I evolved this little test to be used during sex, but I'll do that in a part 2 because the post got long (if people like this one)

Lessons Learned:

She won't fuck you if she doesn't see you with sexual value.

Shit test her your own way - joke about sex or say something with sexual undertones to gauge her reaction. If it's positive or neutral, you're on your way. If she recoils and reacts negatively, she might be seeing you as provider and you must reassess.

You cannot negotiate desire. Find out if she desires you early and exploit it.

Thanks for reading! I welcome any insight, criticism, experience, etc.