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I'm pregnant and you are the father.

by random13571357 on /r/TheRedPill
10 June 2016 05:25 AM UTC

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Age: 36.

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 225lbs (single digit BF 200/365 days a year)

Property: 4 bedroom house, mortgaged.

Car: £22,000 - 1 year old (Credit)

Salary: £63,000 (2014-15)

I predominantly date women between the ages of 28-32 at this time in my life.

In the last 2 years I've had 3 different women claim I've impregnated them.

Oh and the twist. I got the sip at 28, 8 years ago and I've had 4 sterile checks since.

If you are at the top, they want you tied down.

1 admitted lying about being pregnant to see my reaction.

1 recieved my text explaining I was sterile and i've never been contacted again.

1 remained adamant I was the father, and 2 days ago I was cleared of parental responsibility through DNA test. (The child was not mine.)

Welcome to the real world gents.

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392 upvotesbrbomglolwtfbbq3 years ago

A girl I very briefly dated and slept with only ONCE tried to pull the "surprise you're the father" bit on me. She showed me a positive pregnancy test and pushed really really hard to move in with me.

A week or two went by and I started to become suspicious about some, lets just say, inconsistencies in her story. After snooping around I got to the real truth.

She had heard that I was making a pretty good living and lived in a nice area of the city. So she got a positive pregnancy test from a friend who was really pregnant and then put on her whole deception show.

What her ultimate plan was, or how she thought I wouldn't figure it out, I have no idea.

Should be a crime.

180 upvotesherewegoaga1n3 years ago

Fraud. Plain and simple, which means it's completely fucked.

157 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

No, you misunderstand. Female crimes are not fraud. Women can lie, cheat, steal, misrepresent. All for financial gain, and society will deem it "not a crime".

This is why there are so few women in jail - everyone accepts female crimes as "that's just fine" but male crimes as "life sentence for you".

98 upvotesNewestHouse3 years ago

Women need "help and treatment", men need punishment. -western society

42 upvotesNewestHouse3 years ago

I read this a while ago and it fucking infuriated me.

"Women almost never scare us; commit random acts of serious violence; violate our sexual integrity; or form organised crime networks and yet their prisons numbers are now the highest in recorded history."

thats the first fucking line, "women never commit violent crime or rape or participate in organized crime, ALMOST NEVER. what a goddam fucking joke. The fantasy world feminists live in continues to astound me, yet it shouldn't...

31 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Women are guilty of constant proxy violence, more than half of domestic violence, and when they go mental are both fucking terrifying and have the full force of the law behind them.

In terms of not violating our sexual integrity - male sexual interests are expected to be ignored, sacrificed, used, abused and violated by society from the second we are born. Our sexual interests are deemed to be simply not valid, instead we are expected to sacrifice everything (including our lives) for the female imperative.

In terms of forming organised crime networks: feminism is an organisation designed to exploit men using threats of violence, emotional and economic abuse.

In other words: everything feminists say is completely true (including this particular white knight mangina) so long as you take the words and infer the exact opposite.

5 upvotesSACRlion3 years ago

And women are never serial killers, and yet there is La Dama del Silencio in prison for killing 10 people.

2 upvotesRedpillgawd3 years ago

maybe because men know right from wrong and women are unsaveable better off hanging the repeated offenders

1 upvotesstarista3 years ago

Do you thing, just curious, that this is a problem we see as early as school aged girls/boys?

1 upvotesNewestHouse3 years ago

Oh for sure, no doubt. Girls are generally seen as can do no harm and are treated accordingly. Boys are MUCH more likely to be suspended or expelled then girls and are punished more severely in pretty much any other instance. But of course this is because feminism is deeply entrenched in the education system, their values are put right into the schools codes, as well as feminist teachers/principals pushing their influence and bias. The whole system is so horribly twisted, it depresses me to think back to my elementary and highschool days, knowing what I know now, realizing why I was angry or sad or depressed and not knowing why back then. Whats worse is little boys today, things are even worse and getting worse every year.

28 upvotesherewegoaga1n3 years ago

r\pussypass is becoming less of a joke and more of a documentary.

8 upvotes-TheOutsid3r-3 years ago

Actually, it's that case for quite some time and longer than many of us have lived. Things started going astray somewhere in the 60s. Most of the feminist goals i.e equality before the law had been achieved way before it. Which means that breaking up fundamental necessities of a working society such as the nuclear family, second and third wave feminism and movements such as the Hippy/68th one pushed things way into absurdity.

We're being told that society is still as it was before the 60s but made to view that situation through the lense of the "education" we get to enjoy nowadays from kindergarden all the way through college.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

my second favorite sub, after avacadoporn.

19 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

Wait.. you mean to tell me that women are capable of having bad intentions?

12 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Wait.. you mean to tell me that women are capable of having bad intentions?

Of course not, everyone knows that Women Are Wonderful, so anything bad they do must be your fault for being judgmental.

2 upvotes-LiterallyHitler3 years ago

Women don't even have free will. They are slaves to their emotions. This is why they should not be allowed power over men. It's not good for either gender.

1 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

So you're saying that women are actually sentient? I'm going to need a source.

2 upvotesSpeakerToRedditors3 years ago

This is what fries me about the feminine imperative saying that the proof men are evil and violent, because there are more men than women in jail/prison.

3 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Men are bad, therefore imprison men. Men are in prison, therefore men are bad.

Women are good, therefore don't imprison them. There are no women in prison, therefore women are good.

One day the world will see.

1 upvotesrn1ke3 years ago

However, feminists now try to claim that lying about your financial status to get into bed with a woman is "rape"

1 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

lying about your n-count is fine though of course...

48 upvotesGadnuk_3 years ago

I've seen this before, the old double down trick. If they can convince you they're already pregnant then you've got less reason to use protection as the damage is already done (apparently). Then she ACTUALLY gets pregnant and locks down resources, leaving the beta schlub none the wiser about her ruse.

29 upvotesrundownweather3 years ago

It's quite brilliant when you think about it. I'm convinced women actually sit down with each other and think these strategies up together, a single person wouldn't be able to be this deceptive.

26 upvotessmartscience3 years ago

It would certainly explain why they can genuinely think (maybe) that men sit down and plot schemes to maintain their privilege and power...

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is why (or part of why) feminists were so determined to break in to gentlemen's clubs. They were convinced that the men in there were plotting with each other to keep the opposite sex down. They thought that because that is what women would do - and in fact were doing. The other part of it is because rather than build up their own companies and social structures, it was much easier and more fruitful to parasitize the companies, organizations and social structures built by men. Which actually I would not object to if they didn't trash them in the process.

6 upvoteskayne20003 years ago

you are spot on Sawagurumi.

it's important we impart this knowledge to the young ones as slyly as possible too.

for instance....I was playing video games with my 5 year old nephew....boys that age, even if already partly brainwashed can be great fun. the boy wanted to show his grandma something, grandma was being slow, so I told him go down and get her because you know women like to talk a lot. its a small point or another time his mother was saying how its so hard to make sure you raise them right...subtle influences and all....the boy was there and i mentioned one subtle influence was the boy had learned from TV girls hit as hard as boys....i corrected that then and there and used it to answer the mothers question about subtle brainwashing.

throw it in there slyly gentlemen. it might be the only way.

boys even if they are young and already partly gotten too....they still havent at a young age had their natural "I want a boys only club" beaten out of them just yet....they will look up too and respect you.

2 upvotesTomRoberts20163 years ago

Divide and conquer.

You're absolutely right.

Women try to demonize and destroy TRP forums/groups.

Try to infiltrate men's only spaces.

Call male friendships "bromances" aka try to shame men and call them gay for having male friends.

Women are smart like that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Had never thought about it this way. Pretty smart.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They do. There are groups where they discuss how to sabotage condoms, for example, and women are quite free with 'advice on how to lock him down'. There is no honour here.

Some classics are where the NBA issued a warning to their players in 2004 to dispose of condoms down the loo, not just in the trash, after a rash of cases where women had fished them out of the trash and impregnated themselves. Naturally, the cuck femcentric judges decided that the players were still on the hook for child support, instead of finding the women guilty of fraud and coercion. This is why you provide your own condoms (don't leave them at her place, subtle work with nail scissors works wonders), and you either flush them or put tabasco or bleach into them before putting into the trash.

Another case was where a couple decided to get married on the firm understanding that neither wanted children. A few months later the woman changed her mind, so she 'forgot' to take her pill. This went on, and she didn't get pregnant. When she finally brought this up, the guy told her that he had a vasectomy. She was furious, and the studio audience sided with her, even though she was trying to fraudulently get him on the hook for paying for a child for 18 years and he did nothing that was not in keeping with their agreement.

Here is another studio audience, note how they support a woman deciding to come off the pill without telling her husband (and how she discussed it with her friends): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CNHwhHWPoQ the hostesses opinion is that it is fine because 'men are not in control of women's bodies', but women are in control of men's finances, right?

13 upvotessharp73 years ago

Its shit like this that makes me think masterbation was the most important invention for man. Imagine you couldn't fap and had to fuck every fuckin time to get off, much harder to avoid pregnancies.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesjrrtrp813 years ago

When talking NBA that sperm is worth 6 - 7 figures....

1 upvotesTomRoberts20163 years ago

Get a vasectomy and put mint in there.

1 upvotesyomo863 years ago

You might have had a chance to get a glance of this behaviour. Whenever she is asking for 'male' advice it is for a scheme or manipulation tactic. It is never intended to give her a deeper understanding of the male psyche.

Now think about the talk women have among each other.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I can confirm they do from experience 20+ yrs ago.

32 upvotesRunawayGrain3 years ago

What her ultimate plan was, or how she thought I wouldn't figure it out, I have no idea.

Either actually get knocked up by you, or the good old 'miscarriage' fallback.

23 upvotesAmlanceJockey3 years ago

Don't forget about a good ol fashion cucking.

But, I think the miscarriage route is one of the most effective routes. She extracts commitment by using a man's tendency to "cowboy up". The man didn't want to be with the chick for atleast 18 years but men tend to clean up their own messes. So he moves her in, marries her so she can get prenatal care with his insurance, and finds himself settled down before he knows it. Then the miscarriage. She activates his protective instinct. He emotionally invests in her. He wants to console her. And what's most fucked up, while she knows she is faking, he actually thinks he lost a child. Shared hardship makes men bond. So she's got him hook line and sinker. A dastardly plot to enslave and trap him in a relationship.

Don't be mad at her. The way her brain works, she doesn't consciously know what she's doing. From her perspective she is just testing him to see if he would stick around. Well once he passes the test she can't reveal the lie so she needs another out.

28 upvotesvandaalen3 years ago

Don't be mad at her. The way her brain works, she doesn't consciously know what she's doing.

No. This is just handing out the pussypass under another prerequisite.

Just because you are influenced by your programming does not mean that you aren't able to act against your instincts.

I could fuck 24/7 and I see at least 20 strange women a day who sexually arouse me. So because I can't help that arousal I am allowed to use my MMA-trained 230lbs body to submit these bitches and rape the living shit out of them? Probably not.

Part of our society's problem is that men unlearned how to teach women about options and consequences.

Be fucking mad at them and do your good deed and teach them right from wrong. If you won't, who will?

8 upvotessharp73 years ago

It is absolutely true that we have forgotten how to teach women of consequences. Get fucked and abused by a douche bag? Instead of learning to choose better they expect betas to just fix the baggage so they can go out and get abused somemore. I've seen a girl do this several times in a row. Fuckin ridiculous.

4 upvotesAmlanceJockey3 years ago

She knows what she's doing on some level. But, she rationalizes and hamsters so much, that if you could read her mind i expect you would find more I deserve this and relationship feelz and less enslavement protocol initiated.

I agree we dont hold them to a high standard. But, until we do, the idea that doing something could be wrong or bad will not cross their mind. It doesnt exist to them.

1 upvotesTomRoberts20163 years ago

That's why it's good men have forums like these to talk to each other on.

Best thing is to stay informed and be aware of their behavior, and watch out for tricks from deceptive women.

I say deceptive women because N.A.W.A.L.T.

(cough cough)

11 upvotesyomo863 years ago

You can even order those positive pregnancy tests online.

I dont want to live on this planet anymore

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You can also buy fake birth control pills on the internet, so she can take it right in front of you for that extra bit of convincing. 'You don't need a condom, honey! See, I just took my pill!". Women are Machiavellian by instinct.

2 upvotesbeachbbqlover3 years ago

Even DNA paternity tests from your doctor may be intentionally manipulated to lock you in.

7 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

Girls will tell you they are pregnant when they aren't, just so you'll start fucking them and not caring, thus REALLY impregnating them. I've had a girl try this on me before. Bitch finally came clean when she wasn't getting knocked up.

83 upvotesNightGod3 years ago

The plan was "we don't need condoms honey, it's not like I can get MORE pregnant!" giggle And then the baby is born a month or two "premature" and looks surprisingly full term.

186 upvotesdkbuss3 years ago

It would be born late then....

37 upvotesAziz_923 years ago

Yea, wtf? Had me questioning my sanity for a few seconds.

7 upvotesbehenchodd3 years ago

once knocked up, what choice do u have really.

15 upvotesNightGod3 years ago

Oh yeah, bad early morning math on my part, but the same concept.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Normally a baby cover up story involves a woman who cheats and gets pregnant, then start fucks her husband again to pretend that he got her pregnant. In this case the baby would be born before the father's expectations because he isn't the actual father. She was already pregnant from someone else though. She would say that the baby is 'premature' after it's born early to quell his suspicion but it would obviously look full term.

This is the usual case, but in this special case the woman is pretending to be pregnant when she isn't actually. It's almost the opposite scenario. What she's trying to do here is convince the dude to invest more and cum inside her to fulfill her goal of actually getting pregnant. If he does get her pregnant at this time then the baby will be born later than he expected since he was led to believe that she was already pregnant.

You're making the same logical mistake as NightGod.

Here's a simple illustration of the two situations:

Woman cheats and is filled with stranger's baby batter > woman fucks husband as cover story > woman publicly announces she's pregnant > woman gives birth to stranger's baby > husband suspicious of early birth > "Hubby, the baby was premature!"

Woman wants to lock down alpha > woman pretends she's pregnant > woman convinces him to fuck without protection > woman actually gets pregnant > expected birth date passes > woman finally gives birth to alpha's baby > alpha suspicious of late birth > "Alpha, the baby was just a little later than expected!"

I made bold the act of conception and her bullshit reasoning.

TLDR: If your baby only takes 6 months and looks like a healthy full term (black) baby then you're probably a cuck. If your baby takes 13 months and you've caught her stuffing your used condoms in every orifice of her body than she's trying to lock you down.

3 upvotestrpthrowaway18523 years ago

That's some ELI5 shit right there. Here's my upvote.

4 upvotesdkbuss3 years ago

What you are saying makes no sense at all. This place has become so embarrassing lately

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Then she confesses to you she's actually from Mars, where they have 11 months pregnancy periods.

9 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

idk about you but my feelings would be hurt.

1 upvotesaussydog3 years ago

The next phase would have been just to eat a little more and pudge up a little bit. After that claim that she had a miscarriage. As if you'd ask for proof? "Where's the blood clots and bits of fetus!" Not likely right?

Easier still..claim she had the miscarriage at work...even better...yeah for sick days!

After that try to emotionally blackmail you into loving her forever n ever n ever....since you both experienced this "tragic loss" together.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I would of made her take another one in front of me

1 upvotesjav2533 years ago

Yeah that sounds like the first course of action any dude should take when told this. And DNA test always.

1 upvotes-LiterallyHitler3 years ago

She would probably have tried to get pregnant for real. "Come on anon, lets have sex without a condom! I'm already pregnant!"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'll bet she ws more than willing to let you barebakc her too, since she was pregnant

friend of mine had one of those from a 35 year old logistics officer... He says he was smart enough to get the test, and his father made sure it happened.

you won't aways win em, but he had the right idea

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

There should at least be some offender list so one can make sure theyre not dating a chick with a psycho record.

460 upvotestrpthrowaway18523 years ago


Reminds me of this epic post.

257 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

That is epic.

Mine was a lot different, as soon as she told me through txt, because I wouldn't meet her in person.

I told her I was not the father and not to contact me again, all messages and calls were then ignored. She has been dragging my name through the mud on social media with an angry horde of women demanding my head. (according to a close friend who has her added, and her brother even threatened violence if I dont do the right thing.)

Cms contacted me 3 months ago in regards to a child a woman was claiming was mine, and I had a time limit to reply as to whether the child was mine. I confirmed that I was not the father and was willing to submit to a dna test and provide proof of my vasectomy.

Dna test was scheduled and I had to pay for it.

I recieved the letter 2 days ago confirming I was not the father and now I am trying to claim the cost of the paternity test back off the cms people.

96 upvotessolidsnork3 years ago

What would they do if you refused to submit a test unless they paid for it first? It seems illegal that just because you would deny a test they would just declare you the father.

135 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

The test was £365 and while I had no problems paying that sum I imagine there are individuals who couldn't.

I don't know the outcome if you cannot afford it.

146 upvotesherewegoaga1n3 years ago

I don't know the outcome if you cannot afford it.

We know, it's just too terrible to fathom.

96 upvotesnezamestnany3 years ago

Actually not that bad in the UK, which is where op is

If you can’t pay for the DNA test, the CMS will pay the fee for you. But if the test shows that you’re the father of the child, you’ll have to repay this money.


72 upvotesAskYouEverything3 years ago

That's like, entirely not bad. That's pretty damn good actually

10 upvotesrundownweather3 years ago

If you couldn't muster 300 odd pounds on short notice, I don't think women would have much to do with you.

1 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer3 years ago

Yes you do. If you can't pay that, you can't pay child support either. The state picks up the cost out of your tax dollars

14 upvotesnezamestnany3 years ago

According to the uk citizens advice page

If you can’t pay for the DNA test, the CMS will pay the fee for you. But if the test shows that you’re the father of the child, you’ll have to repay this money.

1 upvotesbeachbbqlover3 years ago

If you can't pay for it and have to repay it later and have child support, what are the chances you can afford to feed the provider of all this money?

1 upvotesnezamestnany3 years ago

If you aren't making any money then you won't have to pay any child support

12 upvotestrippinallday3 years ago

Even if you can't afford it now you have to find some way to get the cash, as you sure as hell won't be able to afford supporting the child for the next 18 years.

1 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

I would just tell them that I can't afford it if I knew it wasn't mine, and be done with it.

I would want someone to pay me for my time, especially if it's during working hours.

-3 upvotesBonesteel503 years ago

They can just declare you the father on the mothers word.

4 upvotesyomo863 years ago

This is wrong.

The rule of presumed fatherhood - in respect to the countries I know the law of - is only applied if you a) either married or - and this depends on the state - b) you had intercourse with the women during the time of the conception and she determines you are the father. If you are really sterile. Deny, Deny, Deny everything. Do not cohabitat. Get a semen count every year ($ 20).

Furthermore if those 2 rules do not apply to you because you are a single non-cohabitating bachelor, lean back.

DNA tests are an invasion of privacy hence require a court order.

The courts want to be paid, so she has to file a motion against you. Deny, deny, deny. Then they are stuck with the court fees as well.

10 upvotesRunawayGrain3 years ago

It works a couple of ways here in the states. If she has the kid, she can just go to CPS and name you as the father. CPS then grants her support, and sues the named father in court for the child support. You are automatically assumed to be the father until you prove that you are not the father. You may even have to pay support while you wait to prove you are not the father. At this point if you ignore it you will legally get tagged as the daddy, and are on the hook for support. If you get tagged as the father, and produce DNA evidence that you are not the father later on, with the exception of a few states, you will continue to have to pay support as you have, in a legal sense, been declared the father.

In some states the potential father can challenge a support ruling even after signing a birth certificate, but he has to prove he didn't know the kid wasn't his and has to have DNA evidence to prove non paternity. Furthermore the cucked father can sue the biological father if he can prove that the biological father knew the kid was his, and defrauded the cuck father into caring for the child. At least one state has had cases of a cuck father trying to sue the mom for the support rendered.

DNA testing is an invasion of privacy, but more often than not the courts will order one just to clear up paternity. Had it happen to me, even though there was absolutely no way the kid could have been mine due to geographical separation.

7 upvotesEyes_Of_The_Dragon3 years ago

This is why it is key to know the laws in your state.

2 upvotespidnull3 years ago

Anyone know if this guy paid?

1 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

While this is true, you can also demand a DNA test, or prove that you are sterile, one. Then you're released of responsibility.

87 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

DO THE RIGHT THING MANLET. i don't understand how retarded someone has to be to not understand that even if she was pregnant and the man wanted nothing to do with her, that it's on her for gobbling the dick of someone who doesn't give a shit about her. any woman could have a responsible man in her life to take care of her and father her children, inside of 2 weeks of looking. "deadbeat" dads exist because that is what women want.

72 upvotesEyes_Of_The_Dragon3 years ago

As a society we choose not to make women accountable for their actions. This needs to change.

48 upvotesNiceKicksGabe3 years ago

Thomas Sowell said it best. If a group is used to preferential treatment, equality starts to feels like discrimination.

47 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

Women are too weak to work and too stupid to think for themselves. At least that is what FEMINISTS say.

16 upvotes_LuckyDucky_3 years ago

It's why I'm an egalitarian even if I am a woman, I do not agree that women are too weak or stupid. Feminists are poison.

15 upvotesNewestHouse3 years ago

Feminists are CANCER, a parasite living off the host (first world nations) and it is in the process of killing off its hosts, mainly in europe, but the death will spread.

11 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

Unfortunately, this probably isn't going to happen, because pretty much all of western society is too concerned with being politically correct that they baby women in the name of feminism. Women are immune to pretty much anything unless you're willing to break your back for it.

6 upvotesCrashXXL3 years ago

That's why I'm voting for Trump.

4 upvotesalecesne3 years ago

But that's where new troops come from!

0 upvotesverify_account3 years ago

OP is over 5'10". He is not a manlet.

5 upvotesPolishHypocrisy3 years ago

now I am trying to claim the cost of the paternity test back off the cms people.

Good luck , I feel if you were then you should have to pay for the test but you weren't so hope you get it back

1 upvoteskofybean3 years ago

Did you screen shot all the hate you received, and repost it on social media with the P-test?

1 upvotesSwelfie3 years ago

I got the call once from a cute 24 year old. I put her on speaker, muted and my roommate and I poured shots while listening to her plans for us to be together and raise this child. She got really upset when I told her it wasn't mine. We let her go for about 30 minutes, laughing and toasting. Finally I told her I was sterile and the silence on the phone was glorious.

She "miscarried" a couple weeks later. I still kept her around as a plate for a bit until she locked down some other guy.

1 upvotesBearhardy3 years ago

Pretty smart not taking any chances there, if you did meet her in person things could go south pretty fast, good thinking.

57 upvotesMessyEnema3 years ago

The only thing he did wrong, was the final fuck.

Her backup move is a false rape accusation.

20 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

Rape accusation is like pulling out a card form your sleeve in most western countries. Until everyone sees it was false (video record of the male or female being in public space during the time when the rape allegedly happened), the female always wins. Except if the accused male is rich enough or has good enough connections.

10 upvotes_LuckyDucky_3 years ago

You don't know about the true statistics here do you? It's a very small percentage of successful rape prosecutions and there are no winners in rape.

62 upvotesredzorp3 years ago

The false-accuser always wins in the court of public opinion, even if she LOSES in court.

Just to name one quick example - Canadian TV celebrity Jian Ghomeshi. He was recently cleared in court of any wrongdoing. His accusers were even shown to be liars in open testimony. The result? The entire Canadian media, political and celebrity establishment STILL smear Ghomeshi as a sex offender while his "victims" are STILL treated as poor vulnerable women who were wronged by the big bad wolf.

A false rape accusation is indeed a trump card for women in the West.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It doesn't even have to come from the woman. In the UK we have a feminist Director of Public Prosecutions who pressures the police to bring more rape convictions (because, you know, 'rape culture'). In the Ched Evans case, the woman had a few drinks (and therefore the goto excuse these days, 'she couldn't remember') and he was found guilty of rape and sent to prison. However, in the morning she had sent texts to friends claiming to have 'scored big' by sleeping with two professional footballers, and she only went to the police to report that she lost her handbag. When she gave the details and it came out that she had been drunk when she had sex, the police then brought rape charges.

4 upvotesCrashXXL3 years ago

holy fuck...someone shoot that bitch.

2 upvotesredzorp3 years ago

Man, that's just insane. Almost on par with that other UK case where a guy was charged with rape after he and a woman (hasbeen actress) merely brushed by each other in the London tube. Total time of contact was like 1 second of arm-to-arm contact, fully clothed of course. There was even CCTV video of the "incident" showing that it was a non-event and prosecutors STILL dragged the poor guy through court!

In Canada there are feminist activists groups that are currently lobbying to prevent "next morning texts" from even being admissible into evidence during a rape trial! Completely and utterly nuts. But they will probably get away with it, given the current climate.

Sometimes I wonder how any of this is even possible. Are human beings just completely and utterly insane? Not just women - but men for going along with all of this.

MGTOW looks better every day...

9 upvotes_LuckyDucky_3 years ago

Yes, that it is. I hope that it changes.

1 upvotessharp73 years ago

What if you got a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. You could whip that out any time.

3 upvotesredzorp3 years ago

When you "whip it out" you will be accused of rape.

2 upvotesTomRoberts20163 years ago

So secretly recording sex isn't a perverted thing anymore.

It's insurance against false rape accusations.

2 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

At least now you can thank the government for all that surveilance! /s

72 upvotesjoeyjojosharknado3 years ago

The thing that gets me is no matter how spiteful, deceptive or downright evil women can be, they always act like butter won't melt in their mouths. No, worse than that, there is an absolute disconnect between their behaviour/actions and how they perceive themselves. In a man that would be borderline sociopathy, but for a woman it's SOP. This is why they can behave in the most reprehensible fashion without it even being the tiniest blip on their moral radar. I know, I know, sidebar, hamster etc. Logically I get all that, but emotionally the outright, in-your-face hypocrisy and entitlement still staggers me sometimes.

34 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

that's because if they stopped for a moment and considered who they really are based on their behavior, they couldn't live with the guilt and we'd have what like a 70% female suicide rate.

21 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

But this is because society mostly allows them to do this. Most people defend them and think of them as mentally challenged children. If this would stop they would behave differently.

55 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's evolution. Seriously. Try to pin down a woman logically and she'll hamster like it's a Martial art. If you finally get her pinned down she'll just be angry at you for making her feel bad. If by some miracle you get her to accept her behavior for what it is give it a week... or an hour and see if she still sees it that way. (Here's a hint, she won't.)

Women have evolved to be able to do terrible things (from a moral standpoint, but very effective in passing on genes) and not kill themselves for it. Thus evolved the hamster. Men have evolved to solve problems and be strong and inventive which requires consistency of thought and action. This is why a masculine man can cut through bullshit has great spacial awareness, creativity, etc. We are the strange ones for being aware of our nature. Our species alone is self aware, and just barely.

We invented fire, they let the wolves eat their husband so they could fuck the guy who invented fire instead. But her last husband was abusive and was terrible at hunting and she was feeling neglected and the wolves were scary so she just ran and couldn't help it. :((

Most people defend them and think of them as mentally challenged children.

This last part isn't true btw. You're right that they are defended, but most people actually treat men like mentally challenged idiots and women like gods of justice and peace. They're so strong and independent. She must have a really valid reason for throwing her husband off a cliff. The only people who see women as they are (mentally challenged children) are in this sub.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

As I said before, men evolved to extract value from their environment; women evolved to extract value from men. How do you extract value from men? By deception, by knowing how to manipulate people's feelings and get the tribe on your side to back you up.

But if you are a man in a hunting party or war party, this has no place. You are either there at the kill or you are not, you can't pretend. People either rely on you, or they pretty soon find out that you cannot be relied on. Jack Donovan wrote about that stuff.

1 upvoteskayne20003 years ago

women evolved to extract value from men.

I've got to slightly disagree with this....women not only do this BUT the reason and the sole reason their brains lack any sense of logic is because they are designed to be mothers....one of the key traits of motherhood is being able to feel your babies emotions.

what cry that sounds identical to the next cry and how those two mean different things. any man will not be able to tell the difference between a general cry, a hungry cry, and an upset cry yet a woman with no effort at all can figure this out.

women need to naturally behave and act like children for it is literally the only way to raise children. it is why women are children logically speaking. though they are smarter than a child yes, their logic is not more than that of a child.

it simply isnt or else there would be no way to raise children.

and this child like logic is why they deceive others so easily(notice children will do the same)....however women being adults, they know they are the smaller and weaker sex, so like the smaller and weaker child, they will do anything to get their way and don't think they do anything wrong.

it really comes down to the fact women are mothers and what motherhood actually entails. that is the driving force to female logic. even their need to secure a man's resources....they are no more independent than children(well okay, they are a bit more independent than children but you get my point).

2 upvotesAlphaemote3 years ago

I've sidebar'd to death. I've come to know, then hate, then love hamster.

However, this passage is the first time I've truly, truly got it. Thanks for the words that finally got it into my head. Great post.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I appreciate the feedback. I've been around for 2-3 years now, lurking then contributing. It's helped me in a lot of ways. Stick around man. This sub will burn away the bullshit in your life with the light of truth.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I would honestly like to see a pyschology book written that can be read by an 18 year old with fair ease that essentially would attack the female personality and why it's so fucked.

2 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

In Hungary i noticed that many people have an "internalized redpill" philosophy. They don't call it that they just... evolved it? I don't know how to say it. It is like a bunch of people here without ever talking about it know that how this works. I had a classmate who perfectly described how to get a random woman anywhere to like you. He just knew it.

2 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

Rollo does a pretty good job. Try the rational male.

14 upvotesJihadDerp3 years ago

The difference between women and men: women lack reason and accountability.

14 upvotesJourneymanTRP3 years ago

Accountability. Women's actions are like children's simply because they haven't been shown that people wont put up with their shit

7 upvotesWillSmokeStaleCigs3 years ago

I was just saying this yesterday. A dent showed up on my car with a yellow paint scuff, when I was parked right next to a yellow volkswagen beetle. The dent was NOT there before. This woman had the audacity to tell me to my face that she didn't do it. I know she is lying, but there is nothing I can do because I dont have a witness to the incident.

2 upvotesAmlanceJockey3 years ago

I get not admitting to it. Its a shitty thing to do but atleast its logical. What i don't get is why she doesn't park somewhere else. Jesus christ

2 upvotesWillSmokeStaleCigs3 years ago

This woman was a complete goober. I agree, if I was going to try to deny doing it I'd at least move my car.

1 upvotespsycho-logical3 years ago

Women do not lack accountability. No one holds them to it.

Same goes for the rich and powerful. They lack accountability because they can afford to.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Heart of the problem, right there. Because you know, lots of women aren't totally selfish, untrustworthy, manipulative scumbags. We hear lots about women that are, but many women are not. The problem is, how the hell do you know? They are such good liers, I'm sure men who got taken for a ride (let's say, a certain Mr Depp) never imagined that his woman was like that, she was sweet and loving and attentive and butter wouldn't melt it her mouth. So what do you do? You just can't trust any of them, you have to scale back on commitment, make sure you are not vulnerable. Women can only blame themselves for this state of affairs.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This should be required reading material for every male when they reach 18.

6 upvotesGawernator3 years ago

That was epic indeed. Ahahah. Hopefully it was true

1 upvoteslooc223 years ago

I've never seen that, damn is that a good stroke of karma for you.

1 upvotesSirGainz3 years ago

This makes me want a vasectomy, seems like a solid investment.. like kanye said "she got you for 18 years."

1 upvotesofficerkondo3 years ago

As I was reading this great hit of Craig's List, I got the call from my urologist's office. Second consecutive test of no sperm. What an outcome for National Sex Day.

1 upvotesbustedcougar3 years ago

That reads like a male version of the "gasp and clap".

1 upvotesNewbosterone3 years ago

I assumed that after 30, women stopped going after musicians, bikers, criminals, and thugs. Silly me for thinking the best of American women.

As Bob Seger sang, I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

126 upvotesSubtletorious3 years ago

HER: I'm pregnant!

HIM: That's fantastic. If it's a girl you can name her Vasectomy.

1 upvotesdoffensmush3 years ago

Good one mate, have my upvote

252 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

All I can say is... BOOM SHAKALAKA.

Telling them you're not the father is like fishing with TNT. So easy and so overkill in crushing their lies with that ammo.

Not sure if it was this forum or not, but I read a great story about someone in your situation who played with the situation much more deviously. To make it short, he asked his gf every month if it was his once she got pregnant. She always replied yes. Little did she know that he had his vasectomy and kept it a secret. Finally when she was in the third trimester or so he was at her parents house for Xmas or something. He asked her if she's ever cheated on him, she said no.

Finally, his plan came out like a Magicians final act. He had all the documents in order from his lawyer that he had been in contact with months prior. In front of her parents he asked one more time if she had ever cheated on him, she told him no. He then pulled the rabbit out of his hat and explained how he had a vasectomy years ago and that it couldn't possibly be his. All this as she told a bold faced lie in front of her parents. He handed her the documents and told the family that if she ever contacts him again he'll be contacting his lawyer. What a boss.

134 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A friend of mine had a daughter with his wife. He got a secret vasectomy. After his divorce he had a string of girlfriends all wanting to get pregnant. When the girlfriends couldn't get pregnant, he would say, "it's not me, I have a daughter, we are going to have to try harder".

50 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

103 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Absolutely a dick move. We laughed about it many times.

28 upvotesIzzenw3 years ago

Absolutely a dick move. We laughed about it many times.

Literally a dick move. I would do that as much as I'm laughing about it.

25 upvotesPeter_Principle_3 years ago

Sound's like fraud to me.

Compared to "child" support debtors prisons, income imputation and rape shield laws? Shrug-worthy.

10 upvotesbroken263 years ago

Thats what separates us from them, You don't act like a child in response to them. Aren't we better than that? Sure TRP is about sexual strategy, but it's not about lying to get laid, its about self improvement to get laid.

23 upvotesMan_Jose3 years ago

I used to think like you. High moral ground. Then I realized that we're practically living a modern world with medieval humans. Once I truly swallowed the pill, I started caring more about my family, my parents, siblings, cousins more than the random chick who, until proven, doesn't deserve my trust. I still don't lie much but I keep my cards close.

This is modern day Game of Thrones. Relationships are the biggest window to exposing you to legal fraud.

1 upvotessnorted_the_red_pill3 years ago

Family is important.

1 upvotesbroken263 years ago

There is a difference in keeping plates and them sticking to you thinking you might start to become a provider, but you just pass onto more plates. But outright keeping someone on the fact you are actively trying to have a child with someone when you are infertile is different. You are wasting their time and yours. At that point its not a random chick, its a SO.

Obviously people have varying opinions so after this post i'm not going to bother explaining my point of view further and leave it at that.

8 upvotesPeter_Principle_3 years ago

Aren't we better than that?

Obviously. A minor trick doesn't even compare to legalized extortion or imprisoning the innocent.

2 upvotesTomRoberts20163 years ago

Quote from Bruce Lee on fighting, "Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. Let your opponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh; let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones; let him fracture your bones and you take his life. Do not be concerned with escaping safely — lay your life before him."

1 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

... and abortion rights (female), abortion non-rights (male), paternity non-rights (male), child support income rights (female), increased prison sentences (male), decreased conviction rates (female), increased life expectancy (female of course)...

yup, big shrug from me too on this

12 upvotesRedSugarPill3 years ago

Honestly that still is a dick move to do. Don't waste someone elses time for sex when they want a child. Sound's like fraud to me.

Seriously? Who let the morality police in here? Show us your tits or get the fuck out.

2 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Sound's like fraud to me.

Ahhh piss off. Women don't have the right to our children, women lie to us, women cheat on us. Everybody lies. Everybody gets their time wasted. If we're honest, we're playing from a weak position. A little bit of "gamesmanship" is fine - it's what we have to do to even begin to equalise the appalling position that Western society has put us in.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

How do you describe women keep men waiting and line up for sex? Sounds like a fraud to me too.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Because women are just angels ready to selflessly love and respect you no matter what. Right.

2 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

I'm worried that after I get the clamp or whatever I do to fix making good sperm, that I won't see sex as much fun.

For some reason, having the chance to knock up a girl kind of is a turn on. I wonder if I'll lose this psychological thing after I get fixed. Stupid of me, I know..but it's there. Damn biology?

21 upvotesBlackbeard3453 years ago

Damn what happen after? What was their reaction?

84 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

shaming the man for being an asshole, obviously

99 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Do not mistake my post for blue pill whiny justification.

Yes, she is the colossal cunt in this story and deserves her comeuppance - but he is not guilt-free. He had a chance to call her out early enough for her to abort. He didn't. In a way that dude did add one more fatherless single-parent child to the world that will statistically grow up in misery. He's obviously not 10/10 responsible as she is and there are no legal or monetary implications, but it's still a dick move. Not 10/10 dick, but at least a 3/10.

Please people, take a step back and look at the bigger picture sometimes.

54 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

i'm all about the big picture you're in good company brother.

the thing is, he did the right thing imo. she needed to be disgraced in front of her parents, and her parents needed to see just how much of a failure they were in raising their daughter. the light of truth is never pretty, but it clears away the darkness. if he had just ghosted she'd just continue hamstering in another direction, or she'd have found another guy to sucker in without her parents knowing.

the major factor in this clusterfuck we're in right now, is a lack of female accountability, and a lack of shaming them for the blatantly retarded and evil shit they do. truth is she probably didn't learn a damn thing because there must have been at least 20 orbiters ready to pay for another man's child. i've been in a situation where i felt like i could teach a woman the value of personal responsibility and holding herself accountable, and it's just heartbreaking how she has so much orbiters validating her every degenerate choice she makes, that she can never learn to see reason, that she'll always take the path of least resistance. the more men do what that guy did, whether it's 10 on the dickmove chart or 5, the closer women get to coming out of their comas and joining us as contributers to society, rather than as detriments.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

the thing is, he did the right thing imo. she needed to be disgraced in front of her parents, and her parents needed to see just how much of a failure they were in raising their daughter. the light of truth is never pretty, but it clears away the darkness.

He can do all that and not bring in a child that will grow up in single parent misery. In this scenario you're buying your own smug satisfaction of bitch-got-told with someone else's life and presumable pain of resentment.

the major factor in this clusterfuck we're in right now, is a lack of female accountability, and a lack of shaming them for the blatantly retarded and evil shit they do.

That is true.

17 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

as if she'd have gotten an abortion if he took another route? wrong, she'd have cucked some beta if he ghosted her.

36 upvotesverify_account3 years ago


Who the fuck gives 2 cents about what happens to her. She got what she had coming.

28 upvotesweatherstorme3 years ago

They don't care about her, they care about the kid who will more than likely be a BP (if it's a boy) since it will be raised by a single mother who is awful.

14 upvotesmain_motors3 years ago

And if it turns out to be a girl, she will have daddy issues and feminist bullshit brainwashed into her head from the mother at a young age.

7 upvotesNaughtyFred3 years ago

She got what she had coming.

She did and she deserved to be humiliated. The kid in her belly he let gestate until past the abortion window didn't.

There's a reason why gangsters rarely shoot a pregnant woman deliberately.

5 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

He's not saying it's a dick move because he embarrassed her, its a dick move because now there's pretty much no chance of that kid having a great childhood. He bartered with another persons innocence and childhood. That kid is going to grow up with a young, dickhungry mother, and if it's a boy she's going to indoctrinate him to be the man she couldn't land. Technically, if he told her right off the bat, she might have had an abortion. Is it likely? No. But it theoretically could have happened. So he did fuck a kid over, sort of, but it was still her actions; he wasn't responsible. The dude kind of acknowledges that, but mostly in implication.

2 upvotesozaku73 years ago

He's not a dick at all, she cheated on him and having a child of someone else which she tried to pass down as his. Let the woman deal with her own shit and leave the man out of the stink. Not your kid, not your problem.

5 upvotesSecularNotLiberal3 years ago

No, I agree. It would have been better for her to abort. Now there is just one more father-less kid who will probably end up in jail or fathering a string of single-parent kids in the future. She may not have gotten the abortion but if he told her early enough, at least it would be on her to make that choice. By waiting til the 3rd tri, he took it away entirely.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotesSecularNotLiberal3 years ago

It's not about her, it's about the kid who was born and now will be a drain on society. He should have told her earlier so she could have gotten an abortion and avoided the drain.

8 upvotesWhyNotJustEnjoyLife3 years ago

He would of lived the rest of his life thinking that was his son/daiughter and his gf/ or probably wife by then would of never even brought it up or divorce his ass right after the kid is out. With no remorse. Why shouldn't he do the same. In both cases both guys were just trying to see how fast their pregnant hamsters can spin month after month during the pregnancy and in both cases it reveals that they were even starting to believe their own lies . It's disgusting.

Still sucks for the kid not going to deny that, in hindsight If I was in that position would probably call it early enough to abort but you play with fire you might get burned. And that's a lesson both those women never learned yet.

5 upvotesSecularNotLiberal3 years ago

Why shouldn't he do the same.

Because he's better than she is or could ever be. It's absolutely deplorable what she would have done if given the chance and it's surprisingly common but that doesn't mean that he should delay past the point of possible abortion. The cost to society from that kid is not worth a justice boner. That's just my take.

But you know, regardless, I'm glad he showed her up. It's too bad that she and her family will no doubt spin a sob story on Facebook so everyone thinks he's meeeean, maybe even set up a GoFundMe. People need to know the truth: she's the one in the wrong. Babies are humans and are not accessories or means to a Wallet. It disgusts me that she has no respect for human life like that, neither his nor her new baby's.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Needs to man up and do his duty to look after the child, clearly.

6 upvotesRatBastardJones3 years ago

Damn what happen after? What was their reaction?

Everyone stood up and clapped. That magician's name? Albert Einstein.

15 upvotestrpthrowaway18523 years ago

Where's the pink dildo in the story? Lol.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Is this a reference to something?

9 upvotesSpecter2423 years ago

There's a video on youtube about a dude who knew his gf/fiancee was cheating and exposed her on camera in a cool way. A pink dildo was present in that video

3 upvotesChadThundercockII3 years ago

Maybe a British movie. It's the story of a guy who got an STD from his girlfriend but thought it was from a hooker. When he finally confronted her, she told him she was in a party with her girls and were passing dildos around. Turns out, she was fucking his friend.

But that's just a guess.

1 upvotesozaku73 years ago

Good friend for fucking her, bad friend for not telling him. "Passing around didlo's, yeah, and you don't use a condom on it??? LOL

1 upvotesChadThundercockII3 years ago

Imagine the amount of condoms they'll need!

1 upvotesozaku73 years ago

And how expensive that would be! Just imagine those couple of bucks wasted! Or these fucking stupid teenagers these days. "I'm afraid to buy condoms at Walmart because then the cashier would think I'm doing something natural and half of the population does on a daily basis, better have unprotected sex and risk having a baby instead of going through the embarrasment!!!

Even if she would have been really passing around dildo's, I would kick her into the gutter anyway because that's really disrespectful to risk an STD and then pass it on to me. I don't know where redpill gets these women from, but they are complete thrash and fucked in their minds.

2 upvotesCallMeStarfish3 years ago

Anyone have a link to the story?

4 upvotes4D6N23 years ago

It's currently the top comment in the thread.

6 upvotesPedroIsWatching3 years ago

I've heard so many variations of that story, it's basically a copypasta at this point.

1 upvotesleftajar3 years ago

As much as this gives me a justice boner, why wait until the third fuckin' trimester? To remove the chance of abortion?

Seriously, the schadenfreude is delish, but not at the expense of a child who grows up without a father.

1 upvotesreddumpling3 years ago

I like the fantastic baby reference.

48 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Great first i lose my job then this. Its ok you dont mind spotting me for a while?
"its not yours."

86 upvotesiamz3ro3 years ago

Hypergamy dictates that she is to look for the most alpha male her looks/etc can attract. Nearly-wall-hitting and wall-hitting women are very dangerous. OP I suggest you start plating up younger girls who won't be so quick to pull the P-Card.

71 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

Hypergamy dictates that she is to look for the most alpha male her looks/etc can attract.

IIRC women look for alphas most when they're ovulating, and once impregnated look for beta males who can provide for them.

Getting the best genes for their kids while finding someone who can raise them. 2016 is pretty much the dreamworld for every slut who can get a mangina judge behind them.

35 upvotesiamz3ro3 years ago

You're mostly correct. Woman's inner game, her most hardcore desire is to find a Alpha Male who she can tame with Beta qualities. She so badly wants to meed Chad in a club, get fucked doggystyle very roughly, then for him impregnate her and once the news is out, exclaim his love and commitment to her.

The whole "alpha when ovulating / beta all other times" is just generally followed by women who are at least aware enough that Alpha males will not commit. So she wants go clubbing 1 week in the month, fuck alpha's, and then come home to her Beta provider.

But, again, the Main Mission, is to tame an Alpha.

6 upvotesJourneymanTRP3 years ago

That's not the inner most, really. That's more like what she thinks she wants. If she actually tames an alpha, she'll get bored and look for the next one.

Women want an alpha 'project' and someone to make decisions for them, for the most part. They're not going to be satisfied even if they tame one.

6 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

I don't even know if it's a matter of self-awareness. The study that someone linked a while back suggested that this was an evolved behavior.

14 upvotesAyleir3 years ago

If seen a couple of studies about this as well. They showed different faces of men to different women, letting them rate their attractiveness, and the ones who were ovulating would choose the men with harsher faces (i. e. stronger, more pronounced jaw lines, full beards etc.) while the ones that were not ovulating would choose the softer, more "feminine" faces.

I'll see if I can find that study.

edit: I found an article about this, however I do not know if this source is credible, as the actual scientific paper is not linked.

1 upvotesozaku73 years ago

If I would be fucking horny, I would find the hottest slut in the club and fuck her brains out if I could. If I would be without any lust for sex, I'd just go for a more sophisticated woman who doesn't have to have heels, Cup F tits, a great ass and a very flirty personality and whatnot.

There are some women out there that get a waterfall in their panties when they think about getting impregnated. But women just get alot hornier around their ovulation and seek for male traits. When we are horny, we look for the sluttiest hottest chick around we fuck and dump. That's nature.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Multiple studies have shown that it's not something they're aware of doing fwiw

21 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

No, as a girl, they definitely know they do it. All the girls I work with are that way, but they pretend they're not. After a while, though, it just becomes so second nature to them, they forget that they're doing it, and everyone just accepts this kind of behavior.

2 upvotesStillRedder3 years ago

Right! They'll go have a once-a-month girls' night (same week, every time) and their beta boyfriends aren't any the wiser.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You're right, tons of science is wrong, my bad

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

well, good luck getting someone to believe your studies when you don't cite them. No reason to get argumentative when you've failed to do that.

1 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

Tons of science also says bees can't fly, but they're still doing it. My point here is every girl I know actively does this until it becomes second nature. It's really hard to argue that they don't know what they're doing when they talk about doing it.

2 upvotesForcetobereckonedwit3 years ago

Hormone driven. Her brain does not often reason that well.

1 upvotesexit_sandman3 years ago

It isn't consciously, it's her hormons running amuck.

When she's ovulating, she's aggressive, horny, argumentative etc. (and more likely to be repulsed by the sensitive beta), when she isn't, she needs more care and attention.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They don't really do it consciously, they just genuinely believe that Chad would want to commit to them. They find the beta father after Chad leaves them.

6 upvotesJihadDerp3 years ago

I don't think the order of operations is that rigid. A lot of women try to lock down their meal ticket first, then go around fucking genetic superiors.

21 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

I get all of my dates through tinder and pof apps. These sites don't let younger women see my profiles unless they choose to do so.

So I wont attract any girls under 28 unless I go looking for them or they go looking for me, where as I get about 2-3 messages from different women every day between 28-40.

When a fish jumps on the boat, its hard to throw it back.

42 upvotesiamz3ro3 years ago

That's the thing though, OP. THEY WANT YOU. They want you to settle for them. You're literally in the peak of your life. Quite literally. Don't pay attention to the old bitches and hit up the young sluts, who, coincidentally are also in the prime of their life.

I read that craigslist post, shit was hilarious. I just want to restate that the fish WILL jump into your boat as that's exactly what they want, they want you, to pull the P-Card and make you commit. Those fish? Poisonous bro. Better to catch your own fish, that way you can choose which fish you want to eat.

16 upvotesforcevacum3 years ago

Change your age on Facebook and it feeds through into tinder then delete you cache. Then explain its a bug in tinder when you meet

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Dude, you already pull a ton of older women. Considering how many younger women go for older men, you'd pull twice the tail.

5 upvotesJihadDerp3 years ago

I'm 31 and consistently pull 19-24 year olds. Also pof is garbage. You should try okcupid.

10 upvotesPedroIsWatching3 years ago

Where I'm from Tinder has turned OKC into an obese single mother wasteland.

1 upvotespoochman3 years ago

Get out approaching in real life OP. Much higher quality of women to be had out there. Harder than online but learn to game and you're fine. I just made the switch from exclusively online to exclusively in person and couldn't be happier now that I have some decent game. Younger, hotter, and less desperate/damaged than the online hoes.

1 upvotesYmeynotu3 years ago

Your fish analogy proves just how hungry you are. This is not the correct approach.

Those of us that have eaten the finer fish of the sea will wait for a Marlin to be caught or jump into the boat instead of the wall struck octopus's desperately trying to jerk off as many guy as they can wrap their tentacles on to as the impact of the wall makes their ink dryer and slimy body parts more disgusting to the biological imperative of the true alpha.

7 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou3 years ago

OP I suggest you start plating up younger girls who won't be so quick to pull the P-Card.

Well, if he's infertile, he doesn't have much to worry about, does he? Girls about to hit the wall would be more desperate and thus easier to bang. With no major downside there's nothing to lose.

1 upvotesTorboLeto3 years ago

All I see is upside. This is hilarious.

14 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

As long as he's shooting blanks he has nothing to fear. 28-32 range is actually pretty good. They still have the looks, very easy to lay, go overboard to please you and have a lot of experience to fuck your brains. Their only problem is the wall closing in, but that's a manageble concern, especially if you have a vasectomy. Younger girls are usually hotter, but not always, and they take much more of your time to keep and chase after, and are usually lazier and more boring and entitled. They're still worth it, obviously, but as long as you're in the 18-32 range it's all good, it's just a matter of what works best for you and how you handle your shit. If you go over 32 you're a thirsty idiot fucking wrinkles.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The problem is 28-32 is the danger zone. The baby rabies zone. The time when women hear their biological clock start to tick, realize they don't have a man, and will do exactly what OP described. If you're looking to play, you have to go younger or older, or else you'll be walking on eggshells.

1 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

I suggest you start plating up younger girls who won't be so quick to pull the P-Card.

If only this was a viable solution. Girls are pulling that shit at ~16 now. They're all hopping on the Third Wave Bandwagon. They say this shit even if they're not pregnant.

22 upvotesApexk93 years ago

I hear UK has weird parental DNA stuff with how court handles it what if she refused the test and claimed you as the father either way.

20 upvotesXenotheos3 years ago

You might be thinking of France.

36 upvotesphx-au3 years ago

Yeah France has some culture around cuckoldry and not wanting to allow paternity tests in order to 'protect the family unit' or some shit.

3 upvotesjav2533 years ago

Holy shit. I was just thinking reading this thread it would be a feminist wet dream if they could outlaw paternity tests. Cucked France made the dream real.

8 upvotesno_face3 years ago

"Am I alone in hating the French? Didn't think so" --Al Bundy

3 upvotesApexk93 years ago

France Britan you're all the same.

6 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

I would really like more details? Can you clarify?

17 upvotesApexk93 years ago

NO validity to statement.

just a hazy memory of a thread about something about court ordered paternity tests excluding the father from the information.

First time checking the sub on a browser. Wow very nice header sharp as fuck

24 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

Did a little google.


Says that they can force it on you if you were married to the woman between the dates of conception, but as long as you are not married and you refuse paternity she has to submit to a dna test for child maintenance.

18 upvotestrp_angry_dwarf3 years ago

I read everything on that website and it's a fucking red flag minefield.

I don't know how many times I read a sentence that could easily turn into "If you are willing to submit to a DNA test but the mother does not provide consent, you're the father."

8 upvotesforcevacum3 years ago

A judge will throw that out of court in the uk immediately once he sees sperms tests and a vasectomy report.

-7 upvotesApexk93 years ago

Well done.

But since I was to lazy to google it myself I'm also to lazy to read that.

But I hope at least one person reads that and makes your effort worthwhile its what we all deserve. have an upvote.

57 upvotesDenswend3 years ago

I predominantly date women between the ages of 28-32 at this time in my life.

I've seen this and put up a major red flag in my mind. Women near Wall are more prone to getting baby rabies. Why would someone aware of RP even do such a thing and then I saw :

Oh and the twist. I got the sip at 28, 8 years ago and I've had 4 sterile checks since.

Fucking savage.

12 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

I dont know why anyone promotes or fucks with women in that age range. They are FAR more likely to pull some shit like this and they have the entire legal system at their disposal.

1 upvotesozaku73 years ago

Well, being a kid, the legal system is pretty good for you. Being a father, it's fucked, and being a woman, it's only fucked if you can't have a scapegoat.

So I'd like to think that they do it for the kids. Just be glad that you're not a woman.

2 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

it's too loose on kids if you were arrested 5 times at age 14 i dont get why you get a clean record but some unlucky fuck who got a one time unlucky thing happen to them at 18 gets fucked for life

15 upvotes2Bait4Me3 years ago

The more I look, the more I see that the red pill is the truth.

15 upvotesRonin11A3 years ago

1 admitted lying about being pregnant to see my reaction. 1 recieved my text explaining I was sterile and i've never been contacted again. 1 remained adamant I was the father, and 2 days ago I was cleared of parental responsibility through DNA test. (The child was not mine.)

Dude, stop sticking your dick in crazy.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Kinda hard when they all are.

23 upvotesstawek3 years ago

A little change in law would be in order:

a woman has only one chance to claim the father. If the person she claimed is then cleared by DNA test she can never go after a different man again. She can, however, claim multiple men at the same time, if she isn't sure herself. With a twist: each man will be fully informed about the claims made with other men.

14 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

Why would the matriarchy ever accept such a law? It exists to protect women, and your proposed law wouldn't be advantageous to them.

8 upvotespsycho-logical3 years ago

This is pretty brilliant. Prevents fraud. There are situations where multiple possible fathers is not cheating (non exclusive dating, open relationships etc...). However, the woman shouldn't basically be able to try and stick the "best" man with the baby and if that fails move down the list.

9 upvotesstawek3 years ago

This is obviously a joke.
A really sensible approach would be a mandatory DNA check on each and every baby, immediately after birth. mandatory. So that every woman knows with 100% certainty that lying about it will not work.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It still wouldn't be 100% - the people who work in such places would eventually get bribes and offers to forge results, or maybe a doctor calling on "behalf of the family" to "ask a favor".

I do think your solution is the best one, but to think you are 100% secure is foolish.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

This law assumes women are real people capable of lies and deception. It would never pass.

28 upvotesAdrianWerner3 years ago

Yeah. Get vasectomy guys. If you want children in the future just freeze your sperm and in worst case scenario you can always extract fresh sperm directly from testicles. THis way if you ever get a child it will be on your terms and with person you choose to have it with.

32 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

and never, ever never ever never ever ever ever sign a fucking birth certificate without a DNA test.

if you are scared, say you want to make sure the hospital gave you the right baby or something stupid like that. but never sign a lifelong deal without doing a basic check first

27 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

Vasectomy reversal rates are increasingly getting better.

Within 4 years - 98% effective.

Sliding scale

Within 25 years - 85% effective.

22 upvotesCopenhagen233 years ago

Too bad it is $5k-$10k to reverse the procedure. Your post made me look into a vasectomy. I always thought reversal success was much lower.

37 upvotesAppleseed123333 years ago

Pro Tip: if $5k-$10k will bankrupt you, don't have any children.

9 upvoteslukeyj_gtfc3 years ago

You got a reference for this? I'm seriously considering this...

13 upvotesGrimsterr3 years ago

If you are wanting a kid, and, more importantly, can afford to raise a kid, 10K ain't shit, it's a drop in the bucket of what it's gonna cost you to raise the kid, if you can't afford the 10K you certainly can't afford the kid.

6 upvotesProbablyAHippo3 years ago

It should be noted for anyone reading this that there is also the chance that your body starts to generate antibodies for sperm, and even if you have a good reversal done after that point, you may not be able to have kids. I don't know the timeframe on that, but I believe it was 8-12 years where it becomes a potential issue.

Source: Had vasectomy, urologist told me this

9 upvotesEidolon34363 years ago

Guys listen to this brother. When I got my vasectomy I asked my urologist if I could get a referral to the local academic hospital and put some sperm in cryo. Doc said sure if you want but any fertility medicine specialist is going to want to aspirate fresh swimmers from your scrotum via a biopsy needle and local anesthetic. Basically..you dont have to get it reversed...just be prepared to pay for the sperm retrieval procedure and IVF (or IUI too I guess). So much peace of mind now...

9 upvotesforcevacum3 years ago

If you do this cover your tracks so no one knows you froze the sperm, it's beyond being paranoid but women have been to take vials of sperm from their dead soldier husbands to have fatherless children in the past.

38 upvotesczmtzc3 years ago

You don't store your sperm in your refrigerator, it is kept at a sperm bank cooled by liquid nitrogen.

It isn't like some random can just grab your sperm and use it.

Technically, a widow of a dead soldier would have the property rights to the sperm left behind.

9 upvotesMithra90093 years ago

I think there was one case some years ago where a husband refuse to impregnate his wife because he didn't want children so the wife, knowing of his sperm deposits literally just walked into the sperm bank, requested his sperm and impregnated herself with it. It was something ridiculous like this.

20 upvotesphx-au3 years ago

UK. Guy ended up on the hook for child support, despite the fact that she admitted forged his signature on the jizz-release papers.

Being the father is crazy strict liability. In the US a female teacher who rapes a student can successfully sue for child support as soon as the victim turns 18.

9 upvotesprtzlsmakingmethrsty3 years ago

In the US a female teacher who rapes a student can successfully sue for child support as soon as the victim turns 18.

Even worse, he's responsible for back-paying the child support, PLUS interest, to his rapist from when he was an under-aged victim!


1 upvotesphx-au3 years ago


This is why I totally support the better social security we have over here in AU. I hear there's crazy pressure for the courts to find someone to pin financial responsibility on, otherwise it comes out the court's/county's budget.

When a kid is inevitable, then someone has to support it - and I think its the role of the state to step up and be cucked on our behalf, rather than ruining an individual's life.

I don't really mind paying child support via taxes to support the average proportion of hoes-in-society if it reduces the risk of shit like that article happening.

6 upvotesforcevacum3 years ago

Technically, a widow of a dead soldier would have the property rights to the sperm left behind.

That's what i'm referring to. If she doesnt know it exists she cant get it.

35 upvotesczmtzc3 years ago

Welll, we may be different, but if I was dead, I wouldn't care if my widow used my sperm.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

In the feminist dream world even a dead man must pay child support

7 upvotesstawek3 years ago


She wasn't a good wife, so in your will you assign most of your wealth to charities. She then gets pregnant with your baby which just happens to nullify your will. Now the baby will get most of it and she just happens to be in charge of it.

9 upvotesnezamestnany3 years ago

Why does that matter after they're dead?

When I'm dead I'm dead, I don't give two shits what's done with stuff I had

2 upvotesforcevacum3 years ago

Because I personally believe that its better that a child doesn't happen than a child without a proper father is brought into the world. I can see what you are saying, it's just my stance on it.

1 upvotesnezamestnany3 years ago

Fair enough, but after I'm dead literally nothing matters to me because a dead person ceases to exist and is incapable of caring about anything

1 upvotesozaku73 years ago

So when you get a vasectomy you can still get kids, if they extract it from your balls? Whew, good to know!

I would like to get kids, but kids that are mine and which have a mother that can take good care of them. I don't mind if it's some crappy beta guy, as long as she does a good job, then I'm happy while I fuck the rest of the younger women and living the life.

For those who want kids without the commitment, child support is just a really cool thing as long as it doesn't fuck your finances up completely. Because if the kid would live with you, you would need to pay for every fucking thing. Now you are still paying, maybe a bit more or less, but you have a woman babysitting the kids and you're free to do whatever the fuck you want. Except for some weekends or weekdays, but you get the idea. Turn it into your advantage.

7 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

you snipped your snip there buddy.

40 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Hate to sound like some hater, but you've gotta hide your lifestyle.

Unfortunately you check too many boxes women like . Single, homeowner, well paying job? High value target.

Congrats. You're like a bank vault in the middle of the ghetto.

Best solution to this- start hiding your lifestyle.

Invent a wife or LTR , it won't matter one bit if she's into you. Use that as an "excuse" to see her at hotels and places Not Your Home.

It also acts as plausible deniability , so you can tell her you can't hang out "because wife". If you have to drop a plate because of drama , claim your LTR / wife is getting jealous and will drag you into court if you get caught.

It'll cut down on the fake pregnancy claims in this way- because the only thing women fear in this matriarchy is another one of their kind.If you're already "claimed" she won't start shit.

You won't get as much tail by raw numbers as some girls won't pursue a dude they have to fight for, but this tactic will cut down on your visits to the CS office and self- eliminate the worst of the schemers.

6 upvoteshb8only3 years ago

he is getting girls BECAUSE his life style. hiding it would be contra productive

2 upvotesinfiniteslinky3 years ago

I disagree, I think OP just needs to date a higher quality of women.

1 upvotesPurecorrupt3 years ago

He said he's on POF and Tinder.

I could be wrong so take or leave this advice as I have not had the problem he described.

Before going through all of that he could just reduce his advertisement of beta bucks. I put a fake profession on my Facebook (which links to Tinder). I also put a fake profession on other dating sites when they are asked or not linked to Tinder.

1 upvotesjazerac3 years ago

So your advocating creating a fantasy affair with a girl because this will offset these type of problems?

12 upvoteszeroyon043 years ago

Next time someone does that to you, go on Maury with her and rub it in like this.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

The look on her face is priceless.

5 upvotesrunikepisteme3 years ago

I am generally against Slut Shaming but when it comes to Women have a hard time identifying the father of their child to collect child support . Yeah that is where I draw the line .

4 upvoteshidano3 years ago

I stupidly banged a hoe without a condom a few years ago. She claimed she was on birth control, and I pulled out, still dumb irregardless. She got sprung on me after that one date, so I decided to completely cut ties.

A month later she texts saying she is late and thinks she is pregnant. All I responded to her was 'ok let me know'. 4-5 hours later she says nevermind, I just started my period, want to hang out?

Never spoke to that crazy ever again. Saw her on a dating site recently with two kids, who look like they are from two different men.

Valuable lesson learned.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Must have been a long 4-5 hours.

6 upvotesfavours_of_the_moon3 years ago

She wasn't lying "just to see your reaction."

13 upvotesUCISee3 years ago

I've never once seen a post 100% upvoted.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'm 37 and I only date women 21 to 29....

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This enrages me beyond reason. The most insane part in all of this is, the society will always side with the women in these cases. Even after it is proven that they lied, people will find some way to see you as the asshole.

4 upvotesCrashXXL3 years ago

The ol' "keep a nigga" baby.

4 upvotesSwedishlean3 years ago

225 and single digit body fat? Let's see a pic

4 upvotesProject_Thor3 years ago

Welcome to a well-done Humblebrag.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

1 admitted lying about being pregnant to see my reaction.

Hard next

1 recieved my text explaining I was sterile and i've never been contacted again.

Hard next

1 remained adamant I was the father, and 2 days ago I was cleared of parental responsibility through DNA test. (The child was not mine.)

Hard next

Looks like you need some new plates

17 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

In the last 2 years I've had sex with about 20-30 different women.

Numbers/biological clock = eventual paternity claim.

13 upvotesRageLionRising3 years ago

First, I have to say, I'm impressed with those numbers. Good job. With that said, please be careful, dude. With those types of numbers you're risking a false sexual assault claim, too. It can come years down the road even. Take a look at Toby Turner of Youtube fame and the Tumblr post. I would ask all readers to please take hard precautions when you start hitting those numbers. Save texts, save e-mails, especially get pictures and video, etc., etc.

10 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

Yea I fucked a girl and in no uncertain terms told her she can't sleep here, and I made her leave and 20 minutes later text me to tell me how disgusted she was with me using her like that, and I thought you weren't like that and all this crap. Its on my radar, I don't delete text messages.

6 upvotesRageLionRising3 years ago

Please start getting picture and video, too, to document. At the very least get a picture of her and you smiling together afterwards. Have a nice text convo the next day, etc., etc.

2 upvotescariboo_j3 years ago

Dude pussy sounds like crack, the lengths you guys are willing to go to get a fix / nut off.

You should literally start smoking crack, it might be safer in the long term if you can just keep it to weekends.

1 upvotesRageLionRising3 years ago

I'm an advocate of having long-term financial arrangements with women. If you keep things to fewer partners there's less risk. But to the guys who can waltz right into a bar and fuck a new chick each night I have to tell those guys watch out and take precautions, or there's a covert contract coming your way eventually.

1 upvotestorodinson3 years ago

Maybe a pic of you cuddling under a tree while having a picnic in the park.

2 upvotesRageLionRising3 years ago

With a Brazzers logo in the lower right corner.

1 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

You dont take that personally? Some cunt tried to fucking CUCK you dude. She wanted you to pay for another man's DNA and not pass on your own.

That's like rape for men, but reproductively even worse.

1 upvotesRageLionRising3 years ago

Wait, are you trying to reply to me? If you look at my post history you'll see I'm pretty much an advocate for getting slape legislation being passed into law to protect men (aka "paternity fraud", which is a grossly understated term like calling rape "involuntary intercourse").

Slape is a portmanteau of the words slut and rape.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is what scares me now that I'm getting back into the dating scene.. I had two pregnancy scares in a month..

1 upvotesCumForJesus3 years ago

Well, get a vasectomy and/or give fake infos.

7 upvotesBeegsi_3 years ago

Legend. You should play along and act beta only to flip the script but who knows theses tricks can cry rape and abuse if you push them.

3 upvotesTamazin_3 years ago

Can't you like sue them in some way to teach them a lesson (and put it on the book that they're liers incase some other guy gets in the same trouble but hasn't snipped and unsure ect.)?

3 upvotesAtlasAtlasAtlas3 years ago

see I wanna get one for protection but then I might want to have kids in the future.

3 upvotesblackhawks933 years ago

Are frozen sperm the same quality as fresh sperm? I'd like a vacemtomy but idk if i want frozen sperm to turn into my future kids.

Sorry English is not my first language.

3 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

I'm curious as well. Why don't you research it a do a post on it. If you need help with the English editing send me a draft of the post and I will clean it up.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I see a bunch of superficial and material crap showing how you think you are at the top.

Then I see proof that you date crazy low value women.

This is not the real world I live in.

7 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

Well if you're not really interested in commitment, or anything beyond sex for that matter, what's the point of expending time and effort to find one of the few and far between high value women? No matter how high the value, if you don't want commitment or marriage, then what's the point?

1 upvotesaz1163 years ago

Yea, I'm not really sure how a $90,000 salary and a $30,000 car put you in the "top". Maybe the UK is different, but that is not even close to being impressive where I'm from.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Question - does the vasectomy take away a chance to have a child forever with no way around it? Can you still extract the sperm from your balls and go for in vitro impregnation? If no, did you save a sample of sperm for the possibility that you will want progeny one day?

1 upvotesRadioactiveTentacles3 years ago

You can always freeze sperm, and if that doesn't work too well for you, you can extract. Reversal rates are also pretty high these days, too. One of the posts in this thread says something like 95% reversal after 4 years and 85% after 25 years. So, yeah, getting a vasectomy in no way means you can't procreate. You just have to prepare in advance and choose your method.

2 upvotesVigilo_Infinite3 years ago

I don't know if it's refreshing to see another Brit give testament, or if it's depressing.

TRP tends to be (from what I've seen) dominated by Americans (no problem with that). Of course it gives a bit of false hope to the uninitiated that women from different cultural backgrounds are different.

I suppose a lesson here is the nature of people is universal as far as mating strategy goes, but we all knew that anyway.

1 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

Very rarely does culture impact a woman's natural dual mating strategy. Most often its in places that are highly restrictive - thinking many modern muslim countries where there is the death penalty.

2 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

I find these posts hard to validate without seeing some sort of proof. Although I definitely believe this would happen to someone with the stats you've given.

2 upvotesTheBeardedMarxist3 years ago

It's the age girls you are dating. The clock is ticking for them. Date younger girls that aren't wanting to settle down yet.

2 upvotesBanned_For_Opinion3 years ago

And my mother wonders why I won't just "take a chance and get married".... Go figure, my father doesn't question my choice...

2 upvotesicecow3 years ago

Were all of these women letting you raw-dog them with no questions asked?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


please, send a lot of health and wealth to a man who has started THE RED PILL sub. Without him.. men like OP would be miserable and scammed...

thank you!

2 upvotes-LiterallyHitler3 years ago

Women only know two types of men. Bux and fux.

2 upvotesPancakes13 years ago

Humble brag.

Majority of British women remind me of major North American metropolitan city women.

Seek females in Southern Europe or smaller North American cities. Hotter , less used up and lower expectations.

2 upvotesxavine3 years ago

Bless your willpower for using a condom, if I had a vasectomy I wouldn't consider it for more than a second.

5 upvotesrebeccabrixton3 years ago

I'm disgusted and increasingly not surprised. Just letting you know some women find this abhorrent too.

3 upvotespennywise21033 years ago

Next time play along. Text to advise how happy you are and that you cannot wait to man up and put a ring on it. Talk suburbs, names and piss on about how any child of yours deserves the best. Then drop the snip bomb and kick your feet up with a nice cool glass of peach schnapps while the hamster stocks up on Gatorade.

20 upvotesnight-addict3 years ago

I wouldn't tickle the beast like that. Better to simply drop the bomb straight up and go silent. Better security.

13 upvotesnezamestnany3 years ago

All of these might be taken as accepting paternity if she goes the court route, so be wary

3 upvotesCumForJesus3 years ago

Never leave texts then, go along with it in real life and don't ever talk to her by texts

8 upvotesMazeMouse3 years ago

Don't do this. Never admit to anything like such a thing unless you want to get stuck paying child support for a kid that isn't yours.
If you get a pregnancy scare tell her you've gotten the snip and to let her lawyer contact yours. End of contact with the crazy.

4 upvotesKalarian_Reborn3 years ago

While this is all shitty, I wouldn't say you're at "the top" mate. My first job out of college pays more than you made in 2014-2015 and you're in your mid 30s. And that's basically the middle.

I think you are just attracted to crazy.

2 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

You are a yank. You need to look up actual living expenses in the Uk by comparison to the US.

63k is about 150k US - by living standards not money.

2 upvotesKalarian_Reborn3 years ago

Are you sure?

Quick search on Google shows that London, the most expensive city in your country has 6% cheaper consumer prices, 13% lower rent, and 30% lower groceries than New York City, where I live and work.

4566£ in London = $7300 in NYC. So 1£ in London is $0.63 in New York. Dollar to dollar London is overall 10% cheaper than NYC. Meaning your 63000£ ($72000) is actually only worth about $65k if you lived in the most expensive city in the UK.

Outside of living expenses London has 11% more purchasing power so your money would be about $79k in that regard. I'm not seeing the high life here.

You could compare nation averages I guess and get your money to close to 100k, but that's not an accurate comparison because the US more than 5 times the Uk population and 40 times the area, meaning much more variations of income based on locations and such.

2 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

I live in the suburbs, 15 minute drive from a major city.

Its quality of life. 4 bedroom house, good size garden in a nice are gated community, drive a nice car. Living the dream and wouldn't change it.

35 hours p/w 10 weeks holiday a year in a cushy litte job in a office, am my own boss aqnd have nothing to worry about.

4 upvotesKalarian_Reborn3 years ago

That's nice. But If you live in the burbs that makes your money even less valuable compared to mine. Reinforcing my original point that you are attracted to psycho women more than they are just after your money.

2 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

I'll admit most of the women I date are the working in supermarket kind, or some low level office job secretary etc.

2 upvotesyomo863 years ago

Snipped, too although I'm not 6'5 more 5'10 but I experienced this twice, as well. I believe one girl when she said she has not had her period in 3 weeks (she was on flu drugs). And the other was not even a crazy. She was a decent woman.

The next time this happens I'll let everbody know she is acquainted with that she is pregnant and then out of a sudden my urologist finds out I'm sterile. Ooops... you whore. Maybe I should attach a rumor of an abortion as well.

4 upvotesdking1683 years ago

Another thread that starts with height and weight of a Chad Thundercock (6'5 225). I'm surprised you didn't mention you are white as well.

Congrats, you are genetically advantaged and built to be more successful. Don't mistake me for hating because I'm happy for you and I'm sure you worked hard. I just wish more stories on here were transformations from people who go from Beta to Alpha. They seem to make more of an impact to me because I want to hear other people's stories on their metamorphosis and apply them to my own life because I was Beta my whole life and I'm still working on trying to improve. Obviously, it takes time and a lot of hard work but I like to hear others who are also on the journey with me.

This post is simply a AWALT which there is nothing wrong with that but as a top post, it feels way too hubris for information that can be easily found in the side bar.

1 upvotesMatexqt3 years ago

Too bad that I want to have kids in the future, then again I will simply get sperm frozen to protect myself against traps.

What a nice story, remember how all women are innocent victims however. :)

1 upvotesSecularNotLiberal3 years ago

You should make notarized copies of the doctor notes/test results (like in the CL story below) to make it easier on yourself. Each time they claim you're the father, just send her a copy of your procedural note/test results and she will go radio silent.

1 upvotesSmilingWatermelon3 years ago

Im only 20...what age would you suggest getting snipped at? I doubt girls my age would try this shit, so im guessing early 30s?

2 upvotesgraffix133 years ago

Do you want kids? If not, do it ASAP. Girls all ages will try this shit.

1 upvotesTarnsman4Life3 years ago

Your SMV must have been so much higher than the other guys woman #3 fucked in that time frame that she had hamstered hardcore that you are the father. Obviously the other real pregnant chick was fucking lots of other guys on the CC of similar SMV so having you reveal you got the snip was not so earth shattering to her.

1 upvotespoochman3 years ago

I suppose this is case and point why we are told to avoid wall-approaching women.

1 upvotesKM315483 years ago

Reading shit like this is just plain scary, especially in the States. This makes me hope that Vasalgel comes through here soon. This could be a potential game changer for us gents. Please support it if you can afford to, I've made two donations so far.

1 upvotesgnarledrose3 years ago

My vasectomy was $750, paid by my work's FSA. A year later, I can easily say it was totally worth it. A week of pain for a lifetime of no baby-scares.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is really scary coming to the realization of just how manipulative women can be. Yeah, I don't want kids and regarding a vasectomy, it's not a matter of if, but when.

1 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

I would have so milked that shit. I would have had dinner with her and her family and friends, and THEN break it to her then so everyone knows how much of a slut she is. I would have had a golden time.

1 admitted lying about being pregnant to see my reaction.

I got this once, a couple times.. girl wanted to see how I'd react.

1 upvotesFUCK_YEA_GLITTER3 years ago

I got this once, a couple times.. girl wanted to see how I'd react.

How do you handle this? I'd probably get pissed and dump her on the spot in dramatic fashion.

1 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

Yea, if a girl ever does that, I think it's grounds for dismissal.

1 upvotesHjalmbere3 years ago

Had two different women (they thought they were special, I didn't) try to pull that with me. One of them was actually pregnant, but not by me. I think the other was just trying to pull a fast one. Either way I dumped them both.

1 upvotespfthewall3 years ago

They are probably trying to trick you into marrying them or take care of another man's baby or both.

1 upvoteskurrlord3 years ago

I wish I had your problems haha.

1 upvotesBlackHera3 years ago

You really have to watch ALL these women man, you NEVER know. It's ridiculous. Make sure you ass is covered at ALL times.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

We will eventually reach the point where This will be reality:


Any unwed single mother with a child can point at any random man and say "YOU'RE THE FATHER!"

And you're on the hook for child support for life, a total stranger...

1 upvotesyallapapi3 years ago

I'm poor and have no ambition. Maybe that's why this has never happened to me

1 upvotesayesee3453 years ago

One thing I've never understood is this sensitivity around going to get tested in the first place. I don't care if she thinks it's insensitive of me to want to know if I'm really the father of someone instead of just "accepting my responsibility" or if I'm implying she sleeps around or is a slut by claiming it might not be mine. Fuck that, if I want to know, I'm gonna find out.

1 upvotesMajorStyles3 years ago

Clearly, you have a problem with strong, independent women.

Just kidding, congrats (I think).

1 upvotesNatural_RP3 years ago

This is why I hide the money I make. I do quite well myself, over 6 figures but from my lifestyle you wouldn't really know it. I just have decent stuff nothing really amazing.

Anyway I started dating this girl and she did seem very cute and innocent (lolz). After a few dates and a bunch of sex she made a comment about wondering who makes more money. I just kind ignored it but she pressed. So even though I knew it was really stupid I figure as a kind of experiment I'll just tell her approximatley how much I make just to see what she does.

Now not that very night but the next time we has sex, she says, during said sex , multiple times "cum in me" and several variations of that. Of course I don't because I'm not 100% retarded.

After I asked why she wanted me and she claims to have some condition that makes it very difficult but not impossible to get pregnant. So she fully admits it's still possible but still wants to take the risk.

Anyway after a few more hookups she got annoyed that I would grant her request so she took off. As you can imagine I didn't put up much of a fight.

1 upvotesTheRedStoic3 years ago

Yup. I'm born sterile, got snipped to be absolutely certain.

Can't wait for vasagel, every man should have this freedom. And every lying slore needs to be shut down.

1 upvotesStonish3 years ago

What if we'd lie to women about being sterile just to see if she is saying truth or not? Thoughts?

2 upvotesgreatslyfer3 years ago

225lbs, 6'5, >10% BF?


You juicing brah?

7 upvotes_rs3 years ago

Ain't nothing wrong with that...

1 upvotesprozium_popper3 years ago

can steroid fuck you up long term? or is there a way of doing it which eliminates all long term health effects?

2 upvotes_rs3 years ago

They definitely can, the steroids sub has a great wiki and can answer this better than me.

2 upvotesprozium_popper3 years ago

does not really seem worth the risk to me

2 upvotesJaereth3 years ago

No reason to do them.

Just being a RP male and understanding how to hold frame and conduct yourself puts you into the top 10% of men pretty much right there.

That being said, now add any kind of bodybuilding results, even natural ones, and you are way ahead. I was just on a weeks vacation (Tropical beach area) and I was amazed at how few guys are even built anymore. I think I saw maybe two guys a day tops that actually had some good arms/chest on them.

In my opinion there's no need to do that shit when even natural results will differentiate you from your peers pretty quickly it seems nowdays.

1 upvotesDookiestain_LaFlair3 years ago

Nah, there's no risk to using them long term, look at Kimbo Slice.

7 upvotesverify_account3 years ago

please no swole shaming thx

4 upvotesstawek3 years ago

None of your business even if he is.

2 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

Those are achievable numbers without test but it wouldn't matter if he was on it. It's harmless if used properly.

1 upvotesgreatslyfer3 years ago

The adjusted FFMI was just over 25.

Studies show that the upper limits for naturals is at 25.

You tell me, with his tone in his boasting, that he might be on the juice. I'm just saying, many people like to deny it which I think is a bit insecure on their part.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt3 years ago

He could also just be bullshitting a bit on his BF numbers. BF is notoriously difficult to measure consistently.

1 upvotespm_your_nudes_women3 years ago

Hehe got fixed at 27. Now 28 and waiting for these times and accusations to come by :)

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

There's nothing worse than a woman playing games because she thinks she can tie you down. I fucking hate it when women change their usual slut programming just because they think they've a chance with me.

1 upvotesGunPostal3 years ago

I guess you insist on unprotected sex with each of them. Do you go raw in day one or you take it slow?

Do you also cum inside them all the time?

Do they ever protest to prevent your condomless dick before entry or they hop on it immediately?

1 upvotesDivorceRape3 years ago

Pregnancy scares are emotional abuse. It can cause PTSD and depression in the victims.

I am concerned at times about how we view all men in red pill as I believe we need to support all men. I had a gf who pregnancy scared me every month when I was a complete beta. She also was violent and when I went to the cops they ignored me.

In a just society this would be punished and abhorred as much as other forms of violence.

0 upvotesAll-DayErrDay3 years ago

You make £63,000 and you're at the top? What's making you at the top.

6 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

63k is plenty. I work 35 hours in a cushy office job, am my own boss. Drive a nice car, have a good home. Top 5% easy.

1 upvotesYYasuoLogic3 years ago

What is your job if I may ask? You live in england I suppose? 63.000gbp is quite a salary you got there.

1 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

Its all relative....

What the top 1% require in places in South Africa, wouldn't be equal to the tip the average valet or caddy would get in places like Saudi Arabia

-1 upvotesSchroef3 years ago

Maybe you should date other kind of women.

12 upvoteshurtingyourfeefees3 years ago

This sub convinced me to never trust women, never date women,or never have sex with women because of all the bullshit and lies.

Now I fuck dudes. I couldn't be happier.

2 upvotesSchroef3 years ago

Well there you go. I always thought this sub was filled with closeted gay people, happy Redpill made you get the life you always wanted!

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Maybe you should stop fucking hoes? Just a thought.

-1 upvotesTheniggestbig3 years ago

Assuming what you say is true, these women are fucking men even lower class than you. And you're all fucking them raw, enjoy your stds.

4 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

I use condoms as well, i'm not stupid.

-1 upvotesTheniggestbig3 years ago

As well as what, not using them? If so that defeats the purpose.

And by the way can you really blame a women for choosing the best option for the child? A man with a house is better than a nobody, or nobody.

1 upvotesrandom13571357 [OP]3 years ago

As well as having the snip.

0 upvotesTheniggestbig3 years ago

I see. I'm just talking shit anyway.
I mean what I say about a women choosing the best option when faced with a pregnancy. I don't think they should put themselves in that position however.

0 upvotesdisposable_me_00013 years ago

is that your yearly salary? Because that doesn't seem that high, esp for downtown anywhere UK. I'm an American, so I don't really know jack shit about UK economics.

-4 upvotesEyes_Of_The_Dragon3 years ago

Too bad we can't drag her name through social media like that Brock dude.

8 upvotesyonderposerbreaks3 years ago

Um, Brock raped someone. It's a little different.

14 upvotesRonin11A3 years ago

That Brock Turner kid deserves every bit of suffering that comes to him. Blue Pill asshat with zero game assaulting an unconscious woman behind a fucking dumpster. Nothing alpha or Red Pill about that pond scum.

3 upvotesAndgelyo3 years ago

Agreed. You can tell by his face he is a beta and had to resort to raping a woman.

3 upvotesNaughtyFred3 years ago

I use the "high-heel test", if she's too drunk to walk straight in her heels then she's too drunk to fuck.

1 upvotesstawek3 years ago

Scamming a man into cuckoldry parenthood is male equivalent of rape.

3 upvotesyonderposerbreaks3 years ago

No, rape is the male equivalent of rape. She attempted fraud, which is shitty, but it just ain't rape.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think it's your target age that is fucked up.

A quality woman is in a relationship by her late teens and married in her early twenties. If you don't have one by then (like me) your chances at scoring a unicorn are pretty slim.

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