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A member of Johnny Depp's inner circle says Amber Heard threatened to falsely accuse him before going public

by Five_Decades on /r/TheRedPill
31 May 2016 02:29 AM UTC

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If true, and if it is proven she is lying, I hope she is charged criminally and in the civil courts. I'm not naive though and know at worst she'll get a talking to. Point is, that if Stanhope's accusations are true, that this is a reminder that women like this exist (women who will abuse the advantages they have in the legal and social system to harm men) and you have to guard yourself against them.

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Title A member of Johnny Depp's inner circle says Amber Heard threatened to falsely accuse him before going public
Author Five_Decades
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Date 31 May 2016 02:29 AM UTC (3 years ago)
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214 upvotesHollerich3 years ago

Depp is going to get gouged by Amber Heard. And they are in California, right? When is Depp going to learn and take a page out of Leonardo DiCaprio's book? Date supermodels, have fun with them, but flip them every few months. Depp is going to get reamed in the California courts, though.

86 upvotesSqueezymypenisy3 years ago

I always figured depp never learned from being poor. Wasn't di caprio from a well off family? Some that are poor and become rich keep the mentality. Depp didn't seem to, but didn't learn the wealthy mentality either.

50 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

Yeah, and was Depp famous from the young age that DiCaprio was? I have no doubt that DiCaprio's fame at a young age made for a completely different outlook on women than Depp's.

I mean, did DiCaprio even have sex before he was in a film?

63 upvotesskoobled3 years ago

Depp is also just about old enough to have grown up in a very different era for gender relations

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Arguably, a better era for that.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yeah this can sometimes make it harder. its a vicious era we live in now

10 upvotesthemanbat3 years ago

Depp started acting in his teens, (Nightmare on Elm Street being his first big thing at 19). Dicaprio was also 19 in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but his big "breakout role" is arguably Critters 3, which he did two years rarlier. Dicaprio had done a little TV acting before that (starting at 10 years old) but nothing that would make anyone consider him a star.

15 upvotesrecon_johnny3 years ago

TIL Critters 3 was a fucking "breakout role" for anybody.

7 upvotesevoblade3 years ago

Yeah I would have stuck with Gilbert Grape.

2 upvotesthemanbat3 years ago

Gilbert Grape was big for him of course, but Critters 3 was indeed his official first film. Having a real substantial speaking role in an actual film, even a silly horror movie, is huge for any actor and the experience was probably a big help toward getting him the part in Gilbert Grape.

5 upvotesfuggahmo_mofuhgga3 years ago


13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

21 Jump Street was Depp's beginning I think. Pretty young but Leo was a lot younger.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Leo played a little boy while Depp was a young man in What's Eating Gilbert Grape so yes.

18 upvotesFiveLions3 years ago

But one may admit, from their acting styles you may get a small peak into their soul...depp delves deeply into the quarky nature of the human being...keeping it surface level with love, family and politics...all the whole portraying himself as a deep musician type, but we can't really buy that now can we? Depp is about as deep as an airplane claiming it understands earths innerworkings.

DiCaprio actually goes there and with gumption

49 upvotesNO_LAH_WHERE_GOT3 years ago

My take on it is– Depp is a simple-minded man who genuinely cares about art for art's sake. And so he plays the deep musician types because he identifies with that, or enjoys that. Leo on the other hand has a fascination with power (see the films he's made: Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, Wolf of Wall Street).

It's just different interests, but Leo has learned a lot more about how burnt you get. Depp either hasn't, or romanticizes it, or tries not to care. I don't think Depp is pretentious, I think what we see is really what we get when it comes to him.

9 upvotesscottyah3 years ago

You have to bring up the Hunter S Thompson influence when talking about Depp. They were friends, Depp portrayed him in a couple movies, and I think some drugs really took their toll on him. It seems like Depp is in a different reality than us, he found the edge while DiCaprio isn't really looking for it.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Always hated Depp as an actor. He comes across as a weird pussy.

21 upvotesSqueezymypenisy3 years ago

You got a point. Though at the end i think one is more plugged in than the other. Di caprio loves young pussy and will never leave it. Depp made the mistake of thinking that it will increase in value.

42 upvotesHippoPotato3 years ago

But also some people prefer the married life. I've always been miserable going from girl to girl. It's just not my style at all and it doesn't make me happy.

14 upvotesChuckBronsoncomedy3 years ago

Depp also has children, probably doesn't want his daughters to see him, with a revolving door of hoes coming in an out of the house.

9 upvotesvandaalen3 years ago

It's just not my style at all and it doesn't make me happy.

Nothing wrong with planning to settle some day.

That is a dangerous mindset though. If you define your happiness over women or the way your relationships work out with them, you are going to have a bad time.

Learn to be self-sufficient and happy for and on your own and regard a good and long-lasting relationship more like an add-on than the main game.

You'll never have the amount of abundance mentality and outcome independence you will need in order to make your long term relationship work, if you are constantly wondering about how long this relationship is going to last and thinking about what you are going to loose if it breaks.

You won't be able to make a 180 and never look back, if you end up in a relationship with a woman you will be regarding as your personal unicorn, because she might be the one you can stay with until you die.

19 upvotes-uftw-3 years ago

I know a girl who DiCaprio tried to "seduce" a few years ago at a celebrity party. Guy has literally no game whatsoever. He just stared at her for quite some time, then slipped her a paper with his phone and/or room number (don't remember which) out of the blue. His SMV is just so high that it probably works most of the time. That's what I call an alpha bucks.

51 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yeah it's a huge waste of his time to hit on such a girl. She's either in or out from the moment she knows who it is. He is going to prefer a girl who just is into him because of who he is because she's equally easy to kick to the curb. He's not going to try to romance some stubborn chick. He has the ultimate time saving method.

You in or out? OK, next.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Guy has literally no game whatsoever

Just because he did not lose time trying to convince a average chick to fuck him, doesn't mean he have no game. He dated a lot of women that just his fame and money wouldn't be enough.

36 upvotesNiceKicksGabe3 years ago

Most important thing to consider is that this is her side of the story which is 100% likely to be not exactly factual.

28 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

Ding ding ding, this comment is the winner.

This girl is just bragging to others about the fact that she, in all her splendid beauty, was able to reject someone like Leo. Please lol, this is just another basic bitch doing basic bitch things.

8 upvotesAtuli3 years ago

Since when was taking immediate ownership of a woman you want and approaching her with clear intent not rock solid game. Apparently you have to be some kind of jester to have "game" these days.

4 upvotesPolaris3823 years ago

Years ago I once knew a guy who supposedly knew Leo when he was young, and claimed the dude had serious game supposedly.

Could be BS, or could be totally true and he just doesnt care to put the effort in these days. Could you blame him?

9 upvotesscottyah3 years ago

I believe it, look at his acting. Most of his characters have pretty good game.

17 upvotesPlanB_pedofile3 years ago

Mel Gibson has a similar smv type of game. There was a story of him at a celebrity party and he'll sit at the bar. He would point to one of the gals, and then point to himself, and then shrug his shoulder towards the door and the two would leave to hook up.

That's all it took. No game at all, just a hey you, look at me, let's go fuck.

10 upvotesFiveLions3 years ago

Alpha strux may be better. He's probably hoping she got star struck enough to jump his bones...if you believe her, she's probably the very minor minority of women that would turn that down.

16 upvotesECTD3 years ago

He never said she didn't sleep with him. She could just be shaming Leo because that's all it took to seduce her goose-stepping ass.

11 upvotesChuckBronsoncomedy3 years ago

She only turned it down so she could brag about Leo hitting on her without looking like a hoe. Or she went back to his hotel, and just says she didnt.

16 upvotesworldnewsrager3 years ago

he has a residence in Los Angeles, but I swear I'd read that he spends most of the year in France. I know his daughter was born, raised, and lives there. I think his young son lives in Germany or some shit. I think most of Depp's assets are in Europe.

I suppose though it only matters which district it was reported/alleged to have occurred in by the woman.

9 upvotesChuckBronsoncomedy3 years ago

He has a penthouse in the Eastern building in dtla. That's where amber heard hangs out and does nothing but spend his money

3 upvotesworldnewsrager3 years ago

thanks for the addendum. As far as I've ever gleaned, Depp actually lives in France, he just 'stays' in LA when he's shooting or doing publicity/press rounds. And he's been doing that for YEARS. Dude's an introvert and tries to stay in europe when he can, as he doesn't really care for the U.S. entertainment media, gossip rags, and celebrity worship culture. I think also he's firewalled himself from his production company (his biggest asset?) through his biological sister. Or at least limited his exposure significantly. It would be difficult to financially ruin him, as opposed to someone like Nas who got fucking reamed out over Kelis.

14 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

They were married for less than 2 years. Under CA law she is entitled to 50% of what was earned during the marriage. If I recall correctly she is entitled to alimony lasting for the length of time of the marriage. This is a plan to blackmail him for more money. She and her lawyer are hoping that Johnny Depp won't want to go to trial in order to avoid embarrassment. They think they can extract a better settlement out of him this way. It's very depraved, but it is actually a sound strategy. I bet she ends up better off than she otherwise would have with the standard divorce settlement. She can continue living it up on his dime.

5 upvotesmugatucrazypills3 years ago

I predict she'll get 8-12Mil of his 400. He should write it off as a bad reno project and move on.

Amber Who? will crash and burn most likely. Who else in hollywood is gonna fall for this scam ?

7 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

i don't know who amber heard is, but i KNOW who depp is. how else is she going to get her pay day? cos, i don't know what the fuck she does and i doubt she has any talent what so ever.

it's so fucking wrong.

229 upvotesEvolvedVirus3 years ago

Yeah I knew that getting "slapped with an iphone" "an iphone thrown to your face..." was just unique enough to be the perfectly made up story. "you think I would slap myself with an iphone?" ..... (me: YES! Why would Johnny Depp hit you with an iphone when he can use his hand? Who would wanna damage their iphone on your slut face?)

She's quite a creative blackmailer.

Johnny Depp has been married twice. Domestic abusers have a pattern of abuse, they don't just randomly do it after 20 years of dating.

237 upvotesBlue-223 years ago

Just want to point out that BOTH of his exes have come out in his defense...

98 upvotesmobilejester3 years ago

Also notable that it was Doug Stanhope who wrote the piece. Doug Stanhope does not bullshit

17 upvotesWAFC3 years ago

Yep. As soon as I saw it was Stanhope I knew it was legit. He's not the kind to try to ride coattails or make a name for himself like this.

42 upvotesCSMastermind3 years ago

As did his daughter who lived with them.

-42 upvotesWhatIs_ThisFaggotry3 years ago

This doesn't really tell you much. Both exes could still be receiving alimony off of him, so they would be protecting their investment regardless of what is true or isn't. Either way the whole story sounds like bullshit and attention whoring from amber heard who's already been seeing her roles and perceived value drop for the last few years.

60 upvotesexit_sandman3 years ago

I don't think Vanessa Paradis (who wasn't even married to Depp, though she has two children from him), an accomplished celebrity herself even before she met him, really needs his money.

Maybe she just, you know, simply wasn't abused by him?

52 upvotesLord_Pudge3 years ago

Is your last sentence saying that a cis white male could be innocent? Check your privilege! /s

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotesGunsGermsAndSteel3 years ago

Your use of the binary gender marker "he" has triggered my face off and you have to give me money because reasons.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

10 upvotesvox_veritas3 years ago

And since when has the basis of need ever been relevant when it comes to women and alimony?

Need is, in fact, one of the main factors in determining whether someone should be entitled to alimony in many states.

Source: I'm a divorce lawyer.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesspelczech3 years ago

Then why are some alimony payments so outrageously high? When did keeping the same "standard of living" that the man provided become a need? I can see giving someone enough to get a suitable (but not lavish) apartment where ever they happen to live until they can get a job and support themselves, but that's not a requirement of the court system that they even gain employment, or look for better/full time work.

Source: I divorced a parasite.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They would still get alimony from him even if they weren't supporting him though.

-1 upvotesWhatIs_ThisFaggotry3 years ago

Sure, but the value of that alimony could be reduced, again assuming they're actually receiving it.

0 upvotesEyes_Of_The_Dragon3 years ago

Not likely. Alimony is generally non modifiable.

2 upvotesRathadin3 years ago

For someone named /u/WhatIs_ThisFaggotry, I would have expected you to dismiss this outright.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Anyone with a name like that is only trying to put up a front

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

47 upvotesFiveLions3 years ago

I just jumped onto redpill and your comment made me so furious for jonny depp, I have to get off...later dudes

25 upvotesEvolvedVirus3 years ago

Ikr, happens. Can only take so much redpill at once.

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Until you become hooked on it. Eventually you hit the guru stage where you have to get on at least once per day to see what's going on, what kind of feedback you've received, answer questions that are just too painful not to answer on asktrp while you try and keep a level head with newbies (after all you were there once), and read over the new theory submissions with critical competent input.

You get to the point where there is no negative emotional reaction anymore. It's just a pleasant feeling of challenging yourself and the community, helping others learn concepts and critiquing/challenging new theory while still learning something new every day.

Not to mention all the benefits that spill over into your own life from applying the concepts and thinking differently from the misguided majority. Much of this process happens automatically with time and exposure to this sanctuary as long as you hold yourself accountable and stay active.

To anyone new here I highly recommend pulling up a chair and sticking around. You'll be so angry at times you want to break your phone, you'll laugh like a hyena at jokes you can't repeat in public, you'll be disgusted, disheartened, and at times may even break down and cry (if you're a faggot), but I guarantee you'll be back. The truth is addictive even when it makes you sick.

21 upvotesShort-changedChad3 years ago

It's funny, for all the talk of an anger phase, when I stumbled in here after a break up a year ago there was no negative emotional reaction at all. In fact there was relief. I was already angry at the world for PC culture, increasing authoritarianism, double standards against men, women wanting equality when it suited them and not when it didn't, and why behaviour that seamed instinctual and masculine, or even questioning while the world was like this was met with nothing short of outrage from friends, family, the media etc. I just couldn't put my finger on why.

Enter some profound posts from thoughtful men far more intelligent than myself that confirmed what I'd been observing, and explained why it had happened too and the pill slid down my throat swiftly and sweetly. Even if TRP is wrong and hateful (which it isn't) it's infinitesimally better than the reality I was living in before.

-9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You'd think he'd be wise enough to not get married. He deserves whatever comes from this. Hope he learned his lesson.

14 upvotesEvolvedVirus3 years ago

I don't think he deserves it. But the thing is... he can absolutely be better off than 99% of men in society. Even despite all this.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, I guess I was being harsh. But the old proverb, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me appeared to apply. Then again, women are queen manipulators and maybe it takes him more than two times to learn a tough lesson like that. Either way that's fucked up

3 upvotesEvolvedVirus3 years ago

Totally I understand that. But when you're as rich as Johnny Depp, sometimes, "fool me once... fool me twice... fool me again damnit that was still a lot of fun and I still have millions of dollars..."

Imagine is someone manipulates you, by giving you the most amazing vacation and then at the end of the vacation, he makes you sign a contract and takes a lot of your money. But some people might be totally fine with the price for that vacation.

Consider it a VERY EXPENSIVE whore.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, fair point. It's just hard for me to fathom, but that's why this sub exists. Because society is extremely blue pill and mistakes will be made because people believe that reality.

5 upvotesexit_sandman3 years ago

You'd think he'd be wise enough to not get married.

He was married 1983-1985. He didn't marry Vanessa Paradis yet stuck to her for almost 15 years.

My guess is that he really fell for Amber Heard and she did was Vanessa Paradis obviously didn't - she made marriage a must-have.

61 upvotesBlue-223 years ago

The story never had much weight, Depp's ex Paradis evidently is out defending Depp's name, as is his other ex Allison.

LAPD sources said there was no evidence of any injuries, there's evidently some happy non-injury photo out there of Heard that Depp's team pointed which she subsequently pulled, she's asking for the house & dogs (you know, the ones Australia already had such a problem with because Depp/Heard were neglecting them), the car, support & fees, etc.

Sounds like a money grab and she's flinging all sorts of sh-t hoping that something sticks, which we know it will. Ironically, this is California and no-fault which SHOULD logically mean that absent anything criminal (remember, no police report, no evidence = nothing criminal...getting a TRO is nothing), Heard's emotional plea that Depp caused the dissolution shouldn't be legally admissible. But that's just legal logic, and liberal CA doesn't do too well with the whole concept of black-and-white. Depp is the have and Heard is the have-not in this situation (or at least the rich people version of have/have-not), which means there will probably be some redistribution of wealth.

Next thing you know, Gloria Allred will show up. At least then, we'll know for SURE that the story's a fake.

Take home: As soon as a partner so much as mentions blackmail or false report, get it on record.

41 upvotesredpillbanana3 years ago

Sounds like a money grab and she's flinging all sorts of sh-t hoping that something sticks, which we know it will.

When there is no penalty for perjury and false accusation, it changes from a crime into a legal tactic.

8 upvotesbigeyedbunny3 years ago

The system encourages false accusations.

A part of Johnny Depp's 400 millions of dollars wealth gets redistributed this way, and hundreds of other people will benefit from it:

Obviously most Amber Heard will benefit but also:



Scandal newspapers and tabloids

and so on...

5 upvotesRedPillFusion3 years ago

This is exactly why I'm glad to not be an attorney. Being successful would require I counsel my clients to do exactly this.

1 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

Heard and her attorney don't want this to go before a judge. They are going to use the threat of public humiliation to blackmail Johnny Depp into a more lucrative settlement offer. I'm sure that they have all sorts of dirty laundry to air.

105 upvotesTheSelfGoverned3 years ago

Of course. She has so much to gain (funds, publicity, validation, feminist "hero" status, etc) and nothing to lose. Morality, ethics, and the consequences to her lover's life mean nothing to her.

27 upvotesbigeyedbunny3 years ago

These photos tell everything.

Amber Heard laughs and she's radiant and happy like she won the biggest prize in the national lottery.

All her "bruises" magically healed all by themseleves overnight


Amber the gold digger hit Johnny Depp at his lowest hardest life moment, when he's devastated by his mum's death

7 upvotesTheSelfGoverned3 years ago

Based on the comments, it looks like the red pill is winning the battle of hearts and minds.

4 upvotesFive_Decades [OP]3 years ago

I'm surprised how many victims of abuse and people who work with the abused are saying there is no way she was abused based on how she is acting.

She was the abuser according to friends of the couple, framing her ex is just another form of abuse she has commitrd. At least there is some awareness nowadays about these situations.

Poor Johnny. I hope he makes better decisions in the future with women.

36 upvotes_Trigglypuff_3 years ago

Look at any facebook article and she's getting torn to shreds.

Once this is over she will go back to her hole, wind up an alpha widow and forever have this baggage making her post-wall and forever single. She will attempt to land another rich dumbass, but nobody rich enough for her can be dumb enough to take that chick on. It will be rape accusations next.

who knows though.

26 upvotesSPER3 years ago

I can assure you Amber Heard will not have a hard time finding someone.

8 upvotesbigeyedbunny3 years ago

Blue pillers are dreaming if they claim this wasn't a sex-for-money exchange. What else could it have been? Was she teaching him Latin all those weeks and now seeks to be compensated? 

Wait, sorry, there is one big difference between Amber Heard and prostitutes. The actual hooker is more honest about who she is and what her intentions are than the Amber Heards of the world.

And the actual hookers charge 100 $ per sex act, while Amber Heard charged about 400,000 $ per each sex act

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Hopefully she's lost what little career she had. The next think I want to see about her is her obituary.

76 upvotesharsha_hs3 years ago

Point is, that if Stanhope's accusations are true, that this is a reminder that women like this exist (women who will abuse the advantages they have in the legal and social system to harm men) and you have to guard yourself against them.

Are you kidding me? Women do it all the time. In case of divorce, they use false allegations of domestic violence, if it's just casual sex, then they mis-use rape and molestation laws. Get familiar with Tiger-Theory and AWALT.

22 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

Can confirm my buddy is going through this now. Fortunately. He keeps records ;)

7 upvotespfffft_comeon3 years ago

please expound. we all want to be safe.

9 upvotesharsha_hs3 years ago

Always keep the fucking records. Chats, texts, call logs

3 upvotesSwallowRP3 years ago

"SMS Backup +" is going to save my ass some day. It backs up everything to my gmail for me

1 upvotesEvolvedVirus3 years ago

An app every redpiller needs.

2 upvotesRisky_Clicks_NSFW3 years ago

this is probably the most succinct reading I have done on what the women divorce strategy is:


56 upvotesShitlordRick3 years ago

Remember: False accusations of rape/domestic abuse only happen in the minds of internet virgins /s

13 upvotesbigeyedbunny3 years ago

This brilliant standup from Bill Burr hits the truth right home

"There is an epidemic of gold digging whores"


27 upvotesBlackHera3 years ago

Johnny's babymomma came to his defense. I don't buy the abuse shit one bit. This hoe wants her 5 minutes and some cash.

46 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's amazing how casual they are about these things. Had an ex walk away from me and lie that I slammed her against a brick wall.

54 upvotesSkorchZang3 years ago

Hilarious. It's always the "brick wall". Probably makes us picture the dimmed lighting, the nice aged brick at an upscale location, with a picture of a yacht hanging right above the spot where you slammed her diminutive frame. She looked SO good as she was being abused by you, you evil shitlord.

It's never "he slammed me into the shitty cheap wall made of recycled shit".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah no one thought "gee she doesn't look like someone much bigger than her slammed her into a wall a few minutes ago."

21 upvotesEyes_Of_The_Dragon3 years ago

My psycho ex girlfriend claimed her now ex husband beat her and had the bruises to prove it. Too bad her daughter caught her hitting herself in the face and asked everyone why mommy was doing that to herself.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is serious? Ain't fiction?

2 upvotesEyes_Of_The_Dragon3 years ago

This is quite serious. It never made the news, and I'm not going to say her name.

How it played out was she had called me saying he was beating her, so I told her to call the cops and not me. (I'm bigger than he is, so her assumption was that I would run over and "take care of him".)

The next night I find out she spent the night in jail. The cops did show up, and she was basically assaulting the cops demanding that they arrest him. Then a week later our daughter came to me and asked me why would her mom hit herself in the face, and I finally put the story together.

5 upvotesjonseagull3 years ago

I've had two girls that I dated for 3+ years both claim that I in someway or another physically abused them. One even made the claim to my face and it blew my mind because she seemed to actually believe it. "You punched me." When? Uhhh... some are so stupid that they don't even think it through beyond the initial accusation (because most of the time they don't even have to support the lie, the idiots do it for them).

2 upvotesBlue-223 years ago

Brick wall as an alleged accomplice to the crime.

Or (more likely), is she just figuratively up against "the wall"?

18 upvotesApplewoood3 years ago

Gold digging whores, the female version of a wife beater.

37 upvotesMustaka3 years ago

I founded a sub called r pussypassdenied sometime back and I could write a mountain of books from all the stories posted there on this topic. I started the sub as a joke response to some post I have long since forgotten, I had no particular interest in the topic. In under a day it had 1k+ subs and I thought 'holy shit what is everyone so angry about?'. And as the posts, news articles, videos, stories etc flooded in only one phrase that i had heard countless times but had paid lip service to, 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', was seared into relevance for me. It is absolutly staggering the depths women will go to utterly ruin a man. The real scary thing is there is not a particular type either. They come from the full spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds. So when people here are quick to preach nexting a plate or ltr at the earliest red flags there is solid reasoning to it. Johnny Depp lost frame (you can tell this happened by the tone of this authors story as he had no frame in his friends eyes) and his wife decided to bounce and set herself up for a big payoff. So if you have red flags as described in TRP take a good long hard look at the possible fallout. It is scary real.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesMustaka3 years ago

Oh I agree not every women will seek to destroy her partner on exiting a relationship. The vast majority will not. Admittedly by running PPD we tend to see extreme cases that make the news, your everyday split is just not that interesting. We also only see the situations were the woman has attempted to destroy a guy but has been caught out and failed. These are the vast minority of cases and hence why they are in the news. A woman getting full custody of children, the family home and a substantial chunk of alimony is just not interesting. A woman told to share custody equally, get off her ass and get a job and no money except commensurate child care is.

Your comments above are spot on within the context of TRP philosophy. As a whole TRP is just a collection of tools to add to your own individual toolbox. A key tool to me however is identifying red flags in all kinds of relationships, from plates to friends to work, and deal with them accordingly.

So taking the TRP glasses off when looking at Depp's case, even his friends who are most likely not TRP literate saw the flags. So as you pointed out even the most perceived alpha, like Deppe, can be done over. My point is that if you are here and reading this material you have the tools to mitigate and or prevent this type of thing from happening to you. The choice to use them may not be easy but ultimately the readers choice.

5 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

That's a great sub I love it

4 upvotesMeat-on-the-table3 years ago

Been on your sub a few times. It helps to balance some of the shit I see daily.

Just for kicks, I sometimes view it alongside r-pussypass.

3 upvotesMustaka3 years ago

You just reminded me of how PPD got started. It was in some PP post where someone said something like, 'wow she got denied hard, there should be a sub for this'. So in a drunken state I registered it and posted the link back in the comments for shits and giggles.

13 upvotesenglandmademetoo3 years ago

I can't feel sorry for him, it was obvious from the get go that she was a gold digger and a lesbian. You have hundreds of millions and no pre nup? really? Thank God for Di Caprio to show the younger generation how it is done.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesThrowyMcGruder3 years ago

I once punched myself in the face for the fuck of it. Just wanted to see how bruised I'd be after a punch to the cheekbone.

I was actually fully into boxing and karate at the time, and had shiners every other week.

I just felt like feeling my own punch.

Yet people can't imagine that somebody might do that for 30 million dollars.


18 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Remember, gossip articles are written for womens attention and engagement.

don't consume media that isn't designed for your

6 upvotesskoobled3 years ago

Well sometimes it seems a bit like *this * is the only media designed for us

7 upvotes0xdada3 years ago

I'm surprised nobody has leaked this already.

She is tanking Depp's Alice movie as revenge for Niccola Six. She (secretly?) blames him for the dispute over the release and her big shot at fame.

1 upvotesEvolvedVirus3 years ago

London Fields?

Why would Johnny be blamed for that?

7 upvotestrpiece3 years ago

I wish I could sleep with someone for 15 months and get 20 million.

8 upvotesWerewolf35b3 years ago

Remember two things,

In California, if there's signs of domestic violence the cops press charges regardless of what the woman wants to do. If she had those bruises that night, he would have went to jail. She didn't. They told her to call then back if they fight more.

Second, until she met johnny Depp, and I remember this from her up and coming actress bios early in her career, she was supposedly a 'lesbian' lol.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesWerewolf35b3 years ago

Maybe that's her appeal- she never had a man in her before, and was technically a virgin. Otherwise, shes a random hot blonde.

5 upvotesmuddynips3 years ago

And his mother just died too. They always choose the worst moment to do this, your biggest moment of vulnerability. The second a chink shows in the armor, it's time to drive the sword in and loot your corpse.

5 upvotesThumpNuts3 years ago

"...women who will abuse the advantages they have in the legal and social system to harm men..."

Yeah. There's one who's running for President. Don't hold your breath about her facing legal consequences either.

5 upvotesshotgun_shaun3 years ago

Honestly, does anyone even know who this cunt is? C-list actress traps super star, and now onto the next stage of her plan: live off his money and get future work based on her attachment to his name. BRB, killing myself.

4 upvotesrdesktop73 years ago

"If true, and if it is proven she is lying, I hope she is charged criminally and in the civil courts."

lol. Not going to happen.

4 upvotesEarthExile3 years ago

Stanhope is my hero. He speaks the truth and doesn't give one single solitary fuck what anyone thinks of him.

7 upvotesComaToys3 years ago

I have seen a few of the Amber Heard bruise pictures and they seem pretty damning, but premeditated manipulation by crazy people is definitely a thing that you need to learn to protect yourself from and learn to pre-empt.

I was involved with a woman like this. There were some bruises as a result of our rough playing (she once made me sit through Secretary to help me get an idea of just what she was in to and wanted me to do) and general rough housing. I didn't think anything of it because I didn't know I was being taken for a ride as long as she needed me.

Little did I know that these bruises were also being photographed and, when it came time to break up, wreck my job, and hijack my relationships, incorporated into an elaborate abuse narrative.

10 upvotesJourneymanTRP3 years ago

She's probably exaggerating more than lying. There's a grain of truth behind every lie, isn't there?

He probably told her to take her phone and get the fuck out and tossed it to her uncoordinated self. She attempted to catch it by throwing her arms up into the air like the triangle button on the old madden games, it bopped her on the face and she started wailing uncontrollably.

Then, decent guy as he is, he probably went to console her and she started slapping the shit out of him and he grabbed her hair at some point during the assault.

On another note, as much as we're looking to crucify this girl, when the first article we see on the subject is "Amber Heard divorces husband 3 days after his mother's death," it's a bit of an obvious PR campaign.

Both sides are waging war on each other and going for the character assassination, so doubt we'll ever actually get a clue on what's really gone on between them. Maybe he is the dreaded iPhone abuser who smashes girls faces in left and right.

5 upvotesp00pey3 years ago

New here, but just wanted to share an anecdote. Couple of years back, too my then GF to Brazil to a friend's wedding. This chick had met some of my friends, and was typical in wanting to isolate me from my friends, always being judgemental about them etc. I was basically ready to break up with here before we left, but off we go, and she gets into her typical bullshit. So oh the actual wedding night, she's kicking off drama, and I'm telling her I want nothing to do with her, go stay on teh other side of the island, I'll pay for a separate hotel, get away from me and my friends etc. So we're at a beach bar place for after the wedding, and she throws a drink in my face. So I proceed to empty my beer on her, waiting for every last drop to get out, and throw my bottle in her general direction. Mind you 10 of my friends, male and female, are seeing this. She proceeds to run around claiming I 'hit her' with the bottle. He goal was to get my friends to turn on me. She got shunned the fuck out, everyone that knows me knows who the fuck I am, I've never hit any girl in my life, barely ever hit any guy in my life. Till the end she held onto the 'you hit me' card, but thankfully wasn't too bat shit crazy to file anything. Her goal was to villianize me, both among my friends and hers. My friends brushed her off, her friends I could give a fuck about. AWALT...

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


What is this?

2 upvotesCoreyLewandowski3 years ago

Here's the thing: you shouldn't fuck with rich men. Sure, they still get fucked for false accusations, but it's much less likely because they have money to throw at the problem.

Amber Heard is, hopefully, going down for this one.

2 upvotesDucksfornipples23 years ago

Doug stanhope is in depp's circle?? The fuck

2 upvotestolerantman3 years ago

Heard may look like an angel, but she is vermin, she has no value to society other than looking like a nice plastic doll, inside she is a piece of shit.

2 upvoteslayladyelaine3 years ago

She said she had those DV photos and texts in September 2014 They were on her backup/iphone. Wasn't she hacked (Fappening) weren't there nude photos released? Wouldn't abuse photos and or texts about a huge movie star abusing his wife be worth taking and selling to tabloids? I don't understand if they took everything or pick and chose photos only that had nudity...

3 upvotesBetterthanuatlife3 years ago

This is 1000 mg worth of red pills... Jesus fucking Christ I think I'm gonna go kick the shit out of my boxing bag for a while so I don't break something.

1 upvotesialready3 years ago

I wonder if he knew

A la la la la long

A la la la la long

A la la la la long long li long long long

time ago

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

AWALT. Emphasis on the A. I hope it pulls through for Johnny because, as usual, the turd floats to the top

1 upvotesMoldy_Gecko3 years ago

You think that Anything anyones inner circle says will be taken credibly. My buddy would lie for me too. Not saying Heard isn't doing it, just that you can't count a friend as a credible witness.

1 upvotesDrewsmit243 years ago

All Boys Love Mandy Lane

Watch this movie if you want the truth

1 upvotesgogetgamer3 years ago

this post is such a typical 'plant' by somebodies publicist. Bring us the proof, like the tapes she had or the people putting their name to their testimony.

1 upvotesPLaTinuM_HaZe3 years ago

As much as I wanna defend Johnny Depp, there are numerous police reports of domestic violence throughout their relationship, it's not like all the sudden she's coming out with something out of the blue. Unfortunately He is screwed. He's an alcoholic, got sloppy and is paying for it. Let it be a lesson to always maintain control and to not let your emotions get the best of you.

7 upvotessweetleef3 years ago

numerous police reports of domestic violence throughout their relationship

This may be true, or you may be making it up completely - but even if there are "police reports," even a short amount of reading TRP should alert you to the fact that "police reports of domestic violence" frequently have nothing to do with any actual "abuse".

2 upvoteslayladyelaine3 years ago

Where have you sourced these police reports from? Please provide links if you are able.

2 upvotesWerewolf35b3 years ago

Police reports?

Is there an arrest? If not, they give the chick a business card and the time they arrived. Then they fold that page in thier notebook in case it come up later. There was no crime.

If there was domestic. Violence, there'd be an actual case number, report and of course, an arrest.

"Police reports" meaning calls to the police, tell you that it's some bullshit, and the cops That arrived knew it. Or whatever she said wouldn't be able to keep him out of jail

1 upvotestorik03 years ago

Women! Make sure to not make the mistake of being too successful, or they'll pussypass their way right through your bank account.

1 upvotesstrongsets3 years ago

I read somewhere that she actually posted the photo of her face "bruised" on Instagram first. Not sure if true but that should raise the credibility of this accusation..../s

1 upvoteslayladyelaine3 years ago

There was a photo of her + friends at a birthday party the day after it "allegedly" happened. Her face was partially hidden by her hair hiding any marks--or not as her "bruise" moves and disappears at will. It was removed from the ig account when this was pointed out.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Who gives a shit about celebrities and their lives.

38 upvotesHumanSockPuppet3 years ago

Johnny Depp is commonly regarded as a paragon of what women find attractive.

So if this can happen to him, it can happen to you.

0 upvotesbreakingbadrule3 years ago

That's what is sad about this whole thing. I wonder that if Johnny Depp, the epitome of the alpha male, if he can be taken down, what about me? Why should I even try? Makes me afraid actually.

2 upvotesHumanSockPuppet3 years ago

The key here is that Johnny Depp made the mistake of handing over his leverage by signing a marriage contract. Once he was legally bound to this woman, she was free to do whatever she wanted to him.

Don't sign a contract like that, and keep yourself wrapped up during sex - that will safeguard you from alimony and child support rape. And the rest is just learning Game.

There's really nothing to fear once you are armed with the right knowledge.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's scary isn't it. My older brother just proposed to his girlfriend and they will be getting married sometime. The girlfriend is a good person too. Went to Stanford and both are going to Harvard graduate school now. I'm happy for him, but I'm hoping that things work out for him.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesneo99603 years ago

Don't know why you got down voted because you're 100% right. See below: It is over 10 years old but we know that it is much worse now. Guys getting divorce/child support raped has literally been written into legislation.

"....According to a study published in the American Law and Economics Review, women currently file slightly more than two-thirds of divorce cases in the US.[5] There is some variation among states, and the numbers have also varied over time, with about 60% of filings by women in most of the 19th century, and over 70% by women in some states just after no-fault divorce was introduced, according to the paper. Evidence is given that among college-educated couples, the divorce filing rate by women approaches 90%.

States in the US handle billions of dollars in alimony and child support arrangements, which commonly result from divorces. (According to a 2003 US census report], 43.7% of custodial mothers and 56.2% of custodial fathers, are divorced or separated.[6]) A 2005 Census Bureau Report found that in 2002, $40 billion had been paid in support arrangements by 7.8 million payers, 84% of whom were men. States also collected federal incentives to collect support payments, with a potential incentive pool of up to $454 million in fiscal 2004.[7]...."


6 upvotesskoobled3 years ago

Celebrities are taste leaders. If this shit happens enough, it could become the norm to go DiCapprio. How about surrogacy as well? Then normal guys take notice, then women take notice (or first). Then things start to get interesting

-5 upvotesUnholy_VI3 years ago

I see why this story is relevant here but I agree. Couldn't care less about this idiot. All he ever really did for decades was play Edward scissor hands or some other beta retard.

I did enjoy Black Mass but overall his movies are shit IMO.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This article is a great example of why a man's word is so important and protecting your reputation should be your number one priority.

Stanhope has no credibility. He admits that he'd sit on the truth to stay in Depp's good graces. (He says he didn't tell the truth about Heard because he feared reprisal from Depp.) Well, how do we know he isn't now sitting on the truth to stay in Depp's good graces? After all, if Depp's reputation is ruined and his fortune taken, what good is it to be his friend if all you ever really cared about was mooching off the gravy train anyway. Or, maybe Depp is forcing him to say this. This guy only cares abut himself and his lacky position, he'd lie as quick as tell the truth to protect that position.

His word means nothing.

26 upvotesFive_Decades [OP]3 years ago

Stanhope has credibility. If you follow his work, he is someone perfectly willing to say unpopular things because they are true.

5 upvotesnateworld3233 years ago

The only thing that makes this noteworthy, for me, is Stanhope. He is one of my favorite living standups and his word is good. Just looking at Heard I can tell she is a hot mess and this level of manipulation should be expected. Otherwise, who cares. Probably still worth it from Johnny's perspective, depending on how good the sex was.

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